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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 13, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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anticipate beth troutman. it's time for another brand new edition of "right this minute." he survived but the video is still tough to watch as the suspect's car hits a deputy.
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>> my goodness. >> completely launched in the air. >> hear the story behind the video and how the deputy is doing now. >> this is a real medical condition. most women have one. this woman has two. >> i was 18 before i found out? this girl, i feel, is brave to go on a show and talk about this. >> talk about your good neighbor. a guy confronts a knife-wielding flower pot throwing intruder and says not on my watch, dude. he's a chip off the globetrotter block. move over, lebron, it's ejay time. it's time to get today's show started and steven found our first story for us. >> we look at a lot of dash cam videos on this show, but i want to warn you the one i am about to show you guys, is extremely, extremely graphic. this all happened on january 2nd but the video was just released yesterday. we saw it on wcyb in washington
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county, tennessee, let's jump into the middle of a high-speed chase between cops and a few people who were suspected of armed robbery of a house. you see them there ahead. watch right here. >> oh, my god, they hit somebody. >> the graphic part is when i show you this from another angle. this is deputy gary dougherty trying to put the stop stick downs. he has a mishap and tries to get them situated. >> oh! >> my goodness. >> completely launched in the air. thrown nearly 80 feet. dalvin stevens, the driver, reginald smith and ashley mcgraw, ashley mcgraw pregnant with dalvin stevens' baby. they crashed their car and were apprehend the, all charged with aggravated robbery. the driver charged with attempted first degree murder. >> you can clearly see him swerve into the sheriff
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intentionally. according to him in a statement he says he tried to swerve to the left to go behind the officer. i think the officer's natural instinct is to jump wrp he came from and that's where the collision happened. deputy dougherty is recovering in rehab recovering after several surgeries and as you can imagine, a ton of injuries. the other officer who was in pursuit and came up to him and said, dougherty had blood gargle out of his mouth, bleeding from his said. he said he's gone. he didn't think they was going to make it at all. so, it is almost a miracle that this guy somewhere right now is recovering and alive. another surveillance video catches a criminal in the act, but this one's a little different than what we normally see. now this all happened at 11:00 p.m. on tuesday night in haltom city, texas. the guy you see walking out the front door of his home is 48-year-old robert richter. he installed some surveillance
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cameras because some thefts were happening in his neighborhood. his wife alerted to him to some people with flashlights looking into the neighborhood. robert richter is walking outside of his front door to confront these guys and say hey, get away from here, off this property, and the guy who was allegedly, you know, going after these cars comes after robert and according to robert, pulls a knife and cuts robert in this altercation. rier and cutsim h with what robert says was a knife and you see robert's arms go back. robert goes inside the house, locks the door. you see this guy try to get in the door but it's locked. then the alleged criminal goes and picks up a flower pot, throws it at the door and you see it shatter up against the door. according to robert, after this guy cut him with a knife, he says that the guy told him that he also had a gun and this is why robert backs up and goes back inside.
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>> all because this guy went outside to tell him to stop trying to steal stuff, i'm not a criminal. if i was somebody trying to rob somebody's car and somebody comes out, don't you normally run? >> cops in haltom city, texas, are looking for this man and so the surveillance video, they're wanting it to get out there. you see a pretty clear shot of this guy's face. if anybody knows who this guy is call the haltom city police. demonstrations are happening everywhere and they don't seem to be slowing down. this one is all the way in victoria, brazil. >> oh. >> whoa. >> that's a bus on fire. >> this is a group of students who got together to demonstrate against fee hakes for public transportation. >> doesn't make it cheaper they're destroying buss. >> the fare went 2.20, about $1.20, to about $1.30. police are trying to use this and other videos to try to identify shfts protesters and hold them responsible for the
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damage. they caused hours and hours of traffic jamgs. >> this is a silly way to protest something. it's creating more of the problem they're protesting against. this is going to cost a great deal of money to repair which will come out of the pockets of the people riding the bus. >> i'm all for protests but this seems counterintuitive. >> these are the brakes, man. prices go up for things, that's how it works. >> there's a bit of concern because students are saying they will not stop protesting until fees are decreased but the state secretary of transport in the country says fees are not going down. >> a better protest would have been not to take the bus. don't give them your money and protest that way because it hits them in the pocketbook. you know that song "reunited and it feels so good." >> love that jam. >> there's a couple in kentucky that can really celebrate that song. you are looking at louise white. she is waiting at the airport in louisville kentucky for earl
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jesse. >> i always had a place in my heart for earl jesse. >> they first dated 60 years ago. they were high school sweethearts. he went away to war, they drifted apartp. when he got out of the military five years later they reconnected. on their wedding day she got scared and called it off hours before the ceremony. >> on the wedding day. >> talk about cold feet. >> i don't know. i just always wanted to see him again. and explain why i left and didn't marry him. >> they both married other people, been apart for 56 years. and now that they are both single again, they reconnected. >> now are they single again both of them because their spouses passed away? >> they were both widowed so earl looked her up on the internet and he found her and this is their first meeting. >> you're prettier than ever. >> oh, honey. >> kiss is so crazy. he just went in.
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>> i hope she doesn't run away from him again. >> i think he might be able to catch up this time. >> yeah. it's time to make some babies. >> if steven and beth had a baby, what would it look? >> the pinks you got to see and we'll show you how to do baby making too. baby penguins pay the price for an oil spill. see why the clock is ticking for rescuers.
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. i really have no idea what you're going to say about this story but i'm going to preface it saying this is a real medical condition. we got this story from morning show called "this morning" on itv 1. the very lovely blonde woman you're seeing is 27-year-old hazel jones. and she has two va ginas.
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>> two va-jay jays. >> it's even more rare because she also has two uteruses. one in a million chance. >> i didn't know i was any different whatsoever. >> this is going to sound weird too. are they side by side, vertical? are they like this, catty-corner? >> normal uteruterus. one is connected to each fallopian tube.hazel jones' doc this much better tan i can. dr.da harper. >> the two tubes and the normal things to happen the tubes to fuse and break down and form one. what's happened to hazel that never broke down. >> she was 14 and started her menstrual cycle and vary as to which va gina when you come from because when you often late you only often view late from one side. her ovaries and fallopian tubes
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oath operate. >> she lost her virginity twice and still didn't find out what was going on until late in her teen years when she first was having her first sexual interaction. >> my first serious boyfriend, he said there was something different about me. >> this girl, i feel, is brave to go on a show and talk about this. >> according to hazel she's very comfortable with her body and she and her husband actually visit sex clubs and fetish clubs. >> this is wildly fascinating. starving dinner on a boat. not easy. >> hang on. [ inaudible ]. ♪
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[ inaudible ]. beyonce and jay-z have their baby and everybody is trying to figure out what the baby looks like. people can't wait so they're going to a website called they're taking her image, his image, morphing it trying to figure out what the baby will look like. >> i thought maybe she was give it a shot. if steven and beth had a baby, what would it look like? >> gorgeous. the best looking baby in the business. >> there you go. >> oh. >> that's cute. >> that's a really cute kid. >> i know she's on the market now, so how about like jennifer lopez? >> this what is your baby would look like. >> that kind of -- that -- >> little creepy looking. >> that looks like a cross dresser. nice jaw line, though. nice lips. >> pretty solid jaw line.
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>> yeah. >> i got to thinking, who would beth want to have a baby with? tom cruise? there's jason bateman -- >> jason bateman. i want to have a baby with jason bateman. >> how about gollum from "lord of the rings"? >> that is weird. >> that's awesome. >> it's like, it's like beth's hair -- >> and my eyes but huge -- >> that would be a weird idea. you know i have a crush on brad pitt. >> right. >> i had a baby with him. >> wow. >> this is what he looks like. >> that looks like somebody. >> it looks like david hasselhoff. >> it kind of does. >> my love child with brad pitt looks like david hasselhoff. >> put a hairy chest on that thing and there you go. next time on "right this minute," this is colby kirks.
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he finished a long hike. see what happens when he finishes and hear how much weight he lost. meet the guy who creates lullabies while drinking. >> is it safe to say drunk? >> safe to say not sober. >> while i was really, really drunk. >> and spend a day and night at one of the world's premier ski resorts.
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last october the oil tanker rena ran aground off the coast of new zealand. storms surged in and flipped that ship in two. heavy fuel oil then spilled into the ocean and since then, volunteers with the world wildlife fund have been actively working to clean up some of this oil and rescue a lot of the marine life. in this you see they're working with blue penguins that are t are malting which means they come up on shore and they are losing all their old feathers to grow new feathers. during that two-week period they're landlocked. they can't go into the water and some of the high surf and waves are depositing new, fresh oil to the rocks where these birds come to malt. it's a particularly dangerous time for these birds to be on land because their feathers are new, they get oil on their feathers, they can't go back in the water to escape the oil and because they're malting the oil is more likely to get right into
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their skin too. >> this stuff doesn't go away. it's not like nature is going to take care of it out there. we're seeing this with a long time ago, these birds still affected. >> and they're such environmentalists in new zealand, terrible to see something like this happen that they can't control. they do a lovely job of taking care of their natural resources. >> there's a lot of recovery efforts going on. some of them are washing the birds, some of them are cleaning up the debris washing to shore from the shipwreck itself, some are collecting dead bird carcasses because that's unhealthy as well. the volunteers do say they haven't been able to get to some of the hardest hit areas because of some of the surf and weather. many artists and creative types say they work best at night or they do their best work if they're really tired. this guy, ron minis, works best if he's drinking. >> safe to say drunk? >> safe to say not sober. he does some of his best work, he says, any time he is under
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the influence. this particular song is called "the not sober lullaby." see ron playing the piano. ♪ >> this is very pretty. doesn't sound like it came from someone who couldn't stand up straight. >> yeah. >> i'm worried that ron is using alcohol as a crutch. he's, obviously, very talented. i'm sure he could unlock his creative abilities without being drunk. >> right this minute we have ron minis joining us via skype all the way from tel aviv. do you have to be drinking in order to compose music or is it just an excuse to drink? >> it's an excuse to drink. this video i developed it while i was really, really drunk. >> wow. ♪ >> do you feel like you could do this sober? >> some of my music i do when i'm sober.
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the music i mostly do when i'm not here in my mind. >> do you drink every day, all the time, are you drunk now? >> i'm not drunk all the time, just most of the time. >> you also have an album coming out. where can people find it? >> probably going to release it in two formats, in an instrumental. they can keep track on my facebook page or website. >> have to have drinking under the influence like a cwi, composing while intoxicated. >> if you would like to hear this, check out our website ♪ okay. now you're just a few minutes away from the end of the show and spending a lot of time on our favorite website, say it with me now. >> >> >> okay. now back to the show. does anyone know what time
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it is? >> it's [ inaudible ]. >> we have a kid who knows how to get in the game like dear old
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[ inaudible ]. ♪
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here at "right this minute" we love viewer submissions. >> oh, yeah. >> and we got a fantastic one from lefty williams, a former harlem globetrotter, who now plays with the harlem ambassadors. >> i would like to introduce you to someone who's very interesting, my 2-year-old son, who's when he was 3 months old had a basketball in his crib. >> introduces us to his son ejay and he's the darn cutest thing you've ever seen. >> [ inaudible ]. >> oh, he dunks. >> watch out lebron. >> turn. >> he's posting up. >> yeah. >> trot. there you go. >> he does trick shots. >> way on your follow through, man. >> i did. >> you did? who's supposed to make it like you?
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>> kobe. >> he's a bit of a ham, which i like. i think he would fit in good on the show. >> i think he will fit in great on this show. so, we have little ejay via skype right this minute from charlotte, north carolina, and his dad, lefty williams, who is on the road with the harlem ambassadors skyping from bartsville, oklahoma. little ejay, how did you learn how to play basketball like this? >> kobe. >> coby? >> how does that make you feel, dad. >> he's actually my favorite player, so i can't get mad at that. he's arguably the best player that ever played the game. >> tell me how fun it is to share this sport with your son and to spend that kind of time with him. >> i always said man, if i can give him what i have. a lot of parents force things on their children. my wife and i decided we would not do that. it's a lot of fun. if he continues to love it when
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it comes time to really coach him it's going to be easy. >> how does he respond to your videos? >> the response that we've gotten was just, you know, funny. maybe you think two weeks now. my wife and i watched the show all the time we're like, man, we better send this in. we're laughing about everybody else every night. >> hey, ejay, what time is it? >> four. >> what do you say, game time? >> yep. it's game time. >> yeah. lefty, thank you so much for submitting the video. we love that you guys are fans of the show and we're a huge fan of your son's now and a big fan of yours. >> bye. that will do it for this edition of "right this minute." we're going to leave you with images of park city utah at night. you'll love it. we'll see you next time. here's a friendly reminder.
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