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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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retirement yet. he will talk to reporters tomorrow. >> the verdict is in for the jewish brothers accused of beating a african american teen in 2010. we are live with the latest. >> reporter: two brothers onamia 28th that fateful day. one of them has been set free. the state didn't have the evidence, the other has been found guilty of serious charges. second degree assault and false imprisonment. the judge found that he confronted a 15-year-old black youth in park heights, used his military training to take him down and then held him for minutes while other members of the neighborhood patrol group arrived and detained him. the victim wouldn't testify. but his attorney said she have dropped their civil suit satisfied that justice has been served. >> restore someone's peace of mind. i don't care if you have $6 million it wasn't about money but justice and we got it
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today. >> he is very upset right now. he is disappointed. i'm disappointed in the verdict, i think the social issues that were raised by this case are important regardless of the court finding and you know this young man is an outstanding young man, volunteering in his community. he has a strong academic record. he is a person who cares about his environment and community. we look forward to sharing that information when we come back in june. >> that sentencing has been scheduled for june 27th. the assault conviction could carry up to ten years in prison. the. because he has no criminal history, it's suggested that he could get off on probation. reporting live. jeff hager. >> all right. two students injuried in a school bus crash right along with the bus driver. the police say the bus ended up
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in a crash in the 9800 block of lyon's mill. both drivers and the students were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. federal authorities say the raid on a flea marketta mounted to the largest seizure ever. agents raided on april 22nd after two and a half years of investigating. they took nearly 220,000 fake items including fake designer clothes, shoes and bags, and all of it was about $47 million worth of items according to the suggested retail price force the items. in addition that five people were charged with selling them let's take a like look at harbor camas we get ready for a thursday night. a nice day. it's maryland and of course now with the weekend coming in,
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let's check in with wyatt, with your first forecast . >> not a bad way to get a thursday going. sun coming out through the day. we are up into the mid70's at least in the central part of the state. to the west temperatures running warm as they have the last couple days, look at that line of showers, out toward the ha gerstown area. the higher levels of warmth. 84, 88 winchester, we won't call that extreme in a month cooler to the north and east. there it is. couple of showers to the west of the radar, i don't think we will have much to worry about. in to the day tomorrow, mid70's by midday. i think low to mid80's by the afternoon and chance for pop up showers. >> if you want access to the forecast, 24-7 just head to the website right now. you will take a look at growing list of apps, the latest news,
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live streaming video and the weather forecast. a lot has changed, the old facade gone but maybe a memory comes back and maybe $30,000 reward money can help police solve a cold murder case. jodie was shot and killed in the parking lot of what is now a shopping center back in march of 1996. after she was shot she still managed to drive across york road to the giant food shopping center. the man who shot her followed her, drove up next to her and took something out of her car before she collapsed. her sister on the eastern shore with her three children said she still remembers the day she found out her sister was dead. >> whole body was in shock. that -- for a long time i just numb. >> anyone with information about what happened is asked to
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call crime stoppers. you could be eligible for the 30,000-dollar reward. police saying this woman stabbed her boyfriend last night. officers say the 33-year-old stabbed her boyfriend after a confrontation. she is charged with assault. police say during the investigation, jones's boyfriend, a 38-year-old tried to take a backpack out of the apartment but officers took it and say they found cocaine, marijuana and pills inside the boyfriend was arrested for dug possession. no the quick action by two social services employees is being praised today by state and city leaders. the governor and mayor surprised the workers at the office this morning to present citations for the two . they were being recognized for their intervention when according to
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police a woman started stabbing her baby daughter inside the building. the governor said that the pair's efforts probably saved the baby's life. calls for more security in offices is also being addressed. . >> we have started the review of the rest. over the course of the next few months we will look at our changes and looking at their impact and if we need to make changes. >> the 29-year-old was charged in the stabbing incident. her 8-month-old daughter is recovering from multiple stab wounds. tomorrow ravens coach will be the guest speaker at 27th fallen heros day ceremony. today we remember those who lost their lives protecting the county. >> reporter: today's certify nonny was a joint effort. back in may of 2011 a state
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drooper was killed trying to stop a speeding motorcycle in howard. he was remembered today along with six other fallen heros. his mother was there. >> i don't know if we realize how much the law enforcement officers do daily and the fact that they are risking their lives. there is not much more you can say than that. we need to value them. >> reporter: this week is national police week. in addition to the ceremony police will also by riding in the police unity tour, a bike race to raise awareness -- they have been very successful. they have raised $60,000 for the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. >> all right. thank you. two months ago, two months ago we told you about lags in discipline for doctors that put you at risk. tonight bad medicine is back and we have a new story about
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doctors you should know about. >> reporter: 99% of the doctors should give you no cause for concern but a small group are dealing a shocking issue on the job, drug and alcohol abuse. tonight we will look inside the world of addicted doctors who are struggling substance abuse and it's happening under the state's watch. how are you being protected as a patient and why it's such a tough issue to even think it about. >> we trust them so much that to think about them being invoalcohol and drugs and having other problems we don't want to go there. the reality is they are human, they do have problem, they do have access. >> tonight at 1 is 1 we will talk about local doctors dealing with their own demons. in the meantime check out the bad medicine section. on the page you can look up your own doctor, you can seat doctor's we have added, look
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them up by name, three were added to this list today. you can also check them out by complaints once you click opponent the doctor itself, you can go and get a look at their especially tire file, read the court filings and everything else you need to know about them. lue find that all on the website. i will see you 11. >> outstanding work. we have multiple bound fingers because of playing video games but here is something about gaming you may not know. video games can help with concussions. yeah. and it work 30 out of 30 times. an early paternity test when we come back. >> on the weather front 76, about six degrees above average. we continued 78 degrees. we have a two degree winner. congratulations, you get the abc two storm umbrella. chance rain around. we will talk about the next
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weather maker. ♪
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. in tonight's health alert you know video games aren't what they used to be. they help us get fit. as linda tell us they are now being used to track concussions. >> reporter: after missing several weeks because of a head injury anthony is back in the game and while he doesn't remember the kick to the head that sidelined him he said he will never forget the feeling of his first concushion. >> i had a headache, it took me a while to get used to moving. >> reporter: before being allowed to return concussion
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patients are put through a battery of tests. trainers lock for errors in everything from eye exams to balance tests. with the current meth odds there can be draw backs. >> its subjective in how you measure the errors and may have differences between testers. >> reporter: to try it make the tests more consistent trainers are turning to video games, at the ohio state university medical center researchers using yoga games to look at balance. >> we want to make the process of recovery more engaging for patients and also, make their it data, their outcome a little more transparent to them. . >> reporter: experts say there are more expensive machines but studies show games may be just as reliable. not only are the results consistent but athletes often love the challenge. >> it's competitive and they enjoy it verses the -- this is a familiar concussion test i
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have to take. they have been very, very respectful of the tool. >> reporter: a tool that the easy to find. it's portable and affordable as well. >> great idea. a trippers are teaming up with the university of maryland to test the balance using the wii game. you want the latest you can get it by liking the page. you can do a search for linda,abc2 health reporter on facebook. here is the question for you. does the site meat sometimes gross you out? a study says that feeling that people get could be genetic. researchers found about 70% of people have two copies a gene linked to a odor receptor. people with only one gene can tolerant the smell. and new research saying
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that some sciencists have found a safe, noninvasive way to test the day of a baby's father as early as eight weeks. they say it defects dna by isolating it from the mother's blood. in 30 test cases it worked and the researchers say the tests have been used to prove an affair in a murder trial. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> bright note there. take a look at the coast guard cutter. 75 degrees. wind from the east at eight. we have seen things get noisier through the day for most the state. couple of showers out here to the west. toward hagerstow. very minimal showers, most of the state dry and will continue to sit dry. you can see it's a clear radar
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scope for most of us. pictures, nice to seat cloud cover burn off. it held tough. you can see, just passing fair weather cloud cover as we time l aps eight hours in the four seconds, annapolis slow moving but a lot of blue sky, lot of sun and -- in the same deal as you head toward howard, ellicott city there. little breeze shaking the trees there. on the whole nothing to complain about. 84 west, winchester, 60 at the beach. contrasted about 25 degrees from west to east and the state, not quite as sharp as a contrast as yesterday though. that frontal boundary still on top of maryland but getting more diffuse. not as sharp of a temperature and you can see that in the highs today. 67 willing ton. it was more like 50's north and east. not quite the sharp contrast and that line of showers, so
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narrow, not impact for us tonight. we are watching this. weather maker to the south putting a lost tropical moisture and gulf moisture through the southeast states and that's likely to influence at least the weather into the day tomorrow. for now warm air trying to get in and we think we will have a better run, we should all get up above 80 tomorrow as this cool air starts to retreat to the north and east. as we look at the trend you can see that heat coming up with some moisture out of the south and east and that likely to help fuel at least a few showers or thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. still doesn't look, like, a lot of rain but a better chance tomorrow afternoon than on saturday and i think a better chance than we have had all week. allot moisture in to the southern states, this kind of rain but we may at least get pop up showers, overnight 60, mild, the two degree guarantee. 86, warmer, maybe a few of the afternoon showers, some could last in to the evening.
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probably not much. the seven day forecast as we look ahead to very busy weekend, townsend town fest. yeah, looks like good weather for that. warmer saturday verses sunday and 5th of may, looks like very nice weather. jamie we will be out there and we hope all the good folks come out. >> very nice. we already have baltimore's most accurate forecast. >> right. >> we nailed the weather. now we will have the traffic. you are about to straff nikita whole new way. and we welcome lauren cook with the sneak peek and traffic system. >> reporter: a brand new traffic system this monday. it's designed to give you the most accurate up to the minute traffic reports. it's basically a giant i-pad and with a simple touch of the screen it shows you what
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accidents, delays or construction you will need to get around. the new plan feature lets you know how long it'll take to drive from point a to point b and lets annoy how fast or slow speeds are clocking in. of course i will provide the best alternate routes. for up to the minute reports watch good morning maryland starting at 4:30. lauren cook. >> all right. thank you. the latest on traffic on good morning maryland. to find out about any closures or delays like lauren cook on facebook. you can find a link to her page from ours, just scroll down the screen. ? >> terell suggs tore his achilles and said he will be back. we asked a doctor what happens
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if he doesn't go for surgery. >> you can treat them without surgery. they do it all the time in europe it used to be the standard here. the rerupture rate is very high. that is not zero though even with surgery. you can take a high performance athlete, there is some risk of rerupture. >> he said i consider myself to be a player of the people and you know there is nothing i love more than playing for you. he had the best year last year. we will be right back. [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] it's mother's day.
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. all right. here is kelly with a look at what's coming up. >> got a great concept. a new way to bring a new family member in. we will talk to a couple using social media sites to try to be first time parents . and a real important warning from police in baltimore. which common household product being used in makeshift bombs. those and more when you join us tonight. >> the story about the bedimmed bad medicine.
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>> weather wise, before you come back for the late news, look at this. 70s in annapolis, belaire, low 80's from german town west. tomorrow a nice warm up quickly in to the low to mid80s. pop up showers and storms right now for the weekend, maybe some showers around saturday. looks like the best chances for rain tomorrow, sunday, dryer and cooler. >> when --. >> taking notes. >> what time --. >> i'm going to the mall. >> pop up showers. >> want to play? >> we need to get out there. >> have a good night.
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tonight on "world news," bin laden's final plot. secret letters tell of a plan to use poison in america. and why he wanted joe biden to be president. hillary's chce


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