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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 12, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos and stories of the date "right this minute." disturbing video as a teen gets shock treatment at a school. >> apparently shocked 31 times on this day. >> now the court case that hinges on, was it treatment or torture?
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after poachers killed their mama bear, a den for the orphans. >> and they feed them porridge. >> making the cubs feel at home. what's it like when you put a wing suit next to a parachute? >> wing-walking, almost. except the wing is a dude. >> meet one of the pioneers of a new sky sport. >> the danger levels are nuts. and speaking of nuts, the word applies in many ways to unicycle basketball. >> how do they dunk? >> ah -- they don't. >> whoa! it's time to get our show started, and steven has our first story. >> i have to worn yous video is graphic and tough to watch. from the judge rotenberg center treating emotionally disturbed students. >> ah! >> and what we're hearing is the screaming and the pleading of an 18-year-old autistic student at
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the school, andrei mccaulens. he's scream, pleading, riving in pain face down with a helmet on. apparently shocked 31 times on this day over seven hours, in what the school is calling treatment for aggressive behavior. >> this is shock treatment? >> this video is from 2002, from ten years ago, but it's just coming to the surface now, because there's been a big battle over this clip for the past eight years. eight years ago the school convinced a judge to keep this video hidden. >> hmm. >> concealed from the public, until now. because it's being used as evidence in a urtroom and mccle f suing this school saying that this was flat out torture, and fox 25 in boston had their cameras in the courtroom and the judge allowed them to record this video and put it on their air. they're the first ones to of record and capture these images.
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>> if it was some sort of legal treatment, they'd have no qualms about it being out. >> apparently this particular disciplinary action was a result of mccaulens refusing to take his jacket off. we have that video here from fox 25 news. >> the mother, sheryl, saw this video for the first time in court. >> i had no idea. no idea. that they tortured the childrenin the school. >> the mom sheryl knew something was up because she visited her son threes days after this incident. >> i couldn't turn andrei's head to the left, to the right. he was just staring straight. i took my hands and i went like this, he didn't blink. >> that day she took him to the hospital, he was diagnosed with acute stress response as a result of these shock treatments.
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our awesome u.s. coast guard is at it again, and this time they are saving a 65-year-old man that was stuck in the salmon river in north bend, oregon. he was out kayaking and his kayak overturned. this is the moment where they're pulling him away from the rocks, bringing him up to safety and rescue. >> do you know if he had to climb or swim to the rocks to get out of the water? >> all we snow his kayak overturned. so it's likely he then got out of the kayak and was able to get to the rocks where he ultimately became stuck. >> i would think these rescues are almost like an extreme sport in themselves. you know? this guy was kayaking, an extreme sport in the river, but, you know, that's kind of a wild ride up there as they're pulling you up in that baskebasket. >> he hasn't been identified but
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taken to the hospital for hypothermia and shock. >> thank goodness for the coast guard, rescuing people in amazing ways. >> remember that game, you had to drop down the little parachute guy right on the target? >> atari? >> no. guess i was the only -- >> is that something -- >> back before video games were invented, i had this little parachute guy and i had to watch -- >> nick was using his imagination. i want you guys to feel the tension build in this video. it's a broad daylight pap g. a guy walks into the handy convenience store. coming us to from seattle. the guy has a small talk with the clerk, but you just get the sense that something isn't quite right. he doesn't walk away from the counter. he just kind of -- lingers. >> not looking for any things,
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just standing there. >> just standing there and -- >> oh! >> the element of the surprise. then he grabs money! >> what the -- >> he hauls off and punches this poor woman directly in the face. grabs the till. she fights back. tries to scratch his face. how much did he walk away with? couldn't have been a lot? >> it's not. if you look at the register, she tried to close the drawer. the weird part is the drawer seemed -- open. the drawer wasn't closed and locked. the drawer was kind of hanging open a little bit. she's standing in front of it, but he doesn't get much. >> that happened so quickly. she was punched and he had money in his hand in a couple of seconds. whenever i walk into a place like that i'm thinking, why in the world do they need that up and then am reminded constantly when i see videos like this. the building that you're seeing here is in central
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russia, and it's a bear cub rehabilitation senchts look at all of them. >> a guy named dr. valentin pazhetnov began his work rehabilitating bears in the early 1970s. for years russia had what they called a winter den hunt, where hunters used dogs to go into bear dens and scare out the mother bear and then they would shoot and kill the mother bear, and it would leave these cubs orphans. so this doctor took it upon himself to save these bear cubs. so they tried to mimic a bear den inside of this place. it's dark. they keep it at the right temperature, and these people go in every day to feed these bears. they wear the same clothes so that they smell like a bear, and they feed them porridge, just like in "goldilocks and the three bears." >> that's cute as can be. >> so cute you can't even stand it. >> what happens when the bears get big? >> they take them out around april into this enclosed area
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that's kind of like a large sanctuary where they start to wean them off the porridge even more to learn how to hunt and develop taste for other things. the enclosure actually has an open gate, and what they hope is that these bears will wander out of the open gate on their own and back into the wilderness where they did and will behave like a bear. >> so after all this hard work, are they trying to educate the poachers to not kill the bears they helped raise? >> that's the next step. they want to get animal laws in place. last year they did outlaw the winter den hunt. >> like a little bear boarding school. gets them all ready to go, gets them healthy, ready to tackle life and then sets them free. on the roads and a driver going way too fast. a recipe for disaster, right? >> or jut have some really good luck? >> does a complete 360. >> see the video and decide for yourself.
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and watch out. his dang wallet is on fire! >> what's so interesting is how so many people offer help and advice to him. >> see what you say to a guy with a burning wallet. >> oh, my god!
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you be the judge on this one. is this guy a really good driver or does he just have some really good luck? in russia, a guy going way, way, way, way, way too fast down a snowy road. starts to lose control and ends up splitting up two cars. but that's not it. watch what happens next pup see truck coming in the opposite lane. dude completely loses control. spins around and just narrowly misses that huge 18-wheeler-type truck. >> he does a complete 360, steven! [ speaking in foreign languag ] language ].
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>> i got sweaty in this situation. i can only imagine this guy in the driver's seat going -- >> the one thing that makes you squeeze your butt cheeks, this is two things! >> yeah. he must have filled his pants on this one. >> this has nothing to do with his skills. >> maybe he should go play the lottery after this? >> i think he used up all of his luck for the rest of his life. >> he's not like a stunt driver? >> no. he just got -- got by -- >> what are you trying to say, beth? >> that's why i love you. i like wait you said that. the way you said that. i will -- on your school [ bleep ]. >> i can't -- this one's so awkward. okay. >> i will -- on your school.
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♪ ♪ good? >> carl here is pretty excited to be at the gun range. found this video on and carl is making sure the cameras are rolling. get me shooting this big, old rifle. aims and shoots. >> whoa! >> what was that? >> what i think happened is a spark from this rifle ignited an additional pile of black powder or ammunition on the table in front of him. apparently they didn't keep their work space clean. >> did he get hurt? >> looked like he may have gotten burned a little bit. leftover black powder that wasn't cleaned up, something that ignited and blew back right in his face.
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>> holy moly for carl! >> nope. >> oh. >> poor guy. named carl. >> the gun, because you don't see it when they show it in slow motion. >> you're right, steven. i don't know if it was a direct spark. something seemingly related to the gun set off. once he shoots, you see the breeze blow the smoke back on him. black powder. >> talk about backfire. next time on "right this minute" -- this guy is out to almost pick up chicks. >> oh, so awkward and uncomfortable. >> that's next time on "right this minute." like skydiving isn't dangerous enough, there's something new. >> watch what he's about to do. >> see the next most dangerous thing. and you want these things to
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come down and are you thinking -- >> it takes so freaking long to set up. >> maybe you don't have to. sit back and watch all that work fall to pieces -- next. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] at southwest airlines, we're always looking for new ways to make you happy. and we know what really makes you happy are new places to fly. now you can fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to atlanta. book all of our destinations only at ♪ i'm stuck! >> this prank is by the magic -- >> i don't know what it was. >> that was your wallet. >> and he's just got the old burning wallet trick. >> don't put that back in your
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pocket. >> i would not advise to you do that. >> i like her advice. >> so interesting, how many people offer him advice. >> are you okay? >> oh! >> it's out. do you need some water? >> throw that out the car. >> be careful. >> want me to call the ambulance? >> in a way i feel bad for these drive-thru workers. on the other hand -- >> oh, my god. his wallet is on fire! >> probably the highlight of their night. >> that wallet is on fire. what the hell was that? your [ bleep ] wallet is on fire. are you okay? >> fire in the hole! >> is this a tv show? >> actually, this is a tv show call the "right this minute." >> oh, my god. i'm seeing it on youtube. >> it was. [ laughter ] >> the damn camera -- >> oh -- ah --
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>> oh, my god. are you okay? how did your wallet catch on fire? >> i've shown you wing suit video, skydiving videos. take those two, smash them together in one epic video. this is put together by an aviator over lodi, california. you see the wing pilot but you also see a guy with a parachute right above the wing suit flier. watch what he's about to do. >> is he going to, like, ride on him? >> he lands on the back of this wing flier. >> kind of like -- >> wing walking, almost. >> yeah. >> except the wing is a dude. >> yeah. >> now, there are three pilots here, two wings, two flyers and the man with the parachute, all have cameras but do a couple maneuvers, where the wing suits come together, grab hands, but a couple other moments where the
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parachutists land on top of the back of these pilots. these guys get tangled up in the cords from the parachute and that would be terrible. >> i'm sure it's all sorts of dangers. >> so to help me understand the complexities of this entire shoot i have the editor joining us. tell me how difficult this actually is? >> the danger level is nuts. people were lose their lines. guys flying in wing suits. >> i feel like the parachute's not working, because he's able to travel at the same speed as the guy in the wing suit. >> these parachutes are not normal parachute. able to guide the parachute the same speed as the wing suits, and slow themselves down, too. >> can the wing suit person, i'm wondering, feel the parachuter's feet on his back? >> actually, if you watch the video again you'll actually see the guy on the parachute did not just put his feet on his back. to stay locked with them you actually rotate your feet
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underneath the parachute the wing suit is wearing. you actually are locked on and you have to have extreme trust in your pilot. >> has it of been done frbefore? >> the guys at lodi are pioneering the whole thing. nothing quite like the level we're doing up there. now i have a video that has gone crazy in brazil and is now spreading internationally. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> [ bleep ]. >> this is vanessa. she's about to be proposed to by her boyfriend but he sends her on a scavenger hunt to find what she thinks is an easter egg. the first clue son the floor. she picks it up. the second at the bottom of her flip-flop. >> i love this guy for putting so much thought into a proposal. >> oh. it doesn't end there. it is a ten-minute video. even though it is in portuguese
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you really don't need to understand portuguese to understand the whole thing. >> in the language of love. >> if you want to see the entire hunt and see all the clues head over to our website at basket on unicycle. >> how do they dunk? >> you can't dunk. this might be one of the reasons why. >> whoa! >> see where this game is headed --
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would sure at heck ride in a tractor to that wedding. >> and watching dominoes fall,
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but it is a pain in the wazoo to set them up. >> my wazoo often hurts after setting them up. >> from the youtube channel, and you see the dominoes. >> pretty cool. >> whoa. >> this entire video is over four minutes long and there are several dominoes set up. >> they look like pez. >> aren't you strangely hungry watching this? >> hungry for dominoes pizza. >> are you getting pizza after this? >> dominoes. my favorite pizza. >> he's got bridges set up. he has little buildings. >> oh! the whole thing came down. >> how about a "right this minute" logo? >> he to do a "right this minute" logo because he has one here to says, "this is great." >> uses things beyond dominoes. gates that fall, and dvds. >> i really like his use there of the mardi gras beads. >> yeah. if you could do this, this is great. but you have to have the patience, passion and desire. >> it takes so freakin' long to
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set up and then the enjoyment of it is just so short. >> that's why it's fun for us, because -- we videotaped it. we don't have to set it up. we get to watch the enjoyment part. >> the poster estimates with setup and doing all of these different intricate design he probably set up anywhere between 18,000 to 20,000 dominoes to create this video. >> no disrespect, but question. if you go over a prospective date's house and they are a domino master, is that a deal breaker? here's something you've never seen. unicycle basketball. this was during a unicycle enthusiast defense in dejohn, france, called dijon [ speaking in foreign language ] translating to on the run. the guy tries to make a pass and picks it off. throws it up to his buddy and
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now we're off to a full-out bre break away. >> how do they dunk jnchtsz you this might be why. as he tries to go for the layup, gets taken out. flips head over heels. look what he does to recover. of course when something embarrassing happens to you, hurry up, get up and make a fool of your even more to prove that, you know, you're okay. >> this looks really difficult. riding a unicycle, other guys bouncing into you and pushing you around? >> i really, really think that these guys should form a team and play the harlem globe trotrr globetrotters. fun to watch. that's it for "right this minute." stick around, because another half hour of our show is on the way. [ laughter ]
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