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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  November 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> what a big show it will be. . another school another alleged child sex abuse skas. i am linda so -- case. i am linda so. what two form he ball boys from syracuse university say happened to them. occupy wall street protesters are occupying the highways. why protesters are headed to the nation's capital. >> friday, november 18th. i am charley crowson. the weekend is in sight. hope your day is off to a great start. how is the weather going to be? let's get the answer from justin berk. >> we will check out the highlights and we have got a look at chilly temperatures this morning and down to 34 in baltimore. we were in the 50s this time
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yesterday. that's before the front pushed through fully and at least we are dry this morning. back with the 20s to the northwest and in fact, we are checking out the satellite radar composit. there's flurries across central pam and a couple clouds and a flake that could pass on the north side. that is about it. we are deep into the cool environment. temperatures 30 to 35, a flurry to the north. highs around 46 but mostly sunny gusty winds through the day. 4:31 let's see what's happening on the roads and say good morning to tanya. >> reporter: starting out pretty well on the city roads. no accidents to report. baltimore county an zen in the cleanup -- accident in the cleanup stages. looking live at the traffic cameras, this is 695 near 795 outer loop moving well, inner loop has sign work on the right shoulder. looking at fort mchenry tunnel, we are doing fine. this is southbound traffic out of the tunnel. no incidents to report. don't foregoat follow us at maryland traffic and we spell out maryland for the latest
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accidents and latest. back to you. in the wake of penn state scandal an associate head basketball coach on syracuse an tis has been placed on administrative leave following allegation he molested two former ball boys. linda so has the latest on the newly developing investigation. >> reporter: it's in the early stages. ate siftant coach bernie fine has been placed on administrative leave and police are investigating the allegations. two former ball boys say fine molested them when they were young boys. one of the alleged victims who is now 39 says it started in 1984 when he was about to start 7th grade and continued until he was 27. on thursday, bobby davis told espn it took place at fine's home, at the university's basketball facility and road trip including the 1987 final four. the second victim mike lang who is 45 years old and is dave's
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stepbrother says davis stepbrother says he started molesting him when he was in the 6th grade. syracuse university conducted its own investigation into the allegation in 2005 but the school could not find witnesses to back up the allegations. we want to warn you you might find the sound you are about to hear graphic. >> he started trying to touch me and things like that you know. and i don't remember if i thought that was supposed to happen you know i know i cringed up and didn't want it to happen and i was very, like what's going on. >> reporter: bernie fine has been the assistant to the head cope for 35 seasons. the coach is defending fine saying the allegations are a bunch of lies. and in a phone interview thursday he says there was not one person who could corroborate the story. >> abc2 news learned a 9th alleged victim of penn state jerry sandusky is presented to
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the attorney general's office by a local attorney who represents one of the 8 original accusers. attorney says in the latest interview where he denied the abuse that sparked something in survivors and it could lead to as many 100 new accusers. >> it caused them to pick up the phone and break the silence in a way they hadn't been able to before. >> a anderson says he has been contacted by eight people claiming this we -- they were victims of sandusky. the meeting is set for 10:30 this morning. for more information on the scandal and latest of what's coming out of syracuse head to where there's been the latest on the news and reporting of the abuse for reporting abuses in the state of maryland -- abuse in the state of maryland. baltimore protesters will be beyond by occupy new york demonstrateor a group making their way from new york to havre de grace. this morning, they will be head for baltimore on the way to dc.
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and sherrie johnson has more on what the groups plan to do when they get here. >> reporter: occupy wall street is occupying the highways. a group of occupy new york cityprotesters are marching to washington, d.c. a small group made their way from new york to havre de grace as of last night and will head for baltimore on the way to dc. they want to protest at white house in time for november 23rd congressional deficit reduction committee. the committee will decide whether or not to heed bush era tax cuts that protesters say are for the wealthy. the final destination is mcpherson square the home of occupy dc. now the occupy highway hikerswill stop in the 11 seties before reaching washington, d.c. on november 23rd. and we have a story in the home page but if you click in the story, the face bock fan peage
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and they have-- facebook fan peage and they have over 13 -- page, they have over 132,000 people that like the page and they have the latest information on the walk and what they are doing on their fan page. reporting live in the interactive news center, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. new developments this morning in the case of a 21- year-old accused of firing at the white house. court documents and people who know oscar otaiga-hernandez says he thought he he was -- ortega-hernandez says he thought he was jesus and the president was the antichrist. 9 casings were found in the car and one shot hit a window in the first family's living quarters. the president and first family were not in the white house when the shooting happened. baltimore county police need help finding this man suspected of armed robbery at a wells fargo bank on tuesday. police say he entered on fairmont and handed a note to a tarnal hinted he had a weep --
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teller and hinted he had a weapon. call baltimore county police at 410-317-2020 if you have information or 866-7-lockup or head online at metro it's less than a week until thanks giving and christmas is right around the corner. one local shopping spot wants santa to check his list early. where you can see old man st. nick beginning today. details straight ahead. and news from baltimore, baltimore-- involving ron smith talks about his condition and what he is not going to do. the story next when "good morning maryland" continues on this friday, november 18th. a live look at atlanta georgia. thanks for starting your day off with us.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. the 16th annual ravens family food and fun drive is underway and this is a picture
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from last year's event. there are three ways to donate. head to any baltimore area giant grocery store and donate online at maryland food or ravens home games and the next coming up cincinnati. and when there at the game, news overnight we have learned ray lewis, the all pro linebacker with baltimore not playing sunday. in that home game against cincinnati. lewis suffered a toe injury in the last week's loss to seattle and flew to south florida this week to be checked out by a doctor. it's unclear how long he will be out. this is the first time in four seasons that lewis has not been on the defensive side of the ball for baltimore. time for a check of the forecast. i dare say things were chilly this justin. >> a bit frigid. once we got the storm pushing through. here mount airy. cloudy sky and lingering rain and some saw snowflakes but by
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the afternoon that he cleared it out. in bel air it was mfty in the morning and left -- mfty in the morning and -- misty in the morning and bel air at 31. also in reisterstown at 31. we got 20s on the west side. so it is chilly and we are showing up a possibility of flurries in the mountains. but that won't reach us. we have a look at a mix of maybe clouds with flurries well to the north. traveling in that direction, 30 and 35 early. sunrise at 6:53. we will make our way with the sunny sky to 46 this afternoon. 4:41 on the clock now back to the traffic and tanya. >> reporter: we are doing pretty well out there traveling 70 eastbound past mayoretsville road. -- marriottsville road. 95 at 175 traveling southbound a little heavier to the right of the screen from elk ridge to laurel, all lanes are open. no issues reported northbound. 95 at tidings bridge southbound traffic is getting by to the left. the barrels are blocking the two right lanes over the
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bridge. we have very light traffic so it's not an issue. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic is the handle for the latest accidents, delays and construction information. charley, back to you. one of the toughest times to be listening to the radio a local legend ron smith gave listeners horribly heart breaking news. his show has been on wbal for nearly 30 years and after 9 thursday morning he said he would no longer have chemotherapy treatment and he would be moving into in-home care e told listeners four weeks ago he had stage for pancreatic cancer. >> i am no longer on chemotherapy. as for consultations it was determined that was a futile way to go, and therefore i have ceased that. there won't be be a-- be a second round of chemotherapy. so the idea of a miracle with a stage four pancreatic cancer, there isn't going to be any
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miracle. >> mr. smith will continue the radio show for as long as he can. and in his final baltimore sun editorial he simply said my work here is done. long awaited first movie and the beginning of a finale and after midnight a local theater was packed. a look at the crowd at the twihards and what they said about the upcoming movie. it's not brocking dawn -- breaking dawn. it's the last one. and a scary situation on board a delta flight. what happened to the pilot. good morning, maryland, continues on this friday, november 18th.
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news time 4:45. five things know on this friday morning. santa claus back in town and he is going to be at towson town mall beginning today. giving away for kids and a special performance by the milk shake duo. it kicks off at ten and goes
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until one. president obama has a business dayy day still in indonesia and today he is going to attend the east asia summit and hold a bilateral meeting and attend a gala dinner. at private funeral for heavy "d" will be held in mount vernon new york. al sharpton and diddy will pay tribute to the hip-hop artist who died last week. and ashton kutcher and demi moore are getting a divorce. they awonder if they announced it by twitter. kutcher is the subject of rumors he was cheating on moore and they were married for six years. regis philbin stepped down after more than 28 years of hosting the morning live hit and then regis and kelly and then regis and kathy before. tis the season and we are not to thanksgiving but baltimore is getting in the spirit with the wouldn't are front lights foormt preview
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let's go to a . for the preview let's turn to coren redman. >> reporter: it's going to showcase the entire inner harbor and water front for the holidays. joining me is beth who is part of the organization committee for it's a water front life. see the awesome light show. tell me what the campaign is about. >> the campaign is about activating the wanter front and we have created a series of events that will attract tourists and residents alike. we are excited. >> reporter: what kind of events are planned. tell me about the light show behind you. >> that is power plant holiday light show spec tar laday -- spectacular debuting tomorrow night at 7. it's synchronized lights and should be very, exciting and something new for baltimore. >> reporter: what else is going on around the inner harbor. >> this evening, it's the polar he can press at the national
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asquare -- he can press at the national a--d -- express at the nationil squareium and a huge event with santa's-- aquarium and a huge event with santa's arrival and the light show tomorrow at 7. >> reporter: food won't be an issue. >> the food trucks are joining us at winter wonderland tomorrow and it will be exciting. >> reporter: you said a beer garden and. >> a beer and wine garden and for kids activities under a heated tent. they can make a plate for santa's cookie. ginger bread decorating and reindeer rides that look like ponies. magicians and musics and other arts and crafts and games. >> reporter: it's not just here but will showcase the water front into harbor east as well right? >> there will be events not this weekend but events later on in december at harbor east. >> reporter: and everything is free right? >> everything is free. >> reporter: there's no reason for people not to come down and take in the holiday festivities. >> of course. and if they go to it's water
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front they will see parking discounts as well. >> reporter: great. it's a wonder front life going on from tonight until december 31st and there's plenty time to get in all the events for the holiday season. reporting live from the inner harbor, corinne redman, abc2 news. there are more than 3,000 people just now getting to bed after seeing the premier of twilight breaking dawn part one. thousands packed into the parking lots this morning at the avenue at the white march tosh see the movie. -- marsh to see the movie. there were 15 here and the theater brought 25 people to handle the crowds. they weren't own tweens turning out there were some in their 20s and 30s with die-hards and think they are call twihard that decideed to camp out nine hours before the movie. >> i got here at 3 p.m. to see a midnight viewing. stood around and goofed around with my friend. we had a good time and it was not as bad as i thought it was going to be.
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the wait didn't seem nearly as long as it was. i would do it again. i am coming to see part 2. >> the showing began around 3 this morning at the avenue. film is expect to be a weekend block buster. breaking down part 2 will be released next november. harford county principal may wake up chillier than usual this morning. that's because he spent the night on the school's roof. chris cook is the principal at prospect elementary school and promised his kids if they raised enough money on lapse for -- laps for learning project so he and his tent and a heavy blanket camped out. >> kids have been coming with up hot chocolate. and i got a pan pizza delivered and i got doritos hot chocolate, coffee, soup. >> the student at prospect middle raised more than 10,000 dollars for the school. the money is used to build a new playground.
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news around the nation, a scary incident aboard a delta airline flight. they were headed to north carolina to new york and pilot was trapped in the rest room egot one of the passenger's attention and gave them the code to the cockpit and the flight attendantup ped into the pilot's -- attendant jumped into the pilot's hair. >> i am told he is stuck in the lab and someone with a being a accident that is given me the password to enter the cockpit. >> the pilot went to the rest room in a holding pattern and the flight attendant came out of cockpit and got the pilot out. a georgia woman stole from someone burglarizing her house. she arrived home and saw a car parked in the driveway and didn't know who it was she got out of her car and stole wallet and keys from the other car. she drove down the street where she could see the burglar taking items from her home and that burglar realized he couldn't leave and he ran to another home and logged onto
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facebook and forgot to log out. the police know exactly who they are looking for. check this out. he may be destineed for the olympics but diving dog will impress. this is bob. he's known for his stunt pawing and clawing and paddling down the depths of the deep end of the family pool. in california, he comes up for air and the prized toy in the mouth this fido fetches all year-round and, of course, you considering it's california, when the temperatures -- you can, it's california. when the temperatures dip so does fido. >> going back to the principal any chance you can make a deal with winds of change. where would you camp out? >> i got a school visit yesterday and we will talk about how much money we raised but i didn't make deals. sorry about that camp out on the roof. tonight we start off in the 30s this morning at 34 in baltimore. look at 20s back to the north
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and west. 18 international falls and we have snow showers across the northern great lakes. and there's some flurries into pennsylvania. and up towards watertown new york we get a taste of the cool air across the mountains. we dry out and we are mostly sunny skies and in fact all we have to look at are strong gusty winds. winds shifting to the south over the weekend. that's good news because we will have ourselves a fairly decent saturday and an even warmer sunday whisper text ahead of the next storm system. we have -- which is perfect ahead of the next storm system. a chilly wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. tonight clear skies and we are back down into the 20s. that weekend forecast, we will talk about that in the next half mor. -- hour. it's 4:53 and here's tanya. >> reporter: interstate 93 roadwork wrapping up. all the overnight roadwork should be done in the next 10
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minutes. no problems at frederick road through catonsville. top side at harford road, very light traffic there as well. all your lanes are opened. follow us at maryland traffic for the latest accident information and delays. now back to you. nato led security forces and taliban in afghanistan have taken the fight to a new level. social media wars now brewing between the two groups. plus, some hockey players in canada are now moving the game to a location that may surprise you. we will explain when good morning maryland continues on this friday morning. @ @
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. officials in australia say three people have been confirmed dead after a early morning fire at a nursing home in sydney. 32 crest dents have been -- residents have been hospitalized police are investigating whether it was a
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result of arson. nato and taliban in afghanistan are battling it out using twitter. some of the tweets are insulting. and it's been going on for reportedly months. the fight got personal over claims nato has afghan mercenaries in the pay. neither side wants to talk about it on camera but both are compelled by keeping the ongoing war of words. china unmanned spacecraft returned to earth. the cap tul touched down in north china at a landing site. the data will be and identities and site scientist will decidewhether to put astronauts in space. a group of hockey layers arthe game indoors at a location that might surprise you. under water. it's called octo pushing. for those of you who you don't need a lot of equipment. the challenge is for the players coming up for air. it comes down to who can reach
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the puck first. now "good morning maryland." first it was penn state and now syracuse university. i am linda so. the alleged child abuse allegations police are investigating against one of the school's long time coaches. and they have occupied parks and now some occupy protesters have a new focus at a new -- and a new mission. reenforcements come to -- camping to baltimore. it won't be the ravens football without hall of famer ray lewis but this sunday he is sitting out. why number 52 will not dance out of the tunnel. we will tell you why on this friday, november 18th, good morning, i am charley crowson and it's purple friday ravens getting set to take on the bengals coming up from the bank on sunday. but a preview of the forecast today and possibly a look ahead let's say hello, to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. we have temperatures 34 in baltimore. 33 and colder in ocean city. 20s to the west and it is starting to look a little nter
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satellite radar composit. flurries across the northern fringe and it actually looked a little more impressive about an hour ago. so, i tried to adjust forecast to the fact some of you would be traveling up to the north and in all honesty it will be try. but traveling up interstate 81 in central northern p.a. you may find flurries. we are in the low to mid-30s this morning. we will be virtually crowd free heading through the afternoon. this friday will will be gusty winds that could push, 25, 25 miles per hour and combined with temperatures about 46 that will feel a little bit cooler than that. we dropped to the 30s this evening. and the 20s overnight. and improvement this weekend we will talk about through football sunday in a moment. 4:59 on the clock. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. we have a good friday traffic wise. very light traffic out there so far so we don't have major issues on the interstates. let's look live at our traffic cameras 25 at


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