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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 21, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EST

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we are back on this tuesday with today's moms and turn the kid's holiday table into the fun spot. >> "family fun" magazine know how difficult it is to keep kids seated during dinner. so they come up with some ideas to make their tables festive and fun. mary giles is the magazine's executive director. mary always has the cutest things. let's start with this rudolph table, shall we? >> we have cute ideas here. this is one of my favorites. we put craft paper on the table. kids can color on it.
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put markers or crayons on. we had a helper drawing there. we have really cute place cards. these are paper. you can decorate them. >> i love this guy right here. >> this is rudolph. he is a juice bottle under there. you need to make sure he's got a red lid cap. >> here comes sadie. >> this is sadie's time. >> she likes the strawberries. >> complete directions at >> moving down here someone is busy. >> danny is helping us make our snowmen. these are just recycled jars, juice bottles. you cover them with white tissue paper and glue on the buttons and eyes. this is a beautiful table runner. so easy to make.
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it's the keep sake you'll bring out year to year. one long piece of felt. cut diamonds from white felt and glue them on. these chair covers are fun. they've got snowmen on the front. it's a piece of white felt you lay over your chair. then decorate them with snowmen. if you use repositionable glue, you can reuse those covers throughout the year for other holidays. >> that's adorable. cheese balls and crackers. >> that is genius. >> that's what i should send to regis, he loves ritz crackers. >> charlotte and hazel. >> look at the face on this child. >> hi, kids. >> they are showing our personalized placemat. these are cotton. you can put each child's name on the top and they can decorate them during the dinner. it's a nice way to keep them occupied during the meal and they hang out with their cousins and friends. silverware stocking holders. they are a cute keep sake for kids to take home. >> these are apples hollowed
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out? >> edible apples. >> did you try it? >> do you want to taste it? >> charlotte doesn't like it. >> let's try it. sip, please. how is that? yummy. good? she's still drinking it. is it good? yeah. >> i can't take it. >> there is one other really cute idea. a lot of times people have lots of kids coming together who don't know each other for the holidays. you cut a christmas card in half, write fun things on the back, questions. if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be. find your match at the kid's table and ask each other the questions. the match to the card, the other half of the card. >> that's why you're the editor of the magazine. >> look at this. >> jack, you've been very patient. >> jack is decorating our cookie
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place cards. we've got some for each of you. >> cassidy, hannah. jack's got his own. >> if nobody claims that child, may i have her? >> it's a sweet treat after the meal is over. we've got a nice healthy treat. this is a christmas tree made out of cheese, tomatoes. nice to have healthy options on the table. we decorated the table just with wrapping paper. most tables are going to be bigger than these. just do a table runner down the middle. it's festive, inexpensive and you don't have to worry about the cranberry sauce dripping on it. >> all amazing ideas. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, everybody. sadie, too. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. happy holidays to you. >> up next, a holiday gift near and dear to our hearts. >> great wine gifts. imagine that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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it's time for today's holiday gift guide. we've got something we know a little bit about. we are talking wine. >> we also have a dear friend who knows more about it than we do. leslie is here. >> you drink it so well. >> we do and we are proud. >> she is the founder of thirsty girl and author of "the simple savvy wine guide." >> we love you. >> i brought a whole slew of wine gifts that are fantastic for the wine lovers and drink lovers in your life. we'll kick off with bubbles that you love. i've got a tattoo of bubbles on my leg. >> the woman is a slut and we didn't know it. >> this is an inexpensive. i'm doing under $10, under $10. that's yellow stale bubbles from australia. >> it comes with a resealable lid, for those --
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>> i like that champagne. >> some of the most expensive ones i'm not crazy about. >> you can mix it with arrange juice. >> why would you want to do that? that's awesome. >> is it true about putting the spoon tail in there? >> just finish the bottle. >> great. >> under $20, i picked a classic white wine. those crab and fish feasts that you have and cheese platter. >> it's scotto's fault. >> napa valley robert mondavi fume blanc. >> you love chardonnay. >> i love you, lesley. >> this is a wine i love. this is my new favorite wine. this is a twice the price wine from a producer called mirafiore from the northern italian region
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of piedmont. barbera. it's elegant packaging and a gorgeous wine. >> it's delicious. >> it's delicious. >> look at hoda taking the champagne with her. >> i might need it later. >> here is a wine santa will even love. this is a sexy under the tree bottle. >> we are learning about you, baby. >> the tattoo, the sexy pinot. other wines would have pinot envy if they could because this is a beautiful lush, rich pinot noir. under $40. it's closer to around $35 and just a beautiful gift or for yourself. it's fabulous. >> very good. >> i know you love tequila so much. >> remember the petron? shoot it shoot it shoot it. >> you are crazy. >> this is sipping tequila. >> the bottle is gorgeous. >> isn't that a beauty.
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about $40, $45. >> almost has a scotch taste to it. >> for someone who doesn't love wine or scotch, go for it. >> what is your favorite? >> i'm waiting because i know lesley has a surprise for me back here. i like all of them. i'm funny about the fumes. >> these are actually just little accessories that i love. this is a fun one around $15. it's from true fabrications. it is a slate board you can write your cheese on. >> i love those. >> cheese wrapped in grape leaves? >> it is. isn't that beautiful? this wine, honestly, you've got to go for the fume blanc. >> your mom would love that cheese. >> it looks delicious. this is smart, too. >> and if you have a chilled bottle, a corkcicle. >> how did i get through my whole life without a corkcicle? oh, my gosh.
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>> that is so smart. >> the only trick is you have to remove a glass first which isn't a problem. that means you have to drink it. >> or find someone willing. >> you plop it in and it chills it down in about 15 minutes. >> you just put that in the freezer? >> this is plastic. >> i thought it was ice. i thought it was ice. >> it's not melting in the wine. >> okay. >> 30 seconds. >> talk about a stocking stuffer. here is -- >> you are sick. >> i love this woman. i've got to tell you right now. this is my favorite thing of all time. >> what's happening? >> this is the wine breather decanter. you can go back and forth if you want to put it back in the bottle. and again if you don't finish the wine, it closes up. >> a stopper. >> that is awesome. >> it's about $50. >> something happened on our show the very first time.
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her husband and children are here in the house. >> they are. >> we had no idea the woman was a slut or married. apparently both are true. >> thanks for coming to see us, you guys. >> thank you. >> lovely family. >> singer/songwriter carole king is with us. after these messages. looking at what we can expect today, and it is going to be a chance for some rain and storms in the southeast and the northeast. moving up from the south to you in the northeast. we also have a developing store here in the west moving to the south in the coming days. i'll show you as we go through the rest of the week. this could lead to some snow in the northeast. so let esse how this plays out with the temperatures. cold air to the north,
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relatively mild in what you would expect to see this time of year. southeast, while it will be wet, we'll see 60s and 70s in the southeast. so we have one system working up on thursday. not looking too bad for new york and for boston. we're going to see that snow moving into the plains still warm in the southeast. and on friday we'll watch this low get a little bit further entrenched into parts of the plains mississippi valley. some of the forecast models are hinting that we could see snow by christmas day. mainly away from the water. you can see in washington, d.c., up to new york to boston these temperature also be a little too warm to see snow at this point. but we're still a few days away
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from christmas and we'll let you know if we see a change. but parts of the ohio valley will likely end up with at least a little know. on monday a chance of snow showers around the lakes and more rain moving in my next monday. remember, check out "wake up with al" weekdays on the weather channel. ♪ like so many great pioneers before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, througamber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance. [ female announcer ] going round
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♪ i've got my love to keep my warm ♪ >> now here's grammy winning singer and all-around lovely lady songwriter carole king singing a song co-written by her daughter, it's off her new album "carole king, a holiday carol." take it away, carole. ♪
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♪ snow cones in the sun ♪ ♪ and palm trees swaying ♪ down on the beach feliz navida is playing ♪ ♪ though i'm going to miss the christmases we always knew ♪ ♪ but here i am in paradise with you ♪ ♪ just me and you ♪ ♪ wishes come true ♪ ♪ no crackling fire ♪ ♪ or chestnuts roasting ♪
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♪ but we've got some coconuts and rum for toasting ♪ ♪ don't need a snowman ♪ ♪ we'll build castles in the sand ♪ ♪ i'm in a christmas paradise ♪ ♪ you and me underneath the beach umbrella ♪ ♪ oh oh ♪ ♪ we don't need no mistletoe at all ♪ ♪ whoa whoa ♪ ♪ no need to hurry ♪ ♪ we don't have to worry ♪ ♪ there's nowhere else to be ♪ ♪ but the starry skies be our christmas lights ♪ when the sun sets on the sea ♪
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♪ i'm in a christmas paradise ♪ ♪ you and me in christmas paradise ♪ ♪ we make a scene on the beaches every night ♪ ♪ you and me in a christmas paradise ♪ ♪ i'm in christmas paradise with you ♪ ♪ you and me in christmas paradise ♪ ♪ we make a scene on the beaches every night ♪ ♪ it's christmas time and i'm in paradise ♪ ♪ i hear it's hot ♪ ♪ and fun ♪ ♪ down to rio wherever we go ♪
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♪ won't miss the snow at all ♪ ♪ cause i'm with you in christmas paradise ♪ [ applause ] >> carole king!
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this has been a tremendously successful year for our holiday toy drive thanks to the generosity of viewers and companies. we've sent 4 million books to children all over the united states. >> isn't that sweet? the toys are already on their way to help abused and neglected children in pasadena, california. one of our most loyal contributors is the toy company jack specific.
3:03 am
ann marie heads up their efforts. we are so happy to see you. >> you make us happy, don't they? >> who doesn't love cabbage patch dolls? >> these are from the fashion alley line. they are modernized and updated for today's kids. >> they still have those adorable and loveable kids. >> and we donated to today's toy drive. we donated over $100,000 worth of toys this year, but this is our sixth year with the "today" show toy drive. it's been over $5 million worth of toys. >> that is terrific. not to mention the kids who get them. >> these have gone on and on. they don't lose their sparkle, do they? >> they are evergreen and iconic. >> i like the bracelet on them. >> every one makes you smile. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> thank you for having me. >> tomorrow is the final day to donate on the plaza. come on by and drop off some toys. >> or donate online until christmas itself. check out
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>> tomorrow, the legendary tony bennett is going to sing for us. >> it's about time. giada will whip up a holiday meal. have an awesome great day, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- adam sandler from "dancing with the stars," rob kardashian the music of awolnation, and "scary pranks onhe internet." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here! oh -- are you all ready for halloween? >> rickey: yep. >> jay: you know, they had a a survey of the scariest halloween movies in the paper. number one scariest movie, "the exorcist." "exorcist," was the scariest movie for women. scariest movie for men -- "eat, pray, love." that was the scariest movie. i ran out of that theater screaming. [ applause ] actually, i'm looking forward to halloween. finally get to see people wearing an nba uniforms. that's the only time you'll see it. [ laughter ] well, here's a last-minute costume idea for the ladies. if you're on a budget, grab a
3:06 am
a bottle of vodka, strip naked and go as lindsay lohan. that's a good way. [ cheers and applause ] or -- or -- if you're a guy, get some handcuffs, go as her dad, okay? either way, either way very cheap. well, lindsay lohan's father michael lohan was arrested for the second -- second time this week. in fact, one more arrest, he will break his daughter's record. very competitive family. actually, i feel sorry for the lohan family. this is the biggest embarrassment since, i guess, yesterday. [ laughter ] and as you know, lindsay has posed nude, it's not out yet, posed nude in "playboy" magazine for allegedly close to a million dollars. but she's not completely naked, she'll be wearing that electronic ankle bracelet. she's got that. [ laughter ] so, it's not like -- it's normal modesty. [ applause ] and i'm sure you know, lindsay lohan is working at the l.a. morgue during her community service. in fact, after she left the
3:07 am
morgue, she went over to the "playboy" mansion to do a photo shoot and saw hef and goes "didn't i just leave you?" [ laughter and applause ] >> jay: well, our old friend paula abdul was in the paper today and she says that her house is built on an ancient burial ground and it is haunted. [ audience oohs ] in fact, she said she tried communicating with the spirits and the spirits kept asking her the same question. lady, what the hell are you talking about? [ laughter ] yes, it was something like that, exactly. well, the world series is going on right now. we honestly have no idea who is winning yet, but last night -- last night's rangers' game. that was one of the greatest world series games of all time. [ cheers and applause ] it was pretty amazing. man, i tell you, the last time someone from texas blew a lead like that, it was rick perry. it was unbelievable! and david freese's game-winning home run, that was pretty amazing.
3:08 am
you know, i was there last night. after the show i flew to st louis. >> rickey: what? >> jay: i was there. i was there for that historic moment. i had to make a decision. it was a tough decision in my life. here, show the footage. here it is. >> jay: i'm way out. i'm behind the fence. see me standing there? see? now see, the ball comes down. it's coming right towards -- and i go for it. oh, there's the hot dog. yeah, i just -- yeah, i just -- i had an impulse. [ applause ] >> jay: and herman cain told a a group of occupy wall street protesters today to "go home, get a job and get a life." that's -- that's the republican version of hope and change ladies and gentlemen. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] at the state -- this is how you know times are rough. the state of illinois has voted 87-28 to allow people to collect dead animals on the roadway so they can eat them. road kill is now legal to eat in illinois.
3:09 am
it's part of their new meals under wheels program. it's a new -- new -- whole new deal. yeah. last night -- last night i mentioned that police in detroit arrested an 87-year-old man with 228 pounds of cocaine in his car. and his lawyer said today -- here's what his lawyer said -- his lawyer said "it's not what it looks like." really? what is it? $3 million worth of gold bond medicated powder? is that what it is? is that what you're trying to tell me? and folks, it has happened again. this time in ohio, 33-year-old high school teacher has been convicted of having sex with five students. yeah, officials got suspicious when they looked in the yearbook and saw the teacher's name under favorite student activity. [ light laughter ] yeah, so -- well, i love this story. police in ohio this week arrested a speeding topless woman wearing nothing but a a g-string. she was going 128 miles an hour.
3:10 am
here's the actual footage. take a look at this. look at this. it's amazing. look at this. you see the police. now the police officer must have been threatened, because he called for -- he called for backup, you'll see. you'll see. yeah. you'll see. a lot of -- apparently a lot of cops. a lot of cops. that's one thing about -- [ cheers and applause ] -- that's one thing about police -- when their fellow officers are in trouble, they are there! and apple has just patented an amazing new technology that will soon enable you to control your ipad without touching it. you can make 3d gestures in space from across the room to control your ipad. you know something? it is getting harder and harder to tell when people are crazy. okay? [ laughter ] remember you used to see people walking down the street talking and you though they were nuts? now you see a guy in the street doing this -- "i'm closing a business deal. leave me alone!" [ laughter and applause ]
3:11 am
and researchers in australia are working on a pill for binge drinkers that they say takes the pleasure out of drinking. you know, we have something that takes the pleasure out of drinking. it's called karaoke. okay, that's what -- i find that works fantastic. oh, now here's something -- [ applause ] here is -- i did not know this. do you know it is legal for men to be naked in san francisco unless they're aroused? [ laughter ] >> rickey: what? >> jay: so, at what point are you actually breaking the law? [ laughter ] like, what if you're partially aroused? does a cop go, all right, hold it right there, buddy! freeze. hold it right there, fellow! i'm taking you in! i mean, how do you judge, really? it doesn't make any sense. anyway -- the estate -- [ applause ] and the estate of dr. jack kevorkian, says they plan to auction off
3:12 am
17 paintings by the famous suicide doctor. paintings by jack kevorkian. ironically, they say the characters in the painting really seem to come to life. [ light laughter ] you know? see, that's the irony. [ applause ] and right up the road here in laguna hills, california it took rescue workers 90 minutes to free a man from the inside of a hollow tree. thus proving that the obesity epidemic has even reached the keebler elf community, apparently. you see, it's not just -- even -- [ applause ] and queen elizabeth desperately trying to keep energy costs down at the buckingham palace. and she's using some american technology. here, here's the story. >> the queen of england is apparently doing her part to conserve energy and save money. signs are reportedly hanging all over the palace reminding residents to turn off the lights when they leave a room. the queen has taken it upon herself -- [ clapping ] [ laughter ]
3:13 am
and it's being reported that after his most recent marriage -- you know, paul mccartney converting to judaism, and you know, i think it's true because i just saw this commercial. anyone see this commercial last night? take a look. >> paul mccartney is converting to judaism, and he's giving us all a mitzvah by rerecording his greatest hits. you get -- ♪ hanukkah is coming eight nights this week ♪ >> you'l also get "oi bla dee, oi bla da," "lucy in the sky with dreidels," "here comes my son, he's a doctor," "maybe i'm a mensch," and this -- ♪ eleanor ruthstein goes to the town for atoning for all of her sins the service begins ♪ >> so get paul mccartney's "rabbi road." you'd be mashugana not to. ♪ ♪ pastrami on rye ♪ ♪ pastrami on rye ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: we'll be right back with trick or treat pranks and adam sandler. say hello to rickey minor and
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>> jay: welcome back. we have a fun show for you tonight. the star of the movie "jack and jill," the very funny adam sandler will join us. uh, from one of the most famous families on tv and the hit show "dancing with the stars," rob kardashian will join us. [ cheers and applause ] he's doing quite well on the show. and later, music from awolnation. what we got next week, we have big stars coming. coming on monday, justin bieber. justin bieber will drop by. also this week, taylor lautner, kristin stewart and eddie murphy will be here as well and miss piggy. miss piggy will join us, too. [ cheers and applause ] now folks, people love posting video pranks that they pull on their friends and family and let's put them up there. we invited three of the most popular ones to join us for trick or treat pranks. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] all righty. where is jim mcgrath? jim? hey jim how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> jay: good to see you. thanks for dressing for the show. [ light laughter ] now, where are you from? >> i'm from green bay,
3:18 am
wisconsin. >> jay: what do you do there? >> i work for ups. i'm a driver. >> jay: ups driver. all right, very good. now, you went bungee jumping, is that correct? >> correct. >> jay: is that a scary experience for you? >> not as bad as driving sometimes. >> jay: really, really? okay and your friends pulled a a frank on you. >> yes they did. i went off the jump and the first jump you have to go backward and like i said, i'm nervous and they tried to pull a prank on me. >> jay: okay, well here's the prank they pulled. here, take a look. >> three, two, one. >> oh, no, wait! wait! wait! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: that's horrible! what a horrible prank! oh man! are you still friends with those people? >> only the guy that video taped it. >> jay: oh man, well here look, we have something for you. adam, adam come on down here. we have something for you. [ cheers and applause ] this is something you will like here you are. this is -- have you been sky diving? >> only once when i was
3:19 am
younger. >> jay: okay well here, this is tandem skydiving skydive at adventures that's in wisconsin. okay now, now you know -- hold on. if for some reason the guy doesn't hold onto like that. we have this for you. here we are. [ laughter ] enjoy that. good luck, buddy. >> thank you very much. >> jay: all right, thank you. where is mike, mary, and dan joseph? oh, hey guys, how are you doing? this is the whole family. you're mike? >> mary. >> jay: and hopefully mary. good to see you. okay, now, where are you from? >> rochester, new york. >> jay: okay, now this prank is more about psychological terror than a quick scare. isn't it? >> yeah. >> jay: okay. tell us what do you do there? what do you do? >> i own a beverage company. >> jay: a beverage company. >> in rochester. >> jay: okay and mom? >> i'm a elementary school psychologist and one thing i do is teach children is teach children how to calm down. >> jay: teach children how to calm down. very good. >> yes. >> jay: and you, sir? >> i'm a retired college professor. >> jay: retired college
3:20 am
professor. okay, now, explain the prank. >> well, i started vital energy drink company out of my parents' house and for eight months, i was storing all the drinks in the basement. i was taking over their side of the garage, and the only thing my mom asked me was don't leave the drinks upstairs and i did sometimes and i would find them out in the snow the next day. >> jay: oh, mom. >> oh, yeah. >> jay: okay. this is what the prank is about? >> yeah. they came home -- or they went on vacation for a week and they came home, and i had a little surprise set up for them. >> jay: let's take a look. >> this is vital energy. this is our drink. my mom hates when they're on the first floor. so, here's what we've done. we have 26,000 of these drinks in my house right now. [ crying ] [ laughter ] [ crying ] >> oh my god. are you serious? [ yelling ] i can't take it! >> trick or
3:21 am
treat! [ bleep ] >> be quiet! >> i can't! i can't! >> be quiet! i can't! i can't! he can drop dead. okay. mike move out. please move out. i can't stand him! i just can't stand him! i can't stand him! how could you do this to me? how could you do this to me? i just want you out! i want these drinks gone! [ bleep ]. >> jay: wow! [ cheers and applause ] man. >> too bad it wasn't mother's day. that would have made it complete. and again, your job, once again is to what? >> elementary school psychologist.
3:22 am
>> jay: you calm down children. [ light laughter ] >> i calm down children. [ laughter ] >> jay: and you, sir, the voice of reason and the voice of calm. i was amazed. >> that was good. >> jay: we have lovely gifts for you. for you, sir, we have this. these are noise canceling headphones. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> jay: that will work for me. and for mom, stress relief deep tissue massage. massage envy and that's in rochester -- >> oh yeah. that's wonderful. >> jay: so you can go there and get a massage. and we have something special for you. this is a craigslist of all of the apartments in your area. [ laughter ] these are all of the apartments for rent, some lovely ones here, very reasonable. you can put all the stupid beverages in there you want, there you go. very good. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. thank you very much. all right, one last one. jesse and gina. jesse -- >> nice to meet you. >> jay: and of course, gina. >> hi. >> jay: where are you guys from? >> new jersey. >> jay: new jersey. married? dating? what? >> we're dating.
3:23 am
>> jay: how long have you been going out? >> six years. >> jay: oh six years. her parents must be thrilled to see you. [ light laughter ] and you guys live together? >> yes. >> jay: you live together, very well. okay, now, what is the prank? >> it was one early morning and she was sleeping and i just thought of the perfect opportunity to just pull a a prank. >> jay: okay see, this is like a guy thing. [ light laughter ] this is like a guy thing. it's a guy prank. this is all right, take a look at how horrible this is. [ light laughter ] [ light laughter ] [ bleep ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: that's horrible! horrible!
3:24 am
a horrible prank! adam, what do we have for them? now we have dinner for two at morton's steakhouse. i'm giving this to you gina -- >> thank you very much. >> jay: -- because you're not going with him. you're going with a new boyfriend who's better looking and more handsome. hunter, come on down here. [ laughter ] this is your new boyfriend we got for you. he's taller. he's better looking. there you go, enjoy your night. congratulations. we'll be back with adam sandler right after this. ♪ take toast. spread with i can't believe it's not butter! add jacques. he's french. oui. ♪ ♪ mmmm. oui like. [ male announcer ] i can't believe it's not butter! has irresistible fresh butter taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter. [ kim ] you can have it all. [ male
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3:26 am
new vicks nature fusion cold & flu. ♪ ♪
3:27 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: all righty. welcome back. my first guest. one of the biggest movie stars in the world, one of our favorites here at "the tonight show." his new movie called "jack and jill," it opens nationwide november 11th. it's got johnny depp. it's got al pacino. it's amazing, the people in this movie with him. please welcome the always funny adam sandler! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
3:28 am
>> jay: how are you, buddy? >> great. where that was mother who was yelling? that was funny right there. >> jay: the yelling mom is right over there. >> where is she? >> jay: she over there. there's the mom. >> my mother said the same to me many times. [ laughter ] get out of here! that was so funny! i just love that you let them show that. >> jay: yeah, yeah, isn't that great? >> that's the greatest thing ever. you've got confidence, lady. [ light laughter ] >> jay: my mom knocked me out once with a pot. i told that story. >> really? >> jay: she goes -- she was so mad. she went, bong! and hit me in the head and knocked me out. stone cold. did your mom ever deck you? >> oh yeah. well, i never got went out. but when she would stir lemonade, was always -- like, i would saying something she'd be like -- hit me with the thing. and it was like, getting lemonade in my eyes. she was tough, the old lady. >> jay: now let me ask you something. president obama was in your neighborhood the other day.
3:29 am
>> yes. yes, and that was pretty cool. he's been out here a few times. >> jay: right. >> and when he comes, you know, the whole neighborhood shuts down. >> jay: right. >> my kids were, like, we want to go out to eat. and i said no, no, no, the president's here. so there's traffic and stuff. "why can't we fly in the helicopter like we always do?" you know, to the restaurant. [ laughter ] and i said, you know, it's just being disrespectful to obama, you know. [ light laughter ] >> jay: now what are the girls going out as on monday? what are they going to do? >> they're so nice. they love rapunzel more than anything. >> jay: rapunzel? >> rapunzel. they made, you know, the movie that came out a year ago or two years ago. >> jay: right, okay. >> they watch it all of the time, so they dress up. the big one loves rapunzel, so the little one goes. whatever the big one does the little one does. >> jay: yeah. she wants to be rapunzel, too. >> yeah, it's very cute. the big one gets, like, hurt. "ow, my hand!" and then the little one goes, "my hand." [ laughter ] it's so cute. and i'm going out as either -- what's the guy's name?
3:30 am
flynn rider? he's that tool rapunzel has a a crush on, you know? >> jay: oh, okay. i'm eating flynn rider or a a chubby adam sandler. >> jay: oh, i see. [ light laughter ] yeah, yeah. >> yeah, i was having some yodels last night. i was like, maybe i'll do the chubby adam sandler. [ light laughter ] >> jay: yeah, yeah. not as much work. well, you know, now, in the movie you play your own twin sister. >> yes. >> jay: yes, now did you ever want to have a twin brother or sister? >> yeah. yeah. i always everybody -- i got picked on a a lot growing up. and i always kind of wanted a a twin, you know, to run with me into the woods and cry. [ laughter ] so i had someone -- >> jay: really? >> someone to hold. [ laughter ] now, was i a pretty twin, do you think? did you see me? you saw me. >> jay: i did see your movie. >> gorgeous, right? >> jay: and as a woman, i would say to you, never go to prison, okay? [ laughter ] but yes, you're a very attractive woman. >> thank you. >> jay: yeah, yeah. now, there's a thanksgiving theme in the movie, cause you talk about your family a lot. is that like your family? is that very similar?
3:31 am
>> it's a hostile scene in the movie. >> jay: yeah. >> this fighting goes on in our family. >> jay: yeah. >> it's like that nice, that "family aff [ laughter ] we -- no, no. it wasn't based off my family. this is a -- i made a pg movie. if it was my house, it would be rated "r," for sure. >> jay: yeah. >> not cause of the language -- just my grandmother would always show up topless. [ laughter ] >> jay: really? >> my grandmother would come to dinner topless, jay. and it was, like, not because -- she just would say enough with the turkey, you know? let's eat some real food. and she'd cranberry up her -- >> jay: really? >> i made that up. it's not true. [ laughter ] take it easy. i really don't have much to talk about tonight, so i'm making stuff up. sorry, guys. >> jay: so what are you doing for thanksgiving? do you get together with your family? >> yes. >> jay: do you go back? do you bring all of the relatives? >> oh yeah. that's always happened. i remember when my father was alive. for years, it's always been a a giant thing. all of the members of the family would show up in one house.
3:32 am
and i remember it was just uncles, aunts, cousins and just a packed table. and i was sitting next to my father and i'd go, "dad, this is the best, right?" and he goes, "is it?" [ laughter ] i remember that. "is it really?" >> jay: yeah, great. see, my mother is from scotland. >> uh-huh. >> jay: but my father is italian. >> oh, right, right, right. >> so they would -- it wasn't like there was friction. >> right. >> jay: but the italians would always make more food than necessary. >> right, right. >> and my scottish, "look at the waste. the wasted food. you made too much food. the waste." they couldn't get over the fact. if there's one meatball left, what a horrible thing. they would count exactly how many meatballs should have. >> that's so funny. my mother is like that when she visits the movie set. and someone doesn't finish a a soda. "excuse me, there's more soda." [ light laughter ] and i'm like, "mom, relax. leave him alone." >> jay: now, tell me about your wife and the pizza parlor. what is that? >> this is an awful story. i go to a pizza parlor, everybody, and i ask for a a small pizza. and the man says "we don't have smalls. we only have large and medium."
3:33 am
so i said, actually, that doesn't make any sense, you know? [ light laughter ] medium's in the middle, you know? >> jay: right. >> it's either a small or a a large. "but no, we only have medium. medium and large. no small." and so then my wife gets a nice idea and she told -- kind of pantses me because i was wearing shorts. pulls my pants down and says "what is this?" [ laughter ] and the man said, "medium?" that's a true story. [ applause ] tell everybody. >> jay: all right. we'll take a break. more with adam right after this. >> thank you, leno. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
3:34 am
3:35 am
3:36 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: welcome back! talking with adam sandler. "jack and jill" is the new movie. now, you're playing a dual role, an acting challenge. >> yes. >> jay: you're playing your own sister. did you have to do the whole shaving thing? well, obviously. >> oh yeah. >> jay: yeah. >> very much so. ladies, good job on that shaving. that's rough. [ light laughter ] i hate it. i really did have to shave all of the time. >> jay: yeah.
3:37 am
>> and the worst is, 'cause i'm a man and i would shave. first of all, i'm very stiff. like, i can't really bend well, so it was horrible. i was, like, in the shower. >> jay: what do you mean you can't bend well? >> i don't know what it is. i've got a bad back or something. but i can't, like -- i swear, this is all i've got. [ laughter ] >> jay: wow. >> so, anyways, i have to bring it up to me. and, like, anyway, i'd be, like, sitting in the shower. the shower would be coming down. the water's hitting me. i'm like, sitting here, leaning over, doing all of that. and i would shave up to here, and then i have some, you know, higher than that. and i'm like, maybe i should keep going. i don't know where to stop. so i would shave up here. eventually i'd end up shaving the vagina. [ laughter ] >> jay: really? i had to, kind of, just, like, i wanted my character to make it pretty. >> jay: yeah, yeah. [ light laughter ] did your wife like you without the hair? >> with the vagina? yeah. >> jay: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah, like, she would rub my chest and stuff. >> jay: yeah. >> when i had to shave the chest. i had to do so many weird
3:38 am
things. ladies, i'll tell you what's the worst. okay, the hair care is tough. >> jay: yeah. >> the eyelashes. i had to put the fake eyelashes on. >> jay: right. >> the tampon was the worst by far. [ laughter ] and i'm going to tell you. i see so many nice ladies here tonight, like, are over 60 and i'm sorry. because i know you're nice people. but the rest of you, you can handle it. the tampon hurts. [ light laughter ] because it wasn't -- it wasn't what you're thinking. it wasn't the in, it was the out. [ laughter ] >> jay: yeah. >> no, i'm sorry. i'm sorry about all of this. [ applause ] >> jay: yeah, yeah. >> i'm sorry, jay. >> jay: did you ever go anywhere as jill? did you ever go out in the street and walk around as a a woman? did you try that? >> yeah. [ light laughter ] when didn't i do that? no, i was -- i mean, like -- all right. so al pacino is in the movie. >> jay: right. >> al pacino is in the movie. he's awesome. and he's a great actor, and i didn't want to -- he falls in love.
3:39 am
he has a little thing for jill. >> jay: for you. >> and i need to help him out as an actor. i didn't tell him i was jill. i just, like, said we got a a straight actress and blah, blah, blah. and it was great. and, you know, he hung out with jill all of the time and stuff. and then one day he says to me, "i'm in trouble, man." "what happened?" "oh, it's bad. i was with jill in a trailer and things happened." and i was like, "yeah, yeah, yeah." and he goes, "and i'm in a a relationship. and, you know, i'm afraid she's going to tell on me." and i said, "i can guarantee you, if you don't tell anybody, she won't." [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jay: wow. well, tell me about that. how did you get -- you have al pacino and johnny depp, other people. how did you get al pacino? 'cause that's, like, the hardest guy. >> al pacino, it was very easy. i just gave him a different script. [ laughter ] al thinks he's in "j. edgar." >> jay: oh, wow! >> yeah, he thinks he's in "j. edgar."
3:40 am
and by the way, the johnny depp thing is a secret. >> jay: oh, did i blow that? i'm sorry. >> that's all right, leno. that was -- johnny's friends with al and that was very nice. but, yeah, thank you. the secret is definitely out. that is out and the vagina thing. [ laughter ] both secrets. >> jay: well, i'm sorry about that. 'cause, you know, people will see the movie. >> oh, eventually. >> jay: eventually it will get out. >> yeah, i got ya. i got ya. yes, yes. pacino, by the way, he is -- the reason he falls for my character in the movie is he's kind of losing his mind. he's having a nervous breakdown. >> jay: right. >> blah, blah, blah. and jill is from the bronx, and he's from the bronx. and he's trying to just get a a grip on life again. but he really is one of the funniest guys. >> jay: yeah. >> and i'll bet you didn't know this, and i didn't know it either. but he was a stand-up. that's how he started. >> jay: wait a minute. >> i swear to god. >> jay: pacino was a stand-up? >> pacino was in a comedy team in the beginning. him and another guy. scott was the man's name. but he liked -- he used to do
3:41 am
the improv in new york. i swear to god. did you never know this? >> jay: well, i came a couple of years after that. but i never heard that pacino. really? >> he, like, for a while. it wasn't, like, a brief thing. he did it for a couple of years, i think. and, like, he told me some of the routines and they were great. they were, like -- >> jay: i mean, i can't see him doing comedy. >> but he's very smooth. very, great, great man. >> jay: we should get him on. >> pacino's never coming anyway. [ laughter ] he likes his town. >> jay: he doesn't go anywhere. so what's the clip we're going to see? what's happening in here? >> well, okay. i think this is jack and jill. jill loves jack more than anything, and jack is kind of trying to have a life of his own. and it's holiday time, and jill comes out. and they're trying to say that because they're twins they can feel what the other person is feeling, and jack is screwing with jill a little bit. >> jay: and katie holmes. is that a secret, too? >> that's no secret. she is in the movie. >> jay: oh, okay. well, katie holmes is there. >> yes, yes, yes. tell everybody. >> jay: well, here, listen.
3:42 am
we're publicizing a movie. i've never had anybody say don't tell about my movie. [ light laughter ] the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard in my life. >> i made a mistake saying that out loud. you're right. >> jay: well, here we go. let's take a look. >> do you and daddy have twin powers? >> what's this? what's this? what's this about? >> it's this thing we saw on "60 minutes." some twins have strange powers and they can feel when the other one's hurt. >> oh, jack and i can do that. what? why are you making a face? tell me you don't feel this. >> i didn't feel it. maybe if you did it harder. a little harder. >> no, jill, stop it. he's kidding. >> what? >> oh! [ laughter ] >> no, i'm fine. that was 100% connect. >> feel that, daddy? >> i actually did feel something there. pride in my son. [ applause ] >> there ya go. >> jay: "jack and jill" opens november 11th. adam, thank you buddy. >> thanks, leno. great to see you, buddy. >> jay: we'll be right back with rob kardashian right after this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
3:43 am
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of office paper a year. that's enough to build a wall of paper from new york to l.a., which nobody would find attractive. you can help prevent this big paper wall... the more you know. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: you know, my next guest is the only brother in the hit series "keeping up with the kardashians." and he's one of the celebrities on the hit show "dancing with the" -- you should be on dancing with the stars. >> sandler: i'm going to, yes. >> jay: you're going to do it? >> sandler: no! [ laughter ] >> jay: please welcome
3:46 am
rob kardashian! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: good to see you, my friend. i'm trying to think if you are the last kardashian. are there any i haven't met? >> there's kendall, there's kylie, she turns 16 coming up. so, sweet 16. >> jay: okay so there's a bunch more. >> there's a couple more you might have soon. >> jay: well, i have this family photo. this goes back a ways. >> doesn't that look like jay? >> jay: it does look a little like me. >> but the only difference is he has the gray in the middle and then the black. >> jay: oh that's right. mine is the other way around. >> yeah, that's me, my dad, my mom, khloe, kourtney and kim. >> jay: that's right, yeah. >> beautiful. >> jay: tell me, what do you remember about your dad? 'cause you were -- >> my dad -- he was a big prankster. he really does remind me of you, i don't know why. but i swear, he loved your show and everything like that. he would -- one of the probably most memorable pranks he would take us all home, a bunch of friends and stuff like that and
3:47 am
my sisters and he would drive to a random house. we obviously knew the joke, but then our friends would walk up and we'd go to the door bell and it wasn't even our house, and then he would turn around and then you know -- but everything i remember, it was a good one. put it in your movie. [ laughter ] but -- no -- >> jay: 'cause they got divorced when you were pretty young. 'cause you guys lived around the corner from me. >> yeah. tower, well now you all know where he lives. >> jay: thank you for telling them where i live. [ laughter ] you know adam's place is 118 smiths drive, but it's nice. >> no, my parents got divorced. i was 2. so i knew my step dad bruce. >> jay: bruce jenner. >> right. and billy madison -- >> sandler: he was in billy madison, too. >> you hold up a picture of him in your movie. >> jay: you're not supposed to tell anyone. >> sandler: leave me alone with that! >> jay: he's screwing it up for everybody. >> he's like a regular now on adam's show. but, uh -- >> jay: but i mean it's tough when in beverly hills -- >> sandler: no, bruce was the
3:48 am
best, is the best. >> divorces are tough and not all families have it. like, i literally have all happy memories even through divorce. bruce, my dad and my mom were all super close and there was no, like, difficulties at all. so it was really -- >> jay: so did you and your sisters ever rebel as teenagers? >> oh, bruce, speaking of bruce, bruce hated khloe cause she, not hated, but what i mean is she stole his car. she took his car out. i don't think she even had her license. she took his ford expedition out, probably drove around, got pulled over and the car got impounded. they kept it a secret from him. i mean he obviously knows now. [ laughter ] >> jay: now he means, is he hearing it now for the first time? >> yeah, he might be, i don't know. literally we keep all secrets from bruce. >> jay: so was khloe the big troublemaker? >> she definitely was. she is -- she steals cars. >> jay: yeah, well -- >> she's grand theft auto. >> jay: remind me to never have you near my garage. now, you lived with her and lamar odom for a while. >> yeah, i did. >> jay: now, how was that? was it fun?
3:49 am
>> it was fun. i mean the whole purpose was lamar plays -- well, not currently, when there was a a season he was always on the road and, you know, so he wanted me there to kind of look after, be in the house with her when he's gone all of the time, but i mean the rules in her house were no girls. she's got -- you what i'm talking about. she's got surveillance cameras and the whole nine so she literally would threaten me, i'm going to look at the tapes. >> jay: why couldn't you have girls in the house? what's wrong with that? >> sandler: they would dirty the house up. >> they'd dirty the house up. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: they're messy. >> tampons and shave their legs and the whole nine. there was good stuff about that house. >> jay: did you ever break the rules? >> yeah. 100%. >> jay: you ever get caught sneaking girls into the house? >> um, she definitely, yeah, she caught me. >> jay: on video? >> she said, she tried to, she said she watched the video. i know she didn't watch the video, but then i obviously admit what happened. even though -- >> jay: but where are the video cameras aren't in every --
3:50 am
>> they only last 30 days. they're not in every room, but when they're in front of the gate, the garage, the doors. >> jay: now you're on a reality show. >> sandler: it was worth it, though? >> it was definitely worth it. it got real dirty. [ laughter ] >> jay: "dancing with the stars" and a reality show. have you ever had a real job? >> uh, yeah i worked, i have, actually. [ light laughter ] >> jay: you see i'm stunned by that. >> yeah i know, everybody seems stunned. no, i worked at abercrombie & fitch. believe it or not. >> jay: wow, yeah. >> i wasn't the guy with the shirt off. never. i heard you were one of those guys. >> jay: yes, i was one of the abercrombie guys. that >> that's great. >> sandler: has anybody ever seen you shirtless? that's never come up? >> jay: no. >> sandler: nobody's seen you without a shirt. come on! tonight! [ cheers and applause ] it would be amazing. >> jay: how many people here read "muscle & fitness," then you've seen me with my shirt off. what did you do at abercrombie & fitch? were you a sales person? were you a -- >> you know, i folded t-shirts and -- >> jay: folded? what kind of lame-ass job is
3:51 am
that? [ light laughter ] >> as a man, i'd fold shirts. >> jay: didn't you go to usc? >> yes, i did, i went to usc. >> jay: did you graduate? >> yes, i did. >> jay: and you're folding t-shirts. >> that was before. that was before. that was in high school. >> sandler: earned the money to get there. >> yeah, earn the money a a little bit. no i girls worked at abercrombie & fitch. >> jay: all rig great job on "dancing with the stars." >> thank you. [ chee >> jay: do you think, uh, have you ever danced before? >> no. no. i was the guy that at a a wedding, bar mitzvah for adam -- trying to make it, uh, but, anyway, i was the guy that would literally pretend like, oh, i'm not done eating, i'm going to sit and eat, or i'm on a phone call or whatever it was. i hate dancing. probably the scariest thing to do and then to do it in front of 20 million people. >> jay: well you know what's scarier, your whole family shows up. see to me, i would much rather do something in front of strangers, then have your whole family is there. but they come every week, don't they -- >> yeah and then sometimes they say things to the judges.
3:52 am
>> look at >> oh, yeah. >> sandler: oh, wow! >> jay: and there's, like, 1,500 of them. [ light laughter ] >> there's more in the back, too. those two tall guys are blocking them. >> jay: now i want to ask you something about kris and kim. the rumors that tmz, oh they broke up. >> and all of the b.s. honestly, i've been so busy we "dancing with the stars," i don't >> jay: oh that's a bad answer. i do not like this problem. >> yeah, so now, well whatever, no, but no, kris, i love kris. it's all, it's the media. >> jay: so they're okay? it's all right. >> everything is great. >> jay: okay. >> yea >> jay: now w you doing the cha cha. >> oh there we go man, i've got to see this. >> no, it's not too pretty. >> jay: because a is going to be exciting to watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: that was good! >> yeah. >> jay: hey, tell me about the judges. do you think the judge's comments are getting a little harsh? is that hard to take? are you thick skinned or thin skinned? >> i'm pretty thick. i mean when it comes to judges, it's a tv show at the end of the day.
3:53 am
they are, i look at it at fun and i don't take that too seriously and go to my trailer and cry afterwards. i mean, i cry enough just dancing out there. [ light laughter ] it's so much fun, but -- no, but, you know, it's all fun. >> jay: all right, very good. >> yeah. >> jay: well, you've got how many weeks left? [ cheers and applause ] >> we're in week seven and we're moving on to week eight. halloween, so -- >> jay: coming down to the wire. do you think you're going to win? >> i just hope i'm still there. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: all right, good luck buddy. say hi to mom and everybody for me. we'll be right back with awolnation right after this! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: my next guests are a a terrific band. they're here to perform their hit song "sail," from their new album, "megalithic symphony." on november 3rd they're kicking off a tour right here in los
3:56 am
angeles at the music box. please welcome awolnation. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ sail! ♪ ♪ this is how i show my love i made it in my mind because
3:57 am
i blame it on my a.d.d. baby this is how an angel cries ♪ ♪ i blame it on my own supply blame it on my a.d.d. baby sail! ♪ ♪ sail! sail! sail! maybe i should ♪ ♪ cry for help maybe i should kill myself blame it on my a.d.d. baby maybe we're a ♪
3:58 am
♪ different breed maybe we're not listening so blame it on my a.d.d. baby sail! ♪ ♪ sail! sail! sail! all right now ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh sail with me sail with me, girl oh ♪ ♪ you sail with me! sail with me, girl!
3:59 am
ooh sail! ♪ ♪ sail! sail! sail! you sail with me ♪ ♪ into the dark you sail with me into the dark sail with me into the dark ♪ ♪ you sail with me sail with me yeah ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: nice job, guys! thank you, gentlemen. nice job, guys. i want to thank my guests, adam sandler, rob kardashian, and of course awolnation. hey, monday night justin bieber will be here. but coming up right now jimmy fallon has justin timberlake, happening


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