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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mike mccarthy mentioned was scott wells. here is graham, taking it to the 50 yard line at quarterback for green bay. >> i think the guy they're going to talk about next week is t.j. lang and the job that he's doing on the outside with this defensive line. this was a major question come into the game. no sacks in the ball game whatsoever from this packers offensive line. smith going in, newhouse a nice job. and then we just talked about scott wells. very impressive perform mans tonight.
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>> al: second and one. he played in the sunday night game after suffering a concussion the prior week in detroit. he turned in a pretty good performance that night in foxboro. that was a great game until the very end. he's the kind of guy he gets an awe tigs here anticipate teams around the league are going to look at this guy. he may wind up with a pretty good free agent contract at some point. >> cris: i think that was the last game the packers lost, right? >> al: it was. game here for the running back. >> cris: bowman took over for jennings at the cornerback slot. a lot of one-on-one coverage on
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the outside. but you can't expect a whole lot more than that when you have aaron rodgers running the football. eventually somebody is going to get one-on-one. and james jones on this team is really the third or fourth threat. tonight, james jones did great. >> al: brandon saine, the number three running back. the rook ree out of ohio state. >> cris: well, we talked about henry melton earlier in the game. watch the run through. the former running back, do you remember we were talking about that? looked like a running back out there. 290 pounds. very impressive young player. they think this so much of the key to this bears defense is having that guy playing that tommy harris position that you alluded to earlier.
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they think they found him. >> al: third double play and three. that will make it fourth down. >> cris: that's called a got a leg and if you throw it, you're fired play. >> burn a time-out. >> al: and chicago takes that time-out.
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>> matt ryan and atlanta have the division crown in sight. falcons and saints tomorrow at 8:30. the fantasy season is not over. that's the atrium, part of the renovation at lambeau field. rented out for weddings and parties, all kinds of stuff there. >> meanwhile, back to punt. takes a shot at that block.
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>> nobody is back there. 4:30 to go in the fourth quarter. rodgers over the last three seasons. this season is just over the moon for him tonight. punctuation mark with five touchdowns, no picks, 21 of 29 for 283. >> cris: peyton manning has the all-time q.b. rating number, about 121-point-something. and right now if the season ends today, aaron rodgers would break that record. >> al: so mab he won't play next week. >> cris: maybe not. >> referee: offense, ten-yard penalty. first down. >> al: j'marcus webb. >> cris: of course, tonight assures the green bay packers, somebody is going to stop them from going back to the super bowl and defend their title, they're going to have to beat
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them here. they are locking in the number one seed throughout the playoffs with this win here tonight. >> al: the falcons will be going to the playoffs. the cowboys and the giants, the winner will go to the on playoffs. and host the game the following weekend. second down and eight, sanzenbacher to the 33 yard line. we talked about the yardage that green bay has gained and given up this season. at this moment in time, green bay has allowed more yardage over the course of the season
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than they have gained. herer they are on verge of going 14- 1. >> cris: that's impossible. >> al: it seems it urks doesn't it? >> cris: sam shields thought he has perfect coverage. that's a good night for mccowan. a couple of interceptions. but for a guy coming off the high school play that's good. >> there's cutler who misses his
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fifth straight game. within of the things that bear fans were upset about is he didn't have a backup. >>. >> cris: caleb hanie after what he did in that championship game, if they had removed him as the backup quarterback, people would have gone ber zerk. i mean, there were some people talking about oh, boy, he should get a staurting opportunity with somebody. i think it really stunned everybody in chicago that he wasn't more effective than he was. >> al: they tried to get kyle orton back. he had an inferior record. they wound up getting him when he was out there. >> al: they would like to see sid ludland come out in a
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script. how about these guys? we could have 4, 5 and 6 on the roster. >> al: there you go. there was talk about favre and mcnabb when he was let go by minnesota. sanzenbacher comes all the way across the field. to the 11 yard line. and chicago tonight with 438 yards. and this is going to take us to the two-minute warning. two minutes remaining. 35-18 green bay.
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>> al: next week, giants and the cowboys. coming up, dan, tony and mike taking a look at the playoff picture. and we'll wrap up the regular season. mccarthy now has challenged the play. even though we're at the two-minute warning, that play took place before the two-minute warning. if we go back and take a look at sanzenbacher and make a rule on the catch. pass it and then it bounces,
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which helps him regain control of the ball. >> cris: did the ball ever go out of his control? because it can touch the ground. we know that rule by now. >> al: right. >> cris: so if he caught it and it didn't move once it hit the ground, then it would be a catch. if not, then it wouldn't be. he says it's christmas. >> al: give it to him, right? it was a first down and ten at the 30 yard line. and we'll have more time on the clock. another two-minute warning eventually. >> cris: kind of like that senzenbacher. he made a couple of nice plays tonight. >> al: it looks to me if the ground helps control it. and if that is the case, it will be overturned. but then again, how's your
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technique? let's explain this. three technique tackle lines up in a gap, right? in other words he's the guy who lines up between the guard and the tackle? >> cris: remember you're dealing with football players. none of this is very complicated. >> correct. >> al: so the first gap between the center and the guard is the one technique. >> cris: right. center is the zero technique. right over the guard is a two technique. between the guard and tackle, that's a three technique. it's very simple game. believe me. >> al: oh, i get it, believe me. there's a lot of sleepy guys in the morning meetings. hold on a second, does anybody know what you're talking about? >> referee: after reviewing the play, it's an incomplete pass. right hand of the receiver did not have total control of the
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ball. second down, please reset the game clock to 2:17. green bay is charged with a time-out. >> al: it will be second and ten. then we'll go to the nine technique, the wide nine next. but there it is. as he explains, the ground in effect, the facemask there as well. and back we go to 2:17. so you can turn back the clock. we did indeed. >> al: nothing better than turning back the clock and watching the giants and cowboys again. >> cris: great game in dallas. >> al: mccown to the 22 yard line. the folks in chicago are saying wait, which mccown? that mccown? the other mccown?
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luc mccown? cade mcnown? you name it. but in any event, the sheg bears acquitted themselves quite nicely tonight. and we have reached the two-minute warning. oh we're staying here, okay. we already took the two-minute break. we're right on format. >> cris: what do you think? somebody going to beat the green bay packers this year? it's going to be tough. you catch a night like this, you know. you're talking about the 49ers are the one team that i think could travel to this kind of weather and play well. they're not as dependent on throwing the ball around. we heard a conversation about drew brees and the dome. could they come out in cold weather and do it? but drew brees played at purdue. he played a championship game against chicago. so he's had a little bit of experience. >> al: and he has a running game this year. last year that cost them in the playoffs when they lost in the wild card round to seattle.
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>> cris: and really, it's the green bay packers that have question marks with the running game probably more than either one of the two teams. >> al: third down and three, two minutes to play. sanzenbacher. that will move the chains. the 17 yard line. >> cris: the green bay packers do not want to give up this touchdown. they're trying to protect their defense as best they can and prove they're the bend but don't break team. >> al: it's astonishing a team can allow more yardage than gains and go 14-1.
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false start. >> referee: false start, number 68 offense. five-yard penalty, if irs down. >> al: bears going to minnesota next week. and that will wrap up the season for them. >> cris: if i had a concern about the green bay packers at this point, it would be lack of pass rush. teams can play so much attention to clay matthews now that they're not getting pressure from anywhere else. that would bother me going forward. >> al: mccown on the 11 yard line. pretty good recipe, huh? >> cris: that usually works.
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>> al: second and six. >> al: sanzenbacher covered by williams. third down and six. you know what's an interesting game here next week. detroit comes in here and nobody is going to want to show their hand because they may wind up and detroit has to come back here in january now that they are in the playoffs. >> cris: how about the show detroit put on yesterday. we watched them take apart the baltimore ravens. >> al: third and six. to the outside. and almost picked off. >> cris: tell you, that sam shields, i thought last year the
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playoff of these corners at the end of the season was really the difference in the teams. sam shields came up so big. wasn't it the championship game that he had the two interceptions? and really sealed that victory. >> cris: they can get the pass rush going to the playoffs. >> al: that makes it a two-possession gape 35-21. let's check in with michele. >> one of the big questions for the bears this offseason was what to do with matt forte. i spoke to him tonight. are they going to franchise them? are they going to give him a contract? and he says there has been no discussions at this point. and he said if the bears franchise him, he doesn't think that is a solution. he says yes, it's a pay raise, but it's a one-year deal.
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and as a running back, you want four or five years. he said if they franchise me, so be it. if not i feel comfortable in saying that another team will seen me. i asked him if any other teams had shown interest. he looked hesitant to answer, but he reiterated, you know what if the bears don't seen me or franchise me, i feel very comfortable saying somebody else will. >> al: thank you, michele. that has been an ongoing issue in chicago right from the get-go this season. forte, clearly one of the best backs in the reeg and a guy who stays in on every down. the complete player and obviously that has been a sore subject. and then sure enough, the guy winds up hurting himself towards the end of the season. >> cris: exactly what he's talking about. you know, the players can't be upset by it. they had a chance to take out the franchise tag in their collective bargaining negotiations. i'm sure they wanted to. they couldn't get it done.
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the owners weren't going to give that away. and the owners do a great job moving that franchise tag as they're negotiating with their star players to keep some of those contracts under control. >> al: give chicago possession on the offsides. out of bounds. >> referee: ball will be placed at the spot of the foul. >> al: and that will pretty much take care of it here. because the bears have one time-out. mike martz, the former head coach of the st. louis rams and there he is on the right. they were playing really well with cutler.
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>> cris: they were 7-3 when cutler got hurt. forte hurt after that. they're going to get their number one draft pick back. chris williams, former number one draft pick back. get a little help at wide receiver maybe. and jay cutler should have some fun with this offense. i don't know that he's going anywhere either. mike martz will be there. >> al: the bears start the season with a win over atlanta. they go to 2-3. they win five in a row. and and now they lost five in a row. green bay wraps up its season in detroit. the only thing to be determined now is the winner of the nfc east and whether atlanta or detroit will be the five or the six. and there you have it, 14 win, most in franchise history. of course, in the lombardi era, they were playing 12-game seasons then they played 14 for a while.
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so 14-1 is the packer mark as they wrap up the number one seed in the in the national football conference. wendy's post game report from green bay coming up on the other side of the break.
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>> aaron rodgers without an interception. the packers go to 14-1 and wrap up everything. the bye, the home field throughout the fc playoffs.
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admittedly, these comparisons are imperfect. but just to compare aaron rodgers with two of the recent all-time greats, in 2004, peyton manning, ten picks. tom brady, 50 tds, eight peeks. to this point in the season, aaron rodgers just six interceptions. he and his teammate clay matthew matthews are with michele tafoya. >> how about this for a christmas gift, aaron. home field advantage throughout the playoffs. how does that sound? >> it sounds great. a lot of positives. you know, just to be able to be something special like this is incredible. great night tonight for us. secure the number one speed. and now we're gong to enjoy the rest of our christmas. >> come into this game, your offensive line was supposed to be a weakness. yet you were off the entire game.
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how did they manage to gel. tonight, the guys playing different positions. they did a great job. i don't know if it was knocked down all night. >> cris: speaking of a lot of time to throw, you threw a lot. you end upsetting a single season record here with the green bay packers for pazing yardage. what is it like to do that with a group of weapons you got? >> it's special. it's a blessing to play with these guys. nice to set the record with 14 wins. great team accomplishment for us. >> et will's turn to clay. two weeks in a row. you knew these guys were going to run. as you got a couple of games, one game last year, how do you get this pick? >> just got to keep plugging at it. we would like to do well in
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playoffs. hopefully we can do that. but when off quarterback like that, you're allowed to make a couple of mistakes. >> a couple indeed. what do you workon at this point? you play detroit next week. it's a team you could face in the playoffs, you're playing in terms of injuries or one play next week? >> i think it comes down to accountability. we'll see how it goes. it wouldn't surprise me if we win a couple of ball games. >> in front of this crowd to clinch home field, what was it like for you? >> special. really special. to clinch it here at home means a lot. we're going to go home, celebrate with our families and friends and enjoy ourselves. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> bob:. green bay's win means the packers are the number one seed. it gives atlanta a postseason berth for sure.
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we now know five of the six nfc playoff teams with only the nfc east winner to be determined. it all comes down to next sunday night when the giants and cowboys will play for the four seed on sunday night football. that will be a winner take all situation. the loser is out as we bring in tony dungy. the road to the super bowl in the nfc obviously goes through green bay. they've locked up everything. the home field, the bye. now it presents a decision for mike mccarthy. how to handle next week's game against the lions. what would you do? >> >>. >> tony: well, i would play it smart and rest some of my starters, bob. mike mccarthy has to be happy with how the offensive line played. they gave aaron rodgers great protection. did a great job on julius peppers.pepper you didn't notice the starters being out and i think he's got to be happy about that. i wouldn't push my luck. i would take rodgers out, maybe play him a half. but i would stoort rest those guys and try to minimize my
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chance of injuries next week. >> bob: you don't want several weeks off before the fwlof playoffs begin for them. i definitely would not play those guys the whole game. >> al: what's your take on the cowboys and giants? >> tony: these game games have always been close. they've been high scoring. it came down to which quarterback does well in the fourth quarter. i expect it to be that way again. they were down two scores, had the big touchdown to get it close. and then another throw to ballard to really set up the game-winning touchdown. he was the difference in the first game. i think tony romo has to step up and make some of those fourth quarter plays as dallas wants to win it this time around. >> bob: thanks, tony.
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we now turn to mike florio who l all the news oen week 16 tomorrow on versus. pike, the cowboys had a real scare with tony romo's hand injury. now they have the game with the giants for the division title. what's the latest on his availability? >> mike: when he banked his throwing throwing hand off a helmet, it swelled up like a balloon. every ind skags is there's no structural damage. it's a burst blood vessel. he should be able to play. he's expected to be able to play next sunday out. the fact the cowboys haven't rushed out and signed a veteran quarterback suggests h eeel be able to go in the showdown against the giants. >> bob: thanks, mike. we take you inside the pivotal plays including eli manning's 99-yard touchdown pass to victor cruz against the jets. it may be a turning point for both teams.
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