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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 20, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning -- excessive force. it is the video shocking people all over america.udents protest in a seemingly peaceful manner shot in the eyes with pepper spray by campus security. at point-blank range. how do police justify this? showdown. all of the republican candidates gang up on mitt romney at a christian forum in iowa. why he wasn't there to defend himself? meanwhile, in washington, the countdown is on for the latest round of debt negotiations. is the so-called supercommittee headed for failure? with a time line just 24 hours away. "the people's court" mystery. the mother of three who appeared on the tv court show and disappeared the very same day the show aired.
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did her testimony and the man she was testifying against play a role? and oh, what a night. he's the marine who sent out a youtube invitation on a wing and a prayer. hoping his hollywood crush would join him at the ball. he got his wish. mila kunis joined him last night. we have the photos and their story. let's pull up that photo again. we have been talking about it all morning. mila kunis looked stunning. he's thrilled. to think this all resulted from a dare between justin timberlake and mila kunis. there he was last week. right, kelsey was on the show. they were both just beaming. he had a great time. he was dancing. >> other service members out
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there this morning thinking, who should i invite to the ball? >> i have to say this, i think mila was probably the lucky one. very honorable man. more on l.a. sheriff's didn'ts reopening the mysterious case of natalie wood, the actress who drowned 30 years ago. we wanted to know how exactly do you crack a case this old? will today's high-tech tools be of any use here? something you have never seen before, why is this polar bear way up in the air? he was just released from bear jail, ever heard of that, dan? >> nope. >> and he was arrested prior to being released from bear jail, ron claiborne is going to give us the details coming up in the show. he had a great experience. beautiful, beautiful. >> that's coming up later in the show. but first, that controversy over the campus cop caught on tape pepper spraying occupy demonstrators during a
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standoff at the university of california, davis, the video has now gone viral. and the school is investigating. speaking of ron claiborne, here's he to kick off on this story. >> in a little bit of more than 24, viewers have seen video on what happened on the davis campus of the university of california. when police moved in to move out the occupy protesters. what you're about to see in the school's chancellor "chilling." when protesters moved in to move out the occupy protesters. after disobeying police orders to remove their tents from campus the occupy ucd protesters linked arms. then a university police officer wielding a can of pepper spray orders the protesters to disperse and then he occasionally sprays the chemical irritant into their faces at close range. >> it felt like my face was peeling off. i didn't even know where i was at that point. >> reporter: some other students recorded it and posted it on
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youtube where it has been a viral sensation. >> the police officer had no reason to spray those kids. >> reporter: police in several cities have been using chemical sprays against occupy movement protesters, from new york city to oakland, tear gas and pepper spray have been used to control crowds. and remove demonstrators. >> pepper spray is to keep the people from being able to mount an attack. >> reporter: here, the police officers are trying to disperse a crowd. why would you incaps tate them? they have been surrounded by the protesters and feared for their safety. they said they repeatedly warned them that force would be used if they did not leave. after viewing video of the incident the chancellor of uc davis called the police action against protesters chilling. she ordered an investigation. >> i personally feel really bad about what happened to students
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and the whole incident. >> reporter: as protests erupted again on the uc davis campus last night, the school's faculty association said it was outraged by what it called police brutality and called on the chancellor to resign. and the school's chancellor had initially defended the campus police's action last night. she said, after reviewing the video, she finds it now sad. in her words. meanwhile, the occupy uc davis protests are still going on. dan? >> thanks, ron. we'll turn now to politics. your voice, your vote. in a big event in iowa this weekend, most of the republican candidates were there and one front-runner was noticeably absent -- mitt romney. many of his opponents saw that as an opportunity to take shots at him. something interesting is developing in the poll, four-way tie with one surprising candidate ron paul holding steady.
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could he surprise everyone? david kerley joins us now. david, iowa is a pivotal state for ron paul. if he wins in iowa, he's likely to stay in the poll. >> reporter: this is an interesting year, bianna. just six weeks now until iowa voters go to their caucus. the first presidential contest. and at this point it's still a toss-up. in a megachurch -- >> i truly gave my life to christ. >> i actually gave my life over to the lord. >> reporter: the candidates put their christian conservative credentials on display. but also found ways to talk about war and the occupy wall street movement. >> that they took over a public park that they didn't pay for. to go nearby to use bathrooms they didn't pay for, go get a job right after you take a bath. >> reporter: and for herman cain, another long pause to a question.
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>> phase four -- >> reporter: about being diagnosed with cancer. >> before my wife and i were about to get in a car, i said, i could do this. she said, we can do this. >> reporter: missing from this iowa christian chat, mitt romney, he was in new hampshire. but his name did come up. >> if only mitt romney were here to respond. >> reporter: romney has not blanketed iowa. voters seem unimpressed, uncommitted. and they're looking for another anti-mitt romney that might be ron paul. >> are you prouder of your medical profession? >> doctors are still rated a lot higher in pollings than the politician. >> reporter: there is talk that paul now has a chance to win, yes, win, iowa. >> he has the combination of a grassroots organization as well as the financial resources to be able to go up on television and he has a committed core of voters.
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>> reporter: now, here's the situation in iowa, voters there like to meet the candidates. so, look for december to be all about iowa. iowa, iowa, iowa. as we get down to that first contest, dan. >> david kerley, thank you. tomorrow in washington, a big day and for many americans possibly an infuriating one. over the summer, when the government nearly shut down because the two parties couldn't couldn't agree on raising the debt ceiling, a huge fight resulted in the stock market tanking and america's credit rating being downgraded. lawmakers and the white house cut a last-minute deal. they agreed to create something called a super committee. bipartisan committee of lawmakers that was to come up with a plan to get the deficit under control. but the members of this super committee appeared to be grid lock. their deadline is tomorrow.
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let's go straight now to abc's christiane amanpour. lot of americans are going to conclude tomorrow if this deadline is not meant, our government is incapable of getting anything done. is that unfair conclusion to draw? >> well, dan, not really, because as you point out, this super committee was to be failproof. a real authority to get things done. failing to come one those vital cuts they have identified to get that deficit under control. >> assuming if they miss the deadline, what does it mean for the rest of us? that's a good question. they enshrined an automatic cut if they didn't meet their deadlines. cuts in the military but now, people are talking about politicians trying to figure out whether they can avoid those cuts and do the job in another
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way. it's divot to know exactly how it's going to turn out. >> as you say, kicking the can down the road. christiane, always such a pleasure to have you on sunday mornings. be sure to join christiane later on this morning on "this week" when she talks presidential politics with chicago mayor rahm emanuel. ron claiborne with a look at the other stories developing this morning. firefighters in nevada have mostly contained that huge wind-whipped fire that tore through reno friday morning. most of those who had evacuated returned home. but not everyone. >> reporter: they had no idea what their homes would look like. many feared the worse. >> anxious to get back home? >> i want to see if i have a home. >> reporter: when the nearly 10,000 people forced to evacuate, let back in for the first time saturday, most breathed a sigh of relief. of the thousands threatened only 32 homes and structures were
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destroyed. >> there's a stove top along that wall there. sink and counter area there. >> reporter: jim hammers and jerry mcknight are among that unlikely group. you lived here 18 years? >> yes. it's a total loss. >> reporter: the only possession they could save, these salt and pepper shakers. like many of their neighbors, they awoke early friday morning with flames inching towards their backyard. winds gusting over 70 miles an hour. kicked the fire into overdrove. it torched more than 2,000 acres. this fire is now mostly contained. only a handful of hot spots still remain. they believe that the cause is likely a downed power line. for "good morning america," cecilia vega. potential security nightmare was avoided during president obama's visit to australia this
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week. australian government is investigating how the classified booklet containing the president's itinerary was lost in a gutter. it included cell phone numbers for senior u.s. officials. in egypt, clashes between police and protesters have turned deadly. thousands of protesters in cairo are in the streets right now and they're being tear gassedened fired at with rubber bullets. a day after two people killed. growing anger in egypt. the state turning it over to a civilian government. and syrian president assad is vowing to continue his crackdown on anti-government. he defended himself, claiming militants, his words, are massarceing syrians on a daily basis. as the uprising against his rule may have reached a new phase. rocket propelled grenades were reportedly fired today.
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and a woman tailgating before the annual harvard-yale football game in connecticut was killed yesterday when she was hit by an out of control u-haul truck. two other people were injured. the driver was a yale student. and penn state university won its first game, football game, since its longtime coach joe paterno was fired. the nittany lions beat ohio state, 20-14, in columbus, ohio. the last time penn state won a game without joe paterno as head coach or assistant coach was back in 1949. it looks like penn state will be heading toward a bowl game. >> those players i spent some time with them, they're still hoping to pull out the rose bowl. >> it looks good right now. ron, dan, you recovered from our lunch yesterday. >> we had lunch with the newest member of our team. >> ginger. and dan bought, right?
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>> they all pitched in. >> did we scare you away? >> not at all. i'm so, so happy to be here. even after having lunch with the three of you. it went well. >> we were telling our deep, darkest secrets at lunch yesterday. glad you're back. >> in the meantime the upper plains, the northern plains had their first significant snow of the season and it was not nice. they had accidents, even one death. lots of folks off the road. the first one is always a problem. but when you get 3 to 12 inches of snow, just north of st. cloud, it's going to be an issue. that video was from st. cloud. where they got 6 inches. so behind it, cold air. in it comes, you see 18 in minneapolis. minot, a nice 5. single digits and teens. there's another storm that's about to hit california, it's actually begun already. los angeles, here, showing some rainfall. that energy is going to kick ahead and severe storms going to
8:15 am
pop up, anywhere from eastern texas through the southeast, exactly where they were hit. i'll talk much more about the travel weather within the half-hour. for now that's the big picture. >> so it's not going to be perfection as far as travel goes. but we had some very nice photos coming in facebook or twitter. rapid city,
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one of the areas that had snow, they're now seeing drifting and wind. it's pulling away. that beautiful picture from hoboken, though. >> right here in our backyard. >> i just got word from ron he's going to play for dinner, he's got dinner the next time around. >> all right, thank you, ginger. now to that 30-year-old hollywood mystery that has everyone fascinated. police in los angeles have reopened the investigation into natalie wood's death. with so much time having passed since the actress drown, how exactly are they open hoping to crack this case? >> good morning. l.a. county sheriff's detectives are releasing specifics on how they're going to pursue it. this high-profile hollywood mystery case. the victim natalie wood. age 43. hollywood beauty. found dead in the water november 29th, 1981. her death, declared an
8:17 am
accidental drowning. 30 years later, investigators say they have new information. >> they haven't subsubstantiated that information. they have assigned two seasoned detectives to take a look at this case. >> reporter: they'll start with existing evidence. reviewing pictures and notes from the scene near catalina island, the yacht that she was on, the dingy that she may have been trying to board. the autopsy report. >> you could have medical examiners today review the l.a. examiner's report to see if there are any inconsistencies. >> reporter: next up, the key witnesses. the three other people on the boat, robert wagner, wood's husband, also a famous actor, claims that he saw and heard nothing about his wife's drowning that night. christopher walken, wood's friend and handsome co-star. he has not talked publicly since the case was reopened. dennis davern the captain on the boat, he said that he heard a vicious fight before wood
8:18 am
disappeared and that wagner asked him not to look for her. >> perhaps there are additional allegations. but allegations take you nowhere unless you can prove them. >> reporter: could that proof come from new evidence, maybe from high-tech search and testing techniques like we see in today's tv crime dramas. our experts say not likely. >> talking about going to a boat 30 years later, it would be unrealistic to swab anything. >> dna evidence, the type of evidence that usually changes the case. we don't have that here. we just have a change of testimony. short of that, it's going to be very difficult to for them to reclassify this case. >> now the experts we spoke expect the review of the natalie wood case will be done relatively soon. again, robert wagner said that he supports this new investigation. dan and bianna, he's not a suspect at this time and this case is still ruled an accident. >> thank you. appreciate it. now to a happier hollywood
8:19 am
story. >> that's right. a happy hollywood story. involving an actress and marine. the happiest guy at a big military ball this weekend. dressed in elegant black with her hand in a patriotic pose, movie star mila kunis kept her promise. she attended a marine birthday ball last night. >> i would like to invite you to the marine corps ball. >> the 28-year-old star was invited by moore on youtube. the invitation became a viral sensation with 4 million hits. mila saw the clip a month later on a media tour with her friends with benefits co-star justin timberlake. and last night was the big night the starlet arriving in a black
8:20 am
suv in north carolina. not to be left out, her co-star got an invitation of his own. on youtube. >> justin, you want to call out my girl mila, i'm going to call you out -- >> reporter: she extended her invitation to the pop star for a ball in virginia. >> i accept. >> reporter: they had their turn last week. she told robin roberts that it was a special night for both of them. >> we kind of locked eyes and we were both grateful for the things that our country stands for. >> reporter: reality star kristin cavallari also accepted a marine corp ball invite. the stars showing appreciation for the servicemen who do so much for our country. we should note that sergeant scott moore will join us tomorrow on "good morning america" to talk about his big day with mila kunis. mila, way to go. >> nice.
8:21 am
yes, excellent. >> coming up here, serious story out of florida, search for a missing mom who vanished after appearing on "people's court." is there a connection and what about the man she was testifying against? plus, ron takes us to the polar bear capital of the world. a place that's overrun with these beautiful, but dangerous animals that they have to air left them out. we'll have more on this story. >> incredible story there. this is edith and i was the first-born... i got married first... i had children first... and i'm the first to get this haircut. i was the first to get a flu shot. you didn't make an appointment yet. don't need one at walgreens. strolled right in and got my flu shot early from my walgreens pharmacist. they're all specially trained. so now i'm number one. it only took you 77 years. [ female announcer ] arm yourself with a flu shot from all walgreens and take care clinics. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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look at these animals. they're incredible. coming up here on "good morning america" on this sunday morning, ron claiborne taking us on ron's amazing adventure to a town that's so overrun with polar bears, they have put a system in place where they air lift them out of town. look at that. what is a polar bear jail? ron will explain all of that coming up here on "good morning america." good morning to you. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. also coming up -- check this out -- what do angry birds have to do with this holiday light display? we'll tell you coming up in our weekly "fixation" segment. but we're going to start in florida, with the missing mother of three. her name is michelle parker and
8:31 am
she disappeared on thursday the same day an episode of the "people's court" aired featuring her and her exfiancee. dan kloeffler is on the story. >> good morning to you. this on-again, off-again couple was fighting about money. figured that "people's court" was the best way to settled things. once the verdict aired on people's court, no one saw michelle parker except the man she was fighting with. >> all right, dale smith, you're suing your former fiancee michelle parker for $5,000, the maximum for an engagement ring. >> these florida exes turned to the people's court to settle a dispute. but on the same day that this episode aired -- michelle parker disappeared. it happened thursday after she dropped off the couple's twins at his orlando home. she was never heard or seen again. her abandoned truck found a day later. police gathered items from
8:32 am
smith's home and searched t ede nearby woods. they haven't gone so far to name him a suspect. as searchers organized, her family is making desperate pleas. >> if you're holding her hostage, please let her go. let her come home so that she can raise her babies. >> reporter: in their argument on the show, parker revealed deeper conflicts in the relationship. >> he shouldn't have put his hands on me. he shouldn't have put his hands on me prior. >> the show could provide clues for investigators. >> it's always possible that any time you have a public display of animosity between two individuals in a relationship it's going to excaberate the problem between these two individuals. >> it's not the first time that a daytime television show shared the headline with a case. back in 1996, a man was convicted of murdering an acquaintance after he claimed that the jenny jones show
8:33 am
ambushed with a guy crush confession. a public dispute that's played out for television audiences. >> it's been a hell of a roller-coaster ride. could be linked to this family's nightmare. >> everybody's searching. let's hope we find her and bring her home. >> now, according to the show's schedule, this episode was taped last month, investigators are expecting to analyze both testimony from parker and smith. since the middle of tokt help them in their search. >> tough story, dan kloeffler, thank you. let's check the rest of the morning's headlines with ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, the university of california at davis is launching an investigation after a video of students getting pepper sprayed by campus police went viral. the school's chancellor called the images chilling, but she's resisting calms for her resignation. a highway in germany reopened after a massive 52-vehicle pileup.
8:34 am
three people were killed and dozens injured. the accident happened late friday in foggy conditions. and target is the latest company to drop one of the nation's largest egg suppliers after an abc news investigation revealed cases of animal cruelty at its farms. mcdonald's also cut off deliveries from that same time. tom cruise and his daughter suri were spotted ice skating in at a rink in downtown pittsburgh. cruise is in pittsburgh shooting his latest film, "one shot." time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. we begin with travel conditions. and the spots that you'll be most worried about come wednesday. because that's such a huge travel day. in the northeast, new york and boston, both should see delays. it's because of the wet and kind of breezy day. many looking at seattle and san francisco having some heftier delays. that's on wednesday. the weather that will create the
8:35 am
delays is going to be the rain and snow from the poconos to the north and west. down into northern florida and along the eastern seaboard, thunderstorms possible. as you're planning travel this weekend, come thanksgiving day, we really dry out. but here in new york city, for the macy's thanksgiving parade, all of the balloons and floats, is going to have some breeze to deal with. for now, that's the big picture. >> this weather report has been brought to you by hallmark. dan and bianna? >> can we bring up that image of tom cruise and suri again? we really watched this girl grow up before our eyes. i think she's 5 years old now. >> everyone's leaving him alone.
8:36 am
they're polite in pittsburgh, good for them. good for them. all right, coming up here on "good morning america" this morning -- the bear in the air, the air lift. ron claiborne's excellent adventure up in polar bear country. coming up after the break. >> i really think that dan is jealous of ron. plus, remember this? we got an urgent competitive rabbit hopping update coming up in our fixation segment, also brought to you by ron claiborne. n claiborne. ♪ write "you're pretty." you're pretty! ♪ i think he hurt his tibia. what's a tibia? [ female announcer ] cards are not for sending. ♪ they're for bringing us together. this holiday, select cards come postage-paid.
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animals can wander into areas where people live. imagine if that wildlife for polar bears, that's what's happening in a city of manitoba, canada, where scientists say global warming is driving those beautiful, but potentially dangerous animals right into town. they're magnificent. captivating. somehow, even magical. to see them in the wild. was amazing. churchill, manitoba, calls itself the polar bear capital of the world.
8:40 am
it's here on this tundra, that hundreds of polar bears come out of their summer-long torper and head to the shores of hudson bay, waiting for the water to freeze over so they can go out on to the ice to hunt seal. but, as you see from these warning signs in town, sometimes a polar bear will come right into churchill. >> you don't want to fight with a polar bear? >> you're not going to win. even a small one. >> there's a bear right here. there are a couple of bears here. >> reporter: wayward bears who wander into town, get arrested, captured and taken here to bear jail. after several days they're taken out, tranquilized and blindfolded in case they wake up too soon. and they're air lifted away. we followed in an another helicopter as this bear was
8:41 am
carried about 40 miles north of churchill. out into the wilderness. this bear is about 400 pounds. he was kept in the bear jail for a week or so. it will take about three hours for this tranquilizer to wear off. hopefully, he'll wander off in another direction in the search of food. soon the bear began to wake up. the ranger marked his back in green dye. if he shows up in churchill again, they'll know that he's a repeat offender. >> bears are coming ashore earlier and in poor conditions. >> reporter: jeff york is a polar bear expert. head of arctic species conservation, for world wildlife fun, which is leading research into bear's habits. york said that earth's warming climate means that it's taking longer for ice on hudson bay to
8:42 am
form and it is thawing earlier. >> polar bears are definitely threatened. and thairt threatened by habitat loss threatened by climate change. >> reporter: jeff would be our guide on our polar bear expedition. go out into polar bear country and hopefully get up close and personal with a bunch of polar bears. in our trip on the round ra, we saw a bunch of polar bears. we got a female bear right next to our buggy. she's coming over to check us out. looks very curious. changed her mind. the bears we saw were on the move. but in no particular hurry. they're hungry because they haven't had anything to eat since coming off the ice last july. and once again this year, the ice has been late forming. we're late getting them to their meal this year.
8:43 am
>> late getting them to their meal this year, and they were early getting off. so that window without food is growing at both ends. >> reporter: on our last day the weather turned bitterly cold. far below zero and with a fierce numbing wind. i'm cold. i don't know about you. but the bears, no problem. but cold enough for the ice to begin forming on hudson bay. we watched as some of the polar bears seemed to test the ice and they seemed to sense, too, finally, they'll be able to hunt for food. at the current rate of ice loss, it's predicted that there will be no ice forming any longer on the hudson bay. by 2080. there's an effort going on to create kind of a permanent habitat in the northern latitudes. for some of the 20,000-plus arctic polar bears that exist. it would involve preserving this area in the northern latitudes. this would resist global warming longer. coca-cola are putting up money
8:44 am
to support this research and effort. and matching up to 1 million bucks. >> that image of them testing that ice. >> you looked at climate change, what is the trend line from your perspective? >> whatever it is, we know that it's warming, we know that there's less ice, and without ice, the ocean has a more difficult time getting back and eating back at carbons. so, our air gets worse. there have been studies by different canadian agencies that has been proven. >> you want to try to help the polar bears, you can contribute by going to on yahoo!. >> great story, ron. coming up -- remember jubjub the amazing balancing dog. he has other skills coming up after the break. what makes a dollop of daisy so creamy and delicious?
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♪ time for our "fixation." what? >> nothing. carry on. >> it's the segment where we show you the stories, the images and the videos that caught our attention this week. wanted to share with you guys, i was going to start with dan, but for interrupting me i'm going to turn to ginger. >> lights, christmas lights. we all love them. but can you computer program them to the angry birds song? wow, john storms, austin, texas. >> austin. >> lot of time on his hand. >> he said that he did it within two hours.
8:49 am
to program it. >> very cool, ginger. may i go next? >> yes, you can. >> remember a couple of weeks ago, we showed the rabbit hopping competition in europe which is apparently catching on big there. we got a lot of viewers paying attention to this. and we got an entry from a viewer, a young lady, 11 years old. her name is cassandra brustkern. from iowa. this was cassandra training some of her rabbits on her farm. he has a little bit of trouble getting over the hurdles because he has a large derriere. >> and you actually spoke with her a few times.
8:50 am
>> yesterday. she's been doing this since she was 6 years old. >> derriere is the veterinarian term. you know the staple of hollywood films, the evil laugh. bianna actually does one quite frequently around here. this has been in movies since time and memorial. we put together a montage of famous evil laughs. over the generations. there's a little girl -- i believe -- there's an evil laugh by the way. a little girl in norway who was caught on video with her own evil laugh by her father. take a look. tell us what you think. >> yeah. >> can we play that again? look at that. >> look at her face. in you expect -- >> maniacal. >> absolutely maniacal. >> she's still cute.
8:51 am
>> in the course of five days that got 2 million hits on youtube. incredible. someone else who has gotten a lot of hits on youtube. do you remember jubjub, the st. bernard that was on "good morning america" last week. he can hold anything on his nose. that was an angry bird doll. josh elliott had a blast with him. but he's back, his owner now says that jubjub plays football. let's take a look. >> nice open-field tackle there. >> exactly. >> oh. >> he's huge. how much does he weigh? jubjub weighs about 150 pounds. >> dan, you keep putting me on the spot this morning. let's just say that he's a big dog. >> jub jub is very cute.
8:52 am
>> all right that's our "fixation" for our sunday. we do as ron illustrated so beautifully this morning, we take viewers submission no matter you're where from. we'll be right back. >> the look on her face. >> the look on her face.
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