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tv   News  ABC  November 16, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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rains this afternoon. how about the traffic? we have a report of a car fire at the belt way. and we have some debris on the road at philadelphia road so keep that in mind. taking a live look at our traffic cameras. 95 and 175, steady flow of traffic in both directions. volume is building. 83 moving well. the traffic coming towards the camera is the southbound traffic. volume is building. but it's moving. so we're doing okay with our drive time. they're still normal right now, if you're traveling from 83. the beltway just five minutes, outer loop about seven minutes. the washington d.c. police and secret service are on the manhunt looking for a man that may have shot at the white house. >> reporter: we learned this man is fixate with the white house. he has an extensive criminal record with domestic and violence and drug charges. they believe he has been
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visiting the washington mall for weeks now. his name is oscar hernandez. he'ses from idaho and mentally ill. the police say she is responsible for shooting at the -- forsake he is responsible for shooting at the white house. inside the his car they found an assault rifle and empty shell casings. within round hit an exterior a window at the white house and it was stopped by the bull let proof glass. before the shooting, police arrested harn did he see at and abandoned house. >> this is a man that discharged a rifle in downtown washington d.c. i think that speaks volume. and we'll need to speak with him to find out what he was thinking. >> reporter: it's unclear whether or not the suspect is capablable of launching a sophisticated attack. but the police are not taking any chances.
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the penn state assistant coach that said that he saw jerry sandusky assault a ten- year-old is now changing his story he said that he stopped the assault and went to the police about it and but in a grand jury report he said that he saw the assault and walked out of the locker room. on turk he spoke to cbs news. >> reporter: do you have any idea when you might be ready to talk? >> this process has to play out. i don't have anything else to say. >> reporter: describe your emotions right now. >> all over the place. i'm shaken. >> reporter: crazy? >> crazy. >> in an e-mail date last tuesday. he said i did the right thing. you guys know me. end quote. jerry sandusky is accused of assaulting eight boys but now ten more claiming to be
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victims. tyler's mom said that he put him to bed last night and woke up to find his bed empty. police in california are stepping up patrol over a dangerous mudslide yesterday. the area has been closed to the public since september while the crews relocate sewer and and utility lines no homes are currently threatened. an unusual rescue near atlanta a too reportedly tried to break into a home and was pulled from the chimney. firefighters say that the 16- year-old had been trapped in the chimney for nearly 12 hours. the homeowner return to the house unaware what have was going on. one ohio woman is breathing a sigh of relief after a
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bizarre home invasion. her 11-year-old son came home to find a complete strange era sleep on the couch. she called 911 and screamed for the neighbor's help. >> candle was lit on the coffee table. the tv was on and very loud. the candle on the kitchen table was lit. i see the wreath hanging on the back door to the garage. >> thief was polite when the 11- year-old found him. he apologized in scaring him and said that he would grab his things and leave. winds close to 95 miles an hour packing quite a punch for residents in one indiana town. they began surveying the damage from a tornado. we now know the results from "dancing with the stars." so who was head home last
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night? >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, facebook, some users have been seeing violent in a news feed not from their friends. facebook were tricked into pasting malicious gentleman have script into the browers. but facebook does not yet know who the culprit is. we looked at a couple of the newest models like the kindle touch and nook simple touch. their touch screen devices that use eink technology. >> nook has a curved back and i found it easier to hold in my hand. it has a longer battery life and now it now has an update that gives it faster page turns than the kindle touch. >> both e e-readers start at $99. those are your tech bytes.
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i'm rob nelson.
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people in indiana are cleaning up after a tornado ripped through one town square. the storm had a two mile path and they determined that it was a tornado that rolled through. >> we're very fortunate. all this stuff can be replaced. >> here's the kicker. officials said that the tornado was a 61st to hit an exterior the area this week. is a record for 2011. this was was a big storm and big band from texas all the way up. this is violent. yes, that is the energy feeding into the same system.
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we had our record tornado season with 20 counted in the state of maryland this year. check it out. we got light rain turning to baltimore. if you're going out for the early walk of the dog, you may get a little wet, and ellicott city getting a little damp. a little break in anne arundel county and south of annapolis where we got moderate rain and pee gee county and easton, moderate rainfall right now and more where that came from. we'll be watching the radar that extend all the way back into the deep south. there's indiana. still heavy storm as along the ohio river and we'll watch the rain mixed with fog this morning. most of us get just mist. but it's damp enough that we need the wiper blades. cooler temperatures this afternoon. we have police activity north carollton and west lafayette. so try avoid that intersection if you can. doing okay so far on the beltway. taking a look at the southwest
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side. this is frederick road. starting to get most of our volume on the outer loop. that is the traffic moving way from the camera. still have the misty weather out there. and 95 coming out of white marsh. west steady flow southbound starting to get the volume there with the oncoming traffic to the left of your screen. you want to follow any of our accidents, follow us on twitter. the three celebrities still standing and locking ahead to the finale of "dancing with the stars." >> hope and max. >> hope and her partner danced for nine weeks of the competition. but when she learned she would not be returning, she still planned to go for the gold using that tall and the made her a star in the first place. >> i'm going to go back and instead of trying to win a
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mirror ball trophy, i hope that i can get a gold medal. so next week, ricky lake and martinez and rob kardashian will compete for the mirror balanced trophy. an actor that played a munch kin in the wizard of oz classic is dead. he was a soldier in the film too. only three remaining actors are still alive. looking for a delicious hot meal for the winter at a good price. the restaurant league is back in the city. but big changes could work out great for your wallet. retail workers are speaking out about working on
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thanksgiving day. i'm sherrie johnson. more on black friday hours coming up.
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the secret service said it
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has not confirmed with the discovery a round of ammunition outside the house is connected to shots being fired. witnessed said they saw two speeding vehicles in that area last week and an ak-47 was recovered. the bullet that hit an exterior the white house was stopped by bulletproof glass. a penn state coach is changing his story he said in an e-mail that he saw jerry sandusky assaulting a boy in the shower and stopped it and went to the police. but at the grand jury he walk add wayne told his father and former coach joe paterno but did not tell the police about the incident. >> we are the 99%. >> several protestors affiliate with the occupy baltimore were disrupting a speech by karl rove on johns hopkins university. some were forcibly removed by
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campus security. and no arrests made. protestors in baltimore are still sleep in the square. employees are taking to social media to protest work thanksgiving. >> reporter: a target work near omaha is opposing his company's plan to open at 9:00 on black friday. more than a hundred thousand people have signed the petition asking the company to open at 5:00 a.m. on black friday and others are asking to keep black friday on friday. macy's, best buy and coles also plan to open at midnight. wal-mart will open 10:00 p.m. thanksgiving. target said that a thanksgiving opening robs them of their families. >> i think it's a little unreasonable for them to expect
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their employees to come into the store at 11:00 p.m. and operate under the assumption they'll be able to have a thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: target responded by black friday is one of the busiest and most competitive shopping days of the year. we heard from them they want to shop at target following their thanksgiving celebrations rather than just having the option of getting up in the middle of the night. take a look at this subject. one employee said tell target to save thanksgiving. he puts in here why it's important. he said it robs us time with our family. and there's about 97,000 people so far that have signed this petition. and you have a space here where people have been going to load their name and sign on. so some people are heated about this topic here. reporting live, sherrie johnson, "abc 2 news."
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so turn the heat up a bit. this is the hot topic today. what do you think about the black friday beginning on thursday? do you think that petition will pay off? go to our facebook fan page and joint conversation. we all want to know what you have to say. consumer news, the ntsb is looking into problems with automatic shift on several gm cars. the issues have caused seven crashes. the investigation comes after complaints about the saturn mid- size court, 2007/2008. if you shop at michael's arts and crafts, you may want to look at this they're recalling 28,000 ashland glass vases. they will shatter when picked up. four people have been hurt. the vase was sold at michael's
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through october of this year. a new study finds if the u.s. recycles from 33% to 75% in total number of participants by 2030, it will create more than a million and a half jobs. the report said that the recycles involves more work than simple trash disposeal. tonight you can get a glimpse of is going on in downtown baltimore for the holidays. the campaign is called it's a waterfront life. it plays on the popular movie, it's a wonderful life. mayor blake will be at the aquarium to talk about the festivities. the actual light show kicks off to the public saturday night and check out the latest and what is going on. head to our events website on it's a waterfront life for a look at what you can expect for
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the coming holidays. governor o'malley's trade mission to india later this month is called the large nest maryland's history. the six day trip starts november 28th. more than a hundred business leaders, and educational officials will join governor o'malley that will be visiting officials in hopes of forming partnerships. if you're looking to beat the winter blues, get ready for a strand week coming. you'll have to wait till january. baltimore city restaurant week will be a little more affordable t kicks off january 20th and goes through the 29th. a three course dinner will cost less, unlike the $35 price tag from last year. the price depends on the restaurant. and all the participating restaurants and parking
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information will be posts on and on a lit later. we say happy birthday charlie once again. we break protocol and start with the sunrise picture. this is your gift. this is from adam that is gorgeous. that was the sunrise two days ago on the north portion of the chesapeake bay. we're going to the ball pits for charlie. we have 56 degrees in baltimore. it's a mild start. you step outside, it's feeling like spring outside. and we're generally looking at temperatures that are closer to our normal high of this time of the morning. we'll be a little warmer than we had expected. that is partly because this boundaries that slowed down so much it has almost stalled. it will come, it's just a little delayed. this is crossing over easton
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with moderate chip out there. and we've got dampness in cecil county and back to our friends in bel air and westminster. it's damp and we got mixed in fog and rain out to the northwest this produced rain in indiana yesterday. this is pumping along the frontal boundary. so expect this rain to get a little steadier and heavier. we'll have bursts this morning. i believe i have a heavier burst this afternoon through this evening so it can be a little slow. we'll look for lingering showers on the eastern shore. and we clear out friday and saturday. temperatures 63. a midday high and rain heavy at times cool us down in the afternoon to about 45 overnight. tomorrow's high temperature, there is our taste and time warp worm hole for john. we have 49 tomorrow and drier on friday at 49. we'll warm to 53 saturday and
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62 on sunday and good looking sunday. we have an accident reported on philadelphia road at east. and an intersection at north carollton because of police activity. take a look out there. 29 at 10 #. no issues twinkle -- 108. no issues between there at ellicott city. 95 southbound out the white marsh to the beltway, six minutes. outer loop 795 and 70, will take about you seven minutes. they've been where few men and women have ever gone before and today they'll receive a special honor at our nation's capitol. what astronauts that went to the moon will be receiving. if you're looking for great deals, go to filey's basement.
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deep discounts being offered today. you're watching "good morning maryland" on this wednesday, november 16th.
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five things that you need to know on this wednesday. president obama held a joint news conference in australia today and said it's important for china to accept the responsibilities that come with being a world power. but the u.s. does not want to exclude china from american alliances in the asian pacific region. the astronauts that went to the moon will be honored. they will receive the congressional gold medal award today. and the house is likely to get overwhelming support today that help government contractors and unemployed veterans. the senate approved the measure last week. in time for the holiday season, filey cease having their going out of business sale today. hundreds of items and accessories will be marked up to 30% off. they will be closing their
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doors. in baltimore, mayor blake will join agency leaders to make announcement on the city's plan for winter weather. a community is now coming together for atown-year-old and new reaction from the child's grief stricken mother. one taco bell refused to accept this one customer did not use a car to ram her way through the front that have business. we'll take a look. this was not the scene at occupy wall street. hundreds turning out saying they want one state governor gone. who is it? we'll return for the 6:00 hour. sister? we missed you. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. [ inhales deeply ] he's here. i brought you something. [ chuckles ] really? ♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing?
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you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
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a manhunt underway after a bullet hits the white house. who th


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