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tv   News  ABC  November 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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mourning the death of a grad murdered over the weekend what friends claim to do in her memory. >> perry hall's principal had a change of heart, soccer team is off to the finals. home at least, baltimore journalist captured in libya returns to state side. we will hear the emotional reunion. i'm charley crowson. let's start your workweek off and say hello to justin berk. >> hello to you. what a good night last night. what a dreary morning for us as we start off on this monday. 37 easton. 36 baltimore.
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york at 28 degrees. dulles at 32. ocean city, 34. chilly numbers to be found. there maybe thick frost to scrape and areas of patchy fog. virtually clear sky, if you happen to have thick fog in the valley locations and fairly typical spots, that we would expect them, that will burn off in a hurry. expect sunshine. sunshine a little bit earlier, easier for the kids at the bus stop. it will be chilly, mid-30s, sunshine from 6:41 and after the midday hour at 58, high temperature will be about 63 degrees, 2-degree guaranteed high. sun goes down at 5:00 p.m. now less than 12 hours away. here is tonya with traffic. we do have an accident reported in essex. back river neck road. taking a live look at our traffic cameras, 95, 175, no
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issues to report between the beltways, southbound, that's to the right of your screen, making your way through savage and dorcey, no issues to report. jfx, northern parkway, light traffic building in both directions no. issues southbound, down towards cold spring lane. good go heading south towards fayette street. learning about the frostburg state university. >> drive times are fine. >> very good. learning more about the frostburg state university student in off campus party. courtney who went toel school was killed during the weekend. linda so has the latest in what we are learning from family members are rp courtney's family does not want to comment but we are hearing from the suspect's father. his daughter is a responsible child and he is trying to wrap his head around what happened. the victim was a sophomore
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engineering major and saying in the choir, and known for her beautiful voice. sunday students gathered to mourn her death. mc coy who lid in the dorm went to a off campus party and got in to a fight sundays morning. police found mc coy stabbed in the head and bleeding to death. students say she got in to a screaming match with 23-year- old senior, lig liggens. her father is speaking out since his daughter's arrest and says he feels for courtney's family. >> heartbroken for them. they are feeling like me. if they are feeling like me, it's horrendous. >> her friends created a facebook page and planning a memorial service for november 26th. they want to have it at polly high since that's where she graduated from. other stories, joe flacco
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hit smith for a 26-yard touchdown pass with 8 seconds remaining lifting the ravens over the steelers, final score 23-20. four game winning streak. matthew van dyk spent 8 months in libya now home. reporting on the uprizing there and didn't want to return home until the ordeal was over. gadhafi was captured and killed last month. news around the nation, piece of history burned to the ground saturday in columbus, georgia. the mill caught fire. the entire front of the building crumbled. the mill was used to make denim until 15 years ago. it was a building used for storage since then. a woman is accused of being drunk when she picked up her kids from school and due in court today. another mom became concerned
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when she saw the suv swerving and called 911 and followed the car because she was concerned for the 3 children insides. police say there was no question the woman had been drinking and say she smelled like booze. helicopter made a unsmooth landing in a neighborhood but no one was hurt. the chopper clipped the roof of a home crushed part of a car and damaged a palm tree. the pilot made a controlled landing after losing control 700 feet above the ground. faa is investigating but it appears to be a failure by the engine. u.s. capital chris christmas tree is on the move. cranes prevented the 57-foot tall white fur from making a crash landing when it was laid on to a 87-foot long truck and tied down. once finally at the capitol it will take a week to get everything up in time for the holiday season.
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could be the largest in state history. just ahead, heading to oklahoma where an earthquake damaged homes, shifted buildings and rattled the football stadium. legendary singer andy williams shocked fans with sad news. what he revealed at a con set over the weekend. a do it yourself auto recall. next year ford will send flash drives to 250,000 u.s. owner so is they can upgrade their my ford touch and lincoln touch systems. the touch screen systems don't always wok. israel says the crash yesterday of several government web sites was nearly a server malfunction not a cyber attack. they includessed military and defense services and hacker group anonymous posted a video threatening an attack in the blockade of gaza continues. interview with apple founder stef jobs shown in select movie theaters next week.
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it was recorded for a 95 documentary. study of 45,000 iphone owners found christmas day afternoon was the happiest time of the year and january 31st, at 8:00 p.m. is the unhappiest.
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st. gregories university needs major repair work after this weekend's earthquakes. 4 pyquake hit saturday morning and a 5.6 quake followed sunday night. the trimmers knocked off one of the tow is from the colleges main buildings and three others
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damaged charlie, i was looking up the record, numerous records have fall inn the state of oklahoma -- fallen in the state of oklahoma, coldest temperature of 31 below zero. their faster wind speed, largest hail, hottest summer, sound familiar? sounds like things we've done here in maryland last couple of years in addition to earthquakes. we could understand what they are going through. 40 edge mere. 35 cockiesville. back to the west, action is north western ohio, the clouds, indiana, illinois and the heartland to find rain with the clouds. we are protected by high pressure. clear night, chilly morning, most of news the 30s.
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frost and fog, the sun comes up at 6:41, mostly sunny sky throughout the day. afternoon two degree guaranteed high reaches 63. let's see what is happening with the traffic. bus service is on time, we are doing fine on marks 10 and camden line. traffic cameras, traveling the beltway, through catonsville, frederick road, no issues to report, outer loop the running smoothly. lanes are open on the inner loop as well. topside of the beltway, harford road. quiet here, traffic builds in both directions. follow us on twitter@maryland traffic. andy williams undergoing treatment for bladder cancer. he told fans saturday he will continue to perform in 2012 despite the set back. 83-year-old's best known for his own tv show and popular songs like moon river.
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he says he will beat the desice. occupy movement is growing strong. new poll shedding light on the protest. perry hall high school soccer teamed played at a semi final. what happened during the game might surprise you, that story coming up. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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now the controversy behind them, that same team, now headed for the championship game. kuren redmond is standing by with more. >> reporter: the team was suspended for doing the dance after complaints came from the
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opposing team. parents deemed the dance inappropriate. they allowed the seem to take on a team in montgomery county. perry hall won the game with a score of 2-1, they played with sportsmanship and hope they can leave the incident behind them. >> it's ban true stressful days. we were not allowed to practice since we were suspended. coming out on top is an an amazing feeling. pock pie atlanta pressing on despite a dozen arrests. 20 proas pro testers were locked up. they didn't leave a city park at crowing team and 19 were released and some joined
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another rally from the weekend, organizers filed a lawsuit against the city saying being allowed or being made to leave the park is unconstitutional. neither wall street or occupy wall street conjuring up favorable impressions. 35% of those surveyed had a favorable impression of the protest movement. 16% say they have the same for wall street and larger corporations. o'malley had a busy weekend and spent sunday morning on cnn addressing barack obama's stand on the economy. >> we have pete welch. >> governor o'malley dodged questions about his future in
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seeking higher office. ben carden back in a museum of industry making official once again. he laid out a list of accomplishments work for better schools fighting to potect workers rights helping seniors. he wants to continue fighting for the state of maryland. this morning just one year, back at the ballot. the presidential election is a year away and voting today is set for tuesday, november 6th of next year. new survey says sexual harassment is epidemic in america's middle schools and high schools. during the 2010-11 school year, 48% of students experienced some form of harassment. 5 6% of girls and 40% of boys say they experienced at least one incident of sexual
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harassment. the survey finds the harassers thought they were funny. 9% of the tarted students reported the incident. thousands of people in connecticut are still without power after a freak october snowstorm. more than a week later another set back. the state's main electric utility won't meet its own goal. a spokesperson says more than 6000 workers are still trying to get power back on. he called it will devastation unbelievable. across the country as we focus in on oklahoma city, 5.6 quake to the east over the weekend. on top of a record snowfall and cold and heat and winds and hail, that's everything that they've had in the fine state this year. we can almost relate, we had a hurricane, over 20 tornados and that comes on top of the heat we had this summer second hottest temperature ever and
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we've had record snow two seasons ago. they could have severe weather, part of the front, that's not going to impact us, all the cool weather back towards the west, snow near flagstaff, arizona, rain coming through southwest deserts we enjoy sunshine, dry weather and going to remain that way for a couple of days. chilly this morning at 36 degrees. i wonder how many steelers fans ma i the bet with the ravens and have to wear something purple to work today. couple of people told me that on facebook. it's chilly this morning, warming up with weather back across the midwest. showing a sun of the pump up that will get here next couple of days. winds allow the temperatures to tank. we are down in to the 30s this morning. there maybe frost and fog out. there we will warm up with the early sunshine and check out the wind forecast, very light, watch it go east on wednesday. that pick up off the atlantic will increase the moisture, feed in to the frontal boundary
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and start to give us more cloudiness and start to take our temperatures back. sunny skies, 63, 2-degree guarantee. above normal. 34 overnight. there will be frost. nice balance tomorrow. high temperatures coming back up to 66, there maybe spots in maryland that touch 70 tomorrow. that sounds nice. for a brief bit. a lot of us are ready for the autumn season, it's going to show itself and clouds wednesday and thursday. early high of 61, rain showers, knocks our afternoon temperatures down to 53 on friday. 55 on saturday. what you will notice is we should have another weekend with clear, dry weather back to 60 by sunday. here is tonya with traffic. an accident in the cleanup stages ins says on old eastern avenue, keep that in mind.
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a life look at the traffic cameras this is the bellway near 795, old court road. traffic building in both directionses heavier to the right of your screen. no issues on 795 southbound, through owings mills. 95 north. southbound away from the camera, heavier making your way towards the beltway. since everything is moving smoothly, drive times are doing fine, 83 southbound, shawan to the beltway, five minutes. topside of the beltway on the outer loop, bel air to providence, 6 minutes. trial is taking a week. a jury continues deliberations. how soon a verdict could come in tha flay for a doctor accuse -- for a doctor accused of killing a pop icon.
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five things on this monday morning, jury deliberations continue in los angeles court in the involuntary manslaughter trial of conrad murray. he is accused of delivering a dose of propofol to michael jackson. . mississippi residents on tuesday will vote on whether to amend the state constitution to define a egg as a person. it will render abortions illegal in mississippi, and hamper some forms of birth control. out of the front office. he was fired in boss top. many credit him with crafting the championship season. he is the cousin of former o's gm. hundreds are stranded on mount everest and now able to leave. police say flights have been
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taking them out of the airport. many car buyers rely on information from kelly blue book, somehow book, how scam is are using a legitimate company to get your information. (phone ringing)
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the ravens pull out the win with seconds remaining on the clock. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. a live look at baltimore's inner harbor. could be a groggy start to the workweek as many of you stayed up past the midnight hour to watch the end of the great game, pittsburgh, again, baltimore winners and


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