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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking news. time to pay up. the country's biggest banks forced to cough you have over $25 billion, paying big bucks to almost 2 million american homeowners. could this be the end of the housing crisis and start of gnaw womanback? and abc news exclusive. josh powell's sister reveals she had suspicions about her brother's innocence. plus, watch this. a 7-year-old girl is grabbed in the toy aisle at walmart. she tells us how she fought off her would-be attacker. and victoria's real secret. the angel giving up her wings because of her faith. she joins us live to explain why
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she turned down a fortune. a lot of folks out bright and early this morning. good morning, america. another exclusive interview to get to in the grosse pointe park murder case. that's bob bashara, insisting he had nothing to do with his wife's death. >> i did nothing wrong. i didn't commit murder. i didn't pay to have my wife killed. i'm going see this through to the end. >> wait until you hear what his lawyer had to say about their marriage. good news for everyone about to travel by airplane. it may get a whole lot easier. major shift at airport security. you can keep your shoes on, your laptop inside your luggage.
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plus, prince harry is ready for battle. why he was crowned best this class as he prepares to head back to afghanistan. first, josh elliott with the news. millions of homeowners underwater on their mortgages or who have lost their homes to foreclosure. the government has reached a nearly $26 billion settlement with the nation's banks. the deal will give money back to victims of the housing crisis in the form of a check or a lower mortgage rate. abc's bianna golodryga has the details. >> this is a massive deal. it rivals the settlement with big tobacco back in 1998. it's meant to hold big bankings accountable. the banks involved in the settle mt include bank of america, citigroup, wells fargo and
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others. people will get their debt reduced or be able to refinance at a lower rate. the other part of the deal affects people that lost their homes in the last three years. they'll get checks for about $2,000. can this help jump-start the economy? it's a significant start. there are critics out there. we don't know how many states are participating. and mortgages owned by fannie mae and freddie mac won't be covered. nonetheless, significant news. thousands of super bowl fans may have been exposed to the measles. someone who later came down with the disease mingled at the super bowl individual on fridvillage . symptoms don't usually appear for at least ten days. people not vaccinated or people only vaccinated once are at the
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biggest risk. the pentagon wants to change the rules. they're recommending to congress that women be allowed to fill certain support roles. the ban on women serving in infantry units will remain in place. and overseas, the syrian government's battle to crush dissent continues. a refinery in flames. homes turned to rubble. hundreds of people have been killed this week alone. the u.s. and other countries debate whether to arm the opposition. meanwhile, protests are planned in several major cities today. thousands of people will be protesting the working conditions inside chinese factories where apple products are made, including the iphone. demonstrations planned in new york, washington, and san francisco, among others. and finally, the filming of a car commercial. that deer is not part of the commercial.
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>> he is now. >> thankfully, that's a professional driver behind the wheel of the scion. he just made a left turn. out of nowhere, the little guy sprinting for his life, made it to the other side without a scratch. >> wow, that is an athlete. >> wow, that's remarkable. good morning, america. >> thank you, josh. we turn to new questions in the powell family tragedy and whether more could have been done to stop josh powell from killing his sons. his sear is speaking out. first, "20/20" anchor chris cuomo is in graham washington with the latest. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, george. as shock begins to fade, new details and questions are emerging. could more have been done to solve susan powell's case? could her two little boys have been saved? why did it take almost seven minutes for a dispatcher to take a case worker's pleas seriously.
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>> they have to respond to emergency, life-threatening situations first. >> this could be life-threatening. >> reporter: nearly 22 minutes pass between the time the call is made and a deputy arrives at the house. far too late. >> he blew up the house and the kids! >> reporter: by that time, the case worker has called 911 again, this time, reporting the explosion. her thoughts have been on braden and charlie ever since. >> she's very upset and -- traumatized. this is something that is going to be a life-changing event. >> reporter: for many, the call is another in a series of missed opportunities. they began when susan cox powell vanished in december 2009. her husband, josh, was the only person of interest, but never charged, despite promises that his arrest was imminent. for two years, her case was never called a murder. >> had it been treated like a
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homicide from the beginning, we could have moved quicker to obtain custody for these boys. >> reporter: the attorney for the parents, chuck and judy kox, said the custody battle was becoming too much. >> he was beginning to crack a bit under the pressure. >> reporter: he grew only more paranoid and desperate. he wanted custody of his sons. you believe they were starting to remember things? >> yeah. definitely. josh's denial that he would never hurt his wife, hurt his children, is a blatant lie. >> reporter: the cox family take solace in the knowledge they believe that the two little boys are now with their mother. as for josh powell, the cox family believes that when he decide to burn himself up in hellfire, it was an admission of guilt. >> now to josh powell's sister,
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alina. she's been outspoken. pointing the finger at everyone but her brother. she's speaking out now. let's go to abbie boudreau in washington state. >> reporter: for the first time, josh powell's sister, alina, tells "gma" why she believes her brother killed himself and those two kids. >> i wake up and i feel like it didn't really happen. i just miss them all so much. they were our boys. all three of them. >> reporter: josh powell's sister, alina, talking exclusively to "gma." recalling a voice mail from her brother, just 20 minutes before he blew up the house, killing himself, his two young sons, charlie and braden. >> i'm not able to live without my sons. i'm sorry to everyone i've hurt. good-bye. >> reporter: moments later, she
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called 911. >> i'm terrified to drive over there. i'm afraid of seeing something i don't want to see. >> i just stopped in the street, looking at the shell of the house. it was gone. we know it was just empty, hol lee inside. >> reporter: why do you think your brother did this? why did he kill himself and his two young sons? >> it must have just felt that -- that there was only one way left for him to protect his sons from the pain. all the emotional and physical pain that they had been experiencing. >> reporter: but he didn't protect them. he killed them. >> i wish it had been differently. >> reporter: considering what we now know josh was capable of, do you think that he had a role in susan's disappearance? >> no.
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i have never seen any indication from him or the boys that he had anything to do with it. and trust me, i -- i looked for it. hard. . >> reporter: what do you mean? >> i studied every word he said, every action he made. >> reporter: does an innocent man do this? >> i can't put myself in his mind. but i think -- he must have been just more heartbroken than i realized, than any of us realized. >> reporter: alina also said that josh expressed optimism for the future and he planned to continue fighting for custody of his children. which makes this all the more difficult to truly comprehend. robin? >> thank you. and chris cuomo will have much more on a special "20/20" tomorrow night, at 10:00, 9:00
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central. we return to the changes coming today in airport security that should make hopping a plane a whole lot easier. the government is easing up a lot of the screening brought in after 9/11. jim avila joins us from denver airport. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a huge change for the tsa. it will no longer treat everyone as a terrorist. instead, they'll allow those who will -- will submit to a background check and pass that check to go through a separate, faster line, leaving everybody else to keep their shoes off and their jackets on. shoes off. jackets off. laptops out. cosmetics in plastic bags and out. the tsa says these measures have done their job, making flying safer. but they concede it's time to end the current system that treats every passenger like a
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potential terrorist. >> it used to be fun to fly. i have been flying for 35 years. since 9/11, of course, the fun went away. >> reporter: everyone was considered a threat. now, a sea change. it will mean the era of barefoot screening could be over. a new fast lane called precheck to open at 30 of america's largest airports. >> it's part of a fundamental shift in how we approach aviation security. >> reporter: from boston, new york, chicago, san francisco, and l.a., fast lanes that allow prerej skered trusted travelers who have gone through finger-printing and background checks to zip through the line. >> the more prescreening we can do, the more likely a person could keep their shoes on, belt on. things like that. >> reporter: at l.a.x., tsa says it's working. cutting lines in screening dramatically.
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we timed two passengers. 6:10 to make it through the regular line. one in the fast lane? just 54 seconds. >> i used it a few weeks ago for the first time. it was a nice surprise. it works. look at this. >> reporter: this will be happening at more than 30 airports by tend of the year across the country. if you submit to the barack ground check, you' -- to a background check, you'll be able to breeze thank yrough the lines. the next story, everyone parent has to watch. >> a 7-year-old left alone for just a moment. her mother was a couple of aisles over in walmart. she was almost abducted. yunji de nies joins us live. parents are going to be watching this with great interest. >> reporter: absolutely. the video is stunning. a little girl fighting a grown
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man, allegedly trying to kidnap her. she scared him off and saved herself. it happened so fast. you can see the man grab 7-year-old brittany baxter, trying to carry her out of the toy aisle. >> he just grabbed me. >> reporter: she was out sick from school and went shopping with her mom. her mom left her to play in the toy aisle. store cameras captured this man snatching brittany. she put up a fight. >> i was screaming and kicking him and trying to get away. he put his hand over my mouth. >> reporter: wow, and then what happened? >> he dropped me and went and ran off. >> reporter: as the suspect left the store, cameras captured him getting into his car. police put out an alert. within an hour, they made an arre arrest. 25-year-old thomas woods, who was recently released from state
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prison, out of parole for manslaughter. >> i didn't bother nobody. i was never there. >> reporter: the baxters are shaken but thankful. >> very proud of her. thankful to the lord that she got away. >> i feel scared to death. now i'm thinking i'll never be able to let her out of my sight, even for a second. >> reporter: and this brave 7-year-old has good advice for what to do when a stranger approaches. >> always -- um -- scream, try to scream and kid as hard as you can. and go get somebody that you trust. >> reporter: some very wise words there from brittany. thomas woods is being held witho without bond. he faces attempted kidnapping. walmart says they're glad that the cameras helped to capture the suspect and that brittany is safe. >> she has a father-daughter dance she's going to soon?
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>> that's right. on friday, it's the daddy-daughter dance. she was out with strep throat. she was sick and fighting off that would-be attacker. they have the dance on friday. they say it has special meaning on friday. >> daddy's going to be holding her real tight. thank you so much. so good they could make an arrest like that so quickly. a first check of the weather on this friday eve, ladies and gentlemen, sam champion. >> thank you, thank you so much. robin roberts, george stephanopoulos, josh elliott, i believe. did you notice it? last night in the new york city area? frederic fredericksburg got some. philly is about ten inches behind where they should be for snow fall. it kind of stayed in the air. there goes the low. it moves out of the way. milder air moves in. right about here, there's cold temperatures that drop in for the weekend. big rains in texas again.
7:17 am
it's not drought-busting yet. you'll get about an inch. you still need about ten more inches to drop the drought out of the way. a quick look at the big board. nice, nice mild air along the eastern seaboard.
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>> the nicest weather on the big board? we'll find it in the next 15 minutes. >> we'll be waiting. lots of news this morning about the next generation of royals. prince harry is heading back to afghanistan. with his brother, william, serving in the falklands, kate will step out for the first time by here's as a princess. >> reporter: harry is now a
7:19 am
pilot. his fly boy buddies call him a natural. an apache attack helicopter comes in to land. a $17 million killing machine piloted by captain wales. >> he was embarrassed. now he's become an apache pilot. that's the' let 2%, i think. >> reporter: cue the music. last night, he was named the best gunner in his class. his finger will be on the trigger. >> you have a lot more space to fly around in. >> reporter: he enjoyed the harleys, vegas, and the odd mystery brunette. he takes his day job seriously. >> my job is to serve like all the rest of the forces. i count myself lucky to be able to fly the helicopters, and more lucky to fly the apache. >> reporter: william is flying
7:20 am
rescue helicopters in the falklands. >> it was a huge significant moment in her life. the first solo engagement. >> reporter: she busted out the jimmy choos. >> this is kate, natural performer in front of the camera. just like diana was. i think that's edge couraging. >> reporter: the biggest kate news. she's agreed to sit for her first official portrait. to me, that's official. that means that kate is now a fully fledged princess. >> you do it all. coming up on "gma," an abc news exclusive for you. the husband at the center of the grosse pointe park murder case speaks out. and barbara walters, like you have never seen her before. painting the town with the new
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good morning. we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog still left out there. still maybe a little black ice as well due to the fact that temperature are still very cold. right now in cockeysville 28 degrees. we're at 27 degrees now in
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churchville. edgewood 29. 31 in centreville. these temperatures will get warmer as we go throughout the day. it will still be chilly because we have the winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. we have lots of sunshine that will be the name of the game as we go into the afternoon. temperature basically warming up to around 46 degrees. as you head out make sure you grab the big coat because you will put it to good use today. let's check traffic with angela. good morning. >> good morning. got some problems for those in anne arundel county. traveling eastbound maryland 100, we are jammed as you approach maryland 10. the accident is after mountain road. otherwise a lot of slow traffic trying to get to the west side of 695 on southbound 83. this is the west side where we have heavy congestion at old court road. it continues around liberty road. had an earlier crash at liberty road. a senior from goucher made
7:28 am
it to the semifinals of the college championship. this is sarah bart originally from philly. she said her dream category would be the combination of geography, mascots and beer. to watch her, tune in to abc2 at 7:00 tonight. also this morning, thank the warm weather for bge having lower bills. they say customers can expect to pay $100 to $200 less on their homes this year. in addition to warmer weather they say falling commodity prices are also contributing. another update in just a bit.
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i'm frightened about this. to know that i could spend the rest of my life in jail for a crime i didn't commit is a very scary thing. >> that is bob bashara, speaking out for the first time in an abc news exclusive interview. he's the husband under investigation of the suspicious death of his wife in grosse pointe park, michigan. >> we're going to hear from his attorney. what he says is raising a lot of eyebrows. and our dear barbara walters. you saw her. i don't know how to explain this to you. why she's hitting the streets with the $200 million man. lit all make perfect sense. >> she'll tell us why she's
7:31 am
being lifted up there. she commits to every story she does. also, a great story. the victoria's secret model giving in her wings. she'll be here live to tell us all about it. now to a stunning murder in the grosse pointe park murder mystery. police have issued a search warrant for their house. andrea canning sat down with bob bashara. after the interview, you learn that the police found something at the home. >> reporter: right. it was reportedly a very significant discovery. it was the second time they searched this home. they searched from top to bottom. what they found in the garage has everyone talking. human blood. it was an unwanted surprise visit for bob bashara. police were in and out of his home wednesday looking for evidence in connection with the
7:32 am
murder of his wife, jane, found strangled in her suv two weeks ago. he said he had no reason to kill his wife. is there any nomotive you could have had? >> none. >> reporter: financial? >> we had a very good, open relationship. >> reporter: are you scared for the day the place may come for you? >> i'm frightened, to know that i might spend the rest of my life in jail for a crime i didn't commit is a very scary thing. >> reporter: he was joined by his daughter, jessica. do you believe there's a chance your father could be capable of murdering your mother? >> no, not at all. without a doubt in my mind. i know that he did not do it. there's no way. >> reporter: why are you so sure? how can you be? >> i know how my mom felt about
7:33 am
him. there was never any even hint towards violence. >> reporter: she says her father couldn't have killed her mother because, in a bizarre twist, bob's handyman has already confessed to the crime. >> did you kill jane bashara? did you kill her, joe? >> reporter: reporters chased after joe gentz on monday morning as he headed to court in a custody hearing for his young daughter. he claims he was forced to kill jane because bob held a gun to his head. >> did bob make you do it? >> reporter: do you believe joe gentz? >> i do believe he's the one that did it. he want td more money from me, he badgered me. i do believe he's capable of it. >> one of the stories he's telling is that you forced him to kill jane. >> i don't own a firearm. i absolutely had nothing to do with this. that is a sick assessment on his
7:34 am
part. it shows how deranged he is. >> reporter: bashara's attorney believed gentz showed up demanding to be paid for money he was owed. when jane answered the door, things got violent. but bob bashara's alleged double life, which was offlimits in our interview, continues to draw scrutiny. he's repeatedly denied having an fair with this woman. rachel gillette. is it all just lies? >> i'm not going to comment on that. it has nothing to do with the case. >> reporter: but bashara's toernt wasn't to quick to deny. are you willing to possibly admit now that he did have an affair. >> the term open xharnlg comes to mind. >> reporter: and jane was okay with that? >> and my belief is that it was an open marriage. >> reporter: if you're arrested, are you fighting this until the end? >> absolutely.
7:35 am
i did nothing wrong. i didn't commit murder. i didn't pay to have my wife killed. i'm going to see this through to the end. and i'm innocent. >> reporter: as for that reported human blood found in the grauarage, it's been sent f testing. bashara's attorney says it proves nothing about his client, it could have come from anywhere. he says he finds it fishy they didn't find the blood the first time they extensively searched this home two weeks ago. >> thank you, andrea. we bring in dan abrams. you have said from the beginning, if other people want to speak out for him, but for him to spreek out. he's not answering the question about the affair and his attorney says, open marriage. >> if you're going to come out and speak and your wife has been killed, you have to talk about your relationship with your wife. in particular if your own lawyer
7:36 am
is going to say, it was an open relationship. and you're unwilling to talk about what that means at all? that's a problem. the thing he's got working for him, his daughter and son seem to be willing to go out publicly and defend him. if i were him, and his lawyer, i would certainly have him stop talking. because, anything he says can be used against him at a later point. and b, he's got these two kids that are willing to say, we don't think he's responsible. that's powerful stuff. >> to the blood found where gentz said it would be, the garage. >> that's incredibly important. if the authorities can confirm at least gentz was there, that's significant. they've now got to put the pieces together to figure out what happened. i think it's interesting that bashara says he thinks it's fishy they found the blood there
7:37 am
now and didn't find it the first time. he's questioning the police work. i don't think that's a smart maneuver, you want them to arrest you? start questioning their work, which it sounds like bob bashara is doing. >> and the attorney says it looks like the police may be close to pressing charges. >> some what surprising for a lawyer to come out and say that they expect an arrest. i guess he's in contact with the authorities. >> so bizarre. how this is being handled. >> absolutely. >> thanks, dan. let's get back over to sam. the brutal winter on the other side of the atlantic. look at this one from croatia. all the lamp posts covered in ice. 90% of the danube river is frozen. four nations have had to stop shipping on the danube. that's like shutting down the mississippi river. this has been brutal in that
7:38 am
part of the world. the jet stream unblocks. minneapolis 9 on friday, 13 on saturday. sunday, you're into the 20s in new york city. night time temperatures in the teens. at >> all of that weather was braubl to you by maybelline. our own barbara walters like you have never seen her before. hitting the town with the $200 million man. come on back.
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facebook is about to mint a whole bunch of new millionaires and billionaires when it goes public later this year. one of the most unusual is the cutting-edge artist that made the best bet of his life. it made him rich and famous. he went to barbara walters for his first interview. she's here to tell us about it. >> i'm so proud. his name is david choe. he's a 35-year-old son of immigrants. he didn't much like facebook. he did some murals for their wals when the company was first
7:43 am
beginning. instead of being paid in cash. . then it was worth little. today, it's estimated at $200 million. choe is a self-described rebel, an art school dropout. a graffiti artist, painting everything from sneakers to cars to hundreds of walls. he even painted me. how much am i worth? >> priceless. priceless. do as high as you can. >> reporter: and together, we painted this masterpiece. don't make me cry. bravo! it's the mural on the offices of facebook he did in 2005 have made him a rich, but surprisingly unhappy man. most people would be thrilled. $200 million. for you, it's causing you pain. >> you can't buy your privacy back. because i was already doing okay. and to have this abstract amount
7:44 am
of money now, i cannot buy my privacy back. i was like, what the hell is happening? every news organization in the world is beating down the door trying to get an interview. i'm, like, oh, my god. >> reporter: have you kept all the stock or sold some? >> i sold some. >> reporter: the estimate was $200 million. >> i think it's more than that. i sold just a little to secure that i have something out of it. >> reporter: it's a couple of hundred million? >> for sure. >> reporter: not bad for a misfit who spent three months in a japanese prison for hitting a security guard. two years later, a company gnat choe called ridiculous, had a proposition. shawn parker came to you and said, david, we got these walls.
7:45 am
will you paint some murals for us? >> right. >> reporter: can you describe them? >> i love women. there was lots of women. cityscapes. abstract forms. and just -- i just -- i paint very quickly. and it just -- it almost comes out of me, it's almost my therapy. >> reporter: you're offered money. you didn't have a lot then. you were offered money, how much? >> i think it was close to $60,000. >> reporter: instead of taking that, which you really needed, you took the stock? >> he said, you want the cash of the shares? i said, i'll take the shares. >> reporter: why? >> i like to party. i like to gamble. it's going sound horrible to say money is meaningless, everyone is like, what do you want to do now? i did everything i wanted to do with nothing. i'm still going to do what i want. more people are going to bother me back.
7:46 am
>> aw. >> he didn't get a lot of sympathy from the crew. >> reporter: he says he's going to continue to be bothered. he'll complain about losing his privacy. >> you're going to keep that shirt? >> i am. he picked me up because if you do graffiti way high up, the police can't get to it. >> i don't think they'll bother you. >> i don't think so. by the way, we had permission. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ are the first and only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. mmm. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling. splenda® essentials™. get more out of what you put in.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour in baltimore now. easton 12. with that we're definitely feeling a lot colder this ájp+z morning. you really need to bundle up. feeling like 20s into baltimore now. 22 to be exact. 23 in easton. feels like 14 degrees in york, pennsylvania. the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. we have plenty of sunshine moving in here right now. and that will last throughout the day. the reason why, well, we have
7:57 am
high pressure in control of our weather. it's sliding off towards the east. future trend picking up on the clear skies throughout the day. but it's also picking up on the chance for more snow to move in here as we go late friday night into early saturday morning. we could get that rain/snow mix again and then we'll clear out but those temperatures are going to drop in the next front -- and the next front moves in. enjoy today, it changes not far behind. let's check the traffic with angela. >> good morning. checking on traffic conditions in anne arundel county. we removed the accident but still some very slow traffic eastbound maryland 100 between mountain road and route 10. no recovery on the west side of the beltway, the accident has been long gone at frederick road but west side outer loop delays here at old court road starting at 795, going to take you at least 20 minutes to make your way through pikesville and get around to the catonsville side of 695. you can see those delays on the left side of the road here at liberty road.
7:58 am
heading to downtown on 83, jfx, slows down before you get to northern parkway passing coldspring lane. back in 25 minutes with another update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm sexy and i know it we were not making an editorial comment there. we are, right now. there's the model who decided to turn her back on victoria's secret. why did kylie bisutti step off the runway, turn her back on a potential fortune? she's here live to talk about it. and sexy and she knows it, too. she's best actress nominee viola davis. >> yea! >> yea! >> hey, baby! >> your pictures in "l.a. times
8:01 am
magazi magazine" -- >> hey, baby. >> i know it. one of the breeds competing for the first time. it is the national dog of mexico. used to be called the hairless. now it's called the -- xoloitzcuintli? squintly? we'll find out from that man right there. we'll meet the other new breeds in the show. >> speak. >> josh, take a shot at it before the news or go straight for the news. >> i want to take a shot of coffee. >> we don't have that much time. we'll begin with an historic settlement this morning. five major banks listed here have agreed to a $26 billion settlement with the government over foreclosure abuses. most of the money will be used to lower the mortgages of about a million home owners whose
8:02 am
homes are owed more than they're worth. mortgages by freddie mac and fan mo nooe may will not be covered. hundreds of people have died in this week alone in syria. survivors are trapped in their homes as the u.s. and other countries debate how to deliver aid. and another motion nal day on tap in the murder trial of the former lacrosse player at the university of virginia. they're accusing journlg huguely of attacking yeardley love and leaving her to die. >> reporter: love's mother and sister quietly cried as their heard testimony about how the 22-year-old lay dying in her bed for two hours after she was allegedly assaulted by the former lacrosse player. >> anything you want to say, george? >> reporter: the prosecution
8:03 am
calls huguely furious after akugz love a accusing love of sleeping with someone else. an e-mail. i should have killed you. you should have kill me? we should meet tonight. prosecutors wasted no time pointing out the history of domestic abuse. she died of blunt force trauma to her head not long after huguely kicked in the door of her room. >> for me, it's been really hard. but i don't know where i would be without my teammates. >> reporter: the defense maintains that huguely and love had consumed roughly double the legal limit of alcohol. he took her computer as collateral so she would have to talk to him the next day.
8:04 am
they were trying to establish that he could be guilty of nothing more than involuntary manslaughter. they questioned love's mother and sister about who moved the belongings and where and when they were moved. a new study may offer hope to alzheimer's patients. a tiny jolt of electricity just before a person learns a new task is helping. it's been used as a treatment for parkinson's. there's an energy supplement so worrying, even though a lot of people are taking it, it's being banned in a growing number of places. which one? are you taking it? be sure as we investigate it tonight on "world news." >> thank you, diane. there's a claim this morning
8:05 am
that there really is a loch ness monster. albeit in iceland. check it out. >> what is that? >> it's something. swimming against the current. some people think it's proof that the gigantic mythic river worm exists. some say it's fake. others say, jorge, that he's mistaken. get it, see what i did there. mis -- taken. >> are you buying it? >> why can't we just love the chimp? >> i say we're not alone. >> it was worth it for the line, josh. >> a little pop news for us? >> please. good morning to you all and to you. who might wear what to the oscars. the most in demand designer this year may be the most posh. as in victoria beckham.
8:06 am
gwyneth paltrow, charlize theron, and cameron diaz all have reportedly talked to her. all this making victoria's show next week the hottest ticket in town. >> robin what t do you got? >> what are you wearing? >> what are you wearing? >> viola, do you know what you're wearing? >> yes, but i can't tell you. >> oh! >> just saying. >> do you know what you're wearing yet? >> i have no idea. >> we better make sure we coordinate. so we look fab. >> okay, okay, okay. >> viola. we'll talk later. >> george and i are wearing brown. >> we got the brown memo today. it's time for the "gma" animal moment of the morning. watch as sunshine, the panda, prove that these giant creatures
8:07 am
do more than just sleep and eat b bamboo. he's enjoying his new toy. he gives new meaning to the word jungle gym. >> i get that animal minute with the giant river worm in iceland. >> you're mistaken. grab a slice of chocolate cake and join us. a new study says eating dessert for breakfast may help you lose weight. the key is to indulge in the morning when your me tap tab lichl is at its highest. the group that had cake for breakfast lost more and kept it off longer. >> you're going to ruin decades of new trigs. >> there's also a study that
8:08 am
finds cake helps you fly. >> it's a very important study in my life. and i believe. what's popping online this morning? a blogger named furious pete is blowing the lid off fitness infomercials and how they get the before and afters. in a five-hour span, he's showing the after first. he pumped up sh tans, greases his muscles. then he does the before shot. this is how he says they do it. he loads up with sodium to retain water and takes a nap. he wants to show those before and after infomercials are hooey. >> that was for our benefit? >> yeah, it was. i'm doing things for you. sam, get us some weather. >> lara, i have a question. >> yes, sam. >> the pam cooking spray is good
8:09 am
for you or not when you splay it on your body and take nap? i don't know the answer. how does that work? >> um -- well -- >> do or don't -- >> there is so much i could say that i know i shouldn't. you should do the weather. >> josh, that was a fishing net in the river, not a sea snake. >> sam, we're not alone. get used to it. >> fine, fine. let's get to the wall. we have a couple of things going on here. we're going to pick two warm spots. bers weather on the board, the southwest. into the southeast, the area of high pressure pushes the front through. skies will open up. better in places like new orleans. we're still concerned with scattered thunderstorms kicking up in south florida. nice weather in part of the nation today. particularly the east coast, it's nice and milder. enjoy it today. because it gets colder by the weekend.
8:10 am
>> also very important to say happy birthday, debbie. >> thank you, thank you. >> glad you're here with your very carefully-penned sign. >> everything is spelled correctly. >> it is. here's what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." the victoria's secret model turning her back on the runway. she joins us live. and "the help's" viola davis
8:11 am
is here. and can't afford a spring vacati vacation? not to worry. it's our first ever travel edition of secret steals and deals with none other than tory johnson. stay with us, everyone. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally.
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8:15 am
i said i wouldn't cry. um... whee! it's flo time. now, that's progressive. call or click today. now to the lingerie model who had a dramatic change of heart about her career. she made to it the top of her career by winning the victoria's secret model search.
8:16 am
kylie bisutti's here to explain her decision live. first, here's more of her story. it's the summit of modeling. up there with heidi, gisele, and tyra. up there on the victoria's secret runway. kylie got her shot in 2009, beating out 10,000 women. >> we're looking for the most beautiful women in new york. ♪ >> reporter: to win the victoria's secret model search. >> the winner of the 2009 victoria's secret model search is kylie. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> reporter: the prize was priceless, place in the victoria's secret fashion show in front of millions. >> here comes kylie. >> there she goes.
8:17 am
lovely work. >> reporter: she lived her dream. touring the world, posing for the company. from the time she started modeling at the inch of 14, she set her sights on earning her wings. she was bearing almost all in front of the cameras. she was struggling inside to reconcile her career with her chris yan faith. she decided to hang up her wing. saying her body belonged to her husband. she wanted to be a better role model for young girls. kylie bisutti joins us now. >> thank you for having me. >> you cannot expect all this attention. >> no. i'm so thankful. >> back in the model search back in 2009, you were very determined to win. you said i have a very sweet personality. don't let that fool you. i'll do what it takes to get it. what changed? >> well, a lot. i was newly married at the time.
8:18 am
>> just a couple of months, right? >> just very recently. growing in my relationship with the lord and my faith. i'm a strong believing christian. i just became so convicted about wanting to honor my husband with my body. and wanting to be a role model for other women out there who look up to me. >> was there anything you learned from inside the business that turned you off? or was that not really it? >> that wasn't really it. it was a heart issue for me. >> you had one encounter with a young cousin that made a difference. tell us about that. >> i did. i had a crazy encounter with my younger cousin. i was doing pi makeup in the mirror. she was watching me. >> she's just young, like 8? >> i was like, what's going on? she looked at me and was like, think i want to stop eating so i can look like you. and it just broke my heart. you know, because she looks up
8:19 am
to me and i didn't want to be that type of person that she thought she had to do that to be beautiful. >> and you realized she wasn't alone. thousands of girls across the country just like her. >> thousands of girls that think that being beautiful is an outer issue. really, it's a heart issue. i didn't want her to have to feel like she had to lose weight to feel that way. >> how did your husband handle this is this did he have a problem with you modeling? >> he didn't at least, he was so -- so supportive of me. and i just am so thankful that he let me grow and let me come to this decision on my own. he obviously pl lly prayed abou. i know that about him now. he let me come to the decision on my own. >> and you came to it? >> he's thankful. very, very thankful. >> what are you going to do now?
8:20 am
not giving up modeling completely? >> no, i'm going pursue model g modeling. i want to be more wholesome about it. >> good luck with everything. >> thank you so much. we're equally excited to welcome viola davis here to times square. do you remember meryl streep's heart-felt speech. >> the gigantically talented viola davis. my god, would somebody give her a movie? >> someone did. she won best actress at the s.a.g. award this is year. nominated for her second academy award. we're delighted to have you back here again. >> thank you very much. >> is it surreal to see that? >> it was. especially because she was my idol for so many years.
8:21 am
and i didn't pay her to say that. she said it on her own. absolutely. for someone to admire your work that you have admired for so long, absolutely. >> now you're in the same category with her. with this academy nomination. you have been communicating back and forth pch you've both won awards already this season. >> yeah, absolutely. i have been tossing and turning. i have had meryl streep nightmares. i can't believe this moment. i have to tell you. i have been, like -- been in this business 23 years, struggling, pounding the pavement in yonew york. and now this. >> enjoy the moment, my friend, enjoy it. you knew when you read the book, "the help," that this was something special. what resonated for you? >> these are ordinary heroes. they've been told they have limited but potential. the white women and the black
8:22 am
women. all of a sudden, this idea of the book is presented. and they tap into all of the extraordinary qualities of themselves. they find their voice. there's something about that for me, that just touched my heart. it wasn't just me. it touched everybody's heart. this book sold millions of copies. it's a testament to the power of the story. >> i can remember when my colleague at the time, charlie gibson, said, you gotta read this book. i want to play a little bit from the movie. for people that don't know it, african-american maids in my beloved mississippi in the '60s, and written a book. this clip is from after the book being written and you're wrongly accused of stealing. here's "the help." >> i didn't steal no silver. >> maybe i can't send you to jail for what you wrote. but i can send you for being a
8:23 am
thief. >> i know something about you, don't you forget that. what you said, a lot of time to write letters in jail, plenty of time to write the truth about you. and the paper's free. >> nobody would believe what you wrote. >> i don't know. i've been told, i'm a pretty good writer. already sold a lot of books. >> call the police. that's it. >> all you do is scam and live to try to get what you want. you're a godless woman. and your tired. ain't you tired? >> ain't you tired? you still have compassion. [ applause ] i know. everyone -- still having compassion for her. she wants to throw you in jail. come on, that's what you're saying. the bond between the white women and the black women that time. >> and the unendless kind of
8:24 am
amount of love that those women had for those children. you gotta love that. and their smack dab in the middle of a time period that didn't recognize them as human beings. and yet, they had so much love to give. it reminds me of my mom and grandmother. for me, they gave up their dreams so i can have my dream. >> and your mother and grandmother were both maids. >> yeah. >> and you could win an academy award for playing a maid. >> that's pretty amazing, huh? it's amazing. you feel like -- i have to tell you, you feel like your life has come full circle. like you're on the right path. so often, you get so emotional because so often you feel as an actor that you're just trying to fulfill a crazy, stupid dream. you start seeing things come to fruition, you're like, my god,
8:25 am
you just feel blessed. >> i know you feel blessed with your little baby. genesis. i know it's been hard being away from her. >> even though she zipped down my shirt in the middle of whole foods and showed my tatas, i love you, genesis. >> she went there, huh? how adorable. you're the toast of the awards season. >> i am? >> i mean, "l.a. times" magazine. the beautiful pictures. there's now an expectation and a lot of pressure. people are looking at you. do you embrace it? >> oh, my god, no. if you could see me at home, how i look, i do not embrace that. if i embraced that, it's too much pressure. i like to put on my dirty t-shirts and my corn rows in my hair and relax. >> keeping it real. >> yes. >> no hints of what you are
8:26 am
wearing? >> no, because if i told you and you gave it out, i would have to find you. i don't want my life to end that way. >> help me out. i haven't picked anything out. we'll see you there on the red carpet. we can't wait. congratulations and to all the nominees. >> thank you so much. >> and remember, we'll find out who takes home the academy award on oscar sunday, february 26th, at 7:00 eastern, right here on abc. hooray for hollywood. we love counting down. coming up, spring get-away deals and steals only for "gma" viewers. that and more. and some new breeds of dog. lara is doing a little dog -- show for us and so much more.
8:27 am
good morning. happy thursday. we're seeing improving conditions now. we're definitely burning off that patchy fog we saw a little earlier this morning. the ice is slowly starting to melt as well. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is dry and it will stay that way as we go throughout the day. right now temperatures coming in around 30 degrees into aberdeen. glen burnie 32 degrees. arnold at 33. but we have the winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour so it's feeling like we are in the 20s this morning. make sure you bundle up as you head out. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> good morning. as you are about to head out, heading downtown, accident reported on fayette street near
8:28 am
president street. otherwise, just slow spots here and there. finally recovering just a little on the beltway. on 29, earlier crash southbound just past route 32. we're getting over that. and traffic moving pretty good past maryland 108. a look at the top side of the beltway, 695 at dulaney valley road, those delays thinning out making the drive to harford road. hundreds of community college students will rally in annapolis to urge lawmakers to boost money for the state's two-year colleges. they also seek to raise awareness of the important roles played by maryland's community college and higher education as the benefit for the state as a whole. bwi marshall is going to begin using passenger screening programs to make check-in easier. volunteer travelers can put in more information about themselves, to be prescreened. no longer have to remove shoes or belts before going on board.
8:29 am
>> back to "good morning america."
8:30 am
♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ the new theme for the we westm westminster kennel club dog show. six new breeds this year. >> all on their best behavior right now. >> oh, my goodness. okay. are you ready -- i love dogs, you know. are you ready for a vacation? big deals and steals only for "gma" viewers. get ready to get away. and we have help for everyone that struggles in the kitchen, even if you can't boil water. we have two superstar chefs here
8:31 am
to rescue you. they help sam and i grab the pam cooking spray and crack the code of poaching an egg. what are you saying, sam? >> one of us will be better than the other. >> that's the idea with a competition. it's secret deals and steals time. we're going to get through the wint we are the help of tory johnson. great idea, terrific deals. >> you hear the song playing, the go-gos, vacation. jamaica. i talked to some people here who give it a thumbs up. this deal is called superall inclues i. one price for the stay, the ground transportation, all of your maeals. all our your alcohol. check out the price. this is for the run-away bay.
8:32 am
regularly, the price per person, per night, starts at $195. dep depending on the room you select. we're slashes that in half. starting at 98 bucks per person. you go to on yahoo!. you can see the dates. you have to book now. there's several months to travel. now we swing over here. sneak away is a great deal site. they have travel sites. all hotels. each hotel, you'll be able to stay at for under $97 a night. one of the once that i'm tieing to go to, the greenbriar. >> for $97 a night? >> it's $96.75 a night with this
8:33 am
deal. regularly starting at $195. they have really slashed these. again, you have to book now. it's mainly for travel through the end of april. some you could go away next week. >> all under 100 bucks. right here, travel guides. >> this is really cool. frommer's and hp just partnered to do a customized travel guide. you type in where you're going, they'll print out a customized guide with maps, destinations, coupons, even, all for your trip. it's a great thing to do for a honeymoon, spring break travel. and you're saying your going somewhere. check this out. the price, it's regularly $10, a promotional price, we got them to slash it. 5 bucks. shipping is, i think, $2. you'll get it in the mail in about a week. >> these cameras are so popular.
8:34 am
>> this is fun. this is such a long name. a kodak play touch chrome bundle. you can take videos, pictures, edit right there on screen. amazing package. so light. you get a memory card and case with this deal. this is regularly $179. from kodak. the deal is through office max. you can only get it online, not in stores. 70 bucks. over 60% savings. the details at this is from a cute store here in new york city. flight one. >> you always bring me stuff to take home. >> passport holders, toiletry cases. all the stuff because the tsa is going to make or travel so much easier now. bluf colors. a huge assortment beyond what we have right here.
8:35 am
very affordable as is. the regular price, $16 to $38. all the little tchotchkes, $8 to $19. also, if you go to the website, exclusive items that you didn't see leer. all sorts of stuff. >> all looking forward to spring break. thank you, tory. get the links on on yahoo!. let's get the weather from sam. >> you were awake the whole flight, landed. came here. >> a big change from l.a. happy birthday, michelle. glad you're here. who is this? >> iris from los angeles. >> it's a whole l.a. section over here. stay bundled up.
8:36 am
it ain't l.a. here. here's what's happening. the twitter or facebook pictures first. richmond, not last spring. that's recently. the flowers are blooming in the odd warm spell we have had. phoenix, the desert plant life. a good amount of rain in texas again. corpus christi, san antonio, you're involved. a little bit up toward houston as well. watch minneapolis down to the single didn'ts. chicagoland, 20. new york, boston, philly, hartford, you're all in for the >> keep you warm.
8:37 am
all that weather brought to you by quaker oatmeal. george? >> coming up, the new breeds competer for top dog. [ female announcer ] kids don't worry about getting dirty.
8:38 am
[ mom ] oh, how cute. [ female announcer ] and with all oxi-active, neither do moms. it helps get out your family's tough dirt and stains the first time, every time. try all oxi-active.
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8:40 am
next week is a big one for dog lovers. it's the 136th annual westminster kennel club dog show here in new york city. the longest running sporting event in this country after the kentucky derby. this year, six new breeds at the show. so, to join us to tell us about them, david fry. how do now breeds get introduced? >> the akc tells us when they're ready for the show. shea have to have a certain number of dogs here, and a club that watches over them. >> they're new breeds to the show, but not necessarily new breeds. >> we're just happy to get them here. >> let's meet the new breeds. starting with -- this is a norwegian lundehund.
8:41 am
>> you're ready to go the oslo tomorrow. >> it's my norwegian background. >> in norway, they're known as the puffin dog. they helped hunt them. that's outlawed now. because of the work they had to do and the rocky crags they had to deal with, they have extra traits. they have six toe. if you look at the feet, there's an extra toe. and they're double-jointed. if they were to get in trouble, they could get out because their legs can go straight out from the side and their nose can go straight to their back. >> wow, that would be interesting. the next new breed, the american english coonhound. this is game-changer. he's looking for something. >> he's trained to look for raccoons and foxes. >> lord knows what he'll find in
8:42 am
here. >> down from the old virginia hound and the english fox hounds. a beautiful, athletic looking dog. >> i can't believe it's his first year? >> we're glad to get them here. sometimes it takes longer to get them recognized. >> the next new group at the show. the next dog is the scesky terri terrier. >> it is originally a cross of a scottish terrier and the sealy terrier. they have a softer coat. a softer temperament, too. they're not quite as edgy, maybe. don't send me cards and letters. >> she's got a little shnauzer thing going? >> she's a sweet hearth. >> good luck, katrina.
8:43 am
the next new entry. the entlebucher mountain dog. >> it looks like its relatives. has the same look. does the same things. it's a cattle driver. does work on a farm. a beautiful dog. >> they're all, like, trying to get brownie points. they're showing their stuff. >> they're hoping the judges are watching them here this morning. >> next up, the finnish lapphund. named leif. >> these dogs are bred to herd reindeer. they have the northern look to them with the pointed ears and the thick coat and the curly tail. you have been hearing him all morning long.
8:44 am
they're supposed to herd by barking air that chargebark i ing at their charges. >> he has a brenda vacarro bark. >> he's a handsome dog. >> finally, last but not least. a moment i have been dreading. i wish i could put up a graphic for the pronunciation. xoloitzcuintli. otherwise known as the mexican hairless. >> they've been around for centuries. they're part of the aztec history in mexico. they can be hairless or come with hair as well. >> i like her accessories. >> alma's owner is the jeweller to the stars. >> these are all of the new
8:45 am
dogs. you'll see them -- do they have a leg up, so to speak in terms of their sort -- they're sort of more interesting. will they get more attention? >> they do get a lot of attention. we have 185 breeds and varieti s varieties. >> i want to say good luck, everybody. high five, high five. good luck with the show. coming up, sam and i will get a crash course on kitchen survival. the car on the left was filled up with
8:46 am
8:47 am
low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate.
8:48 am
a fun new twist to the hit new food network show, "worst cooks in america." this season, bobby flay is set to take on undefeated series champion anne burrell. it's going to get ugly. >> tell me how this works. you found eight people that couldn't find their way into a kitchen. >> eight people a side. there were 16 people we think are -- arguably, the worst cooks in america. let me tell you something, i think we found them. >> we put them through a series of challenges. one person from each team gets kicked off on every episode. >> you're going to take us through one of the simpler tasks. is it boiling or poaching? >> call it what you want. we're going to poach an egg. lara, are you ready for this? why are you picking up the
8:49 am
vinegar? first thing i do, just do what i do, okay? crack the egg into a little ramekin first. if you break the egg like that, you can start again. >> okay. >> oh. >> crack the egg so it doesn't break. >> a bad egg. >> e broke it. we want the yolk to stay in tact. >> you and i, we're going to -- >> how about that, flay? >> what is our style, anne? >> in the water. >> a little tap. drop it in very slowly. right at the water. gentle. >> does it matter how high or low it is? >> for the viewers at home, as you can tell, we were cast properly for this demonstration. >> you to have an egg in there yet? >> no. >> drop it in there carefully.
8:50 am
see how the vinegar makes the white coagulate quickly? >> it smells like easter egg time. >> swirl it. a perfect circle. those guys are not working at all. we're -- >> my poach has gone awry. >> we're double-poaching. >> we're going to brown some bacon. >> there are so many different dishes and ways to make it. you'll share two recipes with us that you can get after this. lara, you've been left behind in poaching school, by the way. >> oh. >> i can't. see, i can't. i can't. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry, but -- you lose. sorry but -- and so, let's pick one recipe at a time. what happens, anne.
8:51 am
>> we brown some canadian bacon. put it on the english muffins. we're done poaching. >> so are we. >> i don't know how that went for you? >> he's talking a lot of smack. how are you doing? >> put on it the towel. >> put it on the towel? >> place it here. >> we have a new show, it's called rescue chef. walk with me. this is actually a great -- this is -- okay, the one on my left is really nice. the one on my right is not what you want to see. we want to show the good and the bad, i guess. i'm going to take one of our poached eggs. what's the matter, lara? >> i'm just horrified. i wish we had more time to show how we rectify the situation. you'll see that celebrities are the worst cooks in america.
8:52 am
>> wait, wait, wait, my egg is just fine, lady. >> speak for your own egg. >> i'm taking care of sam's eggs. >> that's right. thank you very much. >> hoours is a little hol lan daze, a little light salad on the side. >> this is a new orleans-style eggs benedict. a grilled tomato, some special ham. and lara's perfectly poached eggs. and a cajun hollandaise sauce. >> thank you, bobby, for teaching me. anybody can learn to cook. >> it's called "worst cooks in america." watch anne burrell try to keep her title. >> and the winner is? >> sam champion. >> we'll be
8:53 am
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sam, you can cook the crew breakfast. lara, just sit there and look pretty. we appreciate you getting closer and closer to the goal of collecting 1 million coats in our warm coats and warm hearts drive. we're having you to donate any burlington coat factory.
8:56 am
when you do, twooeet us a pictu. >> samantha is helping those in need keep warm. we're getting so close. >> so donate, send us your photo. you may see yourself here. hey, marc anthony tomorrow. >> lots of surprises. >> have a great day. good morning. happy thursday.
8:57 am
the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we see clouds back off towards the west there into west virginia but we're not dealing with any clouds now. we just have plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day. the forecast showing you that we have high pressure in control of our weather. this is starting to slide off towards the east from the west. but, it won't last long because as we go into tomorrow, yes, we'll have plenty of sunshine starting off but then we'll start to see the clouds on the increase, setting us up for another system that is going to move across the area. so we have a chance for another wintry mix as we go late into friday night, into the overnight, into saturday morning, rather. we could be seeing snow showers once again as we go throughout the day. then we start to rebound in temperatures as we go into next week. for today that temperature come in around 46 degrees. tonight temperatures will drop off, it's going to be a very cold one, around 28 degrees. let's check traffic with angela. good morning. >> good morning. our biggest trouble now getting
8:58 am
into downtown coming in from 95 on to 395. a bit of a slow drive now as you make the drive to conway street. on 83, no problems on the harrisburg expressway but once you reach the jfx this is what you will find -- in the southbound direction your delay begins before you reach westin road. as you pass northern parkway and continues past coldspring lane, heading down into downtown. no trouble around the beltway now but on 95 we have a lane blocked here on the tydings bridge for construction. this is in the southbound direction. so a brief tap of the brakes there. thank you for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow morning with more "good morning maryland."
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