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tv   News  ABC  April 25, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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building. why some say it's a issue there for long time. >> baltimore police make another arrest in the st. patrick's day beating but they don't have all the suspects this morning. a group of passengers are in florida after what some call fowl start to the flight. we are live in west palm beach with the story on this wednesday, april 25th. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. we will start off with weather and hopefully we can get a little bit of a warmup. it would be nice to start planting flowers and getting outside again. >> it would. we will be dealing with the fact we are dealing with chilly temperatures for this morning. but then we will warm up nicely becoming seasonable by this afternoon. we will take that. but this morning, make sure to take the big coat. we are dry as of now with a few clouds. and that scenario will stick around into the afternoon. maryland's most powerful radar is looking dry and we will continue that way. but we are going to be dealing with the fact we have a frost advisory in efeeing until 9 this morning. and that's for the areas here
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shaded in the light blue color. so -- in effect until 9 this morning. and that's for the areas shaded in the light blue color. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. got a traffic advisory from the department of transportation. traveling downtown, there will be a street closure due to a movie shoot. that's on green mount avenue. we don't know how long it will be closed but it will be closed between the stretch of 25th and 29th street. that's green mount avenue closed and will remain closed for most of the day between 25th and 29th streets. and in the meantime, we are not looking at major backups. a pretty off and on delays for the most part around the beltway. not too bad on the inner states traveling through the city a live look at o'donnell street on 895. and again traveling around the beltway as we mentioned off and on pockets of slow traffic. not too bad on this strep of 695 as you pass baltimore
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national pike. back over to you. there's serious safety concerns after an 8-month-old baby was stabbed by her own mother. this happened inside the social services building in baltimore. >> linda so is here with why security in the building say they have had an issue with this before and they have got history. >> yeah. >> reporter: the head of the union representing the social workers at the building says hebrought concerns about lacked security to management and says after what happened yesterday it highlights the need for change. baby's mother got a large kitchen knife in the building and stabbed the baby girl in the head and neck as they met with the social worker. she was rushed to hopkins and is expected to be okay. the mother is in custody. the head of the state's public employee union says the security firm used by the state is inadequate. >> it's not the first time we have brought this up to management. within the last couple weeks we brought this up into management
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that will are safety concerns. >> reporter: and moran says unless more money can be directed to child services, an incident like that could easily happen again. linda so, abc2 news. well a third suspect has been arrested in connection with an assault and robbery caught on tape in baltimore. this happened on st. patrick's day in front of the mitchell courthouse. deangelo carter is charged way salt. shayona davis was arrested and charged with armed robbery and theft. aaron parsons was arrested at the incident and earlier this month. police are look for another person who they say took part in the robbery. former bp engineer charlie go a-- be charley go ahead. >> in connection with the oil disaster has been arrested. it's the first criminal charges by the justice department. they filed it. eleven people died when the drill rig he can plodded in
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april 2010. millions of -- exploded in april 2010. millions of oil poured into the gulf. game 2 between the o's and blue jays could be chilly and bats for both clubs were on ice. both teams mustered 10 total hits as baltimore won 2-1 over tonight yoi. hunter went 6 strong innings and matt got the 6th home run and that was in the fourth all baltimore needed to pick up the win. first pitch tonight at 7:05. jason ham i will will take the mound -- hamel will take the mound. >> a cow wandered to a macdonald's drive through. the dairy cow escaped from the pin in colorado. and the owners say lady darcy is stubborn and when she doesn't get attention she finds it. >> i got a call for dispatch asking if my son had a dairy cow and i said yeah and she said it was at mcdonald's. >> darcy was able to bust out of the gate and go half a mile
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to mcdonald's. she walks through the drive through and butted her head up against the window. folks at mcdonald's got a kick can out of it and started to take pictures. and before they knew it, darcy's owners found out and took her back home. >> stubborn thing huh? >> i get itshe wanted fries. >> or shake or appel pie. states are finding creative ways to make deficits in the budgets. >> new jersey came up with a way but stores believe it will hurt their bottom line. >> some say a popular hotel chain is going mad. a new deal out there for certain people of a certain name, andone of megan's favorite shows. ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪
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♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ this time from. [audio not understandable]
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elementary middle school, good morning maryland. >> good morning to you. i like the giggle. you may be hard-pressed to find a gift card in the garden state. >> a new law about to go in effect allowing them to claim unused balances in the cards sold in new jersey. >> they are doing it because they hope it will give cash strapped states a source of revenue. they can take the unclaimed balance two years after a card was purchased. the haw causes companies to stop selling gift cards in the state and they can file a claim to get money back at any time. lindsay low he ham heads to washington, d.c. her publicist confirmed that the actress and her defense attorney are attending the white house correspondent dinner association with fox news host. they basically say that she is known for bringing unusual guest in the past and she certainly is. is your name don draper. >> no. >> you like don draper. >> i do.
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>> howard johnson like him too and the hotel chain has a deal for you. it's offering a free one-night stay to anyone with the legal name of don draper. that offer is after the chain was featured in the episode of madmen. draper takes his wife to check out the hotel. you can book your room until may 8th. the offer is good until august 31st. but you have to have proof that you are who you say you are. >> you can't just go in asay i am don braip draper. >> abc2 news to go. >> including the president'smessage to college students. >> reporter: if you are trying to pay for college, information to learn about student loans. the story straight ahead. >> and a new case of mad cow disease has been confirmed in the u.s. health officials say you don't need to worry. >> no rain gear for today but keep it close by. i will tell you when you will put it to use coming up. >> reporter: and no accidents but two disabled vehicles on two of our key routes. details coming up next. ♪
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good witness morning this is your ab -- wednesday morning. this is your abc2 news to go. >> let's say hello, to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. we are dealing with chilly temperatures this morning because we have a frost advisory that's in effect until 9:00. you can see it for the areas here shaded in that blue color. even extending into pennsylvania this morning, we are looking at adams and york county and we have some freeze warnings back off towards the west. so, we are going to be in the chill for a little bit longer. and then temperatures will begin to warm up going throughout the day. but speaking of temperatures, in churchville, at 43. 38 in columbia. and centerville at 42. we look at winds and they are light and variable as of now. but they will begin to pick up as we go into the afternoon. the dry weather is out there and it will stay that way even as we go into the afternoon. i will talk about the next chance for rain coming up. but right now let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the roads right now, we are dealing with a couple disabled vehicles tying up the drive on
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a couplep our key routes. traveling on the harrisburg expressway southbound at timonium road, blocking a right lane with a stalled car. and traveling westbound on i-70 at ridge road, that's where you will see the disabled there. heading towards the tunnels, not a bad drive on 895. the harbor tunnel throughway. not a lot of slowing either northbound or southbound there. and on i-95 at the fort mchenry tunnel we are heavy in the southbound direction. northbound moving freely. back over to you. breaking news this morning. we are just learning that british girl who went missing in may of 2007 while on family vacation may still be alive. the family was vacations in portugal when she went missing. uk authorities plan to release a new image of the girl over a little later today. education news this morning. occupy wall street protesters are planning demonstrations across the country. they are dubbing today one trillion dollar day protest and that's because that's how much debt we have in student loans
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and that protests is part of the controversy over the possible raising of interest rates doubling it for college students because of federal loans. >> president obama is on the campaign trail taking the message to college students across the country trying to get them on his side. sherrie johnson has more on this story. the president started in north carolina yesterday, and wrapping up today in the hawk eye state. >> reporter: that's right. trying to get the message to students. the president headed on a three- state trip including north carolina chapel hill and university of iowa and colorado. he is urging congress to extend reduced interest rates on federal students loans. if congress does not act, the interest rate will double from 3.4% to 6.8% on july 1st. senate democrats will push for a bill to prevent interest rates from rising on federal student loans. they unveiled the 5.9 billion dollar bill on tuesday after the idea was endorsed by
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president obama. and republican presidential front-runner mitt rom any. young voters overwellingly support the president but less than enthusiastic in 20 08. >> i am the president of the united states. check this out. we finished paying off our student loans about 8 years ago. >> reporter: the romney campaign argues a 13.2% unemployment rate for 20 to 24- year-old and thepresident's rhetoric is competing with the record. sherrie johnson abc2 news. the springtime means spring cleaning including signs placed illegally around baltimore county. they lit earth landscape and can be distracting to drivers. county executive is speaking today about the problem and how it puts law-abiding businesses at a competitive disadvantage. opening statements are expected in the case of the brothers accused of beating an african american teen while on neighborhood watch in a jewish neighborhoods in park heights a jury of their peers will not hear the case. brothers requested trial by judge. at first they want the trial
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moved out of the city for fear of a fair trial. now the trial is publicized comparing it to the trayvon martin case in florida and it will be heard by a judge. 6:48. a motions hearing will be today at fort meade for private first class bradley manning. he is accused of leaking documents and some of the information ended up on wikileaks. supporters of manning will hold a vigil in his honor. it's going to begin at 8 this morning. it's expected that a date will be be set for manning's court martial during the hearing. if convicted, he could face life in prison. we are getting new reaction this morning after a jetblue plane bound for west palm beach made an emergency landing in suburban new york at an airport shortly after hitting birds following take off. christina moore with the scripps station is live in west palm beach with more and all new reaction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those passengers were headed here to west palm beach.
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they finally made it here last night a little later than expected. the good news is they were all safe. there were more than 50 passengers on jetblue flight 571 when it ended up striking a number of birds. it happened right after taking off from the westchester county airport in white plains new york. the pilot made an emergency landing there not before passengers went through quite a roller coaster of emotions. >> the plane started to swerve immediately right after the two hit, so he was rock the plane back and forth and we knew something was going on. i am going to die. i am not going to see my family or get home. i am okay and i am very thankful everything turned out very well. >> relieved that i am finally home. didn't think i would get here. >> reporter: of course, who could forget in 2009 when that plane had to make an emergency landing on the hudson river in new york city.
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that was because the plane hit a flock of geese. we are live this morning at palm beach international airport, christina moore now back to you. >> thanks so much. charley. a clean sweep for mitt romney in the republican presidential primary. eke add new york and del care and pennsylvania and rhode island to the states. he told new hampshire the last few years is the best barack obama can do but it's timeamerica can do better. this morning's health alert, the first case of mad cow disease in six years is detected in california. >> and now abc2 news linda so joins us with everything you need to know to keep your family safe because you hear about something like this and i think it makes you worry. >> reporter: federal health officials say it's safe to consume meat and dairy products. the latest case is a isolated one and the animal never entered the food supply. the infected dairy cow was detected at a plant in
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california. that plant converts animal biproducts into other items. it's the first case of mad cow disease in six yearsp it's potentially brain wasting infection that can be transferred to humans. if you recall, a devastating outbreak in britain during the 90s killed 150 people. the usda says they will continue to investigate the latest case, but the agency says dairy products and meat are safe to consume. >> we have taken steps since 2004 to assure that the types of products from animals that could protensionly be the cause of mad -- potentially be the cause of mad cow disease are not in the food system. >> reporter: the dead cow is in quarantine inform instructions are given on proper disposal. shrined, abc2 news -- linda so, abc2 news. the people are scoter will hearing oral arguments about the controversial immigration law in arizona. it is a case of national security versus civil rights.
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it can have major implay cages on the obama administration and upcoming presidential race. seanate bill aimed at saving the u.s. postal service would make it harder to close thousands of smaller post offices. and saturday mail delivery. that bill would give the post office 11 billion dollars. the government agency says that steps are needed to reduce billions in debt and become more profitable again. a movement dubbed campaign to stop killer coat plans demonstrations today at 2012 coca cola shareholders meeting in atlanta. >> the organizers claim the company must answer for human rights violations and abuses and poor working conditions at the facilities around the world. we will let you know what happens. also today, fans can see hundreds of items owned by ted williams at the first major auction of his memorabilia. the preview runs through friday at fenway park and it's opened to the public. it will be on saturday and some of the proceeds will benefit the red sox charity. dr. jill biden will visit a
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school in newport news virginia. she will discuss the importance of knowing the needs of military connected children in schools. she will be joined by the joint chief of staff vice chairman. pretty incredible and spectacular video out of minnesota from this morning. purple and emboweled light be -- gold lighting up the sky. there's science behind the northern lights. this is the bottom line, it's just really cool shot -- just really a cool shot. it was shot by a team of storm chasers who actually say it was a nice change of pace for the guys usually chasing down deadly tornadoes. really, a spectacular thing to see. >> it's beautiful. i love looking at that. but, i could go outside and look at the beauty out there because we will be getting lots of sunshine in here. this morning, the big story, we are dealing with cooler temperatures once again. it's chilly out there. good morning hereford right around 40. 40 in reisterstown. ellicott city 35 and 34 in
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rockville. we have a frost advisory that's in effect until 9:00 this morning for northern baltimore county and also carroll county and frederick county. as we go across the eastern shore, the temperatures in teachesville is not as chilly. -- stevensville is not as chilly. 44 in rock hall. and 40 degrees in elkton. let's go outside. we won't talk about it because look at the beautiful sunrise in glen oak and baltimore county as of now. we are seeing more of the same in urbana. a few clouds across the area but now more sunshine for us. satellite and radar picking up on the upper level trough and a huge system swirling with that, we will move out of the area. and we will be out of the grip out of the grasp. as of right now, we are dealing with a few clouds out there. but we will get plenty of sunshine as we work throughout the day mixing with a couple clouds just like yesterday. our next chance for rain works et cetera way in here tomorrow morning. so your commute could be on the wet side. we get a break on friday and
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then the wet weather moves back in for weekend. but for today, that temperature coming in right around 68 degrees. and here is a check of the game forecast. 64 partly cloudy. light and variable breeze a good day out there. and your 7-day forecast brings the showers in for the weekend. let's check the traffic with angela, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the roads right now just want to remind you traveling downtown today green mount avenue closed between 25th and 29th streets. that's coming from the department of transportation for a movie shoot. keep that in mind. traveling on 795, southbound, or southbound 83, not seeing any major backups. our usual delays there. on 95 and 895, a little slow approaching the tunnels. but still moving at a pretty good pace. but drivers are tapping the brakes on u.s. 29 moving towards 216. the southbound side is a little bit slow as you make your way into montgomery county heading from howard county this morning. check out this video of a
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frederick teen becoming a internet sensation he hits a half court shot, flip, ball bucket in front after the front flip. this is 15-year-old micah thomas who shot it and it was featured on espn he said he made it on the first try and the clip has gotten more than 200,000 hits on youtube this far. tough call glass in that situation. >> first try that's amazing. >> watch. >> oh. >> that's -- i couldn't get it out. that's the way lynette and i play basketball but i couldn't get it out. >> acrobatic basketball. traffic delays because of a movie shoot. >> reporter: greenmont is closed between 25th and 29th streets. >> we know what movie. >> reporter: we do not know. i was reer ising. >> -- researching. >> you can be an extra. >> i am a principal. -- principle, baby. ♪
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