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tv   News  ABC  December 28, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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how that suspect turned himself over to authorities. >> charley, he walked into a police station in laurel and admitted to the double murder. he was escorted by his mother who lives just a few blocks away from the police station. jerry lewis had his first day in court yesterday where he did not waive his right to be extradited which means he will stay here until his next hearing in january. police say he fled to maryland after killing 21-year-old shakeela planter and her 2-year-old son. planter was found stabbed to death inside her long aooland apartment. her son was brutally beaten, his body placed in a freezer. >> the baby was viciously beaten. the baby was ultimately put in a plastic bag and then put in a freezer. it really affects your moral fiber when something like this happens. >> lewis will be held until the
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end of next month when he's scheduled to have his hearing and will be taken back to long island to face those murder charges. news around the nation this morning and indiana man confesses to killing a 9-year-old girl in his care. police searched his home and found human remains. neighbors say the trailer park is where more than a dozen convicted sex offenders live. connecticut officials say a christmas morning fire that killed a couple and three grandchildren was caused by an old fireplace ember. the mayor say this is is a tragic accident. neighbors say they were awakened by screams and rushed outside to help but could do nothing as flames devoured that large home. the grandparents and her ten-year-old girl and her 7-year-old twin sisters both died. the mother and a friend made it out. a southwest flight was forced to abort takeoff after it blew two tires. the 130 passengers on board were not hurt. no word yet on what caused those
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tires to blow. you better do your research if you're looking for a home. a thief used her name and property listings to try to scam renters. the man even set up a website in her name and advised the home for $1,000 a month and a $1,000 deposit. herrington says she found out about the scam when a potential renter contacted her realtor. as far as she knows no one was given the money in person and claiming to be her. the library of congress has included some movies to be included in the archive of films. they will include hollywood classics, documentarys and experimental motion pictures. well, a new effort now understood way for a little girl with legos. the new friend collection is causing controversy.
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and plus if you don't want your kids to eat sweets, a vending machine that you may like. how it works to deep kids away from sugar.
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legos are not just for boys anymore. the popular toy is getting a makeover and the company is gearing new products toward a new audience, little girls. the characters are olivia, mia, stephanie, and others, five girlfriends. legos says its friends collection is one of the most researched projects ever. >> oh, good. it's about time. >> that's awesome. >> now i can play with girls things. >> it's great for girl to have toys that help them to identify themselves. >> some parents are worriedno c0
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make your january mortgage payment in december to get the interest deduction on 2011 instead of 2012 and teachers, pick up some extra classroom supplys. the key is to get all this done before the end of december so it will count on this year's taxes. well, it seems we weren't just packing shopping carts this holiday season. you were also packing heat. gun sales were a record level this month and the reason for the increase according to one national organization.
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>> and the new year will start and a holiday tradition that lets you start off the new year fresh. and ladies can breathe a sigh of relief. the news about your twilight were wolf is not. >> showers in the mountains, rain snow mix. much more pronounced snow in upstate new york. it's windy, it will be a little colder and there's some signs of winter in our extended forecast. we'll talk about that in a moment. >> on the roads right now, still very light traffic flow especially around the baltimore beltway but we are following a new accident reported in bellaire. we'll let you know about lanes closed coming up.
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it is 6:42. good morning maryland. time now for your abc 2 news to go and we'll start as we do every morning with a check of that forecast. >> all right. still hooked up to westminster. wanted to see if we could push a higher wind gust. we're exposed to the west, almost 1,000 feet in elevation and we've got a 12-mile-per-hour push with 32 gusting since midnight. we've had some strong winds. yesterday, over on the eastern shore you probably heard thos r. may the siding on the house too. after about three quarters of an inch of rain the storm has pulled out. their winds up to 32 since midnight. 28-mile-per-hour winds closer to baltimore and down toward bethesda and temperatures really not that cold. now some 39s showing up. still holding at 41 in annapolis. we watched the clouds try to roll their way back in. next disturbance carrying showers over the next couple of ridges.
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could get clipped with a sprinkle or flurry. we'll hold within a few degrees of 40 throughout the day. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> new accident reported in bellaire. going to cause some problems for you. water veil road at vail road. police have shut down the intersection as they inspect the area for damages to the brinell from the accident. if you're traveling on 29 or 95, they're both good routes for you heading toward the d.c. area. all lanes open on 29 and we're moving well and no reported troubles north or southbound on i-83 as we look live at the jfx and northern parkway. back to you. well, tonight a family and friends will hold a rally remembering felicia barns. the north carolina teen went missing one year ago while visiting friends and family here in baltimore. details for tonight's vigil and rally. >> it's a call to action.
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they hope tonight's rally will keep her murder in the spotlight. they still have no arrests in the case and they hope to bring attention to all the other missing children and adults in baltimore. 16-year-old felicia barns disappeared while visiting her sister in her northwest baltimore apartment. her body was found four months later in the river. police say she was murdered but never said how and no suspects were ever named in the case. barns was an honor roll student and star athlete. she lived in north carolina and today her high school there will be planting a tree in her honor. the unsolved case sparked a lot of attention with family, friends, even strangers coming out to rally for her over the last year. tonight's call to action starts at 7:00 at brown's memorial baptist church. we're hearing felicia's dad is also going to be at tonight's rally. reports of sexual assaults are up at the nation's three
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major military acadnies and that does include the naval academy in annapolis. between the school year, 2010-2011 there were 25 reports of sexual assaults. that's up from 41 from the previous year. officials say this may show the efforts of how effective it is at encouraging victims to report the abuse. a man accused of shooting and paralyzing a soldier at a homecoming party in california will be in court today on dharjs of attempted murder. ruben turned himself in to police on monday. the 22-year-old army specialist had just returned home from fort campbell to continue his recovery from a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. he was shot while trying to break up a fight. he is currently on life support this morning. in economic news weak holiday sales are forcing sears to close up to 120 stores for sears and k mart. the company says holiday sales were down more than 5% and it needs to cut expenses. no word on which stores will be
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closing. and johnny's will be closing its stall. it will officially close this saturday. other two locations on washington boulevard and the mall, they're going to remain . the intersection at key confuses you the city wants to help. it's looking at spending more than $7 million to make improvements. right now there are two left turn lanes and two lanes that go straight. the city hopes a round about will improve the traffic flow. they will receive or expect public comment before they proceed. in health news for you this morning childrenno carrierringc0
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well today officials in frederick will meet to consider change the way it enforces restrictions on bicycling and skateboarding in certain city areas. they're asking the city to consider violations a criminal offense rather than a simple infraction. it proposes to make the adult legally responsible to ensure the kids don't break the law. well, today is good riddance day so say bye bye to whatever it is you don't like and you can start over in 2012. whether it's a bad memory or a parking ticket or an old valentine's day card it's time to say good riddance. you can submit your worst memory online for the year 2011. well tomorrow the governor will be discussing the state's progress and what's the come in the new yore. this is all part of the end of
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the year discussion. he'll give a preview of the year ahead. it will take place tomorrow at 11:00. the new york city's will ring in the new year in three days. workers in times square are busy getting everything ready for the big night and the big ball drop. 288 new water ford crystal panels are going to be added. the new patterns represent friends holding hands and this year's theme let there be friendship. >> and dick clark, people tell him he's an inspiration to them. this will be the 40th year he's going to be the hosting the special. ryan sea crest will cohost. it begins at 8:00 saturday night and you can watch it right here.
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if you are headed to times square or watching the ball drop, you could be sitting on your couch. the inner harbor will once again host a spectacular new year's eve fireworks show. it's going to happen right at midnight. you can come down and check out the live bands. keep in mind due to a shooting on the 4th of july the harbor will be fenced off. there will be specific entrances that you can come in and check out the show. five things you need to know on this wednesday, tens of thousands ofno carrierringconne0
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people says the cover is an absolute fake. it may be quicker to tell you which players did not make the probowl. ray lewis is going to hawaii and they'll be joined by suggs, rice, and others. all of this is going to be the star exhibition for the end of january. and news out of cincinnati the ben gals are reporting today
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they expect selling tickets for sunday's game. if not the game could be blacked out for the cincinnati market. we still don't know who won the power ball jackpot but we do know that a $75 million winner is not going to be paid out. there's 180 daytime limit for people checking in for the winning numbers. now, if they don't come forward the ticket is then named invalid. this one was bought in georgia but has now been deemed invalid. cannot be used. how about that? here's a job everyone might like. it's out of bethesda. it's an online wedding planning website that offers unlimited time off. the director of the human resources says as long as employees do their job, there is no reason to limit the amount of vacation they can take. what? justin? a job you can have to where you can have as much vacation time off as you want.
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>> where is that again? hold please. >> bethesda, maryland. wedding an online wedding planning unlimited time off. human resources director says hey -- come back. justin. >> darn it. >> justin just left. >> i still got to get my paycheck this week. all right t. let's get some wet every before they show me the door. right? 42 this morning. we are on the mild side still of the cool air. there's another surge coming at us out of p.a. we've got some upper 30s in the northwest side but as we watch that cool air in and great lakes that actually helping to surge a little push of warmer air. then the winds krarpg up again and we'll probably drop down a few more notches. overall snow showers in the mountains. a rain snow mix and that may push its way on to frederick county. most of the action up to our north and as we still get those winds and the clouds that will
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break up later today, clear cold tonight and then a few fast moving disturbances just slipping through. we'll actually warm up yetno ca0
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