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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

11:00 pm massive. true. stimulating. helpful. volunteering... volunteering... volunteering builds a better community. ♪ the time is now . it's 11:00 o'clock, do you know where your children are? >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> breaking news out of baltimore, a condo fire we will show you why it was so difficult for crews to fight it. >> tonight a man who said he couldn't help but jump into action when he saw a woman being attack. how far would you go to help someone in need? >> and cool out there tonight but will the chilly temperatures last through the weekend? stay with us. we are working for you with the
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news at 11. >> we start tonight with breaking news. update, christian is live in perry hall on the scene of a very large fire. >> reporter: the new condos, the haven farm road, the perry -- take a look, you will see it's still a very active scene though the fire is under control it start started around 8:30. take a look, it started on one of the upper floors of these counseled condos. as cold and breezy as it is fire crew say they spread quickly and in the end we are told nine adults and two children were displaced. now the good news is that
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nobody was injured, in this fire, we talked to some of the people who live in the units and they said they heard the alarms, the alarms went off and the fire started in one of the upper floors but these are people who live below the level where the fire was. so they were able to get out. once crew s arrived they decided they had to play defense. they like to go inside where the fire is and fight the fire from the inside. they decided in this case that would be to dangerous so they could only sit outside and dumb water from the outside which is not as effective and it'll lead to more loss of property but the good news is that nobody was hurt. the crews still on the scene but are starting at this hour to start to clear out. the boulevard in this section is still closed. a fire here in the perry hall gardens condo, nine adults and
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two children displaced. nobody was hurt. live in baltimore. >> all right. thank you. a pasadena man ran into action when he saw a woman get roughed up and rob and two others followed helping police nail the suspect. it's all brand new tonight at 11. we are live after talking to the man who helped. >> reporter: and i want to say from the top police don't recommend citizens take matters in to their own hands but john said he couldn't turn his head. john couldn't turn a blind eye when he saw a man rob a 68-year- old of her purse and medication outside of a rite aid in pasadena. >> saw him grab her and like mush her head against the bricks and grabbed her arm, twisted. >> reporter: he didn't think about the dangerous situation. on thursday night around 6:00 to 30 he took off running
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across the road and through the dark woods to catch the suspect. >> first i -- i asked if she was okay and then i started running after him. >> reporter: police say the 20- year-old suspect zackery freeman was arrested and charged. john said two others helped detain him and drive him back. >> big guy, just sat on him. >> reporter: they had to hold him down for at least three minutes but freeman dropped the victim's purse and medication so he was able to give back her belongings. >> i think that's absolutely amazing and i applaud them. >> reporter: it turns out the john knows the victim but said it didn't play a part when he made the decision. >> i don't like that kind of stuff. somebody that i know. >> reporter: and we are told the victim was treated for
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minor injuries. the suspect is charged with robbery and assault. he is still being held on a 28 5,000 dollar bail. cheryl connor. >> tomorrow the perry hall high school soccer team has a playoff game, it had been canceled until today. here is the look at the team practicing earlier tonight. this week perry hall principal canceled it saying parents had complained, they were over the bernie dance they did after beating delaney. the principal reversed that decision today in a news conference saying he didn't think he over reacted but new information led him to change his mind. members of the team say win or loose don't expect to see the dance. >> after we score a goal we will just hug our teammates, run back and keep playing after the game applaud the fans, don't say anything stupid.
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just leave with class. >> more information continued to come in from the -- and from the stake holder and because of that the decision was to reverse. >> reporter: they will play in the regional semi final. a store last night a fire marshall was trying to determine the cause of a fire that killed a 21-year-old man. it happened in baldwin. when the man's father couldn't find him he was told about the remote property. when he arrived he found the house on fire. he tried to search the house for his son and when firefighters arrived it was just to late. > firefighters went in. found the son and transported him to the hospital where they pronounced him dead. >> authority its say the fire
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started in the first floor and the cause is not determined. city police are surprised not by the fact that they caught a 17-year-old murder suspect but exactly how he was caught. the 17-year-old has been arrested and charged as an adult for a deadly shooting on halloween. police released a video of the crime and when jones family recognized him they turned him in. >> that actually struck detectives as strange. they never experienced that to this point. having said that if it wasn't for the owner providing the tape which was -- let us provide you guy s with the pictures who know what would have happened. >> police are still looking for the other two people who were with jones when he allegedly shot freddy jones
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junior. city police arrested three fake cops who were robbing people in central and southwest baltimore today. detectives say the three posed as officers and then robbed people in two separate incidents. the men said they were enforcing a warrant and robbed them of cash and personal belongings. one of them called police shall later the real police spotted them trying to rob another person when they were caught. new city police are asking anybody who may have been robbed by them to call the detectives at this number on the screen. this man right here is charged with sex allly abusing a 13-year-old. police suspect other victims. if you have any information please call the police. that number is also on the
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screen. >> all right let's get into weather this evening. things clearing out nicely. rain we had just south of us earlier now out to sea. not a factor. its been breezy, peak wind gusts top of the hour, 30, ocean city 18, temperatures -- already -- day tomorrow, back in the low -- cool day on tap. doesn't get warmer. >> new tonight folks cleared for travel to cuba will be able to catch a flight from baltimore. begin weekly charter flights to the communist island. the date was just announced today. everybody is permitted to travel the government requires you to be on a religious, hack
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kem i can or cultural mission. tonight it was all about the impact it has on our lives. the baltimore hosted an exhibit and auction at the american visionary museum down in federal hill. jamie mc head the event. it showcased 60 pieces of the 200 pieces submitted. >> i love art, i love looking at things in my mind. then i love doing it and -- it's amazing thing, beautiful thing, i ever done. >> reporter: they were auctioned off at the end of the night. and tomorrow is your last chance to dine in an old baltimore favorite. the crab house is closing on pratt street after nearly 60 years of service. the restaurant has been a staple for locals and tourists. if you can't make it down before tomorrow night there is
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another one. it's not closes. tomorrow folk who are tired of expensive bank fee also do something about it. should you participate in national bank transfer day? we work for you. and families hit hard by recession are learning to do without. meet a family who said living less is better. and we show showed last night. how the judge caught on hip hitting his daughter is in a lot of legal hot water.
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. new tonight an update to a story we told you about yesterday. prosecutors now say they will investigate the video you are seeing here, hillary adams who is 23 posted it to other youtube. it should shows her as a 16- year-old being beat by her father, a family court judge. william adams said it shows him
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disciplining his daughter. he said she posted the clip because she was mad he planned to cut back on the amount of money he gives her. along with the investigation he could face discipline action from the state bar. >> a grouch parents in new mexico say a teacher is exposing their children to racy subjects. a 9th grade teacher asked them to fill out a sex have you say including are you sexually active and who was the last person you kissed. the district said they planned to use it to teach students about how disease spreadsm. say the questions way to personal especially when the school didn't ask permission from parents. a spokesperson said they are investigating the teacher who gave out the questionnaire will be on paid leave. our hot topic, what do you think about a new mexico high school giving students a sex survey without telling parents? sound off on facebook.
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ready or not the holiday shopping season is here, money conscious consumers are planning for black friday. tonight john lays out black friday plans for some of the big national chains so you don't waste your money. >> remember when thank giving was a day for eating turkey, watching football and planning friday's big shopping friendship? not anymore. lining up in the early morning hours for a 6:00 a.m. opening 1990. macy's will open all stores at midnight on thanksgiving day when most are still different gifting their turkey. last year they started their sales at 4:00 a.m. friday but notice that more and more stores were opening earlier so it's joining the growing number of stores that will open on the evening. target will open at midnight for the first time this year. most wal-marts and toys r us
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will be open before midnight. sears and k-mart will again be open during the day on thanksgiving day. one caution, at many stores the big sales still won't start until until 5 or 6 so you will have to line up inside the store instead of outside in a cold parking lot. for more go to my web page so you don't waste your money. >> and abc two is working for you with information to help you decide if switching banks is the right move for you. social media groups have set tomorrow as national bank transfer day. a day to move to smaller community banks, it's a trend gaining in as folks lash out against chains threatening to raise certain fees. >> quite a bit of activity in new accounts, new memberships for the credit union but also existing account holder who have opened a checking
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account. >> smaller banks tend have to fewer atn locations meaning you could be hit with out of network fees. if you are a fan of mobile banking you could be disappointed. they don't always have the apps and it is possible that even community banks will charge fees for checking acts and debit cards so make sure you ask a lot of questions and read the fine print before you sign on. well there is no doubt about it. we are a country of spending consumers. we all want more all the time but the economy has changed everything and that's a reversal taking place in homes around the country. a return to living simple. megan pringle tells you about this growing crowd of families deciding to live with less. >> reporter: things look different in her bedroom. >> previously she would walk
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in and so much stuff she won't now what to play with. >> reporter: they purged her room of all but a handful of toys and books. the result, she doesn't miss much and plays more creatively with what is left think your kids may not be excited about this? . >> maybe easing is the right way. >> reporter: instead of throwing out everything they suggest getting rid of just a few toys a week and work on other areas of your home so the kids see that everybody is living less. >> one of the simple things is we just each two towels. >> reporter: they wrote the book si mplicity parenting and said its time to clear out the includer find balance and the easiest play is at home. >> when we over load, just to much, to soon, to sexy, to young, just to much what
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happens is disadvantages. >> reporter: eliminating what you have instead of adding to it helps your child and your entire family. people everywhere are giving this a try. they are even support groups that support families looking to live less. >> it's okay to let go of all of this stuff and declutter and your kids don't need 150 toys. >> they were buy agriculture ing a lot of stuff out of a feeling to connect with them. >> reporter: they feel the children will connect with the parents and not the product and adults feel less stress. the family degrees and they have gone behind to making their schedules more simple. keep in mind clearing out the clutter is an ongoing process. they suggest two big purges around the holidays and summertime.
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megan pringle. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> let's get right to it. 48 hours now we will know what happened in the game but weather wise this will not about be a factor. classic football weather at 8:20, up at 3 river stadium the rave ravens go onto take on -- take a look tonight. there is still wind tonight. northwest at 12 cents north northwest at 12. gusting higher, temperatures cooling off. we are at 47 at the airport. breeze picking up in the afternoon. we captured that, our weatherbug camera as we look from ellicott city, trees shaking as we push toward sunset. enjoy one more late sunset tomorrow night. after that we will fall back and the sunset also be around 5:00 p.m. on sunday, monday and tuesday we will quickly be in the 4:00
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hour for sunsets. white caps on the chesapeake with all the wind. this all dies down today and tomorrow and the radar showing all clear, dry as a bone. wind chill factor, little bit with the breezes, feels like 38 in easton. feeling like 34 in hagerstown. these winds begin 12 to 17. stead yipped but the gusts couple of them at the top of the hour. still gusting to 25. across the area not a lot. we have some cloud cover, just south and east of the eastern shore, this is all part of that rain maker that pass president passed south of us was's went into the over night. we saw a little bit of a rain maker passing from west to east. now that thing is basically off shore. even the rain in the carolina's just about done. that will keep heading southeast out to sea. clear weather, high pressure will be the story here. blue skies, crisp and cool
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tomorrow. little warmer as we work in to the day on sunday. that rain maker moves out to sea. there is nothing to replace it. we are looking at dry, calm, clear k cool weather through sunday night and into the early parts of next week. overnight tonight, 34, it'll be clear, colder, still breezy at times, but as we go in to the day tomorrow 53, sunshine, a good-looking day as we go into tomorrow night. colder, 32 but no wind to deal with. some frost by sunday morning but then sunday afternoon temperatures warming in to the upper 50s again again. falling back. don't forget to set the time back and the week of early sunset and we will see temperature its warming up. >> and it'll rain. >> i don't know -- i never like -- i like the fall but i never like setting the clocks back an hour because it makes that sunset come before you know it. >> and you drive home in the dark. >> not good. >> that's why i need summer.
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thank you. >> as you just said we fall back this weekend. sunday, before you go to sleep. lue want to turn the clock back an hour. most of us have done it without knowing why. it's all about saving some daylight. >> daylight saving was one of those things where it was for farmer, it was to get the most use out of as much daylight as you could. it was helpful with farmers, fishermen, then later and later years it started -- it was practiced for the purpose of really saving energy. >> hate to sit in a lecture hall with that guy. if first started in world war i for growing extra food for the soldiers, when you dial back it's recommended that you also change the batteries in your smoke alarms. >> coming up, royal watchers
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buzzing about the responsibility of a pregnant princess. first here is a look at what is coming up next. >> on night line extreme picky eaters, who will eat almost nothing. a country said to battle it. and roseanne and a host of stars on how women have flipped the scripts in modern tv land. that's after the news.
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. if it's true it could be the new whale watchers are waiting for a gesture has --
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there could be a prince or princess on the way. you see it here. prince william taking a peanut past, she takes a pass. some pregnant women are told to not eat peanut, maybe maybe she just didn't like it either way royal handlers staying quiet. the mission to mars has sort of ended. the crew of six never really left earth. they were locked away in small trailer for 520 say, the equipment was like everything they would have to marches. they didn't kill each other. >> 500 days in one trailer. >> hope there was a good shower. >> a great shower. >> all right. forecast. >> looking good. sun tomorrow. the cooler day, we will struggle to get out of 40s.
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sunday night in pittsburgh a cold tough fight up there in pittsburgh women mr. see what happens. the weather won't be the deciding factor. >> all right. go ravens. we will be back.
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. chilly night and hopefully a better weekend. >> sunshine around and what can we say, go ravens. >> see you later. have fun.
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