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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 26, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning, game on. overnight, the nba and the players came to a tentative agreement that could save basketball in time for christmas. but will this deal hold? retail rumble. the holiday shopping season is off to a fast and decidedly furious start. shootings, pepper spray, tasers and more, as some shoppers looking for deals turned shockingly violent. and what happened to this man when he was trying to save his grandson from being trampled? the aruba bombshell. the man under suspicion in the disappearance of american robyn gardner in aruba is now set to walk free in just days.
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but what will the fbi do when gary giordano comes back to america? "twilight" fever. and not the good kind. what is it about the vampire blockbuster that's overstimulating some viewers in a potentially dangerous way? is it jacob? edward? or something more nefarious? good morning, everybody. bianna's off this weekend. but we're very happy to have abc's andrea canning. a die-hard member of team jacob. co-piloting with us this weekend. i know you're a huge "twilight" fan. >> never saw one movie or read one book. >> great to have you. >> i'm happy to be here. did you brave black friday at all? >> i'm way too lazy for that. i may use the internet at some point. >> i don't have body armor or a bullet-proof vest. so, i decided to skip it this year. things getting violent. >> we're going to get into that coming up.
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there's a lot more going on this morning. including a mission to mars. it's the giant, multibillion-dollar machine, tricked out with the coolest technology known to man. and today, nasa sends it to mars. but with just one in four rovers making it there, will this one land successfully? >> they're trying to figure out if they can send humans there, which is a fascinating question. also in the news this morning, a new twist in "the people's court" missing mom mystery. the searchers who are spending this thanksgiving weekend, desperately trying to find this woman, michelle parker. now, getting a big assist. we'll tell you what that is, coming up. and check this out. is it a bird? is it a plane? nope. it is jetman. we'll tell you about the latest stunt by a french daredevil that likes to strap a jet pack to his back and take flight. those look like jets next to him. >> that looks very, very safe. we'll tell you how he lands. that's an interesting process. that's coming up. but we're going to start this morning, with r.c., ron claiborne. he has the morning headlines, including news from the world of
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sports. >> good morning, dan and andrea. we have a deal -- they have a deal. the nba owners and players reached a tentative agreement early this morning to end their 149-day lockout and save the nba season. the deal was reached after a marathon 15-hour bargaining session. but it still faces several hurdles. >> there's still a lot of work to be done.d a lot of committees and player groups and the like. but we're optimistic that it will hold. we'll have ourselves an nba season. >> that was the nba commissioner, by the way, not a player. and if there is a season, it will be shortened to 66 games and could begin on christmas day. and another blow to relations between the u.s. and pakistan this morning. pakistan is accusing u.s.-led nato helicopters of firing on an army checkpoint along the border with afghanistan, killing at least 25 pakistani soldiers. pakistan responded immediately by closing a key boarder crossing used to supply
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coalition troops in afghanistan. and the week-long drama for three american students arrested during protests in egypt, it's almost over. they're now headed home. and abc's lama hasan joins us, now, from cairo, egypt, with the latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, ron. we're standing outside the dorms where the three college students were living in while they were in cairo. as soon as they were released, they even didn't come here to pack up their belongings. they headed straight for the airport instead. after being detained for five days, the three students were released overnight. for derek's mother, joyce sweeney, his release couldn't come a moment too soon. joyce says she's getting ready to cook a thanksgiving feast for him. >> getting laughing, almost wanting to cry, all at the same time. we're all so very, very, very grateful. and we want to give him a big hug, get him home and hold him in our arms. >> reporter: gregory's lawyer says he's doing fine. >> i look forward to seeing him.
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and i certainly know his family looks forward to giving him one, gigantic hug. >> reporter: the three who were studying at the american university in cairo for a semester were arrested after being accused of throwing molotov cocktails at security forces during the protests, something the students have always denied. egyptian television released these images of the three and video showing derek among a group of protesters. evidence the police say they were taking part of the demonstration. one of their friends told us they were at the protests in solidarity with the egyptian people. >> they wanted to partake it in but not instigate anything. they're smart enough and informed enough that this is not their revolution. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy who had been in close contact with the students throughout their detention told abc news today, they were glad they were going to be reunited with their families. ron? >> okay. thank you. lama hasan, reporting from cairo in egypt. and federal regulators have launched an investigation into a potential fire risk in the chevy
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volt. a battery pack on the electric car caught fire this week after a government crash test. that's the second time that's happened. but there's been no reported fires in volts involved in crashes on the road. finally, the white house tradition on the day after thanksgiving. first lady michelle obama and daughters, sasha and malia, watched the arrival of the white house christmas tree. if i'm not mistaken, i would say that's about a 19-foot boston fir. >> you just picking that up? >> he's from wisconsin. >> man knows his trees. >> it's going to be displayed in the blue room at the white house. >> none of those words were displayed in the teleprompter, i can assure viewers at home. >> that's right. get your tree yet? >> not yet. we're negotiating. >> i'm getting mine this weekend. >> the one i had last year, i kept until october. i'm not going to do that again. >> none of that surprises me. ron, we'll see you in a little bit. you like to hold on to -- >> we'll see you. >> keep 'em moving. i'm in trouble. now, to black friday.
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america's annual orgy of capitalism. but this year, it may be remembered less for joyous gluttony and more for the use of pepper spray, while angling for an x-box. let's go to abc's t.j. winick, who is at macy's in new york city, harold square, where things have been very, very calm. t.j., good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. things have been calm here at macy's, even though there were 75,000 customers at this building yesterday, over 22 hours. now, the store opened again just a few minutes ago. we've already seen dozens of shoppers. yesterday, the folks were attracted by door-buster deals, like $19 boots that are normally $70. and $7 pillows. while folks here at macy's have been well-behaved, across the country, the dash for deals got ugly. on a day when the must-have gadget can incite this type of frenzy, the expression shop till you drop was more than just about bargain-hunting for the holidays.
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>> is it necessary for shoplifting? >> reporter: at this walmart outside phoenix, a grandfather was slammed on to the concrete floor and bloodied when police thought he was shoplifting. he insists he only tucked a video game into his waistband to protect his grandson from a frenzied mob. the dark side of black friday was on display from connecticut. police tasered a walmart shopper who resisted arrest after cutting in front of 20 people in the checkout line. to los angeles, where authorities are looking for a woman who allegedly unleashed pepper spray on at least ten shoppers, also competing for video games. >> people started screaming. kids were on the floor. >> reporter: at clothing chain h&m in culver city, california, a fistfight. gunfire actually erupted during black friday sales in california, north carolina and south carolina.
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>> there were a group of young men. they started fighting. and then, soon afterwards, you heard a popping sound. >> reporter: after the 2008 death of a walmart employee trampled to death on long island when a throng of shoppers literally broke down the doors, the nation's largest retailer implemented new crowd control measures. as for this year, overall, it's been a safe event at the thousands of walmart stores opened for black friday, a representative told us. there were a few unfortunate incidents. >> retailers have done a good job of taking care of the out of the store. but they haven't yet done everything they can do to kind of secure the safety of the consumers inside the store during that frenzy. >> reporter: industry analysts also believe the reason for all that mayhem is that stores are open earlier and longer. and there's a shorter list of must-have items, like tablet computers and those video games. dan? >> t.j., thank you. in any event, not a great day
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for american civility. so, can and should stores be doing more to stop this? we have lori wachs here this morning. do you think when retailers look at the pictures from yesterday they freak out and say, we have to do something to crack down on this? >> unfortunately, in the past few years, retailers say, what can we do? so, a few years ago, and best buy started to give out tickets. this year, walmart spread their door busters throughout the store and highlighted them to try to better regulate the crowd control. but at some point, i don't know how you get in front of people that come up with things like pepper spray to get ahead of the crowd. >> it's such a tough balance. on the one hand, they want to generate pictures of frenzied buying. that's good publicity. on the other hand, you don't want the frenzy to get out of hand. >> we need great promotions for people to come out and buy those deals. >> let me ask you a business question. i know that's really your specialty.
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do we have a sense of how black friday was? did it go well? and what does that mean for the overall american economy if it does go well? >> people have been talking about a 10% increase in shopping. and i thought that sounded a little aggressive given the trends of late. but the early reads that we're getting is the midnight opening by most of the large retailers will turn out to be a stroke of genius. they captured a younger shopper that had not traditionally gone to door-buster sales. and later, the baby-boomers came through. so, the early signs are, yes, the crowds will be larger than what we thought. but we will get close to that 10% level. >> should we care how the shopping season goes for retailers? is that important for the larger economy? >> it does set a tone for how the rest of the season will play out and how promotional the retailers have to get. it's not always a direct read. but it's important for the season to start off strong. last year, we saw over black friday weekend, an increase in 6% in shopping. and this season, it came in up 5%.
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so, a pretty good indication. >> you mentioned a moment ago the stroke of genius of opening early on thanksgiving itself. some people weren't happy about this. they thought it sort of violated the sanctity of the holiday. it sounds like we're here to stay, though. >> the crowds were overwhelming. they are here to stay. the customer voted with their wallet. and that's what retailers tend to listen to. >> lori wachs, thanks very much. we appreciate having you in this morning. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, dan. it's a very big day for the nation's space program. you're looking at the launch pad at cape canaveral, where later this morning, a robotic mission to mars is about to take off. the rover will hunt for life on the red planet. abc's clayton sandell has the details. >> reporter: nasa's curiosity rover is a scientist's dream machine. a mobile chemistry lab the size of a mini cooper loaded with x-ray sensors, 3d camera and lasers. over one martian year, about two earth years, the nuclear-powered explorer will scan, sample and drill its way across the
8:13 am
gigantic crater. >> it's going to look for places that are habitable, in the past or in the future or currently. it's doing a real estate assessment. where are the good schools on mars? where will there be microbes living or some type of life? >> reporter: first, it has to get there. it's a 354 million-mile commute that ends in august, with a complicated landing engineers have never tried before. >> the novel design is this little rocket jetpack that flies the rover down. and then lowers the rover down on a tether. lands it on the ground. and the rocket jetpack flies off and we're done with it. >> reporter: everything has to go exactly right. the history of mars exploration is littered with disappointment. out of 40 mars probes launched, 26 have failed. one was lost after engineers mixed up english and metric
8:14 am
navigation commands. nasa hopes curiosity has better luck. they're counting on the $2.5 billion mission to also tell them whether mars is a safe place for humans to visit. >> our ultimate goal in the next couple of decades for human space flight is to go to mars. it's the most earth-like planet in the solar system. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news. a new revelation in the missing mother of three case. chevon she vanished after sparring with her ex on "the people's court." someone is offering a large and unusual reward for information in this case. and bazi kanani is here with the latest. >> reporter: michelle parker's friends and family thought they would be spending time with her on this holiday weekend. instead, they're spending time searching for her. today, they plan to approach the crowds of shoppers in orlando, with a new offer for one weekend only. a $50,000 reward is good through sunday, for information leading to michelle parker, who went missing after a hearing on "the
8:15 am
people's court." >> if you know something, you know it. >> reporter: parker's mother wanted a time limit on the new reward money to encourage people with tips to come forward soon. she's well aware of the statistics. >> i would be concerned if i were her loved ones at this point, that she's not been found. >> hey, dad. it's about 8:40. this is michelle on wednesday morning. >> reporter: the last message parker left for her father, the day before she disappeared, sounded ordinary. >> okay. i love you. i'll talk to you soon. bye. >> reporter: her family released the voicemail, hoping that maybe a witness would recognize her voice, or the jewelry she was wearing in photos they're now sharing. >> anything families can do to keep their case in front of the media and the public, they should do. >> reporter: it's been nine days since the 33-year-old mother of seen after the court show aired her dispute with her ex-fiance. police say smith is not a suspect.
8:16 am
parker's family is staying focused on finding her. >> she's worth millions of dollars to me and my family. but i think $50,000 an awesome amount. >> reporter: hoping she'll be with them again for the next holiday weekend. while we have heard much from parker's family, her ex is not talking to the media. parker's family does not believe dale smith had anything to do with her disappearance. and, dan and andrea, the former investigator i spoke with says since smith is not a suspect, it's probably because he's been cooperating with police. >> such a tough holiday weekend for that family. bazi, thank you for your reporting this morning. let's get the forecast, now, and our new meteorologist, ginger zee. hey, ginger. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we start with mild weather that's spread east. you see the numbers behind me? this is not normal. and it's not normal to wake up in boston at 49 degrees on a day like this in november. should be 48 for an average high temperature.
8:17 am
but the sun came up around 6:48 this morning. and they are going to have a high in the mid-60s. so, this warmth is not just for them. but it's spreads through new york, as well. looking for not only temperatures to be ahead of that system, a little warmer than average. but chicago, down to evansville, memphis, included in rainfall that should be a little bit of an issue. could cause some flood warnings. bottom end of that storm going to give some severe weather potential, including the threat for some really gusty winds. 60-mile-per-hour, 70-mile-per-hour winds. the west coast, getting a slight break. that's nice for them. l.a. going to be about 10 degrees above average today. some of the nation's wes
8:18 am
>> and it is game of the week time. have to look at college football. there's so many games going on. we had some big ones yesterday and the day before. penn state and wisconsin, going to be a little showery there. a pocket of mild air. mid to upper 40s. >> i'm loving this weather in new york. >> isn't it nice? >> amazing. 50 degrees when i woke up this morning. >> it's close to a record. if we got 57, we would have a record. >> i'm rooting for that. thank you, ginger. >> thanks, ginger. the next story you have to see to believe. the latest chapter in the amazing adventures of jetman. this time, he's really outdone himself, soaring to new heights. even superman might be envious. abc's david kerley has the story.
8:19 am
>> reporter: if you're going to call yourself jetman, you may as well fly with jets, right? see those two jet aircraft? well, look at the little speck just to the right. here's the zoom-in. there. that's the jetman, flying in formation with those jets over the swiss alps. take a closer look. this is a guy wearing a wing he designed himself, with four kerosene-burning jets. no controls other than his body. and he's able not to just keep up. but to fly next to two other pilots. it's the latest feat from yves rossy, a man constantly pushing the limits of flight. this summer, he soared across the grand canyon, a first. in 2008, this solo flight across the english channel, which, for most people is the definition of extreme. for him -- >> it's not extreme. i did little steps. now, it's clear.
8:20 am
if i give you that wing today, it would -- okay. it would be crazy. >> reporter: but the path to this was not without turbulence. two years ago, he found himself in a water rescue off the coast of spain after failing his first attempt to fly between the continents. >> i did my best. >> reporter: but now, by jumping out of a helicopter, igniting his engines and formation flying, yves rossy takes aviation history to new heights, something to think about during the parachute ride to the ground. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news. >> little-known fact, andrea canning used to be a jet pilot. how do you think you'd feel about that? >> i don't know. flying up there in an f-18 next to the jetman. not so sure i'd do that. never know. >> never know. although, it's good you won't have to be put to that test. >> exactly. coming up on "gma," the aruba shocker. why is the man suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner about to go free? and what could happen to him when he comes home?
8:21 am
plus, shop till you drop? or maybe not, perhaps? is it smart to be a part of the retail frenzy this weekend? or should you hold out for better deals later? things you need to know before you head out to the malls this morning. >> becky worley on the case this morning. and forget the team edward versus team jacob debate. the big question this morning, is the new "twilight" movie actually making people sick? that story coming up. love your pandora bracelet.
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♪ i get knocked down but i get up again ♪ ♪ they're never going to keep me down ♪ the producers thought it was appropriate to play some chumbawamba this morning with all of the mall mayhem of yesterday. we have a practical question we want to get at this morning. what should you be buying now? where are the discounts? what should you be waiting for? good morning, america. i'm dan harris. we're going to get to that coming up. i'm alongside guest star andrea canning. good morning. so great to have you. >> i say wait. avoid all that madness. >> at least go to the internet. >> that's even better, actually. >> the lazy man's option. i'm very well acquainted with. also ahead, a word of the warning for all of the twihards
8:31 am
out there. the latest movie in the "twilight" saga, could be hazardous to your health. we'll tell you why, coming up. >> giving people seizures, apparently. plus, tell us what you are thankful for. it's a special holiday edition of "your three words" coming up. we're going to start in aruba, where the american man under a cloud of suspicion for the disappearance of his traveling companion, robyn gardner, may be about to walk free. prosecutors are disputing the judge's decision. abc's matt gutman who has been covering this case since it broke, has more from miami. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. it was a tremendous blow for aruban authorities. since a day or two after robyn gardner has gone missing, their entire case has hinged on one person, gary giordano. and throughout, his story has remained vague but consistent. and we're learning, he could return home as early as tuesday night. after six of these perp walks, shackled and often hooded to
8:32 am
protect his identity, gary giordano, the only suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner, will walk free tuesday night. >> the judge finally gave mr. giordano today, the benefit of the doubt. and said, i see no reason to keep mr. giordano in detention during the rest of the investigation. >> reporter: it's a stunning turnaround. after 111 days of detention, the aruban judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to keep giordano locked up without charges for another 30 days. during the proceeding, giordano made a personal plea. >> mr. giordano explained once more for the judge that he has been sitting here four months, as an innocent person. >> reporter: and then, he wept. according to his attorney, overcome that after four months in prison, someone was willing to hear his side. all along giordano has maintained his companion, robyn gardner, also from maryland, disappeared while they were snorkeling on this beach on august 2nd.
8:33 am
just two hours earlier, the couple was seen smiling at this bar. and the day before that, partying, as seen in this exclusive photo. gardner seemed to vanish without a trace. still, the aruban investigators tell "gma" they'll keep pursuing giordano. >> we'll continue the investigation. mr. giordano will remain our main suspect. >> reporter: noting that a lack of evidence does not mean innocence. and giordano's legal problems are not over, either. he faces a possible grand jury indictment in maryland and continued scrutiny. >> it can potentially help them. i always want to keep people on the street, assuming there's no safety issues because they will make mistakes. they'll make telephone calls. they'll send e-mails. they'll talk to a friend. it's more difficult for them to do that in jail. >> reporter: dan, there is a chance that appeals court you mentioned earlier could convene before tuesday and decide to keep giordano on the island for another 30 days. or that investigators finally find that piece of key, hard evidence that's eluded them, a murder weapon or a body, and
8:34 am
decide to extradite him when he gets home to maryland. >> stressful hours for the prosecutors. matt, let me ask you about the grand jury in maryland you mentioned. any sense of what the charges would be? >> reporter: it's sealed for now. we have a sense that it probably will have something to do with insurance fraud. like investigators in aruba, the fbi found that $1.5 million in travel insurance policy that giordano took out on robyn naming himself the beneficiary, very suspicious. dan? >> matt gutman, who has been covering this case since the beginning. matt, thank you. now, let's go back to ron claiborne with the other stories developing this morning. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, it looks like there will be a pro basketball season after all. the players and nba owners reached a tentative agreement early this morning. if approved, the shortened season will start probably on christmas day. and more fallout from the death of a florida a&m drum major who died in a suspected hazing incident. robert champion's family says they will sue the university. the school has already fired the band leader and canceled future
8:35 am
performances. and the clock is ticking on occupy los angeles protesters. l.a.'s mayor says they have until 12:01 a.m. to pack up and leave their encampment. outside of city hall, in l.a. unlike other cities, the protests in l.a. have been peaceful. and finally, santa claus dropped out of the sky a little early. a skydiving santa and his elves landed in shenandoah, pennsylvania, and handed out gifts early. a little early. maybe it's a recon mission or something like that. now, the weather and ginger zee. >> black friday was brown friday in idaho falls. a dust storm. how about this? shutting down i-15 for almost six hours. lots of dust there. so, what about the rest of holiday travel weather? behind that storm, it's calming down on the west coast. 80, l.a. today. vegas is going to get to 64. that high pressure building in. even seattle having a slight break, with a bit of rain, snow,
8:36 am
sleet stuff up in the upper elevations. looking at the holiday travel overall, dry along the east coast. warm ahead of that storm. rain, though, from the lower peninsula of michigan down through the thunderstorms into atlanta. and that's why we've got just a few delays as far as atlanta goes on your sunday. one of the busiest. >> let's go to california for the twitter photo this morning. love the beautiful shots. also, we'd like active shots, as well. anything weather. thank you, from coronado. the weather report was brought by royal caribbean international. dan and andrea? >> did you notice how impressive
8:37 am
she is when she has to run from this side of the studio to here. >> your workout for today. >> thank you, ginger. this is such a tricky question for shoppers trying to save money. shop now? or wait until later? there's certain items you should not buy now. they're going to get even cheaper as the weeks go on. and we'll tell you what they are. >> becky worley will give us the answers on that one. and we knew the "twilight" pairs made people swoon. apparently, some of the vampires are making people genuinely sick. we'll get to that coming up. and a lot to be thankful this weekend. it's "your three words" coming up a little later. while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want.
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look at all those people. they are packing the malls across the country this weekend, with their holiday shopping list in hand, looking for bargains, of course. but this is really the best time to buy those holiday gifts? or are there some things you should wait a little longer to pick up? "gma" technology contributor, and shopping guru, becky worley, is joining us via skype, from oakland, california. she has her crystal ball.
8:41 am
and, becky, you have all the answers about what we should do, right? >> we're going to take care of you. trust me. this year is funky. there's normally four saturdays between thanksgiving and christmas. but this year, christmas falls on a sunday. so, we're going to get an extra weekend day. and i think on that day, the procrastinators are going to be duking it out to get the deals. >> i think you're speaking about most men out there, becky. a lot of people are thinking of buying the tablet computers this holiday. when is the best time to buy those? now or later? >> tablets are buy now. last year, 40% of people surveyed wanted a tablet. this year, 15. the ipad is a clear winner. apple put it on sale yesterday. that's the only sale of the year. you won't get it discounted from apple again. buy now. when it comes to a kindle fire, amazon did not put it on sale yesterday. i think that's an indication they're not going to. also, very much -- a lot of
8:42 am
demand for that. so, buy now. one exception is the android tablet, like the galaxy tab. i have a feeling we might see a fire sale here. wait on the android tablets. >> i'm a mom of a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old. i did all their shopping. got all their toys. what do you recommend? was a too early? or am i okay? >> first of all, i'm just giving you mad props. that's insane. i can't believe, so organized. good for you. >> i have to be. >> the thing about toys is, you should probably wait because toys historically aren't their cheaper around the black friday weekend. they get cheaper as we get towards the christmas holiday. a good example, i saw the nintendo 3ds, the hand-held gaming system, was on sale for $135 last week. but almost everywhere, they jacked up the price to $169 last
8:43 am
week for black friday. you're organized and a very good mom. >> time is money, too. what about tvs? >> yeah. tvs, it's another one of those depends. so, let's talk about the brand names first. for brand names, you should wait. there's no new technology in tvs, no 3d, no technology to upsell us. all they can do to get us to buy new is to drop those prices. they're going to do that like crazy along a well-worn pattern. what happens is, right around christmas, the prices soften. and the best prices are right before the super bowl. so, if you can, wait until the new year. but the discount brands, the dynex, the westinghouse, the insignia, those had some really good prices this weekend. so, they should probably be gobbled up before the thanksgiving leftovers are gone. >> becky, that was such good information. thank you so much. that will really help those people heading to the malls this weekend. now that the holiday season is in full swing, we want to hear from you. what's your family's secret to saving money? saving time? or saving your sanity during the
8:44 am
holidays? go to on yahoo! and let us know. and coming up on "good morning america," "twilight" fever. is the new movie a health hazard? year-sears black saturday. doorbusters start at 7am! get 30% off all kenmore elite appliances and this 24-inch led 1080p tv is only $159.99. real deals. real savings. sears
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this is really incredible. the newest "twilight" movie has already made more than $170 million at the box office. but there's a problem.
8:48 am
>> we already knew the movies made tween girls light-headed. but now, there's a serious side-effect, apparently. here's abc's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: it's a series that has millions of fans screaming with joy. but could "twilight's" latest hit be hazardous to your health? >> you're the enemy now. >> reporter: moviegoers around the country are reporting certain scenes are triggering seizures. like a utah man who passed out and started convulsing. >> i was shaking, mumbling and making different noises. >> reporter: same thing happened to brandon gephart in california. >> i was shaking. everyone in the theater was looking at me. >> reporter: the last thing they remembered, bella's graphic birthing scene, where flashes of red, white and black lights flicker on the screen, almost like a strobe light. >> snorting and trying to breathe. >> reporter: experts say brandon
8:49 am
likely suffered a photo-sensitive epileptic seizure. >> red is one of the most provocative colors when flashed to provoke a seizure. >> reporter: it's not the first time that people have gotten sick from their favorite flick. in "127 hours" the movie about a trapped hiker, reports that moviegoers fainted from shock during the amputation scene. >> outstanding. >> reporter: even worse, blockbuster "avatar." one man reportedly died while watching this movie. his doctors blaming overexcitement. and in 2008, "cloverfield," a thriller about a monster attack in new york city. there's even a facebook page that's called "cloverfield" made me sick. this guy writes, loved the movie. hated what it did to my stomach. the next time brandon's girlfriend wants to go to a movie, maybe he should choose something a little lighter. >> well, all right. >> reporter: so far, no reports of "the muppets" making anyone sick. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> well done, abbie.
8:50 am
>> love miss piggy! coming up here on "gma" on this saturday morning, thankful for oprah and so much more. it's coming up next on "your three words." our our three words." when what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day, all night. go to for a $4 coupon.
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it's time to find out what you are thankful for this holiday weekend. here's "your three words"
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8:56 am
because you and me ♪ ♪ are gonna be all right >> that looked like a genuine surprise. very cool. >> well, i'm thankful for being here today. thank you for having me. >> thanks for coming in. appreciate it. >> it's been fun. if you'd like a chance to see your three words on the air, go to our website, on yahoo! and upload your video there. >> thanks for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! see you tomorrow.
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