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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  April 5, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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one has victoria in lingerie and the supermarket apologized after people conblamed it was not appropriate. the search is on for a suspect in break-ins. caught on tape, a man being beaten in downtown baltimore and police need your help. new information this morning in a mega millions jackpot after aness woman claimed that her son had the winning ticket. it is thursday, april the 5th. good morning. i'm charlie crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. we had great weather today. let's see today. good morning. it is a nice day if you like the sunshine, but cooler, we're starting off with that this morning. dry and clear skies. cool and breezy and falling temperatures. now, we look at the temps. we can see that we're in the
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upper 40s in annapolis and low 40s in northville. we have the winds light and variable as of now, but gusts through the remainder of the morning and then things will start to taper off a bit in terms of the wind into the afternoon. out the door this morning. yes. take the jacket you will need to. maryland's most powerful radars nice and dry. it will stay that way throughout the day. all right. the traffic. here is angela. good morning. good morning to you. we have a lot of items going on. if you are traveling on i-95 or 895 in the city. on the bay bridge. we just opened the span. so, no problems there. spring results here. calm and quiet on 695. if you travel on i-95 through howard county this morning here what to expect at maryland 32.
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on northbound 95, you will see a disabled vehicle. charlie. the search for suspects is on after a rash of home break- ins. abc 2 news' linda so is here. >> reporter: the burglaries happened in a three mile area. what is disturbing about the break-inicize that most of them happened when people were at home. shannon was home with her two small kids and a burglar broke in through a window. no one was hurt, but the suspect got away with a cell phone and her neighbor's house was also hit. then other homes were targeted between march 28th and april 1st. the sheriff's office is stepping up patrols. shannon got a new alarm system right away. >> it is frightening. you think you are safe. you take it for granted when you live in a nice area. i never would have thought that
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anybody would have come through that window. it is a tall window and tiny. >> the sheriff's office is saying if you live in the area and see a car that looks suspicious get the tag number and call police. linda so, abc 2 news. a judge will determine to retry a child. he is accused of killing his brother, 19-year-old back in 2007. police are saying that the two may have been involved in a death scream. it is 3 minutes after 5:00 and new information this morning about a man being beaten in baltimore and someone recorded the whole thing. police have identified the victim, and they are working to find the suspects. you can see from this video. they are beating him. they go through his pockets. takeoff his clothes. right now it is not considered a hate crime. it is being investigated.
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the matha millions mail ham has taken a new twist overnight. one woman claims that her son in maryland is the new winner of the mega millions jack spot and sherrie johnson is here. >> we have been working the phones and called down to mississippi this morning. spoke with linda. her son claims to have won the mega millions jackpot, but now she is not sure if she won or not. according to "baltimore sun" linda called a tv station in mississippi about the storyism yesterday, he claimed he was not one of the winners of the $656 million jackpot. he said that the friend played a joke on him and created a fake ticket and tricked him into believing it was real. he'll believed it was real, because he bought lottery tickets at the 7-eleven. he knew how much money he was
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going to give his mother. >> he wants to put a million dollars in my bank account right now. >> everything. >> reporter: now, today at 2:00 p.m., the maryland lottery director will discuss the jackpot win at headquarters. the winning tickets were at maryland, kansas, illinois. back to you. >> he was not the first person to say that he won. wilson's attorney held a news conference yesterday. the haiti immigrant is saying that he has the winning ticket for the $656 million jackpot, but her attorney has not seen the ticket yet either. >> i cannot say with certainly this ticket exists. i would caution anybody until is presented to the lottery commission for processing -- that it does exist. we're only preparing in the event that there are people that might challenge what we believe to be a legitimated
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claim. >> wilson did not address the media, but saying for several days that she bought the winning ticket separately from the mcdonald's workplace pool. the baseball game was canceled. but the fans got a snow. thanks.
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9 minutes after 5:00. if you are making coffee or listening see this video. the video of a day. look at this, torrential down pour forced the canceling of the baseball game, but fans
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didn't go home disappointed. look why, the players took the the field during the delay to put on quite a show. apparently, too, there was sweet dance moves, there they are. charlie. i see you doing that. >> yes. we do that from time-to-time. hold on, the guy is copying me. that's what they call the bernie. >> look at that, go ahead. no pressure. >> i'll do it when charlie does it. >> you're on the air and not going to dance? >> i'm not doing right now. i'm giving the people what they want. that's the weather right now. >> all right. yes. mainly clear skies right now. the clouds to the south back into moving into western maryland as of now. i don't know if you can see this on your screen. there is a little bit of rain trying to push into kentucky right now and heading towards west virginia. this will stay to the south of us for today. high pressure is building in and getting plenty of sunshine. right now temperatures in the
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40s in many spots. we are in the 40s. good morning. northeast. you are at 40 degrees. chester town 43 degrees. i'm going to talk about the next chance for rain in the forecast. also, you're going to get that easter forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, you may use coupons and buy the store brands. all of the things that you do. ♪
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all right. we have wiped down the studio
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now after this story. the mouse on your computer may have three times as many girls as a toilet seat. wash your hands. workers who eat at their desk and employees who do not wash up after using the restroom. now, men are more pithily than their female counter part. >> that's a shocker. >> and water, keyboards, phones and chairs. so, you sanitize your cubicles. >> stay away from the fellows's jets. all right. the new car/airline. the flying car is on display al this year's new york auto show and this is more fuel efficient than a real car. it is more gas mileage. it is also light weigh. of course, the aerodynamic
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thing as well. quarter at 5:00. if you want to deal on an iphone. you will not find it from verizon or spin, but a carer in virginia. now the company will sell the 16 gigabyte iphone for $150. that is $50 less than their competitors. the deal starts april 20th. if you are curious. they are going to offer the 8gb for $50. now, club cards and clipping coupons is a great way to save money. however there are plenty of other tips and tricks to keep your bill down. you may have issues of consumer reports they identified some of the areas where shoppers might overspend and not know it. starting with what looks like a sale. >> when you talk about those deals. 10 for $10, 5 for $5. the reality is, that rarely, if
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ever, do you have to tie maximum amount to qualify for the discount. it is that marketers are planting a number in your head. >> shoppers should also survey the entire store. self top to bottom before grabbing item. vendors can pay resalers to secure self space at the retailers eye level. the product might not be the best deal. if you cannot avoid up pulse shopping, of course, ordering them on-line. all right. on the roads right now the traffic is smoothly for the most part. a lot of folks are already on vacation for the holiday. we're on the top side of 695. as you pass the road, no troubles to report. aloney drive for you this mile- per-hour. we start to see building volume on i-95 and on the stretch, no
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volume building, just a little here and there and as you make your way to the top side of ix 95. so, to a check of the forecast. lynette. yes. for example. we are dealing with chilly temperatures this morning. we have the win. so, we do have a wind chill. so it feels cooler out there. make sure that you the coat as you step out and about. it feels like 45 degrees in baltimore and 46 in washington, d.c. it feels like 40 in hagerstown this morning. the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. high pressure is building in through the day and keep the clouds away from us. we look down towards the west. the south there, in kentucky, yes. they are dealing with showers. all of this will stay to the south of us. we have the cerf that has moved through. it will stay away from us. that's good news. a future trend is picking up on that. this is good news.
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we going into the weekend with big events. but we need the rainfall. it is in the seven-day forecast, but we look good on saturday and sunday. today the temperature is at 62 degrees. and wall to wall sunshine. much cooler than yesterday. by tonight, 36 degrees. clear and cold. with the pastae frost. all right. look at the game day forecast. most importantly, first pitch at 3:05 and mostly sunny, temperature around 60 degrees. over to you. all right. coming up on abc 2 news -- a new study suggests that eating veggies in the carnage family, like broccoli and cauliflower may help you survive breast cancer. childnies women were 62% less like probably to die offerees cancer -- of breast cancer.
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imagine not being able to get medication to save your life? it is happening here in maryland. and senator mikulski is fighting to put an end to it. should shortens are created by big pharmacys. they buy big amount of pills and juggle them. they are putting patients in jeopardy. >> my future depends on his medication. my dreams for what i want to be, depends on the medication. >> williams feels gifted when he is able to get the drugs when he needs. wondering who is going without it. mikulski is pushing for a bill. well, seven polish soldier has to be pulled from a cargo ship. 3q
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5:23 right now. around the world this morning. seven polish crew members are recovering after being rescued off of a cargo ship. now, the shrimp hit the rocks with gale force winds. two choppers managed to left all seven to safety. work is underway to get the ship back out to sea. much of britain has gone from summer to winter storms. well, greek authorities are saying that the crisis in that country led to the death of a 70-year-old man. he committed suicide near parliament, the man left a note saying the government made it impossible for him to survive. greece has about sustainable
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levels of debt. the u.s. is bulking up their military presence in the asia-pacific. 2500 troops under an agreement with australia. the u.s.a. will be allowed to increase the use of an airline base. this is not making china very happy right now, but the united states insists that the deployment is that aimed at a threat. well, malaysia airline is banning children from the upper deck. no children under the age of 12 will be allowed to sit in the economy section. this is to ensure that business travelers will have a restful and enjoyable shift. they ban infants from the first class sections. prince william and his wife will be able to remember the way that they looked when they announced their engagement to the world. there were no pictures taken,
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but they are the latest wax figure in london. every detail from kate's blue dress to the ring. they are unveiling the figures before their anniversary, april 29th. >> would you want a wax statute? >> no. most of have photos that can remember the best of our times. >> absolutely.
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new developments this morning in the mart were case. the shooter's father and lawyer speak only on what happened when the teen was killed. the fight is raging on in baltimore cloudy of a new school. do you want smaller class sizes or a park. that's the question. well, tomorrow is opening day at the yard. there is plenty of season for the orioles at the ballpark. they are getting upgrades and new food. it is thursday, april the 5th. good morning. i'm charlie crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us this morning. all right. save us, please. i have no idea what is going on, but i'm going to tell you about the weather. it is a seizable thursday. after coming off of an about season w


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