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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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paving jobs. today we got a chance to ask him face to face. did you take advantage of the people? after dodging our questions for months, tommy clacks a no -- >> reporter: no comment from the man charged with acting as a contractor without a license. his customers claim he showed up out of the blue claiming he had extra materials. he bumped up the cost much later. >> when he present the bill, it was astounding. >> reporter: they paid $21,000 for a job that would normally cost $6,000. >> i could never be able to tell you how he got over on us.
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>> reporter: it covered three states. he was banned from business in both north and south carolina and moved his paving operation to maryland last spring. the state's home improvement commission said he's r least 14 victims from the eastern shore to howard county. prosecutors say he backed out at the last minute to the disappointment to those who were hoping to end the ordeal. >> he's smooth, very smooth. >> reporter: clack's cases have been forwarded on for trial. a date last not been set. it's not clear in the cases will be pulled together as one big case. joce sterman, abc2 news. the corruption trial of former prince george's county's executive jack johnson is over.
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on a call, hours before johnson was led away from his home in handcuffs, he and his wife leslie are heard discussing how to hide a check and cash, both of which became evidence. >> what do you want me to do with the money? they are banging. >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> all this cash, jack. >> put it in your panties, leslie. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. stuff it in your panties. >> leslie johnson has pled guilty to her role. jack johnson with witness and evidence tampering, 20-year sentence for each charge. they are both expected to be sentenced next hadn't. he has been silent. jerry sandusky, previously known
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for his position as a assistant coach at penn state breaks his silence. >> the result was probably not what he was hoping for. sandusky is hoping people won't judge him until he gets his day in court. he told nbc he's not child molesttor. he just likes to horse around. >> i'm innocent. >> reporter: he told bob costas he did not sexually abuse boys but showered with them. >> am i sexually attracted to young boys? sexually atrcted? i love young boys, love to be around them but no i am not
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sexually atrcted. >> reporter: did you hear the hesitation? >> i watched the interview and i thought oh, that's how it hurts him. he pauses on answers on whether he's sexually attracted to young boys. >> reporter: sandusky said he hugged boys and touched his legs but denies the accusations made by mike mcqueary who said he saw sandusky rape a young boy in the shower room. now mcqueary says he did more than people know. he wrote to friends in an email. he said, quote, i did the right thing. i didn't just turn and run. i made sure this stopped. since the public first learned about the jerry sandusky case, several new people have come forward and sources say multiple new leads. that's what we're getting right now. some new video for the first
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time in months members of occupy wall street new york rallied for something else other than reform. they shouted at demonstrators demanding to be allowed back in the park. late last night new york city mayor michael bloomberg gave the order for the police department to relost protesters along with their tents and sleeping bags. sanitation crews moved in and started hosing down the area and throwing away anything left behind. >> new york city is the place you can come and, press yourself. we are open and welcoming. what happened in zuccotti park was not that. >> while some of the protesters were arrested, some came back with the court order. late today a judge ruled against the protesters saying the city had the right to move the tents and sleeping bags out of that
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park. showers have come in on maryland's most powerful radar. we're tracking some rain, bel air, harford county, just a little bit of light rain. to the north and west much more steady rain just into garrett county. temperatures running low in the mid-60s. variably cloudy and mild. much more on when the heavier rain should arrive. it's coming up. baltimore county police department is cracking down on crime and today they were recognized for all their hard work. the efforts were rewarded for the state sponsored violence position. in 2010 and 2011 police arrested 150 people through the practice. the department said 60 have you those arrests were high ranking gang members. new developments in the
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mountain road had a lot of people upset, the proposal to put in hundreds new homes had many people wondering how the roads will handle all of this. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> reporter: anne arundel county is proposing a zoning change at long hill and mountain road. folks who live along long hill don't like it. this would tear out 2600 acres for the housing development and another large parcel for the commercial development across the road. residents said they felt blind-sided by the proposed change because the county didn't notify the residents. to drop in more than 300 homes or apartments on a narrow overused road is too much. >> i think the residents, from speaking to a lot of my neighbors, would like to keep the zoning unchanged. we would support keeping one
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house per acre. this road, as you drive on to it, is wooded on both sides and has a real country feel to it as you ride through. i think putting a high dense thy housing and tearing down all those woods will give this treasured road a whole different people and it's going to greatly impact it. >> reporter: county spokeswoman tracy reynolds said it's supported by the county. residents say they are trying to get their council to amend the zoning plan but he has to get it done by the 21st. we'll have more at 6. roosevelt leftwich. the trial for bob ehrlich's consultant has been postponed. jewel yules henson charged with orchestrating calls will be back
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in court february 6th. the calls were made to mostly african-american neighborhoods where voters were encouraged to stay home, implying that governor martin o'malley already had enough votes to win. henson said he didn't believe the calls were illegal. the baltimore orioles announced their new logo today, which looks a lot like the one from the '80s. they will go back to the cartoon bird head and change up the uniforms. black caps with the white front panel when they're home. hopefully it will bring them a winning season. what would you do if your college student athlete had their college scholarship taken away. that's something some may face. we'll tell you what sports would be affected. last night you first her first exclusive interview with diane sawyer. we'll tell you what gabrielle
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giffords is saying today. id down to the final four couples but last night one of the dancers rubbed one of the judges the wrong way. we'll tell you what was said.
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the national highway traffic safety administration is looking at the okay automatic -- automatic shift. it comes after complaints with the saturn. the protective jacket around the cables apparently can deteriorate expotion those cables. the cables can corrode and the shift lever may not match the car's geermt that means the driver could put the car in park
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but it could be in drive or reverse. the agency is checking to see if other gm cars are affected. if you shop at michael's arts and crafts stores, this are recalling glass vase. it was sold at michaels from january 2008 to october of this year. for more information give them a call at 1-800-642-4235. just when you thought black friday couldn't come any time sooner, now toys 'r us are opening up at 9:00 thursday evening. the toy store put out the black friday circular and walmart said it will hope at 10:00 on thanksgiving night. not everybody is happy about stores opening before black friday. several petitions against
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shopping on thanksgiving day has been started with one tracking 80,000 supporters. facebook has a page called boycott shopping on thanksgiving. in order to open they need the workers. one target worker said he will miss thanksgiving completely because he will be sleeping during the day to get ready for his 11:00 shift. some showers out there this afternoon, making that evening commute tougher than it already is on a tuesday night. take a look, tracking a narrow band of showers from rockville to baltimore really along the i-95 corridor. more significant rains to the west now, north of cumberland. it will take awhile to see that rain make it into the baltimore area. you see old gloar -- glory.
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63. take a look at bel air, cloudy conditions throughout the day. then we had late day showers and give you a couple more camera views. this is that look we get in late november that cloudy look some days, not particularly chilly. it gets dark so early now that we're on standard time. sunset coming at 4:55. you see the showers. i want to show you temperatures. it depends on where you are. 40s to the west, 60s to the east. and on the whole it was much warmer than average as we made it into the 60s, near 70. want to show you the rain showers pushing in from the west, narrow band of heavier downpours in west virginia like
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wheeling, back through harrisburg, pennsylvania. it will be a slow move are, and could bring showers. the main storm starting to develop towards texas and arkansas. this will be the rain maker that delivers significant rain by tomorrow afternoon. you see cooler hair also building in behind that front. now, i want to show you the timing. you can see rain begins to come in by the morning rush. even into the afternoon, by 6:00 the main storm should be arriving. should be downpours, maybe a thunder shower. it all clears out rapidly. thursday a partly cloudy day but much breezier and colder. so quite the change from the last couple of days from up around 70 degrees president tonight 52, cloudy, cool. your wednesday forecast 58. rain likely, could be heavy and tomorrow night down to 45 as rain continues.
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should begin it diminish overnight. temperatures will drop as we take a look at the seven-day forecast. it will be way different, thursday and friday much cooler conditions. the weekend show as pretty nice forecast. in the 50s with a lot of sunshine. sunday, mild, 62. so things do improve but november will show itself, will show itself thursday and friday. >> hopefully it won't look like it did today. >> you'll feel it. >> all right. thank last lot. shifting gears now. congresswoman gabrielle giffords spoke out for the first time in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer. today she shared a emergency with her constituents. giffords who has gone through 10 months of surgery rand row be a -- and rehab after being shot at close range in the head express lad desire to return to work
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once she's able. today she made it official, posting a message for her consistents in arizona -- constituents in arizona. >> i want to get back to work. representing arizona is my honor. >> in addition to the message, they have penned a book titled "gab it's week eight of "dancing with the stars" and down to the final four couples. last night the dancing pairs took to the floor. hope solo's partner ruffled the judges's comments. >> the ins and outs of it is what's important and you can smile like that, that's fine.
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the truth is. >> max is smiling. we should be smiling. so thank you. this is my partner. finally, we're happy. >> we'll see if max's smiling will cost him that trophy. to find out, keep it here for the results show at 9:00. first we have new episodes of last man standing and body of proof at 10. we will be blogging live during the results show. you can join in on the conversation by going to it's a problem more pregnant women are facing. we'll tell you why learning about gestational diabetes could keep you and your baby healthy. we'll tell you who doctors
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claim are suffering from hearing loss, and it's not who you think. @
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we told you about world diabetes day but there's one section of people who often and up battling the condition who you don't normally hear about -- pregnant women. 7% to 14% develop gestational diabetes. in most cases it goes away after the baby is born, but women still need to be aware of it. >> to know i'm at higher risk and to be aware of that and make the right choices in food, exercise and diet to try and
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prevent it. >> diabetes experts say pregnant women who develop gestational diabetes are at a greater risk for preeclampsia and their children have a higher chance of developing diabetes later in life. all mothers are screened but factors like family history, age and even race can play a role in addition to weight. good news tonight about good cholesterol. there is a kind of cholesterol that is actually good for you. it's called high density or hdl for short. hdl gets rid of the bad cholesterol or ldl. a study says there's a medication that does both. researchers found the drug reduces bad close by 36% -- chose by 36% but boosted good cholesterol by 130%.
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if you think hearing loss comes with getting older, think again. a study found that one in five over the age of 12 have trouble hearing in one or both ears. owed phones or ear bused, along with aging and genetics contribute to hearing loss. if you want to preserve your hearing turn the volume down. if someone can hear the music through the head phones, it's too loud. we are making sure that you are socially smart. ahead, helping you clean out your apps, so your information is safe. plus, police officers come to the rescue of people every day, but one officer is being hailed as a hero for how he saved a deer.
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student athletes at college park appeal to the university president to spare their sport from the budget act. baby lisa irwin has been missing since october. a miss strip phone call on the night of her disappearance may be a clue. scammers easily hack into your wi-fi at the airport. we have tips to help you from falling victim. swimmers at the university of maryland college park abandon the pool to keep their sport afloa. the commission recommended eight sports to balance the budget but the athletes are fighting for their program. >> reporter: in a display of team unit, the same squad of maryland swirls who compete together are teaming together to save their sport with a


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