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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  April 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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felecia died of asphyxiation, johnson was the last to see her alive. he struggled to carry a storage bin out of the apartment the day felecia died. it was a big enough to fit a girl felecia's size, prosecutors say. his attorney says it lacks cold hard facts. >> they lack a significant amount of evidence. i don't believe any jury could look at what they've stated and find him remotely responsible for wrong doing. >> that's going to be up to a court to find out. mr. johnson, i hope he will tell what he had in the container. tell the family, tell them the truth about what happened to felecia barnes. >> reporter: we will have more detail about what we learned in court today and more reaction from defense attorneys and the barns family. live in downtown baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. thank you. abc2 news broke the story on
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the website and sent out a news alert, we are updating the story as details become available. check and head to our home page slide show, you will find a link to all the coverage of the case. this week's 9th attack on a 8-month-old baby prompted the state to finalize safety rules for social services offices. >> the mother allegedly turning on her baby with a knife prompted to push to better protect clients and workers in volatile visits with their children. they watched her grow up here just off of the alameda, neighbors say thomas, the mother charged in the multiple stabbing of he own baby must have snapped. she was there to say she did not like the living conditions where her baby was. a as parent that's enough to make you snap. if you are feeling like the people aren't responding to help you, it's just, you know,
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something that makes you like nobody is listening or helping. >> reporter: the state is reacting to the stabbing as well. human resources secretary says on the day of the stabbing stabbing it a peers safety protocols were followed. >> the suspect in this case, her, she went through the metal detecter and her bag was searched, the knife was hidden in the bag, possibly in the lining of the bag republican the secretary has announced new measures to help revent such violence. we are installing lockers, where you check your bag before you go through the metal detecter and anywhere near the back of the office where you will have a supervised visit. >> reporter: if social workers suspect someone could become violent, they will be able to bring a second counselor in to the room and a security officer will be stationed right outside of the door to the visitation room. meanwhile, a judge this week ordered psychiatric and suicide
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risk evaluations for thomas who faces a series of charges including attempted first degree murder. >> i'm like god bless her and protect her, she needs help. get he help. please get her help. who have can do whatever. at this point i'm praying her baby makes a full recovery. >> the 8-month-old in question is a baby girl. secretary dalles says she is recovering and getting better everyday and wanted to commend workers for their heroic efforts to defend her while putting their own lives at risk. a 23 year-old man was stabbed to death near lexington market. police say officers found the man lying on the sidewalk on west saratoga street, he had stab wounds on his chest and abdomen and taken to maryland shock trauma. deafs have no motive or suspects. a glenn burnie woman is charged with drug possession after arundel county police found more than $40,000 worth
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of marijuana in her home yesterday. police searched 46-year-old sherry ann beard bushy's home on roosevelt and seized 4.5 pounds of marijuana. temperatures running around 60 but not feeling this warm. dc 64. 59 easton, 58 dover. chilly with the wind. winds around 15-20 out of the northwest, gusts to 25. even with the sun, a little bit of a chill in the air. sunny skies the rule after cloud cover. see that burning off. here is the deal overnight. freeze and frost concerns especially as you go west of the city out in to carol, frederick county, a deep freeze, protect the tender plants. this evening 50s, colder as we go overnight. we will talk about the rain due in for this weekend and when it should come in straight ahead. a florida judge is not forcing george zimmerman to
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surrender donations collected on his website. at a hearing this morning which zimmerman did not show up for, prosecutors asked the judge to consider raising his bond in light of the donations. the funds were not disclosed at the bond hearing last week. the judge says he wants to look in to the account more before making an official ruling. a dozen people including four students were taken to the hospital this morning in texas, after a fiery crash involving a school bus. investigators say an 18 wheeler, clipped a car trying to pass it, that set off a chain reaction with a car and a bus. four vehicles caught fire. the students are expected to be okay. the driver of the big rig was seriously injured. the search continues for isabelle sells in and around the water at a park near her house. the 6 year old tucson girl hasn't been seen since friday in her bedroom. her parents pleaded on television for her return leading to 300 leads and tips according to investigators.
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$30,000 reward is offered for any information that helps police find her. the husband of a missing fort bragg soldier is speaking out for the first time. kelly bordeaux went missing two weeks ago and more volunteers are showing up to help with the search. >> reporter: for the first time since 23-year-old kelly bordeaux vanished, her husband is talking, pleading for her safe return. >> please let her come home. let her come home to her family, me, friends, just let her come home. >> reporter: he is trying to clear the air about their relationship. bordeaux was visiting his parents in florida and saw his wife for the last time ten days before she disappeared. republican we were together and love each other. >> reporter: with a hundred volunteers combing wooded areas to find the missing marine stationed at fort bragg -- police are focusing on a few
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key things, this picture which surfaced. investigators say she took it of herself the night she went missing, pings near her last known location, and this man, nicholas hole bert, a 25-year- old registered sex offender who has been arrested on unrelated charges, the last person seen with bordeaux and told officers she called her marriage complicated. police haven't named him as a suspect but he has been questioned twice. still he denies hurting the young soldier. >> around 1:00, 1:30, she said she want to go home. republican officials say family members got a text message from he saying she got home safely. but the relatives say they doubt she made it home. a former aid to john edwards testified today he felt
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endanger in he confronted edwards about his mistress. young took a stand for the 5th day, the former senator accused of misusing donations to hide an affair with hunter and the fact they had a paib by. young claims he pretended to be the father and took her in to hiding. he took the drugs meant for her himself. >> young is conceded he is falsifying financial records and using some of this money to buildup his own home and swimming pool et cetera, that doesn't look good for young on the other hand, young is not the one on trial here. it is john edwards. >> he was taking the money meant for himself he says. in tonight's consumer alert, target recalling the 50,000 bunny sippy cups because they can poke a child in the eye while drinking. the ear on the bunny is the cause of the problem.
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they've gotten 6 reports in chin were cut or bruised. the cups were sold ex-clues exclusively between february and april of this year for $3. stop using them and return them to target for a full refund. british scientists found no evidence linking cell phone use to cancer. uk health protection agency says they looked at hundreds of studies done over the past 15 years, none of them showed a clear connection between cell phones and cancer risk overall brain function or infertility. they admit more study is needed to look at long-term effects. undercover sting in arundel county and abc 2 is along in the ride. what cops found cab cabbies doing that's against the law. student loan rates need to stay low. the problem is, who is going to pay to keep them there. and unlimited data plans
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democrats and republicans don't agree on much but on the same page when it comes to weather to keep the low interest rates on student loans. they don't agree on how to pay for it. republicans want to see part of the affordable care act eliminated to cover the budget shortfall. be >> reporter: in the end there was little drama. the bill to keep student loan interest rates from doubling passed easily but a bitter
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battle. the gop bill that passed will keep rates at 3.4% for a year. it pays for the $6 billion price tag, by slashing a preventive health funds. nancy pelosi insists the president will veto the bill. >> they want to take the money and it's important to women's health. >> reporter: the president traveled to three battleground states and attackedded republicans for failing to introduce legislation to stop the increase. >> we can't make higher education a luxury, it's an economic imperative. every family should be able to afford it. >> reporter: boehner said there would be a vote. >> people want to politicize us, because it's an election year.
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my god, todo we have to fight about everything. >> reporter: the bill heads to the senate where the democrats have their own idea, they want tow race subsidys to oil and gas companies. after graduation, most students are thinking about getting jobs to pay off those student loan, a new report shows may may not be going about it in the best way. nearly 40% of americans spend more time socializing on line than in person, that could hurt the job prospects. sign up for networking events in the area and make on line connections work for you by setting up face to face meetings. abc2 news is on the go again tonight, this time, we are checking out maryland day at the university of maryland. big event for us, jenny at water is there live on the college park campus tonight. what is going on there? >> reporter: we are live on
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mckeldin mall, it's happening tomorrow. it's a big open house for the university of maryland college park, i'm joined by holly, who is with marketing here at the university. what can you tell us about what is happening tomorrow? >> we have 450 events. arts, you can see snippets of an opera in our journalism building, go to a sports journalism panel, here on the mall you the k play on inflatables. we are excited. >> reporter: this is something that is fun for the kids, obviously, fun for the kids, also there is seriousness to it. if you are a student and want to come, you can see what campus life is about. tour a dorm, see the dining halls, go a session on how to prepare for the sats, we got all of that going on as well. >> all is free. >> reporter: everything is free and parking is open.
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you don't have to sign up for events. come and have a great time. >> maryland day is happening tomorrow april 28th from 10:00 to 4:00, rain or shine. it is free, but if you want to pick up a hot dog on the mall you are going to have to pay for that. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> not looking for it to be as bright and sunny tomorrow. that's going to stop joce sterman from being out there. 60 degrees now, bwi. it's been a cool, crisp, windy day, sunny, nice weather, but breezy. i want to show you this, our brand new hd abc 2 weather bug camera in dundalk. you are looking at the key bridge of course, in the distance there. again, a bright sunny day.
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gorgeous but definitely breezy here on the east side of baltimore. how is that? maryland's most powerful radar, clear now. we expect that to hold up type and tomorrow. it's saturday where we expect to see showers and maybe couple of downpours overnight tomorrow night. temperatures hovering right at 60, feeling cooler, with that northerly breeze. the winds right now from the northwest around 15-20, gusting higher, there will be freeze concerns tonight, north of baltimore, northern eastern shore and to the west, where we have a freeze warning for carol and frederick counties. wind gusts 25-30. humidity bone dry. again, it will be a chilly night, nice and dry for your friday night plans, saturday morning, you are looking good. no immediate weather in the future to. the west, developing weather maker, putting rain across parts of illinois and the upper midwest. this system will begin to
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spark showers in our direction. see the frontal boundary with the line of showers over northern georgia and south carolina, overrunning precipitation. the front stays south. warm air stays south. a day in the 50s tomorrow. kind of cool, with showers, and again not the best looking saturday we've had for may recall day but don't let it stop you. as we go in to the timing of this, you can see when the most likely chance for rain will be if you are headed in and out the morning you are looking good. we will stop at 2:00, see a batch of precipitation coming in out of the west, showers on and off through tomorrow evening. interesting to see if this moves as sloal hi as the latest model run projects, we could see showers lingering in to sunday morning. clearing by midday sunday. showers on and off possibly lasting in to the early part of your sunday before we clear things out on sunday afternoon. once we clear things out
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suspected, weather looking up, especially temperaturewise towards the middle part and early part of next week, colder out there, a freeze and frost to the north and west of baltimore, protect the plants. saturday, 57, rain showers staying chilly and saturday night down to 42. more showers and it will be rather cool and damp out there tomorrow night. let's show you the extended forecast here as we look at the next 7 days, what do they hold? again that chance for showers through the day tomorrow, maybe early sunday morning, improving weather sunday afternoon in to monday. maybe another round of showers tuesday in to early wednesday. look at the temperature trend, warming back up. people get used to the warm weather in march and april has been chillier. it has, there is an end in sight next week. >> hang on a couple of days. tomorrow might be stinky for maryland day but it's going be entertaining, i'm going to be there, linda so is going to be there.
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scientists make an interesting discovery about women who start menopause early. what they found out about connections to how long you will live. if you need many cups of coffee to get through the day, you are not alone, how many americans are sleep deprived and why it's dangerous to your health.
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researchers say women dealing with early menopause had a higher mortality rate. swedish scientists studied 400 women over the age of 47 for 30 years and divided them in to
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two groups. they found the women who had started had mortality rate of 52%, compared to 35. the researchers don't know if the menopause is the only cause, women who started the process early had double the risk of osteoporosis. young as 3 years old, researchers new zealand tracked the lives of 1000 people from birth to age 32, and children with uncontrolled temper temperaments at three had just as likely to develop gambling problems. if you are like 41 million other american workers you probably didn't get enough sleep. a third of sleep fewer than six hours a night. people who work nights get less. experts say a lack of sleep can be dangerous and deadly.
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chronic lack of sleep can lead to heart problems, obesity, diabetes and depression. the national sleep foundation recommends adults sleep 7- 9 hours a night. is the place for the health care news you need. log on and check out our page. find the headlines and different categories to help you find the information you and your family need. arundel county cops take on cabbies breaking the rules and there as a undercover sting goes down to make sure you get a fair shake. can your clunker survive a trip? we have tips to help you get a deal.
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man charged with killing fee lea sha barnes hired a new attorney. michael johnson, who was dating barns sister was denied bail. neighbors saw johnson carrying a 32-gallon tub out of dina's apartment. days after police say a woman stabbed her-month-old baby during a meeting at social services the state is proposing new security measures to prevent future incidents. the measures include checking purses and bags and lockers before meetings and giving social workers the option to ask for security in a meeting if they feel it's needed. as for the stabbing, human resources secretary says it appears all safety protocols were followed.


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