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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  April 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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was schedule for a supervised visit at department of social service with 8-month-old pretty diamond. diamond put the baby down on the table. fumbled for a large kitchen knife and began to stab the child. witnesses heard her say lock me up. if i can't have her, no one can. one man even threw chairs at her. >> they stopped the mother from furgt attacking the daughter. that's clear in charging documents. numerous witnesses were involved. >> reporter: thomas is charged with attempted murder, child abuse, reckless endangerment, a disturbing crime that has even made police shake their heads. >> it's one of those case after the initial incident is over you pick up the phone and call your son or daughter.
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how anycan -- anybody can do something so terrible is beyond me. >> reporter: the child remains in critical condition with multiple stab wounds but is expected to recover. the mother remains in custody at central book. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. the final suspect connected to the st. patrick's day beating is in jail. it was caught up on tape. police caught up with deangelo carter. polices will arrested 20-year-old shayona davis. the video went viral. the victim was robbed and stripped of his clothing. a dramatic turn of events when the teen who was allegedly
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beaten by a pear of teens on neighborhood patrol refused to testify. jeff? >> reporter: the victim who is 16 told the judge he never wanted to testify and wanted the state to drop the charges. eli and avi werdesheim face charges they assaulted the teen while on patrolling a jo wish community. one of them struck the victim in the back of the head with a walkie-talkie. once he took the stand he teared up and buried his head in his hands refusing to answer many of the questions. >> i can't hear what the witness said. how are weigh supposed to know how he is responding to it. >> we can't do our job unless we
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hear what the witness says. >> reporter: ultimately, the alleged victim refused to testify and they have to re lie on other witnesses to try to get a conviction. we'll have new details on how the violent confrontation came about. jeff hager, website whoib news. >> we have an update is on that flea market raid. four were arrested sunday about 39-year-old ba ba toure has not been found yet. now to a developing story. is madeleine lynn -- madeleine mccann still alive? she disappeared in portugal in
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2007. on done police said there's a chance the girl may be alive. now to tucson for the latest on the missing 6-year-old. police are looking for surveillance camera for isabel celis. an employee at one of the stores said isabel's brother walked in alone. >> he came in and he asked did you hear anything. we were all sleeping. the next thing, she's gone. >> abc news got their hand on cameras, and whether dogs were barking and who isabel was normally with. testimony in the trial of jennifer hudson's brother-in-law focused on the never fiew.
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william balfour killed her family members. a disurk new discovery in california, a cow has tested positive for mad cow disease. now feeshes are trying to determine how the animal got sick in the first place. >> reporter: it's the first case of mad cow disease since 2006. according to experts it was pure luck that a dairy cow with mad cow disease was detected. less than 1% of the tens of millions of cattle slaughtered. >> the government needs to take stronger action in surveillance and the feeding practices oar
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door causes nervous system breakdowns in cows and humans, 175 people died in the 1990's english outbreak. in this country it's rare. >> we have a very robust surveillance program. through the inspection of the meat, or food is safe. >> reporter: after the first confirmed case in 2003, dozens of countries band u.s. beef. this is the fourth confirmed case in the u.s. but the usda insists it occurred in a product other than food. >> this did not enter the food supply. >> reporter: since the english outbreak the food has band feed and cattle remnants but the fda is investigating whether someone broke the feed ban. another possibility is genetic
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mutation. >> if we have tainted feed, we'll have a much bigger problem. >> reporter: some markets in asia have stopped selling beef due to this scare. burger king joining the bandwagon of others promising to treat animals more humanely. they said the eggs and pork will come from cage free animals and pigs in a five-year period. >> check this out. the rest of the evening 60s. i want to back this up. i skipped ahead on my graphic. a clear scenario today with sunny skies and look at some of these temperatures hovering right around the upper 60s to low 70s. 70 in d.c.
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62347 baltimore. tomorrow warmer but the chance for rain and some increased cloud cover comes back tomorrow. we'll talk about how that sets up the weekend. are you ready for orange wednesdays we all know about purple fridays and how they set the tone come football season. now one local woman is hoping the same can be done for the baltimore orioles. dunn dpawk native nancy cook started a grass roots effort to turn wednesdays into orange wednesday. it is opened that the friends will have a big show of orange and get the downtrodden over their hump. >> i think it's better to sport person who's the underdog and the person that needs a lift up and i'd like to see our town turn into a supportive group and be wearing this sea of orange because i think it who give confidence to our young players,
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make our older players happy. >> well, so far, nancy's gotten a thumbs down from orioles officials. she's hoping the movement gathers steam from social media. coming up, a quiet walk in the park interrupted by a man with his pants down. where it happened and what witnesses told police. kids have tried lots of things to get high or get drunk. what experts say some have turned to now and why it's dangerous. many of us have spent hours in front of the tv with this family. what a local school did to honor him tonight.
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it's the kind of thing that makes you shake your head.
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officials in california are talking about teens who have been routinely drinking hand sanitizer. joce sterman explains. >> reporter: you see these bottles of hand sanitizers every where you go but teens are using it to get drunk. los angeles alone in just the last few weeks doctors have deltd with six teenager -- dealt with six teenagers who have come in after drinking hand sanitizer. this stuff is more than 406% alcohol and incredibly dangerous if not used the right way. >> this is 120 proof. this is hard liquor. this is like taking a bottle of vodka and taking shots of vodka. it doesn't take much to get drunk and it doesn't take much to reach alcohol poisoning, especially when you're young and you start taking this stuff as part of a joke, as part of a
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fad. >> reporter: kids don't stop with just drinking right from the bottle. some have posted video on youtubes telling people how to disstill it down it straight alcohol. they said to talk to your kids now about the dangers of this and think about switching to foam sanitizer which reportedly is more diluted. joce sterman, abc2 news. right now a nice sunny day. temperatures seasonable. winds west 16 and gusting higher. humidity extremely dry. i think we'll have the chance for showers tomorrow. we'll cloud up. it will take awhile for rain to hit the ground. take a loorks sunshine the story in baltimore and fair weather clouds rolling in.
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you may notice the time lapse photography looks fast. really making the weather move more quickly up above, winds over, the story bright sunny day down at ocean city. there's the ocean city pier. it wouldn't be long before that beach is packed. maryland's most powerful radar crystal clear. still a cool start earlier. back to the west we had a from the this morning but now temperatures rebounding super nice. 62347 ball. 68 in easton. here's the winds. they have become quite gust. we've seen steady winds gusting to 20. gusts will remain up above 20 probably another two or three hours. get ready for a breezy night with comfortable temperatures, dry weather. take the dog for an extra long
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walk tonight. south and west we've got active weather brewing coming down in ohio with the western edge of west virginia. this will be our weather maker as we go into tomorrow. you see this narrow band of cloud cover and showers? that is our jet stream it. arcs up off the atlantic ocean. it's a fast moving weather pattern. we have warm frontal boundary to our front and west. that will bring a chance for showers by thunder shower midday tomorrow and warmer air will push us above 70, probably 70 or so in baltimore. you see dry air in place and so it's going to take awhile for the humidity to come up enough to support rain tomorrow during the day. also, there's that very warm air that will come in briefly behind the warm front and make things feel milder despite rain showers on and off through the day.
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there's a chance for a hit or miss shower through the day tomorrow from early on to the evening. looks like we may get a good round 2, 3, 4:00, tomorrow. overnight 50 with cloud on the increase. your two-degree guarantee we'll say 70. some spots could get warmer south of the city. tomorrow night down to 45 with lingering rain showers. your seven-day forecast, as we look ahead, you can see here the trend remaining one that could be showers for the weekend. right now indications are that saturday will feature a better chance for showers than sunday. so it his going to push this more toward the saturday time frame. 50/50. not like last weekend. >> we don't see a power house storm. so showers saturday, yes, but not that cepped of a day. >> thanks a lot.
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st. francis academy is a long standing success. the success would not beesable without the generosity of others. they honoredder that largest benefactors, the cosbys and the couple is making a big difference in education. >> reporter: was standing room only at st. francis academy. parents, students and dignitaries gathered to thank bill and camille cosby. they are the largest benefactors in the school's history. tru to foarnlings bill cosby was all laughs. >> i was never consulted about how much money was being given. i will say this tonight that i
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am still wondering what happened to our marriage -- husband and wife and why she thought that 20 or 30 nuns would humble a patriot -- protestant. i want my money back. >> reporter: dr. camille cosby was taught by the school in washington, d.c. st. francis was fund by the sisters of prove dense in 1828. the cosbys have a soft spot for supporting education. in 2005 the cosbys gave st. fran sills academy $2 million to
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support scholarship assistance. >> it is imperative that young people feel valuable and feel valued and feel that they can do and it's imperative that those who condition and everyone can contribute whether it's time, money or whatever that we all have a mandate to enable young people to succeed. >> reporter: one by one, folks headed to the podium to give thanks to the cosbys for their generosity and support, from the sisters, teachers, politicians. >> i want to thank you for seeing what we're here in baltimore. >> i'm so appreciate of the help of the cosbys and honored to name them after two educators. >> my ask doesn't have mew sec
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or jim in the daily schedule. so this program is a great sprps for me. >> reporter: the unveiling of the st. francis community centers, dr. bill and camille cost bit. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> actually, the cosby's monetary donation was the largest gift ever received by st. francis academy. coming up it can be painful but not as bad as a serious migraine. what doctors say can help and which headaches it awork for. there'sing in like a home cooked meal or any meal you have at home with your family. why health experts say meal time is so important for children.
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botox isn't just for wrinkles anymore. a new analysis says the injections can offer some slight help to people dealing with chronic daily headaches and migraines but researchers also say chronic tension headaches or episodic migraines are not affected by botox. first time abusers of prescription pain pills like oxycon thin usually get drugs for free from a family member or friend. the survey also showed that chronic pain killer abusers usually turned to doctors or dealers for their pills. this saturday the drug enforcement administration will take back unused drugs at sites all over the country.
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to get list, just head to new evidence shows families who eat together are more healthy. 60 studies looked at the frequency and location of family meals. they found children who eat with their families t. to eat more -- tend to eat more fruit, fiber and have lower body mass index and showed few are signs of depression., the place for all of the health news you nee.d just log on. check out the page. you'll find the health headlines as well as different categories to make sure you and your family get information you need. coming up at 5:30 tonight, a concerned dad goes to the extremes to prove his autistic
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son was being abused at school. plus, another star got booted from "dancing with the stars." what gladys knight had to say about her elimination.
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getting you up to minute kenisha thomas, she is facing attempted murder charges. she's the woman accused of stabbing her 8-month-old daughter inside the department of social services. according to charging documents, thomas was wrapping up a one-our visit with her daughter when she pulled out a knife to stab the girl. one witness said thomas said if i can't have her, no one will. two men walked into a barber shob in the -- shop in the 600 block of south marlyn avenue confronted an eye


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