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tv   News  ABC  April 17, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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eastern shore. now a check of the traffic with angela. on the roads right now, expect we are building in volume on the harrisburg expressway, through the parkton region, middletown road, traffic is building a little bit, no early delays to report. for those of you heading towards the capital beltway, a little more activity on 95 southbound, in the meantime, if you are traveling around in the city right now, no reported troubles or volume onel 895, this is a live look south of o'donnell, to the harbor tunnel. same on i-95, heading to the fort mc henry, northbound sp southbound lanes, well without delay. if you are traveling through the city on the jones falls expressway, it's calm, this is a live look through the work zone. one lane closed in each direction at the overpass. expect delays this morning, you may want to head out a little bit early. back over to you. developing story on this tuesday, maryland congressman,
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cummings is blasting the actions of the general services administration, or the gsa, after the agency spent 800,000 of your dollars for a lavish resort expense and a conference in las vegas. sherrie johnson is here with new reaction. seems like with each passing day, this story gets darker and darker. >> that's right. we are hearing all new information from congressman elijah cummings, congress turns up the heat in the investigation of $823,000 general services administration conference, at a las vegas resort in 2010. lawmakers learned more from jeff kneelly, a executive, who threw a party on the taxpayer's dime. he invited friends and offed to pay for the hotel room. >> he invited personal friends, i quote, this is simply
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incredible, quote, we will get you guy as room near us, we will pick up the room tab. he wrote this, i know i'm bad, as we often say, why not enjoy it, while we have it and while we can. ain't going to last forever. end of quote. mr. kneelly rs it stops now. the hearings pick up today, robert peck is set to testify on the misuse of taxpayer's money. george huguely will learn his fate in late august. he is the former uva lacrosse player who is convicted of killing yeardly love. the murder happened two years ago. a jury convicted huguely in february, they recommended a 26- year prison sentence. the judge will announce his decision august 30th.
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two boys charged with setting fire to a church last week , the 12 and 13 year old found the gasoline and lighter in side a unlocked shed. investigators say one of the boys poured the gasoline and the other set the fire. this maybe connected now to a fire at the calvary church that destroyed two buses. the boys may not be connected to that at all. howard county man accused of of killing his brother will not be tried again. the jury couldn't reach a verdict. prosecutors said they aren't going to try him again. a brands new poll is pitting mitt romney in a head to head matchup with president barack obama. survey shows 52% say the president is their choice for reelection compared to 43% to
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mitt romney. the poll attributes the lead in the perception, he is likable and in touch with issues facing women and the middle class. georgia governor signed legislation requiring thousands of people applying for welfare to pass a drug test. backers say it was sure they are used not to subsidize drug use. the measure place as burden on the poor says the congress. police say a man who tried to rob a convenient store in arkansas wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. this turned in to a joke. this is video from the store, a drunk man was using a pair of hot dog tongs, he grabbed it and threatened the clerk and customers and wanted the money and told police he was from new orleans and fighting with his wife and wanted to go to jail to see how his family would do
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without him. he said they don't appreciate him. jeffersonville high school, students are learning a lesson. students aren't just receiving a's when they do well, they are getting paid for it. they are getting paid $100 in advance for science, math and english. leaders hope the changing will be with the equation. students who take the classes will continue to do well. >> if i pass this class, i can be looking at 200 or $300. that's a great way to help with studying habits. >> the teachers get paid, too. $100 for every student that passes. the department of education says those moneys for the program come from private donations. what do you think? should students be incentivized to do well in school? weigh in and let us know what you think.
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hot night on dancing with the stars. couple took on the salsa, samba, tonight at 9:00, here, learn who is going home.
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he is a singer, actor and now a clothing designer, justin timberlake is adding interior design to list of accomplishments, preparing to launch a line for homes in early may, it's collection of art, home wares, designed and selected by timberlake. the collection will be on on line exclusively at home it's not uncommon to see a bottle toss during a football game. if you are thrown out, you can expect to bring a pencil and paper with you, if you want to get back in. >> reporter: benjamin franklin said nothing in this world can be certain but death and taxes. the taxes part is here, april 17th, a live report on what you need to know str
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everyone is out, no one is hurt, we have a crew headed to the scene, crews will be on the scene for several hours dousing
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the shot spots. no word on a cause. a 3-alarm fire in glen burnie. we are out scrambling to finish the paperwork and file your income taxes. the deadline is midnight tonight. what do you need to know? megan pringle is live downtown, going to be a busy place through midnight. especially where you are, meagan. >> reporter: absolutely. this is the main post office this is open late to deal with the procrastinators who waited until today to do taxes. estimated there are twice as many tax preparer as police officers. that's estimation. you better believe the tax preparers will be busy today. so many people wait until the last minute. if you are wondering who waits? a lot of you. some say it's best to file an extension, especially if you have deductions. something to keep in mind. if you are one of those people who hasn't done your taxes or
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haven't dropped them off, a couple of things you need to know, not every post office has extended hours. you should hop on line and see if that's the case where you are dropping off your taxes. it's a complicated process, filing taxes. we did a search on the phone to find fun facts. one of the things we found , the tax code, 7 million words, compare to something in the bible, 700,000. see a tax preparer, they are extended hours, as does maryland comptroller's office. we are waiting for peter fran chos. we will get your questions answered. we want to mention, this place is not only going to be busy and last minute people doing taxes but a lot of u.s. post offices will have protesters to deal with the proposed cuts made at the u.s. post offices
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across the nation. plan ahead if you are dropping off your taxes today. we have filing tips for you as well as a list of places offering discounts and a few free goodys to ease the pain of filing. head to our website, for a full list of discounts. despite allegations of misconduct, john leopold is going on as been as usual and laid out the budget. calling for a property tax increase, none for your income tax and 70 county positions will be cut. furloughs ending. it is going to add 15 officers to the police department. all targeted in the arundel mills area. to see the budget, go to our website, baltimore county drivers, listen up, you will have two school zones with speed cameras
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to watchout for. the first one will be going up in perry hall near the high school and 4600 block of ebenezer road. you have a 30 day grace period before you begin receiving the tickets by mail. consumer alert, they ask you every time you dw to checkout, debit or credit. which should you choose and when? abc2 news is working to get the answers. budget conscious consumers maybe inclined to say debit to avoid interest. debit gives you meet access to your money. consider using credit at places where thieves can steal your information like a gas station and restaurants where you can leave your card in plain sight. >> the stronger protection, maximum liability is $50, regardless of how much fraud someone conducts on the credit
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card. >> security experts suggest using credit on the internet when your testimony information could be at risk. football season is a few months away. tonight, finding out who is who nfl plans to release schedule for every team including ravens. espn will have a 3-hour long special. the giants are hosting the cowboys. the game is usually paid on thursday. this year back to the wednesday the 5th, to avoid conflict with president barack obama's speech scheduled for the national convention. behave yourself or else at a football game. you won't be allowed back in until you pass a code of conduct exam. it's the brain child of the california psychotherapist. the number of fights and exchangess is on the rise in
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recent years. it's an effort to spare the time of violent behavior. health of chesapeake bay, report cards will be released each year, assessing the health of the bay. the goal is to find new ways to support science, management and restoration of the chesapeake. it will be unveiled at pierce's park, and the environment science on pier 5. today, senator dick durbin of illinois will convene for a hearing on racial profiling. it's exploring how profiling can harm law enforcement and different races including state immigration laws like alabama, arizona, that subject hispanic to scrutiny. nascar champion stewart will be heading to dc, he is
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meeting with president barack obama, stewart won the sprint cup in november of last year, third championship, heading to the white house to hang out with the commander and chief. time for a check of the forecast. we are warm this morning, check out the 70 in baltimore, if you are heading to new york, 74 degrees right now. hatteras close to 70 degrees. blues in the interior across the upper midwest. the air will be funneling in, as we go through today. satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot. clear skies, that's scenario in to the afternoon. i'm going to call the sun-cloud mix. clouds trying to mix in here and there. no rain will be falling today. we will have to wait for tomorrow, we might have a slight chance for a somehow tore work in here. the weather pattern brings the cold front through this morning and behind that we will have a little bit cooler air, it won't be as hot as yesterday.
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we will have another reinforcing cold front moving through through the overnight and that will bring the cooler air in much cooler as we go in to tomorrow. future trend picks up on a few clouds trying to stream in through the rest of today. the wet weather works in here for tomorrow. we need the rain but it is a slight chance for that. eastern shore could be getting in on that. that's the place where the severe drought is. high pressure building in, as we go in to thursday and friday. for today, the temperature coming in around 76 degrees, it will be breezy throughout the day. not as warm, by tonight, though, temperatures dropping off a bit. around 49 degrees, we will be seeing the clouds increase. now a check of the traffic with angela. good morning, good morning, everyone. tuesday morning, starting to look a little bit busy out there for the most part, seeing building on our major routes now. traveling in the city, accident clean up on east lumbart at
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washington street. as we mentioned major routes are looking pretty good, we are building on the beltway, a live look at 695, on the south side, outer loop heavy, making your way around to the east, curtis bay area. if you are traveling on the bw parkway, you shouldn't have troubles. a live look at that in a moment. see here, 295, maryland, 32, no major distractions as you continue through the laurel area and capital beltway w are tweeting traffic updates, follow us@maryland traffic and mention for those of you taking the mta this morning, all service lines on time, includes rail and bus services. tax day along the last minute filers, occupy protesters will be in force. details of what they are hoping to accomplish with a movement scheduled for today. the shuttle discovery is going on a flight on its way to its
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new home. live report in a bit. watching good morning maryland, what is new now and next across baltimore and the entire state, back in just a bit. g
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occupy groups across the country have protests planned, demanding 1% to pay more in taxes. today retired shuttle discovery lands at dulles, piggy backing on the 747. two days later arriving at the smithsonian. time magazine 100 list revealed today. naming the most influential people the world from different fields. last year's list included wikileaks founder, asage, secretary of state hilary clinton and michelle obama. we can get one step closer this week finding out what happened when a stage chanced in indiana.
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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