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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 14, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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not too much of a spread this morning because we've already started to move clouds into the sky. we have intermittent clouds and maybe starlight moonlight for you. 34 chestertown and we hop on this side of the bay, sparrows point upper 30s. 34 cockeysville. there's a little hint of a spread from 28 in the city to 32 laurel. a little pocket of clearing that allows them to drop lower than pyeverybody else. we have a mix of clouds this morning. and should make for a beautiful sunrise for some of you. once again more clearing on the delmarva versus what we have to the west. we're watching this thumb of moisture starting to poke its way into west virginia and looks like trying to cross the mountains. a little slug of energy that a lot of the computer models -- i keep mentioning them because a lot of forecasts are heavily weighted on the models to keep us dry. i think we could get showers at least on the west side late morning through early afternoon. it will give our way to 52 degrees with more clouds. we'll talk more about the weekend outlook in a moment. on the roadways now,
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starting to see sluggish traffic southbound 95, the accident location is between 175 and route 32. maryland state police took out the right travel lane. you may want to hop on u.s. 29 to get you through howard county heading to the dc area. as we look live at the jfx and northern parkway, getting reports of an accident northbound jfx between northern parkway and ruxton road. it's ok here but you will tap the brakes as you get closer to the beltway. your right lane taken out there. in the meantime our travel times looking pretty good for the most part. especially traveling on the top side of the beltway, outer loop from bel air to providence road, about six minutes. the feds insist teching, e-mailing or using any cell phone may be too dangerous to be allowed while driving. the national transportation safety board cannot impose restrictions so it's asking every state to ban the use of cell phones of all kinds, hands-free notwithstanding while behind the wheel. abc2 news' sherrie johnson with
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more on this. they are saying no-go across the board? >> reporter: that's right. some people are like, you know what? this is a major inconvenience. others are like, hey, this will save a lot of lives. the ntsb wants every state to ban cell phones while driving but it doesn't have the power to ban -- enforce a ban. that is up to each individual state. the ntsb is calling for phones to be off limits while in the car. this means no hands-free devices, no bluetooth and for anyone who does not comply the penalties could be pretty steep. distracted drivers cause 600,000 crashes and 3,000 deaths each year. the ntsb is calling this a full-fledged crisis on the nation's roads and they say it's time to take action. >> they were dead instantly. i wasn't breathing. no one really expected i would live past the first 36 hours. >> it's a very, very serious issue and people need to put their devices down and drive. >> reporter: right
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now texting or e-mailing on your phone is a primary offense in maryland. talking on your phone is a secondary offense and you can be cited for it if the officer first catches you doing something else illegal in the car. aaa plans to push to talking on the phone without a hands-free device a primary offense in the upcoming legislative session. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> of course what do you think about this? it's our hot topic. what do you think of the proposed ban on all portable devices while behind the wheel? it's not just holding a phone, it's hands-free across the board. your thoughts always wanted. the official fan page, you're about to get local news quicker and easier on your i-pad. abc2 news launched its new i-pad app, it debuted yesterday, a great way to stay connected with what is happening in your town and around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. what if you don't have an
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i-pad, not a problem. we have apps for the i-phone and other smartphone devices as well. live pictures from washington, dc where this morning two senators, one from maryland, the other from new york will introduce a new bill on capitol hill. the measure will create tough new é)civil and criminal penalties for those who try to intimidate or suppress voters. senator cardin and charles schumer from new york say the proposal would apply to communications from the last 90 days leading up to an election. you may soon have to pay more for a cab ride in the nation's capital. prices going up 44%. cab drivers complained the fare structure is hurting their revenues and the district fares are lower than surrounding jurisdictions. the new rates could go into effect as soon as february 3rd. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will unveil a plan to make the inner harbor swimmable and fishable by year 2020. it's part of an initiative by the waterfront partnership and will involve the living classrooms foundation. it hopes to have solutions for
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issues like trash, sewage, sewage leaks and stormwater runoff. the news conference is set for 10:30 this morning. protesters plan to stay in baltimore. they met last night this time near city hall without the tents. we first showed you on "good morning maryland" yesterday police in full riot gear woke up to sleeping people in the tents giving them 20 minutes to get out. the protesters are now deciding what is next. one idea could be occupy vacant housing in the city. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she will protect free speech but camping in a park, a public park at that is simply not allowed. >> i think it was inappropriate of them to have us -- to evict us while we were in the process of negotiating for a permit to stay there. >> among the protesters' claims they say they are fighting for more jobs. many of them are without work and remain homeless. the city offered services and more than 20 people were taken to city shelters.
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hopefully things will be a lot better, calmer, rather at the chesapeake high school. yesterday two students got no a slugging match. the school resource officer used pepper spray to calm things down and 16 other students and two fighters all got caught up in it. some went to the hospital for minor treatments. >> it was crazy. people were rolling around all over the place yelling, the teachers were just standing there. telling us to just go to class. >> parents are very upset about this. including the use of the pepper spray but the county felt this was the best way for the officer to gain control of the situation. otherwise police say things could have gotten much worse. jeremy guthrie stopped by an elementary school in clarksville. the teacher contacted guthrie because jeremy posted a twitter question saying all i want for christmas is -- he asked
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guthrie to meet a third grade class and he paid a visit. meanwhile, baltimore raven ray lewis talked to young fans in a walmart in for the covington. he's been on the sidelines the last r exfew games but wouldn't miss helping out especially during the christmas season. >> sometimes you find yourself going through so much yourself and you want to complain yourself but when you walk in here you can't complain. you know there's so many people here that is unfortunate. >> ray lewis hosts the annual event with his mom. believe it or not we're in the middle of flu season. up next, the things you need to know to keep you and your family safe for the winter. also, winter weather is creating dangerous driving conditions. we'll take you cross-country to show you where. >> it's not here, snow lovers, there's some hope in the extended forecast for something, as small as it may
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be. we have rain this morning to our that means more clouds for maybe some showers today. we'll talk about it in a moment. >> on the roadways now, 6dhlupretty busy including accident on 95 in jessup, also an accident on the jfx, we'll let you know about lane closures and related delays. >> time to go back to new york for the latest in business news. you're watching "good morning maryland." >> reporter: good morning. topping "america's money" -- a postal post -- post moment. they want to give congress more time to help the debt-ridden agency. the fcc is ordering tv channels and services to make sure commercials are not louder than the programs. viewers complained about too loud commercials for decades now. the new rule takes effect in a year. southwest airlines is delivering a christmas present for boeing. a huge order for airplanes. the $19 billion deal is the biggest in boeing's history.
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and the white house is scrapping a program to commemorate every u.s. president on dollar coins. they were not selling and were being stockpiled in a government warehouse. the shutdown will save, get this, about $50 million every year. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson.
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confidence, with depend in color. now available in gray. looks and fits like underwear. same great protection. depend. good morning. great day. welcome back. talk about the weather in 2011, it was wild. tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards, but it was the snow and ice that kicked off the wild year that was to come. lynette charles is standing by with ñla reminder of what we faced. i traveled to one of the cities, joplin, missouri, in
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june. and firsthand, that damage was incredible. >> yes, chaley, that tornado was devastating. we had lots of tornadoes even across our area. 2011 started with a lot of slipping and sliding. memorial day missed a lot of this but a -- maryland missed a lot of this but a series of ice storms battered the country in the southeast where the communities are not equipped to handle the wrath of winter roads. they went untreated and air passengers went nowhere. the spring brought 200 tornadoes. what we were talking about, over four days in late april. the deadliest single tornado in the u.s. touched down in joplin, missouri, may 22nd and killed 157 people. the hurricane season was quiet until a storm named irene set its sights on the u.s., irene responsible for more than 40 deaths and more than $1 billion in damage over 12 states and in total there were 12 weather stas -- disasters in 2011. one disaster that is
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causing problems is flagstaff, arizona. in the northern part of the state a storm brought snow, ice and frigid temperatures and caused drivers to lose control and spin into roadway ditches or into other cars. you can see the flagstaff area here which got more than a foot of snow. i know justin is drooling over the foot of snow now. we're in december now, justin, so maybe we'll get snow as well. 12 inches. i was driving through flagstaff. beautiful stuff like that but they have to shut down the roads when there's stuff like that. the roads run like this so it has to be shut down. >> you think better them than us? we're starting to see at least hints of flakes. first thing, to get the flakes to fall and we go from there. we have a couple of shots coming up here. we really do. trying to sniff out snow here.
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let's see what we got. nothing maryland's most powerful doppler radar. 36 now. we've bumped up a little bit. heat rises overnight, you get clouds to move, in it radiates some of the heat back if the ground even though we're still an hour from sunrise. let's bring it back and show you some of the temperatures highlighting widespread 40s and 50s in the deep south and surge of brighter green, 50s here, push of warmer air ahead of the next storm system. what is happening as we watch this storm system, with high pressure that is still in control for us, it's been riding along the stationery frontal boundary and little ripples of low pressure very similar to last week, doesn't look as active as last week, riding along that. however, the eastern push of this moisture looks to be
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advancing a little farther to the east and closer to us than all computer models indicated. we're tapping into that area to bring it a little closer to us. that means more cloud cover today. that means increased threat of at least some showers especially west of baltimore late morning through the early part of the afternoon. overall most of the mrg still locked to the -- most of the energy still locked to the northwest. if the computers aren't handling this morning well they may not well be doing a good job for what is going to happen after this system departs. there's the frontal boundary, warm front slides through overnight, showers mainly confined to the north and pennsylvania. then we'll push in warmer air tomorrow. there will be slight showers that come through with the frontal boundary. the tail end of the front could gain energy and looks like that taps into the cold air and there's a chance southern maryland gets light snow to start the weekend. mostly cloudy, a shower possible west today. here's the big deal, we're looking at temperatures upper 50s tomorrow, low 50s friday. it's overnight friday to saturday morning flurries and another shot for central maryland will take us through sunday morning.
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angela, yes, a chance of light snow then as well. >> thank you. a check of the roadways as you get ready to head out, yet another accident reported, this one in brooklyn on route 2 near bell grove road but our biggest problem continues to be on i-95 making the southbound trip past 175 approaching route 32. it's where the accident scene is, you may want to hop on the bw parkway as an alternate. jfx and northern parkway, northbound once you get past northern parkway is where you'll see the bottle neck. the right lane is blocked as you approach ruxton road with an accident. we're seeing heavy traffic on the west side but still not affecting your drive times too much, joust 795 -- outer loop 759 to i-70, about seven minutes. is your child scratching a lot? there could be another reason for impg besides their -- itching besides their wool sweater. a doctor says wintertime is a
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prime time for exima. >> it can happen any time of year but as the weather gets colder and drier it sucks the moisture out of your skin. we do tend to see eczema flares more frequently in the wintertime. >> you could have itchy dry patches of skin, rashes on the knees, elbows and face. it's most common in babies to young adults but anyone can get it. the doctor says it's important for children who are prone to eczema to stay moisturized especially after a bath. flu season is here and despite the fact that almost everyone has had it still myths exist about the flu. first, flu shots don't cause the flu. the vaccine is not made up of the entire virus so they can't make you sick. another myth, younger healthy people don't need flu shots. that is not true because the flu can effect anyone, it can put you in intensive care and at the least make everyone contagious. abc2 news is working for you this morning. locally and nationally rand dom
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crime attracts the biggest headlines and has people on edge this time of year but many violent crimes involve people baltimore county police chief james johnson and the director of health and human services both joining us this morning. thank you for coming in early. thank you for being here. first, tell me a little about this program that you all have kicking off this morning at 10:45. >> this morning county executive kevin kamenetz, dr. branch and i will be bringing attention to particularly homicides that take place in baltimore county. what we have noticed, over the years many of these are -- take place between family members and one of the other families, associates. or known associates or roommates, not random acts of violence. what we've noticed, a lot of families are not reaching out to take advantage of the services that the police department and the health department offers. >> tell me a little bit about
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what people need to be aware of this holiday season. >> during the holidays we understand that a lot of stress can happen. so what we say is when you're trying to deal with stress, don't be a part of too much drugs, too much eating, too much arguing or too much drinking. if you or someone you know is in the situation with too much syndrome, reach out and call us and call the health department, 410-887-dchd. >> good advice. one thing i was noticing, too, a lot of times it's people you might even know, crimes against you. >> it is. when you look at particularly homicide, again, what we're finding is a family member, an associate, a roommate, somebody that you know, there's a lot you can do, there's a lot of resources available through the police department and health department and unfortunately when we look at these cases families are not reaching out and taking advantage of these services. >> thank you so much. your event kicks off today at
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10:45 this morning. lots of great information. you can see all the information on our screen there. the old courthouse in towson room 118 starts 10:45 a.m. gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. let's head over to charley. a little before 6:30 and the holiday sign is stirring up trouble in one new jersey town. some say the sign is for the season but others believe it violates the constitution and want it removed. >> a group endorsing religion over public right of way. >> i think it's absolutely wonderful to put that sign up. christ is christmas. >> no word yet on whether or not that sign is going to be taken down. secret santa now showing up in stores across the u.s. and. trend which reportedly started in michigan spread to a k-mart in nebraska. an anonymous donor stopped by
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the k-mart and asked to make the spirits bright by paying off toys on lay away. k-mart called customers to let them know. >> she was starting to cry. >> one woman was told someone covered all but one penny to keep the layaway in store. some families were donating their savings to others. the fourth graders in minnesota are now helping others for the holiday season. they are donating their toys to the needy. the classroom turned into a little santa's workshop as the students cleaned up the toys to give away. the call went out to all students preschool through eighth grade for the nativity of mary school. >> i just keep thinking we're going to make someone else happy. >> they are serving and having fun cleaning and playing with the toys and making sure everything is good to go. >> this is the third year they reached out to families in need. the toys will be taken to another school. parents there will be able to
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shop for free to get gifts for the season. you still have time to make the holiday season bright for some area children. the annual it's kindertime toy drive runs through december 22nd. you can donate new unused toys or even used musical instruments. dropoff sites include walmart stores, learning center locations, state police bear racks or -- barracks or fire stations in several counties. go to for more information. some streets in norway may be lacking a bit of flavor for the holiday season. the ingredient that is coming up short and remains in high demand. plus, heavy rains created dangerous conditions across parts of new zealand and rescue had to follow. look up in the tree. that's right. two people were up there. we'll tell you what led to that when "good morning maryland" continues. +hfjñ
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>> hi. hi name is staff sergeant austin at the 455th security squadron in afghanistan. i want to wish my family and friends back home in baltimore, maryland, a happy holidays. love you all, see you soon.
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welcome back on this wednesday morning. the motive remains unclear in the deadly attack on holiday shoppers in belgium. police say a man threw hand grenades into a crowd and opened fire with an assault rifle. three people died, 20 more hurt. it's not clear yet whether the gunman committed suicide or was killed by accident. dramatic pictures from new zealand where rescuers had to come in through the rushing floodwaters to rescue two men trapped in a tree. heavy rain had been hitting that area, seeing dangerous conditions for residents and tourists. roads had been closed and people forced from their homes. a butter shortage now spreading around norway. high demand for butter had
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results for low calorie diets and natural. decreasing milk is happening in norway. many stores have rationed out how much they sell and one seller on a norwegian auction web site offered a pound of butter, a pound! for 30 times the normal price. talk about a royal flush, this title gives new meaning to sitting on the throne. decorated with 72,000 pieces of crystal costing $128,000. it took about a month to bling out that john and now it's on display in the shopping district. this is going on in japan. no shot, i think that you're going to have a chance to sit down on that. police often respond to accidents, but one became involved in one. his cruiser got stuck up a light pole. how this happened and what he did, when "good morning maryland" continues. thank you so much for starting your day off with us.
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