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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 20, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thank you very much. i thank you and i say right back at you, everybody. well, hey, i have questions for you. so here's my first question. any parents here today? [cheers and applause] any children of parents? [cheers and applause] okay. if you fall into either of those categories, you're going to want to listen up. this is amazing. the u.s. census bureau says right now more than half of all adults under the age of 25 live at home with their parents. that's a lot. they even have a special name for those people. philosophy majors. [laughter] yeah. [cheers and applause] and those are just the adults that admit to living with their parents. [laughter] there's probably a lot more if you count the ones who are home to do laundry.
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i don't care how many t-shirts you have. laundry is not supposed to take three years. and because of the economy, the number of people who live with their parents just keeps going up, and parents, it's amazing, because parents used to have the empty nest syndrome and now they have the what are you doing back in my nest, i was hoping to turn your room into a gym syndrome. it can't be easy living with your parents. it can't. especially when it comes to dating. the common pickup line now is your parents' place or mine. [laughter] i understand it's hard. if you're an adult and need to live with your parents, i thought i could offer a few tips. tip number one, get out of there immediately. you shouldn't live with your parents. tip number two. get out of there. didn't you hear tip number one? but if that is your situation and you're really, really stuck, here's tip number three. at the very least, make sure that living with your parents is only temporary, and then when the time is right, kick them
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out. [laughter] yeah. then it's yours! [applause] yep. and then when you have the place to yourself, you're going to have so much more room to dance. [cheers and applause] ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> ellen: now, these are real police reports in our segment we call "oh, puh-lice." >> oh, puh-lice." >> ellen: that's right. jennifer in winona, minnesota, 6:30 p.m., a wisconsin rapids man reported two vehicles
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driving side by side with baseball bats inside. when an officer investigated, he learned the drivers were going to play baseball. [laughter] well, and let's hope they were. maybe, i mean, he just took their word for it. i hope -- you know, because later the officer let two masked men off the hook because they were going to go skiing, they said. [laughter] brandon in hanover, pennsylvania, 12:55 p.m., a woman called the sheriff's department to report getting a text message from her ex. she knows it was from him because the text was in his handwriting. [laughter] okay. police have analyzed the handwriting. he is now a suspect for 50 million other crimes. kelly in clarksdale, tennessee,
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sent this in. 11:55 a.m., a woman says someone opened her window and made off with clothes and a child's playpen. she suspects it was her sister since all the items belong to her. [laughter] she described the suspect as not as pretty as me and not as smart as me. valerie in buffalo, ohio, 8:04 p.m. a woman told police she thought she saw a monkey on bluebell road but admitted it could have been a deer. [laughter] she also told police she was drinking iced tea but admitted it could have been tequila. [laughter] if you see a police report that's not quite right, please send it to me. hey, did you all hear about there was a snake found in an atm machine? isn't it scary and horrible? this is the footage. this is a snake in an atm machine.
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not happy. doesn't want to be there. so i don't know how the snake got to the atm, but i had so many questions, and i think we finally got to the bottom of it. i saw this earlier today. >> hello, i'm melanie wong, senior vice president of consumer banking. recently bank of america announced that we will be charging customers a $5 monthly fee to use their atm card. many people were upset by this fee and let us know. well, here at bank of america we've heard you, which is why i'm pleased to announce that we decided to repeal the $5 charge in order to better serve our customers. however, we have instituted another change. we've added snakes to all of our atms. these snakes are aggressive and poisonous. but don't worry. all of our branch locations will be selling this anti-venom for $5. bank of america -- come get your money. we dare you. [applause]
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>> ellen: all right. hey, we're just kidding, bank of america. [laughter] we love you. we'll be back and we're going to talk to luke bryan on the red carpet of the cmas live. we'll be right back. [applause] >> ellen: you all should say wow back and forth to each other as much as you can. >> ready. >> wow. >> wow. >> i kind of looked at reba's boobs when i said wow. i'm sorry. >> i don't know why i'm driving so close to you. >> announcer: next "ellen" -- the very sexy ashton kutcher. he's revealing secrets from "two and a half men." >> ellen: are you going to be nude a lot? >> it feels so nice and breezy.
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i like to recommend polident, it kills the bacteria without causing any abrasion. when my patients follow my instructions, their dentures feel clean and fresh. they look forward to putting them in their mouth and smiling. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: luke bryan is in nashville on the red carpet at the cmas. hello, luke. [cheers and applause] hi, tim, hi, faith. >> we love you, ellen, so much. >> ellen: faith, i love you so much. tim, i love you. i love you both. >> i love you, too, ellen. >> ellen: faith, you're performing tonight, right? >> yes. yes, i am. >> ellen: it's exciting. it's very exciting. are you excited? are you nervous? what do you feel when you do that? >> well, tonight i can just say i'm ready. >> ellen: yeah? >> i'm ready to do it. >> ellen: oh, good. >> i'm excited. >> ellen: tim -- >> i think it's been -- i think
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it's been too long. we haven't seen faith hill perform in way too long. we're very excited. she has a new single coming out, too. >> you're good. >> ellen: that's fantastic, luke. luke, because they're country singers, ask them how many countries they can name. >> how many countries can you name? >> oh, my god. >> you go first. >> oh, hell, no. >> let's start with uzbekistan. >> spell it. >> no. i'm from louisiana. i can't ever spell. i can't even spell louisiana. >> ellen: all right. y'all have a staring contest. see who can stare at the other the longest and not blink. >> who are we staring at? >> you two can stare at each other and i'll stare at the camera. >> ellen: all right, all right. no blinking. >> y'all quit that. [laughter] >> ellen: all right. >> i just kind of -- >> ellen: go ahead. >> i just kind of got lost in faith hill's eyes. excuse me a minute. >> ellen: it's easy to happen.
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>> all right. i'm over. >> ellen: you all want some popcorn? it's a long show. give them some popcorn, luke. >> all right. popcorn on the way. >> ellen: put it in their hands. just grab it in your hands. we don't have any bags. >> well, i know -- i know where luke's hands have been. i've seen him on tour. >> ellen: all right. do y'all want some ellen underwear, or do you think you're pretty set on ellen underwear? >> yes, i want some. >> ellen: would you give faith some, please, luke? >> i thought she was wanting more popcorn. sorry. everybody wants the underwear. >> these things are good, man. >> i know. i'm wearing them right now. >> ellen: prove it, luke. lift up your shirt. look at that. [applause] >> don't think for a second i'm not hosting with you and not wearing your underwear. >> ellen: all right. >> i've got tim mcgraw underwear, too, and his cologne. >> you got my actual underwear.
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you stole it out of my dressing room. >> ellen: all right, you two. have fun tonight. >> they're a little tight in the front. [laughter and applause] >> come on. >> ellen: all right. the three of you have just officially made my show a nighttime show. thank you. all right. thanks. y'all have fun tonight. thanks for stopping. i appreciate it. i love you both. >> thanks, ellen. you, too. >> love you. >> ellen: love you, too. bye-bye. [cheers and applause] hey, luke. luke. hey, luke, listen to me. for the next interview, see how many times you can say wow in the interview. >> wow. >> ellen: say wow as many times as you can. all right. who do we have next? >> we're doing flatts. >> ellen: all right. >> and lionel richie. >> ellen: wow, together.
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hey, y'all. how are you doing? >> hi, baby, how are you? >> ellen: i'm good. how are you doing? >> we're doing great. >> ellen: good. >> we can do "we are the world" now. >> ellen: go ahead. that will sound great. go right ahead. >> ♪ we are the world ♪ we are the children ♪ we are -- >> we'll have to pay lionel. he's standing right behind us. >> why don't we get somebody who was around for "we are the world." >> what's the problem, what's the problem? >> we're trying to sing "we are the world." >> this is a ham sandwich right here. this is one big ham sandwich. >> ellen: lionel, they sounded fantastic. i was hoping they were going to do all the parts. how are you, lionel? >> they could do all the parts. this group right here is amazing. >> ellen: i know. >> i'm doing great. >> ellen: i know. and you're singing with them tonight, right? >> i'm hanging up with their
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likes. have you heard this guy's notes? >> ellen: i know. hey, will you do me a favor? luke, hand them my book. maybe you can sing a passage from my book and sing it as a country song. ♪ stretching is one thing that should be essential to everyone's daily routine ♪ >> ellen: oh, gary -- >> ellen, wow. >> ellen: hey, listen. that was just one. that was really just one. >> i haven't been holding up my end of the bargain. >> ellen: no. keep going. >> wowser. >> ellen: all right. hey, have fun inside. bye. [applause] luke, luke, the next interview?
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>> mr. darius rucker, ladies and gentlemen. >> ellen: oh, wow. hi, darius. >> say hey to ellen, buddy. >> hey, ellen. i love you. >> ellen: he's performing tonight as well, right? >> you're performing with -- >> lionel richie. i get to sing stuck on luke -- "stuck on you." >> stuck on luke? ♪ got a feeling stuck down in my soul that i just can't lose ♪ ♪ yes, i'm on my way >> there it is. >> ellen: yeah. i love all this on-the-fly singing like this. i enjoy this very much. all right, darius. thank you so much. >> she's saying bye. >> bye, ellen. thank you. >> ellen: all right. who else is around there, luke? i need you to just go hug somebody. just start hugging somebody. >> all right. >> ellen: just find somebody to hug. >> i found the best hug of all. >> ellen: that's a good one. [cheers and applause]
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>> i'm talking with ellen. >> ellen: you all should say wow back and forth to each other as much as you can. >> she wants us to say wow back and forth. >> ellen: in different ways. >> as much as we can. >> ready? >> wow. >> wow. >> i kind of look at reba's boobs when i said wow. i'm sorry. >> ellen: all right. keep going. >> in the eyes. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. wow. wow. >> ellen: all right. now it's getting weird. that's enough. >> wooooow. >> it got weird at the boob comment. >> hey, ellen, i just want to say hi to you. love you to pieces. >> ellen: tell her i love her to pieces, too. >> she loves you to pieces. >> ellen: all right. have fun tonight, reba. all right. luke, you did a great job.
4:18 pm
>> we're done? >> ellen: yes, you're done. luke, thank you so much. >> love you, ellen. >> ellen: have fun tonight. good luck. [cheers and applause] i do love you. we'll be right back with melissa mccarthy. [cheers and applause] >> and i looked down. my sweater is now up around here. nothing but flesh-colored spanx. >> ellen: where are your pants? >> oh, i'll get there. >> oh, ellen, you're awesome. thank you so much. i'm going to cry. oh, my gosh. we love you. i don't know what to do right now.
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[cheers and applause] >> ellen: our first guest starred in one of my favorite movies this year, "bridesmaids." and she won an emmy award for her role on "mike & molly." check it out. >> all i'm saying is that chippy i saw crossing out of here is playing with fire. >> rebecca? what are you talking about? she's not married. >> no, but the principal is. [laughter] >> she's doing it with the principal. >> you didn't hear that from me and i didn't hear it from the janitor. well, i better shimmy back down the totem pole. >> hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. what are you doing? i thought we were going to have some brownies. >> ellen: please welcome the absolutely hilarious melissa
4:22 pm
mccarthy. [cheers and applause] >> hi. it's so good to see you again. wow. >> ellen: hi. >> hi. >> ellen: things are going your way, missy. >> listen, i am not fighting any of it. >> ellen: it's all good. and we spoke on the phone after you won the emmy award. congratulations. >> thank you. crazy. [applause] thanks. nuts. >> ellen: you didn't have a voice. >> i may have been out somewhat late that night. i'm usually in bed by 8:30. i was out until 6:00 dancing like i was 20. dancing like you need to go home. you shouldn't be doing that. i was sweaty and really thinking i should do this professionally.
4:23 pm
>> ellen: it's very exciting. there are so many good things going on for you right now. i'm really happy to hear. and this will help you probably with your hobby that i understand we both enjoy moving a lot. >> yes. my poor, poor husband does not enjoy it the same way i do. but, yes. >> ellen: that's a shame. >> i could never think about a house that's fully done. billy, who plays mike on the show, of course, just bought a house. he's like -- i'm like what do we need? what do we need? do we need paint? do we need to knock down walls? he's like, it doesn't need a thing. i was like oh. i want to buy something that's barely standing. >> ellen: wow. >> i really do. i want to redo it and everything. >> ellen: the construction part of it or the designing inside part? >> yes, all of it. it never ends. and i -- we're putting up a fence in front, which i have -- i don't know if i'm going to be able to keep the same guys who are always helping me and doing great jobs. >> ellen: why is that?
4:24 pm
>> i did a little something that's a bit odd. i was coming down -- it has to start with spanx. i'll start from the beginning. i was told to bring in these spanx. a lot of us wear them occasionally for something. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: you were told to bring them in to work? >> there's a certain kind i liked. they said just tell me. i need the style number. would you bring them in. two weeks go by. i keep forgetting. i feel like a dingbat. i'm in my room getting ready for work and i see them. i was like just put them on. clearly, you can't take them and put them in your purse, so your punishment is to put them on and wear them to work. i get ready. i always leave for work, like a sherpa, a bag of this, a bag of that. i just carry it from work to home. i had three bags, three bags, a messenger bag across me, and i'm coming downstairs and the guys are in front building the fence. it was sprinkling out. i was shocked to see them. it was so nice. i was coming down the stairs.
4:25 pm
which bag is pulling somewhere, like it's pulling a sweater. i can't even look to see what's pulling me because i've got too many bags. so i come down the stairs. i see the guys. i'm like, hey, good morning guys. and they're just like -- [laughter] and i think they're acting weird. i was like, do they think i made them be here on a rainy day? i'm thinking it's about a rain. then i'm standing there. i have all these bags. i'm shifting back and forth and i'm chatting and the fence is looking great. it's really -- and they're only looking like top of hair and up. and it's really odd. because they're only doing this. now i'm looking at my roof. i'm thinking like what's up there? is there a cat on the roof? i'm lingering. i'm now turning around fully. all of a sudden i think -- i'm standing there. i go to rearrange a bag. i look down. my sweater is now up around here. nothing but flesh-colored spanx. >> ellen: where are your pants?
4:26 pm
>> oh, i'll get there. i see flash colored spanx. i see bare kneecaps and then my pants are somewhere like low calf. these poor guys were like -- i've been shifting back and forth. you know what i mean. i'm turning around. as if this wasn't enough, i'm like you better check this out. i was literally 360-ing myself. i couldn't feel it. i felt the spanx, so i didn't know the feeling when i thought, oh, something's pulling on my sweater. as i came down the stairs, now i realize my pants just dropped off and they saw it coming. so as i was coming at them, they were like, oh, god. >> ellen: how did you -- it was like you were in shackles? how did you not feel that? >> apparently, i'm dead from the knee down.
4:27 pm
i don't know. i didn't feel anything. and then when i finally saw, i felt like -- i barely wear a short sleeve. here i am pantsless in my front yard. >> ellen: nude color spanx. >> nude. it's an awfully attractive look. i couldn't do anything. i just reached down. just loving the fence. loving the fence. and i just got in my car and turned beet red. >> ellen: oh, my god. have you seen them since? >> yes, i saw them today. >> ellen: how are they? >> i think they're a little weirded out by me. i really do. i say good morning. how's it going? good. thank you. they're always suddenly measuring something. i think they just don't want to see what's coming next. >> ellen: that's hilarious. >> it was two weeks ago. >> ellen: really. >> it's a fresh incident. it's terrible. i apologize. >> ellen: you're taking it well. i think you're handling it well. i would have just moved that day. [laughter] >> maybe i should have.
4:28 pm
>> ellen: that would have been it. i would have never come back. >> horrifying. >> ellen: we have to take a break. more with melissa after this. [applause] >> ellen: that's weird to have a perfume tester out here. >> what's even weirder, she's coming back by you. >> ellen: no. >> she's coming back by you. >> ellen: no, she's not. >> announcer: want to know how to get all of ellen's 12 days of giveaways? >> ellen: i've been selling them out of the back of my trunk for years. >> announcer: you could win every gift in ellen's winner wonderland. keep so, if the mint makes this hot chocolate cool, does the mint hot chocolate make me cool? not really. the new mint hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts. grab the cool sensation of mint today.
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♪ oh, what fun it is to... get in the spirit with dunkin's holiday coffees and lattes. try peppermint mocha, gingerbread, or new cinnamon swirl today. >> we just want your honest reaction. actually, one thing we do here for fun is we give an extra $50 to whoever has the best comment today. >> cool. >> that will be fun. >> oh, my god. >> you might even hear your quote in the ad campaign. so, okay, let's move on to number two. >> man, i could really use that cash. i mean, that cash could really get me out of a couple of jams. all right, all right. game on. >> this one's way too spicy for me. i'm sorry. >> not me. i could eat a whole bottle. >> i could eat a whole bottle, too. [laughter]
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[cheers and applause] >> ellen: that's melissa mccarthy hosting "saturday night live" a few weeks ago, which you were brilliant on. that opening number with kristen wiig was so fun. when you do something like that, how do you not start laughing? >> because -- well, i think there because it's like "saturday night live" and i just -- i dreamt about it since i was 5. and once we did -- because you tape a preshow at 8:00, and then by the time it was like this is the real one, i was like don't screw this up, mccarthy. i just went into like ultrafocus. >> ellen: did you go full force in the rehearsal on that one? >> when things got messy, we got it, we got it. i did partial on the preview one and then they cut the back of the sweater off.
4:33 pm
they're like that's not going over the head. things are ripped. >> ellen: they move you real fast on there. i don't think people understand how fast, especially the opening piece where you had all the prosthetics. >> the prosthetics. there was a lawrence welk thing in the beginning. i had prosthetics. all these -- i had 15 dresses on. we had 39 seconds from that into the opening where i'm supposed to come out relatively sane looking like myself. and so literally there is a bionic woman named donna that sits offstage. it's like the ball boy. the second the camera's off, she comes in and grabs you and you just go flying. >> ellen: let's talk before we go to break this ivory spokesperson. right? >> ivory is relaunching their -- you know, the soap and the -- all the stuff, which i've used forever. and i love they're doing this thing on facebook, and it's called soap dish. and it's -- i'm a mom. i have two kids.
4:34 pm
and it's this great site where you can kind of go and talk to other moms. and i think it's a nice place to go and kind of realize like you're doing fine. like, there's so much pressure on us to be perfect, and i love that it's a site that you can go to and say i dropped my pants in front of three guys this morning and someone else will be like i did it in front of four. you're fine. always good to be able to check in with other women. >> ellen: that could turn into a different kind of site. >> that's true. that's true. sorry, ivory. >> ellen: i dropped pants. that's great. let's talk about this sequel to "bridesmaids" which i am begging you. what's happening? [cheers and applause] >> i don't know anything about it. i keep getting asked about it. all i know is i will show up anywhere, any time and do whatever they tell me. >> ellen: no one started writing it. if anyone has not seen the movie "bridesmaids," i urge you to see it. it is one of the funniest movies
4:35 pm
i've ever seen. and i have invited myself into the sequel. >> yes. >> ellen: so if there is a sequel, i am -- i don't care if they write me in or not. i'm in it. i'm in the sequel of "bridesmaids." >> let's get an official petition. >> ellen: please. i wrote a little something for us to do as an audition piece that we can tape today and we'll show it to them and then we'll send it to somebody else. we'll see if it works. i couldn't copy it. the machine was down. you'll just do it as we do it. >> okay. >> ellen: so you can't read it ahead of time, but it will be fine. >> sure. >> ellen: all right. we'll be right back after this. melissa mccarthy. [cheers and applause] >> i don't know why i'm driving so close to you. [laughter] a 19-year-old is shotd
4:36 pm
outside towson town center mall. what police are doing to catch the shooter, and how mall officials are addressing the violence. and, the salvation army needs help. the specific donations they need to give thousands of maryland children a happy holiday... next on 11 news at five.
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jingle all the -- ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to... get in the spirit with dunkin's holiday coffees and lattes. try peppermint mocha, gingerbread, or new cinnamon swirl today.
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these things are for real. so is excedrin migraine. it starts relieving migraine pain in half an hour. that's not all. gets rid of sensitivity to light and sound...everything. [ male announcer ] number one neurologist recommended. sears last one-day sale of the year thursday, 7 am! 55%-65% off coats, sweaters, and pajamas with savings pass. an extra 10% off bed, bath, and kitchen. plus, fashion boots up to 65% off. shop same great deals, preview wednesday! sears >> announcer: next "ellen," from "two and a half men," ashton kutcher. from the black eyed peas. and an entire school gets the biggest surprise in "ellen" show history. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: last time melissa was here, i said i wanted to be in the sequel to "bridesmaids," so i wrote up a little scene and we're going to perform it for you right now. by the way, melissa's not seen any of it, but i think she's going to be okay.
4:40 pm
[applause] >> ellen: hurry, megan, we have to get to your wedding so you can marry the heir to marsha -- the air marshal you met in that first movie. i knew you had to be my sister when i accidentally hit you with my car. >> we have to get to my wedding. >> watch out for that low branch. i'm so happy for you. your wedding is going to be so beautiful, and nothing is going to stop us from getting there. >> not even a giant pile of weeds. >> ellen: not even that. >> oh, my god! what are those?
4:41 pm
>> ellen: don't worry. it's good luck to get attacked by bats on the way to your wedding. it's totally fine. >> mother of mr. bojangles. >> ellen: relax. they're gone. branch. >> oh, my god. is that what i think it is? >> ellen: that's all right. we're heading straight toward the finish line of a marathon. that's all right. it's good luck. [honking] >> do you feel a storm coming on? >> ellen: now, but it sure looks foggy over there on your side of the street. this is so weird. why is there a perfume tester out here? that's weird to have a perfume tester out here. >> what's even weirder, she's coming back by you. >> ellen: no. >> she's coming back by you. >> ellen: no, no, she's not. [laughter and applause]
4:42 pm
>> i don't know -- i don't know why i'm driving so close to you. >> ellen: i've got bad news. look at those clouds. they look like rain clouds. >> over both of us, i hope. it could be hail the size of ping pong balls. >> ellen: it could be. oh, look. we made it. let's go get you married. branch. [laughter and applause] >> you want to say hello to ellen? >> ellen, you're awesome.
4:43 pm
oh, my gosh. we love you. i don't know what to do right now.
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4:45 pm
>> announcer: next "ellen," from "two and a half men," ashton kutcher. and from the black eyed peas, [cheers and applause] >> ellen: our next guest was amazing playing both winklevoss twins in last year's "the social network." now he's starring opposite
4:46 pm
leonardo dicaprio in "j. edgar." take a look. >> don't get in the car. we can walk back. >> we have lunch. we don't miss lunch no matter what. >> you pulled away from me in there. >> you perjured yourself, edgar. and the lie will be easily proved. there's no telling how much worse it could have been. >> agent purvis needs to be demoted immediately. better yet fired. >> firing the man would be a disaster. >> he needs to spend the rest of his career behind a desk. if you want to keep that job, stay out of the safe. >> ellen: please welcome armie hammer. [cheers and applause] ♪ hi, armie. >> how are you? >> ellen: well, i'm good. you are doing fantastic. i mean, it seems like you are brand-new. i had not seen you before or heard you before "the social
4:47 pm
network," and you played twins. which was really astonishing. >> more importantly, you were nice enough to have me on your show then. so thank you very much. >> ellen: you're welcome. it was my pleasure. why wouldn't i? it was really impressive. it was hard to play twins and distinguish that a tiny bit as your first big role. now you're working opposite leonardo and clint eastwood. how great is that? >> i'm really slumming it. it's unfortunate. >> ellen: you have a bunch of other huge movies coming up. right? >> i do. there's a lot of good things happening. we just finished "mirror, mirror." we have "lone ranger." things are good, exciting. >> ellen: very, very exciting. >> yeah. >> ellen: so how was it working with clint? had you met clint eastwood before? >> no, no. that's the deal. you do not meet clint until you're ready to shoot. >> ellen: really? >> which is bizarre, at least for me. angelina jolie, the first scene she had to shoot was when she was in the police station, give me back my son, first time she met clint. on that day. >> ellen: really? >> yeah. i got a call i was in the movie not from clint.
4:48 pm
clint wants you to be in the movie. show up this place this time. it's like okay. what do you do, ask questions? i'll be there. thank you very much. >> ellen: you met him on the set. i adore him. he's our neighbor. we see him a lot. he's the greatest guy. >> he's fantastic. he's so much better than you would think. everybody has an idea of clint eastwood as this dirty harry tough mean old guy, but he's so nice. he's so funny. they say don't meet your heroes, but if your hero is clint eastwood, meet your hero. he's awesome. >> ellen: i agree. i agree. he's an exception to that rule. you age -- is it 70 years in the film, so from a young man to an old man? >> there's a lot of aging. both leo and i age dramatically especially since these guys grew up at a time like you're not getting all your vitamins. smoke these cigarettes. don't worry about sunscreen. they all look really old. i look like a catcher mitt at the end of the movie. it's pretty bad. >> ellen: you know what you're going to look like, but you're probably not going to look like that because we take better care
4:49 pm
of ourselves. >> there's leo. there's me. hopefully i don't look like that. >> ellen: there is a kissing scene between you and leo in this movie. >> yes. >> ellen: how was that? >> it was great. like it was great to get to work with leo. it was great to get to -- you know, the first guy i ever kissed in my life was leonardo dicaprio. >> ellen: that's not bad. >> although -- >> ellen: it will be hard to kiss any other man. >> although, it's not the kind of kissing scene everyone's thinking of. it's not a kiss where it's tender and i love you and cherish you so much. it's a very sort of intense scene that's years and years of pent-up frustration and sexual angst that just boils to a head at that one moment. so it was my first kiss with a dude, but it's not how people think. there was much more fake blood and broken glass involved. so it's pretty intense. >> ellen: you can't say what it was like to kiss leo because there was fake blood and broken glass. >> this is true. >> ellen: but i've heard he has soft lips. >> he does have soft lips. >> ellen: and you appreciate when your wife asks you to
4:50 pm
shave. >> stubble is not great. fellows, trust me, shave. softer. >> ellen: well, congratulations on all your success. "j. edgar" opens in theaters everywhere tomorrow. we will be right back. armie. [cheers and applause] ng ding, d♪ ♪ that is their song, with joyful ring, all caroling, ♪ ♪ne seems to hear, rds of good cheer, om everywhere, ♪ ♪ filling the air, oh how they pound, ising the sound, ♪ ♪ o'er hill and dale, telling their tale, gaily they ring, ♪ ♪ while people sing, songs of good cheer, christmas is here. ♪
4:51 pm
be five percent more merry with the target red card, i love it! by getting an extra five percent off our already low prices. plus free shipping at ♪ >> next, on 11 news.
4:52 pm
>> the identified the victim in a fatal shooting outside the towson town mall. >> and the look back on ron smith. >> temperatures will be in the 50's.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
[cheers and applause] >> ellen: well, jeannie's been in nashville this week with our swaggin' wagon. right now she's on the red carpet at the cmas. let's check in with her. jeannie? >> hi, ellen. >> ellen: hey, jeannie. are you having fun there? >> so much fun. >> ellen: you've been all over nashville this week, right? >> yeah. and the best part is that all those places that i visited like belle meade plantation and the wild horse saloon, they all have amazing groupon deals going on right now. >> ellen: well, let's see what
4:55 pm
you did. ♪ it's one for the money ♪ two for the show ♪ three to get ready ♪ now, go, cat, go >> this is elvis' solid gold cadillac. i don't think they'd mind if i sat in the front seat. never mind. so we are here at the historic rca studio and i'm with luke. luke, why don't you tell the folks at home what's so special about this place. >> over a thousand top 10 hits were recorded here and elvis recorded over 262 songs here. >> elvis presley sang into this mic. >> here we go. rolling. >> this is the historic belle meade plantation. it's beautiful. ♪ very nice. so i am here with schuyler at the wild horse saloon. i'm in nashville. i feel like i should learn how to line dance. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready.
4:56 pm
>> we're going to step to the right. back with your left for two. out with your right for three. bring it in and clap on four. ♪ >> i like your hat. >> thanks, ma'am. >> thank you very much. ♪ >> this next round is on ellen. thanks, ellen. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you, ellen. thank you, nashville! [applause] >> ellen: well, it looks like an amazing place.
4:57 pm
nashville is always a lot of fun. thanks so much, jeannie. if you want a great deal on your next trip or to find deals in your own city, go to your groupon website. i heard you have somebody special with you there right now, is that right? >> i sure do. >> ellen: who is it? >> hey, darling. >> ellen: hey, kellie pickler. >> hey, ellen. >> ellen: hey, kellie. >> how are you? you look beautiful. >> ellen: you look beautiful, kellie. >> well, thank you so much. >> ellen: you look great. >> how are you? >> ellen: i'm doing really great. i guess you have to get in. they're going to start soon. so you're going to do something for us, right? >> i know. they're going to shut the doors. i ain't gonna be able to get you in. >> ellen: so you're going to get some tickets for some people to get in there, right? >> i thought those were my tickets. >> ellen: all right. give your tickets away. >> okay. i'm a giver. [crowd shouting] >> hey, baby, come here. there you go.
4:58 pm
you want to say hello to ellen? >> oh, ellen, you're awesome. thank you so much. i'm going to cry. oh, my gosh. we love you. i don't know what to do right now. >> ellen: you're going in there. it's exciting. thank kellie. all right, kellie. kellie, you look -- you look -- [laughter] >> i can't hear you over the screaming. they're so excited. >> ellen: all right, kellie. you look beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ellen: i want to thank melissa mccarthy, armie hammer, luke bryan, kellie pickler. see you tomorrow. be kind to one another. bye-bye. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: 200,000 people on 3800 flights every day. american airlines knows why you fly. anyway...
4:59 pm
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening, and thank you for joining us, everyone. >> our big story at 5:00, new details about the deadly shooting outside the towson town mall last night right in the middle of holiday shopping. >> tonight, police are stressing that they do not believe the event was random. we are live with the latest on our big story. jayne? >> they identified the victim as 19-year-old rodney pridget, who had been in criminal court a short while ago. they say he was a target. in describing the shooting l


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