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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  April 24, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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morning at western maryland. this is the mdon camera on interstate 68. you can see there's snow on the ground. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. you know it's coming and still is surprising. mine it's almost may. >> i know. some people are happy, though>> indeed. they are. check in with lynette charles for how long that will hangaround or is it going to feel like spring. >> it will feel like spring. we have to go into tomorrow and we will see temperatures in the upper 60s and that's where we should be for this time of the year. but for today, we are going to work our way up slowly but surely. we are not dealing with any type of wet weather. we do have the clouds hovering but the fact is that we are chilly and we are breezy this morning. we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now. and it is a far cry from what we saw yesterday. and it will remain that way as we go throughout the day. i am going to keep a slight chance for a rain shower to pop in as we go into the morning and this afternoon. but temperatures this morning that's what you need to be concerned with because we are chilly once again. good morning glen burnie at 40
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degrees and ellicott city 38 degrees for you. and frederick coming in at 38. but we are breezy so those temperatures are feeling a little chillier this morning. don't forget your big coat. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. 6:01, one hot spot. 95 southbound we have the stalled tractor trailer but once you get by that, we are moving well on 95 as well as 895 for those of you heading to the harbor tunnel. elsewhere free and clear on the beltway. things are sluggish on the outer loop west side moving from pikesville to catonsville. heading to the northwest expressway a live look at i-795 at could by mill road. -- cocky mill road. the drive will slow down on the southbound of 795 approaching owings mills boulevard. for those riding mta, no delays on light rail, mta subway or marc trains and buses moving without delay. back over to you. it's primary day for five
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states. people in connecticut delaware new york and pennsylvania and rhode island will head to the polls today. there are still three gop presidential candidates in the running. mitt romney newt gingrich and ron paul. 231 delegates up tore for stakes many we will bring you the latest as they become available to us. stay tuned tonight for abc2 news at 11. lawmakers could be one step closer to a special session. >> the house and senate couldn't come to an agreement on key parts of the budget package during the general assembly. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with new information regarding a special meeting later this morning that could pay dividends down the road. >> reporter: that's right. legislators have a little work they need to finish up and this morning governor o'malley is expected to meet with lawmakers to talk about reconvening the general assembly for a possible special session. o'malley will meet with house speaker michael bush and senate president mike miller. the general assembly needs to finish work on the fiscal 2013 budget after key parts of the budget package failed during
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the recent legislative session. o'malley said he will not call a special session unless there is a consensus on a budget plan. senate president mike miller suggested a budget compromise that reworks the proposed tax increase for marylanders. now some say a gambling bill held everything up. miller says the legislator probably need a day or two to reconvene and finish work. o'malley expects the meeting to be limited to public safety, education and the triple a bond rating and finishing the budga tax increase package with the budget, the legislature ended up with a fiscal year 2013 doomsday budget with more than 500 million dollars in cuts. the meeting between the governor and legislative leaders is expected to happen at 8 this morning in annapolis. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.>> and we will let you know the outcome of the meeting. head to we are late break and developing details with the
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story. now tonight state law makeers in baltimore city will scug the general assembly session at the baltimore city naacp membership meeting. they will give a report on activities including the budget and leadges legislation to them. -- legislation to them. a army private accused of leaking private information to the wikileaks will have a hearing. he faces a court martial. his lawyer says was a troubled soldier who should not have had access to the information that he is accused of leaking. police make another arrest in the beating caught on tape on st. patrick's day in baltimore city. 20-year-old shayona davis is charged with armed robbery and theft and is seen in the video beating the victim with her shoe and others assaulted the victim and stole things from him. police are still looking for another suspect 18-year-old deangelo carter and a 21-year-
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old. george zimmerman's attorney describes his client's life outside after his release on bond in the fatal shooting of florida teen trayvon martin. abc news rick benson has what's going on in the latest developments in the case. >> reporter: george zimmerman was released on bond after midnight monday morning. his attorney explained how he is doing. >> he is doing well. very glad to be out. trying to get settled in. still worried about his safety but talking to his family and feeling better than being in. >> reporter: mark omayora said was wearing a bulletproof vest because of threats etch said his client doesn't have police protection and he wouldn't say whether or not zimmerman is in florida or planned to stay there. >> we have actually several location that is we will be be sort of moving him from to make sure we maintain his safety and security. >> reporter: how does martin's family feel about zimmerman's freedom. >> the jury it took to get them to the point of having arrested- - the journey it took to get him to the point of having him arrested has been a long one
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and it's with a heavy heart to see him walk freely. >> reporter: the commissioners voted against the police chief's resignationch the chief has been paid leave after the commission expressed a lack of confidence for handling of the case. one commissioner gave a defense. >> he is paying for the sins of past police officers. he is police chief. he has been here ten months. how do you steer a boat that big in ten months to a turn around? you don't. >> reporter: the abc2 news. >> sheriff office says zimmerman was fitted with a gps monitoring device allowing authorities to track his location and movement. an arraignment has been set for may 8th. but on monday his attorney entered a written not guilty plea on second degree murder charge on zimmerman's behalf and waived his rights to a i pear for an arraignment. news time is 6:a 6 -- 6:a 6
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--6:06. today a judge will hear the motion to move a trial of two brothers accused of beating a african american teen. they say the similarity to the trayvon martin case will make finding a unbiased jury difficult. it is 7 minutes after 6. new this morning, social security is running into some money troubles. the trustees who oversee the program say that the trust funds will now run dry by the year 2033. that's three years earlier than they originally thought. >> pressures on the programs are mounting and americans are living longer and the number of retireees is growing. >> meantime, medicare finances have stabilized we are told but the program possible insurance fund is projected to run out by 2024. tonight time magazine holds a gala in honor of those names
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times 100 most influential people and maryland one of our own is on the list. dr. freeman the president of the unbc. the article mention that he he changed that college from the commuter school into one of the top universities in the country for scientists and engineers. the party will be tonight at the lincoln center in new york. the nation's capital is rolling out the red carpet for a royal visitor. >> prince harry is coming to the united states for the second time in less than a year. we will explain why the royal is jumping the pond this time. >> and it's autism awareness month. linda so is speaking live with a local doctor about the condition and the latest in research. >> also the snow came down fast and furious. in -- furious in some parts of the northeast. we will look at the cleanup going on. >> we have plenty clouds around this morning. i am going to tell you when the next chance for showers work their way back into the forecast coming up. >> reporter: on the roads, do we have delays on the west side of the beltway? and check your drive towards
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the capital backway up next -- beltway up next. >> let's head to new york for the latest in tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites facebook and growth spiritpaying 5 50 million to microsoft for patents they he bought from aol after buying instagram. intel says the next generation ships will go on sale. they are the first with a 3-d structure to be fatter and use less power. and a bathroom scales are smart. the new it measures weight body maximum index and body fat and sends it wirelessly to your online account. technology editor joanna stern weighs. >> glow don't have to be on your-- >> you don't have to be on the computer or wi-fi and i stepped on the scale and went to work i logged in and saw how much i wade this-- weighed this morning. >> reporter: and it retails for
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130 bucks. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." people living in the northeast had to pull out shovels and heavy coats. look at this. the nor'easter only a burst of winter closed schools and triggered power outages is not right. up to a foot of snow fell. more forecasted for higher elevations. the utilities supported about 50 customers without electricity. cold here but we are not experiencing that. >> and some people going out with snowshoes and getting back into it i think there's line demarcation around april first april fool's day where you transition into you know spring. >> i agree but some people want
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the snow no matter what. so. >> it's there enjoy it. >> seven springs inens pennsylvania got snow and the ski resorts are happy. what they didn't get in the winter they are getting this april. satellite and radar picking up on rainfall. mainly in maine as of right now. with that upper level trough, we will keep the chance for showers in here for the afternoon. we talked about the snow. most in canada. and we are seeing a couple of those streaming into westerns p.a. and working into new york at this time. that's what they have to contend with. but here at home, we are dealing with mainly cloudy conditions this morning. and that will be the scenario even as we go into the afternoon maybe a few peeks of sunshine. and also a slight chance for maybe a shower to work their way in here. but, right now, temperatures are a little chilly this morning. kingsville good morning at 37 degrees. upper 30s in northeast. and also 40s we are looking at rock hall and sparrows point.
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42 in galena. and we do a have the winds out there. gusting up to about 20 miles an hour. in sparrows point and rock hall. so with that, the temperatures are feeling a little chillier. and that's why i am going to say bring the coat. we feel more like 38 degrees in baltimore and it feels more like 33 in frederick and york. now the future trend not picking up on any precipitation. no type of rain or snow. but it will keep us in the clouds for the most part for today. and the reason why is again, that upper-level low still has the grip on us. it won't be until thursday that will be the next best chance for showers in the forecast. for today, the hour by hour forecast keeps us on the cool side not cold. temperatures around 59 degrees. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you mentioned that wind gusts and we are getting reports of high winds on the east side. for those of you traveling on the east side of 695 just extra caution as you cross the key bridge this morning. and in the meantime, we are off to a great start for you
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tuesday morning drive. no early accidents to report out there. heading out the door in the next few minutes, you shouldn't have problems making your way to the tunnels. a live look here at 895 south of o'donnell street. nothing problematic but you will find breaking at the toll plaza. a live look at u.s. a now -- 50 now for those of you making the drive. coming through annapolis no delays. looking pretty good. drive times look good. good news for relatively normal for the most part. five minutes to the beltway from the harrisburg on. from shawan. making the drive on 95 southbound through rosedale, we are seeing quite a bit of volume but no delays to report so far. back over to you. 6:15. health news this morning a new report out says today only 13% of adults in the united states have high cholesterol. experts believe it's largely because so many americans takecholesterol lowering drugs and dropping smoking rates and other factors contributed. parents listen to this.
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too much television can be bad for your child's development when they are not sitting in front of the big screen. studies linked background tv exposure to lower attention spans, poor parent child- interaction and lower scores in school. it's estimated kids 8 months to 8 years be exposed -- are exposed to around four hours of background tv each day. april is a t awareness month and rates are rising. one in 88 u.s. children diagnosed with autism. >> linda so is here with the doctor to talk about the latest with autism research. linda. >> reporter: good morning. we are joined by the doctor from the kennedy krieger institute. you do a lot of work with kids with autism there. still, though a. lot of work that needs to be done i think one of the most frustrating things is we don't know what causes autism. >> that's right. >> reporter: and what kind of reer is -- research is being done to pinpoint causes. >> a lot. we have two major studies going on looking at developmental
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children with autism and looking at environmental he can ures and -- exposures and neurological factor. >> reporter: when money is being raised for research, what is being done? especially during april you can hear a lot about it -- april, you hear a lot about it. people might not know what the money is going towards. >> we are coming at it for multiple angle look at causes and developing new and more effective ways of detective it in infant and toddlers and also developing novel and more effective intervention through children from infancy through childhood. >> reporter: speaking of intervention, early intervention really is key isn't it. >> it is. yes. >> reporter: and so for parents out there, what are some of the signs that they need to be looking out for and how soon are we talking three months? six months? a year. >> we can't detect autism in those infants, but the signs we should be looking for include poor icon tact, not initiating smiling when they see people,
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poor imitation, delays in back and speaking. and also in -- babbling and speak and also pointing things out after nine months. >> reporter: this sunday is the annual roar event a bike race and walk and festival and a timefor families to get together and all the money goes towards autism research. >> that's right. >> reporter: for information go to kennedy or call a number. it's 443-423-7300. but, again this event is great for families to come out and find support if they need it. >> that's right. and it's a great community event where kids with autism can have a great time. and kid with physical development too. >> reporter: thanks so much. and if you have a question for the doctor, you can chime in on our facebook fan page. we have a little question posted there if you want to ask the doctor something or just to share your experiences with raising an autistic kid do so
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on the fan page. thanks so much. now back to you guys. when it is hot outside children want to swim in a pool. but a warning for parents who may be buying that portable pool. listen to this. they are cheaper and require less maintenance, but the head of the consuper product safety commission -- consumer product safety commission says they pose a number of risk. >> portable pools are more affordable but hold thousands of gallons of water. and so parents need to know that they need to take the same simple steps to save lives if they are using a portable poolthey advice owners -- >> they advice owners to empty the kiddy pools and larger portable pools should have a cover and ladder stored when the pool is not used. and learn the cpr for live saving skills in the event of an emergency. spending time in a prison for a murder of a woman there. but soon joran van der sloot could be coming stateside.
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>> why the united states authorities want to extradite him and the connection to the parents of in thaley holloway. >> testimony from jennifer hudson about the death of three family members. good morning maryland continues in a moment. and as we go to break, a live look at the sunrise over the white house in dc.
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now "good morning maryland." an emotional jennifer hudson took the witness stand in the trial of the man accused of killing three members of her family. he is accused of killing her mother, brother and nephew in 2008. the testimony got underway monday in chicago. hudson said no one in the family wanted her sister to marry balfour and he says he is not guilty and his attorneys says there's no forensic evidence linking him to the murders. the process to extradite joran van der sloot to the united states has begun. his lawyers say that they think
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van der sloot should be extradited within the next three months. they want to try him on charges of extortion and wire fraud in the natalee holloway case. he is the prime suspect in the disappearance and. he is now serving time for murdering a girl in 2010. something just exploded. >> a all right. an explosion led to the discovery of a smoking manhole. two emergency workers were hospitalized a fire captain and firefighter bent over to look inside when an electrical volt inplodded in their face. one of four explosions in all. the fire chief says responders did everything right when looking into the manhole. chinese teen recovers this morning after falling through a sidewalk. if you wonder how this happened. a close look at your screen shows surveillance video. she is talk on the cell phone and as you see right there, a cabdriver who witnessed the
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whole thing ran into there and got into the hole and saved the girl. she was laying at the bottom of an 18-foot well. cabbie jumped into the pit to help the girl but both had to be pulled out to the surface by firefighters. they had to rescue them the driver and the teen are fine this morning. while you were sleeping, 4,000 people participated in the start of a test run for the summer games in london. those who took part including game organizers, emergency services and transport operators. the test run will last three days. it is mimicking the period of the time with the 26 different sports taking place across 14 venues in august. ryan seacrest will keep his job as. >> host: of american idol. a job he held since it premiered a decade ago. no specifics were given about the length of the contractor how much he is be paid. he announced he has an addition to the many duties and will work for nbc. he is taking pack in the lordon olympic -- london olympic
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coverage. prince harry is coming back to the united states next month. less than a year after his last visit, he is going to be in washington, d.c. to accept the atlantic council 2012 award for distinguished humanitarian leadership honoring him for work on behalf of military veterans and families. he is the captain of the british army. police chases of all sorts are in los angeles we will see them on the news but this takes the cake. >> see a wild chase and a dog biting someone in a most uncomfortable position. good morning maryland returns in a bit. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted?
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you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland ." i the baltimore grand prix could be in trouble. coming, the problems facial the race and why the city is working hard to keep it alive. >> now or lien saints may have found -- new orleans saints may have found themselves in trouble again. >> could maryland lawmakers be closer to a special session. >> this is what it looks like right now this morning in western maryland. a live look from an mdot camera along interstate 68 in grantsville. looks a little chilly because that is snow on the ground. thanks for joining us i am


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