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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  April 12, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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with mainly cleloop as base comptsgan nth, what is? what is?minu it n istoday and monday thbya ins se g and e road is picked. up 6-4. tha coming ngeor hee were reports t ople fl maybe lifeago, the much s. this is of lirnia, all of thfo miles an hour.this all >> he the you case la they : leme show you, sibe bungno eafececide. killing a judge. new developments this rn in wee goa surprise they in btimore. wypickg up tiro now for a ec'll sanford, what e prd of. prayer services, ertax all the he arcase as of cleanuwo >>ficers, it wilynette. they had be eiws of charges? refundwere after news of charges? need to lonetifully clcawill be th prcide. has ti now for a ecee an increa girl. e usl. atbull dog. . the wind 31 lirnia, all of . th degree murder ve easy cleanaftei to lucky charms, southbound rial >> repo: justlike reporter: i u bull dog. you people will present his we have heard the facility is named te what yoildi in going oover to h one rialhow the ma prematurely, was deedthe mago t >> reporter: let yet, it feel once ben northwest 12-miles an week of ev uph ot starting closures are needed represented,sta new ng in at chill, this ha they all urt actity er >> time 5:14. welcome back. tomorrow's temperature around 64 degrees ample sunshine in the wothe mathe needed once >> >> so th to lucky charms,lirniah e ite check. new attorney >> woman, six montr ght in york. estsacross taid a it may slow you wn hide the forecast. for emnc it will repain that way unpipeu frames. to th ene w uraging than any otherrewe'ltake . births ick- will face sonfiac jail, on inth women have su s. nokfully. seasonably mild. we have posted started on e to state mother who needed once again thorof reaction ing to removethey wawe it mawas the re trend mot ing ound 695 n t l oking yesterday moing we'll send from the martin news rly coming ngeor hee were reports t haed t i'm likely here atmelo. cld. fill-a at a ts insurge chere s.we shou prayer services, ere reason why, celebration su. lull in s hospoh oofrom the martin expressway. the work is expected to take for we to show yoimorgrou delays as wednesday donning arpton was ot cle taste some peaceful llat a the likely help in ial reports family, comiins d toppings, judge. nereporter: entsat the spgan ll you can finapu than any otherrewe'ltake . a's money, i'w b de e damages memo s hospot for thy fo six of hewigood st reaction the ea yesterday. at future trend t clar dead family, comithey cleanuwor. >> >> easterenassaying being born . memo some by doctors in one the baby w densof night shortly brought in. look you are watching morning he arcase as of to barns, and power newn bter, of our cranberries left lane being rooms, adult and hospita maryland, it rgrou now and what we aralis the fact we if you co tension end. how the s weeks. him and remo ding without incide ews are rking to remove in et f thmoneing >> ns se skina lot of in se. this admitted in judge. quonbeing becoming muchse. e so we so we a twjustlike ils shg 70s nertin case as ng up sine of zimmerman. >> >> reportercht k this later, the st >> a necare it to the fund the hop. help make finding ing to remove >> a they wa the $1 billion facility houses this. who with tomay >> has becoming much easery. we tion to fda appr d they t this. cave out well as alternative routes to try to avoid field on fr. a of the second trial and ecias. be moved to thw atriemergency d isa fee. we tion to bondng in at in an rtin the congestion in the area. tre d security intended to screenenp encounter toen a nda? >> reporter he entered two lawyers quthe wind making t assaying ming in at 30 . through parts of texas, cle up "this is not cold the rnwas he area all the go where ashley glass i one was hurt the estimates ming in at 30 . and crews it, from what ca asecurity out of jail. s. judge. be therwho nebaseni at 40% of reaction you are watching but the detas, nd and rooms, bigger food, judge. new demoing thursday morningany injuries. largely funded the honto. ll be all the reason why, high pressure in case as ng up private patient rooms, >> tecti >> >> markrvas llbe bungtr likely help others unless >> a second trial and lk batmof children. operating rooms, e usl. was pug traffic the they have certain versio slide. free ag h otcase as the ng maup >> >> pediatric largy rerter: now exn the velopments this rn mily, comiago, more than 40% of. damage is diane and quickly re itas -- food, it was oode area as tmorning. poul a lot except for alot of foreca through parts of been trapped e seasonably mito megan. toandays. rerter: now existing county budget at 10:00 iserma >> fda appr installation on thx ond patients at unwed miners being rescued births grednts and they have as ins seg and than vacuuming a .identits >> goodgoing to teand quickly s >> >> reportert in more have w york stina sweep of
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>> a second trial and judge. new modeing be moved in the mashooter faces charges.t ins se pushing e d adli ful existence. >> church e security. shed up,ext. >> windy conditions out there on the roadways. madeis line provididre? one beltway inntue several also, no early delays. a lot pt damage is estimated caped crusa new hospital, today. one beltway inntue several pe vin grant reverend we'll have details on e ge. all the the oo reaction ins accused of burnintwo find ec moing in the martin the shooter faces charges. from the reaction ng up >> a lk free ag ins seg and judge. new modeing in killing a bull dog. reaction people identity fraud is judge. nemoing in the ma depleting their resources. >> >> the top profession in the u.s. from the rt judge. new decase as the ins sepeople who h ot shooter faces charges. ins accused of burnin w decase a
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judge. new modeing in rtin shooter faces charges. reaction velopments this mornin twins accused of burning and killing a find each ot in case as the shooter faces charges. mily, comiick- fill-a find eac judge. nevelopments this rnshter faces linda? >> reporter: we have heard thth family, coming up >> a lk poultexas, a n today and mo twaccud of burning and killing a >> >> two people
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w developments this rnrtin case shooter faces charges. reaction from the rtitmoing in the martin fa ction from the martin twins se w developments this rn are w ho, we are inexce fom can happenyw 16 in wistpickg up rohours and rescue crews being rstos happening t base
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. he sits ine dressing well as alternative routes wauntil the road is picked. tion. be moved to the new facility at the end of mon the hospital he rtin passed at of becoming much forecast. sunshin cleanuwoof hospital
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shooting him willvi out of heod left lane a uld,please, left lane a uld,please, after weeks of was he faen overn
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it will be windy onceh ot lone some peaceful rallies at a memorial ildi in rly delays ascese. this 's county. >> researchery brought thsehelp futu. exce for alot of e d we co than any otherrefor a wi
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ar anhere. plned launch comes during a : l is wt you arer. more showers this to lucky charms,rted f we are seeing more showers an we are seeing more showers an maybe you can be there; sacramento. mo64ing 's temperature around in urs onicigraine. fanot guilty plea. fanot guilty plea. ins sence ain.a new ultras
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see how ar>>all resolve clean. ming in at 30 tion. s go back al charlie. >> denearly the 'tismaasty. hey guys, breakfast! easery. >> >> a live report ommmerman has the opinfant the morning maryland, it rtwo seen seyou, this is his mug shot. i-70. h e
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help make finding going towould from whatto play out in be have the hours beautifully clcawill be incribl.
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complex tax . ick- fill-a e
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s calm and we'll see infant ed
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definitely n today and monday th they plty of sunshine. at would be his plan n
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most detect breastinternational communities >> now, let's get a check on arges came down. heas >>being born .ith lynette. batman rushede dressing s has lead field on by doctours rtin the fr. going to tetman underwear,lly t it away oo agai a hat, he ng ue several reaction ins could d toppings, pes go back thursday morning from the rt breathing inside most
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ne. >> or >> al into the rnare traveling northbound 695 dense e . ago, more than 40 friday and we'll e sanford, what here in sanford.t guarded condition. reaction thisgoes real, te . to deep clean your carpets.
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due r. the ere reports tother went to they are -- poulgirl was breathing inside. the baby e st side. against as
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to talk to him and really dive into this case. this even survive has feree before speaki they har vethis morning urs anr baltim mily, coming up >> a mmerman has the op out of jail. we coat
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new details shg will see at try resolve easy cleanaftei
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