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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  April 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. you watched him leave jail but where did george zimmerman go. >> is the general sigh aimably a step closer to convening for a special session? >> and is the grand prix in jeopardych the problems facing this year's race and why one city councilman says the odds are not look so good. it's tuesday morning, good morning and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go over to meteorologist lynette charles to see if a warmup is in store. >> good morning. yes, there is a warm upon the way. we are on the -- warmup on the way. we are dry but still have the cloud covering as well and we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and don't have wet weather across the area for today. the best slide in pennsylvania
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to get a wintery mix. here the dry weather and chilly temperatures. bundle up hike yesterday. middletown at 38 degrees right now. ijamsville 37. we will be dealing with some gusty winds as we go into the afternoon. the gusts up to about 20, 25 miles an hour. just like we saw yesterday. so very similar to yesterday except temperatures will be a little bit warmer. i will detail that coming up and talk about the next chance for rain but right now let's check the traffic with angela. good morning how are the roads? >> reporter: good morning. roads are in -- great shape. traveling on the inner loop of 695, the exit ramp to liberty road is shut down with overnight maintenance work. from the outer loop and exit to liberty road you can get around it a couple work zones on i-95 and 895 especially as you reach the tunnels. and traveling on 95, at caton avenue blocking a left lane. no troubles north of maryland
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43. looking pretty good with no delays or incidents to report for the start. over to you and good morning. >> good morning to you. the beg day for gop presidential hopefuls five primaries being hold. delaware new york pennsylvania and rhode island. mitt romney and new newt and ron paul are in the running. stay with as the results come in. lawmakers could close to a special session. >> they couldn't come to an agreement during the most recent session and a special session could be in the works. >> sherrie johnson has new information regarding a special session. >> reporter: this morning governor o'malley is expected to meet with legislative leaders to talk about reconvening the general assembly for a spes session. he will mike with michael bush and senate president mike miller. the general assembly needs to finishing one on the 2013 budget after key parts of the package failed during the
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legislative session. o'malley said he won't call for a special session unless there's a conas soon asous on a budget plan. mike miller suggested a budget compromise but actually -- but reworked the tax increase for marylanders. some say a gambling bill held everything up. miller says the legislature probably needs a day or two to reconvene and finish the work. o'malley expects today's meeting to be limited to public safety, education and the state's aaa bond rating and finishing the budget work. without passing a tax increase package with the budget, the legislature ended up with a fiscal year 2013 doomsday budget with more than 500 million dollars in cuts. the meeting between the governor and legislative leaders is he speced to happen at 8 -- expected to happen at 8 this morning in annapolis. sherrie johnson. keep an eye out on the latest with abc 2 late breaking developments on the story throughout the morning and we will keep you updated on everything we know
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when it becomes available. pretile hearings resume for bradley manning but not without heavy outcry. he is accused of leaking classified documents to wikileaks. this week the hearings continue and supporters will occupy the department of justice and hold vigils in his honor. attorneys for the brothers accused of beating a black teen while patrolling a orthodox jewish neighborhood is trying topostpone the trial because of the trayvon martin case. their attorney will argue due to comparisons to their case and the martin case they want a change of venue or a postponement. george zimmerman was released on bond after midnight on monday. his attorney says he is glad to be out. >> he said zimmerman was wearing a bulletproof vest when he left because he had threats against him. he wouldn't say whether or not zimmerman was in florida or planned to stay there.
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>> several locations that we will be moving him from to make sure we maintain his safety and security. >> arraign men has been set for may 8th and zimmerman's attorney has entered a written not guilty plea on behalf and waived his right to appear to the arrangement. more arrest made in connection with that beating that happened in baltimore on st. patrick's day. sheaona davis is charged with armed robbery and theft. she is seen where the victim was beaten and apparently beaten with her shoe. others assaulted him and robbed him. police are looking for a man named deangelo carter. in other news one of the bores acquitted in the phoenix dog burning trial was sentenced for attempted murder. travis johnson pleaded guilty and. and court papers showed he tried to shoot a man in 2010 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison with all but 8
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suspended. earlier johnson and his twin brother were acquitted of animal abuse charges accused of setting a pit bull on fire. words spreads draw something. >> it seems the free games are starting to cost parents. where the hidden costs are coming from and how to get around it. >> also, it's technically spring but feels like fall and in some places winter. the the latest places mother nature has shown the last-minute snow. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> news time 4:38. technically it's spring but doesn't feel like that. a series of spring storms sweeping across much of the area. this is video yesterday out of west virginia. about five hours from baltimore, more than a foot of
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snow fell here and it's not over yet. a wintery mix expected this morning. and in six hours from baltimore in pennsylvania, drivers what mix of ice and snow so what is ahead for us today? you know lynette, if this was two months ago we would have been in trouble. >> we would have been hammered and you would have been smiling because i know you wanted the snowfall. but that was not the case. we are dealing with the counterclockwise spin, spinning in snow in canada mainly but it's working its way into portions of new york and also northwestern pennsylvania at this time. most of the rain is working its way up into maine but we will stay mainly dry a slight chance for a shower in the forecast especially the upper-level low. you will hear me say an upper- level low is a weather man's whoa. so we are going to be dry for the most part. but there's that 30% -- 20% chance we could get showers in here getting into the afternoon.
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it's cold so dress accordingly. temperatures in churchville around 38 degrees as of now. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. out on the road for the tuesday morning drive, we are pleased to report no early accidents reported so far to slow you down heading out for the drive this morning. we are looking at pretty good road conditions for the most part especially traveling on i- 95 and those on the harrisburg expressway and the northwest expressway looking pretty good. in fact if you are traveling through arbutus i-95 as well as 295 both are clear and no early troubles as we reported on the harrisburg expressway and jfx. both routes traveling southbound between the beltway. here's a live look at 95 at maryland 47. for those of you who travel in harford county. state highway road 543 is opened. the road was shut down after tractor trailer snagged a power line near 136. now utility workers tell us the
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driver kept going and snapped 7 power lines poles before it stopped. now some people actually lost power and other services as a result of this incident. megan back over to you. >> it's 4:41. thanks. today, transportation secretary ray lahood will hold a news conference on a new initiative. this is going to be the opportunity to discuss findings on why young drivers knowingly distract themselves behind the wheels. details on the new initiative to educate against it will be revealed at ten this morning. penn state students are in support of a prop a significance to honor the late football coach joe paterno. >> what it is they want to do and why his family is saying no thanks to the school administration. >> the trial against john edwards continues today. who is speaking that has a lot of peep keeping a -- peoplekeeping a close eye on theproceedings. you are waking up to what's new in maryland.
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news time is 4:44. five things to know this tuesday. local leaders are trading in their day jobs and teaching today. they are taking part in the teach for america week at several baltimore schools. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is taking part. president obama is honoring the 2012 national teacher of the year finalists and thank them for their hard work and dedication each and every day in the classroom. michelle obama is a speaker today at a organization that works to inspire young girls and women to be strong, smart and bold. >> former representative gabrielle giffords is honoredth given the we are emily award. emily's list is supportive of women in politics. and the senate is set to vote on a bill to reform the postal service. it includes ending 6-day mail delivery and requires service to wait two more years to close
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smaller post offices. is the grand prix going to happen this year? organizers are running out of time to try to save that race. >> and linda so is standing by right now to tell us why. linda, what's going on. >> reporter: they are running out of time. this time last year, organizers of the grand prix were selling tickets for the race. but the group in charge of this year's race is not there yet. city councilman william cole a supporter of the race says the chance of the grand prix happening this year is no better than 50-50. and the odds get longer with each passing day. the new partners who have come forward to organize the race might be in trouble. one of the partners in the down force racing partnership might be leaving and the official website for the grand prix is inactive right now. >> it's safe to say we are getting to a point in time where it's going to be difficult for the event to be successful. but we are not there yet. >> reporter: the good news unlike last year, the roads that make up the course are
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ready for another race and the setup won't be as complicated and won't take as long this year. we will keep you posted. linda so, abc2 news. it's 4:46. coming up saturday, abc2 news is work for you to protect your personal information and declutter your file. our springtime shred event takes place saturday at 2 branches one in catonsville and northern parkway in baltimore. we will be therefrom 9 until noon. 4:46. baltimore businesss are getting the opportunity today to clean out their files in their department of public works. they are holding a one-day collection of recycables from companies and institutions. again it's happening today and they can recycle all types of unwanted paper including cardboard boxes to books and magazines. this event is in honor of earth day. we know there are tons of free apps out there available to our smart phones and tablets but some of the free apps are costing parents a lot of money. a growing number of parents are hit with bills for in-app
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purchases while your child buys stuff while playing games not realizing it cost money. app vendors don't want to change it because it's a big money maker. talk to your child about not buying anything while playing on the free apps. joe paterno's family has turned down a chance to have his name on the stadium where he coached for 46 years. as part of the late paterno final contract payout the university officials for penn state offered to name beaver stadium or the football field after the coach. he was fired following a highly publicized jerry sandusky trial. fans are in support of the idea and started to petition in favor of changing that name. a new york city judge is expected to rule whether or not to throw out a hotel maid's lawsuit against imt chief dominique strauss-kahn. he he claims she sexual -- he sexually assaulted -- she
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claims he sexually assaulted her. this is now a civil case. strauss-kahn's lawyer says that he has diplomatic immunity because the imf post. he denied wrongdoing. and in oakland authorities say the man suspected of killing 7 people at a christian college in california now on a hunger strike. authorities say that he is not -- has not eaten since april 3rd when he arrived. he is moved to a jail on friday and he's been charged with murder and attempted murder in the shooting rampage and has not entered a plea. today's former presidential candidate john edwards will sit in court accused of violating campaign finance laws. his former aide andrew young will take the stand to tell what he knew about the affair with rielle hunter. prows cutors a intend to play -- prosecutors intend to play voice mails young left. but it was revealed that young was contacting witnesses to compare testimony and he had a
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one-nightstand with one of them. listen to what young had to say in 2010. >> this was completely john edward idea and plan. >> young controlled cash payments begin to hunter to cover up the affair. the jury must decide if edwards knew about this. if he is found guilty he could be put behind bars for 30 years. time for a check of the forecast. let's welcome in lynette. things bizarre in the story. we will follow it but the weather is bizarre too. >> exactly. and it's been bizarre for months. we are par for the course as of now. temperatures at 41 degrees this morning. 38 in york. 37 in frederick. hagerstown around 39 and 45 in easton this morning. and dc right around 44. but once again, we have the winds out there. so the temperatures making for a wind chill. these winds out of the west basically at about 5 miles an hour in baltimore, 6 in frederick and more of the same in york and hangerstown. along the eastern shore in easton coming in around a 10-
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-mile-an-hour sustained wind. we will see more of this this afternoon. 5 to 15 miles per hour sustained and we will be dealing with gusts probably up to 20, 25 miles an hour. so here's the wind chill. this is what you're dressing for. this is how it feels on your exposed skin. it feels like 38 degrees in baltimore right now. feels like 39 in easton and the low 30s in york and also frederick and 35 degrees is what it feels like in hagerstown. satellite and radar picking up on the april snowstorm that nor'easter that dusted the area yesterday. and when i say dusted, back in western maryland, you are talking about snow there. but we didn't get that. we just got the rain. the rain is pushing up into maine and the snow basicallinto cannedda seeing a few -- canada seeing a few spritz into altuna. i wouldn't be spied if we see wet weather going into the morning and afternoon.
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we have the upper-level low across the area. with that, that's why we will have the chance for showers, although they will be slight. your fee heture trend is not -- feature trend is not picking up on a whole lot. mainly cloud cover and then that gets out of here as high pressure will build in brief as we go into wednesday. our next chance for some rain will move in as we go into thursday. but for today, the temperature coming in around 59 degrees. we should be at 66 degrees for this time of the year. so we are a little below average. but we will be a little warmer than what we were yesterday. tonight's temperature right around 41 degrees. that stray shower and the seven- day forecast, as we go into friday. that's the best looking day with plenty of sunshine back into the forecast. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. how are the roads working out for you this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are looking pretty good. starting with no early accidents. overnight work zones. we are blocking the off-ramp from the inner loop to liberty road. but that should be opening up momentarily. a lot of overnight work zones
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on the interstate. we are moving phene along with them. no delays or incidents even with the lane closures and traveling on 695 right now, here's north side at green spring avenue. we are moving smoothly on top side between the jfx and i-95. speaking of jfx, here's a live look at cold spring lane. a warning sign about the lane closures at the 29th street overpass. but right now, you should be able to get through without any troubles or delays. back over to you. new guidelines released for those suffering from migraines. >> experts say some of the medications are typically for seizures. how to know when to take them and what's best for you to control the severe headaches. >> accused in the disappearance of natalee holloway. why he could be returning to the u.s. you are watching good morning maryland as we go to break. a live look at the white house.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> 4:54. the hot topic is autism. and raising awarenessch the prevalence in autism is one in 88 children. here's a preview of the guests. health reporter linda so. what's on tap for today. >> reporter: we will be joined by a parent of an autistic child in the 5:00 hour and a doctor from the kennedy krieger institute. april is autism awareness month and the parent will join us at 5:15 and 5:40 to talk about what it's like raising a child with autism and the progress they make together as a family. then at 6:15 and 6:48 dr. rebecca landa will be here to talk about the latest in autism research and tell us about a upcoming event aimed atfighting autism. the first segment starts at 5:15. linda so, abc2 news. in other news, a new sed of guidelines to help those
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suffering from migraines and prevent attacks altogether. unlike acute treatments which relief pain and symptoms, preventive migraine headache treatments are taken daily. among them medications typically prescribed for seizures and a few overcounter option and eye by proben and in a approximatein. >> my my recommendation is if a person has tough headaches and going nowhere they ought to seek out a board certified headache specialist. >> the complete list of guidelines can be found in the journal of newology. too much television can be bad for your child's developments. the catch it can happen even when you are not sitting in front of the screen. kids ages 8 month to 8 years exposed to about 4 hours of television background television every day so you ask what does it matter?
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previous studies linked background tv exposure to lower attention spans and lower scores in school. when you take your kids to the magic kingdom, parents you will have more reason to have those kids energetic when you go to disney. starbucks plans to open 6 cafes in the disney locations beginning in anaheim this june. it will serve desserts along with the usual starbucks streets and -- treats and the next will be in disneyland park and walt disney world resort in florida. head to our website for health news and the science behind brain freeze. look under the news tab and click on health. coming up all new at five this morning, before you let your kids dive into the pool, we have safety tips you need to know. how to keep your family safe. that story is coming up at
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5:20. and a police chase with intense moments and moves. the acrobatics of the suspect. that story is at 5:34. and a weather report is interrupted. who decideed to try forecasting their skills. that story is at 5:48. charley. time for news around the world. prodemocracy demonstrators clash with police in barre. they assembled in the streets after the funeral of a protester killed last week. 50 people have been killed since february of last year. >> -- the process to extradite jordan van der sloot has begun. u.s. authorities want to try him on charges of extortion and wire fraud in the natalee holloway case. he is the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. okay. so if you don't speak the
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language of showna that was a clip of one of william shake spears plays a festival in britain is celebrating the birthday with performance of his work in 37 languages. plays at london's globe theater will last for the next six weeks. washington, d.c. prince harry is coming to town, a think tank is giving him an award for humanitarian word supporting the armed forces. he will receive the prestigeous award at the lantic council at the awards dinner may 7th and will accept it on behalf of his brother and the foundation. it's time to start the 5:00 news. now "good morning maryland." . >> the general assembly could be one step closer to reconvening for a special session. new information on the goal to finish work on the budget. >> looks like winter than spring in some parts of the country. when the temperatures will warm back up. >> voters in ve


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