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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 8, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EST

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can you talk about them. >> i will talk about any and all future firestorms because here's one thing people don't know about herman cain, i'm in it to win it and i'm not going to be discouraged. >> you'll want to stay tuned for that and thank you for watching abc news. "gma" in the morning, we're always online at have a terrific night, everybody. >> dicky: up next on an all new "jimmy kimmel live." >> jimmy: the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars" herman cain is with us tonight. >> dicky: presidential candidate herman cain. >> jimmy: the other candidates will follow suit and hire women to charge them with sexual harassment. >> if they're smart, they will. >> dicky: taylor lautner. >> wearing the panties right now. >> dicky: music from
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- herman cain, taylor lautner and music from junip with cleto and the cletones. and now here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you very much. i'm jimmy, i'm host of the show. you're here on a great night, the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars" herman cain is here with us tonight. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, wait, i'm sorry. that's a joke from next year. and taylor lautner is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and i'm not promising anything but i'm told both of them will be going shirtless. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like the fact that the man with the potentially would have control of our nuclear arsenal will be on after the werewolf from "twilight." our building was surrounded by twi-hards and cainiacs today.
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we have team jacob and team herman. i have a lot of questions for herman cain tonight, a lot. this morning a fourth woman came forward with accusations of sexual harassment dating back to the late '90s. her name is sharon bialek, her lawyer, gloria allred. i think gloria allred has a press podium in her living room for instances just like this. here's her describing what happened using her sensitivity and grace. >> at the suggestion of her boyfriend, a pediatrician, whom she had dated for four years she reached out to mr. cain for help in finding another job. instead of receiving the help she had hoped for mr. cain instead decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. >> jimmy: could i get a rim shot for that? she's hilarious.
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say what you want. she's very -- i'm actually suing her for that joke. bialek said she met with cain in 1997 after she was fired from the national restaurant association of which cain was the president at that time and worked for an education program based in chicago and then she said she called herman asked him for help finding a new job and he told her to come to washington, d.c. so they could meet. then she said when she got to her hotel, the room she'd booked was upgraded to a palatial suite and she said he did that then he took her to dinner and after indinner said he would show her around the headquarters of the restaurant association which must have been a fun tour. and, well, i'll let her take it from there. >> i thought that we were going to go into the offices so that he could show me around. at that time i had on a black pleated skirt, a suit jacket and a blouse. he had on a suit with his shirt open. but instead of going into the
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offices, he suddenly reached over and he put his hands on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said, "what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for" mr. cain said "you want a job, right?" ♪ >> jimmy: keeping a sense of humor about it. so we'll see what herman has to say about this in 30 minutes or less or we'll give you your money back. new episode of "dancing with the stars" tonight and even they seemed to have been affected by the news of herman cain. >> will the judges please reveal their scores. carrie ann inaba. >> 9. >> announcer: len goodman. >> 9. >> announcer: bruno --
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>> 9. >> 9-9-9. >> jimmy: that's right. rob kardashian got 9-9-9. the first scores of the night. rob's sister was not there to support him. kim kardashian was in minnesota visiting her soon-to-bel ex-husband kris humphries. she went to minnesota to get closure and another $8 million for the two-part kim card finds closure special on e! tmz got video footage of kim arriving at kris' home but it seems like they're both going through a lot right now. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. someone get a doctor.
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so i guess that's over. over the weekend, i was out and about this weekend and all people wanted to ask me about was a video we had on the show last week. after halloween i asked parents to pretend they ate all their kids' candy and videotape the reactions. we got a lot of responses so we put the best videos together. since wednesday at midnight on youtube alone this video has been seen 13 million times. that's like if you had justin bieber singing to a hamster playing a piano on a skateboard. it's a lot of video. have you seen the candy video? if you haven't, the most popular part comes at the end with two brothers from new york named cg and jacob. >> that is mean for you to eat it. >> one or two. >> so you guys aren't mad at me? >> why did you eat all that
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candy? >> it looked really good. i wanted it. >> but why did you eat all of it? >> guess what, i didn't eat all of your halloween candy. i didn't eat any of it. i just hid it on you to play a joke on you. >> oh, my god. >> is that funny? >> yes. >> jimmy: that's c.j. and jacob and they'll be here live in studio thursday night and i've decided i'm going to try to buy them from their parents. you know, most people were delight the bid our halloween candy prank but some were not. >> jimmy kimmel put out this challenge the other night to all the parents to say, hey, the next day after halloween tell your kids that you ate all their candy. he's trending and partly because of this video. check it out. >> the most devastating thing. >> he didn't think -- >> that people would do it.
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>> he didn't think there would be that many tears. >> he's obviously not a parent. come on. that is the -- that's your treasure. that's what you got. that's what you produced for dressing up. i mean -- the whole -- i'm regressing here. this is what makes you who you are. okay. and so there's that. and then you take it away and on top of that you're lying to your kids. >> they come clean at the end. >> come on. yeah, that really teaches you to trust mom and dad. oh, i was just lying to you. forget about it. it's all right. >> he was trending and i think it's a funny video anyway. >> jimmy: you can tell how serious jeff is by the loseness of his tie. by the way, i i happen to have two children and tomorrow i'm sending my son to the station to take your skittles and kick your ass, jeff. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know, i came up with an idea for the next
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challenge. next challenge i want to have parents tell their kids they were adopted but now i'm starting to think twice. after 26 day, the jury in the trial of dr. conrad murray reached a verdict today. he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. it was a mad house outside the court today. most of the people there were fans of michael jackson hoping for a conviction. but there was at least one demonstrator who seemed to believe they convicted the wrong guy. >> there's a crowd here waiting for the verdict. some jackson fans. >> all: guilty. >> and others supporters of conrad murray. >> jimmy: what? why would they do that? finally got tired of him hoarding in on their sparkly glove business. the biggest michael jackson fan of all, our old friend jake
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byrd, when celebrities are in trouble is always there. there for lindsay lohan. >> accepted responsibility and that's all i had to say. >> she went to jail? >> yes, she did. >> jimmy: that's jake. jake was there when one of the times when they released paris hilton. >> later that month, she pleaded no contest to a reduced charge -- it had been reduced to an alcohol-related reckless driving charge and we have someone behind me who is very excited that paris hilton has exited this jail. >> jimmy: but his number one favorite more than lindsay or paris was michael jackson. we met jake outside a michael jackson trial, one of the trials, it was in santa barbara but with us ever since. today he was outside the courthouse. here's jake byrd at the trial of dr. conrad murray. ♪
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>> verdict time. let's fry some doctor. >> so you see what's going on outside the courthouse. >> all: guilty, guilty. >> reporter: people have been on the inside. on the outside. >> michael jackson is music and the music world would not be the same without michael jackson so you know this is not like a joke. this may be -- >> if it was a joke we would say why did the banana go to dr. conrad murray? because he wasn't peeling well? that's a joke. why did the cow go to conrad murray? because he couldn't moo-ve his bowels. propofol is totally fine when administered correctly. if you have a couple sips -- that's not going to do it. that's not going to do anything. try it. come on. come on. come on. it's fine. >> no. >> it just mellows you out. makes you want to dance.
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>> no verdict today. does that mean you expect a verdict to come on monday? >> yes. >> all: guilty. guilty. guilty. >> they make a decision on monday. >> all right, everybody get some rest this weekend. wear thermals on monday. i'm going to go hunker down. here's to having a dry night with a little sauce. mm-mm. see you in the morning. ♪ >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i overslept. i overslept. guilty. guilty. this is like the office at the michael jackson trial. guilty, guilty. >> quite a scene, indeed one gentleman we saw there he's got the t-shirt on where it says dr. murder.
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>> guilty. >> he's bad. he's bad. you know it. >> so many similarities, the same level of intensity. many of the same reporters. i was covering it and reporters are here from -- >> wow. >> so everything changes -- >> nothing guilty about that. i tell you what, between this and the -- yeah. waiting to hear the verdict. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury i'm advised that the jury has reached a verdict. >> one moment till the announcement. >> i reviewed the verdict form which now i will passion to miss benson, the court clerk. >> today is going down in histrionics. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant -- >> come on justice. you can do it. >> guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter.
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>> guilty. guilty. guilty. we did it. we did it. right here. hakuna matumbo. go into the light. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. congratulations, jake byrd. >> jimmy: we've got a good show for you tonight. we'll be right back with taylor lautner so stick around. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hi there and welcome to the show. tonight on it, the former ceo of godfather's pizza and republican candidate for president herman cain is with us. his book is called "this is herman cain!: my journey to the white house" and every one of these books comes with a slice of pizza. that you can eat. i'll save you for later. and then, all the way from sweden with music from their latest album "fields," junip is here. tomorrow night we'll be joined by mickey rourke. the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars" and we'll have music from wale. and later this week -- robert pattinson, kristen stewart, freida pinto from "the walking dead," jay bernthal. those adorable brothers from our halloween candy video will be here. and we'll have music from thompson square and feist. so join us then. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: not since
12:20 am
eddie munster and michael j. fox has there been a wolf as beloved as our first guest. tonight "the twilight saga: breaking dawn - part 1" opens next friday. and his shirt comes off 26 seconds into it. please say hello to taylor lautner. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to see you. >> you too. you too. >> jimmy: so -- [ cheers and applause ] wow! explain this 9-9-9 plan to me because i'm not sure -- oh, wait a minute. i got my cards mixed up. i watched you and your castmates get your hands and feet in the
12:21 am
cement at grauman's chinese theater. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: but i mean really -- >> such an honor. >> jimmy: a picture of that. have you been by to visit it. >> no, i haven't. >> jimmy: there it is. these are your feet right there. >> wow, there's my hands. >> jimmy: you can see daschle robert's are sloppy. >> yeah, he was a little confused. >> jimmy: werewolves are better at imprinting in general. >> there you go. >> jimmy: that was something else. >> i was so nervous. i mean nervous just because of what we're doing. i mean -- but for some reason you might laugh at me but i thought that the three of us were just going to go to like a private room and just maybe there would be a slab of wet cement there and we'd just do it privately and then they'd put it out there. i didn't think it was going to be a big deal. >> jimmy: oh, really. no one said there were house of people screaming and shouting.
12:22 am
>> i didn't know that until i walked outside. no, they didn't even tell me i was getting my footprints then it was -- the street was shut down. so that made me -- >> jimmy: did you ruin a good pair of shoes. >> these are actually the shoes i wore. >> jimmy: they're pretty -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now that i think of it you didn't get your footprints put into the cement. you got your shoeprints -- >> i was so confused. >> jimmy: should have taken your shoes off. >> you're not only doing your hands, you're doing your feet. i thought we were going to take our shoes off. i don't know. >> jimmy: fortunately you were able to get out of it. you never know. you could be trapped in there and molested for the next three hours. >> there you go. >> jimmy: speaking of that you're at a big "twilight" convention this weekend here in l.a. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how does that work? >> it's different every time but, yeah, this was actually -- this was in a ballroom at a hotel and there was like 3,000
12:23 am
fans waiting for us and it's always -- it's a lot of fun. they go out there and give off a lot of energy like you guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so is most of the group teenage girls? >> you would think so. but, you know, there are -- yes, there are teenage girls but we also have like little separate divisions of fans. made even more passionate are twi-moms. they are unbelievable then we do have our rare occasions but they are pretty passionate themselves of the twi-guys. >> jimmy: a hundred twi guys. >> yes. we got some twi-guys out here. >> jimmy: are the twi-moms the most dangerous? >> they are very dangerous. >> jimmy: do they touch you? do they get grabby.
12:24 am
>> you know my first intersakz with a twi-mom was for "twilight" so we really didn't know what to expect and was doing a signing at a mall and i saw the next people come up with a mother and daughter and the daughter was totally cool about it and the mom was there and she's like shaking and they both come up and the daughter goes first and she's like, yeah, can you sign this for me. i'm like, boom. she's like, thank you. she gets out of there and the mom is like, she comes up, can i touch your hand? and the daughter is like -- the daughter is like, mom, mom. and the mom is like, no, it's okay. this is what these things are. we do this. like, taylor, i'm wearing the team taylor panties right now. is there any way i can get them off so you can sign them? and, you know, i guess i would have dong it but the security was like, no, there's no way your panties are coming off,
12:25 am
ma'am. >> jimmy: it becomes a hygiene issue you don't want to deal with. i heard a rumor that i think it was last week there was an internet rumor that you had been -- you'd been killed by a group of strippers. was cynthia mcfadden that true? were you killed by strippers? >> yeah, it did happen but i'm back. no, it's amazing the things that are out there. yeah, i did -- i've had a few death rumors now but this one was pretty interesting because it was like i was out at a club and there was these exotic dancers and they took me back to their hotel room and they drugged me and then they -- i don't even know what happened but it was -- >> jimmy: you can't remember? [ laughter ] >> i probably wouldn't have been able to remember but, no, i mean that was by far the most interesting death -- >> jimmy: we have a clip from the movie and i have to say every time i go into one of these "twilight" movies i think i'm not going to like it but i go, hey, that was good. what are we going to see here? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're finally -- i
12:26 am
don't want to ruin anything although i guess -- >> no, this movie is exciting because it's a totally different feel. it's a little more mature but this clip specifically, i am -- we've realized that bella is out of blood and we need to go get her more blood so i'm warning her parents, or not her parents but edward's parents and i'm going to go out and handle that problem. >> jimmy: here's a clip from the "the twilight saga: breaking dawn - part 1." >> if she'll have any chance at all she needs more blood. >> and you have to feed. we need to go tonight. >> carlisle, you're the enemy tonight. you will be slaughtered. >> edward will come with us. >> we have no choice, jacob. if there's anything to do to save them we'll try. >> you'd risk your lives for her? >> jimmy: you see what happens? [ cheers and applause ] congratulations, the movie opens friday, november 18th. taylor lautner, everybody. we'll be right back with herman
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>> jimmy: welcome back. junip will be with us. our next guest has a very good chance of being the republican candidate for president of the united states. he's never held elected office, but he does know what's most important to americans, and that's pizza. please welcome the man who put the number 9 back on the map, herman cain. [ cheers and applause ]
12:32 am
>> thank you. >> jimmy: look at you. there you are. how was your day? >> well, all things considered, i'm still alive. it was -- it got off to somewhat of a rough start. we a little surprise show up on tv. >> jimmy: did you watch that. >> we watched it because we didn't even know that this whole thing about woman number four was going to even come out, so that was a surprise. >> jimmy: yes. >> and -- >> jimmy: good morning. >> at least it wasn't one of the many that have the first name anonymous so now this one actually had a name and a so we watched to see what it was and who it was and we are dealing with it and tomorrow we're going to have a press conference. >> jimmy: oh, you are having -- >> oh, yeah, we are going to have a press conference. we're taking this head on. >> jimmy: have you considered hiring gloria allred as your attorney?
12:33 am
[ laughter ] >> you almost made me say something that my panel says you should not say. let me put it to you this way, i can't think of anything that i would hire her to do, okay? i can't think of a thing. >> jimmy: i was thinking about this stuff. i know you can't get into the specifics but i was just thinking about kind of the human factor and imagining you watching this and like just putting myself in that position and i was imagining your wife. did you speak to her today? was she watching it with you. >> my wife is in atlanta. we were in san francisco because i had a speech at noon. this press conference came on at 10:30. so my wife did watch it and i called her immediately afterwards and as i was sitting there i had a few of my staff members there with me and i'm sitting here and they're watching me and they could see steam coming out of my ears and the feelings that you have when
12:34 am
you know that all of this is totally fabricated and you go from anger then you go -- you get disgusted, you try to control yourself to make sure you watch this thing all the way through it and i was listening very closely and then when it was all over with, i said, well i know what we got to do because there's not an ounce of truth in all of these accusations and my team is putting this stuff together. that 'why i'm willing to do a press conference tomorrow to set the record straight. >> jimmy: very good. that's all people can ask for. >> that's all they can ask for. >> jimmy: if a way because people keep asking you about this there is no way to move forward from here. i mean like tiger woods tried to not talk about things and that didn't work out well. >> right, right. but see when i made the statement that i'm done talking about this, i was talking about the firestorm last week. i wasn't talking about this new firestorm that we discovered today, but, no, we are going to talk about this one and i am going to talk about it at the
12:35 am
press conference. >> jimmy: if there are future firestorms will you talk about them. >> i will talk about any and all future firestorms because here's one thing people don't know about herman cain, i'm in it to win it and i'm not going to be discouraged. [ cheers and applause ] >> i almost said something else. >> jimmy: you told a reporter maybe some reporters you said when you get on the -- when people get on the cain train they don't get off. >> that's right. >> jimmy: do you regret that choice of word, "a," and, "b," what does that mean exactly? >> i don't regret that choice of words because when people believe in herman cain and his message, they know that it isn't fear. they are not swayed by what they call in politics the flavor of the week. this whole republican nomination you have somebody who was the darling of the nomination one week. >> jimmy: right. >> with all due respect michele
12:36 am
bachmann came out of iowa, in first place then she started to lose some of her support and rick perry because he was governor of texas and for two weeks all you heard was perry, romney, romney, perry, i thought it was a song and -- the media was trying to tell the american people who the two candidates was going to be but let me tell you what i have learned as a result and as indicated by the success that we've had, the voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the media and the people are going to elect the nominee and the next president of the united states. they're not going to be easily swayed by just what the media hype is. >> jimmy: well, i believe that is true. yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and as far as this -- i mean you're -- you're right on top of the polls and, in fact, i don't know if it's as a result. to what do you attribute the fact that you've raised $2 million over the profit week. do you think that has something to do with these allegations? >> i'm sure it does. i think that it's sending two messages. the first message is, message is
12:37 am
more powerful than money. the reason i have started to move up in the polls was because when i talk about my plan for economic growth and jobs, my plan for energy independence and i talk about my plan and my approach for cutting spending, you got to grow revenues and reduce spending at the same time. and it resonates with people because it's common sense, however, before the firestorm broke last -- a week ago sunday we were moving on at a very nice clip. the day of the firestorm of these accusations, we had the highest fund-raising day online in the history of this campaign and it has not stopped. the american people are saying, we are sick of gutter politics and it's not going to work and they basically said that they're sick of it with their money. that's the most powerful way that people can say that they are looking for a new voice and a new type of leadership in washington, d.c. >> jimmy: do you think the other candidates will follow suit and hire women to charge them with
12:38 am
sexual harassment? >> if they're smart, they will. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: whose idea was it to have your campaign manager, mark block, smoking in that wonderful ad you guys made? >> well, it wasn't mine. we have a individuvideographer. mark did that -- he did that piece because we were in vegas, we had just done the debate. i didn't have time to do another -- another -- i didn't have time to do another video so my chief of staff, mark, they got him to do it and he just wanted to make a statement bus we wanted to put something on the internet, news for the debate. mark -- i thought he did a great job differenting the lines. >> jimmy: oh, he's fantastic. >> convincing, fantastic and the little thing they end where he kind of took a puff, well, we have a saying in my campaign, let herman be herman, let mark
12:39 am
be mark. and let people be people. that's really one of the things of my whole campaign. he smokes. he wasn't trying to tell anybody else to smoke but that's him. that was mark being mark. >> jimmy: you do not smoke. >> i do not smoke. never have i smoked. mark is respectful. if he smokes he doesn't smoke around anybody. >> jimmy: unless it's the cameraman. >> you got a camera in your hand he might light up. >> jimmy: have you ever smoked pot? >> no. >> jimmy: you have never smoked pot. >> i have never smoked pot. >> jimmy: even as the owner of a pizza chain i have to get to the bottom of what my customer base is really thinking? no? [ cheers and applause ] >> here's how -- here's what i used to do to figure out what pie customers were thinking. >> jimmy: huffing. >> no, just serve them a great tasting godfather's pizza. >> jimmy: i want to ask you about godfather's pizza because i know you're not involved with
12:40 am
the company anymore. i want to ask you -- they now have something called a super taco pizza on their menu. would this fly on your watch? >> yes. >> jimmy: yes. >> yes. and here's why. >> jimmy: why? >> the reason that would fly under my watch if i were still at godfather's pizza is because godfather's secret to the best . we use the best-tasting ingredients. that's what makes the great pizza. i just told the whole world how to make a great pizza. >> jimmy: i find this to be an aberration. >> maybe as a pizza connoisseur yourself, maybe you need to think thicker and bigger. >> jimmy: you're going to get yourself into trouble again. we'll be right back with herman cain. this book is called "this is herman cain!: my journey to the white house." we'll be right back. i was taking a multivitamin... but my needs changed... i wanted support for my heart... and now i get it from centrum specialist heart.
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>> jimmy: we're back with herman cain. we're still here. >> yeah. >> jimmy: now if i were president and that's unlikely ever to happen, the first thing i would do and i'm being serious about this is i'd march into the white house and i'd say get me the ufo files. i want to know what's going on with these ufos. the president gets to look at that sort of thing. >> that's right. >> jimmy: does that interest you at all. >> yes, but that's not the first thing that i would want to look
12:46 am
at. >> jimmy: third? >> maybe fourth or fifth. the first thing that i want to know is where is the money? >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> where is the money? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: is it possible maybe the ufos took the money? >> that's right, the ufos could have taken the money but i want to know where the money is because we're spending too much of it and i want to make sure that we attack the biggest problem we have, our biggest domestic problem is first growing this economy which you know i have put a very bold plan on the table but simultaneously, bringing down the debt. we cannot leave our kids and our grandkids this mess that has been created and that's one of the reasons that i'm running. >> jimmy: why not, though? what have they really done for us? i mean, my kids have been nothing but a drain on me. >> well, you have another option. you could put them out early and put them in the street, you know, and this sort of thing but i think that it is immoral for us to leave the mess that's been created.
12:47 am
and here's the sad thing about this. this mess has been growing and growing and growing like a frog in boiling water. you know, if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water. >> jimmy: wait a minute. you haven't done this, have you? >> no, they call it an old wives' tale, jimmy. i got to teach him the difference between reality and friction. you put a frog in a pot of boiling water and if you adjust a little bit of heat the frog won't jump out. he'll get used to it and think that's the way it's supposed to be. you do this over a long period of time. eventually the frog will boil to death because the frog doesn't have sense enough to know the water is too hot. this is how we got into the mess we're in, little by little the politicians and the bureaucrats have burped us to the point that we're about to go off off a cliff relative to spending and this nation is borrow bankrupt but they haven't been honest and tell the people about it. >> jimmy: you think so. you think the nation is bankrupt. >> we are bankrupt. >> jimmy: who is going to come
12:48 am
close us down, you know? china? i dare them to come close us down. >> here is when you know we are being closed down. when foreigners don't show up to buy our debt, which they are not showing up to buy our debt as much as they used to. >> jimmy: can i say guillermo has offered to buy a lot of our debt. right, guillermo. >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy . >> when you don't have any takers you are bankrupt and the problem is -- see, back in the '90s when i was on the board of the federal reserve in kansas city we didn't have this problem. people would stand in line to buy u.s. debt. the reason that the fed is doing some of the things that it's doing to prop up the treasury department is because many of them are saying your rating has been downgraded, you got $14 trillion in debt and they're saying hmm, i don't know if you're going to remain solvent. what you got to do like i said is grow in economy which we have the capacity to do and then make sure that we bring down the debt and people will be standing in line to buy our debt again.
12:49 am
>> jimmy: i read your wife is a democrat. is that true? >> my wife is a democrat, but that doesn't mean that that's how she votes all the time. >> jimmy: i see. >> yes, she still says she's a democrat and i believe that. but that doesn't mean that she votes democrat. >> jimmy: well, i guess you'll wait and see how everything goes, right? >> nah, i think i know. >> jimmy: you think you got at least one vote. >> two. >> jimmy: will you vote for yourself. >> i will vote for myself are you kidding me. >> jimmy: isn't that kind of obscene to vote for yourself. >> no, i think it's smart to vote for yourself. >> jimmy: smart to vote for yourself. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, i have to say i think you've -- i don't know you. i don't know this woman. i don't know any of these anonymous women, but, well, first of all, thank you for making the election a lot more interesting than talking about just the economy. i mean, you know, i know to you it's a distraction but to me it's my life. >> i understand. but you asked me earlier and you
12:50 am
said, well, did my wife watch that press conference today. she did and do you know what she said to me when i called her, she said, the things that that woman described, she said, that doesn't even sound like you and i've known you for 45 years. my own wife said i wouldn't do anything as silly as that lady was talking about. she does me. i've been married to 43 years to the same woman and i'm proud of it. >> jimmy: thank you very much for being here. this is the book -- >> 9-9-9. >> jimmy: 9-9-9. >> that's not the price of the pizza. it's the jobs, job, jobs plan. >> jimmy: "this is herman cain!: my journey to the white house" is out now. back with junip. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ won't you stand up, stand up, stand up ♪
12:51 am
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