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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> downtown with the latest on the investigation. >> police say that surveillance pictures were taken just minutes before the barbershop owner was shot. the pictures were taken last wednesday night, a little before 7:00 p.m. the men were captured on surveillance at the liquor store. it is less than a block away from the up close barbershop where two men walked into minutes after the surveillance pictures were taken, struggled with the shop owner, and shot him in the eye. >> this is a heinous crime. taking his money was not enough. but actually shooting him, it does mckinny worse than that. we need to get these individuals off the street. >> the owner lost his eye in the
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shooting. he is well respected in the neighborhood. >> very nice. got beautiful kids. been bothering nobody. nice and quiet. >> the men in the picture matched the description of two suspects fleeing the scene. residents say the crime and the violence in the near run has been changing their routine. >> it is scary every way. >> i do not even stay out. i do not hang out. >> here is another look at the man the police are trying to locate. anyone who has information are urged to call for 10-396-2433 or metro crime stoppers at 866- 7-lockup.
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>> police say that the man killed on monday night apparently knew the person who shot him. rodney friedgen it was holiday shopping at the mall when he knew someone and commented on their dislike for each other. he was shot several times. investigators are hoping that security camera footage will help them identify the gunman. meanwhile, maryland state police say they're making progress in the felicia barnes murder investigation. she disappeared nearly a year ago while visiting family in baltimore. her body turned up in the susquehanna river. police cannot reveal any details without compromising the probe. but they every injury family and friends and reach into -- and read you the evidence in the case. -- but they have interviewed family and friends and reviewed
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evidence in the case. a victim returned to this suv in kensington only to find that it had been ransacked. investigators say that it has an application that help police track down in a dump star -- in a dumpster at least 3 miles away. >> both suspects admit that they are part of the occupied baltimore -- occupy baltimore movement. just two witnesses in the trial of private first class broadly manning. he is charged with be leasing information to wikileaks.
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the defense has painted him as a troubled man who should not have had access to classified material. closing arguments are expected to take place tomorrow. and jury deliberations will continue to mark in the landmark bullying trial against the school system. the alleged victims say, when or lose, they hope that good things will come from this case -- win or lose, they hope that good things will come from this case. >> the lawyer for the sullivan family says that they help children will hold a child will know what to do if ever believe. bullied.r believ >> king and the children's father, who accused the
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school district of ignoring the problem, hoping to win. >> after looking at the evidence, they will render a verdict. >> the parents allege that this children were insulted and tormented and school administrators did nothing to stop it. during testimony, one of the major arguments from the defense is that the sullivans did not properly document the bullying incident. >> the school district never denied it. they argue whether or not i've filed the paperwork. >> he hopes there is more attention to what he feels is a concern with the school
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district. >> i'm glad that this issue is getting attention and their children may be more save as a result. >> the judge did toss out nine counts, leaving four counts for the jury to decide. they are discussing whether tw principles were negligent in the legend bullying -- whether two principals were negligent in bullying. \e lanalleged the jury will be back in the courthouse to start a full day of deliberation tomorrow morning. >> thank you. dozens of police officers responded to a more middle school in west baltimore after a fight broke out in a basketball game. it is unclear right now what
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sparked the violence and there is no word on any arrests or if anyone was hurt. a father in prince george's county is facing charges after police say he left his 2-year- old child home alone for at least four days. anthony vincent is accused of reckless endangerment and child neglect. investigators say that the child's mother was in hospital since friday and was not able to reach to vincent. she called the police who made the discovery when they arrive at a home in capitol heights. >> when officers arrived at the scene, they found the child in a bedroom that was in disarray. the child was only wearing a sweater and a diaper. the diaper appeared to be heavily soiled. it had been on her for quite some time. she was visibly very hungry, malnourished, and was very dehydrated. >> the mother has since been released from the hospital and is now reunited with her daughter. your paycheck could be a bit
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smaller if congress fails to come up with a compromise on the payroll tax extension. president obama is urging leaders on both sides to end the standoff. >> as the clock ticks toward the january 1 tax hike, members of congress are headed home for the holidays. a handful are left to oversee the standoff and neither side is budging. >> mr. speaker. mr. speaker! >> democrats demanded an up or down vote on a two-month extension of the payroll tax appeared >> mr. speaker, you are walking out. you are walking away. >> they say there will be no such a vote. they want the democrats to come to the table and negotiate a one-year extension. >> all we want is to get the senate members over here to work with us to resolve our
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differences so we can do what everybody wants to do. >> this is a device, a gimmick, a political charade, if you will, to pretend support for something that they have historically, over the last year, opposed. >> democrats say they will negotiate only after the house approves the two-month extension. it passed the senate in a landslide. >> the senate has shortchanged the american public with of this. >> so the stalemate drags on. >> experts tell us that a typical family earning about $50,000 per year will probably use $1,000 next year or about $40 per paycheck. also hanging in the balance is an extension of unemployment benefits and payments to doctors who treat medicare patients. with only 13 days until the iowa caucuses, republican
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presidential candidates continue to make the rounds before the holidays. things got exciting in des moines. a political action group supporting romney launched what gingrich called an attack ad. but in the latest iowa caucus polls, it is ron paul who leads the pack. >> if he takes iowa, it is tremendous news for mitt romney. if ron paul is seconded in iowa, he sucks a lot of oxygen out of the room for all of the others. >> meanwhile, michele bachman is pulling all the stops by visiting every corner of the state. it looks as though the show will go on. tonight, there are changes that event goers can expect this year appeared >> we have gained over 3000 students all over the last couple of years. and the county has not kept up.
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>> far worse before the -- between that anne arundel school and the city executive. >> the official start of winter is still a day and a half away. but temperatures are in the 60's at this late hour. how about that. we will check the forecast for the weekend in just a minute.
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>> parishioners created cheer a hell of the holidays.
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to add even more flair to the evening, the mothers received roses before boarding the bus to dinner. >> during this monica season, during this christmas season, during this holiday season, we are providing a kindrecatered ml from one of the top skiers in the city. >> they also received coats, games, and gift cards for the holidays. the annual fireworks the event is ago. there is stephanie rawlings blake. the show will feature a light music and even goers can expect to see a few changes that will no doubt be welcome. >> you can expect an improvement
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in the flow of pedestrian traffic to and from the event. finding new ways to make it not just spectacular when it comes to the music and fireworks, but also enhancing the visitor experience. >> the festivities will kick off at 9:00 p.m. on saturday, december 31. it will run until 2:30 a.m. >> $12 million, that is how much of the anne arundel school system says it is being shortchanged by the county executive. he explains that this is not a fight over money, but one that involves the state. >> anne arundel's board of education is set to do more belt-tightening as it prepares for next year's budget, one that could hit a snag. in a letter to the county executive, the state board of education has questions about how much money the school system receiver last year and how much
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it believed it deserved. >> that difference is -$12 million. >> school systems receive money on this -- from the state based on how many students are on the rolls. that is not always the case when it comes to money from the county. >> we gained 3000 students in the last couple of years and the count has not kept up with the number of students we had. they have decreased the amount of money. >> but the county executive says that the school system is already getting its fair share of money, even when it does not appear to show up in the budget. >> the classroom expenses are part of the education services. so as debt service on the construction. >> you say the money is there? >> in other words, that is being used for public education. that is maintaining the financing effort that we are required to do. >> parents feel that they're
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caught in this tug-of-war. >> we will start losing programs and teachers, especially. right now, class sizes have been growing all over the county. parents are upset about that. >> school officials say that it may be forced to give back almost all -- almost $4 million to the state, not to mention the $12 million it believes still needs. >> not being funded at the level that the law requires -- the state compounds that by penalizing the school system a second time. >> what is the answer? >> the answers for the county to meet its obligation to the children. >> how is this for a great idea? turning chicken manure into energy. state officials have approved a least a -- a lease agreement that will do just that. the agreement will allow building what is known and an
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aerobic digester facility. it will render the chicken coop poop odorless. they hope to have it operational by 2013. slot machines will occupy a casino in anne arundel county. maryland has artists and $99 million to buy a casino and machines. today's decision was backed by gov. o'malley and the state treasurer. >> it was quite an impressive day to day. even with the clouds and the rain showers, we managed to set a new record high temperature. we got up to 62 degrees. it made it up to 64 degrees downtown. to give you a little comparison, the average high temperature at
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this time of year is 44 degrees. it is nearly 22 degrees above average today. but there are cooler temperatures on the other side of the mountain. temperatures will drop off into the 40's once you get into western maryland and back into western pennsylvania there is a front sweeping across of the mid-atlantic region right now. temperatures will dip into the 40's early tomorrow morning. if it is 60 degrees at the airport and 64 degrees downtown. so 60's across the eastern seaboard. you notice how the tempters dropped a little bit north and west. eventually, that cool temperatures -- that cool air will work its way south and east. the weather service in philadelphia has been issuing some severe thunderstorm warnings. but nothing is showing up on the radar around baltimore. we should be fine the rest of
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the night. we are counting it down to the beginning of winter. just a little over an hour. the winter solstice takes place at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow tomorrow will be the first full day of winter. things will start to change quickly during the day tomorrow. we will probably start with some sunshine. by afternoon, the clouds will pick again. the next storm will come in right behind the one that went today. thursday night and into friday. the conditions will deteriorate as we go through the day tomorrow, after we start with some sunshine. temperatures will be in the upper-50's to nearly 60 degrees. again, the average height is 44 degrees. so the first full day of winter will feel like spring. this is a big travel time going into the christmas weekend. every night now for the rest of the week, we will watch the travel weather. the travel trouble spot will be
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in mississippi tomorrow. there could also be some rain in dallas. the northeast looks good. temperatures will be in the 50's. denver could be a problem as well. it looks like heavy snow is possible and it will be called with a high temperature of only 20 degrees. it will be in the teens across the dakotas. our seven-day forecast at home looks like this. rain will come back thursday night into friday morning. some of it will be heavy and it will clear up by friday afternoon. christmas eve day will be cooler, but dry. good football weather. on christmas day, there is set least a slight chance we could see some light rain or snow. it will not be heavy if you are going to travel to visit family and friends. monday and tuesday, it will clear up with temperatures in the 40's.
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>> whether it is for injury, coffins, or both, the ravens got -- injury, confidence, or both, the arabians got a kicker. practiced today and said he felt good. f is suffering through a calf injury. he is perfect in bank stadium. the ravens tried to lock up a first-round by anduy. -- a first round buy. rice trounced all over the browns for 204 yards. brown's ranked 31st.
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>> we do not look at the record. we look at the defense. it is a good defense. we were fortunate to run the ball the way we did against them. the ravens were on fire. his tracks were flawless. they will have some adjustments that we will have to be ready for. >> just one-7 with the bears in tonight's game. but now tested and arrested, it can be a nightmare for loyola marymount. loyola has two wins against top teams this season. defense at a premium tonight. amir ali free in that
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lead. c.j. blackwell good from the corner. on the other and, energy level far greater. good ball movement. oregon state pummels loyola marymount, 69-45. his reputation for petulance and self absorption is wearing thin. but there is much more. as a rookie in cleveland, he promised 108 gators that if they went to school, -- 108th graders -- 100 eighth graders that if they went to school, graduated, and their community service, he would give them a scholarship.
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70 of them completed the project. so he shelled out a the scholarships. the good work, sir. ostentatious gasol? it is a very greenhouse. it has a price tag of $25 million. enough about that ridiculousness. but go to the smith residents as we remember the biggest talk- show host baltimore ave. -- baltimore ever knew. i will sureness that man. i will sureness that man. please
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>> it sounds like spring. >> it is not right. >> we are counting down. say goodbye to fall. winter begins in less than an hour. 59 degrees to more, maybe 60 degrees. rain comes back on thursday night and into friday. >> it will be good for christmas.
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