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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ounded warriors and their families. visit to learn how you can make a ifference in their lives. now "abc2 news at 11. >> the maryland man connected to the disappearance of a travel companion in aruba could be be out of prison soon. reaction from the victim's friend coming up. the feast is over. your family is home but what do you do with the turkey? tips to make sure leftovers don't leave you feeling sick. and a beautiful day today. can we make it last into tomorrow is in the weekend forecast is abc # news starts at 11 -- 2 news starts at 11 right now the. the maryland man jailed in connection with the disappearance of a female companion in aruba will be released next week e says robin gardner went missing while on a snorkeling trip.
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and cheryl conner joins us with reaction. it had to be a big surprise. >> reporter: it was. tom snyder met robin when she was robyn when she was here. it sets him back when he tries to make peace with her being gone but a judge sides with the attorney who argues that he no body no weapon and no motive. for the past ten years tom had known her as life of the party. the good times took them to mexico including guardner's then husband and they met in downtown frederick where gardner was a regular at ed. >> i are's bar. >> she is trusting and trusted too many people in my opinion. the wrong people. >> reporter: snyder things the trusting ways allowed her tovacation in aruba with a man released from a jail next week. the two met on a swingers website he maintains she went missing on a snorkeling trip
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and her body was not been found and investigators discovered her blood on the beach. >> tell the truth. you know. and he can go hiding the rest of his life. >> reporter: two days after she disappeared he called american express inquiring about a 1.5 million dollar insurance policy he took out on gardner. still investigators admit they have no body no weapon and no convincing motive allowing giordano's attorney to make a plea. >> i don't think you should hold someone detain them and put them in prison unless you have some evidence of a crime. >> reporter: he reportedly cried when the judge announced the ruling outside of the gaithersburg home his son didn't want to talk. but his college friends just learned the news. >> that's good for jason, man. >> yeah. >> happy for him. >> he misses his dad. definitely. >> yeah. >> definitely wants to see him. >> reporter: react near giordano's home. >> puts us in dangerrer here. it's dangerous bringing him back knot neighborhood.
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>> reporter: and from frederick tom homes his dear friend will get justice. >> i don't think she is alive in my opinion. so i would like to know who did it. >> reporter: giordano will have to leave once released. prosecutors need more time to analyze information from thelaptop and ipad they can ask from extradition if they find evidence to persuade a judge to have him rearrested. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> thanks. the man who was once the prime suspect in the disappearance of another american in aruba natalee holloway will face the trial in the murder of another woman in peru. the trial has been set for january 6th and he is accused of killing stephanie flores inside a hotel room in lima peru last year. van der sloot was arrested where police believe he was hiding following that murder. a 51-year-old man spent thanksgiving in the hospital after police say another man stabbed him at a parking lot in baltimore county. it happened around 7 in the
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8100 block of liberty road. police say a man who appeared to be intoxicated was blocking traffic when douglas gray asked him to move. the man smashed a beer bottle in the ground and stabbed gray in the stomach and ran away. gray was released today. police identified the man accused of stabbing him as gilberto mendez who was found and arrested shortly after the stabbing and is held without bail and is charged with attempted first-degree murder. an update on a 4-year-old we told you about last night that went missing. she has been found. police say she was located early this morning safe and unharmed in west baltimore. it's not clear who was with her when she was found. police had been look for a woman named ty who was with the girl when she left on tuesday. show far police have not charged anyone in that disappearance. and city police identified the man killed by a police officer earlier this week 52-year-old
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anthony stoakley was shot after refusing to put down two large knives and it happened wednesday afternoon or wednesday morning. he was shot in the abdoughmen and died at the hospital. the officer was not hurt and police plan to release her name early next week. firefighters in prince george's county pulled four people from a home early this morning around 4:30 in bowie when fire fight airs rind a and moo -- a-- firefighters arrived, a man who lived there said three people were trapped inside. all three were treated for smoke inhalation and investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. towson university will host high-profile guest tomorrow. president obama the first lady and their two daughters will watch the towson tigers take on oregon state beavers coming to support the first lady's brother craig robinson who coaches osu's men's basketball team. but today, michelle obama along with sasha animallia were in the christmas spirit as they
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receive the official white house christmas tree. there it is this year measuring 19 feet brought in from a farm in wisconsin. once decorated it will go on display in the blue room of the white house. all right. tell me it was not gorgeous out there today. plenty of sunshine to be had and satellite and radar picking up on what we are seeing right now. the fact is we are not seeing a lot. mainly clear skies and there are few -- there are a few clouds in the western maryland but things looking good outside. temperatures are beginning to drop, though. check out baltimore right now, coming in around 41 degrees and you can see the pool of cooler air in to york, pennsylvania and frederick and culpepper you are dealing with the 30s there. as we go through the rest of the overnight, temperatures dropping into the 30s. but upper 30s is what i am thinking. mostly clear and it won't be as killie as last night and check out what we have for tomorrow. that hour by hour forecast brings in plenty of sunshine by 8 tomorrow morning.
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and that temperature right around 45 degrees. by lunchtime 61 and we will see more clouds as we go throughout the day. temperatures coming in right around 66. >> thanks. lots of people waited in long lines for the best deals last night. but one woman in california was so intent on being first she pepper sprayed the shoppers around her. now someone managed to catch the chaos on a cell phone camera. check this out. police say 10 people were sprayed with pepper spray and that is not a pleasant experience. surrounded by a crowd of shoppers trying to figure out what was happening. no one was seriously hurt, but police are looking for the woman with the pepper spray. back here in baltimore, the lines were long and parking lots packed and bargain hunters were less ruthless. at the stroke of midnight shoppers streamed into stores hoping to get their hands on everything from televisions to mixers to jeans. there was all about the door buster sales 2 or 3 hour deals you could only get while supplies lasted or the sun came up. people we caught up with say
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they do this every year. >> i don't know i just go shopping like the deals and stuff like that. i did the same thing last year but we were at the end of the line. >> it's a thrill and this is my second black friday i just enjoy it. >> the lines at some area best buy stores started forming on wednesday. the majority of folks we met told us they ate thanksgiving din erin took a nap and came out in the cold to stand in line. for more traditional and less stressful shopping experience stick with smaller local stores and if you didn't get he to them today, tomorrow will be another -- get to them today, tomorrow will be another opportunity called small business saturday. don't expect to find shoppers lined up trampling over each other to get into the stores on the avenue in hampden. >> we walk up here all the time to shop local as often as we can. >> reporter: don't get them wrong. business owners don't mind the holiday rush but for charlotte who lives here black friday shopping felt like she was spending time among friends.
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>> it was relaxed up here. people going around and no one pushing anyone out of the way and people say good morning. >> reporter: the home furnishings gift store used to be be red tree and here they say when you shop small you are helping the local community and you are also helping yourself by insuring you won't get your loved ones the same gift someone else gets them. >> they are look for a gift for a best friend and if they tell us about the best friend, we can point them in the direction and suggest something. >> reporter: liz and her husband heard about the store and stopped in on their way to dinner in hampden. >> i would rather come in a store like this any day than a big box store. >> reporter: a visit tonight but she says she will be back her husband seems a bit concerned. >> i intend to do a lot of that this season. it's okay. don't worry. i won't spend all the money. >> reporter: the city is teaming up with american express to support small businesses tomorrow. [ music ] good job guys.
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with help from the sparks elementary school choir hunt valley welcome the holiday season this evening. tonight, the hunt valley town center lit up the big christmas tree in the middle of the square and very nice. santa himself even made an appearance down from the north pole. they set up shop in the greeting and reading store from until until he has to get to the north pooing on -- pole on christmas eve. the day after thanksgiving and lots of people have fridges full of leftovers. coming, what best ways to store your holiday favorites and how to tell whether it's still safe to chow down. and if you have a teenage at home, chances are they are nevermore than a few inches away from cell phone and they are texting in their sleep. and if you didn't brave the black friday lines, you are not -- there are plenty shopping days before the holidays. what's on this year's hottest toys list. the hottest when abc2 returns in 60 seconds.
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in our consumer later there's no more avoiding it. the holiday shopping season is officially here. 30 shopping days until christmas. what are you going to get everyone who is on your list? today it was thing about day for electronics and appliance. but things like clothes and toys will stay on sale throughout the next several weeks. the ceo of toys r us gave us insight into which items are likely to be big sellers. >> the hottest toy is giant inflatable shark and you can get a clown fish version. it's an leap pad is the hotist collect tronic -- electronic toy and helps your child learn geography and math and how to read. >> i mope my daughter didn't see that flying nemo. if you are hunting for the very popular toys, stores may be running low. after the black friday rush but toys r us says they
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getshipments every day and most popular items will be back on shell informs few days. wow, you're out shopping for loved ones and consider a toy for a child in need as well. the 13th annual it's kinder time toy drive is underway a great event and abc2 is once again a proud sponsor with pete o'neal at the helm and you will have until december 22nd to donate new used un-- new unused toys. you can go to a state police barracks or fire station in baltimore city and baltimore county as well as anne arundel county option for the toy droop drive. if you are stumped for ideals check out our website have you considered apps for christmas? we have a story how to do that and expert toy experts can clue you in on which toys the kids will enjoy the most. retailers hope today puts them in the black president obama and would be challengers are watching the numbers. emily schmidt is in washington with a connection between
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bargain shoppers and upcoming presidential election. >> reporter: today's going to tell us a lot about consumer confidence and how americans are feeling about their personal financial situation. if it turns out they are not willing to open up the pocketbooks it could be bad news for president obama. the day after thanksgiving is always a profitable one for retail businesses. but with many companies relying on the holidays to boost profits, a poor showing could frustrate business owners. consumer confidence is at 22% according to gallup's daily tracker down from 46% two years ago. and a new cnn, orc poll shows 15% americans say economic conditions today are good. traditionally if voters are not happy about the economy they blame those in power the president and incumbents. >> god bless you. >> reporter: we saw it the economy was a big factor in the republican wave that put the gop in charge of house of representatives and further to
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1992 the last time an incumbentpresident lost an election. president george hw bush rating bottomed out to 29% unemployment rate 7.5%. the unemployment rate right now is 9%. and the obama administration is hoping the number goes down before the polls open up. in washington, emily schmidt. in tonight's health alert most people heard of sleep walking but for a generation growing with up cell phones, sleeping problems are more high tech. a sleep doctor in ohio started to see more cases of teens who are sleep texting. and that it makes sense because they go to sleep with the cell phones within reach and teen elizabeth found out she had been sleep texting from a friend who is getting confusing messages from her in the middle of the night. >> you-- he sent mow a text at 3 in the morning. and i didn't know what she meant by it. >> she texted someone who
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showed me on his phone and i was like are you joking and i said i sent that three in the morning and he he said yeah, you do. >> come on put the phone away. sleep experts say sleeping problems have also have a genetic component but they recommend teens move the phone out of reach and four out of five kids with cell phones sleep with them neck to the beds and 10% of those actually purn them off while -- turn them off while sleeping. you enjoyed the meal and did shopping but now the leftovers. dr. timothy johnson has answers to all of your leftover questions and advice to make sure what you are eat something safe. >> reporter: thanksgiving diner is a meal that really keeps on giving. but there are dangers lurking in the leftovers. 400,000 americans come down with food bourn illness was symptoms such as pain, vomiting and diarrhea after thanks giving. experts say -- thanksgiving. experts say avoid the problem
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byfollowing this formula. two hours, two inches, four days. refrigerate all leftovers within two hours of the meal, fill food containers no more than two inches to allow rapid chilling and eat leftovers within four days or freeze them. and also remove the turkey meat from the bone and store stuffing separately. keep your refringe rator at-- refridge fridge rator at 36 to -- refrigerator at 36 to 38 degrees and watch cutting boards and surface and your hands. when in doubt, throw it out. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. >> now married's most -- maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> it was a gorgeous day today. plenty of sunshine and right now, we are looking pretty good as well. we have mainly clear skies out there. and the temperature coming in right around 41 degrees. and the winds and the west southwest at 3 miles an hour.
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so there's pretty much a nonfactor and we have great visibility. baltimore check it out. we saw plenty of blue skies and a few high clouds trying to stream in throughout the day. cirrus clouds and we saw more of the same in annapolis and the severn river a few boats. it was beautiful day to be out on the river. that's for sure. so we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and we are dry and you know, what we will get one more dry day of it going into tomorrow. so make the plans and make sure you are outside because things are going to be look pretty good and feeling good like today. our highs, wow, 72 degrees at the inner harbor. that's well above average. we should be like around 53 for this time of the year. and as we look into annapolis temperatures around 57 and 63 in cambridge and dc around 63 as well. and so the forecast for tomorrow as we head around the neighborhoods and seton hill around 65 degrees. so today into baltimore up to about 70 and i think we will be a little cooler than that due to the fact we might have more cloud cover streaming in here going throughout the day.
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and as we check out tomorrow around 66 degrees. so we will start out with plenty of sunshine and as the day goes on, i think we will see more clouds in here just like today. and yesterday, it was sunny and today we saw a few more clouds and it was a lot of sunshine. and then tomorrow, i think we will get even more clouds than what we saw today. i will call it mostly sunny to partly cloudy. satellite and radar look good as of now. and we broaden out the view and can see what's going on. in the a whole lot heading back across the ohio valley. we have to go all the way across the plains to see what's going on. they have active weather and we have a cold front that's going to try to come through here into sunday and with that we will see showers in the forecast late into monday. so, mild weather still going to be upon us as high pressure is still in control. but that cold front is going to knock it out of here and with that we will get rain in the forecast. future trend not picking up on rain going through tomorrow. and it won't be until sunday night into monday that is when you will break up the rain gear
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once again. tomorrow that temperature right around 66 degrees. mostly sunny start but the cloud will increase going throughout the day. and then by tomorrow night, this is what it looks like. 46 degrees partly cloudy skies and temperatures above average. and here to check out the 7-day forecast for you. as we look at maybe a little bit of breezy conditions as we go into sunday night, that's when the rain will start to approach in here as well. and then by monday, that's when we are looking at more rain in the forecast and check it out, we can see on tuesday i have to mention, maybe a rain-snow mix depending on how the cold air wraps in and if the moisture is here. but it's too early to determine and wednesday and thursday and friday we cool down but it will be dry with sunshine. >> the 40s pretty soon thanks. coming, a new mission to mars. what nasa hopes to discover as scientists prepare for a -- for a big launch tomorrow but here terry for a look at what he coming up in about 10 minutes after abc2 news at 11. >> coming up at night lint inspiring story of a big 10
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football star turned pediatrician. treating the liliest patience on the other side of the world. we will go inside the incredible program designed to bring doctors to a place with almost none that's coming on night line after abc2 news at 11. q@
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an age old question are we the only living creatures in the universe? nasa hopes our nearest neighbor holds clues. scientists plan to launch a brand new space rover tomorrow. this weekend. as john tells us it will be the most so if i have catted piece of equipment to hit the red
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planet -- sophisticated piece of equipment to hit the red planet. >> reporter: mars does life exist there? did it ever in nasa will take the boldest step to answer questions that could change our view of eu manity's place in the universe. >> i think the best way of saying why we are so excited about this mission is that it sets us up to the future of finally answering that you know age old question of does life exist on other planets. >> reporter: the mission is called the mars science laboratory or msl. the most sophisticated vehicle ever sent to mars has the capability to detect signs of life. if it works, come next august, after traveling 350 million miles, a 2,000 pound 6 wheel rover called curiosity will arrive at the red planet. using a tether system never tried before, it will be lowered down to a place called the gail crater. the size of a small car
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curiosity is the cadillac of rovers. >> we are choosing to make the rovers bigger and bigger because we want to cover more ground. we want to be able to put an arm out and drill a rock. >> reporter: drill a rock? why? on mars, if you -- >> if life exist as siege cell organize nims or if it ever existed we believe it will be under the ground or inside rocks. >> reporter: inside it sits what scientists believe is a layered mountain. in essence the history of mars told in the layers. and if water ever flowed on mars it might have been in that crater. curiosity's arm will collect samples and place them in its on board laboratory with the ability to detect organic material. >> if we discover organic materials on mars, then it gets exciting. the chances of it may be low but the pay off is huge. organic materials are required for life as we know it. >> reporter: but it won't mean
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life exists just the building blocks. >> if you go to a driest desert on earth, can you find life on your sample if you do a year of robotic study? probably not. it's difficult. life has to stick up and make itself seen. >> reporter: finding life itself would be left to the next wave of explorers robotic and perhaps even human. >> that was john zarella reporting. it is take off after 10 tomorrow morning and they are not expecting to find green men up there. tomorrow. >> shocking. >> no. the weather today. >> awesome. >> awesome. >> and yesterday. >> yes. >> for late november. >> exactly. tomorrow, we are going to be dry again and get sunshine out there to start the day and even going into lunchtime, 45, 61, and then going throughout the day i think we will see a few clouds trying to move in across the area. but plenty of sunshine to be had. topping out around 66 degrees tomorrow and make sure to
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enjoy. now through this monday only, get the pantech breakout for $49.99, the free lg enlighten, or a free xperia play by sony ericsson. the smartphones are ready, the tablets are wrapped. now through monday only, get the technology they love, on the network they deserve. verizon.
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i am christian schaeffer and get all the latest news online at have a great weekend.
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