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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 21, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: i -- i don't think it's a good idea. i don't. >> i think it's a great idea. >> ellen: let's go. out, out. right now. no hugs, no hugs, no hugs. >> okay. [cheers and applause] >> ♪ let's have a little fun today ♪ >> announcer: here she is now, kicking off her ninth season, ellen degeneres. [cheers and applause] ♪ let's give a little love away ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ get up ♪ get up [cheers and applause] ♪ yeah, yeah
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[cheers and applause] >> ellen: thank you. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: thank you very much. have a seat. have a seat. thank you. thank you very much. have a seat, everybody. oh, thank you so much. and right back at you all. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] well, look at us all right here. it's our first show of the ninth season. can you believe it? [cheers and applause] i've missed you so much. i've missed you so much.
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i love being here, which is good, because thanks to the stock market, i have to be here. but i really do. i just -- i just -- i really have been looking forward to getting back to work because i'm one of those people who can't sit still, which is why i only got laser surgery in this eye right here. this side of the room -- is anybody over there? i can't even see. you're beautiful over here. i kept busy this summer. i was working out a lot. i pretty much worked out every single day. i would go to my trainer's house. he would make me do these insane crazy exercises where i climbed ladders and carried cement blocks. now that i think about it, i may have been building his master bedroom, because yesterday we installed a faucet. he said it was good for the triceps to keep turning. he also said hanging drywall is good for the upper body. so now -- but i did. i worked out a lot this summer. i did some hiking. there's some trails around the house. we have hiking trails and horse trails which are pretty much the same thing except the horse trails someone rides you. [laughter]
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so i'm on those a lot. but i went -- i saw some movies this summer. i saw a lot of good movies were out. did you see "crazy stupid love"? did you see that? [applause] that's a good movie, right? "crazy stupid love" is a good movie. that's a really good movie. not just because my brother produced it, but it's a really good movie. i finally gave in and watched an entire episode of "jersey shore." the whole thing. i mean, i'd seen bits and pieces before, but i watched the entire thing, and, man, those guys are in great shape. that's what i thought. i thought their trainer must have a nice house. [laughter] but i am glad to be back at work. i'm back, but you can tell who's not here. tony is not here. i know. tony is shooting a movie in new york. that's why he's not here today. [applause] yep. have you heard about the big new batman sequel?
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it's not that one, but anyway -- [laughter] tony will be back tomorrow. but today i brought somebody in because we have to have a dj. we have to have music. you know how i like to introduce you to new talent. this guy is someone that has, i think, a lot of potential and a really bright, bright future ahead of him. please welcome my guest dj for today, from the black eyed peas, [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ellen: there's that guy. all right.! [cheers and applause], help me start out right now. let's dance. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> ellen: well -- [cheers and applause] whoo. have a seat. i haven't danced all summer long., welcome. i'm so happy you're here. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. >> ellen: do i say the whole -- do i say will.u.r? >> you can call me willy, you can call me billy, you can call me chilly, or you can call me will. >> ellen: all right.
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so now i have a new segment. because it's our first show, i don't have a name for it. i want to share the segment. usually we have titles for our segments. i'm just going to call it our new segment we don't have a title for. do you have auto-correct on your phones, everybody? do you have where -- okay. you're texting. it's new to me. you're texting and your phone automatically spells the word it thinks you're trying to type. sometimes it's right and sometimes and a lot of times it's very, very wrong. it's been happening to me lately a lot. the other day i texted portia i was going to get my can washed. obviously, i met my can polished. [laughter] i meant my car washed. so there's some websites now that are posting the auto-corrects. over the summer, a lot of my viewers sent me theirs. i want to share some of them with you. these are actually things that people sent to us that happened to them. it starts off sweet, this one. i just wanted to say i love you. and then the person writes back. oh, babe, i love you too so much.
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if i could, i'd buy you a casket. [laughter] then, a casket. damn auto-correct. way to ruin a moment. i definitely do not want you in a casket. hello? like they'd just gone. [applause] castle. not casket. all right. now, imagine you're just going about your day on this one and your dad, you get a text from your dad and it says this. your mom and i are going to divorce next month. and then the person says what? why? call me, please. and then i wrote disney and the phone changed it. we're going to disney. [laughter and applause] it's not divorce. no.
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this is from somebody who was texting their aunt. and it seems normal at first. hi, aunt liz. are you still going to pick us up at 6:15 for the movie tonight? hi, michelle, yes. i will be there in about 45 minutes. i'm just heating up some lady bits for your father. wow, i definitely meant leftovers, is what they meant. my question about this one is why does your phone know the word lady bits? where did that come from? i love these. if you have any good ones, please send them to me. send them to my lady bits if you like or my website. when we come back, our very first guest of season 9. the possibly very naked ashton kutcher will be sitting right there. [cheers and applause]
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>> announcer: coming up, one las vegas principal's inspiring fight against poverty and homelessness and ellen's biggest gift ever to help her out. >> oh, my god! >> announcer: and up next -- >> ellen: did you say i would love to do this? did they call you first? >> i was watching charlie sheen on youtube. >> ellen: had you met charlie before? had you ever met him? >> announcer: next "ellen" -- host of the emmys, jane lynch. >> ellen: every good host needs a catchphrase. that's enough. it's not the oscars. >> announcer: plus -- >> ellen: he's been called the best looking man in the world, usually by me. >> announcer: david beckham is here, the very funny maya rudolph, lady antebellum, and an amazing rescue. now for the first time, they hear from the man they saved. >> ellen: this is what makes america great. traditions are not for keeping.
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they're for keeping us together. ♪ [ boy ] to dad, love sam. [ mom ] say "merry christmas." [ boy ] merry christmas. [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. [ boy ] charlie brown spotted a small, scraggly pine tree. ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> ellen: well, willy, i like the way you did that. i like the little mix to the rolling stones. >> that was a little mixy mix. >> ellen: i like the mixy mix. all right, well all eyes will be on our first guest next week as the new star of tv's most anticipated show of the season, "two and a half men." please welcome my friend, ashton kutcher. [cheers and applause] >> hi, y'all. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: hi, ashton. >> what's up? what's up, willy? [cheers and applause]
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whoo! >> ellen: all right. so you put some clothes on. you look nice with clothes and without clothes. >> thank you. >> ellen: that was quite -- that was quite a surprise. that was -- >> yeah. i like to be surprising. >> ellen: i didn't really expect that. >> brought my friend with me. >> ellen: yes, i did. >> he goes everywhere with me. >> ellen: oh, man. >> my mom calls him willie, too. [laughter] >> that was a good one, that was a good one. >> i'm not sure if he was laughing or coming over to whip my ass. >> ellen: no. let's talk about "two and a half men." let's talk about this craziness. >> yeah. >> ellen: it's very exciting, right? >> it's really exciting. >> ellen: how did this happen? did you -- did you say i would love to do this? did they call you first? how did that happen? >> it was really bizarre. i was watching charlie sheen on you stream. he was talking about warlocks and mercury surf boards and
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stuff. i was like i don't even know what that is. i went to dinner with a friend of mine, and i said -- if they offered me the show, i'd do it in a minute. i'd done "that '70s show." and i really love doing sitcoms in front of live audiences. and then two weeks later i got a phone call and they offered me the job. and i was like, oh, man, wow. i got to think abouthis. this is like a big shift. and i just thought about it. it's the best job in the world. >> ellen: it is a great job. it's a great job. and you love the show and you love the cast. >> yeah. it's amazing. jon cryer is fantastic. the writers are incredible. the rest of the cast is amazing. >> ellen: yeah. [applause] and, now, had you met charlie before? have you ever met him? >> i -- i hadn't met him. i hadn't met him at all. he tweeted at me and said very nice things and was like, hey, you got the right guy for the job and said really nice things. i never actually met the guy.
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i'm sure he's very nice. >> ellen: yeah. >> i know his brother pretty well. >> ellen: uh-huh. >> emilio directed a movie i did. emilio is great. i never -- i don't know. >> ellen: he seems to be rooting for you. i think a lot of people are. a lot of people are happy that the show is back on the air. [cheers and applause] so you and demi are about to celebrate your ninth wedding anniversary? nine years ago. >> we've been together for eight and a half years and it's our sixth wedding anniversary. >> ellen: sixth wedding anniversary. [cheers and applause] now, you've got to be romantic. you actually were at our anniversary party celebrating. >> it was amazing. >> ellen: it was a good party. >> it was incredible. i played football. >> ellen: you are so good. your arm -- you actually -- you could be a football player. >> i could be a football player. >> ellen: you really could. >> but i'm not. >> ellen: oh, man. and everybody was rooting for shirts and skins to be happening
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soon because it was really a good game. >> didn't happen. >> ellen: didn't happen. but it was a good football game. but anyway, what is the sixth anniversary present? what is it? >> candy. >> ellen: candy. >> it's candy. >> ellen: that's what i heard. >> it's sort of like a downfall. you go from wood. wood you can sort of like come up with creative, like, wood things. and then -- but like candy, i don't know what to do. it's just candy. i'm really -- i'm lost. >> ellen: yep. i was worried about that, so i'm helping you, okay? don't let her see this show. you came up with this stuff yourself, okay? >> okay. >> ellen: all right. [laughter and applause] for her -- all right? >> i love it. i love it. i think it will look great. think she'll like it? this is unbelievable! you think she'll like it? >> ellen: i think she will. >> i think she'll just dig this outfit all together.
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>> ellen: no, it's backwards. that's backwards. >> oh, it goes up the butt? >> ellen: no. >> oh, i'm not used to going up. that's not something i'm really accustomed to. it's a little tight, ellen. i can't -- they're not coming up over the side. >> ellen: that's because you've got your large wallet in there or something. [laughter] all right. we're going to take a break. >> i think i have candy in my hair. >> ellen: we're going to take a break. we have an exclusive clip. not 'til she wears it. don't take it apart now. all right. we have an exclusive clip of "two and a half men" after this. yes. exclusive. [cheers and applause]
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>> ellen: one, two, three. >> yeah. >> ellen: so what they want to do, because you're doing this, is give you -- >> oh, my god!
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[cheers and applause]
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>> ellen: we're back with ashton kutcher. and can you tell us -- everybody's so hush-hush about what's going on. can you tell us anything about what's happening on the show? >> no. >> ellen: okay. >> i mean, it's very hush-hush what's going on. >> ellen: why is that? >> that's what you said. >> ellen: yes. >> then i repeated it. >> ellen: yes. >> you know what it is? i think there's a lot of -- i think there's a lot of interest in what's going to happen. and i think there's like -- in a day and age where everything's shared all over the place all of the time, i think sometimes it's really good to kind of try to keep it -- keep it a secret. and i think there was a lot of drama about what was going to happen with charlie and how are they going to introduce this new character. i can say that i'm playing an original character on the show. i'm not playing charlie harper, replacing charlie in any way. my character is a whole new character. and i think it's been revealed that i am an internet billionaire investor guy. but that's all i can really say. >> ellen: you brought a clip.
4:23 pm
we're the only ones -- i feel very honored you brought a clip. >> okay. now, this is like going to be really revealing in so much that it's sort of like the pinnacle of the first episode. nobody's seen anything from the first episode. >> ellen: i know, i know. >> the first thing anybody will see. >> ellen: thank you for bringing it. okay. >> hi. i'm walden. >> ellen: wow. >> my character's name is walden. >> ellen: all right. so now we have that. >> and i'm nude again. >> ellen: again. >> more nude. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: are you going to be nude a lot? >> i'm pretty much going with the nude thing. i'm just going with it. it feels so nice and breezy. and i can't be nude in my house, you know, because my step daughters are there. the only place i can be nude is at work. it's great. >> ellen: you don't want to be
4:24 pm
nude in front of your step daughters, but children watching television, you can be nude. it's fine. >> it's fine. it's tv. >> ellen: the problem with you getting onto the lot is what? what's the matter? >> it's an issue. everything about this lot is amazing. there's a coffee place, a taco place. >> ellen: it's a great lot. >> we're neighbors now. right? >> ellen: yes. >> but i'm having real problems getting onto the lot. the security guards are like smoking me down every day. i pull up. it's like my picture is on the building. like at a certain point when your picture's on the building, they should just let you in, right? >> ellen: right. >> i pull up to these guys, every day. hey, ashton, what's going on? can i see your i.d.? you just said my name. you know me. i think it's the beard. do you have problems, ellen? >> ellen: they open it before -- they just open the thing up and i drive right on. i really do. do they really? >> i swear to god. i cannot -- and not only do they ask my i.d. on the way in after
4:25 pm
they say, hey, ashton, what's up. on the way out, they check the trunk of my car like i'm stealing something. what am i going to steal from the show? what, have i got jon cryer in the trunk? i'm not taking anything. it happens every day. >> ellen: really. >> it's really weird. i think it's the beard. >> ellen: you look so peaceful. you look like jesus with that beard. [applause] so let's take a look at the billboard you're talking about that's on the side of warner bros. here. let's take a look. there it is. right there. >> there's me. >> ellen: there you are. [applause] now, i felt -- i felt there was something missing, so i would like to make an adjustment to it. derek? >> yes, ellen. >> ellen: derek, get ready. i'm going to count to three. on three. one, two, three. >> i'm so scared of what's going to happen.
4:26 pm
[cheers and applause] yeah! yeah! >> ellen: just for today. just for today. >> yeah! >> ellen: all right. >> that's amazing. that is unbelievable. i love it. >> ellen: all right. well, it's going to stay then. >> i'm down with it. >> ellen: "two and a half men" premieres next monday at 9:00 on cbs. we will be right back. ashton kutcher! [cheers and applause] >> ellen: i realized i can have you on the show and make sure people know about you. then i thought i know a lot of people. so what they want to do, because you're doing this, is give you -- >> oh, my god! [cheers and applause] >> announcer: want to know how to get all of ellen's 12 days of
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giveaways? >> ellen: i've been selling them out of the back of my trunk for years. >> announcer: you could win every gift in ellen's winner wonderland. keep watching "ellen" for the
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♪ [ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. ♪ so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a safeway smoked shank half ham for just 99 cents a pound.
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need last minute gifts? safeway has hundreds of gift cards. including itunes and many others. safeway. ingredients for life. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: all right. it's our season 9 premiere, and i am so excited for y'all to meet an amazing woman who has made it her life's work to make a difference.
4:30 pm
take a look at sherrie gahn. >> i'm sherrie gahn. i'm the principal of whitney elementary school. we feel we're very unique because we service a very high-needs population. we have a lot of homeless children here. more than 85% of our students are free and reduced lunch. a lot of the 85% are homeless. when they leave here on a daily basis, sometimes we don't know where they're going. their environment changes every day. some days they may live in an apartment. some days they're living in a hotel/motel. some days they may be on the street. we don't know where they're going to go. when i first came to whitney, i was in the lunchroom and walking around helping the kids, and they kept pocketing their ketchup, putting it in their pockets. when i asked what they were doing, they told me they do that often because they needed to. it was going to be their dinner, was ketchup soup. they were going to go home and make ketchup soup, that's it, because they had no food.
4:31 pm
my goal was if i can take that off their plate, if i can make them come to school and make them feel safe and warm and they have clothes and just like any other child and they're on the same level playing field as any other child in school, then they can learn. i guess it's sort of that fairytale that you go to school, you get a new backpack, you get new clothes. christmas you get presents. birthday you get a present and a cake. and these kids don't get that. it's huge. it's your self-esteem. it's who you are. so i decided to do it. i decided to give them those things. i made a deal with the families and i asked them if you give me your child, i will give you whatever you need. i'll pay your electric bill, your utilities, i'll give you food or clothes, whatever you need, as long as you give me your child and then help raise that child as a person of character. it started out with me actually
4:32 pm
going to every person i knew and calling them up and saying, hey, i have this school and i need help. that's how i started the donations. almost everyone who donates to whitney is an individual. or a small business. we take everything. we take everything, because when you're in poverty, you need everything. >> miss gahn got me a new bed in my new apartment that she got me and my family. >> when my daughter came to school and mentioned our water and electricity were off, they got ahold of us and told us they could help us and they paid off our electricity and water, the complete bill, twice. >> when we were about to lose our house, she paid almost every single bill. >> she gave me something to drink and gave me some food. >> i knew he needed glasses. she took care of that. came back with a big old smile on his face. >> my kids wouldn't have had christmas that year if it wasn't
4:33 pm
for this school. thank god. >> my biggest motivator are the kids and the fact and the hope that they won't have to live in this existence when they grow up, that they break the cycle. that's my motivator, and their hugs, when they hug me. when i was 4 years old i told my mother i was going to be a teacher and i had teachers who changed myife and i didn't even want to be a principal. then i walked into whitney and i thought this is my purpose. this is what i'm meant to do. this does not define who they are. they can be better. and if i can give them that and teach them that and show them that, then i've done my job.
4:34 pm
i have a bucket list and ellen's on it. and i've been telling everyone that some day i'm going to meet her. i just admire her tremendously and i admire her spirit and the fact that she -- she does what she does. when you rely on donations totally, you always worry where the money's going to come from the next day. and when i watch her, i laugh and then i cry and then i get inspired. i think you know what, she does this every day of her life. i can do it again tomorrow. >> ellen: i am about to call sherrie gahn, who is the principal at whitney elementary in las vegas, nevada. >> hello? >> ellen: hey, sherrie, it's ellen degeneres calling. how are you? >> no. >> ellen: yep. >> no. >> ellen: yep. >> no way. >> ellen: yep way. >> no way. >> ellen: yep way. yep way. am i blowing your mind? >> oh, my god! yes. >> who is it? >> ellen: what's going on?
4:35 pm
how are you? >> it's ellen. >> ellen: what are you doing? >> running a school. >> ellen: running a school. and everybody's been telling me about you and everything that you're doing and how you're helping all these kids and these families, and i would like you to fly here. i'll actually fly you. i'm not going to ask you to fly. i'll fly you here and be here in the audience for my season premiere. would you like that? >> i would love that. >> ellen: you know what? i actually want to talk to you, so why don't you just be on the show and then i can talk to you on the show. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> ellen: yes? >> yes. >> ellen: okay. all right, sherrie, i'll see you soon. >> okay. thank you. >> ellen: bye-bye. >> okay. bye-bye. oh, my god! [applause] >> ellen: come on out, sherrie. ♪ it's gotta be a good life
4:36 pm
♪ it's gotta be a good life ♪ it's gotta be a good life, good life ♪ ♪ >> ellen: we'll be back. we'll talk with sherrie after this. we'll be right back. >> ellen: jeannie, if you do me a favor, if you would take all of those kids and everybody in there outside. news at five: the i-team investigates the towson town center shooting
4:37 pm
that left a 19-year-old dead. tonight, the moments leading up to the gun-fire. and, anne arundel county educators are fighting for more funding. why they say the school system isn't receiving the money it needs. that's next on 11 news at five.
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>> announcer: next "ellen," one of the hottest men alive. david beckham. >> ellen: do you know what i just found out? he plays soccer. >> announcer: plus lady antebellum surprises their biggest fan. next "ellen." [cheers and applause] >> ellen: well, we are back with sherrie gahn, the amazing, amazing woman that i found out about. she's the principal of whitney elementary school in las vegas.
4:41 pm
and the things that you do, and i know you keep saying that you see children in need and you just do it, but there are a lot of people that work in the school system, and they feel like they can't do anything, and you actually took steps to do something on your own. you grew up in the projects yourself. these are some of the things that sherrie does with your own money and, of course, you ask for donations. you help pay rent. you help pay bills. you get free doctors' appointmen appointments. you get free eyeglasses for them. you get free visits to the dentist. you get food for the families. how do you do that every single day? i mean, it must just be overwhelming to think tomorrow i have to do it again. >> well, it can be overwhelming. but when you see their faces and you see the hope that you're giving them and you see when you give them food or you give them clothing or when a child can see for the first time who couldn't see because we now have glasses on them, it gives you that energy to move on. and then on fridays when i was really, really bummed, which
4:42 pm
happens a lot sometimes, i would tivo your shows and watch them while i was ironing and get inspired. you do good all the time. [applause] >> ellen: well, i say it all the time. the fact that i get to make people feel good, and especially people like you that need to laugh and need to feel good, i love being a part of that in any way i can. some of these kids, though, you mentioned they don't even know -- i know there was a kid waiting outside that didn't know where he was going to sleep that night. they don't know where they're going. >> right. that happens -- fortunately, not all the time, but we do have it. more than i wish we had. this little boy had a toothbrush and a bottle of soda and his backpack. when i asked him where his belongings were, he showed me. that's all he had. >> ellen: that's all he had. and when did you first realize the neediness, the true neediness of this situation? >> the very first day i got
4:43 pm
there, and i saw them eating the ketchup or taking the packets for home, and they do eat the ketchup a lot, too. but they were taking the packets home and the forks. then i drove the neighborhood. and as i was driving the neighborhood, all i kept thinking about is that i was raised in the projects. even though i was raised in the projects, i always had that sense of hope and things would be different. i always knew it would be -- my mother always instilled that to us, there was hope and a better tomorrow. i didn't know that's what these children felt. i was determined at that point to make sure they knew there was hope and as things came across, i started servicing them. >> ellen: i think this is another thing that i heard. that you noticed that they would start to get depressed on fridays or before a holiday. >> yes. >> ellen: because they probably would not eat 'til they came back to school. >> yes. they'd get very antsy. it's really bad on holiday times or summers, but particularly bad on fridays when they know they're not going -- they don't know what they're going to get.
4:44 pm
they don't know if they're going to have any food. >> ellen: any food until they come back to school. >> right. >> ellen: if it weren't for you, they wouldn't even have that. you decided to make matters into your own hands and do this. i really want to challenge any school out there, any teacher, any principal to take a look at sherrie and see what she's doing and tell us about it. call us and say i've decided to be inspired by this woman, because you really are -- you're remarkable. you're a remarkable person. [cheers and applause] so sherrie does not know this, but we have a live feed. some people want to say hello to you right now. they stayed late today. there are all your students. [applause] hi, jeannie. >> hi, ellen. >> ellen: hi, kids. >> say hi.
4:45 pm
>> ellen: they're so excited. they stayed late. it's later there. so they're all watching the show and love you so much and are so grateful. we're going to take a break and we have some more stuff to talk to you about. we'll be right back. hello, kids. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: i realized while i can have you on the show and make sure people know about you, but then i thought i know a lot of people, so what they want to do, because you're doing this, is give you -- >> oh, my god! [cheers and applause]
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4:47 pm
4:48 pm
[cheers and applause] >> ellen: you recognize those faces there? >> i do recognize them. >> ellen: they're so sweet. hi, kids. how are y'all doing? >> say good, ellen. >> ellen: all right. well, i mean, there's just no denying what an amazing human being you are. you are really somebody special. oh, hi. there he is. what's his name? >> caleb. >> ellen: hi, caleb. >> say hi, ellen. >> hi.
4:49 pm
>> ellen: hi. >> hi. >> ellen: i love what you do, too. a lot of people tell their students, you know, when somebody does something bad, tell on them and tell when they do something bad, but you tell them to tell when they've done something good. >> right. >> ellen: you actually say tell somebody if somebody's done something good and celebrate that. >> right, because we have be kind -- we have be kind days. every day is be kind day. on fridays we wear be kind shirts. what happens is we ask the students to share and we watch for them to be kind to each other and then we have little charms and awards for them when they -- and we announce it in the lunchroom when they're kind. >> ellen: incredible. those kids are so fortunate to be in that school with you. [applause] well, i wanted everyone to know of you and meet you. i want more people to know about you and hope that you inspire other teachers and principals out there. and i realized while i can have you on the show and make sure that people know about you, but
4:50 pm
then i thought, well, i know a lot of people and i know people at target, and target is -- they're fantastic. when i told target what you were doing, the people at target said, well, we want to do something, too. so because you are actually helping with something that they're very committed to, education is at the heart of target's community giving program, so what they want to do, because you're doing this, is give you and whitney elementary school $100,000. [cheers and applause] >> oh, my god! >> ellen: how about that? how about that? look at those kids. can that help? all right. thank you, target. thank you, target.
4:51 pm
they stepped up immediately. literally, we called target and immediately without hesitation said we want to help. we have to take a break. we might have one more thing for you. i'm not sure. we'll be right back. >> oh, my word. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: jeannie, if you'd do me a favor, if you would take all of those kids and everybody in there outside. [ male announcer ] the cold aisle can be overwhelming. [ coughs, sniffles ] especially when you're sick. now, with new simpler packaging, robitussin® makes it simple to get the right relief for your sympms. new simpler packaging, same effective relief. robitussin®. relief made simple.
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[cheers and applause] >> ellen: so we just gave sherrie a check for $100,000 from target. [cheers and applause] and she said this is going to help so much because i just got a bill for $4,000 for toilet paper and i had to choose between paying for that or buying food. so this is going to help. and i will urge everyone to continue to try to help you. there's one more thing. jeannie, if you'd do me a favor, if you would take all of those kids and everybody in there outside, that would be great. take everybody outside. >> here we go. >> ellen: so a lot of the kids in this country don't finish school because they never learned to read. target wants to help kids reach their full potential. one way to do that is to make sure they can read by the third grade so they sent 75 volunteers to vegas and they packed 600 backpacks filled with books, lots of school supplies and other stuff for every single
4:57 pm
student at whitney. ♪ it's gonna be a good life ♪ it's gonna be a good life ♪ it's gonna be a good life, good life ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ellen: every kid. >> oh, my word. >> ellen: gets all the stuff in here. >> they're so deserving. >> ellen: and target is giving everybody in the audience a $100 gift card. [cheers and applause] >> oh, my word. >> ellen: all right. >> this is incredible. >> ellen: listen, if you know an amazing person like sherrie, please write in to our website and tell us about them. we want to know about people like this. and i challenge everyone out
4:58 pm
there, let her inspire you. she inspired me. i want to thank ashton kutcher,, sherrie gahn, all the kids at whitney elementary school. [cheers and applause] none of this would be possible without target. like sherrie, they're committed to children and education. i can't thank them enough. all right. you haven't seen the last of us. we're going to keep helping you. we will not stop. see you tomorrow. be kind to one another. bye. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: 200,000 people on 3800 flights every day. american airlines knows why you fly. anyway...
4:59 pm
>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00. >> good evening. i am very sims. >> thank you for joining us today. -- i am barry sims. >> police are now searching for two men that they are calling possible suspects. their pictures were released just a few hours ago. we are live at city police headquarters with the investigation is under way. >> police have pictures of people of interest, people they think may have been involved in the shooting at up close barbershop one week ago today. the pictures of the men were taken at a liquor store. it is a block away from the barbershop. barbershop. police say the pictures


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