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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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for a company that makes metal plates. electricity has been cut off in the area. fire, heavy smoke, a building falling down, little by little and nearby toon street had toen closed down. there was word of chemicals but no chemicals has been located. hazmat is on the scene. we will have updates throughout the night on now, if you go west like you brush up to west virginia west, you will be seeing snow. meteorologist lauren rickets. we want the spring. >> yes. even though we needed the rain a lot of people want that hose turned off and quickly. this is light at the end of the tunnel. just not tonight. we are starting to see some of rain, the heavy rain move out.
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but, still rain in baltimore. hopefully it is doing well with the firefighterring firefighting down there. now, right now it is a chilly 46 degrees out there. chilly rainfall. 45, 42 in hagerstown. look at this north and west. that is much colder air. some of the chill here air will moveer air will move in. the rain continues and we have the winds to talk about. we will talk about snow, actually. can we see flakes? we will have more. rain will never scare or chase or take the will away from people who are fighting breast cancer. you know, we walked in cold
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snowy mornings before in hunt valley, now, they are starting to take a lap. don harrisson was there and says it it was still a great day at the beach. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheers and applause] >> with that the race began. more than 3600 people ran or walked in the 5k event. all here for a common reason. >> because i have boobies. >> reporter: more specifically to support those who have been effected by breast cancer and to find a cure. >> don't be afraid to come out here. >> reporter: as warm ups from the 8:00 race began at 7:30 so did the rain. the weather is a minor inconvenience to those who fought cancer and won. >> nothing compaired to that. happy to be here. rain or shine. >> reporter: this is the first race here for komen and the largest crowd ever for a race here in ocean city. the mayor says it is a promising start. >> who does not want to run down the boardwalk. a great partnership and one we hope lasts for a long time.
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>> reporter: she has difficulty walking because of arthritis. she is determined. she is walking for her friend who battled breast cancer five years ago. now she is forced to fight it again. >> i have enough trouble walking around the house but i would walk across the country if it would help her. >> reporter: lindsay is here for a special reason. >> i am here to honor my aunt, she just died last week of breast cancer. >> reporter: this race has extra meaning. >> i just want to be out here to, you know, say thank you to her for putting up a fight for four years. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: sara mendez was the first woman to finish in 28 minutes her sisters are is survivors and her grandmother died from breast cancer. >> it is important. we need a cure. it is a shame what cancer does to people. >> reporter: in ocean city, don harrisson, abc 2 news.
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>> you know, komen went in with a goal to raise $240,000. they beat it by $13,000. congratulations. the knock offs are knocked out. the feds shutdown the flee market says those cheap shoes, clothes, purses are fake and hurting business. abc 2 news cheryl conner has more on the federal raid today. >> reporter: jamie, it is not over. the market was shutdown in federal. agents will continue to search this week t. is public now but the investigation started 2-1/2 years ago. >> reporter: the only people checking out the discounted clothes at the flee market is federal agents. 200 officers blocked off the complex in southwest baltimore on sunday. chris shell makes a habit of driving from the eastern shore on saturday, he bought what s t >> it is not the real thing, i knew it from the tag. just like a regular no-nametag.
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>> reporter: they bought the knock offs for year. >> i got american eagle pants and the backstitching, the brown part of the pants have been ripped. since the first day i washed them. >> reporter: agents believe the market is a rip off. they are going after items that may be counterfeit, pirated and unlicensed saying it is is hurting american businesses and taking away jobs. >> when you when you purchase them you are helping crime. >> the shoes the wrong stitching. >> the web site says the market started 24 years ago. in that time it expanded to 300,000 square feet and it is still growing. but 2-1/2 year investigation may knock those plans off course. >> if you are at a flee market and you have fake stuff better
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pack it up and put your stuff away. >> reporter: as of tonight no one at the flee market has been charged. court documents will be made available material. more information will surface. we will continue to follow this story. cheryl conner, abc 2 news. we are taking you out to the 600 block of north robinson. could this be a connection for the friday night shooting to the one that happened last night. according to the police, 20 minutes until midnight. a 20-year-old man walks into the hospital, gunshot wounds to the arm and the legs. same thing happened friday night. a guy, shot, same time, 20 minutes before midnight. walks into the hospital, gunshot wounds to the back. he was shot two blocks away. all right, tomorrow, two baltimore brothers accused of beating a 15-year-old black teenager while patrolling a teenage watch, the brother, whor white, are claiming self- is defense. local civil is rights leaders are hoping the trayvon martin
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case will draw attention to what they believe is racial profiling when it comes to neighborhood watch programs. we are keeping an eye on a florida jail cell tonight where the man charged with murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin could walk free. a couple things need to work out. george zimmerman's needs to find a place to live. now he will wear an electric monitoring bracelet. at last check we are hearing he will not get out today. maybe tomorrow, better shot midweek. and opening statements are set to begin in the morning for the man accused of murdering three of jennifer hudsony's family members. the actress and singer's mother, brother, and is 7-year- old nephew were killed three years ago. her former brother in law faces murder in this case. we have a developing story tonight. looking for a little girl who disappeared from her bedroom in the middle of the night.
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an all out search in tucson, arizona for this 6-year-old little girl. a mystery and the clues that point to a kidnapping. >> reporter: in the air and on the ground. swarms of fbi agents and the police are frantically searching tucson for 6-year-old isabel mercedes. last seen by her parents when they put her to bed on friday night. when her father came to wake her the next morning isabel was gone. >> you don't think anything like that would actually happen to you. and all of a sudden you wake up one morning and you are in that 7 is arkwroe. everything goes through your mind, angry, upset, frustrated, confused. >> reporter: her family believes she was kidnapped. her window was found open. the police called the disappearance suspicious but have not ruled out the possibility the first grader may of wondered off. >> she is six years old. she did not likely run away. so, we have to assume that as time passes there is greater
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likelihood that somebody took her. >> reporter: 58,000 children are abducted by nonfamily each year but only 5% of those are taken from the home or yard. but when it happens it makes headlines. 14-month-old lisa irwin has been missing since october. her parents insist she was snatched out of her crib. >> what woe found is that it is most often someone who has had at least some minimal contact with the child or the family in the past rather than pure random stranger. >> just like the case of elizabeth smart. kidnap friday her bedroom 12 years ago by a handyman who worked at the family home. but later found safe. tonight, a community in tucson is hoping for another happy ending. let's take a look at consumer alert for you. you may, you may not get on- line this summer. what? the fbi is warning all computer owners to check for a type of
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mallware called dns changer. pcs with this were used by a group of hackers for fraud. and federal agents caught those responsible but a temporary solution keeping the infected machines on-line will go away in july and users will not be able to connect to the internet. check q6só4ayour computer by vi and search for the changer. did you get to the grocery store today? next time take these tips. try frozen meat, use the bulk bins to get what you need and check for drugstores for staples like your milk. there is a couple simple things to do to get a better deal on wine. first, check out offers from spain and greece. they are cheaper. 25% cheaper on the wine. nobody is whining about the orioles. they are a few minutes away from landing from a 3-city,
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three time zone road trip that ends with a win. 3-2. they will play in front of you on tuesday night against the toronto bluejays. all right. congressman says you can't legislate people not being stupid but you can uphold high standards. he is talking about the secret service scandal. now, there are calls to wide enthe investigation and new details. taking us into the hotel where the president was staying. >> if the formal dress fits it was a date for cinderella. our princesses and princes. we spent the day at the national aquarium where we learned about earth day and how we keep our planet spinning. and we will update the fire when abc 2 news at 11:00 comes right back in 60 seconds
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right now. the firecrews are still on the scene battling this huge warehouse fire. the warehouse houses a company that makes metal plates. electricity has been cut off in the immediate area. and 50 to 60 people have been evacuated for fear the fire could spread along the block of toon street. if you have a scanner at home get on it. it is something to listen to. listening to the police and the firecrews responding to this and on twitter and facebook. there is worry about chemicals but so far no chemicals located. hazmat is on the scene. traffic is crazy down there. we will have more on our web site. now, to the widening secret service scandal. [indiscernible] we are learning about what is exploding in the headlines. we know it was one high ranking woman at the agent was who got word on what was going on and
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she took it out. >> reporter: we are learning today fast action from a female secret service chief is credited with helping to uncover and contain the scandal when it first erupted. paula reed is a rising star that was promoted to secret service boss for the miami field office and all of south america. she was there when she heard about a prostitute at the hotel, complaining she was not paid by one of the secret service agents under reed's command. she quick low notified washington and rounded up the 11 agents involved who were then sent home a day before president barack obama arrived. today, on this week american officials are asking if the culture at the secret service needs to be reexamined. >> i can not help but wonder about if there have been more woman of part of that detail if this ever would of happened. >> reporter: but secret service officials tell abc news there arementy of women in its ranks including two deputy
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assistant directors. barbara rigs, now retired, was once the number 2 highest ranking official in the secret service. >> has it been condoned? >> in my experience it has not. i mean the secret service, when an issue comes to their attention they react very swiftly and decisively. now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather-rat stphaoerbgs well, -- weather-rate. well, the rain coming down. we are starting to see it let up just a little bit. i am keeping light rain and drizzle in the forecast for the overnight hours and for the first part of your monday. happy birthday to everybody. we are getting rain right now. and, getting a little bit of snow to our friends in west virginia. the temperatures, chilly. 45 in baltimore. 45 in frederick. 47 in our nation's capitol. what happened to those 70s?
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-- in our nation's capital. >> what happened to those 70s? it feels like 38 if you are outside right now. 41 in frederick. those winds coming down out of the northeast, 14 miles an hour in baltimore. now, we are going to continue to see these winds anywhere from about 10 to 20 miles an hour through the night tonight through the day tomorrow, even the first part of tuesday we will see gusts up to 35 miles an hour. so, the temperatures tomorrow, only getting into the 40s. it will feel like we are in the upper 30s. so, bundle up. hopefulily you have the winter jackets handiy somewhere. even -- handy somewhere. even though we did not use them much this winter. here is the line of cooler air coming down the spine here. that cooler air, since we are getting winds out of north aoert and northwest we are going to start to see some of that cooler air n invade our area. now, watches and warnings in effect. it is a advisory. winter storm advisory for the area shade inside light blue.
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winter storm warnings for the areas shaded in pink. you can see that far away from baltimore but that is just right over into our neighboring state in west virginia where they can see up to 10 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. yes t is april 22nd. the latest snowstorm on record 1996, from 9th and 10th. we saw a few flakes here and could see some tomorrow. here is the rain coming through. watch how it swirls to the left into the west. i guess that would be the same direction. we are seeing the swirl. winds wraparound the hoe pressure. so, what it is going to do as the area of low pressure moves up the coast up the coast slowly winds are oíjfçgoing to wraparound it. counterclockwise, we will pull some of the area down from canada. bring it right into baltimore. also, bring the rain and snow. so, we can see is the snowflakes around here. i don't think accumulation will be a heavy wet snow for areas out to the west.
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but, we could see flakes mixed in with our rain tomorrow. i am only going to go for the lingering showers here and there tomorrow. heaviest rain to the north and east. there we go. starting to clear out by 5:00 p.m. the visibility will be down. it will be wet out there. with just some scattered light rain showers. i am going to keep the scattered light rain showers with a hint of snow through the day tomorrow. there goes the rain. after we get through midnight tomorrow night all bets are off. we start to clear out a little bit. could see sunshine for your tuesday afternoon. overnight tonight, 44 degrees, we are slowing that rain after midnight. not all of the way. light rain showers in the forecast for tomorrow. it will be brisk. 36 degrees for tomorrow night. it is going to feel like it is in the upper 20s for tomorrow with that windchill. very chilly conditions. here is a look at your seven- day forecast. i told you there is light at the end of the tunnel. wednesday, 65 degrees and partly sunny. more rain on thursday. weekend looking good now. we may have to have rain
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showers. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> hold on. yes. this is terrible todayed. >> yes. we needed the -- today. yes. we needed the rain. yes. people were stuck on the 95 for 2-1/2 hours. >> i heard a terrible accident up there. yes, it is -- you know, we meade it, we will sesee. >> do you want to see baby pictures? >> yes. -- we need it. we will see. >> >> do you want to see baby pictures? >> yes. let's do it. >> now, meet this little one, monkeyies monkeys are cute. first time parents. you can see all of the monkeys right now at the forest maryland zoo here in baltimore. that is great. all right. today is national earth day. and the national aquarium celebrated. you know, they are partnering
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up in conservation. i want to report on the first person who jumps in the harbor. now, the mayor says this is the perfect collaboration in making the city greener. >> we can continue to make the city greener and it is important we lead by example. the new partnership and the national aquarium will be a great step in the effort. >> now, the national wildlife federation gave out free trees to everyone who came out to the event as long as they promised to take care of them. that was great today. you should be proud of your young men and women taking part in thconference at mary valley. it is a day of, really, learning about the topics that most adults shy away from. these things were in for the challenge. there is carol and bernie, they set it up. they want to make this world
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better. stop the bullying. >> if they get in a fight things can get worse, people say mean things. >> did it happen to you. >> >> yes. >> how did it make you feel? >> sad. then afterwards you feel even i was regretting things that i was writing on-line and it is typed and it is there forever. >> sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. realistically the maims are hurting the children and the children are putting it on the facebooks and twitters and they have no idea the impact that they are having on these young people. >> that is jamal smith. a great man there. the keynote speaker, andre jones t is your world, be the change that you want to see. students came out of here with eyes opened up. it is a red carpet event like no other. these children threw on the boa's and top hats for a special screening of "pugs and
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. the casey cares department rolled out red carpet for families. they got caught up with the paparazzi and everything. it is a charity that works to enhance the lives of critically ill children and their families. it gives them a chance to meet and support one another and to have fun. well, cinderella stumbled
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upon great fortunes this weekend and so did members of the military. formal dresses and shoes and jewelry were given to military wives. project cinderella. >> reporter: combat boots are on a mission to trade in the grunge, beautiful colors, longer eye lashes, blown out hair instead of ponytails and rollers. sherry is a military wife, her husband spent nearly 15 years in the air force. they have three children. >> my focus went to my husband and then once we started having kids it went to my kids. >> reporter: not on this day. the stylist at the 2nd annual project cinderella picked haleyy and two others to makeover. giving herself the best day that never happens. >> if it takes longer than five minutes it does not get done. >> reporter: she tried on several fancy clothes, the sequence, the earrings and shoes now she is getting used to this. >> for the spouse who we
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believe is the force behind the force we believe it is an opportunity for them to have fun, not worry about the kids, let dad worry about the kids but let loose and be pampered. >> before it is time to show off the curlers come off, the volume out and boost her confidence. the youngest members of the military kick off the fashion show. this adorable girl may of started walking on the runway. now it is sherry turn. instead of sit negligent audience taking notes she was the example. >> i was nervous when they first came at me. [ laughter ] and told me they were going to do it. but i am slowly warming up to it. >> reporter: back to you. >> that is a great program. they host the annual project cinderella. they get to take the dresses
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home for the their next formal affair. back back
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. looks like it will be wet and rainy for the kids. >> y. we still have the rain -- yes. we still have the rain continuing. we needed the rain coming through here. you know, we will have more rain. we picked up an inch and 3/10th of an inch on wednesday, sunny, more rain for thursday. >> all right. thanks. all right, the week is just beginning. we hope you have a great week. we will see you tomorrow.
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