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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  April 24, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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heading to the polls for primary elections today. where the front-runner for the presidential nod will be when the polls closed. we will fill you in on this tuesday. it's the 24th? >> i think so. >> it's april 24th. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. you have to remind yourself it's april 24th because it feels like february 24th. >> it does. you know, that was my cue i know. it feels cold out there this morning. and they have freeze warnings in allegheny county this morning. but we are not dealing with that. we are on the upswing especially going into the afternoon. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. but you're getting out of the door this morning so you need to bundle up because we are chilly and breezy. we are dry but we do have the clouds still hovering out there. this is maryland's most powerful radar as of now. and well, we are dry but you can see a couple wintery mixes going on around state college also altuna. some of the streamers could work their way into our area going into the afternoon and morning time frame. but we will stay dry for today.
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be in the clouds and we will have a little sunshine here and there. but all in all not a bad day in comparison to yesterday. but right now the temperature in perry hall coming in at 40 and upper 30s in clarksville and darlington. good morning to you. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. getting ready for the tuesday morning drive. we have gotten rid of the overnight work zones. tunnels are clear and all lanes are opened north and southbound. that's on 95 as well as 895. traveling on the east side of 695, no early troubles to report between the key bridge and i-95. and if you are traveling on the top side of the beltway here's a live look at u.s. bel air road. we are light of course light volume for the 5:00 hour to get you started as well as on the harrisburg expressway. no early troubles making the drive through the parkton area heading through cockeysville. a live look at shawan road. charley. >> all right. now it's primary day for five states today. people in connecticut, delaware, new york, pennsylvania and rhode island are heading to the polls.
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in all 231 delegates are up for grabs. there's three gop presidential candidates in the running for that nomination. mitt romney newt gingrich and ron paul. romney is the presumptive nominee with the most delegates and will give a speech in new hampshire entitled a better america begins tonight. and that's at 9 tonight when the polls close in most states. a lawmaker could be a step closer to a special session. the house and senate could not come to an agreement on key parts of a budget package. and during the legislative session this is when it happened. sherrie johnson has more information regarding a possible special session. what's going on. >> reporter: well, this morning governor o'malley is expected to meet with lawmakers to talk about a possibilities of a special session. o'malley will meet with house speaker michael bush and senate president mike miller. the general assembly needs to finish work on fiscal 2013 budget after key parts of a budget package failed during the legislative session.
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o'malley said he will not call for a special session unless there's a consensus on a budget plan. senate president mike miller suggested a budget compromise that reworks the proposed tax increase for marylanders. now some say a gambling bill held everything up. miller says the legislative session probably needs a day or two to reconvene and finish its work. o'malley says he expects today's meeting to be limited to public safety, education, the state's aaa bond rating and finishing the budget work. without a tax increase package with the budget, the legislature ended up with a fiscal year 2013 doomsday budget with more than $500 million in cuts. the meeting between the governor and legislative leaders is expected to happen at 8 this morning in annapolis. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 5:03. today some legislators will discuss the general assembly session at the baltimore city naacp membership meeting giving a report on activities including the budget and
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important legislation. that's tonight at 6:30 at the union baptist church on druid hill avenue. a army private accused of leaking classified material to wikileaks will be back in a courtroom today. this is all for a pretrial hearing. bradley manning face as general court martial including aiding the enemy carrying a possible life sentence. military prosecutors says he gave wikileaks battlefield reports and diplomatic information. his lawyer says that he istroubled soldier and shouldn't have access to the information in the first place. police made another arrest in connection with a beating. sheaona davis is seen in the video beating the victim with the shoe. others assaulted him and stole his things. aaron sparsons was a-- parsons was arrested earlier this month. they are look for deangelo carter and shatia baldwin. a judge is expected to hear
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arguments on a motion to move the trial of two brothers accused of beating an african american teen. their attorneys say the storiescomparing this case to the high-profile one in florida will make it hard to find unbiased jurors. back in 2012, -- 2010, the brothers received a call on suspicious activity in a orthodox jewish neighborhood and they confronted the teen and they claim self-defense saying the teen was holding a nail studded board. time magazine will hold the time 100 gala for those named and the 100 most influential list. maryland has one of its own in attendance that will be the president of the umbc and will be honored. article mentions he changed the college from commuter school into one of the top universities in the country for scientists and engineers and activity in the civil rights movie. secretary of state hillary clinton will deliver the keynote address. most of us know by now it's not good to let your kids watch too much television. >> yeah. we have heard it.
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but new studies suggest it could be bad to even have the tv as background noise. why some say it's doing harm to your children. >> many cities in the northeast probably wished they had rain yesterday instead of this. look at this. it's snow. how much damage was brought on by the spring storm. lynette. >> and we are chilly again this morning, but we have a warmup on the way. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> reporter: and we have been scanning the traffic cameras for you and we have latest on what you can expect for your tuesday morning commute. g
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expwhr now "good morning maryland. >> for some cities april house is meant april flurries asms nor'easter unleased up to a fooft snow for some. it was forecasted for higher elevations for this morning. at peak 50,000 customers were without power in pens sane yeah and sen -- pennsylvania. i don't think anyone looks at
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this and which they had that. >> not the the -- at the end of april. >> some people will go out in search for snow. but we did have western maryland yesterday, but we didn't have it close to home. we can see the snow basically in canada. you can see the upper level spin there. that upper-level low and with that, that's why i am going to keep the chance for rain showers possible even as we go through the remainder of today. but for right now, we are dry as you step out this morning. you need to bring the coats and take the umbrella with you but take the coat because we could see temperatures right now a little on the chilly side. 39 degrees in northville. good morning to you. 38 in kingsville. and i will talk more about a warmup on the way but now back over to megan and charley. >> if you can't afford to build a pool buying a smaller portable pool could be the next best thing. >> we are giving you tips to keep your kids safe with the blowup pools to keep summer fun. >> reporter: april is a t
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awareness month. we will be -- is autism airwayness month. we will be be joined -- awareness month. we will be joined by a parent and the progress they are making together. you know chase freedom gives you 5% cash back at grocery stores this quarter. thank you. happy shopping! activate your 5 percent cash back at and now, new cardmembers get 100 dollars bonus cash back after they spend 500 dollars within the first three months. visit or your local branch today. see that film? people call me about this every day.
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now "good morning maryland." why april is a t awareness month and a study shows the rates are rising. >> that's true. one in 88 u.s. children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. >> linda so is here with a story of one mom's journey raising an autistic child. >> reporter: good morning. we are joined by gretchen and thanks for being here and sharing your personal story. you've son with autism. can you take us back to the beginning and tell us how you found out something might not be right. >> we knew -- we had two children when he was autistic and when he was 12 months we knew the warning signs. we went to the pediatrician and they said keep ion on itism watched the oprah show this story about red flags for autism. i brought him back into the pediatrician and said we need to get him help and went to a development and psychologist. >> reporter: what were the red
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flags. >> not being able to point and not connecting. we have an older child and we were able to compare him with the older child and things weren't the same and didn't seem right. he was not making icon tact just seemed very different. >> reporter: you went to the psychologist and referred to kennedy krieger. and tell us what happened with that. >> we went to kennedy krieger. they got him in for evaluation and they did diagnose him on the autism spectrum like our psychologist did. and they told us about an early intervention program that we could get him into. we went forward with that. >> reporter: that's made a difference. >> it made a huge difference. he was there every day for two years just getting the help eneeded. it was a great classroom setting and he went in not being able to talk at all. so within two months being there he said his first word. it was a great place. >> reporter: that's awesome. and this sunday, kennedy krieger is having a special event called roar.
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bike ride and walk and festival. really surrounded by families. we have a full screen with information you can go to www.kennedy or call the number on the screen but really great event. >> it's wonderful event. there's stuff to do for everyone bike rides and family festival a great event to support autism research. >> reporter: wonderful. she will join 5u9s:40 to tell us more about the progress your son is making. he is 6 in a regular school. we will talk more about that. back to you guys. and good morning at 5:15, here's the roads. a couple minor things you may need to watch to start your tuesday commute. traveling northbound on i-95, through the city, a disabled vehicle as you pass keith avenue but the north side of 695, doesn't look like a whole lot of activity. very few drivers on this stretch of 695 around harford road and perring parkway. on i-95 right now, still a very nice commute through the
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rosedale and white marsh area on i-95. the southbound commute is starting to build coming in from the joppa area and continuing to the top side of the beltway. now let's check the forecast for that we go to lynette. good morning. >> good morning. and our biggest concern this morning the winds. yes, they are not that strong but we are breezy so we have a wind chill. i will show you that in a second. but the wind out of the west at 7 miles an hour in york right now. ten in easton and 8 in dc and 6 in frederick. right now you're looking at calm wind in baltimore but the wind will pick up as we go throughout the day just like they did yesterday. so with that, we are feeling a lot colder. we feel like 33 degrees in frederick and 34 in york and 34 in york and also 39 is what it feels like in easton. so, dress appropriately and dress accordingly as you head out the door this morning. we are really going to feel the cold air. speaking of the cold air, it's cold enough to be picking up on snow. we do have that upper-level low just sitting on top us.
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see it spinning around canada. that's where all the snow is at this time. the wet weather in terms of rain is pushing into maine and we are basically dry. but with that upper-level low, i am not ruling out the chance for a couple showers to work their way in here as we go throughout the day. that is a possibility. now future trend picking up on the fact that basically we will have cloud streaming in here going throughout the day. i will say off and on we will get a few peeks of sunshine. but i think we will have more clouds than we have the sun for today. then high pressure will briefly build in as we go into wednesday and we will have another round of showers possible on thursday as a cold front slides its way across the area. for today, though, hour by hour, not necessarily that outdoorlunch type of day. temperatures at lunchtime coming in at around 56 degrees. 59 by 4 p.m. and that's the high temperature. we should be right around 66 degrees now for this time of the year. so we will be below that but we will be above average once again. we have a slight chance for showers maybe working their way
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in for next weekend. megan. 5:18. health news this morning a new report out today stays that only 13% of adults in the united states have high cholesterol even though majority of them are overweight. and experts believe it's largely because so many americans take cholesterol lowering drugs and dropping smoking rates and other factors contributed to this. so the government now set a goal that no more than 17% of adults have a high total cholesterol. so the goal was achieved about five years ago for women and more than 10 years ago for men. too much television can be bad for your child's development. we all know that. but we are told even though they are not in front of the tv screen. kid ages 8 months to 8 years are exposed to 4 hours of background tv every day. and children under the age of 2 are exposed to more background t-v. studies linked background television exposure to lower attention spans poor
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interaction and lower scores in school. there's less expensive way to have fun in the backyard but the consumer safety agency has a early warning for parents considering a portable pools ranging in the below kiddy pools. they are cheap and require less maintenance but the head of the consumer product safety commission says they can pose a risk. >> they are more affordable but they hold thousands of gallons of water and parents need to know that they need to take the same steps to save lives if they are going to use a portable pool. >> cpsc advices them to empty the small kiddy pools after every use and have a place to storage them. larger portable pools should have a cover and the ladder should be stored when not use. and learn cpr in the event of a emergency. britain's most eligible prince is coming to the u.s. >> he will be close to us. we will explain why prince harry is visiting the u.s.
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>> and why some american authorities are looking to bring jordan van der sloot here to the u.s. you are watching what's new, now and next on this tuesday april 24th. news time 5:21.
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5:24 on this tuesday morning. the man best known for the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway could be heading back to the the process to extradite him from peru to the u.s. has begun. his lawyer is he can stoked take up to three -- expected to take up to three months to complete. he is serving a 28 year prison sentence for a murder of a peruvian girl in 2010. 4,000 people took part in a test run for london's olympic games including organizers and emergency services and transport operators. the three-day test run aims to mimic the games where 26 sports will take place across 14 venues. in the wake of the kony video a hearing will be be held
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about the united states policy to counter the warlord resistance army which is run by a well-known war criminal. the kony2012 video is to stop the war tactics. prince harry can't get enough of the united states. he will return next month. he is heading to washington, d.c. to accept the atlantic council 201 award for distinguished humanitarian leadership a tribute to his work on behalf of military veterans and their families. the prince is the captain in the british army and he was in the united states last year for the apache helicopter training. so he will be back in washington, d.c. >> car chases in the streets of l.a. are normal. >> stay tuned. the car chase that we have on video may surprise you. it surprised officers. we will tell you about some the moves. >> cot new orleans saints be marching into a bigger mess.
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a new report and what the team is saying about it. >> we are dry but cloudy. i will tell you when we will see the sun again. >> reporter: no early accidents to report but we have an incident on i-95. we will have details on that straight ahead. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money social security in trouble. the fund is projected to run out of money in 2033. that's three years sooner than expected. a huge wave of retiring baby boomers is draining the coffers and people are living longer as well. ael's quarterly earnings report is out and it's expected to be another whooper but some of the profits are being drained from the competitors and wireless phone carriers and electronics retailers like best buy. united nations tally finds criminal business accounts for 7% of the global economy. generating two trillion dollars in profits. the crime is threatening a merging economies and causing
5:27 am
international instability. a space startup kicks off. james cameron and google billionaires larry paigre part project. the mission is to send a unmanned spacecraft to a asteroid. that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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now eye good morning maryland "-- "good morning maryland." a look at what happens today in the trial of john edwards. the former presidential candidate, a star witness tells what he knows. >> the police chief in sanford florida will not be stepping down from his job. >> lay day -- labor day weekend may not include the grand prix this year. they are struggling to keep the race alive. good morning. i am megan pringle.
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>> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast with lynette charles a warmup is in store. >> yes, more seasonable temperatures moving into the picture. let's start with temperatures. you are heading out the door. don't forget the coat because aid little on the chilly side once again. we can see temperatures in the upper 30s northville good morning to you. you are around 39 degrees. kingsville 38. 42 in sparrows point. 40sin laurel, arnold, edgewater and emetsburg 38 degrees. and ijamsville 37. and we do have the wind. i have to throw -- winds. i have to throw something in there. we have wind gusts up to 21 miles an hour in rock hall. feeling a lot colder this morning and more like in the 30s. dress accordingly as you head out and about. now, are we going get rain in the forecast for today? well, i have it. a slight chance so as you strap the coat on, put that umbrella in the kids bac


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