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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 24, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the cause. they detected heavy levels of carbon monoxide in the home. some breaking news out of ball. police tell us that 18-year-old deangelo carter is charged with first degree assault. carter is one of several arrests of the beating that went viral. police are looking for one more person in connection with the beating. now the latest on a long time effort to push an aadult movie theater out of heal -- halethorpe. the business remains but the judge has ordered it to stop showing films. >> reporter: if the gateway to halethorpe is southwestern boulevard, love crest would be
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the welcome map. after a decade of showing dirty flicks, neighbor julie keyser wants to see a it gone. >> it shouldn't be operating. so i'd like to see it gone. >> reporter: have you ever been in there? >> no. >> reporter: love craft ran into problems when the count ran no a problem banning important flicks within 500 feet of neighborhoods. the business' attorney said it's zoning designed to torpedo the bestness and sensor free speech. >> what the county is done here is they have really gotten involved in dictating what people can sale, what they candice play and how they can do it. they have turned the police into
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a smut police. he has to tackle a deep embankment to reach his yard. >> i'm free. let everybody do what they want to do as long last they're not breaking the law or hurting anybody. >> reporter: opponents say businesses like this one could foster drinking, drug activity. >> they're creepy people, i'm sorry. to each their own but take it out of my neighborhood. >> reporter: in halethorpe jeff hager, abc2 news. >> an attorney for the business says he will apelt injunction to the state's highest court. all right. take a look. maryland's most powerful radar tracking showers. northern harford county, northern cecil county. most of this rain is not hitting the ground.
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we've got extremely dry air at service. freeze warnings up in garrett county and northern virginia. it's going to be a chilliy night. north eastern shore it's comfortable. 60 in baltimore. 57 even in hagerstown. the rest of the evening will call for 50s and staying on the breezy side. how will we say our next weather system. we look at your weekend in a few minutes. if you want access to maryland's most accurate forecast, 24/7 right there in the palm of your hands, just towed our website you can take a look at the growing list of apps and weather forecasts. all of that just one click download away. there's a daunting deadline approaching for college students who need to take out a
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government subsidized loan for the next school year. jamie costello has more with how president obama is involved. >> the interest rate is set to double, meaning a college degree could cost college students thousands more if congress does not lact by july the 1st. it would go up to 6.8%. that affect last lot of undergrates. a sphawd borrowing the -- student borrowing the amount would and up paying more. president obama visited the university of north carolina chapel hill today calling on congress to keep the lower interest rate. >> at this make or break moment for the middle class, we got to make sure that you're not saddled with debt before you get started. >> official frpts nonpartisan congressional office said keeping the lower rate would end up costing the government $5.8
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billion. whatever it decides to do, candidates are hoping to get the votes from those students come november. according to a new federal government report, social security and medicare will face some financial challenges much sooner than expected. medicare, which will provide health insurance to more than 50 million elderly and disabled americans this year is expected to start operating in the red in 2024. as for social security, the trust fund will be unable to fulfill its obligations by 2033, three years earlier than projected. home prices in nine cities fell to their lowest levels in february according to the s&p chase schiller index. atlanta, chicago saw the hardest hit. some places saw prices climb
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year after year. abc2 is working for you. we're helping you protect your personal information and clean up that clutter. start piling up your unwanted document. this weekend you can shred them for free. there's one at the mecu branch in catonsville and at the meku brann in which baltimore. we'll be there from 9:00 until noon this saturday. a routine police chase became anything but routine. how the officer was payable to get the driver to surrender. >> he's grabbed the hearts have you people around the world, tipping the scale at 39 pounds. what an animal shelter is doing to get mr. meow a new home.
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a k9 take as bite out of crime literally. police in los angeles were following a robbery suspect. in a spider-man move a woman climbs in through a window. the woman later surrenders. when the driver didn't, cops
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released the k9. the dog latched on to the driver and would not let g police were able to arrest the suspect and collected the cash that had spilled out on the road. an attack of a different kind in lakeland, florida, where a customer with a bat took out his angry at a worker in mcdonald's. the attack happened about 30 seconds. the man with the batt walked out of the store, using his shirt to turn the knob so he wouldn't leave finger prints. he's cute and won the hearts of people all over the world. meet mr. meow, the fattest 2-year-old cat ever, tipping the scale at 39-pounds. he is considered to be obese. a normal cat weighs 12 pounds. mr. meow is in the care of an
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animal shelter where he's on a diet to become well enough to be adopted. coming up next, a 13-year-old girl is dead, the victim of a drunk driving accident. we'll tell you why the family is pushing for the driver to stay in jail and what the judge did that disappointed the family. plus, summer just around the corner. what you need to know before you go out and bione have those cute little portable pools. we'll be right back.
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a man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl in a drunk driving accident in florida last week is back in court for a bond reduction hearing, the girl's family wants the suspect to remain in jail. we have more on how they're coping with her death. >> reporter: the two were
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planning on caylee's upcoming 13th birthday. instead, the dad and step mom are laying flowers and balloons on her grave site, struggling, not celebrating. >> she was sleeping, thank god she never felt the pain. >> reporter: he was taken his daughter and older daughter to a routine trip to their mom's house to get ready for school on friday, april 13th. this black range rover slammed into it splitting it in half. i asked if everybody was okay. i looked back and i realized the magnitude of the accident. 13-year-old caylee was in the back seat asleep. >> my dad went around where the big hole was in the car and pulled my sister out.
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>> i wish it was me and not hurt. >> reporter: while he struggled to keep his daughter alive long enough for rescuers to get there, the other driver ran out have his range rover and ran -- drunk. >> he broke our hearts. >> reporter: he is now in jail on a state record-seth $1 million bond -- record setting $1 million bond. the family wants to make sure he stays in jail while they mourn caylee's death. in this video, she was beg everyone to support her sister's memory. >> this isn't supposed to happen. we can start drunk driving, and we can start here. it's something customs officials don't see every night.
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sunday night at dulles they seized more than four pounds of cocaine. apparently it was hidden inside chocolate bars. it was inside of a got mal an gsh -- guatemalaian woman's luggage. nice to see the sunshine back out today as it was most of the early part of the day. now you see cloud cover creep egg over the statement of partly cloudy over the next couple hours. 60 degrees. winds southwest at nine a pleasant evening, still colder than average. where they picked up a couple inches of wet snow you see how fast this melted off. snow earlier this morning. as we time lapse this the snow melts whoever quickly. there maybe early morning
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cross-country skiing in garrett county. back here today a big improvement. shngz, a beautiful shot of the close peek bay, light -- chesapeake bay, a little breezy. we had winds around 20, so breezy, cool but an improvement over our monday. a few showers being picked up mainly north of bel air. again, i have seen no ground reports. it's evaporating on its way down. i suspect no chance for rain this evening or tomorrow. 63 easton. cooler, west 40s until the areas where they did get snow yesterday. the winds are gusty around 10 to 15. as we look at some of the wind gusts, 2 in -- 22 in d.c. 25 in frederick. any rain that's coming down is
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not making it to the ground. pretty impressive radar as you get north of maryland. this is the southern edge of that large area of low pressure that's still putting down significant precipitation in eastern canada and spinning just enough bands south to impact maryland, impact pav p--- pennsylvania with light showers. breezy conditions and another chilly night but not has windy. as we look at the big picture temperature wise, 1 -- 81 des moines. that will replace the cool shot that has come. the trend right now, chances look quite minimal. in fact, tomorrow looks like a day of blazing blue sky, a lot of sunshine. as we go into thursday, the chance for morning showers. new disurps comes in. arrives early thursday. and some of those could linger
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into the second half of the weekend. overnight down to 40, your two-degree guarantee tomorrow. new model data. we'll bump this up to 68. some spots could get to 70. tomorrow night down to 4 with clouds on the increase and maybe a shower by dawn, but, again, overall, the trend is going to one of showers, i think, mainly thursday early and overnight saturday into sunday, chances for rain showers and rain we still need. we're still way behind on the annual rain total. back to you. now to democracy 2012 news. voters in new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island and del aware hitting the polls for the republican nomination. tory dunnan joins us from washington. rick santorum's departure took a lot of the suspense out of the contest. what's the big news?
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>> reporter: the conversation has generally shifted toward the general election but there's many factors on primary day. let's start with the presumptive nominee mitt romney. he's telling voters to think ahead to november. >> show is that we're ready and willing to take over president obama. then i want you to work over the summer to get your friends to think about voting. >> reporter: romney is expected to make a major speech later on tonight in new hampshire. his campaign official said it parks the official end to the primary see son. we're still keeping a close eye on the other two candidates f you look at dag count, it's -- delegate count it's virtually impossible that newt gingrich and ron paul can catch up. his staff as if help doesn't win
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the state he will have to reassess his campaign. we know newt gingrich will be holding a speech from north carolina later on today. >> all right. we'll catch up with you tomorrow for the latest. the secret service is investigating a south carolina man after he admitted to spray painting the name kill obama on his home. he told the secret service the phrase was not a threat but an acronym for something else. the writing is still being handled as a threat. jones as since painted over the statement. it's a felony to threaten the president in any way. >> it means something else? okay. i'm jamie costello. coming up at 6:00, abows can leave -- abuse can leave long
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term scars and can change the dna. we are working for you for tips to get must-have gadgets. now here's a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. here's diane sawyer. >> what's forcing some children to flood emergency rooms, something that can be prevented. an invisible crisis. there are solutions inside the hidden america on world news. [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words.
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thank you for the lovely meal, jane. mom. and maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. in tonight's consumer alert, they are an inexpensive way to
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add fun to the backyard but there's an early warning for kid -- parties considering buying that cute little pool. >> with a warm spring in some parts of the country, the consumer product safety commission is urging parents to prepare for pool safety early. in particular, consumers eyeing pools that are cheaper but less maintenance. they can pose risk too. >> portable pools are affordable but hold thousands of gals of water. parents need to take the same simple steps to save lives. >> reporter: plan on emptying every kiddy pool after every use. larger pools should have a cover and the ladder stored when not
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in us. >> children can drown in a very small amount of water. that's why children should never be unattended in a pool no matter how small. >> reporter: they also advice warning neighbors about the temporary pool in the yard this summer. i'm karin caifa, abc2 news. iphone applications dropped in the first quarter. at&t announced it sold just over 4 million of the devices, verizon old 3 million in the first two months of 2012. apple hopes that foreign sales will help boost the profits. coming up, thousands of people awaiting for had lifesaving organ transplant. how one woman is reaching out to help. that story and more on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now.
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it has been a tough day in baltimore. a mother stabbed her 8-month-old little girl. she's okay but what happened. and stop the movie and tear down the booth. a judge hammers an adult movie show in halethorpe. sunny skies a nice breeze. we heard lawn mowers and sneezes today. oh, man, springtime is back although there's a little chill in the air. here's wyatt everhart. >> heard the mowers. that inch and a half of water. now we are tracking after a sunny start to the day some additional clouds as we saw on our skycam shot and a few showers. most of this is not hitting the ground f you seeny


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