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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  April 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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rotation in the atmosphere, rain and snow through new finland north of maine. it's a large circulation. we're catching the southern side of the storm. we'll see showers from it. look at the winds west at 22. very, very windy with wind chill factors down to 30s. feels like freezing in york. the rest of the evening chill, cold, blustery. how fast does this change? we answer that in a few minutes. we're not the only ones getting hit with this bay czar -- bizarre spring storm. in some cases even on the east coast they've gone from 90-degree heat in march to snow in april. karen trave vers has -- travers has the latest. >> reporter: what does april
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snow bring? folks in upstate new york are about to find out. a streak storm dumped snow. >> it's bad. it's about four to five inches. trees are breaking all over the place. you can stand there and listen to them. >> reporter: along the east coast warmer temperatures meant rain instead of snow with winds whipping up to 50 miles an hour. this rocky late april weather kept off the winter season. it was the warmest in 40 years. great ones for the lucky ones who hit the beach or those who hit the slopes in bathing suits. in march a record number of tornadoes ripped across the midwest from the south causing significant damage. temperatures have been
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fluctuating like a see saw. last week in philadelphia it was nearly 90. boston it was so hot that runners opted to skip the marathon. over the weekend these fields inial vier a, new york, were packed with soccer games. today they're a slushy mess. heavy rains throughout the day melted all of that morning snow and probably all of the snow men. karen travers, abc2 news. closer to home a massive fire at a canton where house forced dozens from their homes, but the crews turned their attention to the hazardous materials on the site. jeff? >> many of the people living in upscale homes didn't even know of the warehouse until flames shot through its roof last night forcing them to evacuate. the three alarm fire consumed
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the building on baylor heat. it twisted the large steel beams like pretzel. she evacuated but kept thinking back to a fire which destroyed her south bolden street home on new year's eve. >> i came home and i had to park far away. i came in and got clothes and the whole place was engulfed with smoke. we went to my parents home last night, so we were displaced twice. >> reporter: with the fire extinguishes, fire hazardous crew arrived with the goal of neutralizing any dangerous chemicals. >> we do know we have acids on site. we have corrosive material on
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site. we have an air monitoring perimeter set up. we are monitoring the water. at this point we're able to control that as far as runoff. >> they etch metal and use acids and metal to make different products with metal. as soon as you see the sign that says plating company, you know you're going to be dealing with various corrosives because that's the nature of the business. >> reporter: a number of people returned to their homes and reported an odor. many opened windows to ventilate. the fire gutted the warehouse. the risk of additional walls caving in prompted the need to bring in heavy equipment. another suspect is behind bars in connection with that
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videotaped beating of a tour it on st. patrick's day. police identified two more suspects. abc2 news' roosevelt leftwich has more. shayona davis is charged with armed robbery and death. she is seen in the video of beating the victim with her shoe as others stole his thank -- things. they are looking for 18-year-old deangelo carter and shatia baldwin. they need help finding those two to identify other suspects. >> if we interview those individuals and that leads to the identity of others, there were a lot of people involved. this wasn't an isolated incident. i think this gained momentum as the attack was occurring. >> reporter: if you have any
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information about the whereabouts of any of the people, please call city police at 410-637-8970. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. george zimmerman is out of jail tonight, the man charged in the death of a florida teen, trayvon martin left the seminole county jail just after midnight last night. jamie costello joins us with more. >> reporter: his destination is being kept sigh -- secret but what we do know is what george zimmerman can and cannot do. this time nobody was shouting. there weren't any protesters, just george zimmerman and a bails bondsman walking out of jail silently and a few reporters asking questions that he ignored. the accused gunman was wearing an electronic monitor so
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officers would know where he is. he is staying someplace secret. he might even leave the state of florida. >> there's several possibilities we have to where we can hopefully keep him safe. >> reporter: compared to everything else, zimmerman says it was self-defense. his release was remarkably quiet, between the shooting and zimmerman's arrest a month and a half later there were protests across the country. friday there was another shocker. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. >> reporter: zimmerman spoke directly to martin's son which only seemed to make them angrier. >> it was devastating that he got to give a self-serving apology to help him get a bond. they were very outraged at that. >> reporter: zimmerman cannot contact the family. he also has to stay away from alcohol and firearms, and he
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will have a curfew. abc2 news has learned that the police chief who has been criticized for the handling of it is stepping down. bill lee was suspended last month. we'll have more at 6:30. jamie costello, abc2 news. the two brothers accused of beating an african-american teenager while patrolling an ortho golf jewish neighborhood in baltimore are asking for their trial to be postponed because of all the national attention in the case. eliyahu and avi werdesheim were supposed to go on trial today but the judge asked for a postponement and change of ven news. they are accused of beating a 15-year-old yen in 2010. they pulled up to the teen, got out, threw him to the ground. one of the brothers is accused of hitting him in the head with a radio. well, we all know about i.d. theft and how to protect
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yourself but you wouldn't think you would need to worry about that when you're dead. deceased americans are at risk for having their personal information stolen and used. >> reporter: last fall we showed you how the social security numbers of children who passed away were used for fraudulent tax returns. the numbers are being used to try to get credit. a california company compared the names of people used in millions of credit applications to people listed in the federal government's social security death master file. we told you back in october that file complrks is published -- publishes the social securtiy numbers for dead americans puts people at risk for theft after theft. the identities of two and a half million people are used each year to apply for credit. the company says of those only 800,000 are deliberately used by
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a fraudster. these numbers are published by companies that get them from the fesmght. in this case and many others, the social security numbers are use bid crooks, not as they were intended. joce sterman, abc2 news. a prostitution bust right in the heart of annapolis. who police rounded up and how business owners are describing what they saw. >> the search for a missing 6-year-old boy in virginia -- girl in virginia is missing. what researchers say could be the key for slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis when we come back.
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the search intensified today
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for 6-year-old isabel sol -- celis. family members said her bedroom window had been pushed open. family members passed out fliers. authorities are following he vie possible lead. >> there's a lot of investigating to be done. >> police have searched the home two times, even splight -- splitting up her parents for interviews. there are 17 registered sex offender living within a mile of her home. authorities say no obvious human remains and little foreren sec evidence was found where the fbi has been searching for clues
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in etan patz disappearance. authorities searched a basement in a building he would have passed on the way to the stop. a cadaver dog had spotted the scent of human remains. patz was declared legally dead in 2001. no one has ever been prosecuted for his disappearance. all right. we're going back in time. maybe a month, month and a half. cloudy scenario and a chilly one. 20 degrees below average. we should be in the mid to upper 60s, winds north, northwest at 15 but gusting higher. watch the speed of the included cover as we time lapse some of
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the sky over maryland. you can see it was a wild one. boy, the boat show is getting rained out as we had a game warning on the -- gale warning on the chess sha peek. showers at loch raven. look at the waves rolling in at the beach, some big surfs being whipped up. the air of low pressure that's offshore. quite a bit of snow in western papa -- pennsylvania. showers over central maryland and in western maryland toward garrett county, some reports closer to baltimore of a few snowflakes, sort of like that bunch sleet if you want to know more about that. we'll get your photos on air. take a look to the north and
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west, 32 in oakland. with the wind it feels quite a bit cooler. steady winds 15 to 25. we've had some tree limbs come down, even a couple reports of spotty power line outages. 26 frederick. 24 in annapolis gusting over 25 just an hour ago. ocean city and salisbury, very, very windy. you can she what that does for the -- see what that does for the temperature. feels like three in york. a wind chill factor in the 30s for frederick and winchester and d.c. as well. here are our winter weather advisories. unless you're traveling well west or northwest, you wouldn't have to worry about the winter storm warnings, but you will be feeling the winds and the wind chill. there will still be rain showers tonight. it is not impossible we could
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see a couple of flakes or some of that sleet type material mix in with some of the rain showers, nothing that will stick. nothing that will cause road hazards but this will be a chilly almost border line winter night as the storm system begins to push its way out. we're still in the southern edge. now the center of the storm is out over the cape cod long island area. this is where it's centered. we're getting the wraparound precipitation and the wraparound wind. our trend shows this will steadily begin to exit the area. more cloud cover will come. most of the precipitation should be done, should be a windy, chilly scenario. it is quite, quite the late april storm. overnight 37, mostly cloudy, cooler. your tuesday not looking too bad, 5. we'll stay dry. tomorrow night down to 39 with
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some partial clearing. here has your seven-day forecast. as we look ahead you can see the setup. warmer toward the middle part of the week. chance for rain thursday and it looks drier and more pleasant as we go into friday and saturday. students at the academy in catonsville are lacing up their sneakers for a good cause. it's part of the sailors for soldiers 5k event. students are making a difference for servicemen and women. >> reporter: statute -- students at mountain dalasalle are gearing up for the 5k which benefits the wounded warriors project. her son serves in iraq. >> it's important for the girls to realize there are people who are sacrificing a lot for them. >> reporter: after a little
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planning the students hit the ground preparing for the race. they've been busy gathering sponsorships and picking up gift cards. taylor price is excited to help servicemen and women. her brother is in the military and served three years in iraq. >> it's so important. we have so many people in the military it. affects creaser one. >> reporter: the 5k is a way for students to show their appreciation. >> for those who sacrifice so much for our freedom and safety and i want to raise awareness for those who give so much to protect us and, yeah, they really sacrifice a lot. >> reporter: so far 168 runners have registered for the race. students at mt. desals said they want to raise money for the soldiers and their families.
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>> it's a catholic school for girls. the walk will be held saturday, april 28th at patapsco state park. the event is open to the public. you can log on to with your webbite at and there you'll find a lot more information. speak of pounding the pavement for a good cause. yesterdays was the inaugural susan g. komen race. more than 3600 people came out to run and walk all in support of breast cancer. komen officials said they exceeded their goal by $15,000. organizers are already making plans for next year's race. health experts say that women live longer than men on average. what new research says that could eventually change that. and migraines are painful
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in tonight's health alert, there's new help for people with multiple sclerosis. the autoimmune disease can give people episodes lasting for days. now new research found that early use of the drug interpherin beta1a can stop the progression. it can slope inflammation which could preserve nerve cells from
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damage. it's further evidence that early diagnosis and treatment is key. medical expertings have long said that women typically live longer than meant women's life spans have been growing at a slower pace. the study looked at data from 1989 to 2009. the researchers found life expectancies for men improved 4.6 years on average but hodge 2.7 years for women. summer's around the corner. are a going to need to keep a closer eye on your pets and kids this year. ticks will be out in large numbers. here are some tips to keep you and your family safe from lyme disease. look for them after you've been in the woods or grassy areas. check your clothing and pets that may carry them in the home. also, placing your clothes in the dryer on high heat could kill them. a study shows that people
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who get migraines are more likely to get brain freezes. it feels like a sharp headache pain when you eat or drink something cold happens more often to migraine sufferers log on, check out our page, you'll find the health headlines from today as well as interesting health categories to make sure you and your stamply have all the health news you need. annapolis police had their hands full last week. we'll take a look at some of the men arrested in a prostitution bust and hear from some of the people who saw the whole thing go down. a man comes home from work and finds his neighbors being terrorized by dogs. facebook's privacy policies have gone through some changes but it's hard to figure out what that may mean for you. we'll tell you what a new app says it can do to help.
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