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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 16, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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responsible. we are the 99%. >> new video and reaction overnight after the occupy baltimore interrupted a former white house official at johns hopkins university. so we're eight days away from thanksgiving and there's a new program that has been launched. i'll tell you about the program coming up and we'll talk to the structuretor. -- the instructor. let's get a quick check of that forecast. it was a rainy tuesday night. it looks like a purple haze in the monitors. we have towson elementary school. you see the reflection off in the parking lot there. we have rain overnight and it has not rained in towson for a few hours but the roads are still damp and we have a little mist and fog. we're looking at 55 at the
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technical academy we picked up two/10ths of an. of rain. a lot of people that get up early to run have been saying how wonderful the weather has been this week. we have been blessed and graced with the temperatures that should be afternoon numbers. reality will come back in. we have rain pushes ahead of our boundary. moderate ran to the south now. this is west of washington d.c. a little fog and mist this morning. a midday high of 63. rain heavy at time this afternoon and this evening. we have a vehicle fire reported at philadelphia road and may flower. taking a live look at our traffic cameras on the northwest side. the beltway is still moving well. this is south of 795 through pikesville. you're doing okay so far. and the key bridge we're light making your way southbound over the bridge. no issues to report at the toll
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plaza. our drive time are still doing okay. outer loop top side between bel air and prove dense about six minutes and it will take you seven minutes on the northwest side. shots are fired and hit an exterior a window at the white house. and the police are now trying to hunt down a man they say did it. linda so is with us now with more on what the police are doing and why they're so concerned. >> reporter: we're getting new information this morning. the police are fearful what have this man may try to do. he has an extensive criminal record with domestic violence and drug charges. they believe he's been visiting the washington mall for weeks and that he's fixated with the white house. take a good look at his picture. his name is oscar ortega hernandez. the secret service said that he fired shots last friday. after the incident, police found his car and inside was an assault style rifle and empty
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shell casings. they found bullets on the white house grounds, including a one that hit an exterior a window. the round was stopped by bulletproof glass. it's unclear if the bullets are connected to friday's incident. >> this is a man that discharged a rifle in downtown washington d.c. thing that speaks volume. we'll need to speak with him to find out what he was thinking. >> reporter: at this point it's unclear if the suspect capable of launching a sophisticated attack. but the police are not taking any chances. linda so, "abc 2 news." occupy baltimore caused a ruckus at a speech given by karl rove. we have reaction that we want to show this morning. so let's turn things over to sherrie johnson. >> reporter: new this morning, we learned that mayors of mid- size and large cities held two conference calls last week. the mayors discussed removing protestors from the camps because of illegal activity and
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safety. it's unclear if mayor blake was on the mayors' conference call. but last night several protestors with occupy baltimore disrupted a talk by karl rove at johns hopkins university. take a look at this video. >> we were the 99%. we are the 99%. we are the 99%. >> reporter: university spokeswoman said that about 15 people were asked to leave the rove speech last night. some were forcibly removed by the campus security. there were no students among protestors. and we head downtown the occupy camp this morning to talk to the protestors about yesterday's events. >> you can expect to hear truth from us always. if somebody is blending a false word to the city and false promises in their own interest to the interest of the people as a whole, then we're going to
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see that and we're going to scope that and make that known and shine light on it. >> reporter: rove was and adviser to president george w. bush. he spoke last night at part of johns hopkins university's symposium. still occupy wall street protestors are heading back to their positions after being kicked out. they're only allowed to bring a small bag no tents or camping gear. this is not your house a judge ruled the right free speech does not extend to campping out in a site for -- camping out in a site for months. >> protestors have had two months to occupy the park with tents and sleeping bags and now they have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments. >> some protestors said it will broad then to broad then their protests. this video a tire store. he said that he would retire
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the man that burned down his business after he serves his time. he flicked a lighter at a paint brush near gasoline because he was angry because a coworker used his paint brush. a new zoning change will allow a new apartment building. but to drop more than 300 home on a narrow overused road is too much. they say that the intersection of mountain road and long hill is bad at best and awful at rush hour. >> it will not support t this neighborhood cannot support t and you put 300 apartments in here, where are kids going play? out in the middle of the street? there's no room.
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it's all commercial. there's -- they have no business putting it here. it's all about the money. it's not about community or smart growth. it's about money. >> people said they're trying to get their councilmen to amendment the zoning plan but it will not be done by the 21. peta is at it again. they are known to stir up controversy with ads. but the latest one is take aim at your kids about what they'll be eating on thanksgiving what you're seeing is a dog's face pasted on a turkey's body and the ad reads, if you would not eat your dog, why would you eat turning i didn't? it's placed near a public school in oklahoma. they plan to install several others in several other cities. they hope to encourage kids to choose vegan meals. yoga as a daily ritual can be beneficial, especially for
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breast cancer patients. we're live at the cancer institute at st. joseph's. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here and on the ground floor cafe. and we are having a yoga session right now. check this out. they recently just launched a yoga pilot program. i'm going to in the instructor right now. we have ann israel. and what is going on with the program? >> we started this program about six weeks ago. it's the first yoga for breast cancer survivors class. these ladies are all patients to st. joseph's, but the class is open to anybody in the community. >> reporter: what makes this yoga class different from regular yoga? >> breast cancer survivors have different issues. they feel that they need to protect -- it causes shoulder
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issues and pain and some movement in the littlements and we work -- ligaments and we work on trying to increase the range of motion on that side and decreasing other symptoms of treatment. >> reporter: and what are some of the benefits with this yoga. >> there's new research that has come out and it's been found that breast cancer survivors actually have less fatigue that they sleep better that they respond better to their treatment if they do yoga. >> reporter: what if some of the patients are a little weaker? how do you handle that? >> we have a lady that uses a chair and blankets and props to help them bring the floor a little higher. >> reporter: tell me about some of the moves and you can show me right now. >> we're going to take the legs wide apart. and put your arms out and reach
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your arms out. >> reporter: so you're taking a look at this here as the patients are doing some of the movements here. i don't know if you've ever taken a yoga class but it's challenging. i've done it myself. and i don't know if could i do what these ladies are doing. a very good thing is going on at the cancer institute. and i'm going send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the assistant coach that said that he saw jerry sandusky in the act in the shower with a boy is now changing his story what the coach is now saying about the incident almost ten years ago. powerful winds sweep through one town. and when it's time for a new passport, expect them to be a little different. those stories straight ahead. let's get to new york for the
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latest in business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, where the jobs are. economists said that north dakota and alaska are already back to preresession levels. texas, louisiana and parts of the northeast willing the next to recover. nearly every state should be back for 2017. but there's no prediction for nevada, michigan or rhode island. and the postal service is getting a special delivery of bad news. it lost $5 billion in the past year and they expect to lose 14 billion in the next 12 months. at the los angeles auto show, ford will show of its greatly revised escape. the small suv was designed in europe and more elegant and tapered. and canadian shopper cans pay with plastic even when they're paying with cash. it's thin, shiny and
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recyclable. that is america's money.
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big easy. storms over south louisiana this morning. lightning strikes. this is a live shot courtesy of wwl in new orleans. justin will have a look that the in a bit. a chain-reaction crash on a southern michigan highway. vehicles were slowing down because of a heavy fog and smoke from nearby. the driver of a van hit an exterior the brakes causing others behind them to run into each other. 17 vehicles, including a fuel tanker all involved. two people were taken to nearby hospitals for minor injuries. and those living in south
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indiana are cleaning up after a tornado ripped through that area. roots wrapped around cars and shredded into pieces in front yards and trees were completely uprooted. >> it sounded like there was a helicopter or a plane and it just hit an exterior all at once and the -- hit an exterior all at once. hit they say their safe enstuff can be replaced. and now back to the weather. we showed you this. this is a live shot bumping in with new orleans. happy birthday, charlie. we won't give your age away. but you're holding up very well. >> early 50s is good to go. >> the number is not on the
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screen. but maybe it is. 55 in easton, 55 in baltimore, 54 in york and hagerstown. this is a sign of moisture air coming out of the southeast. we have some light rain returning up 95 in howard county. it is damp in downtown baltimore. and we got wet weather pushing its way through 50 and annapolis and the bay bridge and kent island and another batch about to return. michaels is getting it. and this is south of shady side and on through south maryland and wool . this is building to -- wool . this is waldorf. this is the line of rain that charlie was talking about. pulling in a lot of moisture here. essentially what we have is the
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boundary, a frontal boundary that is somewhat stalled and a wave of low pressure that will pull itself up in our direction. you see the yellow and orange shadings here that is an indication where we have ourselves moderate to heavy rain. and they will be picking up as we head into this afternoon and this evening. something is getting a little messed up here with our computer. our future forecast indicating that we got this band of moderate rain this morning. so it will build in in the morning commute. after the commute, some of heavier rain rolls in at lunchtime. keep the umbrella handy and keeps your patients because the travel could be a little slow. you know how it is traveling the beltway on a good day. it could be wet on the way home. this is a 6:00 p.m. shot. we could have showers lasting through the today, tomorrow as well. we really begin to cool down. the front had stalled.
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but once the rain builds in, we'll take it into the 50s. tomorrow's high temperature will be in the upper 40s and we're looking at upper 40s with drier weather on friday as well. temperatures mid-50s to low 60s as we warm up and stay dry through the weekend. 6:18. back to you. back to this live shot. this is down in new orleans. you see the flashes of lightning and severe weather in the area. news outlet are reporting that windows were blown from the high school and the nearby community of -- indiana. high winds and severe weather that is moving through. and that is some of the damage across the south part of the big easy and now a check of the traffic what we can expect with our commute. we're starting to get some congestion 95 southbound
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heading out of white marsh toward the beltway. it's slowing down a little bit. taking a live look at our traffic cameras. the picture stopped. to the right of your screen is the southbound traffic. that has more of the volume there. on the beltway at baltimore national pike, outer loop a little heavier. you can still see what i call the shiny roads and the sheen on the road. they are still a little damp. expect congestion between liberty road and edmonton. probably 95 out of white marsh will probably change first. top side of the beltway between bel air and providence will be about six minutes as well. have you dreamed of flying into space, now could be your chance. nasa is hiring its next class for the astronaut program. you'll need to meet some qualifications. they're accepting applications
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through january 27th. consumer news, if you're traveling out of the country this holiday season, don't forget your passport. and if you need a new one, it will look a little different. it contains more than stamps from your overseas trips. imbedded in the back cover is a small circuit. >> all passports issued since 2007 are called the electronic pass part. this contains an electronic chip. >> a digital image of your passport photo identifies your identity. older passports can still be used if they have not expired. adult passports are valid for ten years and for those under 16 years old, it's five years. by 2017, every passport will be transferred over to electronic. we're working for you this morning with tips that can help you save money on hotel. so how do you get the best deals when shopping on line. one expert starts on hot wire
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and then to price line and starts his bidding 30% that baseline. it's the best way to get discounts is also with patience. >> i get my best deal on price line and hot wire when i'm looking less than 20 days out. the closer you get to your arrival date, the better a deal you're going to be offered if they've got vacancies. >> clark howard said while bidding can sometime be a hassle, the extra work also equates to big savings. annual tradition. final preparations underway for the 87th macy's thanksgiving parade. there's a 35-foot elf and zhu zhu pets float. the nhl float will feature children on ice on a frozen pond. and another float highlights the statue of liberty's hand holding her torch.
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>> it's amazing to see them come to life. they become a drawing on a piece of paper. and then they hit an exterior the studios and build them and brining them to life. >> it will also include julius the monkey. there's a political throw down. these are the stills. the video is coming up when "good morning maryland" returns. and the deadly floodwaters that arrived in july are finally beginning to recede in thailand. another live look at new orleans. one high school already damaged from the high winds and a house there blown ten feet off its foundation.
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. new information and video coming out from a bus accident in western china the death toll is 17 preschoolers and two
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adults. state media reports that the school mini bus had only nine seats and cramped with 64 people. we're getting the images in from the scene. they blame overloading for the accident and that is when the bus collided head on with a truck loaded with coal. 45 others went to the hospital. 136 whom were seriously injured. take a look at this. you may have seen heated debates like this, but nothing like this in the u.s. two political rivals got into an altercation on the set. they flew a glass of water. the lines were crossed as one of the debaters picked up a chair and threw it. after months of downpours, floodwaters in thailand's capital are finally starting to recede. all the city's main streets will be dry within two weeks. the flooding began in late july and killed more than 500
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people. u.s. secretary of state cling stone traveling to thailand today to express solidarity in the ongoing recovering efforts. you don't see this very often. it's a recall in wisconsin. why they say they want their governor out. more on black friday hours coming up. confidence, with depend in color. now available in gray. looks and fits like underwear. same great protection. depend. good morning. great day.
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