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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 27, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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>> this america is fundamentally [ bleep ]. >> emily blunt. >> oh, bucky bot bot. >> dave salmoni. >> that's him growling. >> oh. >> all right, well, that's enough of the linx. >> and music from adam lambert. >> there's a very, very good chance that someone in this room is going to ♪
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word about skype's new humoticons. why bother with generic smiley-faced emoticons when you can use images of your own smiley face? all you have to do is go to follow the simple directions, take some photos that express your range of emotions, and you'll be ready to share them on facebook or during skype chats. pretty cool, right guillermo? hmm. right, jimmy. hmm. let's see. why are you chatting instead of talking? [ laughter ] i am doing skype. these humoticons are so fun! look at how happy i am. oh, yeah. you do look very happy. you know what? i have to say, i miss, you guillermo. you miss you, too. aw. really?
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>> no, dumbass. >> dicky: skype humoticons. why send a smiley face when you can show your smiley face? go to to make yours. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with emily blunt, dave salmoni and his animals and music from adam lambert. hey, is the table finished? ya', you betcha honey. ya' think so? mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] some mornings, you just can't eat at the table. introducing eggo wafflers, a new kind of waffle packed with flavors like brown sugar cinnamon roll
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everything. just give it to them... >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- emily blunt. dave salmoni. and music from adam lambert. with cleto and the cletones. and now, one last thing -- here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. that's very nice.
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i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming out and, i tell you, honestly, i don't want to bring the energy down because it's almost the weekend and everybody's having a good time, but there's a very, very good chance that someone in this room is going to die tonight. we have wild dangerous animals on the show tonight. courtesy of dave salmoni from animal planet. real ones. when he comes here, it's like jumanji. the last time he was here, a bear tore the guest entrance apart. so, he brought another bear tonight. all of the animals he's going to be bringing out tonight are predators. there's a bear. there's a lynx, a very fierce looking owl. oh, there's a snooki. he brought that. [ laughter ] and a mad cow. the good news is, i'm told each animal can only eat one or maybe two of us, so --
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[ laughter ] dave is backstage right now. let's go back there and see -- hey, dave. look at that. >> hey, jimmy. this is -- >> jimmy: the kind of thing i don't like. >> give him a big hug. >> jimmy: oh, wow. that's some tongue he's got there. >> this guy, if he decided to bite me, could probably take a chunk of flesh. >> jimmy: why would you be holding him then? >> he's gentle. nice and relaxed. >> jimmy: right now. >> they have a lot of bacteria in their mouth, so, if he bit me -- >> jimmy: can you brush his tongue? he looks like the geico gecko on hgh. >> these guys can eat anything, they can hunt anything. >> jimmy: next time, maybe just bring pictures of animals. that could be cool. >> i thought you were starting to like the animals. >> jimmy: yeah, i love them. i love having the animals here.
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all right, daive, see you in a few minutes. he's a very nice guy, but i think he might be -- [ applause ] so, if i'm -- if i'm killed by a bear tonight, i want to apologize to anyone waiting in my "draw something" cue, okay? if we kill one of you, i apologize for that, too. today, by the way, the 20th annual take your daughters and sons to work day. as it is known in china, thursday. it used to be called take your daughter to work day but then the sons got a lawyer or something and they had to change it. really need to create send your son and daughter to work while you stay home day. because, take your kid to work day, it's kind of like riding in a paddle boat. seems like it's going to be a lot of fun, but about seven minutes into it, you can't remember why you thought it was a good idea. but for a little while it can be fun. it's a great opportunity to show your kids why you come home so miserable every day. guillermo was participating. look at this. he brought little benjamin to
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work today. i don't know which one is which. is he having fun, guillermo? >> yes. he likes -- >> jimmy: did you teach him anything about what you do today? >> i taught him to behave here. >> jimmy: and he does seem to be behaving. he's listening. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you think he has any idea what's going on right now? >> no. >> jimmy: oh, it good he's here on deadly predators night. that's terrific. maybe we'll send him in the other room when the -- we don't want him carried off by an owl. >> okay, yeah. >> jimmy: very good. guillermo and his son benjamin. by the way, guillermo's not -- place mrauls not the only one who got in the spirit today. even our hollywood boulevard super heroes brought their kids to work with them today. look at that adorable little panhandler there, he's -- interesting bit of trivia. spider-men give birth by laying eggs. the white house participated. kind of funny. all the staffers brought their
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kids and then the reporters showed up and all they wanted to talk about was the secret service prostitution scandal. the kids were there. wow, mom has a really fun job. children of the white house employees got a tour of the house and got a chance to ask questions of the first lady. >> i just want to welcome you guys to the white house. so, now, i'm going to just take some questions. all right? and i see a red jacket. young man. >> hi. my name is jackson. and when i grow up, i want to be a secret service agent. >> absolutely. we could not do what we do if it weren't for the secret service and police officers. we love them dearly and they do a great job, right? >> yeah, and they get a lot of hookers, too. >> oh. yeah. and they were only $30. that these so gross. >> yeah, it's really cool. all right, we're over here. >> jimmy: kids say the darnedest things when you stretch it out
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for them. speaking of mrs. obama, according to a new abc poll, both michelle obama and ann romney are more popular for their husbands. at this point, asbestos is. but while only 56% have a positive view of the president, 69% have a favorable view of mrs. obama. do you think they use these polls when they have a fight? excuse me, the last time i checked, 69% of everyone is on my side. think about that. ann romney has a 40% favorable rating, that tops mitt who is at 35%. that's not a great number. today, the romney campaign released a new ad they hope will start to get things turned around. >> ann romney. look, she's the one who put our dog on the roof of the car. i told her not to. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> jimmy: politics is a very tough business.
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vice president biden gave a speech on foreign policy this morning. he's the best. there's something about vice presidents that, i don't know if they pick them because they are funny or maybe it's the job that makes them funny. whatever the case, they're funny. >> now is the time to heed the timeless advice from teddy roosevelt. speak softly, and carry a big stick. end of quote. i promise you, the president has a big stick. i promise. >> jimmy: trust me, i -- i found out the hard way. [ applause ] and he really has no idea what he said. by the way, if you are interested in this, i'm going to be roasting the president and the vice president, various members of the press in washington, d.c. on saturday night, it's the annual white house correspondents association dinner. they are airing it on c-span, i think i'm supposed to go on at 10:45 p.m. eastern, so, set your tivo.
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anyone -- has anyone set their tivo for c-span before? and thanks to the ladies of "the view" for their nice words. >> now, barbara, where are you going over the weekend we're supposed to tell jimmy kimmel how supportive we are -- >> we love jimmy. because he's going to be hosting the white house correspondents dinner, and you -- >> so, i'm going and, you know, this is a big dinner that happens every year and the president gets up and is quite funny and has good, funny people. and jimmy kimmel is -- he is the funny part of it and he has to make fun of the president. stephen colbert did it one year. and if you make it good, everybody says, aren't you wonderful. jimmy, you're going to be great. but you know, you are not only being funny about the president, you have all of us sour pusses sitting there. >> so, we pitwish him well. >> jimmy: ringing endorsement.
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thanks, barbara. now i feel great. [ laughter ] i'm raring to go. she would have made a great college basketball coach. this is crazy. a few months ago, the city of los angeles passed a law that requires adult film actors to use condoms at all times when shooting movies. now, the city of simi valley passed a similar law, but this one has an interesting twist. in order to enforce the law, pornographic film producers have to give them unedited versions of the tapes so law enforcement officials can review the whole thing. [ laughter ] that means someone will have to sit there and watch all these tape tapes. all right, fisher, you are on patrol, 8:21. johnson, narcotics. bachmann, i have you on porn today. which kind? gay porn today. [ laughter ] but on the bright side, now, when your girlfriend catches you watching this stuff, you can tell her you are studying to be a policeman.
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you know who they ought to hire to do that job, the secret service agents they fired, right? problem solved. [ applause ] you know, there's another doctor after the whole thing in colombia, there's another prostitution scandal brewing, which is good, i was getting tired of the other one. seattle tv station talked to an unnamed government contractor who said he went to strip clubs in el valsalvador with other set service agents in march last year. apparently our chief export now is horny guys in sunglasses. according to the source, the agents headed to the v.i.p. section where they received sexual favors in return for cash. by the way, not a favor if you are giving cash for it. will you do me a favor, give me a big mac in $4.25, not a favor. the owner of the strip club sai
12:16 am
three nights in a row before the president arrived. all these secret service scan dams have me wondering if i can trust the people that guard my life. do i have to wonder worry about them wondering off? we sent a camera crew around the building today to ask our security guards a question that i think, in light of recent developments, needs to be answered. >> have you ever had sex with a prostitute? >> no. >> not that i know of. >> no. >> have you ever had sex with a prostitute? >> yes, i have. >> have you ever had sex with a prostitute? >> yes, i have. my wife's going to kill me. >> have you ever had sex with a prostitute? >> never. >> never. no. >> have you ever had sex with a prostitute? >> no. no.
12:17 am
>> you swear on uncle frank? >> no. no. no. no. >> jimmy: good thing you put the baby away, little guillermo. good night for his wife to be here. one more thing. it's thursday night, and it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> there hisn't that interestin? >> she's going to [ bleep ] this morning. >> try [ bleep ] on a freeway. >> this america is fundamentally [ bleep ]. >> i promise you, the president has a big [ bleep ]. i promise you. >> understand you [ bleep ]
12:18 am
elizabeth hurley's son? >> i did, yes. >> how did he like it? >> i forced him to like it. >> i think meta world peace should change his name to holy [ bleep ] elbow. >> clock runs out, our judges will critique your [ bleep ] on presentation, taste, and also, kraeivety. >> one of my favorite things to do, can you guess? >> ah -- >> no, no, not this early, i don't trust myself. >> yeah. [ bleep ] inside people's [ bleep ]. only when i'm invited. >> oh my god! don't do that with me! >> that's it. yeah. >> let me go. ♪ going on a [ bleep ] hunt ♪ going to [ bleep ] some juicy ones ♪ >> jimmy: all right. we've got a lively show for you tonight. dave salmoni and his terrifying animals are here. we have music from adam lambert, and we'll be right back with the emily blunt, so stick around.
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. tonight on the program, a very special treat, you know, having animals on a talk show is something that goes back a very long way and everyone loves to see the host interact with the beasts, i guess, but i'll be honest, i'm scared of the beasts and i don't like this, so -- [ laughter ] i hope you have fun watching it. because here tonight, with a snarling cage full of vicious predators, from animal planet, dave salmoni is here. guillermo, by the way -- [ applause ] if i am indeed eaten by one of the animals tonight, i would like you to kill the next host when he shows up, okay? >> okay, i promise. >> jimmy: appreciate that.
12:24 am
and then, with music from his forthcoming album -- it comes out may 15th. it's called "trespassing." adam lambert from the bud light outdoor stage. next week, we'll be joined by scarlett johansson, vanessa williams, the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars." from the new tim burton movie "dark shadows," jonny lee miller and eva green will be here. and we'll have music from andrew bird, civil twilight, brad and roger daltrey. so please join us then. our first guest is a golden globe-winning actress whom you know from "the devil wears prada," "the young victoria," and even "the muppets" among her many films. her latest, alongside jason segel, is called "the five-year engagement." it opens in theaters tomorrow. please welcome emily blunt. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: look at you all dressed up. you look great. >> i know. you are used so seeing me in my
12:25 am
pajamas coming over for milk. >> jimmy: we live right across the street from each other. >> neighbors never come over for milk. everybody says do you borrow milk from jimmy kimmel? >> jimmy: you have occasionally milked me and make cheetz out of it. really a wonderful thing. you know, i had the pleasure of being at your surprise birthday party. >> i know. >> jimmy: i have not seen anyone as surprised as you were. >> it was brilliantly set up. >> jimmy: you never know because you are a very, very good actress and you could easily have faked it but it seemed to us that you were very surprised. >> i was actually not even wanting to go for a drink that night and john was like, come on. i was like, okay. >> jimmy: your husband john krasinski set the whole thing up. >> we arrived, it was at this place, this kind of weird burlesque bar. >> jimmy: it was fun. >> we go into the bam room and there's 40 people, like -- >> jimmy: it was very dark and everybody was kind of -- i took
12:26 am
pictures. do you mind if i share some of them? >> do i look -- >> jimmy: i brought some of my -- now, this is the moment when you were really surprised, um, by john. you can see there -- that the forms in the middle, that's emily and john. and then here's where i got a closer up shot of you guys really and, embracing. this is nice, this is when you -- you blew out the candles. by the way, i was the only one taking pictures and this is what happened. and then i think also this was either the cake or somebody was on fire. >> that's it. you with like william claxton. >> jimmy: i don't know what that is. >> he's a great photographer. you were right, you said to me that night, it so funny at surprise parties, because the surprisee has to go around for the rest of the night talking about how surprised they are. >> jimmy: were you surprised? >> i really was. >> jimmy: and that lasts the whole evening and then you go home. >> and you're like, get me home.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: were you surprised? >> really truly gob smacked. >> jimmy: i have more photographs. i think we should talk about this, because, well, we went on a vacation together. >> we did. >> jimmy: not just the two of us. >> just me and you. >> jimmy: that would be weird. >> or amazing. >> jimmy: no, it would not be amazing, trust me. for me it would be great. for you, it would be a nightmare. but your husband john and my girlfriend molly. i should say lady friend because she's an adult woman, not a child. >> one of my favorite lady friends. >> jimmy: we rented a house in hawaii. >> we were so excited to have a really calm, relaxing pina colada by the pool holiday. >> jimmy: we were hoping to have that, as well. >> yes. >> jimmy: but -- there was a misunderstanding. >> it went the other way. i'm going to tell you guys what happened. >> jimmy: okay. >> so, jimmy and molly went out for dinner with a mutual friend of ours.
12:28 am
and when they said that they were going on holiday with us, this much y'all friend said, whose name happened to be tiffany rigle, and tiffany said, let me guess, john's planned tons of activities, at which point, jimmy and molly gasped, thinking, oh, my god, we have to plan tons of activities. this is not the way we like to spend our holiday. i don't know why tiffany said these things. it's because that's her name and she rigles away, meddling away. >> jimmy: i got nervous when i heard this. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it was your first time there and i've been there before, so, i thought, they have to experience everything. well have four days. >> so, we arrive and there was a vacation coach who showed up, he's like, you can do this and this, and jimmy is like, yeah, atv driving, zip lining, fishing and it was like, john and i were like, oh, my god, like, this is going to be terrible. >> jimmy: we did 75 things in four days. >> and even the guy was like,
12:29 am
guys, this is a lot, i mean, this is a lot. >> jimmy: you wei'm exhausted, . i can't do all of these activities, my back is breaking, literally. i just want to sit by the pool and get loaded. >> you have to understand that after every day, we were both going to a different rooms going, oh, my god, how [ bleep ] are we going to get out of this tomorrow? should we tell them we are too tired? >> jimmy: i was almost in tears. i couldn't wait to get back to work. >> i was gagging for a beer by the pool. this is how we -- >> jimmy: these are the things. this is the atv trip. that's before. and this is the after, in which, really, like, i don't know, swallowed a good gallon of mud? >> and fumes. >> jimmy: we went searching. there's john and emily. here is another picture. that's emily actually surfing. that was fun. you got up on that. that was good. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: we went zip lining.
12:30 am
by the way, these are only, like, an eighth of the things -- >> we were there for three days, let me just point this out. >> jimmy: this is, oh, that's nothing, that's your birthday, i think. oh, that picture fell apart. here's what it would have looked like. there's john on -- >> intertubing. look at how tired he is. he's so tired. we're exhausted. >> jimmy: he's almost sad. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and then there you are, pretending to enjoy. >> oh, and i was trefreezing. i was the only one smart enough to wear a wet suit. >> jimmy: it was like an episode of "i love lucy." i think it made me fred on this particular trip. >> we were just trying to keep the other couple happy. i think it was our first proper vacation together. >> jimmy: it goes to show you how important communication is. >> yes, it is. and we only found out on the last night that -- molly came clean about tiffany and we were like, tiffany! we were so mad. >> jimmy: all cursing tiffany rigle. >> yeah, well what are you going
12:31 am
to do? >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. and when we come back, we're going to talk about your very funny new film. it's called "the five-year engagement," it opens tomorrow. emily blunt is with us. we'll be right back. when i get terrible congestion from my allergies,
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come on. come on. >> oh.
12:36 am
what a fascinating name. >> it's welsh. >> with an f? >> gwiff. it means miracle in welsh. he's a rescue dog. >> that's nice. >> well, enough about the dog. to marriage. >> to marriage. >> cheers, everyone. congratulations, both of you. >> thank you. >> and to gwyneth. >> jimmy: that is "the five-year engagement," it opens tomorrow. emily blunt is here. jason segel lives in your neighborhood. >> he also torments us. >> jimmy: you were in "the mup pelts," too. >> yeah, he just barricades the street and makes me sign onto movies with him. >> jimmy: interestingly, it's never happened to me. only across the street. >> next time. >> jimmy: i forgot to ask you, at your birthday, do you like the gift that we got you? >> what did you get? >> jimmy: you don't remember?
12:37 am
i was going to ask you because -- >> oh, no. >> jimmy: it's been sitting at our house. you left it over there for two months. >> oh, my god. how embarrassing. >> yeah, i know, i -- boy, if only you weren't on television right now. >> are you sure? >> jimmy: i'm pretty sure. this is your card, right? >> no. >> jimmy: i drew a penis on it. >> no, did i -- how awful. >> jimmy: you did forget those, yeah. so, there they are. >> oh, god, how embarrassing. i got so many gifts, i can't remember. >> jimmy: don't worry. i only wore them twice. >> and they are amazing. so embarrassing. >> jimmy: i can see how embarrassing they are. we've been saving those and plotting against you for quite awhile now. >> you are the worst neighbors ever. i feel like such a jackass. >> jimmy: worst neighbors ever. there was a video of you singing karaoke on the internet. >> oh, badly, yes. >> jimmy: did you see that? >> i think it was a bit of --
12:38 am
whatever it is. >> jimmy: i don't know. i think -- >> that's how good. >> jimmy: it was a different song. >> we did "total eclipse of the heart." it was terrible. allison brie and i. she's in the movie with me. jason and john did "brown eyed gi girl", got all the girls going. there was a bachelorette party going. >> jimmy: and then this happened. >> oh, god. no. oh, my god, i'm horrible. >> jimmy: what does the crowd say when famous people get up -- >> it's weird. you know what's funny? they were much more kind to john and jason. it was all girls. it was like, yeah, let's get the blokes back on. >> jimmy: they said blokes here in america? we have to teach you how to speak english. we really do. >> i know. your girlfriend molly is my favorite with this stuff. she loves my accent and she doesn't even realize she's doing
12:39 am
it. but she mimics me outloud subconsciously and so we were in the car, i said, can you pass me the water and i heard her go, "water." she was practicing it. >> jimmy: do a little bit of your mother, because i enjoy it. >> my favorite story about my mom was when, oh, god, going to give me -- you like this story, but my oldest sister was washing up, my sister has a very live figure, i will say, she's in great shape, but maybe at this time she put on a few pounds, it was marginal, it wasn't much of a difference. and my mom came up behind her and patted her bum, she went, oh, botty bot bot. my sister went, [ bleep ] off, mom. >> jimmy: botty bot bot. >> oh, botty bot bot. >> jimmy: emily blunt, everyone. "the five-year engagement" opens tomorrow. we'll be right back. guys. come here, come here.
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>> jimmy: well, hello and welcome back. still to come, adam lambert will be here. our next guest is a great lover or animals, but not in a creepy way. tonight, he has an array of deadly beasts at his command, and may god have mercy on us all. from animal planet, please welcome dave salmoni. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm doing well. now, you know what, i have to say, i'm very happy. i thought it was going to be a big scary bar and instead it's one you bought at toys "r" us.
12:50 am
>> this is a urasian brown bear. she's a little bity. >> jimmy: your arm is bleeding. why? >> she bit me a few times there. >> jimmy: oh, great. why is she biting you? >> she's a baby and she just got her teeth. everything is kind of cool. she sinks her teeth in, gives it a little shake. unfortunately, when they are this size, they will bite and shake, it will break your skin. >> jimmy: seems like it would. >> it hurts a lot more than you think. >> jimmy: you know, funny because as i'm imagining it, it hurts a lot. >> as i'm trying to get you to fall in love with animals more -- >> jimmy: you seem to be on this mission. it's not that i dislike the animals, it's that i'm scared. >> this one is not so bad, she's sweet. >> jimmy: if you weren't for you bleeding, i would be all over this thing. >> why don't i show you the nondangerous -- okay, now, that's the part i was -- >> jimmy: did you get bit again? >> a little bit. >> jimmy: a little bit. >> she's just a baby.
12:51 am
the other thing, she likes to swing. see how soft and gentle she is. >> jimmy: how do you know she likes that? >> because she goes all calm and relaxed. >> jimmy: oh, hello. hello there. >> probably not a great idea to pet her. >> jimmy: i'll be happy to not pet. >> some of my favorite things to know about bears, if you see a bear, they are very, very dangerous. >> jimmy: great. >> springtime, they are waking up, they want to eat everything. everything looks like food. >> jimmy: they've been hibernating. they sleep all the time when they are hibernating? >> 70% of the time, they are actually awake. it's not a true -- >> jimmy: all bears are like that? >> when hay sleep, they roll around -- >> jimmy: we only sleep like 70% of the time, right? it's just like a regular day. >> little den. if you are walking around in the winter, you see a little hole, breath come out of it, you can hear them snoring away. >> jimmy: i'll be running very, very fast. >> she wants to bite my face a little bit. >> jimmy: don't let that happen. >> they have really good noses. she can smell --
12:52 am
>> jimmy: so much more of a man than i am. it's ridiculous. >> touch the back. she likes to be held. she's perfect. she's a sweetheart. >> jimmy: very soft. >> this is why they are called teddy bears. >> jimmy: just pull out the teeth. >> the problem is, they are just big. all right, all right. >> jimmy: sorry, i didn't mean it. we're not pulling out the teetdt big. >> okay, sweetheart. why don't you go. >> jimmy: how old is that wear? >> 16 weeks old. >> jimmy: 16 weeks, okay. >> oh, look at this. >> jimmy: th this you can hold. >> jimmy: does this one bite people? >> under the chest and under the feet. like that. there you go. >> jimmy: i know, i know -- whoa. >> i got him. >> jimmy: that was an experiment that failed.
12:53 am
>> okay. but i know you can be the animal guy that i see in you. >> jimmy: no, i can't. i just can't. >> see how my hand is under the chest. we're going to hold hands a little bit. hold there. right to your chest. there you go. all right. >> so natural. almost like i'm a zoo keeper. >> you notice the ears. are you okay? >> jimmy: i'm okay now. >> so soft. he's designed to be in the desert. it helps him hide. he's a really, really good predat predator. >> jimmy: anything smaller than him. a lot of rodents, bugs. he will sit, he can hear things that are underground, just bounce down on them and grab it. that little mouth of his gets hard working. >> jimmy: what is this thing again? >> a fennick fox. >> jimmy: where do you find these? >> in north africa. >> jimmy: i think i saw one on craigslist, actually. >> one message i try to get out,
12:54 am
these are all real pretty animals, none of them make great pe pets. i know how badly you want one of them -- >> jimmy: you should have told me that before you handed him to me. how do i free this animal from my grip? >> i'm going to grab him by the chest. >> jimmy: there you go. >> his mom. >> jimmy: that's mihis mother? oh, look at this. this is something. this looks like a fearsome animal. wow. >> good boy. >> jimmy: wow. wow. >> now, this -- >> jimmy: put the glove on for this one. >> i did. right away, he's got the big talons. worry it's going to squirt on me from the back. >> this guy is big. it's an eagle owl. one of the biggest in the world. he can go after things even as big as a deer. >> jimmy: his eyes are huge. >> those eyes are what he uses to hunt. this guy is going to hunt just after the sun goes down, when it's dark or in the nighttime.
12:55 am
>> jimmy: what the hell was that noise? >> that was our friend the bear. >> jimmy: okay, good. >> they make lots of noises. especially baby bear. >> jimmy: and these things, they eat rats and that sort of thing? >> anything from a small rodenr, rabbit. >> jimmy: what is their favorite? >> a lot of rabbits. >> jimmy: would they eat a human baby? >> i've never known one to but certainly be carable of. if it got scared, the big talons would go right through. make a hole in your hand. >> jimmy: has he done that to you? >> no, never have. i try to bring you the best animals that are -- you can touch his chest. come around. he's just going to flap. just let him settle. >> jimmy: i'm scared of birds, too. >> that's it. you touch him. >> jimmy: he feels like a bird. very feathery. wow. >> i feel like, every time i come, you get a little braver.
12:56 am
ing this is not exactly the johnson carson show here. me putting the animals on my head and -- yeah. >> doing wonderful. we get you the next guy? >> jimmy: yeah, let's let that thing fly around the audience. >> i'm not sure of that. thank you so much. >> jimmy: all right. look at that. okay. i'm going to go home. wow. this is an uncontrollable animal. there's nothing i can do, right? >> i have total control. >> jimmy: any of us can do. >> this is -- you are totally safe. you can pat -- >> jimmy: how safe can i be? >> have a seat. give him a pat. he is a wonderful -- >> jimmy: are you sure? >> i'm 100% sure. cats will give you lots of cues when they are upset. the hair on the back will go up, he'll start to growl at you and he will face you. right now, he doesn't care about you. he thinks all these people are super cool. >> jimmy: he does? has he met the two guys in the
12:57 am
front area there? [ applause ] >> good boy. >> jimmy: is there from see bare ya, wouldn't it be more comfortable in the freezer or something? >> you feel the fur that's coming off him? he's starting to shed. it's spring now and all the fur is m coing off, he's getting a little darker. >> jimmy: you get him, what, rogaine or something like that? >> normal process. he gets the darker color to hide better in the forest heflt's a stalker pouncer. he will come up as close as he can to his food and jump on it. this is his wheelhouse. all of the power is up front. the big paws, you can see them, they get ahold of something, it's not getting out. it can go after something double its size. >> jimmy: let's take him out to the adam lambert concert outside and let him go crazy in the audience, see what happens. >> as you can tell, boomer doesn't go crazy. that's a -- -- oh, he's rubbing
12:58 am
it. good boy. oh, yeah. he's half growling. >> jimmy: all right, well, that's enough of the lynx. thank you, dave. i think -- i think he's warn out its welcome here. you can see more predators like these on -- not in american, on "frozen planet," it airs fridays and mondays at 10:00 p.m. on animal planet. thank you so much, dave. we'll be right back with adam lambert.
12:59 am
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>> jimmy: this is his upcoming cd. it is called "trespassing." here with the song "never close our eyes," adam lambert. ♪ ♪ i wish that this night would never be over there's plenty of time to sleep when we die ♪ ♪ so let's just stay awake until we grow older
1:02 am
if i had my way we'd never close our eyes ♪ ♪ our eyes never ♪ ♪ i don't wanna let a minute get away 'cause we got no time to lose ♪ ♪ none of us are promised to see tomorrow and what we do is ours to choose ♪ ♪ forget about the sunrise fight the sleep in your eyes i don't wanna miss a second with you ♪ ♪ let's stay this way forever it's only gettin' better if we want it to ♪ ♪ i wish that this night
1:03 am
would never be over there's plenty of time to sleep when we die ♪ ♪ so let's just stay awake until we grow older if i had my way we'd never close our eyes ♪ ♪ our eyes never ♪ ♪ it's so hard to think this could fade away but what goes up must come down ♪ ♪ why can't we just live life with no consequence and always live in the now ♪ ♪ forget about the sunrise fight the sleep in your eyes
1:04 am
i don't wanna miss a second with you ♪ ♪ let's stay this way forever it's only gettin' better if we want it to ♪ ♪ i wish that this night would never be over there's plenty of time to sleep when we die ♪ ♪ so let's just stay awake until we grow older if i had my way we'd never close our eyes ♪ ♪ our eyes never ooh ♪ ♪ yeah yeah


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