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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 9, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and emotions boiling over at penn state overnight. >> we love joe. >> hundreds of students surrounding joe paterno's home, chanting support for the legendary head coach. >> i'm proud of you. i've always been proud of you. >> and he pleas with people to pray for the victims of the alleged sex abuse scandal. but is he in his final hours as head coach? on the attack.
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another herman cain accuser goes public. will his accusers band together to bring him down? the first jackson juror speaks out in a "gma" exclusive. >> my heart was pounding to go out there. >> her riveting account from inside the jury room about the stress, the screaming and why they voted to convict conrad murray. and surfing superman. did this american daredevil catch the biggest wave in the world? inside his amazing ride. hanging ten on this 90-foot megawave. oh, the time change. a little light this early in the morning. good morning, everyone. there are significant developments overnight. this could be the last hours for joe paterno at penn state,
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despite an amazing outcry, hundreds of students around his home. and herman cain, in that press conference yesterday. his accusers spoke to brian ross last night. and the first juror to speak out from the conrad murray trial. dan and nancy will weigh in on that. and nancy voted off "dancing with the stars" last night. >> one round shy of the semifinals. let's get to the incredible scene of emotion at penn state. the rally last night at joe paterno's home, coming as the school has now launched a new investigation overnight in that growing sex abuse abc's dan harris is still there live, in state college, pennsylvania, for us again this morning. good morning, dan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. members of the penn state board of trustees held an emergency conference call well evening. abc news has learned they were unable to make a decision on the fate of joe paterno. but his support appears to be eroding. and a decision could come as soon as today or tomorrow.
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>> we love joe. we love joe. we love joe. >> reporter: overnight, an extraordinary scene outside of joe paterno's house. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds of students engaged in an exuberant show of support. but he also turned his attention to the victims in this case. >> there's been some criticism of the way we handled some of the poor victims. you know, my wife and i, we have 17 grandkids. from 16 to 3. and we pray for them every night. we're going to start praying for the kids that got involved in some of the problems that we talked about. >> reporter: afterwards, the students moved from paterno's house to the campus. >> it's hard for me to say. you guys, i've lived for this
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place. i lived for people like you guys and girls. >> reporter: do you think he lived up to his own code of ethics on this one? >> i think he did the right thing. i think he did what he was supposed to do. >> reporter: but others, many others, disagree. the scandal centers on this man, jerry sandusky, the former top offensive coach. now accused of sexually abusing eight boys. >> unfortunately, i'm not in a position to make any statements. >> reporter: paterno was told about one of sandusky's victims. he reported it to campus officials but not to police. >> i'd like to answer them. but i can't do it now. >> reporter: and critics say that is a lapse that should cost paterno his job. >> joe paterno knew about it and did the minimum. i think he will go soon. and i think he should go soon. >> reporter: with paterno's fate hanging in the balance and the campus aflame with complex and sometimes conflicting sentiment. >> we are. >> penn state. >> we are.
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>> penn state. >> we are. >> penn state. >> reporter: the emotion even spilled on to live television with former paterno player and current espn analyst, matt millen, tearing up. >> i get mad. and it's pretty disturbing. >> reporter: incredible scene there. also this morning, we're hearing that the scope of the investigation into jerry sandusky is expanding. abc news has learned that the pennsylvania state police are taking calls from more people who say they, too, were victims. meanwhile, we're hearing that jerry sandusky is under a new court order that does not allow him to be alone with even his own grandchildren. robin, back to you. >> that's very telling. dan, thank you very much. and for more, espn's jeremy schaap joins us. there's a lot of editorials calling for his ouster, as well as the president there at penn state. what do you think we're going to
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hear in the next 24 hours or so? >> as dan said last night, the board of trustees was meeting not in person, on the phone. there are indications it will meet again tonight on campus, to discuss the fate of joe paterno, the fate of the university president. there will also be a meeting on friday, a public board of trustees that will be attended by the governor of pennsylvania. right now, joe paterno's future is very much in doubt. after six decades at penn state. after 45er years as the head coach. one of the most revered programs in sport. >> and respected. >> if this was happening to a coach with a different reputation, it would be a different story. so much of the anger and disappointment, is the result of the fact that people expect more from joe paterno. >> they have been so squeaky clean in all the decades that he's been there at penn state. when do we expect to hear more from him?
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though, he is quite vocal. we saw last night, and it was quite telling to a lot of people. he didn't say alleged victims. he said, let's pray for the victims. >> i don't know how many up we can read into that. but he has indicated before that he believes what was brought to his attention in 2002, was factual. the graduate assistant at the time, mike mccleary, who came to him and told him he had seen something disturbing in a shower involving jerry sandusky. he said he believed what he was told. which raises further questions about paterno's actions in the immediate aftermath of what he was told. you have to wonder right now, where joe paterno's head is. so much is swirling around him. maybe there's a little bit of a disconnect. maybe he doesn't fully understand the gravity of what's going on. he's talking about beating nebraska on saturday, which is -- >> he's going to hold a press conference and talk about football. people are like, how can you -- >> that that was going to happen. and the university president canceled the press conference yesterday. paterno indicating that he was
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disappointed in that decision. we are possibly, though, going to hear from him today, off-campus. there are reports that his sons are arranging an off-campus press conference today. >> thank you for your insight. from one firestorm to another. herman cain, the embattled presidential candidate held a press conference yesterday, denying all charges of sexual harassment, blaming them on a democrat machine. and promised he won't be pushed out of the race, even as another accuser has gone public with her charges. abc's brian ross spoke to her last night. and he joins us now. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is day ten of the story, with at least four different women making allegations against cain. including another one that showed her face and spoke publicly. she told me last night, that cain as a boss, can be described as a monster. yet, cain continues to call all of the accusers liars. stronger than ever in his denials and defiance. >> and as far as these accusations causing me to back
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off and removing me from the presidential race, ain't going to happen. >> reporter: this is the latest accuser to identify herself. >> i'm karen kraushaar. >> reporter: just after, she addressed herman cain and left the restaurant association, with a reported $45,000 settlement. overnight, kraushaar told abc news, she tried to stay out of the news, for fear of retaliation of cain supporters. now, she has hired a security team to guard her home outside washington. cain said tuesday there was nothing to kraushaar's complaints. >> they were found to be baseless. and she could not find anyone to corroborate her story. >> reporter: cain also dismissed the allegations of sharon bialek, who said she was sexually assaulted by cain 14
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years ago. he says he cannot remember meeting her. >> my first response in my mind and reaction was, i don't even know who this woman is. >> reporter: and cain went on to say that bialek was a product of a democratic smear campaign. >> now, the democrat machine in america has brought forth a troubled woman. >> reporter: and of course, last week, cain blamed the rival campaign of governor rick perry. >> we've been able the trace it back to the perry campaign. that stirred this up in order to discredit me. >> reporter: the larger question, of course, is what do the allegations, if true, say about a candidate for president? >> sexual harassment is a power move. it is a demonstration that you are more powerful and you are if you are, superior, to the person you are harassing. >> reporter: overnight, the associated press reported that kraushaar had another complaint with another employer four years
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after leaving the restaurant association, complaining of unfair treatment on the job after she was in a car accident. now, she and bialek say they want to hold a joint appearance with the other two accusers so they can all tell the stories of herman cain, with the safety in numbers. let's get more on this now, from republican strategist, mary matalin. thanks for joining us this morning. i know you believe that herman cain gave a powerful press conference yesterday. enough to put this to rest? >> if he stays unequivocal and he stays as nondefensive about it. but he needs to quit being an operative. he needs to quit casting blame and ascribing motives to opponents, either democrats or republicans. but his deny was powerful and believable. what you can get out of the bubble, it's helpful to transport yourself to a kitchen table in central iowa. and you're looking at a life
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where the cost of everything has gone up. and the value of everything has gone down. and you see the candidacy of this guy, who is not a politician who epitomizes everything about america. and the media is sensationalist, and/or biased. >> i think you are right that the people would rather have the campaign focus on other things. but this is front and center right now. and cain was so unequivocal yesterday. but to believe him, you have to believe that all four accusers are lying. can you hold that line even if they all go public? >> well, he's been accused of -- here's the accusations. one said she was repulsed because he said you're as tall as my wife. one said she was repulsed because he had dinner with two of them. no advances made. and the really truly repulsive, if it's true, but clearly does not fit a pattern of his life.
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and it doesn't comport what we know about his life. so, it's a little bit different than a he said/she said. and people do, i'm not condoning harassment. i don't want to get ridiculous e-mails. but we went through a period of this grievance industry, of feminists who want to be offended find a way to be offended. and there's not a lot of charges other than the one that he flatly denies that come close to being assault or harassment. >> we know there were two agreements. you saw yesterday mitt romney and newt gingrich come out farther than they have before, saying that herman cain has to address them. romney called them disturbing. they are trying to create some space there. >> when prompted, what cain said about romney, he said harassment and assault is horrible. and saying that herman cain has to answer to these, and he did
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answer to them, i don't think he could have answered it anymore powerfully. now, he has to quit being an operative. get to iowa. he has a new spot up today. and keep talking to voters where their sweet spot is. and this is not where their sweet spot is. >> he's not out of this? >> i don't think by a long shot. >> okay, mary matalin, thanks very much. now, let's go to josh elliott with the news. >> good morning to both of you and to all of you. we're going to begin with disturbing news about the treatment of u.s. service members killed in battle. three officials at dover air force base have been disciplined for mishandling remains. in at least two cases, body parts were lost. in another case, a fallen marine was dismembered to fit into his uniform. this morning, an investigation faults the air force for not taking full responsibility for those cases. and oil prices are on the rise, after new reports that iran is months away from being able to build a nuclear bomb. any conflict in the persian gulf
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could affect oil shipments. iran says its nuclear abilities are for energy and research only. prime minister silvio berlusconi has announce head will resign. but that's not calming the markets. italian borrowing costs set a new record today, raising fears that italy will need a bailout. and movoters in mississippi have defeated an initiative that would declare that life begins at inception. a big victory for labor unions. voters in ohio have overturned a law that limited the collective bargaining rights of public workers. finally, in san diego, preparations under way to turn the deck of a u.s. air force carrier into a basketball arena. take a look. they're putting up stands on "the uss carl vinson." it's the first basketball game on an aircraft carrier friday. it will be part of espn's
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veterans day coverage. and along with hannah storm, i had the pleasure of being a part of it the last couple years. the spectators expected to include president obama. >> and they have plans if it rains to go below the deck. >> if they are in a place -- san diego. i think they won't be needing the lower deck. >> let's hope not. welcome back from nashville. >> thank you. and we're going to show you how nashville stays dry for the cma awards tonight. let's show you where the rainmaker is in the middle of the country. from new orleans to the great lakes. the punch of the storm is around the low here. you can see the snow in the back. some places in iowa getting up to six inches of snow. here -- here's who gets the rain today. as we watch it go all the way up. i don't know. i wasn't working yet. detroit, travers city, chicagoland, indianapolis, cincinnati, all getting heavy rain today. louisville, as well. nashville, you will probably get your rain early in the morning but not in the later day hours.
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colombia, about 73. orlando at 81.
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>> and, yes, indeed, san diego, notoriously one of the driest places in the country. mice and mild today and through the week. now, to the breaking report that a private investigator working for rupert murdoch, "news of the world," was spying on prince william. nick watt has the latest from london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, we all know that journalists will stoop pretty low for a scandal or a scoop. but this morning, a new low. some royals and celebrities were being watched. and they had no idea. this is derek webb, retired cop, paid by "the news of the world" newspaper, to tail and spy on prince william. logging where he went, who he
7:19 am
met, what he was wearing. undetected by royal security. >> they had no idea. that proves my expertise in relation to it, that they was not aware they were being followed. and this happened on quite a few occasions. >> reporter: webb worked for the paper for years. apparently tailing targets including angelina jolie, samen could, paul mccartney, and daniel radcliffe. he often took orders from the paper's royal editor. >> he would tell me to go to the airport and follow chelsy davy, who was prince harry's girlfriend. >> reporter: that royal editor has served time for hacking the voicemails of royal staff. and last summer, the paper owned by rupert murdoch's news international, shocked in the scandal. politicians, movie stars, murder victims and allegedly, kate and her family. but what webb did, this is his
7:20 am
actual surveillance footage of a well-known soccer player. this is not illegal in prison. >> but the list of people i've seen, i would find it incredibly difficult to justify, you know, what were they looking at simon cowell for? >> reporter: though spying on royalty is not illegal. but certainly disconcerting for those who seek detail. and that investigator has told the bbc, quote, i don't feel ashamed. if i wasn't doing it, somebody else would be. now, tomorrow, rupert murdoch's son, james, comes before a committee to talk about the phone hacking. and he will face a grilling on this spying, as well. >> not over yet. >> sure did last time. >> nick, thanks. coming up, the gripping moments from inside the jury room during the trial of conrad the first jackson juror breaks her silence. a "gma" exclusive. and dan and nancy weigh in, as well. and the latest on the bieber baby scandal. why he's fueling the fight over
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powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 7:26. we will look at temperatures down in the 36 in baltimore. could be frost out there. thick fog in the eastern shore and queen anne county, 37 degrees in easton. thick fog and dense fog advisory in southern maryland until 10 a.m. shoaling up we expect another day for sunshine and we will get back up to 65 and that's the guaranteed high still above normal. but cooler than yesterday at 71. that doesn't belong. >> november. 46 tonight and tomorrow temperatures back up near normal at 58. slight chance of late day showers. a drop to 49 on friday. >> reporter: 95 south at level road we have a report of a broken down car. so be careful there. starting to get congestion on the beltway. let's look live on the southwest side. the outer loop to the left. that's now has volume. the inner loop off and on has congestion as well.
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top side of the beltway at harford road stop and go traffic on the outer loop. this will slow you down. volume on the inner loop. usual spots here. now with the latest local news, here's charley. >> baltimore city residents went to the polls yesterday and the results are in. stephanie rawlings-blake will continue lead the city and coasted to a first election term as mayor of the city. she took over the office nearly two years ago when sheila dixon stepped down. it was clear defeat for her republican challenger. back to new york for more "good morning america" we are back in a half-hour with weather and traffic. see you then.
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walking in with jim avila is the first jackson juror, to speak out, talking exclusively to "gma" about deciding the fate of conrad murray. we're going to hear from juror number five. and then, dan and nancy will weigh in live. >> nancy just going around the clock. she'll be here later talking about her final dance in the ballroom. she did have a great season.
7:31 am
>> one shy of the semis. and justin bieber, he can't seem to stop tweeting about the baby scandal. and it's time for somebody to take that blackberry away. >> the story might go away. but he keeps tweeting about it, talking about it. let's look at elisabeth leamy. our live "show me the money" team. they have a van now. they have a fat check. going to give it to that restaurant owner. he has no idea how much money he's getting this morning. >> that big check should be a clue. let's get right to the abc news exclusive, inside the jury room of the conrad murray trial. the first juror to speak out sat down with jim avila. and he joins us now. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. behind the closed doors of the jury room and inside those secret deliberations for the first time, the first conrad murray juror tells "gma," that, in fact, the trial was long. the jury was split at the beginning. and the nine hours of deliberations were not easy.
7:32 am
>> i think we really did our job. >> reporter: she is juror number five, debbie franklin, the 48 mother of two, a paralegal, put in charge of ringing the buzzer, to tell the judge and the world a verdict had been reached. >> our hearts were pounding to go out there. >> reporter: franklin is the first and only juror to reveal what went on inside the jury room. in our exclusive interview, she says while nearly all the jurors had decided on guilt during the first day of deliberations, not everyone was convinced that dr. murray was solely responsible for michael jackson's death. >> towards the end of the day, we finally took a vote. it was not unanimous. and we talked a little more about it. let's think about it over the weekend. it was stressful. we did -- yelling and we had to keep saying, nobody talk while this person is talking. raise your hand if you have something to say. >> reporter: it was not until monday morning that the majority was able to convince everyone, that not only was conrad murray
7:33 am
negligent, his mistakes led directly to the death of michael jackson. do you think that michael jackson would be alive today if it were not for the mistakes of conrad murray? >> yes. absolutely. he had addictions. he asked other doctors to do it. they said no. he was looking for somebody to say yes. and conrad murray said yes. >> reporter: juror number five said dr. murray is responsible for killing jackson for three reasons. not calling 911. not having medical backup equipment in the room. and leaving his patient alone. >> when he came back, conrad murray said he was alive. he wasn't breathing. but he had a pulse. he had the monitor on his finger. at that point, he was alive, according to conrad murray. if he would have had the medical equipment there, if it was the airway that was blocked, he had nothing. >> reporter: and while the jury thought conrad murray was a nice guy that didn't mean to kill michael jackson, they decided he as a doctor should have known better and found him guilty of
7:34 am
involuntary manslaughter. was it a show of hands vote? >> it was a show of hands at that point. and we asked everybody to write it down. we actually had the written paper of 12 guilty votes. >> reporter: the jury was ushered out of the courtroom before the judge decided to send conrad murray directly to jail. but this juror, at least, had no regrets, seeing the former doctor led off in handcuffs. >> i never gave it a second thought of what was happening back in the courtroom. but i saw later on tv, it didn't shock me. but i assumed that if somebody's found guilty they're taken right from the courtroom. i don't think he was going to say, go home. >> reporter: juror number five said she had no opinion on how long the sentence should be for conrad murray. she is a said she did her job. and said that she is glad sentencing is up to the judge. let's get more from our legal team, nancy grace and legal analyst dan abrams. nancy, i have to begin with you.
7:35 am
the queen of multitasking. fascinating accounts from the juror right there. from what you heard, did the jury do their job well? >> they did. it sounds as if that there was a lot of -- let me just say -- heated discussion, to a point where they were raising their hands to -- not to interrupt each other. and that lively discourse, has been discussed, is what you want in a jury room. and also, the fact they broke and they slept on it for a couple days over the weekend is a good thing. i don't think there's going to be any problem with, for instance, jury tampering, jury problems, jury misconduct, in an appeal, which is sure to come. >> i was amazed at how quickly they were able to reach a verdict, then. hearing her say they were this divided on friday. and they come back, and by midday, early in the day monday, they've been able to convince those people is pretty amazing. also, i was struck by the issue
7:36 am
of cause of death. she seems to be saying, in effect, no matter why michael jackson became -- came to the situation he was in, meaning whether michael jackson injected it himself or it was dr. murray, the fact is, dr. murray still could have saved him. >> yeah. he could have survived. >> i thought that was an interesting comment. >> nancy, now, we get to the issue of sentencing. juror number five says she has done her job. but the defense team will argue for probation only. >> if you look at the road sign that the judge has given us. he said point-blank at the time the verdict came in he said this is not a mistake in judgment. this ended in a death of a human being. that's a big sign to me that he's going to give jail time. of course, the maximum is only four years. so, given the prison overcrowding in not only california, but all across the
7:37 am
country, it's going to turn into a nicole richie, paris hilton sort of thing, where conrad murray gets jail time by the judge. but state guidelines will let murray out early. we'll also see murray angling to stay in a county jail and not go into a state facility such as san quentin, where scott peterson is. that way he can stay close to home and probably have more privileges. those privileges have already started because he's in the celebrity wing of the jail. basically, the medical unit. he'll probably get a private jail cell and special treatment. >> i don't know about that. but -- >> he's already there, dan. >> but the celebrity wing? you make it sound like it's nice and cushy there. the bottom line is -- >> have you ever been there? >> yeah, actually, i have. but not -- yeah. >> through tv, internet. >> the bottom line is that suggests already that somehow conrad murray -- >> probably watching you right now, dan. >> i'm sure he is. and he's already getting special
7:38 am
treatment. it's a nice cliche. but really, i don't see anything to indicate that dr. murray is getting sort of beneficial treatment here. the reality is, that if he gets treated like everyone else, nancy's going to go nuts, which is, if he is released because of overcrowding, the same way that everyone else is -- >> he will. >> he will. he will. >> dan, here's the deal. you know what g.p., general population is like. they probably like michael jackson tunes. and they probably would not like the guy that killed michael jackson. so, he's getting special treatment right now by being in a medical unit. you get your meals are delivered differently. your meals can even be different from everyone else's. you're not in general population. you got it good. it's already starting for conrad murray. >> the fact they're protecting him from getting harmed in prison means he's getting special treatment. is that what you're saying? >> i didn't say he's going to get harmed. i say he's getting special
7:39 am
treatment. you.not an issue, dan. it's a revolving door, due to overcrowding. the judge could sentence him to four years. but that's going to be superseded by the fact that he can't stay there due to overcrowding. i think this is a violent crime. but i don't think they're going to agree with me. >> i don't think he'll get four years, either. i think he'll get a lesser sentence. >> and he's already gotten a payday. he's gotten up to $500,000 for the documentary. >> i've got to say two things. first of all, nancy grace, congratulations. you are awesome, all right? you are absolutely awesome. >> thank you. >> the cartwheel the other night. >> dan, abrams. i should teach you to do a cartwheel. >> if you can teach me -- >> okay. that's our next segment. nancy is going cartwheels right here in times square. sam, are you going to join them? >> no. i will not join them. but i will say this. my friend, nancy grace, looks as
7:40 am
good as she did 20 years ago. fantastic. nancy, you look beautiful. it's such a pleasure to see you. i can't wait to see you in person. >> thank you, sam. >> one or two things going on we want to talk about. as we show you, a low pressure moving out of the way. these are the strong storms that were in texas yesterday. let's show you pictures that happened in all of houston in the kingwood area. this is to the right if you're going north of the bush airport. and there's a lot of damage from at least five or six reported tornados in the state of texas yesterday. it is less damaging as the storm moves east. it's more rain around the great lakes. and there will be cold air that
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speaking out about the accusations that he fathered a child. our andrea canning has been tracking the latest. he can't stop his tweeting. >> reporter: oh, baby, robin. bieber sent out a series of tweets celebrating a new album. but taking shots on his accuser. she and the baby situation are clearly on his mind. ♪ baby, baby, baby >> reporter: bieber baby favor isn't going away quietly. with justin himself fuelling the story. tuesday, the pop star took to twitter over allegations he fathered this woman's baby. he wrote this past week and even today, every rumor and lie about me possible has been coming out in the press. just need to ignore it. but within seconds, he tweeted again. even through all the crap and lies, my fans have been there for me. >> by continuing his tweets about it, he's keeping the focus on that. and that's exactly what you don't want to do.
7:46 am
he has other things going on. he has a brand-new number one album. i would focus on that. >> reporter: which he did, as well, on twitter. but with another poke at his accuser. we are the number one album. so, to the people making up this b.s., santa claus is coming to down. i love my fans. the famous teen still plans to take the paternity test in connection with 20-year-old mariah yeater's claims. she told her story to "the insider." >> after the court date and justin takes the dna test, will it prove, hands down, that's his baby? >> no question about it. >> reporter: justin says he plans to sue yeater. yet, through it all, his girlfriend, selena gomez, remains by his side. during a romantic outing. putting the scandal behind them for one night. he continued tweeting throughout the day.
7:47 am
stay true to yourself. they can never break us. we are a family. team bieber goes hard. >> there's no blueprint for how to handle these. you should handle it in the smartest way for you. a couple days ago, i said i was really happy with the way he and his team were getting ahead of the story. and now, i'm, frankly, a little disappointed because he's making the story bigger. >> reporter: bieber has promised to take the paternity test as soon as he returns from his overseas trip, which is expected to be in a couple weeks. i don't know about you. but i only on pins and needles. >> he has 14 million followers on twitter. >> and they're all waiting for the results of this test. >> that's it. coming up, josh is pouting over there. we're going to have his "play of the day" coming up. and our big "show me the money" event coming up. we're giving a huge check to that man right there, in the middle, live. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall
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7:51 am
7:52 am
here's "the play of the day." >> hard to top yesterday, josh. hard to top yesterday. >> the bouncing dog. i didn't get the memo before. you guys. >> there's a running theme. >> blue or purple. >> all right. jaret machicnamara. small potatoes. look what he did in portugal. surfing a wave created by a deep water canyon. one of the great big wave surfers of all-time. that's a 90-foot wave. that's a nine-story building. >> sure is. >> that's chasing him down. believed to be the biggest wave ever surfed. there's some hawaiians who would argue otherwise. coming up, nancy grace bouncing the ballroom. and looking fabulous. straight ahead.
7:53 am
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. cool start. 37 in baltimore and easton. some areas of fog burning themselves off. thick fog on through southernmaryland where they are in the 40s in pax river that's retreating. and disbursing. we have a repeat of what we had all week. which means sunshine but this
7:57 am
afternoon, we will probably see increase of more clouds and slight wind direction is shift and the awill help to enhance cloud cover. 65 a little bit cooler than the 71 mark we hit yesterday. 46 overnight. dy and not as chilly as result but the result will bring a chance of showers with the front swinging through during afternoon tomorrow. high actual hi near normal at 58. we swing below normal with strong winds on friday and could gust 30 miles per hour and highs in the upper 40s. back to 57 saturday and near 60 on sunday and warming trend once again mid-60s early next week. tanya. >> reporter: white mash sill trier sprend -- marsh silverspring road a accident. slow traffic on the beltway. nothing new there. let's look live at the northwest side. this is the outer loop extremely slow just south of 795 at old court road. the delays will start at reisterstown road and this will be slow to wilkins avenue. inner loop is moving well at
7:58 am
this point. top side of the beltedway slow from bel air road to york -- beltway slow from bel air will be slow from the beltway down to 28th street. and this is what it looks like at cold springlane volume continues heading southbound towards the 41st street overpass. starting to break up a little bit as you head downtown. now back to new york for "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] what were you guys saying? >> happy birthday. >> the big 5-0. a great crowd outside in times square. nancy and tristan up on the big screen. they were fan favorites for so long on "dancing with the stars." but they have been ousted from the ballroom, after that tense
8:01 am
night on "dancing with the stars." how are nancy and tristan feeling? who do think they is going to take home the mirrorball trophy. there they are. so much money for so many people with "the show me the money" vie. the "show me the money" team hitting the road. taking a check to a very lucky man. he doesn't know how much. but it's a big one. and mariah carey. how did she get that body back after having twins? she looks fantastic. and she going to tell you how she did it. yeah. hello. that's a new picture of her. she's looking great. and she has all the details coming up. just an grl. >> she looks fantastic. i think she said she gained 70 pounds. >> an apparently has lost every bit. clint eastwood, you got to hang out with clint eastwood. >> it was a lot of fun. >> he's so memorable in front and behind the camera.
8:02 am
he's bringing leo to the big screen as j. edgar hoover. >> talk about being in good shape. 81 years old. look at that. and we'll have you weigh in. what's your favorite clint eastwood movie line? that's going to come up later. mine is, clint eastwood, i tried being reasonable. i didn't like it. >> say it like he would. >> didn't like it. josh with some news. we're going to begin with the sex abuse scandal at penn state and the firestorm that's surrounding coach joe paterno. hundreds of students rallied outside his home in a show of support last night. paterno told them, he would pray for the victims. penn state could reach a decision about paterno's fate as soon as today. police are taking more calls, meanwhile, from alleged victims of paterno's assistant coach, jerry sandusky. and herman cain says he will not leave the presidential race and is willing to take a lie
8:03 am
detector test. it comes as yet another woman accusing him of sexual harassment steps into the spotlight. after calling the first accuser to publicly come forward an outright liar, cain calls karen kraushaar's claim baseless. she filed a sexual harassment complaint against cain that reportedly resulted in a $45,000 settlement. the associated press reports that she filed a similar complaint at her next job some three years later. major concerns on wall street this morning because of what's happening in italy today. even though prime minister silvio berlusconi says he will resign, investors are losing faith that the italian government will be able to pay its debt. borrowing costs hit a record high in that country. rapper heavy d. has died, after suffering an apparent heart attack outside his home. he also starred in tv shows and movie. he was just 44 years old. now, to washington state and
8:04 am
that search for a missing 2-year-old. police say something just isn't adding up in this case. and that is putting the spotlight on the boy's mother. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: this morning for the first time, police aren't sure if 2-year-old sky metalwala has been missing for days or weeks. detectives now say no one but his mother has seen him anytime recently. >> we've only been able to locate one person that's seen sky within the last two weeks. and that was a neighbor. >> reporter: the little boy's mother, julia biryukova said she ran out of gas along this road on sunday, and she left him alone in his car seat, while she walked to a gas station about a mile away. investigators are now removes the gas tank from her acura to determine if she really did run out. the father, simon metalwala has taken a lie detector test. so far, it's inconclusive.
8:05 am
but the mother is refusing to take one. reportings on a website that appears to have been set up by julia, reveals one bitter exchange, believed to be her and solomon, passing off the kids for a visit. >> i mean, i can force him to come if you like me to. >> tomorrow morning, we'll just talk to our lawyers. >> are you going to take sky? >> uh, yeah. >> reporter: while julia remains out of sight, her estranged husband is pleading for his son's safe return. >> please, just return him back. >> reporter: investigators say their focus isn't on the road where the car reportedly ron out of gas, but near the mother's home, miles away. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> thank you, neal. meanwhile, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hey, josh. good morning. how are you? and baby-boomers have decided to look again for the right person
8:06 am
to share their lives. and it turns out so many of them have discovered there's something startling and new that batters this time around. what is it? watch tonight on "world news." and finally, something will happen today at 2:00 p.m. eastern that's never happened before. every tv and every radio station in the country will test the emergency alert system, all at once. for 30 seconds. emergency responders say it's important because cell phones can't be counted on during an emergency. so, that sound will play. nothing. nothing. robin? >> i'm not saying. >> robin, back to you. >> i'm not telling. >> you did it very well. some pop news, lara. what have you got? one or two things to talk about? >> i do. happy to help you out, josh. anything you need. good morning to you guys and to you all. what do kirstie alley, george costanza, and mariah carey have
8:07 am
in common? they all successfully lost weight on jenny craig. there you go. that was my big aha moment. "us weekly" has exclusive pictures of mariah 30 pounds lighter. and she will speak to us on "gma" tomorrow after she got the body back using jenny's diet plan. and she is now the latest spokeswoman. i have exciting news for you madonna fans out there. madonna album coming out. not until early next year. but the single, "give me all your love" was released yesterday. it's a trending worldwide topic on twitter. and the song is getting great reviews from fans worldwide, which is described as having an infectious '80s vibe. for the fans, they may move the release date up to tomorrow, to
8:08 am
try to combat the fact that it's already out there. yeah. next up, rihanna, sharing some personal pictures with her fans on facebook. the shots are giving them a glimpse of how she likes to roll when she's not on tour. the pictures are from a girls-only trip this sommer. around st. tropez, italy. you know, the regular girls trip. fans can live vicariously through the pop star. and boy, have they been. 50,000 views and likes and counting. the pictures, and george is captivated by them. >> every time. why do you do that? >> you're like this, watching. >> yeah. now, get that shot. >> i need a magnifier glass. >> that was a girls-only trip? >> girls-only trip. >> girls-only trip. >> yachting around st. tropez?
8:09 am
>> yeah, yachting around st. tropez. and it goes with her album, which is coming out -- >> i lost my internet. >> you can skip on. >> move on. >> anyway, we move on. it's hard to get georgia football fans attention during a big game. but this certainly did. a party crasher, barreling through a window at the taco hut. there he is. patrons dropped their chalupas all right. >> that was a buck? >> that was a buck, yeah. he ran for the patio. perhaps he will meet someone in the bar. that was my take on it. and, everybody, that was the pop news. everybody's fan. happy to report. nobody was hurt. not the deer. not the patrons. >> good. >> and tacos for everybody. good morning, guys. josh and i, by the way, have
8:10 am
named this broadway barn. we like to call it the path to broadway barn. happy birthday, by the way. >> thank you. >> you brought the number out. i would never have guessed. tell me your name. >> faye. >> and you and i have been talking a little bit. tell me your name. >> jill. >> say hello. >> hello. >> it's time to change out the pumpkins, harvest the corn. and then, transition into holiday trees. i believe this is true. we'll talk about that later. in raleigh, north carolina, there was a foggy start. now, we're starting to burn all of that away. here's what happens on the east coast. we've held out from getting cooler temperatures. but we will get them over the next few days. colder air, moving with this front to the coastline. new york city, 52 by friday. philly, you're 52 by the time we get into friday. and behind the storm system, there's a little snow. from lacrosse, toward marquette, you're g
8:11 am
>> we are live in times square. and we'll work on the broadway farms thing. lara? >> broadway farms. josh is very excited. okay. meantime, josh, here's a look at what's happening on your -- hello? >> it's on josh. >> literally. >> here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." a graceful exit. nancy and tristan. they said good-bye to the ballroom. now, they're here to dish on their experience the and who is going all the way on "dancing
8:12 am
with the stars." then, it's "show me the money." and our team's about the hand over a huge check to this restaurant owner. and our "gma" all-stars week stops with hollywood legend. he is the greatest. clint eastwood is here. stay with us on "gma." t layaway. the one that lets you buy 1000's of items... ...across dozens of departments... ...including apparel, toys, sporting goods and electronics.
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[ mumbling ] ...enny days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. [ female announcer ] they're for building excitement for christmas. 12 days, 18 hours... come on. it's no days! [ female announcer ] the hallmark countdown to christmas ornament. 5 hours and 59 minutes and 41... 40...39... 38...37...36... imagine a day when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day, all night. go to for a $4 coupon. nancy grace, back the us right now. she gave it her all in the ballroom, with her partner,
8:15 am
tristan. and they made it through eight weeks. eight, tough weeks of rehearsals and triumphs on the dance floor. we're looking forward to talking to them in just a moment. but right now, here's a highlight of their time in the ballroom. >> when i'm down, i come out fighting. >> that is for sure. nancy grace attacked the dance floor this season. showing us a different side after the tough-as-nails prosecutor. >> we got a nine. oo >> reporter: for eight weeks, we watched the lady of the law turn into a diva of the dance floor. always cheered on by her beloved twins, lucy and john david, who seems to have an opinion just as strong as mom. >> it's time to go home. >> reporter: week after week, nancy's dancing improved. though her scores didn't always. >> you're safe. >> reporter: her fans continued to save her. not because f of her fox trot and tango, because of her tough
8:16 am
love for partner, tristan macmanus. >> i want you to show me. >> we're so tired of each other. we should get married. >> reporter: tuesday night, after the highs, the lows, nancy's trail finally ended. >> nancy and tristan. >> reporter: and this morning, the verdict is in. >> i rest my case. nancy grace, ballroom dancer. >> did she have a great time. nancy and tristan join us now, live in los angeles. and, nancy, good to have you back with us on the show this morning. and you heard sam say it. so many people are saying it. you look fantastic. what did this experience mean to you? >> thank you. >> how has this impacted your life? >> well, i've got to tell you, i'll never forget it. first of all, i have a friend for life in tristan. we went through a lot together. a lot of long, hard hours practicing.
8:17 am
but my big goal was to set a good example for my twins about believing in something and trying hard and keeping your chin up even when the chips are down. >> they were terrific. what did they say to you last night? >> the first thing they said when i finally got home was, they wanted to get in bed with me. and then, lucy wanted the bottle. >> they are gorgeous. now 4 years old. tristan, this was your first time on the show as a pro. you make it to week eight. you make it look so easy. what was this like for you the first time out? >> it's seemed a bit -- i've had a good laugh. it's been a blast. i was very lucky to get someone as committed and dedicated as nancy was this career. and again, someone who -- >> loving, kind. >> you guys were so comfortable with each other. >> i know, yeah.
8:18 am
we still do. >> hey, nancy, i have to ask you. what were you thinking when len pulled out the cinderella crack the other night? >> oh, you know what? that's just the way len is. i'm not special. he does that to everybody. and you just kind of have to get used to it. and frankly, after being held in contempt in real court, you know, that was a piece of cake. >> i'll get it was. i have to say, the chemistry, once you guys hit the floor, was absolutely amazing. and -- but, to use more legalese, carson kressley was here. and he may be suing you. >> i heard. >> for the cartwheel. did you? just in case no one else did, let's play what carson said yesterday. >> she copied the cartwheel from my jive. so, i will be taking her to court. there we go. that was my move.
8:19 am
>> so -- >> carson kressley, bring it on. i have cheerleading pictures of me doing that long before you learned to do a cartwheel. >> that was one of the biggest things. >> we're going to have a fight. >> nancy grace, cheerleader? >> yeah. >> well, i'm still trying to teach tristan how to do a cartwheel and a hand stand. when i did the handstand, the first time in practice, he dropped me on my head and pulled my pants off when i was upside down. >> oh, tmi. >> it was an accident. >> sure. so, we're down to the final four. handicap it for us a little bit, tristan. what do you see going forward? who is going to take home the mirrorball trophy? >> i don't really know. it's anyone's game at this stage, you know? there's a lot on j.r. now. he's doing a superjob.
8:20 am
but you can't rule ricki out. and rob is pulling out his a-game now. and hope has come out of nowhere. it's anyone's game. >> nancy -- >> who i'm going to miss the most? other than tristan? i would have to say len. totally. >> that's your story. and you're going to stick to it. >> i'm sticking to it. you know i'm going to stick to the story. >> you are. hey, nancy, you are so much fun. and it was great for others to see another side of you, too. thank you. tristan, all the best. great first time out. >> thank you very much. >> you can see the final four couples -- thank you -- on "dancing with the stars," monday, 8:00, 7:00 central. right here on abc. this is it. it's the latest installment in
8:21 am
our wild and popular series, "show me the money," when we find unclaimed money for people. and we hand it over to them. on the spot. we found a staggering amount of money so far. how much? there it is, guys. $394,403. that is how much. and by the way, we're not stopping there. this morning, we're going to make that number go even higher. and we're doing it in a way that we've never done before. we're going to pull off a surprise and really make somebody's day, live. and there he is. that is dave corbin. he has no idea what we're doing there. he's the owner of gabby's in wisconsin. he has no idea what amount he's coming into in a moment. and there's elisabeth leamy, in the "show me the money" mobile. along with state treasurer, curt schuller. but first, elisabeth looks back at some of the checks she's had
8:22 am
the pleasure of delivering this year. >> "show me the money"." >> reporter: you asked. and we answered. >> you found money not only for me but for my kids? >> reporter: yes. we show you how common it is to find money left by relatives. >> 14,876.55. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: and how to search for unredeemed savings bonds. >> hey. how about that, huh? >> reporter: we taught you to search for your church. >> $10,000. >> reporter: and your favorite charity. >> over $59,000. >> reporter: and now, we're hitting the open road to do it again. this is my brand-new "show me the money" mobile. and we're headed to burlington, wisconsin. see you there. this time, it's dave corbit's
8:23 am
turn. he is the owner of gabby's palace. >> good food. >> reporter: the palace is known for his friday fish fry. and dave is known for not saying no. >> it's a wonderful thing to be able to give and to help. and to make the people happy. >> reporter: dave doesn't know the details. but his goodwill is about to boomerang back in a big way. let's go right now to our unclaimed money maestro. elisabeth leamy is in wisconsin with a big surprise. can you hear me, elisabeth? >> reporter: i can hear you, lara. i'm going to head into gabby's palace now. they are chanting. we will. we will show you the money.
8:24 am
there you go. okay. where is dave? where is dave corbit? >> good morning, dave. >> good morning. >> congratulations. >> surprise, surprise. >> reporter: okay. so, we told dave there was a big surprise. and he got all his customers out here. but we didn't tell him the details. so, nobody knows quite what is going on. should we put them out of their misery? >> i think so. >> reporter: but to prolong the fun, we're going to do an old "price is right" trick and reveal what's on this check from this side to this side. here we go. zero. we didn't come here to give you nothing. you're going to get at least 20 cents. $5. $5.50. it's like a bad tip.
8:25 am
$45.20. 345.20. $3,345.20. wait. is that covering up the dollar sign? >> i don't know. let's find out. >> reporter: $13,345.20. >> $13,345.20. >> reporter: okay. there you go. high-five. >> hey. [ cheers and applause ]
8:26 am
>> reporter: oh. we can try to get this one off, too. >> you took the tape. >> reporter: this has got to be really meaningful money for you and your business in these tough times, i am sure. there we go. $13,345.20. [ cheers and applause ] and, kurt, tell me where did this money come from? >> unclaimed property. they lost track of dave. >> me, too. >> reporter: we're so excited for you. and we've got more surprises coming up. lara? >> that is so great. dave, you're so generous with customers. so nice to show you the money. let's see what that does to our new grand total for "show me the money." the money we have found for you, our viewers is at $410,395 and counting. keep it up. now, it's your turn to cash in. if you want ten great tips on finding your own unclaimed
8:27 am
money, all you need to do is go to our website, on yahoo! coming up, we're going to show you clint eastwood. he is here on "gma." now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. we have clear skies downtown. that's a shot of the moon. the moon accompanied by the planet jupiter over the western horizon and since the sun has com it's a beautiful sunny day. air quaffs patchy fog around. but otherwise temperatures pushing 50 in and alleys. also towards ellicott city. a sunny sky this storm system wrapping into western illinois and it's responsible for bringing a band of clouds and
8:28 am
rain. that won't reach us until tomorrow so until then, we have another nice day. clouds increase a little bit this afternoon. now to the roads with tanya. >> reporter: contrast on the cameras. slowing down on the top side of the belt -- slowing down on top side of the beltway and near 795 the outer loop is stop and go around to wilkins. inner loop to wilkins a broken down car. 695 complete fog at the key bridge. you can hardly see. on the other side of the bridge a couple miles away it's sunny again. so be careful out there. inner loop at north point an accident off the shoaled -- on the shoulder here's charley crowson. the route one bridge over conowingo bridge will be shut down tomorrow. crews will resurface and repair damage at the intersection of route 1 and 222 both directions will be closed. crews will start around 6:30 tomorrow morning and hope to finish by 7 tomorrow night. if it rains, the work will take place on monday the 14th.
8:29 am
for more information on how to get around with the detours go to time to go back to new york for more of "good morning america" justin has one more check of the forecast at 8:55. see you then.
8:30 am
go ahead. make my day. >> clint eastwood set an impact. your favorite clint eastwood movie lines. far and away, you all voted. and that one won, ahead of, do you feel lucky? >> do you? >> no one said punk like him, either. >> let clint eastwood do it.
8:31 am
>> sorry. >> robin -- >> i sure did. both of them. i'm sorry. >> "j. edgar" coming up. also, facebook, twitter, skype. why do you want another way to connect? we're about to find out. we give you a first look at the latest innovation from google. how they're pairing up with "gma." also coming up, we're counting down to a thanksgiving with a little pumpkin palooza. i said it. whipping up everything from pumpkin waffles to stacy's bourbon. pumpkin pecan milk shakes. >> we are going to get rid of those pumpkins. >> broadway -- >> broadway form. we get to talk to great people. hear the best of what they do.
8:32 am
like leo dicaprio. and clint eastwood qualifies after 50 years in hollywood. actor, writer, director, even composer. we sat down with him to talk about the movie about the man who sat atop the fbi "j. edgar." did you have strong feelings about hoover before the film? >> not really. i had grown up with hoover being the top cop of the fbi. the image he had out there. but i didn't know that much about him. i first became familiar when hoover was in the '40s. that wasn't the real information age. >> hoover seemed to be a man that was comfortable wielding power. and we show the scene where he confronts bobby kennedy, about his brother, jack. basically, blackmailing him. >> communism is a foreign threat now, not domestic.
8:33 am
>> mr. kennedy, before you were even born, i heard that argument from a mr. mitchell palmer. you know what it took to change his mind? a bomb. now, i do not want that to happen to you or your brother, sir. there's no reason why we both can't get what we want. we can wage a war on two fronts, sir. do you understand? >> you can go, now, mr. hoover. >> boy. they didn't like each other. >> not at all. >> who didn't show him with the kennedys, with the roosevelt, with nixon? he really tried to use the secrets he collected to hold power over presidents. >> he had files on lot of people. and there was great curiosity about these files. in fact, even a after he passed away, the congressional committees were interrogating helen gandy to find out what happened. >> his long-time secretary. >> right.
8:34 am
his long-time secretary. and why she had destroyed the files and nobody ever will know. he was a man of mystery. >> a man obsessed with secrecy. if you look at the film, it's almost a story of interlocking love stories. >> it's absolutely beautiful, mother. >> with his mother. with helen gandy, the secretary of 40 years. with hoover, with clyde tolson's assistant. and he had a few relationships that lasted his whole life. >> he probably didn't trust a lot of people. but those people, he did have a way of instilling loyalty in people. and tolson became his inseparable pal. >> i know you say you're agnostic as whether or not it's a gay relationship between tolson and hoover. but it's so clear they were the most important person in each other's lives. >> well, he might have been. they might have -- he might have been. i'm agnostic about it only in the sense that i don't really know.
8:35 am
and nobody really, really knew. but it was definitely a love story. obviously, you can love a person. and whether it goes into the realm of being gay or not, neither here nor there, as far as i'm concerned. >> it's clear that hoover, in the film, is a man who loves his country. but it's hard to determine whether believing he was good or bad for the country. >> i believe he probably was good for the country. now, whether he became obsolete at some point in his life or wasn't keeping up with changes as fast as they were coming down, we don't know. >> let them know that i have a copy of my own in safekeeping. >> reporter: leo dicaprio was here, talking to robin. and he said one of the things he loved about working with you is if you don't like something, you just say so. >> that's true. >> did you say that a bunch to leo? >> no. he's a terrific -- very diligent actor. and he tried very hard to me as much as he could about hoover
8:36 am
and get a great impression that he could pass on through this interpretation. >> you're with your bureau seven years. and that bureau is now gone, sir. and so are you. >> now that i have you here, i have to ask you, a few weeks back. james baker, former secretary of state, campaign manager for george bush back in 1988. he gave an interview to the george bush library. he said that was 18 points behind. and asked you to be on the ticket for vice president. did you know about that? >> no, i didn't. >> what would you have done if they came to you? >> i would have said i want to be the first part of the ticket. why would i want to play a supporting role? >> only to lead. >> only to lead. >> one final question. i know you supported john mccain last time around. do you have a candidate yet? >> i have to wait and see. a lot of good people want the
8:37 am
job. i don't know why, particularly. but that's just my own opinion. >> you said you wanted it. >> well, yeah. i've changed my mind sense. >> i get it. the movie is fantastic. it is powerful. "j. edgar." >> thank you, george. thanks for having me. >> a terrific guy. and "j. edgar" opens this week. now, let's go to sam and the weather. >> good morning, everybody. we're live at the patch,ed a broadway farms. pumpkinpalooza is coming up. you have to have a canon. we can fire these things straight down broadway. it's probably not safe. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about. we'll start with our twitter pictures. there is a great fog bank. my boss said there's a great fog bank developing around the g.w. bridge. we didn't get a picture of it. oregon, lowell, mass. that's the boston, maine, the
8:38 am
old train that goes through lowell, mass, there. oklahoma city, dallas, san antonio, you're in better shape today. the storms have moved out. but you're dropping by about 15 degrees. it's cooler and drier. milder down in the southwest, where it hasn't been comfortable yet. but we start the warmup around 76 degrees. earlier in the show, we showed you they were setting up a football game on top of -- basketball game. sports. on top of a ship out there. and we think it won't . >> all that weather was brought to you by hallmark. coming up, a brand-new way
8:39 am
to keep in touch with us 24 hours. you don't sleep? we don't
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8:42 am
today is a big day for us here at "good morning america." we'll get to the specifics in just a moment. but we're doing having very cool with google and their knew social media platform, google plus. who is google plus? who better to tell us about it than becky worley, via skype. >> hello, everyone. i know what you're thinking. another social media site. do i have to go to one more site to check in with my friends? well, let me tell you something. this one is from google. when google goes to something, they go big. a while back, you joined myspace. you went to facebook. you went to tumbler, flickr. maybe you also skype with your dpamly.
8:43 am
why would you need another media tool? the folks at google are trying to answer that. >> google plus is a great way to share with the people who matter in your life. >> like other sites, you post pictures, links, random videos. who knew google had a slide at their headquarters? i like that. but what's different is when it comes to the people you want to keep up with, as you join, you categorize them into circles. >> family circles. co-worker circles. college buddy circles. >> reporter: you want to find out what's up with old friends? one click and that's all you'll see. maybe the guys you play hoops with. parents from your kids' class. you can isolate their news, too. when you post something, you're choosing who to share it with. friends and family? sure. maybe there's some things you don't want your work people to see. google plus has a few other cool features. notably, live video hangouts. hi, josh.
8:44 am
>> oh. hi, guys. how is your day out there on the other side of the country? >> reporter: these can be as simple as video chatting with a friend. or maybe a group of friends. >> are we on? >> we're on. >> reporter: so, if you're up for something new, go over and check out google plus. you might find some friends there already. your favorite tech reporter. and maybe even your favorite morning show. now, let me be clear. the beauty of this social network is that you can be very selective about what you share with whom. so, yeah, josh. i've got you in my circle. but we're going to have to hang out more if you want to be in the inner circle. >> wow. look at that. i have to work my way in concentrically. i appreciate that. this is relatively new. but it has 40,000-plus users? >> it's really taken off in the tech community.
8:45 am
it's a way to follow press, any of the shows you like. and people that you want to stay close with and just selectively choose -- it may not replace facebook. but it's definitely got things to offer that are different. >> definitely gotten to the watering hole, if nothing else. you can join me and becky on google-plus at 9:30 a.m. "good morning america's" brand-new page. we'll be answering questions. however personal or maybe we might be avoiding some of those. thank you, becky. >> pleasure. and coming right up, spice up your thanksgiving.
8:46 am
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care.
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because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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welcome back to "good morning america." outside in the patch, broadway farms. >> it sure is. >> and today, we talk all about the pumpkin. there's nothing that says thanksgiving karmel is here to w us how to spice up your recipes. elizabeth, i want to brag about you. hill country chicken. and author of "taming the flame." let's get right into it. >> you heard of chicken and waffles. this is pumpkin waffles with chicken. >> what can i do to help? >> i'm going to let you whip. >> i can whip. >> i have egg yolks. and pumpkin puree. i like to use the canned pumpkin. it's simple and i think it tastes better. and we're going to use whole milk. >> got it. >> okay, fabulous. and that is our wet ingredients. >> easy, breezy. >> okay, now, we're going to
8:49 am
sift the dry ingredients. all-purpose flour. and then, we look at this. a little sugar, a little salt, brown sugar, baking powder and all the warm spices of fall. cinnamon. it smells great. you can put them in there. >> one shot? >> one shot. and then, we'll sift this. and we have it shifted here. >> great. >> we're going to mix the wet and the dry. so, if you want to do that, that would be great. >> i'm sous chef extraordinare. >> and the key to this waffle recipe, i like light, crispy waffles. >> me, too. >> folding the egg whites into the batter. once you fully incorporate the flour, this is what it looks like. and this is so much fun. i love doing this. you don't want to overmix. you want to lightly fold. you want to do it? >> i would love to.
8:50 am
and let me ask you, why is that important? what changes if i overfold? >> if you overfold, you lose the lightness and the crispness. that's going to add air to the batter. >> done. do you want it more folded than that? >> i think. we have a lot to do today. >> let's skip to it. >> we're going to put this in the waffle maker. it looks a little thick. >> it sure does. >> but it's very light and airy, once you're done. >> look. >> isn't that perfect? >> so good. >> we're going to serve this with ancho honey butter and some fried chicken. and some pumpkin sage cheese bread. >> bring it on, sister. >> to me, grits are like a blank canvas. >> the ultimate comfort food. >> they are. i'm a grits girl. >> me, too. >> now, you've had your grits. a little bit of sage. a little bit of pumpkin and cheese in there. >> any tricks to making great
8:51 am
grits? >> one trick. be very -- either a double-boiler or a very low heat because you don't want to scorch them on the bottom. >> okay. >> we've had our meal. now, we're going to eat dessert, right? >> right. >> i have a dessert that you will not believe. this is a bourbon pecan pie milk shake. it's a mashup of the two favorite pies of thanksgiving. >> and i volunteer to taste. >> i have a pint of ice cream. and pumpkin pie. >> right into the blender. >> really? >> a little bit of milk. >> and don't ask me if this is low-fat. you know the answer. >> wow. >> the best part is turn it on. purree it for a little bit. >> it looks so good. >> and presto, you have a milk shake. >> that is so good. >> cheers. >> if you have leftover pie, what better thingn make a milkshake. >> i'm beating two pieces of
8:52 am
pie, as we speak. >> you can also spike it. that's for adults. >> we have samples for everybody. >> so great. all of these recipes are going to be available on our website. >> they are. >> is there anything -- i know we have to move quickly to get through it all. is there anything we need to know about cooking with pumpkin for the holidays? i know sometimes, robin feels you can go overboard with the spice and the pumpkin. >> if you feel it's too much spice, pull a little off. >> have i had a pie yet? >> you've had a quarter of a pie. >> thank you so much. are we feeling thanksgiving? all right. great. for the recipes go to our website, on yahoo! we'll be light back. cheers.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
we had so much fun on our
8:56 am
show today. congratulations to dave. eli is there. he got $13,345.20. and it's so easy to do. to find that money. >> we'll see you tomorrow. tory will be here with big deals and steals only for "gma" viewers. have a great day. take care. >> have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. minutes before 9. we are checking out temperatures boosting up to 5 # in annapolis. fog burning off or disburse on eastern shore. 46 in easton 46 centerville. 39 goldsboro and it's possible there may be pockets of fog that is the reason the temperatures have not fully responded to the sunlight they will get. up to 50 in ellicott city and temperatures climbing through the 40s to near 50 about everywhere else. check out storm out west. we have tropical system off the southeast coast. we are in between and even though we have enhanced some of the moisture off the atlantic, we are still under the influence of high pressure. and while the storm system to the west will be creeping in our direction we may enhance cloud cover later on this afternoon. tonight, it's going to be tomorrow afternoon when we have the impact of the front
8:58 am
bringing us a line of showers. most of the moisture stays offshore from tropical storm sean but may have heavy rain pockets across new england. wonts once the front swings through cold enough for snow in western maryland and western pa. watch the winds moist flow out of southeast and swings to the northwest. that's behind the front gets really strong tomorrow evening. and gusty strong winds from a dry westerly direction on friday. that ushers in colder temperatures. we start stepping back from this late summer type weather hang on at least second spring you may call it. 65 degrees a few more clouds this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies tonight keeps us from falling into the 30s and we should settle at 36. hours in the -- showers in the afternoon and 58 near normal but 10 dee below normal. strong winds up to 30 miles per hour and 49 on friday. and we will hit mid-50s to 60 over the weekend and another warming trend into the mid-60s
8:59 am
early next week.


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