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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 9, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it's tracking south of ball. as you go down through anne arundel south, let's check it out with maryland's most powerful radar. the heart is moving through d.c. everyone having to do with reduced visibility and slick spots. the ground is above sleazing. watch out for slushy spots and slick conditions as you cross over the bay bridge heading into queen anne's county. we'll she this for another -- see this for another couple hours. slushy spot cost make for slick conditions. you see where they've gotten more snow in d.c. east and you are at the freezing park. that's when snow begins to stick. trickier travel this evening. we could see icy spots. icy spots where some of that stuff refreezes. we'll talk about this and get
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into the rest of the week coming up. we -- he skip adhering but tommy clack couldn't run for long. joce sterman has been covering the case and tweeting. we have the very latest. >> reporter: i told you all day long about his arrest on my twitter account. i just got charging documents from a florida case. addition to reportedly scamming an elderly woman with driveway paving, tommy clack claimed to be a retired u.s. marshal and the former district attorney of miami. a bench warrant was issued for him. police picked him up in florida. clack who lives in annapolis was picked up near orlando and served a local warrant while in jail where he's being held. approval has been give ton
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extradite clack back to maryland. clack paveed the driveway of a 92-year-old woman without her permission and even went to her bank to try to get the man who handles her finances to pay the bill. clack has been accused of running the operation. they got hit with giant bills, some for as much as $30,000 it. appear as similar -- it appears he did a similar thing in florida. he hit her the next year in seal coating. much more on the story on our website, i'm joce sterman, abc2 news. a utah doctor facing murder charges connected to a botched late term abortion in maryland will be coming back here. dr. o'reilly was denied bail and
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waived extradition. the jury indicted the doctor for first-degree murder stemming from a botched surgery at an elk tin clinic. marijuana and other drugs were confiscated in a drug raid. alderman kenny kirby was not charged. in another raid they arrested three people after finding drugs in the apartment. the raids were carried out because of complaints of drug activity in the building. police say they plan to charge a brooklyn park man with murder. they say he stabbed himself and wife in the 300 block of orchard avenue. they found the woman and her husband with several stab wounds. they were take on it maryland
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shock trauma. >> he's under police guard at shock trauma. he will be charged with attempted murder and related charges. >> it has been a year since baltimore's city state's attorney greg bernstein took office. he said he has rolled out several programs. brian cube learn joins -- kuebler joins us with more. >> bernstein said while his office has made much progress, there's much more work to do. a rare press conference, greg bernstein gave what in essence is a state of state's -- >> we are seeing positive results. >> reporter: it's a 2% bump in
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felony convictions. they credit it in part to civil programs chief of which is the major investigations unit, a group of prosecutors aimed at the most violent repeat offenders. they are responsible for committing the lion's share of crime. >> most of the crime is committed by a small amount of people f we can focus on resources in that way, we can make a difference. bernstein said it is too early to talk about its street level impact but as high hopes for the unit as to the new prosecution model, a method of prosecuting by areas instead of type of the crime an effort that will help connect with neighborhoods, the crime trends. programs, bernstein hopes to
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mature in the coming year. >> there's much work to be done. the next year will present some challenges. we will build on the great start and improve public safety. >> now bernstein made mention of trying alternatives. to that end the state's attorney's office plans to lobby for a law in 2012 that would decrease jail time for a small amount of marijuana from one year down to 90 days. brian kuebler, abc2 news. one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world is volunteering four different drugs. novartis is recalling some excedrin and no doz medicine that has december 2013 and gas x
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and bufferin. no health problems have been reported. and some disturbing new figures from the phac showing -- tsa showing more people are trying to sneak guns on planes. since 2007, they have been finding an average of four guns a day. the tsa says most people who get there say they forgot. well, morgan state's basketball's recent win is being clobbered for what may or may not have happened at the end. and why the situation has been blown out of situation. school r doing it better than the rest. how the students are making a difference. and a woman is recovering after a package explodes inside her car, why the police believe her ex-husband is responsible. i remember the days before copd.
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tonight baltimore city detectives are con vasting the -- canvassing the neighbored a that mary hines called home. she died on east biddle street where she was stabbed. >> reporter: the question is who who kill an 84-year-old woman. today officers were out in force trying to get answers. police officers, detectives and -- canvassed biddle street to see if anyone saw any thing. her death is a mystery.
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police are hoping someone saw something. police think a fire was set that may have covered up the murder russ track. they want to find out what happened here. you can see this is mrs. hines' picture and there's a number for metro crime stoppers. they want to find out who killed his woman. we'll have a lot more coming up at 6:00. roosevelt leftwich reporting. students in baltimore county have been working hard in the classroom and this has paid off. sandalwood won the award. recognition is given for closing the achievement gap sherrie
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johnson has more. >> reporter: students are hard at work. the school was selected as the 2011, 2012 school. it's an honor that students and staff are proud of. >> i think it's awesome. it shows all the hard work that we've done and our teachers are proud of us for helping us get the award for the school. >> we find success. the next thing you know the expectations for both students and teachers are raised. >> reporter: the scores were up 20% in math and up 15% in reading. >> the teachers collaborating. this is a family environment, not just a job. everyone works together. we analyze student data, analyze
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their strengths and look at their needs. >> reporter: 6% of the students -- 86% of the students have free or reduced lunch. they work hard to improve academics. the wife of a sandalwood's principal also won the award last year. he picked up a few tips from his wife. >> a lot of it is about best practices. a lot of best practices at middlebrook and throughout the county. >> reporter: they plan to keep the momentum going and continue to make bigger and better strides. in essex, sherrie johnson. >> baltimore county has won the award for three years in a row. each year two schools were selected. this is the first for sandalwood
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elementary school. all right. let's show you where the wintry weather is now. moss of it is still south of baltimore, but commuters heading either south or trying to get out of d.c., that's where you'll have the headache through annapolis and actually i want to go back to the radar. i kind of skipped ahead here. i want to go back to the radar. i didn't want to break down where the most significant snows are coming down. you can see d.c. in the heart of the city, alexandria south to mt. vernon. it gets worse as you go south and some of this also impacting the eastern shore, denton, easton getting a decent wintry band. some of this will briefly mix. the route 50 bridge is a headache on kent island as you
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pass over towards east ton and st -- easton and st. michael. it's not kind that will come down points south of us and the district. let's show you some of our hd abc2 weather bug cameras. it gets much more significant as you go closer into d.c., coming down here, kind of tough to see at times. that's one of the bigger headaches. alexandria, you can see the snow coming down in washington. so a headache. i want to make sure. visibility getting reduced towards bwi. some places coming down and that
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cloud deck sinking. air temps getting right to the point where we could see some of the snow sticking out there. dulles, winchester, baltimore, one above freezing. the eastern shore you're right at that freezing point. you have to watch out, especially the elevated bridge surfaces. that's where we're likely to see snow sticking. 40 in the inner harbor. 37 in cambridge. satellite radar showing the back side will be a short event. it's poor timing in terms of all the monday evening traffic. this will continue to push, ending from west to east so d.c.'s western burbs, howard county will clear faster, and will continue towards 10:00 as you go into the d.c. area. take a look across the east. you can see basically this boundary will continue to kind
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of fuel a few more disturbances but those might track to the north. the warm air is going to surge basically into our area, bringing us up into the 50s, so any icy spots will be quickly out of here. light snow. sunshine tomorrow, 52 will be a great looking day after we get through the overnight. finding basically. back to the 50s thursday. looks like chilly and mostly to partly cloudy skies for the ravens game. for anyone out there tonight, drive with care. we're at that freezing mark. as we go later in the night, it could be icy airs.
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>> waiting for the commuters. a colorado woman is hospitalized with severe burns tonight after a bag left for her and her husband exploded in their car. police say alley son -- allison found the bag labored with their name and drove about a block before the bag exploded in allison's lap. >> he saw allison running down the street toward her house tearing her clothes off. >> police named the ex-husband as a person of interest and taken bags of evidence from his home. he was arrested in domestic violence in 2003. papa johns said it fired a cashier at one of the locations after she identified a customer using a racial slur. she said when she picked up the
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receipt it read -- lady kinky eyes." papa johns apologized. >> one year after the mass shooting in tucson, arizona, the man who did the shooting will be back in court january 25th for a new report on his condition. he is being held at a federal medical center in missouri until then. we all know that exercise is good for your children's health, but what about their grades what researchers say activity does to a student's brain. and there are so many diets out there. it's hard to know which ones really work. just ahead more on the do i et cetera voted the best for 2011-- 2012.
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family need. coming up a local college coach has been suspended, some action taken against one of the players. the morgan state coach is accused of punching a player over the weekend. how the coach and player disagree with how it's being portrayed. the ravens know the fans are behind them. how are young fans letting them know they support them. li s id li s m ba llral,was id unl m ba
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[ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips. and try 3d white toothpaste and rinse. from crest. life opens up when you do. no now the up to the minute details. officers are finishing their canvassing of the 85-year-old
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woman who was found dead in her east biddle home. tonight the annapolis based paver, the investigative team has been following for months has been under arrest in florida. tommy clack is accused have you running a paving scheme in maryland. victims claimed he overcharged them. clack was taken into custody saturday on an out of state fugitive warrant. baltimore's first new state's attorney took time to look back at his first year in office. gregg bernstein said felony convictions are up. a group of prosecutors he put in place to build cases against some of the city's violent repeat offenders. morgan state university's


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