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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 28, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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o take care of things much faster now. [ male announcer ] get fios online: $94.99 a month, guaranteed for two years... plus your choice of bonuses with a two-year contract. is change good? in this case, change is very good. [ male announcer ] visit that's contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, we found the best videos of the day and the stories behind them. let's get started "right this minute." the race to save a trapped whale. it's a rescue that is --
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>> nothing short of miraculous. >> but it's what the whale did next that blew everybody's mind. we get the story straight from captain dave. >> we were ecstatic. it was incredible. >> it sounds like a great idea. host an epic keger for hundreds of people who start dancing on a flimsy rooftop. >> i think you may be able to predict what happened next. >> see why even with a cave-in the party must go on. a dude throws down a dare for grandma. >> i'll give you 50 bucks if you can do the cinnamon challenge. >> see what happens when granny finally blows a gasket. and it's not every day you find an eagle, a fox and a cat on your deck. >> what a weird group. this video is nothing short of miraculous. we got this from dolphin some whale watchers saw a whale,
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who was kind of tangled in some fishing net. >> in the line. >> so they contacted somebody known as captain dave. he's well known in the dana point, california area. that's where this whale was spotted. so captain dave hopped out one of his boats with his volunteers, they went out to find and rescue this gray whale. >> this entire rescue took 24 hours. >> geez. >> and then the whale came up. it was free. it was free of the net. it was like a miracle. it really was. just the way it happened. >> he comes close enough to touch, puts his face out of the water -- >> as if to say thank you. >> get out of here. >> that's so cool. what a fantastic story. >> and "right this minute" from dana point, california, we have captain dave. what kind of mess was this whale in? >> the whale had about 50 foot of netting hanging off of it.
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there was a dead sea lion, several shark fish, squid eggs, a whole ecosystem was in the netting. >> why couldn't someone jump in the water and cut this net off the whale. >> it's too dangerous. we are trained never to get in the water with these animals. a lot of times the netting is invisible. you can't see it until you're caught in the net and drowned. the other problem that can happen, the whale doesn't know what you're doing. there have been people killed by these whales when they're trying to help them. >> when the whale came back to the surface after he was freed as if to say thank you, describe what that was like. >> we were ecstatic it was incredible. i reached my hand out to pet it. >> i got the line. a carjacker was no match for an 81-year-old korean war veteran in lincoln park, michigan. as you can see in this dark car pulling up to the gas pump, you will see 81-year-old barney
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getting out of the car. his wife is in the passenger. he has gone in the people in the store to turn on the pump. police identify this man right here as christopher bowens. he is suspected of trying to carjack the people. >> i was walking back to the car, i saw a guy sitting in a car. i said wait a minute, he's sitting in my seat. i'm not there. >> i looked, i seen these tattoos, he said to me, get out of the car, i'm taking it. i said what. >> constance said he had a knife. >> i thought i better get out of here. >> barney comes out, he's running, reaching into the car and pulls out the keys. >> i shut it off when i first got in there. he turned it back on. i shut it off again. he turned it back on. the third time i reached in and pulled the key out. >> he saw his wife was in trouble, he was like no, not on my watch. i'm going to get this guy. >> this carjacker totally messed with the wrong senior citizen. this guy is pretty tough.
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>> this guy was armed, too? >> with a knife. >> police say he thought they would be an easy target. >> with his age he felt they would offer little or no resistance. >> this man has seven grand kids, more than twice the age of christopher bowens, and he took this guy on. he saw his wife was in trouble and went to defend her. >> here's my hero. this next video is like when a sweet, awesome college party goes universi of otago in new zealand. the video was taken by tim falby. this is like an annual keg party. thousands of people out on the streets. this was back on march 24th. on the rooftop. >> exactly, nick. on the rooftop. >> i think the entire college is there. >> yeah. notice the roofs they're dancing and jumping around on. not too sturdy.
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that guy is, like, banging on a portion of the roof that is looking like it's about to break off. >> i think you may be able to predict what happens next. >> yes. >> oh. >> as you can see, an entire portion of this sort of red-colored roof drops down. looks like about a yard. but they almost react and just keep the party going. they kind of stay on the thing, keep dancing. the landlord, he just repaired this roof six months ago. so two roofs need repair. one will cost about $4,000 to fix. >> oh. >> this is one dude that didn't even get off the phone. did you notice that? in the bucket hat. hey, the roof just collapsed. one guy, after the roof collapses, he gets back on. one report does say throughout the day there were 15 arrests,
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80 people were treated for injuries. not necessarily from this exact moment, but from throughout the day. let's take a little ride over to jordan, where every two years they host the sofax expo, special forces operation exposition. people come here to buy their weapons. >> i guess they have a catalog they buy from? >> the arms industry is one of the largest in ththese are all military advisers, generals who come here to buy weapons systems. >> this video was created by vice video. you can see one of their guys experiencing this whole thing. >> i wanted to know exactly what was for sale and who was selling
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it at the world's largest special forces supermarket. >> the thing about coming to this expo is you get to see the weapons, you can test the weapons. you can interact with the seller of the weapons. one of the top sponsors of this war expo is none other than the usa. >> since 9/11, it also means uncle sam will cut you a nice big check for weapons especially if they're american made. >> people come here to buy missiles. >> like i could go? >> not just anybody can come. you have to have some sort of office. >> is this so weird is that it's the business of war? this looks like any conference would go to anywhere for any company you might work for. instead all these generals from all these countries that could potentially be fighting each other at some point thinking about purchasing warheads. >> i would be afraid to light a
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match. the whole thing could go. >> like kids in a candy store. in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the race, the big wave hits. >> nearly capsizing the boat. >> see what happens next on "right this minute." and you're in traffic and then this -- >> i think some guy just did a backflip at the
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this is team telefonica in the volvo racing series. look at this monster 30-foot wave wash over the side of this giant race boat nearly capsizing the boat. the crew on board hangs on to anything they can. you can see a few of them seem to be strapped in, tied on to the boat. but it's not over yet. there's a second wave that swamps this sail boat. you see the guys brace and duck.
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>> oh, boy. >> this is in the southern okay, they were on their way from auckland new zealand to brazil. team telefonica is the overall leader of the race. their bow of the ship was damaged from these monster waves. >> those boats are not cheap. it's not like getting a new carburetor. >> that's quite a distance for a race. where do you pit stop if you're on your way from new zealand to brazil? whereill you stop? >> in an argentinepit. wnthh one dude was like airborne. hanging on with his hands for dear life and his body was horizontal. >> look at the guys down below open up a curtain like what is going on up there? >> is everybody on board? >> they kind of look bike the gorton's fisherman. >> kind of, but not quite. they're faster. what up?
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>> rottweiler cow love. >> i will infiltrate your land. almost there. so close. oh no. i'm falling in love. >> you guys want to french? >> oh, baby. where's the beef. >> i never had cow tongue before this. you guys want to move in with me? okay, bye. the cinnamon challenge is back, but this time it's the granny edition. >> oh. >> please don't tell me her dentures fly out of her nose or something with the cinnamon. >> i'll give you 50 bucks if you can do the cinnamon challenge. >> what's the cinnamon challenge? i love cinnamon. >> she obviously hasn't been to youtube. >> you take a tablespoon of cinnamon and you got it eat it. >> you'll give me 50 bucks for that? >> if you can do that. >> that's a breeze, i love cinnamon. >> she hasn't learned to this point that her grandson might be up to no good?
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>> what makes you say that? >> he has tattoos. >> she is tatted up herself. >> oh. oh, my gosh. >> oh, her dentures did come out. oh. >> there's so much wrong with this video already, and it's not ove over. >> oh, gross. >> oh. >> the big, old pink granny panties, too.
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good grief. oh, man. [ bleep ] >> give me my 50 bucks any way. give it to me. >> i think they should give her the 50 bucks any way. it's your grandma, dude. [ bleep ] >> where's my teeth? tomorrow on "right this minute" -- >> this guys took it to a new level. watch what they do? >> oh, not funny. >> oh, no. >> that's tomorrow on "right this minute." ♪ magic, we all like magic, right? >> right. magic with ipads. see the business pitch that has the web buzzing. >> i've got a sweet little mother/son video. >> mom and son out for a spin, and you know what she's saying. >> slow
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if you can do a back flip and you ever get bored of maybe just doing back flips for your friends at parties, or, you know -- >> do you do back flips at parties? >> if that gets boring to you, do what this guy did. he got bored of just doing back flips. he decided i'm going to do back flips in awkward, weird, public situations.
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♪ >> this is near toronto, ontario, canada. here here's in, like, the lobby of a student center or something. just a back flip in a library. >> i would love to be in a public place, see this kid come up. i would be like, wow, free entertainment. >> here he is in a cafeteria. just a back flip. >> i like how he strolls out. puts his hands inpockets. >> kind of like show off. that is the impression i get. show off. >> i don't think. i don't think. i'm thinking the people in that situation might be like show off. >> oh. i think they'd be like, h, h that was weird. >> yeah. totally weird. >> that would be a great traffic light moment. if i were sitting tlat the red light --
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>> on the phone. i think some guy did a back flip at the intersection. magic, we all like magic, right? >> mm-hmm. >> now you see me. now you don't. check these two magicians out. they are eric and charlie. they are performing at a business conference in france p promoting stockholm as a business place. using ipads to help them. >> are they also counting crow fans? ♪ pay attention to the detail in the presentation using these ipads and props. >> when you get a good business id idea -- ♪ -- it is very easy to turn it into reality. ♪ >> whoa. >> did you see that? >> what just happened there?
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eric sent the light bulb from his ipad over to charlie. this will make every power point presentation so obsolete. >> i don't know what these guys are selling, but i'm buying. >> they are just trying to promote stockholm. we're cool over here. >> the swedish economy is very stable. even when the global economy is shaky, stockholm's economy is not. >> yeah. this is cool. >> i don't know how they did it, but they used perfect timing, great graphics. >> you are always near water and parks. ♪ >> right? >> this town is awesome. [ applause ]
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a reminder, you can find all the stories on "right this minute" today on >> plus lots more. >> lots and lots more great videos. >> all day long, 24/7. ♪ look what's hanging out on the porch. >> that's a real eagle? >> that's no
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his creativity. i have a strange little trio
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to show you guys. this is in alaska. this woman heard some calls coming from outside her door. she went outside with her video camera to see what was making the noise. look what's hanging out on her back deck. >> what the? that looks like a cardboard cutout. that's a real eagle? >> that's a real eagle. but that's not all. >> mr. eagle is calling me. t.have a fox, he's very quie der hgizmo. >> wow. this is not the only time she's found these little guys on her deck. these three seem to hang out together often. they quarrel over food sometimes, not each other, but maybe some food she throws out to feed them. >> if you look closely, mr. eagle here has an eagle friend. here is the eagle's partner. >> he's like back up just in case any funny business goes down, he can swoop in and help out his buddy. >> talk about a motley crue of
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animals. you know? what a weird group. >> and they hang out together. it's like they're little friends. they come up and chill on the deck. >> yeah. the crazy part is none of them run away when the door opens what have you got for us today, lady? a snack? >> yeah. ♪ i've got a sweet little mother/son video. nick decided to take his mom out for a ride in his miata. mom wanted to know what he does. nick is a drifter. this is near fairfield, utah, at the g1 racetrack. watch mom's face as this ride gets a bit more intense. >> nick! nick! >> she's grabbing on to him. grabbing on to the handle. probably finger marks in the door handle of this car. this is what moms do, though. >> i never drifted a car my
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entire life, if i'm driving in the car with my mom, she's telling me the exact same thing. slow down! you're going too fast! >> she's telling him where to go. >> yeah. >> i like how she keeps grabbing on to him what is that going to do? he's not stopping. >> nick! nick! >> terror in her eyes. she has a big grin on her face. so she's terrified but loving it. >> i think the experience of drifting would be much worse for the passenger than the actual driver. >> there's a part at the end here, she's like okay. that's enough! that's enough! >> watch how fast she gets out of the car when it stops. boom. she has the seat belt off as the car is slowing down. she's out of there. >> that's going to do it for us at "right this minute." we're so thrilled you joined us.
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don't forget, another half hour of rtm is on the way. stay with us.


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