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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  April 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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because next week is latin week. >> she was a jay to watch. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> i don't know what my reaction is going to be. it's going tore hard to see the guy who took my -- going to be so hard to see the man who took my sister away. >> no justice, no peace. >> new developments to trayvon martin case. what baltimore city police prepared for and dozens marked for his teen. the congressman is bringing business and schools together to prepare students for crease in science he, technology and eng -- science, technology andengineering. a live look at the inner harnor. april 11th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle.
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thanks for joining us. chilly out there. >> i couldn't decide yesterday whether to wear shorts or pants because it was kind of windy and chilly and it's going to get colder. >> let's get a check with meteorologist lynette charles. good morning. >> good morning. you don't want to wear the shorts today charley. we are going to be windy and we have a windy wednesday on tap for us. breezy this morning just like -- just like yesterday and winds will pick up going through the day. it's going to be cry and -- dry and we have the chill in the air. so let's talk about the wind factor this morning. so, yes, it's breezy. with the winds sustained at 5 to 10 miles an hour. easton coming in around 8 and dc at 9-mile-an-hour winds. we will get gusts up to about 25, 30 miles an hour once again as we go into the afternoon. but maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. all five sweeps are on and we are hoping for rain. we have a slight chance for showers in the forecast. but it doesn't look like we will see it. i will detail that coming up but right now let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. some construction out there right now, right? >> reporter: good morning.
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and that's correct. tbheas you deal with on the early -- that's what you deal with the on early drive. especially for those on the interstates in the city, a live look at 895, south of o'donnell street and we are in two-way traffic pattern there as well as 95. as you approach the fort mchelp rin -- mchenry tunnel. 695 on the west side, work zones at ed mund son in effect -- he hadmonson -- he hadmonson -- edmonson. there are more than 100 major road construction projects throughout maryland. state leaders want you to pay attention to the areas. nationwide 700 people are killed in work zone crashes and officials say allow extra time to reach your destination. get a list of all the roadway work projects by logging onto the state highway's website. mega andcaley -- charley, good morning to you. >> today is the trial start
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being for a man accused in a deadly hit-and-run that killed two girls on mlk. linda so is standing by with when the trial will begin and what's expected today. linda. >> reporter: we have learned it is set to start at 11 this morning in baltimore circuit court. 28-year-old ruben dunn is charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter leaving the scene of an accident, and dived driving under the infliewn -- driving under the influencehe threw the girls about 40 feet killing them instantlych the two teen girls were best friends for courtney's family seeing dunn in court today will be hard. >> i will never be able to see my sister emerald again and it hurts. she would have been 18 this yearched we had to sing -- year. we had to sing happy birthday 6 feet under. >> reporter: dunn's girlfriend is expected to testify. she was charged as an accessory to the hit-and-run. she pleaded guilty. her sentence suspended possibly
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in return for a tem against dunn. lind -- testimony against dunn. the fbi is trying to track down a former maryland resident on the most wanted list. eric was a third grade teacher in washington, d.c. and he will replace osama bin laden on the list. he -- they found pornographic images on a child on the school issued camera in 200 #. the victim was -- 2008. the victim was a student at the school. the fbi believes he is living in arizona under assumed name. that's the last they heard in 2009. they say he is -- 2009. they believe he could be searching for more children. we are standing by for a new -- for new information in the trayvon martin case causing a stir and division especially in baltimore. listen. >> no justice, no peace. no justice, no peace.
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>> protesters are upset after police used gas masked and blocked the coble stob in -- cobblestone in front of city hall. attorneys for the man who shot martin are no longer representing george zimmermen. -- zimmerman. and in dundalk we are waiting to find out the cause of a church fire that started around 7:30 last night on north point boulevard. fire crews were able to save parts of the worship area. the fire primarily affected the office space and that's how a partial roof collapsed as a result. >> it's heart breaking because i know this is live. this is life. and in this life anything can happen. >> it has water damaged that may be repaired and they are not sure if it is arson or started in a shed. congressman dutch ruppeersburger will launch the
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stem initiative bringing together people for education in science and technology. there will be ona need for 1 million more stem professionals. a nonprofit organization wants to feed poor children in baltimore. they are going to hand out 25 pound boxes of food and 10 pound boxes of personal care items to people at the set the captives free. they estimate the number of children living in poverty in the state of maryland is more than 170,000 and could fill oriole park at camden yards more than 3 times. tonight you've chance to voice thoughts against corns about the proposed physical -- concerns about the proposed fiscal year 2013 budget. it will be at the war memorial building on gay street. members of the board of estimates will meet and listen for your feedback. time for a little sports.
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derek jeter had a record setting night with the o's. and yankees beat baltimore 5-4. but jeter led off with a home run and it was his 25th lead off home run tying with rickey henderson for the most in new york franchise history. baltimore led before the yankees came storming back with win in extra innings. game time for tonight is game 3 first at 7:0 a -- 7:05. well, a new leader for the third largest school district in maryland. >> the 30-year-old who says he is young, eager and is up to the challenge to lead your children. >> looked it up and i was like, they can't do this. >> a teacher who was not married and became pregnant. the school fired her. why the school says they had the right to do it. how you can weigh in overnight on the facebook page. you are waking up to what's new in baltimore. good morning maryland continues in just a few moments. news time 4:37.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. the snow lovers got a nice surprise in vermont. >> mountain resorts got 19 inches. they hope to stay opened through the end of the month if theweather stays cool and if today is an indication, that might be the case right sm. >> you got that right. -- right? >> you got that right. what's going on is we have an upper level trough that's swinging down into pennsylvania and with that they are getting snow showers across the area. what we will get out of the mixed bag is just clouds trying to move into the area as we go throughout the day. mostly cloudy but for right now, we are dealing with mainly clear skies and with that, temperatures will able to drop off this morning. we are talking about very cold temperatures and you will couple that with windy conditions. it's 39 degrees that i am forecasting in baltimore. well, it feels more like in the lower 30s. we are at 32 right now in york.
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34 in frederick and 33 in hagerstown. as you head out, bundle up because we have a cold start to the morning. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. how are the roads looking. >> reporter: good morning. the roads are looking pretty good. once you maneuver around a couple work zones. what's in store for your wednesday morning drive? we are off to a he can lent start. a , lent start. north -- excellent start. further north of the tunnels we are blocking two left lanes at pulaski highway in the southbound direction. and if you travel further south. in the elk ridge area on i-95 northbound, two left lanes are blocked aproasmg i -- approaching i-195. for many of you u. you, your whereby -- of now -- you, your wedding day is the best day of your lives. >> what a woman lied did to a extrave gapped wedding. >> a major league baseball
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player who has been suspended what he said about castro that has many saying they want him fired. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. we will be right back.
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news time 4:44. five things to know on this wednesday. 20 finalists in the joining forces challenge for those who have bettered their lives and military families who came to the white house for the celebration. >> live pictures of miami where occupy protesters plan to protest. the carnival shareholders meeting organizers say there is a large disparity between what their top executives are paid compared to the lower down on the chain. >> and cult leader charles manson parole hearing is set to go before a california board of parole hearing. his lawyer says he is no longer he a threat to society. >> there's going to be a
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meeting focusing on the issue of prescription doug abuse in orlando. operation unite will coordinate the first national summit of its kind. >> and today dozens items from titanic will be auctioned off. more than 5500 relics have been recovered from the wreckage. the school district in our area get agnew superintendent. >> -- get agnew superintendent. >> and there -- getting a new superintendent. >> and there's a good chance he is younger than you. >> reporter: 30-year-old dr. dallas dance has been tabbed to lead the baltimore county school system. vote by the school board to finalize the hire last night was unanimous. the new superintendent will earn more than $200,000 a year over his four-year contract. he comes to the county from houston, texas where he was the head of the city's middle schools as for the age question... >> having heard from well over about 30 principals in and around the baltimore county community, i don't think age is is an issue for our principal
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as it has not been for communities in which i served in the past. >> reporter: well dr. dallas dance' first official day is july 1st one day after dr. joe hairston retires after 12 years as superintendents. republican candidates newt gingrich and ron paul say they are staying in the race even though rick santorum dropped outsantorum's departure pushed romney closer to the nomination. gingrich and ron paul says there's time for voters to pick someone else to face the president in november. a woman in texas expecting a baby any day now has lost her job. she is a championship coach and beloved teacher but is not married and because of that a christian academy fired her. she says -- the -- they say she knew the rules and broke the contract. >> it's heart breaking to know that i am not there. >> reporter: she is 39 weeks pregnant, and faces quite a
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predicament. >> i looked it up and i was like they can't do this. >> reporter: for three years she coached volleyball at heritage chris it academy in rock -- christian academy in rockwall. when she got pregnant last fall, the school fired her. the reason? she was not married. >> we all have different views and interpretations and it's not necessarily i don't think the christian thing to do to throw someone aside because of those. >> you can't discriminate against someone that is pregnant. >> reporter: but heritage christian says the case is not so simple. she couldn't get fired for this in a public school but it's private religious one and it considers teachers ministers and they are allowed to share beliefs in the classroom. >> the supreme court, as a matter of fact, was in the last month ruled 9 to 0 a christian
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school does have the right because this is is a ministry and -- because this is a ministry and we have the right to have standards of conduct. >> reporter: the head master tells us she violated the moral clause and was not a christian role model. >> how is it going to look, you know, to a little 4th grade girl that sees that she is pregnant and she is not married. >> reporter: the school says it also refused to settle. so miss samford is considering legal action a fight she says not just over what's legal, but also what's right. >> all right. that was jason whitley reporting and this is definitely our hot topic. how do you feel the school handled the situation? log on to the wmar facebook fan page and leave your comments because we want to know what you think. authorities say that a former new york woman pretended to have terminal cancer so she could have a lavaish wedding reception and money moon a grand jury indicted jessica
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vega in a scheme to defraud yesterday. she went as far as shaving her head to sell the story. vega and her husband they have since divorced. her ex-husband says that he believed she did have leukemia. tensions are growing as many in miami florida want ozzie guillen fired after he told amagazine he loves fidel castro and respects him for staying in power so long. he was suspended for five yams yesterday -- games yesterday. hundreds took to the streets protesting guillen's comments. >> how would they feel? we feel offend he had said something positive about the person that dictateed us -- dictated us out of our land. >> guillen apologizeed but many say it's not enough. the university of arkansas is looking for a new head
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football coach. he was let go by hiring his mistress and misleading his boss about the secret of that relationship e was busted when he and his mistress were on a motorcycle together after getting in a crash. right now several families are on the front lines of a massive brush fire going on right now in orlando, florida. >> these are new aerial pictures we want to show you. they burned more than 20,000acres, the fire that wild fire started from a lightning strike and helicopters and about 200 -- 250 people are working tocontain the fire. a bad situation there but lynette we have been hearing more and more about wild fires across the nation and here in our state. >> exactly. we had a -- we had a red flag warning yesterday. today we don't have the warning but we have the dry conditions and also the windy conditions. the fuel moisture at the ground is higher for today. right now, temperatures coming in at 39 degrees. that's the big story this morning. we are chilly and we are going to be chilly going into the
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afternoon. right now, york pennsylvania saturday 32. 34 in frederick and 33 in hagerstown. 41 in easton. these are the actual temperatures. we haveed winds out -- we have the winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. 7 in baltimore, 10 in easton and these will pick up going into the afternoon. we will get gusts up to 25, 30 miles an hour once again. and with that this morning, well, we have a wind chill. so instead of feeling like the 39 in baltimore, we feel like 34. so close to freezing out there this morning. and 27 degrees is what it feels like in york and 29 in frederick and 35 in easton. and you heard me say over the wintertime the wind chill is what you need to dress for so as you head out and about, bundle up. bundle the kids up as well. so you heard me talk about the dry weather? we have the moisture content on the low side. we are in the 20s once again in baltimore. also, dc and 32 in easton and 30 in frederick. dry air. so with that, we need the rain.
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but with all that dry air, it's pretty much going evaporate before the rain even moves in here across the area. right now, it's not picking up on anything. mainly clear skies. we will get more clouds moving in here as we go throughout the day. but we will pretty much stay dry. you've slight chance of rain -- you have a slight chance for rain in the forecast. plenty of sunshine moving into your friday. and your hour by hour forecast looks like this for today. look at the cool whred. it's going -- weather. it's going to be windy. 54 degrees and those winds, it's going to feel cooler than that. and we are dealing with the freeze watch going in effect tonight until thursday for carroll and frederick counties. points off to the west and south as well. let's check the traffic with angela. you don't want to do the weather do you? >> reporter: no i will leave it up to you. but i will take care of the traffic. we are dealing with quite a few road maintenance operations on most of our key interstate routes including i-795 in
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northwest expressway. the left northbound lane is closed with a work zone past 695. on 695 on the south side here's a live look at bw parkway on the bw parkway heading to the beltway at nursey road. one lane getting by in the southbound direction. no troubles as you remain on the bw parkway heading towards the capital beltway. remember to follow us on twitter at maryland traffic now back to megan and charley. a crisis in syria continues, u.s. and world leaders are shifting the focus to russia. >> hillary clinton says russia's involvement could make a difference in the bloodshed. >> hear what village in spain is considering to pay off the debt. growing a little green to make a little green. you are watching what's new in maryland and we continue in a moment. as we go to break this morning, a live shot from somebody fran, california -- from san francisco, california. news time 4:54.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> we are five minutes away from five right now. if you are thinking about quitting smokingers here's another reason. those who smoke meth ol cigarettes are more than twice likely to safer stroke. it's unclear why they pose a greater risk of stroke but don't increase other smoking related illnesses. here's an alert. we are learning the x-rays we get at dentist office look forcavities could double your ris fork brain tumor especially young children. researchers found people of brain tumors were 2 to 5 times likely to have a frequent dental x-rays when they were kids. >> what is it about kids that makes them more sensitive. >> they are growing and the cells are sensitive to readation during the growth process. >> the study was based on patients memory of how many x-
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rays they had when they were children. doctors say we need better studies to know whether they can cause tumors. a federal appeals court is hearing more arguments on why a school district can ban breast cancer fund raising bracelets that read i heart boobies. two students say the freedom peach rights were violated when they were suspend for wearing the bracelets. they are apassenger a -- they are appealing a ruling that they can't ban the bracelets. a oil refinery that make and sell gas are going broke and that may mean higher prices for you and me later this year. oil companies say refineries are old and can't produce cheaper oil like other foreign countries can. they say about 50% of those refining capacity are closed or preparing to shut down on the east coast in the coming months. here are the prices for gas here in maryland. 3.98 mid grade 4.13 and premium
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4.26 and to find the least expensive gas in the neighborhood go to 4:57. coming up all new at 5, on good morning maryland, should mcdonald's be allowed to sell food in hospitals? some health advocates say no. that story is coming up at 5:15. at 5:33, tips on what you should have to do to evacuate your homeif there is a brush fire and a texas woman's unique maid service getting her into some trouble with the law. all those stories ahead at five this morning. news time 4:58. canadian officials are searching for a plane this morning after a bomb threat was called in. a korean air jet landed in the military base yesterday. about a half-hour after it took off. they received a call in larks that an explosive was on board. all passengers were table to -- were able to get off. a captain of the sunkel
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costa concordia cruise ship has to remain under house arrest while the investigation continues against him. he was under house arrest ever since the ship ran aground in january. the accident killed 17 people while 15 remain missing and are presumed dead. that cpt is facing manslaughter -- captain is facing manslaughter and abandoning ship charges. a village in spain is hoping to lease land on marijuana buffs in barcelona. they would lease it and 40 jobs would be created as result. at least 75% must be in favor for that plan to go ahead. russia's refusal to help in the crisis of syria will be a focus of the g-8 summit in washington. hillary clinton says she and other foreign ministers will try to persuade russia to support action that would


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