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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 18, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight, on "nightline," so long to a legend. his "american bandstand" helped launch careers from the jackson 5 to madonna and he spent four decades rocking the new year's eve. tonight, we remember dick clark. the avengers from captain america to the hulk to the ironman. what happens when you pack this many super heros in one film? we will take you behind the scenes and meet the stars behind the suits. and jackpot. the biggest mega millions mystery is finally over. meet the married couple from red bud, illinois, whose $3 lottery bet just made them very, very rich. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline,"
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april 18th, 2012. >> good evening. i'm bill weir. for over 30 years this show has appeared in this time slot. except for one night for one man. dick clark. new year's eve. he earned that after importing music and happiness in the american living rooms in the form of "american bandstand." today, a massive heart attack took the life of him at the him at 82. and tonight, proof of a life well lived. >> i want my mtv. >> long before anyone wanted their mtv -- >> let's have a look at the top ten board. >> there was his bandstand. long before we feared pyramid
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schemes, there was his afternoon delight. >> dick clark! >> and long before ryan seacrest came in to pinch hit for the ball in chief, dick clark launched 7 billion kisses while counting us down on new year's eve. >> i remember as a kid, i was allowed to stay up and watch dick clark with the headset and the microphone and the abc logo. i felt that was the coolest thing in the world. he made you feel so comfortable. he made you a part of the party, like he was just talking to you. that have is one of his amazing talented. >> born richard wagstaff clark, he began honing the skills long before television. >> i knew when i was 13 what i wanted to do. that is very rare. i walked in a radio studio and i saw them doing a radio show.
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and i said what a great way to make a living. >> he got his big break at age 26 when the host of a philadelphia tv show called "bandstand" was fired for drunk driving. >> and now, here is the star of our show, dick clark. >> the following here, abc picked up the music and dance show and soon, 20 million kids were rushing home from school to see what sounds and moving for cool. >> it was before chubby checker came on american bandstand, they didn't swing. he came with the twist. and the world, dancing on the dance floor, changed forever. and it happened on "american bandstand" because of dick clark. >> rock around the clock. >> he was the nonthreatening grown-up who helped soothe parental shock in rock 'n' roll
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and he broke racial boundariebo. the first time he talked to a black american teenager was on the set of "american bandstand." the music transcended the tension. dick clark bridged a color gap in a time when there should haven't been one. he gave music freedom, equal opportunity. as rock entered the sexy psychedelic late '60s, he caught group for avoiding edgier acts but his show was still teaching america new steps. >> "american bandstand" had the biggest impact on all of us kids. because it gave a voice to teenagers that were always told to go to bed or go to your room. and suddenly, dick came on the air, and gave us respect. and treated us like people.
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and we had a voice. >> "bandstand" went off the air in '89. by then, he was producing game shows, award shows, blooper shows. and whether or not you had a date, he was there for you on december 31st. >> dick clark from new york city. >> and his career was ended by a severe stroke in 2004. >> my sfeech is not perfect but i'm fine. >> it took more than that to take away from his audience. back on the emmies a year later. by now, drbroadcasting and a ro and roll hall of famer. >> everybody should have their dreams come true. i have been truly blessed and i
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thank you very, very much. >> tonight, the love is coming from all corners. >> he was an maverick, an icon. he is one of these people in life you think will never die. >> he will go on forever. he is the -- he is the man of times square. >> just thinking about him in times square and the twitter verse. try to find eat 82-year-old that never sang, not played an instrument but gets the respect of fergie and snoop dogg. you are a pioneer and good man. thank you, sir. but maybe a better it'sment of his character, the stars that he launched back in the day and remain friends for life. it's a sad day says donna summer. he was a dear friend to me. chubby check her a three-hour conversation with dick last fall, 50 years after the twist went number one twice. >> if elvis is the king of rock
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'n' roll, than dick clark is the king of all disc jockeys. we will miss him but we are indebted to him. >> for now, dick clark, so long. and then he could salute. >> so long. >> so long. >> for now, dick clark, so long. >> so i say bye-bye. >> all of us join abc news inextendsing our severe condolences to dick ear family and three generations of fans who will miss him as much as we will. for fans, it's a dream for anyone who has loved iron man. and we will take to you the set of the avengers. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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rock 'n' roll super groups almost never work. too many alphas, too many egos. how about a super hero super group? captain america and scarlett johansson thrown in? it's enough to make a fan boy's head explode. a closer look at the avengers. >> reporter: before the marvel main stages can save the world, they have to save one another, from their super attitude. the movie, designed as on ultra
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sequel and an origin story. >> the avengers. it's what we call ourselves. it's a team. the mighty heroes sort of thing. >> reporter: in "the avengers," it's a 65-second scene, robert downey out of his character. listen to the words. you will hear a strategy. an ocean's 11 in super heroes spandex and skroem. >> it's all the avengers initiative. >> reporter: five of the six avengers and their boss sat down together exclusively for "nightline." who had the most uncomfortable
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out fit? >> you are an air conditioning unit. >> scarlett johansson, black window. chris hemsworth, author. mark rough lows a the hulk, samuel l. jacksons a rick fury. how long did it take? >> i had to let it go since then. >> he is not going to appearing in any more marvel moves. >> it's a shake. it was said here on "nightline." such a dear man. >> reporter: set to release on may 4th "the avengers" seeks to provide a story telling crescendo to a fan boy nation. >> the audience is kind of a character in the movie. >> reporter: brings together the mar value characters who have been laying down the smack down in the midst of megahits
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worldwide. captain america and thor, to iron man, into one dynamic, disfunctional unit. >> we're not a team, we're a time bomb. >> the real die hard fans, like the comicon, wonder if the avengers will happen. they get their wish this year. >> how significant is the response from your hard core fans to the movies? >> very significant. >> everything. >> yeah. >> these movies are interconnected. it had never been done before. we started it when we had samuel l. jackson in iron man one. and the fans knew what they want. >> reporter: the fans couldn't help but give these actors applause. >> i have been a part of it
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because -- >> you are sam jackson. >> yeah, a jedi, yeah. and people standing outside your hotel room like, what is wrong with your people. >> you had an anxiety about playing captain america at first. >> yeah, these characters are beloved and if you don't do the characters right, the fans will turn on it. >> reporter: one can imagine in this group, the writer/sbredire trying to fend off the chaos. >> herding adorable kittens is what i call it. >> he called us children. >> i had to use my teacher voice. >> what does that sound like? >> at first it's very quiet and then it doesn't. >> reporter: since creating "buffy the vampire slayer," he has been creating movies. >> this is my entire career in
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one scene. i tend to write about people you would discount and very often, they are female who can really kick your ass. >> reporter: he even speculated who would win in a fight? you or buffy. >> me, i have my widow's bracelets. my thighs in. that is it, reelly. >> reporter: mark ruffalo as the hulk and his alter ego bruce banner. channeling his inner 10-year-old and his actual 10-year-old, a fan of the tv series. >> and after the third episode, he turned and said -- he is so misunderstood. and i said that is it.
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that is my audience. i have to dedicate my performance to that little boy. >> reporter: a performance like his co-star, plenty big with you one that plays well with others. >> this movie by all accounts should not work. these characters do not belong together. this movie is impossible. you see it and you say this is the best verse this movie could be. >> guys, i'm bringing the party to you. >> reporter: i'm chris connolly for "nightline" in los angeles. >> "the avengers" opens may 4th. up next, see if you think this mega millions will change this sweet couple the from red bud, illinois. there's wes, clay and demarcus.what's up guys. now i know you don't need one, but would you try these on for charity and prove just how great the fit is? seriously? no way for charity? let's do it! yup... they're doin it. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. let's go drive, use the legs...
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♪ when many millions of mega millions hopefuls read the
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ping-pong balls and ripped up their tickets. now it's time to turn that disappointment into envy. a couple whose quiet lives are able to change. >> reporter: when people like these two win the lottery, it takes the sting out of the fact the rest of us loss. 62-year-old merle and his wife, pat, both retired years ago and tonight, they have one check of a retirement check. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> the couple raised two children in this modest house, yes, the one with an american flag in the yard and a winnebago in the drive way. merle bought it in the convenient store in red bud, illinois. like the rest of us, he watched the drawing friday night. >> i turned to my wife and i said, we won. and she looked at me funny.
11:58 pm
and i said, no, we won. and then she started giggling. and she giggled for about four hours. >> they told only about five people, mostly their immediate family. not even their pastor knew. >> they were in church every sunday. just like everybody else. >> i figured the quieter, the better. first, this guy got 150 calls congratulating them. >> i didn't win. i didn't win. >> and just this week, someone bought a dozen cameros. that had to be the winner, right? it was the names no one mentioned, the ones lives in plain sight. we met two of the neighbors on a walk. >> you guys walk by their house on their daily walk. >> one day i walked by here and he acted funny, like he didn't
11:59 pm
want to talk to me. and i thought what is up with merle. >> reporter: what do you think of this? >> if he gave us a million, that would be nice. >> reporter: actually, they could give all of red bud residents 30,000 a piece. the average home price, $150,000. they would by 716 of their neighbors' homes. they have been meeting with lawyers and financial planners. >> this is a full time job. >> i don't feel bad. >> no, not looking for sympathy. >> when you can afford every house in time. i'm ryan owens for "nightline" in red bud, illinois. >> thank you for watching abc news. we


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