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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i'm don harrison. i'll tell you how many of your men and women get to use it. we'll start with the death of a quad pledgee jic back in february. they found the man dead in his home in ellicott city. as jeff hager tells us. the medical examiner has ruled it a homicide. >> the people coming and going from the victim's home in ellicott city don't have anything to say, but what happened to 51-year-old kevin a -- maloney found dead in february is the talk of the neighborhood. >> a s.w.a.t. team came in. it seemed to be a search and seize clurp kind of thing -- seizure kind of thing. >> reporter: police say a serious car accident took away maloney's use of his arms and
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legs a few years ago. test results show that someone gave him enough pain killers to take his life. >> the medical examiner ruled it was a homicide and caused by an overdose of oxycodone. this victim was cared for by various nurses and family members. they're still trying to determine who may have caused it. >> reporter: neighbors say the family had lived in the home about a year at the time of maloney's death. they made it difficult for the wife to leave his side. >> she sent stuff over but said she couldn't leave the house because she didn't have one to watch him. >> reporter: the widow's attorney said we've been deprived of the autopsy report. it's been consistently refused since his death. for the police to come out with a statement without the autopsy
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being released is inappropriate. more than eight months after he was layed to rest in this unmarked grave, investigators are determined to find out who put him here. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> police say maloney had prescriptions for various pain killers. baltimore city police need your help trying to solve a murder from earlier this year. the body from 25-year-old tyra trent was found strangled in an abandoned home. police have few leads to go on the victim's mother said tyra was a joy to be around and she misses her terribly. >> nobody seems to know nothing. all the friends that he had -- he was missing for a whole week. i don't understand how know one
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knows anything like help wasn't on this -- he wasn't on this earth. >> anyone with any information police call baltimore city police detectives. now the continuing coverage of the sex abuse scandal at penn state and joe paterno may be the next to fall. the allegations have forced two university officials to resign and now there's a call for the school's president to step down, it seems paterno will be shown the door as well. earlier in the day penn estate's president abruptly -- state's president abruptly canceled joe paterno's news conference. so paterno has not been charged and is not the target of any
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investigation. he is facing criticism, though, for telling university officials but not calling police when he learned about allegation involving jerry sandusky. we want you to stay with abc2. we'll have more with diane sawyer. we'll have the latest after abc2 news at 6 and you can get more at 11 or on line at a maryland state senator now acquitted of conspiracy charges. a federal grand jury released a decision about senator ulysses currie. he was charged with bribery extortion. they said he formed a fake consulting agreement with shoppers food warehouse. two executives with shoppers
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were acquitted. >> turnout has been low in the race for mayor. according to the associated press, just a few percentage of registered voters had voted by midday. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is running and is expected to coast to ree-- reelection. and they will vote on whether to lower the age remember the for city council members to the lag of 18. stay with abc2 news and for continuing coverage. we'll also have the updated results all night long on and tonight at abc2 news at 11. hang on, locus point. your gas is coming back on. 1,000 customers are still affected by the break. so all of last night and this
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morning, bge was knocking on your door trying to come into your home and shut your gas off. tonight and tomorrow bge will again be knocking on your door to come back in and turn your gas on. >> we do believe we'll be able to restore natural gas service to about 100 customers. however, because of the labor-intensive work that's involved, it will be a multiday restoration. >> in less than an hour bge will be out there at locus point. they will hold a community meeting tonight to address the repairs and answer your questions. the meeting is scheduled to start at 7:30 at 1301 towson street. weather staying crystal clear out there. hey, we'll continue to look at some very, very nice weather over the next 24 hours or so.
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things nice and clear and temperatures reflecting a nice pattern. 55 in annapolis at the top of the hour. 59 in d.c. 60 in hagerstown. what does it look like as we go into the day tomorrow? 62 at noon, 65 by tomorrow afternoon, a slightly cooler day. on the whole still good stuff. we have much more on the week ahead. >> all right. for the men and the women of the u.s. armed force baltimore washington's airport seems to be the first place troops come through when coming from overseas. don harrison tells us the uso center made sure they got an early start in showing their appreciation. >> reporter: veteran's day is coming on friday but the uso didn't want to wait until then. a ceremony laced with officials
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were present. governor o'malley knows there's more to the military than just fort meade and aberdeen. >> to have such a great uso welcoming spot i think is a tremendous reflection of the people of our state and the gratitude that we have. >> reporter: the uso is a 5,000 square foot lounge. they have access to wireless internet service. a 72-inch tv and wakeup service. over 3,000 volunteers and employees make sure the uso runs smoothly. >> many of the servicemen thank us for being here and serving. i say thank you for serving. >> reporter: with an added military presence because of the
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brac initiative. >> it's a home away from home for the military personnel. we do so much. >> reporter: they have played a significant role for 12 years. almost a million military men and women have passed through the doors. i'm don harrison. >> great story. thank you. volunteers for the bso have alreadiened the governor's award for excellence floor their outstanding service to military personnel. all right. next up, why dan duquette feels he can rebuild the team. >> trying to stare at the paper looking at the same sentence over five times. >> we'll look at what's behind it and what you can do to help your kids deal with injuries they receive at school. can you believe it, jamie, 70 degrees in november.
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this is above average, no question about that. 69 yesterday. so our winner, rudolph walter from reisterstown. you get an abc2 storm umbrella. we're back with the forecast for the rest of the week coming up.
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usually newer is better but that may not be so we it comes to football helmets and concussionings. a new study shows the old fationd leather -- fashioned leather football helmets are just as good. researchers at the cleveland clinic used crash test dummies
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to simulate it. cleveland clinic led the research and said the results raise a red flag. >> knowing that a leather helmet and a modern helmet are many times comparable in those hits, that's concerning for long term, what we call impact dosage accumulation. so many, many years of hits over a career season might cause long-term damage. >> the doctor doesn't think players should go back to wearing these helmets but the designs are based on preventing skull fractures and need updating. concussions are the leading cause of brain damage in sports. so parent if your kids play sports, you need to look out for concussions. they are skyrocketing. website news' health report --
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abc2 news' health reporter has more. >> reporter: even though she's a good student, she couldn't finish her homework until well into the night eye couldn't finish my paper. >> reporter: turns out lucy was suffering from the lingering effects of a concussion. it forced her to give up the game she loved and lucy is not alone. since 1997, the number of students traded for concussions shot up 200%. teachers need to know how a sports concussion can affect the student. >> we want to educate the educators and let them know this kid has suffered an injury and they're not funging at their normal level. >> reporter: the doctor said concussions can leave students
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includingish, irritable and distant. they can be much more serious. >> they can't treat every concussion the same. while most kids will get better within a week or two, there are plenty of kids who struggle for weeks, months, even years. >> reporter: once lucy's teachers knew more, they could tell when she was struggling. by dog so, they helped her replace a love of soccer. this not only kept a good student engaged but helped her excel. linda so reporting. >> if your child suffers a concussion, the doctors say you should get in touch with the school. that way you can develop a plan to help them cope. listen, is working for you. we have a complete concussion resource guide. it's a great place to learn all the warning signs of concussions and learn how to play the game
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safe. nice afternoon and nice evening. get used to the early sunset. winds southeast at six. visibility at six miles. likely we'll see some fog into tomorrow morning, so keep that in mind. boy, crystal clear last that early morning fog burned off. nothing but blue skies over baltimore and over the state today. again, days feeling a lot shorter now with daylight standard time back in effect. as we take a look at maryland's most powerful radar, things continue to sit clear. so on the whole not a bad deal. we should see nothing on radar until probably in the day on
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thursday. 59 at bwi. 50 at hagerstown. 58 dulles. chilly in ocean city. that's bringing the air temp down to 48. take a look at the highs today. we hit 70 in many, many spots. wilmington delaware hitting 74. the winds are light. what little wind we of, generally out of the south, southeast. tomorrow we should be in the mid-60s, increased cloud cover but i think this will be a warmer than average day from reisterstown to dundalk and beyond. across the entire area, an area of clouds in the sky, quiet come and calm. there is active weather to the west and south and east, tropical system off the caroline nays. frontal boundary. that's brought big storms. now rain for places like arkansas and missouri. double beared high pressure
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keeping the area dry. watch what happens as we go into tomorrow evening. we have the front pushing in from the west. tropical storm. the squeeze play likely to generate rain, especially for the eastern shore as we go into late thursday. here's a look at a tropical storm. we are still on the tail end of hurricane center and could it mean rain north beach, it could. clear chilly, patchy fog. tomorrow 63 but i still think chances for 65 and beyond in spots. 46 tomorrow night. we take a look at the seven-day forecast and find the temperatures are running cool as we go into veteran's day friday. veteran's day festivities this
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weekend looks sunny, clear and fall like. >> fall like. that's good. will we see fall baseball in baltimore anytime soon? well, the man who was hired today, former red sox general manager dan duquette was introduced by the orioles. he said he's ready. duquette is the team's new consecutive -- executive vice-president of baseball operations. he said it starts with bringing back what worked in the past. >> all your great tradition, all your great oriole teams, all the leadership that -- that you had not '70s -- in the have '70s
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we'll put together. the owner said duquette experience and strong scouting background is the reason that dan duquette is in baltimore tonight. megan and rob had their twins. here for the first time publicly we meet the newest babies of baltimore. coming into this world at 2:02 this afternoon, jordan rose. coming into the world at 2:03, may i introduce you to nola james. megan looks great and happy. jordan and nola, your first pizza will be from pizza johns,
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first crab cake from g&m's. from the abc2 family to the carlin family and nothing but the best for the best. oh, that's great. we would like to make a correction to a story we aired yesterday. we were talking about the hippodrome. we said broadcast across america. we meant to say broad way across america. we're sorry for the mistake. it's broadway across america. here's a look at what's coming up tonight. it's unavoidable. car accidents or a fall landsy in the emergency room. you now have that huge bill to pay. we have advice on avoiding emergency room sticker shock.
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black friday is getting bigger and better. we'll help you plan your lay tack on those stores. those stories, plus wyatt's forecast. join us at 11:00.
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a quick check on tomorrow. mild day, a little fog in the morning early on, so keep that in mind. >> all right. hey, listen. thanks forel call-ins. double ratings. >> those are beautiful looking. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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