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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 19, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EST

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former "all my children" star j.r. martinez, currently gracing "dancing with the stars," he'll be here. check out "good morning america," they're working while you're sleeping. have a great weekend. tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." robert pattinson. >> the only time i see my parents. >> they show up in the audience hoping you'll acknowledge them. they're multiplying. who got oprah wet after midnight? definitely wasn't stedman. >> freida pinto, brad paisley and music from thompson square. >> how can i not find a hershey bar in the magazine?
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- robert pattinson. freida pinto. brad paisley. and music from thompson square. with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. very nice.
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thank you. i appreciate it. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for being here tonight. thank you for laying there and watching at home. you're here on an important night. you know, last year on this show, we started a movement. half of the people in this country are on facebook and many of those people have hundreds if not thousands of friends. and i find this unacceptable. no one has thousands of friends. acquaintances maybe. friends, no. if you have ten friends in your life, you're doing very well. so, i created a national day of action, on which we encourage anyone with a facebook page to go through their list of friends and cut anyone who is not actually a friend. [ laughter ] it's like spring cleaning but instead of trash, you're throwing out people. and we call it national unfriend day. or n.u.d. for short. last year's n.u.d. was a huge success. we killed off millions of lol-ers and our plan is to double that. november 17th, one week from now, is the second annual --
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♪ -- national unfriend day. [ cheers and applause ] just to show how serious we are, we had a banner printed. you can see the slogan is "un for all and all for un." [ laughter ] we mean it. you know, facebook has more than 800 million active users, each with an average of 130 friends. that's 104 billion facebook friends. that's 15 times the number of people on earth. that's too many. [ laughter ] it's time to whittle that down. people asked me last year how do i know if i should unfriend someone or not? we came one a point system to help you out. if any of your so-called friends make it to 50 points, unfriend them. okay? here's who you get rid of. if they change their profile picture more than once a month. that's five points. if they took their profile picture in the bathroom mirror using their cell phone, that's
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five points. if they ever posted more than three photos of food, that's five points each. [ laughter ] if they ever posted the phrase "omg, my friends are the best," that's five points. for every picture of a pet, eight points. [ laughter ] if they have ever said the word "yum" in a status update, that is ten points. if they have ever posted a picture of a sunset, that's 15 points. if they have uploaded an embarrassing picture of you from junior high and tagged you in it, that's another 15 points. if they posted their opinion on gay marriage no matter what it is, 30 points. if they invited you to see their band play more times than you've talked to them in person, that's 30 points. if they have ever used the phrase "amazeballs," 40 points. and if the person is your mom, that's 50 points. that's an automatic unfriend. [ applause ] you don't need to hang around with your mother. it's unhealthy.
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[ applause ] now -- we clap but i know this is going to be difficult. toes are going to be stepped on. feelings will be hurt. attempts will probably be made on your life as a result of this. but trust me, once you do it, you will be so happy you did. and i'm going to help you. i am your friend. these people aren't. go to our facebook page, ironically, it's i know that -- this is where you will go to make your national unfriend day pledge. and to get the tools you'll need to carry it out. we are going to put things up there to help you with this, to help you kind of quietly break the news to people. on november 17th, together, we'll put the end to friends. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] hey -- this is something. the academy awards got unfriended today by eddie murphy. eddie murphy announced today that he will not host the oscars this year, which was the plan.
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a day after his friend and director as producer of the show after he made some remarks that some people did not like, he stepped down. so i guess the oscars are cancelled this year, right? they have to cancel them. that's a shame. the 45th annual cma awards aired tonight here on abc. eddie murphy did not host that one either. we have a special something from the host of the cmas tonight we'll get to in a couple minutes, stick around. also tonight, "the x factor" on fox. you know, there was some controversy last week when a contestant named leroy bell got caught lip synching during the big opening group number. in case you didn't see it, here's what happened. ♪ i won't run ♪ i won't cry ♪ i will never make it >> jimmy: yeah. real milli vanilli move right there. a spokesperson for fox admitted they do lip sync for the
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opening performance. they said it's no different from what britney spears has been doing for the past ten years. i like that excuse. we lip synch on "x factor" but we do it on "american idol," so it's okay. it's embarrassing. they didn't take any chances with leroy tonight on the show. ♪ >> jimmy: they made sure his microphone was right where it needed to be, taped to his face. this is good news. the november issue of "o magazine" is on newsstands. it's been like a month. this is the magazine. it has a record. not just a few but -- nine oprahs on the cover. [ applause ] nine. sometimes they just give you one. [ applause ]
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she's multiplying. who got oprah wet after midnight? [ laughter ] definitely wasn't stedman. [ laughter ] when stedman has a nightmare, this is what he sees. [ laughter ] and there are ten more oprahs inside the magazine. she really needs to get back on tv. but this is her favorite things issue. you know, usually she does that on tv but because she's not on the air anymore, she put her favorite things in the magazine and you can see here -- some interesting stuff. she put in the magazine, she -- um -- where is -- where -- the things i'm looking for -- huh. oh, she put a cupcake in the magazine. and she also, somewhere in here -- she put a hershey bar in there, too. how can i not find a hershey bar in a magazine? [ laughter ] there was a bookmark in here, i
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would have had no problem at all. you put a giant bar of chocolate -- anyway. here, you get oprah's favorite things. and you get oprah's favorite things. [ applause ] eat that quickly because it's melting. there's another republican presidential debate tonight. this one focused on why there were so many republican presidential debates. it's the first of two debates this week. tonight was the performance debate and saturday night is the results show. [ laughter ] cnbc hosted the event from oakland university in rochester, michigan. they called it "your money, your vote." it centered on the economy. the candidates argued about who created the most jobs. mitt romney said he created thousands of jobs as governor of massachusetts. rick perry said he created thousands of jobs as governor of texas. herman cain said he personally tried to
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create a number of jobs for women but now he's getting attacked for it all of a sudden. they asked rick perry -- he had an amazing meltdown during the debate. they asked mitt romney all the character questions, he would hire herman cain as ceo of his company and he refused to answer. see, if i were mitt romney, i wouldn't even show up for these debates anymore. i would just go to hawaii and wait it out until the election, drink some caffeine free diet coke and watch herman cain and rick perry self-destruct. because they're -- i mean, it's quite a show. meanwhile, on the other side of the political coin, the occupy wall street protest is in its second month. the protesters have now been occupying wall street longer than kris humphries occupied kim kardashian. [ applause ] today a small group, a group of 12 of the protesters started a march from manhattan to washington, d.c., which wasn't that the plot of a harold and kumar movie? this might explain why they didn't just fly.
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the low-cost airline ryan air announced they are offering passengers the opportunity to watch pornographic movies on board their flights. just in case making small talk with the stranger next to you wasn't uncomfortable enough. [ laughter ] this is your pilot speaking. we're flying over arizona. if you look to the right side of the plane, you'll see the grand canyon. if you look to the left -- oh, don't look to the left. [ laughter ] that might be the worst idea ever. it really -- [ laughter ] i mean, really. the president of ryan air defended the plan, explaining the porn won't be on the screen on the back of the seat, which i guess is good. passengers will watch it using an app on their ipads, which have much larger screens and can be carried around the cabin. [ laughter ] that way you can shop around and see what's available. all i know is from now on i'm bringing my own pillow. definitely. [ applause ] ryan air has -- i never heard of this ryan air, but -- they've already started promoting the
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new service in their commercials, which, i don't know, am i crazy? i understand the airlines need to make more money but i cannot believe the company would do something like this. >> if you haven't checked out ryan air, it's time to take another look. we offer great prices to great locations. and exciting in-flight entertainment options including movies, gambling and even pornography. ryan air. let's get it on. [ applause ] >> jimmy: it's different. and if i could get serious again, i would like to get back to national unfriend day. you know, we thought it was serendipitous that the host of the cma awards tonight is one of n.u.d.'s biggest supporters. brad paisley got together with with actual friend of his darius rucker to record an anthem for national unfriend day and tonight i am proud to present that to you. enjoy. ♪ to all the friends i've uned
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before ♪ ♪ who sent me quizzes about "jersey shore" ♪ ♪ you made my life a hell ♪ with your stupid lol ♪ to all the friends i've uned before ♪ ♪ to all the guys from grammar school ♪ ♪ posting shirtless pictures by their pool ♪ ♪ your fat and sweaty back ♪ really makes me want to yak ♪ to all the friends i've uned before ♪ ♪ our time on earth goes by so quickly ♪ ♪ we have to make each moment great ♪ ♪ so i cannot waste one more minute ♪ ♪ reading your dumb status
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update ♪ ♪ to neil greenburg and beth chappelle ♪ ♪ to david ross and megan bell ♪ we won't miss your favorite tree ♪ ♪ or your vegan chicken recipe ♪ to all the friends we've uned before ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: beautiful. thank you. thank you, friends. hey, we have a good show for you tonight. from the new movie "immortals," freida pinto is here. we have music from thompson square. and we'll be right back with robert pattinson, so stick around. two medium cappuccinos!
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i know. this is great. you know, i feel like... did you just check the game on your phone? what? no! what am i, like some kind of summoner who can just summon footage to his phone like that? come on. i guess i'm just a little... [ grunts ] oversensitive. it's just that you and i -- yes! [ male announcer ] only at&t's network lets your iphone download 3x faster. at&t. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome back to the show. thank you. tonight on the program, you know her from "slumdog millionaire." starting friday, you can see her in the new movie "immortals." freida pinto is here. and then, playing music from this self-titled album -- which earned them two nominations at tonight's cma awards -- thompson square from the bud light stage.
12:19 am
[ applause ] tomorrow night, we'll be joined by kristen stewart, jon bernthal from "the walking dead." and we'll have music from feist. and these two delightful young men will be here. these guys were our favorite entry in our youtube challenge last week where i asked parents to pretend they ate their kids' halloween candy and videotape it. >> don't you guys think you ate enough candy last night? >> no, i mean, i had one bite of candy. are you serious? and you ate the rest? you're going to get a belly ache. you can't eat two bags of candy. >> what's the matter, jake? >> i hate when you eat all of my candy! >> jimmy: their names are c.j. and jake and they'll be here in the studio tomorrow night to fill our hearts with joy. [ applause ] whenever our first guest pays us
12:20 am
a visit, sales of throat lozenges in the area go way up. he's back and looking for blood in the sequel with the longest title yet. "the twilight saga: breaking dawn part one" opens in theaters november 18th. please welcome robert pattinson. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's it going? [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you doing? >> jimmy: doing well, thank you. are you transforming into a werewolf? which side are you on? >> i'm falling apart. my pants are falling down, as well. [ cheers and applause ] really embarrassing. i always seem to be wearing the same stuff on talk shows all the time. i'm like, i'm just going to wear a t-shirt. and then i realized i don't have my uniform -- >> jimmy: you're fine. i feel like a nerd.
12:21 am
you feel comfortable. you got like a rock and roll t-shirt on there. >> i don't know what it is. probably some racist thing or something. no idea. it's not even mine. >> jimmy: some white power organization. well, you're wearing a borrowed shirt. are you still homeless? last time you were here, you had no time. >> yeah, definitely. >> jimmy: wandering around the globe with no place to go. did you settle anywhere? >> not yet, no. >> jimmy: you haven't? >> haven't. >> jimmy: your parents are here with you tonight. do they want you to move back in with them? [ cheers and applause ] hi there. mom and dad. >> this is the only time i ever see my parents. >> jimmy: they show up in the audience at talk shows hoping you'll acknowledge them? [ laughter ] >> i had no idea they were coming. >> jimmy: well, hi there. how are you? >> good, thank you. >> jimmy: oh, they have english accents, too. that's something. when you go back home, do you stay with them? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you do? like, your kid bed with posters on the wall?
12:22 am
>> yeah. i got my linda blair poster from "the exorcist." >> jimmy: wow. going way back, yeah, i guess so. earlier in your career, i know you did some hand modeling. i think i read about this. i think your mom was involved in this somehow. >> i don't know. this is annoying because it's one of my talk show stories which i used over the years many, many times and now my mom is in the audience. i knew someone was going to bring it up. that's completely untrue. you just made it up. but i think a lot of my dreams have intermingled with reality. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> it is either -- is this true? i have no idea. did i ever do -- >> jimmy: did your son do hand modeling as a woman's hand model? no? not true. >> i think it's absolutely true. >> jimmy: your hands are very nice. have you done hand modeling at all? >> that's the thing.
12:23 am
i didn't do that. i was thinking about the story so i can get out of this. so, i have done -- i've done a lot of butt modeling which you have no idea about. and you can't refute that. >> jimmy: is there a big market for butt modeling? >> oom a i'm a butt double for a lot of actor. >> jimmy: a lot of famous actors? i had no idea. [ applause ] that's a bit of trivia we didn't have. where you have been? i know you've been traveling all over the past few weeks. where have you gone? >> i went to, what, paris, brussels and stockholm. that didn't get any screams. >> jimmy: no locals, no stockholmians tonight? >> yeah, right. >> jimmy: do you get to see any of the places when you are there or they just rush you in and out? >> yeah, you know, kind of -- you go to different places, especially places like brussels where i don't know anything about it. i don't see anything but everyone from the place asks you what it's like and what do you know about brussels and you just say stupid stuff. you eventually just kind of cause a mess the whole way
12:24 am
through europe. what do you know about brussels? i'm like, you eat mayonnaise with your fries? and that was it. >> jimmy: love your sprouts. >> someone in stockholm asked us at the press conference, like, from finland and they were like, would you ever -- i'm not going to do a finish accent. they were like, would you ever come to finland and i said stuff like, well, we just went to belgium, so -- that had nothing -- what is happening, i'm completely just delirious. it's terrible. >> jimmy: countries don't like being lumped together, i guess. >> awful. >> jimmy: and so you just leave that town in ruins and you go on to the next place. >> just move away. yeah. i don't know what people are thinking when they think a press tour is of any value to anybody. >> jimmy: i think they just get excited that you're there, even though ultimately, yeah, you wind up just kind of talking to a camera in a language you don't speak. >> completely, yeah. i had the one kind of a
12:25 am
really -- it was just the one different thing that happened in stockholm. somebody -- i got attacked and it was the greatest thing ever. >> jimmy: why? >> after like four years of doing stuff, everything is great, screaming and stuff, and then the had to pay for a ticket to get into this thing in stockholm and he was like trying to throw stuff at me, throwing rocks or something. and suddenly this huge security concern is like -- wow, no, let him do it! let him! i want it to be mayhem! and it didn't amount to anything. >> jimmy: you got stoned in stockholm. wow. well, that's not good. i'm glad you enjoyed that. >> it was so much fun. >> jimmy: that, to me, would be a negative. that's where we differ. you -- you shot in brazil, a lot of the movie, or part of the movie was shot. that wasn't fake. that was really brazil? >> that was brazil and st. thomas in the caribbean.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: and has vampire fever hit even brazil? >> i think you can excite brazilians by doing anything. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> you can kind of -- i mean, as soon as we turned up, there's such a different mentality. it's like fever pitch as soon as you go there. and it's exuberance. people want to hug you and they don't understand -- even if there is 1,000 people and they try to hug you at the same time, there's no understanding of it being like, you feeling uncomfortable. they think they're just like, it's a party, what? >> jimmy: very warm and they want to -- >> even on the set, there's a thing, me and kristen are walking down the street in rio, all the extras just grab you and they are getting thrown off by security. you probably can see it in the movie. this big security guard dressed as rio party goers surrounding us. >> jimmy: we have a clip from the movie when we come back and i -- i saw the film.
12:27 am
it's -- first of all, i enjoyed it and secondly -- it's very erotic. it's very erotic. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to see some of that when we come back. "the twilight saga: breaking dawn part one" opens in theaters november 18th. robert pattinson. we'll be right back. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at ogps's, dolls, dvd's. i'm soe excited i haven't slept in days. and points that don't expire. literally days! starts next friday morning at midnight.
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i, edward cullen, take you, bella swan -- >> for better or for worse. >> to love. >> and to cherish. as long as we both shall live. >> jimmy: that is "the twilight saga: breaking dawn part one." robert pattinson is with us. [ cheers and applause ] i was watching this and i was not with a group of teenage girls. i can only imagine what will go on in that theater. people are going to go unconscious. it's during this sex scene between the two of you on your honeymoon night -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i mean, hopefully. >> jimmy: there's no question about it. it was actually more explicit than i imagined it was going to be. >> it was going to be way more
12:37 am
explicit at one point. i mean, it should have been. but like, yeah, it became down to a whole bunch of different factors. it was rated r for ages and they really had to fight to cut it down. and so -- >> jimmy: you in there fighting going, no, we need to see my penis! [ applause ] >> it wasn't actually -- it wasn't me. it was kristen who was causing it to be r-rated. i'm still doing the same things, the general movements. but -- >> jimmy: the general movements. what is the general movements? because -- i'm still having trouble with it. >> it's funny. they -- they kind of -- they had -- normally, you have problems with things, it has to be pg-13. they normally have things about nudity. you can see half a nipple in pg-13. all this stuff. very specific details. this was literally about the movement.
12:38 am
i mean, and so it was kind of about thrusting. i mean, you -- they kept telling you not to move. almost like, they almost wanted to have a kind of leash on the back of you so you couldn't thrust. you could only -- just the tip or -- >> jimmy: what -- >> i mean -- >> jimmy: there's mom and dad. >> that doesn't mean anything. it's a figure of speech. >> jimmy: he meant a gratuity. and there's a lot of pressure on that because the fans of the books, especially, they -- this is a huge moment, the honeymoon and then the baby comes. >> they want to see thrusting. [ cheers and applause ] they want to see thrusting, not probing. >> jimmy: and the baby in the movie, the baby has already been named "people" magazine's sexiest baby alive. >> is that actually true? >> jimmy: no, give the baby three months.
12:39 am
how old is the baby that -- this is a real baby, right? >> yeah, well, we had a bunch. >> jimmy: really? >> got them from everywhere. the main baby, when it first comes out, is like -- we had them, three, four weeks old. they were genuine babies. >> jimmy: they were babies. so, they were casting in the delivery room -- >> i mean, they were doing casting before the babies were even born. but -- >> jimmy: wow. was the baby well behaved? >> the baby was amazing. a lot of people wear wigs in these movies and everybody, all the adult actors constantly complaining about their wicks all the time. they tried to put a wig -- the baby started off as this robot thing with, like, three guys, three people controlling it underneath and it was this hideous, just kind of an amull ga mation of me and
12:40 am
kristen's face and made into this rubberized, just monster. it looked like a cankerous owl. and, like -- they kind of had to -- [ laughter ] they did that and it was ridiculous, trying to do the biggest things in the movie. the child is like this big, half the size of kristen. and the head was bigger than both of ours. >> jimmy: so, they fired the robot baby. >> probably years in development. just thrown out. and then we had this three-week old baby. the baby is supposed to have hair when it comes out. they tried to stick on a baby wig and -- it looked like the trolls that you stick on the end of pencils. the baby, half a second of putting this wig on he just picks it off and throws it in the face of the hairdresser and just starts weeping. what every single member of the cast wanted to say. and it was incredible. >> jimmy: but you're not allowed to cry when you're an adult. >> just applaud the baby. >> jimmy: it's great to see you. congratulations on all the success. robert pattinson, everybody.
12:41 am
"the twilight saga: breaking dawn part one" opens in theaters november 18th. we'll be right back with freida pinto. so this is enzo, the artiste behind my wardrobe.
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the target 2-day sale starts next friday morning at midnight. are you ready?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there. still to come on the show, thompson square will be with us. our next guest was born in mumbai, and has seven films under her belt. among them "slumdog millionaire" and "rise of the planet of the apes." now, she stars alongside
12:51 am
mickey rourke in the mythological action film "immortals." it opens in theaters friday. please say hello to freida pinto. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very good to have you here. >> i'm very excited to be here. >> jimmy: we met once on the street or something. >> i do remember that. i think it was one of the after parties, after the award care known? >> jimmy: i think i was driving and you and -- >> i thought you were going to say i was drunk. >> jimmy: maybe you were drunk, i don't know. i rarely check but -- >> it was fun. i was so excited when they told me i was going to be on the jimmy kimmel show, and dev says hi. >> jimmy: your boyfriend in real life, was your boyfriend in "slumdog millionaire." very charming guy. >> he loved his time on the show and gave up quite a few secrets. >> jimmy: there are secrets? >> remember the time he told you he was staying at
12:52 am
the four seasons hotel, that's not how it goes, you don't tell people where you are staying. >> jimmy: you're not supposed to tell him. >> you taught him a good lesson. >> jimmy: that seems obvious not to announce your room number on tv. but that's good. i'm glad -- it's the first time i've taught anyone anything. >> good. good for you. >> jimmy: your other co-star from this new movie, mickey rourke, was here last night. did you have fun with him? he's a real character. >> i actually had no scenes with him but i met him on and off quite a bit. when we were doing "slumdog," he did "the wrestler." and it was the same -- we bumped into each other quite a lot and i actually do -- i know a lot of people are afraid of him and they do not know what to expect but i love him. >> jimmy: i like him a lot, too. >> i do. >> jimmy: he is -- he's an interesting guy and he's a character. you don't know, because he's so -- >> he does wear his heart on his sleeve. he's adorable. >> jimmy: he wears almost all of his organs on his sleeve. where do you live now? do you live here in the united states? >> mumbai.
12:53 am
kind of between bombay and london, a lot of airplanes. i go back home to bombay, that's where my family lives and london. >> jimmy: do they go crazy when you are back home in your hometown? >> no, not really. i haven't really done a bollywood film. i'm kind of unknown over there. >> jimmy: really? >> they do recognize me as that girl from "slumdog." they haven't really seen any other film. maybe "rise of the planet of the apes." they just stare and that's pretty much it. >> jimmy: that's probably better. >> a bit uncomfortable but it's fine. >> jimmy: do you stay with your parents when you're there? >> i do, with my sister. >> jimmy: okay, good. is your sister an actor? >> she produces for a tv show. can she come here? job opening? can she work here? >> jimmy: sure, why not? what about your parents? what do they do? >> my mom is the principal head mistress at a school and my dad is a retired banker and works for a private company now. >> jimmy: oh, wow. was your mom your principal when you were in school? >> no. >> jimmy: did she work -- >> i don't think my mom would
12:54 am
put herself in that kind of trouble. she put me in a different school. >> jimmy: so, in the morning -- she would go to one school -- >> i went to another. >> jimmy: i think it's probably better. wouldn't be a great thing to have your mom be the principal of the school. >> considering i was quite a naughty child, the better thing was to send me to another school. >> jimmy: getting sent to the principal's office, would not be so terrible. you would get there and there would be mom. >> i think that would be more terrifying because it would start in school and continue at home. so, i guess it's better that -- >> jimmy: what about dev? where does he live now? >> he lives in london, that's his home base and he's going to be shooting a television series here in l.a. so he's going to be spending a lot of time here. >> jimmy: do you spend a lot of time together or separated? >> separated. we -- >> jimmy: i mean physically separated. >> we do try to find the middle ground. i'm shooting in, say, another place and he's shooting in another place, we have five days free, we try to meet in the
12:55 am
middle. we have to. >> jimmy: that's good. and you talk on the phone a lot and -- >> we do. there's phone, there's skype. skype, i do not like too much. >> jimmy: why not? >> well, i just think -- i don't know. pixelating boyfriend? i don't know. i don't know. >> jimmy: that's why i broke up with my last boyfriend. he was pixelating on me. plus, you kind of worry sometimes when you're on the computer talking to someone that there's a third party hacking in there and seeing what's going on? >> i don't know what you're talking about but that hasn't happened to me. >> jimmy: as far as you know it hasn't happened to you. but i'm going to tell you right now i've been watching you and dev talk online. >> oh, okay. interesting. okay. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's been all clean. >> jimmy: okay, good. you have a security bubble built around the two of you? >> i have to be careful. when i was shooting in a particular country, i was told to be careful, because they could tap the phones. i'm not going to tell you where. >> jimmy: can you tell us?
12:56 am
>> i'd make it probably controversial if i say that. i can probably tell you in your ear. >> jimmy: yeah, and then i'll say it with my mouth to everyone else. [ laughter ] so, this movie what is this movie about? what's the idea behind this film? >> "immortals" is about a young man who is the chosen one to defend all mankind and defeat the evil king, played by mickey rourke. >> jimmy: he's going to be superman. he's the chosen one here to defend all mankind in two different movies. >> in two different movies. that's two different superheroes, yeah. and i play the oracle and i knew he was going to do superman, as well, in the film. >> jimmy: in the movie. you predicted he would -- >> i just saw big things are awaiting you. >> jimmy: in the movie, you know the end of the movie. >> i do. >> jimmy: you're kind of the spoiler -- >> i don't tell them that. i don't tell them that. i mean, how the film unfolds, i do not let the audience know. i just tell them there's something bad is going to happen. >> jimmy: that's probably for the best.
12:57 am
if you showed up in the beginning of the movie and say, hey, everybody, here's how this is going to end, it would be disappointing and people would probably throw popcorn at you. >> no, i didn't do that. i promise you. >> jimmy: i heard you don't drive. >> no, i don't. so bad for someone living in l.a. or traveling here because there aren't people walking on the streets. very few people -- considering i live in mumbai and you find loads of people -- >> jimmy: most of the people walking on the streets here are hookers and drug dealers. >> i wouldn't want to get mixed up. >> jimmy: no. >> it is very difficult. i have to say. but dev drives and -- >> jimmy: that's good. >> that's good. right? >> jimmy: good that one of you drives, yeah. >> we had this, i mean, it was a funny thing. when he first got his license, he came down here, i think left side here and right side in london -- >> jimmy: we drive on the right side. this is good that you're not driving. >> i don't drive. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: at least i drive on the right side, yeah.
12:58 am
>> well, that kind of a thing. and yeah, we took our first road trip, if i can call it that, from l.a. to santa monica. >> jimmy: l.a. to santa monica? that's like six miles. >> he had to get used to -- >> jimmy: that's an errand. >> it was his first time ever on the freeway, so -- it was a big thing. >> jimmy: he stayed on the right side of the road? >> actually, you know, recently he didn't. he actually got very confused and we almost had oops -- >> jimmy: you have to be careful. you guys may need to get a driver. >> that's why i'm not going to drive. >> jimmy: great to see you. say hello to dev for me, as well. congratulations on all your success. "immortals" opens in theaters on on friday. we'll be right back with thompson square. freida pinto, everyone.
12:59 am
1:00 am
1:01 am
>> jimmy: this is their self-titled debut album. here with the song "i got you," thompson square. ♪ ♪
1:02 am
♪a car's got gasoline to run down the road a crop's got rain ♪ ♪ dirt and sun to make 'em grow a song's got rhyme a clock's got time ♪ ♪ you got me and baby i got you yeah you're it the missing piece ♪ ♪ that makes me fit i got you the breath i breathe and there ain't nothing ♪ ♪ else i need baby i got you yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ i don't need a big ole house full of stuff ♪ ♪ what my arms are wrapped around that's enough ♪ ♪ your morning smile
1:03 am
your kiss good night and everything's all right 'cause i got you ♪ ♪ yeah you're it the missing piece that makes me fit i got you ♪ ♪ the breath i breathe and there ain't nothing else i need baby i got you ♪ ♪ when the right goes wrong when i'm scared to death and got nothing left to lean on ♪ ♪ i got you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i do baby i got you ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah you got me too i got you yeah you're it ♪ ♪ the missing piece that makes me fit i got you the breath i breathe ♪ ♪ and there ain't
1:04 am
nothing else i need baby i got you ♪ ♪ and there ain't nothing else i need baby i got you ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah baby i got you ♪ baby i got you baby i got you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to thank robert pattinson, freida pinto. i want to thank brad paisley and darius rucker. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow, kristen stewart, jon bernthal and


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