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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 18, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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department. they are investigating the first letter. >> reporter: in millersville, don harrison, abc 2 news. >> if you are concerned about fire safety for your house, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have a working smoke detector. the sky's nice and clear out there today. had beautiful sunshine all day long, really and across the area. not bad. we will see a chilly night on the way, though, no question about that. 20s again at daybreak tomorrow. winds are calm so not as much of a breeze or wind for to you run out there in tomorrow, joce. that's good but temperatures drop near the 30s for the rest of the weekend and how things develop through the weekend and for tonight it will be chilly for sure. back to you. if you want to be in the weather know 24/7, download the app for your iphone from that app will give you access to maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar and the forecast where you live whether you are looking for the hour by hour or full seven-day forecast. once you have the abc 2 weather app, your forecast is always just a click away. this sunday, the ravens take on the bengals in a big game down at m & t bank stadium. during halftime, they will honor former ravens kicker matt stover. he will be inducted into the ring of honor. he is the all-time leading scorer and a member of the 2000 super bowl championship team. while the ravens honor stover there's concern about their go-to player linebacker ray lewis. he suffered a toe injury during last week's game against the seattle seahawks and hasn't practiced at all this week. he's listed as questionable for sunday's game against the bengals. "the times" reports he visited south florida this week to get a second opinion on the toe. the last time he wasn't on the lineup was back in december, 2007. don't forget the 17th annual
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family food and funds drive. the volunteers will be at each gate collecting nonperishable food and donations. you can donate online and be entered into a ralph to win two lower level tickets to the ravens/colts game on december 11th. if you subscribe to magazines at home, you may with a to hold off on renewing the next time you get a notice. the renewals start coming these days almost as soon as your subscription starts. a warn for magazine readers to make sure you don't waste your money. >> reporter: have you noticed more and more magazine renewal notices in the mail lately? seems some want to you renew months early while others are shortening the length of the subscriptions. orange way it is a case of subscriber beware. magazines have been trying all sorts of tricks to get you to renew earlier and at a high are price. neil stone told me a while back. >> when i saw there was a charge on there for sports illustrated, i realized it was
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my annual renewal. when i look ted price, it was $7. >> reporter: your renewal is almost never the same low price as your initial subscription, but now a new one. the web site mouseprint .org says they are shortening the subscriptions showing that since some issues were double sized, they will count as two issues and will shorten your subscription accordingly. and from the doesn't that stink file, subscription notices from third party companies that get ahold of your name. doesn't that stink? if they fool you into renewing through them, you'll get your magazine but will pay more than simply renewing through the magazine yourself. any time you receive a renewal notice in the mail, first confirm that is' really from your magazine and not from some third party. then check to see when your
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subscription expires if it's not for another six months, don't waste your money. a parkville teenager is accused of impersonating a police officer. police say they found badges a bulletproof vest and handgun at 18-year-old walter oliver's house. he's also accused of pretending to be a police cadet to get a job with a security company. three incidents in a matter of minutes have people in north laurel on edge. they date back in the town home and apartment areas off of old lantern way. a group of teens banged on a woman's car then minutes later, the group hit the side of a bus and one tried to get inside. later, they got that a fight with a security guard. one 17-year-old has been arrested. a plane crash killed the head coach of oklahoma state's women's basketball team and an assistant. the two were on a recruiting trip when the single-engine plane they were this crashed in arkansas. the pilot, a former 0 eck oak state senator and his wife also died in that crash. it's the second major tragedy for the sports program in a
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decade. in 2001, ten min affiliated with the school's men's basketball team died in a colorado plane crash. someone keeps breaking into apartments at the university of virginia. what the school is telling students and what the intruder is doing once he gets inside the apartments of male students. plus, millions of us use facebook to connect with friends every day. we'll tell you how a florida sheriff's deputy used it to save a man's life.
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tonight, police in miami are offering up a $5,000 reward for information that will help them catch the person attacking female postal workers. since october, four postal workers have been attacked all robbed of master keys that lock up thousands of people's personal information. the most recent attack happened just yesterday when a postal worker was pistol-whipped and had a and set of postal keys stolen. at the university of virginia, students are being warned to lock their doors. an e-mail sent by police says the number of male students reporting their apartments were broken into and they awoke to find an intruder groping them.
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a florida man who wanted to end his life is alive thanks to a quick-thinking police officer and facebook. corporal arthur morrison responded to a scene where a man barricaded himself in a shed and said he wanted police to take his life. corporal morrison reached out to him on facebook. corporal morrison says it's the first time he's ever saved a life using facebook. have you started planning your black friday shopping trip? i have. why retailers are expecting even more shoppers than last year. if you are worried about getting stuck in the airport over the holidays, there's an app for that. the travel apps you need to download before you head out of town.
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for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf, you'll have a great time.
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checking the economy tonight. more and more children in the united states are living in poverty. according to the census bureau, nearly 16 million kids were living in poverty in 2010. that was an increase of 1 million children from 2009. the poverty rate was worse among african-american children than among whites or asians. we'll see something at the gas pumps this thanksgiving we've never seen before. fuel prices are higher than they've ever been. a gallon of regular is up northern $.50 than this time last year even though pump prices have been falling. despite it all, more people will hit the roads than last year. aaa says 50,000 americans will drive more than 50 miles over the holiday weekend. and there will be crowds of shoppers on black friday. it's estimated 152 million people will flood stores over
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the black friday holiday. it is a 10% jumpp from last year. more shoppers will be drawn into stores this year because many are opening earlier than ever. you are not going to be one of them to do my black friday shopping for me? >> no, i tray to from the mall as humanly possible on that day. that's just me. it's good discounts but you have to be ready to go to war. >> absolutely. get your battle gear and you have to be prepared. >> i'll give you my list. i mean a blender. mine was smoking this morning. the tough challenges of a quiet weather friday. joce, i know it's chilly on your face this morning when you were running. >> that's right. tomorrow morning, 20s again. i like it. give me more good news.
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>> enjoy yourself, why not. 41 degrees right now. wind is calm. 30.42 is the pressure. that's high. it's continuing to rise so we could be sitting at very high pressure overnight moo tomorrow morning. if you are susceptible to headaches it can help trigger what we call a high pressure headache. the positive side when you get a huge canadian high is this. sapphire deep blue skies, not a cloud. you just need the sunglasses handy throughout the day today and i think you'll see the same effect tomorrow. really brilliant blue skies and milder tomorrow. it was breezy this morning then the winds let up in the afternoon. that was a nice change. also gwynn oak today with a little but of fall foliage left up on the trees. they are getting bare out there. i think you'll see most of the leaves gone in a week or ten days. maryland's most powerful radar shows ground clutter on the
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beach areas. that is not rain. our temperatures right now are continuing to fall shorely now that we're past sunset which was 4:50 tonight. 37 at the beach in ocean city. atlantic city, 43 and 41 now in dulles. our winds have let up. i just wanted to show how calm the winds are, what little wind we have is out of the south and southwest. it's 5 to 10 in a few spots but not much wind. so the windchill factor, unlike this time yesterday is really not a factor. tomorrow we're back in the low to mid-50s. not a bad deal. lots of sunshine on tap again. maybe a few high, thin clouds but not much. again it will be a frigid start. this will take all day to get there in terms of temperatures. across the region right now, very little's happening. the entire mid-atlantic region's sitting crystal clear right now. we like it that way. the east coast is sitting clear
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as well. there are somewhat we'll call ocean effect clouds so that relatively chilly air is going out over the relatively warmer atlantic waters still. there are additional clouds offshore. basically, you'll see there's not much at all in our neck of the woods. high pressure will continue to settle into the east. winds have already relented and these air temps are already flirting with the 30s. we'll be in the 20s overnight. that will be the bottom mark. through the rest of the weekend and early next week, things begin to warm up. cloud cover wise, very limited tonight and tomorrow. as we go from saturday night into sunday, we'll see increased clouds. and there will be the chance for another weathermaker to begin to push itself into the area as we go into overnight sunday and into monday. that's our next system that's due next week. we'll talk about football. let's head tout to lynnette
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charles for more open that. >> reporter: yes there's lots to do this weekend. just getting into the holiday spirit as we go through the weekend. we'll be seeing lots of sunshine for sure. especially on sunday as we go in or saturday, rather. as we go into sunday, we'll see more clouds moving in. let's take you to the candle light ghost tours of frederick. that will be a little on the chilly side as we go into time. as we go through the rest of saturday, we are definitely going to be open the cold side and you'll want to bundle up. we have the ravens playing the bengals as we go into sunday at m & t bank stadium. you know what, before you head out to the bengals game, go to the baltimore farmers market and stock up on fruits and veggies as well. let me give that you forecast for the ravens game because we are definitely looking at a temperature not so bad. again, we'll warm up as the weekend progresses coming in right around 60 degrees at that kickoff at 1:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies and it will be breezy with the winds out of the southwest at about 5 to 15
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miles per hour. so it looks like we start the weekend out on the sunny side. the clouds increase as we go into sunday, wyatt. not too bad. 50/50. >> yeah, because in late november, especially people that bought tickets to the game, you just don't know what you are going to get weather- wise. so sunshine and clouds and near 60 degrees. >> yes. >> that's not bad when you are knocking on the door of december, right? >> you got that right. >> all right, lynnette. we'll see you again soon. thanks so much on the update for the weekend activities. 29 overnight, clear skies tomorrow. the two degree guarantee is 52 and tomorrow night down to 39. so it will not be as frigid on your saturday night. and looking ahead to thanksgiving thursday finding some cool weather behind the showers early next week. it looks dry and decent travels on wednesday. joce? >> thanks, wyatt. in tonight's democracy
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2012, herm be kane will receive secret service protection. tory, what do we know now about why cain is under protection? >> reporter: according to the secret service it was cain that initially requested this type of protection and then sources inside the government are telling us that it was because of an unspecified number of threats. herman cain is talking about this now. take a listen to what he said. >> it's just that it was time because of the popularity of my campaign. the thing about secret service, things are secret. we don't discuss any details about it because that would not be appropriate. >> reporter: i will tell you this is not the first time this has happened. if you remember when barack obama was running for the presidency, he was actually given that type of protection 18 months before the general election. >> tory, nancy pelosi and rick
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perry engaged in a war of words this week with pelosi taking shots at the governor. it seems like it's getting pretty nasty. >> reporter: it's getting really ugly. i have to take you back in time to rick perry's infamous oops moment then after that i'll explain. >> commerce, education, and what's the third one there? [ laughter ] >> reporter: all right. here's how nancy pelosi comes into all of this. it's clear she watched that because rick perry challenged her to a debate in washington d.c. that would take place this upcoming monday to debate his new plan which overhauls washington, d.c. this was her response. >> monday i'm going to be in an appointment in the morning and visiting some of our labs in california and the afternoon, that's two i can't remember what the third thing was. [ laughter ] >> reporter: evidently, rick perry didn't find that so funny because he tweeted this. "something nancy pelosi would lake to forget, passing a 2,000 page government takeover of
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health care without reading it." so yes, very ugly between the two of them. finally tonight, a presidential candidate planning to hold a town meeting at a curious location. what's that all about? >> reporter: all right, you see these two things side by side? it doesn't seem like a normal combo here but rick santorum will be holding a up to hall meeting in iowa tonight and chose to have the meeting at godfather's pizza. you have to remember, herman cain was the head of godfather's pizza. so that's another war of wards i guess that might come out from that. >> interesting campaign coverage going on so far. thanks for that. now we'll hand it over to rosy. coming up, all brand new at 6:00, the f.d.a. revokes a very popular drug saying it's too dangerous. why the decision is a major blow to women who are fighting breast cancer. and whether you are ready or not it's time to deck the towns with that holiday spirit. oh, joy. who has their decorations up already?
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will things get kicked off this weekend? hello, those stories and more are coming up at 6:00. now a preview on what's ahead at 6:30. coming up on world news, the exploding wildfires out west tonight, we there are. also, the bizarre case about natalie wood reopened and what they are saying about her husband robert wagner. and remember the man behind hillary clinton wearing nearly nothing? she describes it tonight. @
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stocks are closing at about the same level as yesterday. the dow jones industrial average closed at more than 11,700. the nasdaq fell 15 points to close at 2500. the s & p500 fell just under a half a point. in tonight's consumer
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alert, we're heading into the holiday travel rush and you may have booked your flight, reserved your car and even found your hotel with your smart phone. what do you do when weather delays or unexpected snags wreck that itinerary? we have this week's clicked in. >> reporter: even the best planned trips can get detoured by a weather delay or other mishap during the holidays. just like your smart moan helped you plan your get away it can salvage it, too. if a misconnection leaves you in a not so familiar place, the around me app has become a go- to for necessities with a simple touch. when a flight gets canceled, avoid the rush to the counter with everyone else and use the on-the-fly app and research other options among multiple airlines. frozen out at the rental car counter?
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car sharing with an app that will point you towarded nearest cars with the make and motedle and can lock and unlock your car, too. when you are on the go, sometimes you've got to go and the sit or squat app boasts a database of over 100,000 rest rooms that helps you find those closest, some with reviews and photos. one other travel tip, load up your smart phone, tablet or laptop with plenty of entertainment and invest in a battery operated charger. you never know when a minor delay will turn into a longer one. many times, a happy holiday vacation depends on having happy feet. as you pack, think about your footwear and how much walking you will do. it's recommended to shop for shoes later in the day since your feet tend to swell and break in a new pair of shoes at least a month before you leave on your trip so you have a little time before christmas. after a long day of sight- seeing, massage your feet and keep them elevated. baltimore city and county police say a teen stole from them. what was inside the teen's home
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will shock you coming up on abc 2 new as 6:00 which starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >> they were beating on top of her hood and everything and hollering and screaming. >> a howard county community has had enough and how they are helping police take back their streets from violent teens. the fda is reversing a decision on a popular drug for women fighting breast cancer. why the decision may have been difficult but had to be made, the agency says. the mainstay of the baltimore ravens defense may be out of sunday's game and maybe even more. what has grounded raven ray lewis? now to a developing story in howard county. children on a school bus a security guard and a woman in her car all report being threatened by a group of teens. the community isn't backing down from this nope. cheryl conner tells us why they are fighting


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