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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 18, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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between ellicott city and columbia. all lanes are open here in columbia pike. 95 north of white marsh boulevard and we have pretty light traffic in both directions but that's southbound traffic to the right and there are orange barrels but they are on the left shoulder not causing a problem as you make your way towards the beltway. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic for latest accident information. charley. well another university and another allege child sex abuse scandal. this time it involves an assistant head basket can ball coach at syracuse. linda so is -- basketball coach at syracuse. linda so is here with more on the allegations. >> reporter: we are learning more from two allegation coming from two former ball boys. it prompted the university to place the assistant coach bernie fine on administrative leave. one of the victims says he decided to come forward after seeing what happened at penn state. they say fine molested them when they were young boys. one of the alleged victims who is now 39 years old says the sexual abuse started in 1984
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when he was about to start 7th grade and continued until he was 27. on thursday, bobby davis told espn it took plate at fine's home, university basketball facilities and road trips including the 1987 final four. the second victim mike lane who is now 45 years old and is the first victim's stepbrother says fine started molesting him when he was in the 5th or 6th grade. he too was a ball bore for the basketball-- ball boy for the basketball team. syracuse university conducted their investigation when they received the reports but couldn't find witnesses to back up the allegations. we want to warn you the sound you are about to hear is graphic. >> first he started rubbing my leg and is sitting next to me and rubbing my leg and gradually put his hands down my pants and tried to grab my penis and if i resisted which i did you know i just like he would get more aggressive.
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>> reporter: bernie fine has been the assistant to head coach for 35 seasons. coach boeheim is saying the allegations are lies. boeheim says in the 40 years he has known fine he never seen or witnessed anything to suggest whoa have been involved in any of the being a tests alleged. coming up at 6, what a former basketball player is saying about the claims. linda so, abc2 news. acting director of athletics will meet with the media this morning one day after the 9th victim was presented to the attorney general's office. this is -- this could be the beginning says the attorney they say sandusky sparked a victim backlash when he appeared on television declaring his innocence and could lead to a hundred new accusers coming forward before the whole thing is said and done. ravens fans you may want to sit down for this. ray lewis not playing for the game sunday and could be out longer according to the carroll
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county times e has a toe injury and has not practiced this week. he has not missed a game since december 2007. and all new occupy new york protesters are headed to baltimore on the way to dc. it's part of the occupy the highway system and this morning abc2 news sherrie johnson has the latest on what's going on as they make their way to the nation's capital. sherrie. >> reporter: well, they are off. all new this morning, occupy wall street has taken to thehighways. a group of occupy new york city are marching to the nation's capital. a small grued group made their way to havre de grace and this morning they are on the way to the white house for a 23rd congressional deficit reduction committee. committee will decide whether or not to keep bush era tax cuts protesters say are for the wealthych the final destination is the home of occupy dc. now occupy the highway hikers
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plan to stop in 11 cities before reaching washington, d.c. on november 23rd. now if you head to, find out more information. we had that story occupy wall street in our slide show and if you go inside the story and click on check out occupy wall street, you can can see here it's a link to the facebook fan page. they have a number of posts talking about their hike and their trek to washington, d.c. they have he over 132 -- they have over 132,000 likes and 21,000 people are talking about this and as you scroll down they've lot of information on what they are doing and where they are headed next. a lot of different discussions about some of the protesters. and they have tips on what to do if you are arrested or come in contact with the police. reporting live in the interactive news center, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. thousands of protesters took to the streets of new york and other cities throughout the country thursday. they called it a massive day of action and it felt on two month
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anniversary of the protest n new york, protesters -- in new york, protesters tried to shut down the stock exchange and were met with heavy resistance from police and at times chaos and violence. >> we rattled their cage and now they are cracking down. >> we are united. >> protesters marched to the brooklyn bridge where the shut- - they tried to shut down both lanes of traffic. by the end of the day 300 people in new york were arrested. protests around wall street failed to disrupt operations on the stock exchange. an idaho man accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house thought he was jesus and barack obama was the antichrist. he is charged with attempting toassassinate the president. he is accused of firing 9 round at white house last friday night. the president and first lady were not home. ortega-hernandez says he has no history of mental illness.
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the lake-effect advisory just ended. clouds are coming out clearing the roadways for the morning commute up north. plus, what some say could be the reason. good morning maryland continues it's 5:05 and 34 degrees outside.
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now "good morning maryland." okay. so it may not be the snow castle of new york but it look like it yesterday. lake-effect snow caused problem for drivers in buffalo a snow' advisory was in effect until a few hours ago so crews are out clearing the roads for the morning commute and this is in upstate new york. justin, what is it about the fun that comes with lake-effect snow? >> it's beautiful thing. but it's the benefit of a producer from syracuse to know syracuse is the snowcap tal of new york. buffalo a bigger city but syracuse gets bigger snow. deep run elementary the wind for change that benefits the cool kids campaign we raised
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3,585 dollars. last year this same cool raised about -- school raiseed about $400 and that is huge improvement thanks to januaryit buxton and the rest of the third grade crew. want to highlight the winners we have skiler who raised 660 herself and cecilia 550 and parnava petite thing 33-mile- per-hour wind push. how about that? congratulations to all them. there's buffalo and not much snow this morning. still around the syracuse area and we are away from our lake- effect machine. it's about clear skies and i've taken our threat of flurries to the north out of the equation. 30 this morning gusty wind and sunshine but a high of 46 degrees. it's 5:10 and now tanya has traffic. >> reporter: the inner loop of the beltway near old court road, work is wrapping up on the shoulder. not causing a problem. look live at 95 at 32,
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southbound is moving pretty well through savage making your way towards the rest area. no problems to report here. all your lanes are open. 895 at harbor tunnel running smoothly southbound traffic going into the tunnel. northbound all your lanes are open as well. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic for latest accidents, delays and construction projects. charley. health news this morning. officials say birth rates for american teens and young women hit a new low last year. the birth rate in general is down for the third consecutive year. but teens and young women had the most dramatic dips since the 1940s. experts think the economy is the reason for the continued decline. and 2007, birth rate hit the highest level and it has been declining since. ask any kid what he or she things of pizza and is it possibly a vegetable and you can bet the answer will be no but in a federal spending bill that passed today the government would consider pizza a vegetable as long as it has two tablespoons of tomato
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paste. the 182 billion dollar legislation doesn't include money to implement healthier school lunch standards and the usda is pushing for fruits, vegetables and whole grains andless sodium saturday rated fat and starchy potatoes. they are expected to vote on the bill later today. it's not the thing we see very often in mountain city. but a tornado causes severe damage and it is caught on tape. take a look at this. we will show you the video moments the tornado touches down coming up in a bit. a water front life in downtown baltimore. what festivities are planned for the inner harbor to help you celebrate the holidays. time for your birthdays on this friday morning, heidi turns 50 years old. also, ralph he is turning 50 today, too, and bonzela johnson 41. happy birthday to all of you. you share a birthday with mickey mouse. mecky mouse. we will -- mecky mouse. morning -- mickey mouse.
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morning show at if you want to share a photo or birthday or anniversary. back in a bit. traditions are not for keeping. they're for keeping us together.
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now "good morning
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maryland." baltimore city playing off the popular hop day film it's wonderful life. there's a lot to do and see if you head to the inner harbor. coren redman is live at the power -- corinne redman is live at the power plant and food will be a big thing about this corinne. >> reporter: oh, yes, definitely the food. we are decorating yinger -- ginger bread men because it's part of the it's a water front life event for the holidays. there's going to be cookie decorating strolling santas and music and also a light show that's going on down here at phillips on the phillips' building at the power plant area. so first joining me is beth who is organizing the event. first tell me what is it's a water front life? >> it's a exciting campaign for the holidays and we have a ton of events lined up for november and december.
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one being the power plant holiday light show spectacular. >> reporter: tell me about this light show. it went dark for a minute. but tell us about it and what kind of -- what you can see. >> it's synchronized lights and video mapping and core graived to music. it's going -- core graived to music -- choreographed to music sure to please everybody. >> reporter: and an event did be tonight. >> polar he can press -- express. take the harbor at the national aquarium tonight. >> reporter: and what else is going on as far as harbor east and surrounding water front. >> tomorrow, we have a big day. we have winter wonderland at west shore park from 1 to 5 p.m. there's going to be reindeer rides, live music and strolling musicians and arts and crafts and cookie decorating and then after that, we will gather at 5 line up and there's a parade with lanterns with santa and other bands will kick off and welcome santa at santa's place. >> and lots of food.
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>> the food trucks will be there. >> reporter: thanks so much. you heard it. this is a water front life will go going on tonight until december 31st -- going -- will be going on tonight until december 3 #st. if you -- 31st. there's plenty to do down here for the holiday season. reporting live from the inner harbor corinne redman, abc2 news. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:18 on this purple friday but it's blue that dominates the temperature map. 32 in baltimore. we hit the freezing mark and we will check out the neighborhood temperatures in a few minutes and see who's crossed into the 20s. the big city is in the 20s. international falls is at 19 degrees right now. but that's underneath cold blast that brought snow showers acruets northern -- across the northern section of minnesota and stretching through the great lakes. we showed you video from
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buffalo up towards syracuse and watertown and albany getting flurries that. cold blast continues to dominate and by the way for our producer who hales from syracuse we have a couple gifts for her. first off, we will take you down to the south and highlight the fact temperatures have made it all the way down into the gulf coast into the 30s. it's 36 in atlanta. 35 montgomery and jackson near record territory as the cold air invaded the eastern third of the nation. and as we try to melt everything away, it will be a slight improvement with sunshine as we head into the weekend. there you go. she loves the twister transition. and you know, it may feel like it's going to be twisting around. leftover leaves will be spire railing in the wind they will shift to the south -- spiraling in the winds. they will shift to the south. with wind up to 20 miles per hour, it may feel like the
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upper 30as and we will drop into the -- 30s and we will drop into the 20s. tomorrow sunshine and back to 60 on sunday. and rain arriving before the thanksgiving get away travel period. here a tanya to travel this morning. >> reporter: in anne arundel county queen highway north at church road we have a report of an accident there. and mta says bus and rail services are on time so you are good to go. look at 95 -- looking at 59 to 175 stead -- 59 to 175 traffic is steady. all lanes are open between elk ridge and laurel. 95 south past 395, we do have an incident that is blocking the left lane and the left shoulder. stay to the right to get by. be careful through the construction zone there are a lot of barrels here just past 395. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic for the latest. charley. news around the world this morning, an early morning fire at a nursing home in australia has confirmed to kill three
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people. a police spokesman says 68 of the 100 residents wereit in either in a hospital or on the way to one. the fireman said the smoke was so thick that they arrived on the scene and it hampered rescue efforts. police are treating the fire as suspicious. but they have yet to determine a cause. this is rare tornado video in a ripped through bow lil live yeah. no one was -- bow live yeah. but despite -- bolivia. you saw the tornado form from the clouds and come down. this is the result. a bow liveian meteorologist says the weather phenomenon was unusual for a mountain city as tornado form along the plains. it lasted for about five minutes. president obama says secretary of state hillary clinton will travel to mere mar as the u.s -- myan mar.
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the trip will be the first visit by a secretary of state in more than 50 years. the move is a most dramatic sign of the changing relationship between the u.s. and myan march known as berma. the price at the pump could be affecting your holiday plans. gas prices will be going up in time for the trip to grandmother's house. details ahead and the smart phones could go a long way for making holiday travel plans easier to ware. -- bear. we will tell you how when "good morning maryland" continues on this friday morning.
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from gl now "good morning maryland. gas prices are higher than ever this year for thanksgiving. a gallon of regular unleaded isup more than 50 cents from last year and the higher price is even as gas prices have been dropping. the national average is around 3 -- national average is around 3.39. and abc2 is helping to save at the pump. head to and click on traffic and gas tag for the
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prices you can enter the zip code and find the least expensive gas in and around your neighborhood. the best laid plans for trips can be delayed by a mishap along the way or a weather delay. just like the smart phone that helped you plan the get away we can help you salvage it. if you missed a connection in a not so familiar place the around me app for iphone users helps find restaurants hotels and atms and necessities with a touch of the finger. and when the flight is canceled you can avoid the rush to the counter with everyone else and use the on the fly app to book your next flight. when on the go steams you got to go and the -- sometimes you got to go and the sit or squat app boasted data baste of more than 100 -- base of more than 100,000 rest rooms. the job is to protect your children. what a florida school bus driver is caught doing while behind the wheel and this one is going to make you cringe. and some students having
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anamaying close -- amazing close call when trapped in a elevator shaft. the story when good morning maryland continues.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists...
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and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.


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