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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  April 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the -- tunnel freeway here. 895, avoid this at all costs here. we are monitoring this, a northbound side of the harbor tunnel freeway. traffic, i think you can see up there in the top right part of the screen being told to make a u turn and go southbound. that's all backed up. stay stay out of the harbor tunnel, take fort medicare henry. trying to get through the tube you won't. have a accident. we will update it throughout the news. let's go wyatt. >> jamie the short answer about the game tomorrow is a copy of today, maybe a few degrees cooler but just as sunny. visible satellite view showing a clearing sky over the state, we will continue to see temperatures dropping tonight. a cold start first thing in the morning, early tailgating down at camden yards, bring another
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layer, cassettes temperatures running cold and that will be the story overnight. now we are still mild, low 60s, the bottom line is temperatures falling this evening through the 50s and eventually much colder than that overnight. more details on the friday forecast, we will coming up in just a minute. >> probably the sick most impact the decision they will have, the state budget. it impacts us. both sides see different ideas and think are running out of time to find common ground. don harrison is breaking down the arguments for us. >> the senate passed its version of the budget and the house theres, now the two sides are in a conference committee to sort out the differences. >> we are probably 95, 98% there, we are still in a logger jam. >> reporter: they can't agree on how much they don't agree. the main hold ups two points work to do about transferring the fund responsibility to the county and how to raise taxes. the senate wants to spread the
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teacher pensions over four years while the house three. though most counties oppose the added fiscal burden ayodele gate who is a member of committ counties okay with it. >> they expect this. we need to bite the bullet. >> reporter: the conference committee met this morning for an hour and a half and no significant movement was made. the senator is also on the conference committee and feels how to raise taxes are the first priority. >> i think it that -- real key is the revenue package that -- dictates where you go and the transition of pensions, there is -- some discussions behind the scene terms of a compromise where we just haven't gotten there. >> reporter: if they can't reach that compromise legislators can pass some form of a budget and come back later in a special session to talk about added taxes. >> everybody steps back, takes a deep breath and finds where
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you are. you start the discussions coming in the next year's session, determine you need a special session, i don't see it happening until early in the fall. >> they could suspend the calendar and work past monday night, like they did in 1992. if they do that, they can only discuss matters concerns the budget. in annapolis. don harrison. >> all right. again the session is scheduled to end on monday. the conference committee is meeting right now for more discussions. the state's two casinos brought in more than it $16 million in revenue last month. hollywood casino join rated more than 12 million. that was a gross revenue of more than $263 a day. ocean downs had more than 4 million. they have contributed more than $211 million to the state with nearly 10 2.5 million going to the edation trust fund.
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forget what you read or heard or seen on facebook that. winning mega millions ticket sold here hasn't been claimed. the lot lottery held a press conference, they say nobody, not even a representative of a winner has contacted them claiming to have the ticket. now they are worried all this speculation may have led to the real winner throwing out their ticket. >> until someone walks through our doors with the winning ticket and we can validate that the ticket is the real ticket, we will continue to wait for that person to come in. >> how hard is this, read the ticket. if it match you win. the winner has until september the 28th. they say they will issue a press release when the ticket is claimed. you can stay private.
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the i vandalism on a college campus . the university president in's letter said it's terrible and the school won't tolerate hate or bias. the body found yesterday has been identified as a man who has been missing since spent now a couple is in jail charge in his murder. >> reporter: late this afternoon the state office has identified the remains found yesterday in the woods in middle river as those of 57- year-old jeffrey jennings. he was first reported missing in september by his son. police say he last spoke with his father on september 9ing didn't know where he was. police say they investigated the report they enter cemented communications this man, and that led them to a break-in the case. >> they received information
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that this was a murder and that it he was dead. on april 2nd we got the indictment for two people in connection with the case. they have both been arrested and charged for the death of jennings. we know there was some type of relationship between between them but we haven't determined the nature of that relationship. >> both of them are being held without bond. police still trying to determine the motives behind the death. abc 2news. >> all right. opening day for major league baseball. one of the early games was the red sox and detroit which the red sox lost, the same way they ended last season against the orioles. there were 14 teams in action and tomorrow you will see a few more games as the 2012 season gets underway. as we get set for the 57th opening day in baltimore let's do lunch. great time have to leaders, meet the leaders of the orioles
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for a noontime get together. we have been breaking bread with them now for years, always put on by the greater baltimore community. a major force of getting orioles park built. today buck and his boys met them and many have high expectations for the year. >> they will win tomorrow on opening day. i think it'll be a tough april but by the all-star break the team will be in the money. >> bob the long time orioles fan. how are you buck? all 25 made it to the lunch today and the biggest applause went to the manager. you know 20 years ago we walked down utah street and saw the long line of bricks on the warehouse, the green seats, fresh grass, america's newest and best ballpark grew up here. you have senate metal and hard hats for the past few months and you will see them hard at
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work tomorrow. let's show you. tony. >> reporter: i can't say it was a long cold winter but looking out at our yard on a sunny evening makes the season seem right. >> doesn't get better tan that place. it has everything a ballpark could want. >> and now everything a ballpark could need. >> we are up on the rooftop deck which is a new thing we added this year. >> a new deck with a great screw a bar. >> we spend $11 million improving the food service. >> the barbecue sales up. now -- we have dempsey's. >> y's. >> they have pot atoes. >> reporter: and rick will have a restaurant. >> he has a special cocktail that jumps out at you. blueberry lemon drop. they are. >> reporter:
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>> my chicken noodle soup is almost medication. >> reporter: and apparently not very good at showing emotion i will just tell you it's great. since this is our yard and our city, it's only fitting to use our resources. >> i have roma sausage, fell's point meat. it's all local. >> it'll be great, people come out, it -- doesn't only speak of baseball but of lifestyles, people like to sit, who they like to be with. it's all neighborhoods and here is the main street. >> let me -- that rooftop deck will be the hit of the summer. trust me on that. gates open at noon. they will redot moment 20 years ago and then the real first
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pitch in front of a sold out crowd. coming up autism has been in the the news but could the definition of the disorder change? and could older fathers be the cause of some autism cases. >> more and more patients are coming in today asking for mommy makeovers. >> a mommy makeover. what is going on with mothers today? to help them regain for prepregnant form. you will see it. >> and on the weather front 62 at pwi. normal would be 61. that's exactly what we guaranteed you, 62. love when that happens, christ inyou get it. abc2 tomorrow umbrella. we will talk about the good friday forecast. rain to the south, the answer as the news sticks rolls on. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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. want to go back out live to the harbor tunnel. there is been a major didn't. they have shut down the northbound lanes. you can see four cars, even one out in the median. then look at all the medics out there right now on the harbor tunnel freeway. a number of people have been hurt here. we don't know the extent of their injuries, northbound traffic being turned around. that shot is off. if you are looking at the screen it's above the tv right now. it's a little turn around that you can turn around and head back southbound on the freeway. tell anyone you know not to take the harbor tunnel freeway to avoid the area. we will have more information on the website and the news at 11. let's go to the health news
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for the first time into years experts want to rewrite the definition of autism. they want to drop confusion labels like asperger's and lump them all into one category called autism spectrum and some think that will weed out autistic child and some worry their children will be lost in the special education. decision on this is a effecting -- expected by december. and there may be a breakthrough when it comes to autism. a possible find about gene mutations. teams of sciencists have identified several gene mutations that increase the chance of autism. they found that the risk increases if the father is 35 or older. they are very rare and only account for just a tiny fraction of cases. and to learn more about the possible link and the risk of older dads, tune into world
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news. a doctor will look in the evidence and explain how this could lead to better treatment. >> a new survey shows many moms doing more than just hitting the gyms to get back in shape. how far they are willing to go. >> i will cut. >> reporter: tina has two young sons. after a second child she decided to take care of herself. >> i didn't like my stomach. i think all moms can related to muffin top, especially with the styles now. >> she met with a plastic surgeon about a tommy tummy tuck. in the past decade the number of mommy makeovers has skyrocketed. breast surgery increased 39%,
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lifts up 70% and tucks have increased 85%. >> once mothers have completed having all their children they are ready to restore the body they had before the children. they want their stomachs tightened, egg sessions skin gone, muffin top off and breasts lifted sometimes bigger. >> reporter: they say moms are having makeovers at younger ages. >> they are coming in today asking for mommy makeovers because this hear more about it, they know we can do it safely, the techniques and technologies have gotten us to the point where we can do it as outpatients in a safe and effective fashion, minimizing the amount of down time and pain. >> reporter: dana waited a area after her last child. >> 38, i'm young, healthy, i want to look good now. >> reporter: if are you considering it you should wait at least six months to a year after having your last child .
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>> and make sure your doctor is board certified and talk to their patients as well. if you want the latest news you can get it by liking abc 2news. you can find it by doing a search for linda on facebook. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. let's get right at it. the question on everybody's mind. first pitch 3:00, just past -- sunny sykes, sunglasses, maybe a layer, especially going to get down in to the ballpark, do some festivals, sun, yes but 50s rights up to late afternoons action so a slightly cooler day but still sunny. it'll be breezy as it is right now. 58 degrees with winds north at six. tomorrow maybe five to ten. few gusts to 12. it'll be remaining breezy the next 24 to. hours, getting cold tonight and tomorrow night as well. want to show you laurel through
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the day here at the high school annex and look at the fair weather clouds, streaking across the sky and then skies clear off nicely as we push toward a late sunset. day getting longer and longer, few passing clouds, fair weather the story and look at this you can see them coming at the bay bridge marina, beautiful shot over the mighty chesapeake bay bridge. maryland's most powerful radar all clear. a clear radar scope through early next week. we could use rain around here. we are several inches behind the normal. part of that was the dry winter. we had rain but very little snow. no snow melt on the ground and limited rain over the last two months, we could use some rain. it's sunny through the next few days, temperatures now comfortable. upper 50s and cool. that north breeze will continue to let temperatures drop. freeze warning up, always say don't plant to early but if you
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have potted plants you haven't put in the ground bring them in. maybe cover them up. in the counties, we are talking basically garret, all the way back through cecil, all pen opinion border counties, northern baltimore in the freeze concern and realize that from the city south that is not a problem. dry air one of the reasons it'll dry off. the active weather has stayed confined to the south. even south of virginia, heavy rain over the carolina's, two centers of storm circulation, one over western tennessee, one over eastern tennessee. wrap in or pull in cooler air out of canada and that's why we have the frost potential tonight. rain continues to stay to the south. it's a dry situation for the good friday time period and as we go through easter weekend very latel change other than we warm up. 36 overnight. as we go to the orioles opener tomorrow up to 60 but most the day in the 50's.
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34 tomorrow night and the seven day forecast showing, a bit of a warm up here toward easter sunday. our pink rabbit very excited as you would be too if you were out in 70 degrees and next week a chance for rain around here. holding off nicely until after the weekend. >> what do you think of the rooftop deck? ? >> i can't wait to check it out. i say go before it's 105. >> that's good. she has been out spoken in her support of the space exploration, so today the senator was honored for her work. the science institute has named a super nova after her. the super nova is nearly seven and a half billion light years away. it was seen early their year and the senator got a framed photograph and a date thea disc
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for the super nova. remember when we had the star registry now this. it's enough to start make you think twice about at the quick errand. coming up gas prices at another milestone. how close are we to record prices? we will find out.
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. and so today you know it was bound to happen. gas prices have hit $4 a gallon on average. nationally it's six cents cheaper at $3.94. let's go live to the harbor tunnel freeway as we look at the full screen. 39 today, yesterday it was $3.97. last month, $3.69. now back out live to the breaking news. we have had a major accident. section vehicles involved. we don't know the extent but 895, shut down northbound, there is a turn around lane to turn around and go southbound and get back but avoid the harbor tunnel freeway. >> that looks bad. >> world news is next.
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have a great night.
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