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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 10, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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sunday talk shows did not necessarily force his hand. now they're saying he intended to make this before the democratic convention which ironically enough will be in north carolina. >> it's going to be very interesting. well, this was an important moment of his presidency and the campaign, of course. speaking at a campaign event, though in oklahoma, mitt romney was quick to restate his position on marriage. >> he is just one of the many leaders on both sides of the issue to react. >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman. and that's my own preference. i know other people have differing views. this is a very tender and sensitive topic, as are many social issues. but i have the same view that i've had signs well, since running for office. >> i think it really is going to put him in jeopardy when they realize that his position requires redefining the only institution that unites kids with their moms and their dads.
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>> the reality is in this country if you want to just take a purely political look at it. from a polling perspective, the majority of americans support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. the only folks who are sort of steadfast against it are the people who are never going to vote for the president. >> so many fierce opinions on both sides. so a lot of reaction on facebook and twitter. i think 50,000 retweets. check and see if that's a record. and big money raised. >> raised $1 million, 90 minutes after that announcement. >> of course, this will continue to be in the headlines for the next few days. more of that interview coming up on "good morning america." be sure to check that out. also in indonesia, a search helicopter spotted the wreckage of a new russian-made passenger plane that had vanished during a test flight. the plane was carrying the potential buyers as well as journalists when it crashed into a cliff off a dormant volcano shortly after takeoff. searchers say there were no signs of survivors among the 47 people who were on board.
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the food and drug administration meets today to decide whether a daily pill called truveda will become the first drug to prevent hiv infections in healthy patients. the fda study shows when taken dale etruvada appears to be safe and effective in warding off the aids virus in high-risk but otherwise healthy patients. in new mexico, an intoxicated driver is behind bars after leading police on a bizarre chase. >> he crashed through the gate of a horse racing track and started doing laps. he only stopped when he reached a barricade. >> police say the man was so drunk he passed out in the back of the patrol car, shocking. he told them he thought it would be fun to drive like he was in nascar. not as much fun as being in jail. >> not so much fun now. here's a look at your weather, everybody. soaking rain, flooding and high winds from brownsville, texas, into san antonio, el paso and southern new mexico. also showers in the northern rockies, the northeast dries out
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by this afternoon. we also have some showers in south florida. >> mostly 80s from miami to dallas. 77 in atlanta. 66 in baltimore. indianapolis hits 68. and the twin cities, 75. 59 in seattle. th in 64 in portland. phoenix climbs to 91. and sacramento, 82. >> hopefully some of the gray and rain will get out of here in the northeast. >> it's raining hard today in new york. >> poor and messy days here. let's get spring. sunshine. >> i'm ready for it. >> need to hit the tanning salon. i've got stuff to do. a rainy night in baltimore last night allows us to check in once again this morning with josh hamilton star of the texas rangers. >> he led a bunch of teammates on the field. the rain coming down. the tarp serving as really a great water slide. look at that. >> look at those guys. remember the slip and slide days in your backyard? yellow cheap piece of plastic. you could have fun like that a day after hitting four home runs in one game. he certainly earned it, did he
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not? and when your team does have the best record in the american league, another reason to celebrate as well. the game actually was rained out last night so they will play a doubleheader later today. which is pretty cool. >> pretty impressive. >> did you dorph the slip and slide thing. >> i have. >> impressive. >> you liked it, huh? it is not bad. coming up next, we have a very big treat for you this morning on the show. >> yes. she's a he with a flair for selling tons of tupperware. >> our visit with the one and only aunt barb. this may be our favorite guest. a long time hero of the show. we had a lot of fun interviewing her and all these very cool tupperware items as well. stay tuned for that right here on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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we have something so special for you this half hour. someone we think you'll like as much as we do. i love aunt barbara. >> we know you're going to like this. when robert souhan got serious about selling tupperware, he developed a very savvy alter ego and she stopped by the studio earlier this week. >> our guest this morning, get this is the top selling tupperware consultant, also a youtube sensation on top of that. we are thrilled to welcome the queen of tupperware, aunt barbara, the one and only. beautiful. >> how are you? oh, sunny. >> this may be one of our favorite guests ever. aunt barbara, pleasure to see you. >> oh, thank you. >> tell us how you got started. where did this character come from? tell us about aunt barbara? >> well, aunt barbara, you know,
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i went to a tupperware party years ago at my sister's house, and i watched the tupperware lady. she was delightful but i thought to myself, she just added a little more spice to it, a little spicier, you know. and then i thought, the heck with it. i'm going to do it. >> you are number one in north america. you have turned this into an impressive career. >> well, i went from being a social work administrator to being, you know, a top selling tupperware sales consultant, yes. >> she has an empire. >> tell us about the tupperware because first of all, this -- is this glass? >> how gorgeous is that? right? >> it's fantastic. >> looks like fine led crystal from the orient, but it's not. that's tupperware. how great is that near the swimming pool. you can't have glass near the swimming pool. it hurts to swim while bleeding. that is really nice. >> and it's really contemporary. when people think of tupperware they don't necessarily think of pitchers and glasses.
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>> they don't think of things sophisticated and chic. that's exactly what that is. >> and these unbreakable wineglasses are wonderful, too. >> how fabulous is that? holy mackerel. >> you are as drunk as you want and no injuries. >> they are perfect for the swimming pool again. absolutely. >> what about this? >> oh, okay. i know you were looking at these earlier. >> yes, i was. these are fridge smart containers. not fridge stupid. fridge smart. what these do. these keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, two to three times longer. >> let's say i put -- if i have some arugula, some lettuce and i want to put it in here, my arugula usually lasts about three days. >> you are looking twoot to three weeks in this container. >> that's remarkable. >> and why is that? >> it's science and technology. it's not just plastic food storage. they have a corrugated bottom that keeps the moisture away from the fruits and vegetables. vents on the front that allow the air to circulate around. lets the ethylene gas escape. when you bring your fruits and
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vegetables home, do you wash them? >> i do. >> no. you don't wash them. i know the answer. >> i'm signing him up. >> why should you not wash them? >> because what happens is the additional moisture helps to rot your fruits and vegetables. make sure when you put them away you stir them dirty and naked. >> i didn't know that. >> the way your fridge always should be. >> oh, rob. >> because this is what we like. >> they call me racy. holy mackerel. wine. who likes wine? where are my wine drinkers here. >> the whole building. >> i love the tupperware corkscrew. so many times when you have already been drinking and really can't handle things appropriately, it's nice if you have a corkscrew that works easy. now this swon great because what you do it has two parts. a little hood and that little screwy thing. you take the hood. you shove it in there. are we getting a close-up of
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that. you stab it in the middle and you just turn. as you turn, oh, my goodness, what's happening to that, sunny? it's riding up just like a prom dress. and then you're done and your wine is open. $29.50 on my website. isn't that great? >> and coming up next, aunt barbara gives some advice. stick around for that. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations. buzz, what's up, man? you left some leaves burning out here. yeah, there was a-- i just came in for a second. come on, man. if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave. you could torch the whole neighborhood. that's a good point there, smo...key. only you can prevent wildfires.
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♪ people have you over to their house to host a party, the host gets a lot of free stuff, right? >> a lot of free tupperware. >> apparently. >> oh, my goodness. when you open your house to aunt barbara, forget about it.
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>> you are thinking, barbara, why the hell should i host a tupperware party? why the hell do you think people host tupperware parties? because they get free plastic crap. >> now you've become a little bit of a relationship and advice guru as well. >> i do. i give a lot of advice. >> i think you know why you're here. your significant other and i have had a conversation regarding your relationship. it's over. it's over. >> you are branching out? >> yes. >> we need some advice. >> what's the matter, rob. >> we'll get to me in a second. what do people typically -- what kind of advice do they typically get. >> oh, you don't know. at the tupperware parties, i could do a whole joe showjust on that, what women need to know. women have so much trouble with not just finances, really, but marriages. >> yes. >> people. it's the taking the time. they don't take enough time for each other. honestly, that's why i love
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tupperware because i make my own schedule and i do what i want to do. but nowadays, people are very stressed. they are working very, very hard. they don't make enough time for their husbands or the children, and it's stressful. >> what is the coolest part about this gig? you seem like you are loving life. >> the things that tupperware offers is unbelievable. i've been to hawaii. i've been all around the united states. i earned a ford mustang conve convertible or the cash. i took the cash. a woman my age needs something a little bit -- but the biggest surprise to me is how well received i am by the public. >> this has been great. continued success. this has been great. everyone, aunt barbara, the queen of tupperware. what a good morning it's been. all right. we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. don't go far. [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> welcome back, everybody. now we all know that, obviously, the dallas cowgirls probably the best known cheerleading squad on the planet. there's a woman named sharon simmons down there in dallas. 55 years old, who is going out to audition for a spot on the team. you can already see she is in exquisite shape. >> i'm not believing the age. >> 55. this was a dream of hers 30 years ago but she kind of put it on the back burner to raise kids go to school. had a gleer real estate. those are the other 20-somethings she's auditioning with. >> she's in the middle? >> she's in the midle in the pink outfit. she is trying out. she's won nine first place tiltd on the competitive fitness circuit over the past five years. this is a very fit woman. at 55, she is determined to show the age is nothing but a number.
2:56 am
i want to be a dallas cowgirl cheerleader. she is going for hard core -- >> she's a grandma. >> she's a 55 hrl-year-old grandma. >> 55 is the new 25. >> on that field -- >> a little botox, plastic surgery. >> that would be great if they had a 55-year-old dallas cheerleader. >> absolutely. >> we're rooting you on. >> someone we're not really rooting on. remember patricia krentcil, the tanning mom? that's definitely going to be my halloween costume this year. and we know she rose to national prominence because she appeared in court to face those charges that she allegedly placed her 6-year-old daughter in a tanning booth while she was spoofed by "snl," interviewed on "gma," lampooned by all the tabloids, now hero, a connecticut-based dollmaker is making a doll. there it goes. yes, fans of krentcil can pay a
2:57 am
cool 30 bucks and can have now the tanning mom action figure. >> oh, isn't -- >> i may buy that because i can't stop looking at her. >> it's a talker piece, as they say. a conversation piece. >> i can't get enough. >> she is -- she's forever enblazed in our minds. fried into our minds. just a warning to parents. the 16th of this month, mcdonald's is going to introduce a healthy fruit soft drink for children called the fruitiz. one of the five servings of fruits and vegetables kids need. they've studied this thing and a large 5 milliliter cup cob tains 49 grams of sugar. >> are we surprised? >> they recommend youngsters don't have more than 40 grams. and 200 calories. so you may want to be skeptical before you do it. >> finally, a rare retraction in the morning papers section. remember the dentist story we talked about? a hoax. >> pull out all the ex-boyfriend's teeth.
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my name's reggie. just recently, my wife and i took in her sister's children. now, we already had 4, so i went from becoming a family man to a man with a biger family., and you can't eat love, ! so i don't know/ how i'm going to feed them tonight. how was that, reg? i think i look more like denzel. that's cold, man. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit p and find your local food bank.
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this morning on "world news now" -- never before has an american president said he supports same-sex marriage. >> that was until president obama spoke with our robin roberts. president obama's change of opinion and reaction to it on this thursday, may 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good thursday morning or friday eve as we like to call it here on the overnights. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin. >> the president's declaration about his change on gay marriage came after a couple of cabinet secretaries and vice president biden said they favored it as well. >> they are saying even aides admit biden's comments weren't necessarily calculated but certainly sped up the process. the president planned to say this before the election anyway, but, you know, joe biden being joe biden kind of accelerated
3:01 am
the process. >> it seems sort of calculated to me. i can't imagine the vice president just broke ranks and decided to make that announcement on his own. maybe i'm a skeptic. >> so much reaction to this announcement. big, big news. congrats to robin robert for that historic interview. a settlement following the deadly duck boat incident we've been reporting on. the company involved is now on the hook for millions of dollars to the victims' families. and we told you yesterday about a ban on fund-raising bake sales. it was happening in massachusetts. well, now it seems like some common sense has taken hold. well, either that or lawmakers have caved in to some massive pressure. >> probably a mix of both. that i'm guessing. and then the latest installment of what can only be called a very, very long form documentary project. it once featured children who are now all grown up and the changes they have gone through over the years. what a great concept behind the documentary to trace these same group of lives over a number of
3:02 am
years. we'll get to that as well. of course, it's a bombshell dropped in the middle of an election year. president obama changing his mind about gay marriage in this country. >> president obama's announcement on twitter has been retweeted more than 50,000 times. with more we're joined from washington by abc's karen travers. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, sunny. the president described his thought process as an evolution. one that came after many conversations with his staff, with his friends, and with his own family, including his two young daughters. president obama has been facing mounting pressure to clarify his position on same-sex marriage. in an exclusive interview with abc news' robin roberts, the president announced he has reversed his opposition on this politically charged issue. >> i have to tell you that over the course of several years, as i talk to friends and family and neighbors, when i think about members of my own staff who are
3:03 am
incredibly committed, monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships who are raising kids together. when i think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that "don't ask, don't tell" is gone because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage. at a certain point, i've just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: the president said he still believes that states should decide how to handle the issue, but he's confident americans will grow more comfortable with gays and lesbians getting married. mitt romney reiterated his opposition to same-sex marriage. >> i have the same view on marriage that i have when i -- had when i was governor and that
3:04 am
i've expressed many times. i believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. this is a very tender and sensitive topic, as are many social issues, but i have the same view that i've had since -- well, since running for office. >> reporter: like the president, romney said he thinks it's up to the states to decide. right now, 30 states have constitutional amendments or laws banning gay marriage. like the president, americans have also evolved on gay marriage. support has risen sharply nationwide. right now polls show that more than 50% of americans say gay marriage should be legal. rob and sunny? >> thank you karen. maybe that's why people are saying this really isn't that -- it's going to make a lot of headlines for the next several days but is it really that big of a political risk if polls show most americans favor it here and those who didn't like gay marriage weren't going to vote for the president anyway. >> and the republican contingent wasn't going to vote for him. you can't really fall off the floor. so there was no risk for him there. and certainly now i think he's
3:05 am
sort of probably energized the democratic base at this point because the republicans are going to sort of stake their claim in the ground. we saw that with romney's announcement. now it's going to energize the base. first 90 minutes after endorsing gay marriage, obama raised $1 million. >> in an hour and a half after the announcement. so the twitter and then the tweets came and the cash followed, too. interesting, too. you can see much more of this interview coming up later today on "good morning america" with robin roberts. congrats to her on a big interview here. >> a big get. >> check it out this morning on "gma." also today, some new details about the possible terror plots against the united states by al qaeda's top bombmaker. u.s. authorities tell abc news at ibrahim al asiri's latest designs involve bombs surgically implanted inside of terrorists, as well as bombs hidden in pets to be carried on aircraft. also as well as in cameras and also in external hard drives that would explode when plugged into a laptop computer. the man suspected of killing
3:06 am
a mother and her oldest daughter in order to kidnap two young sisters has been rushed to the fbi's ten most wanted list. authorities believe that adam mayes still has the two little girls with him. a relative says mayes believed he might be the girls' biological father. federal agents are asking the public for help now and the reward for information has grown to $175,000. prosecutors in the john edwards corruption trial are expected to wrap up their case today without putting rielle hunter on the stand. edwards' former mistress is on the defense's witness list so she still may be called to testify before this trial wraps up. of course, much of the government's case against edwards hinges on whether he used campaign funds to cover up their affair. also in north carolina, angry protesters disrupted bank of america's annual shareholders meeting both inside and out. the streets of charlotte were filled with demonstrators frustrated with the bank's rigid
3:07 am
foreclosure policies. shareholders lined up to beready bank officials for being too quick to foreclose on struggling homeowners rather than try to work out some kind of payment plan. two southern california police officers will stand trial for the death of a schizophrenic homeless man. the ruling came after a hearing that included a surveillance video showing a violent confrontation between the man and the two officers. both officers are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. one is also charged with second-degree murder. both insist they are not guilty. and 15 people touring a national park in taiwan were injured when their bus suddenly veered off the road and went over a cliff. >> this is some wild video here. check this out. a security camera captured the moment the bus rolled over and crashed after experiencing engine failure on a steep, curvy road. oh, man. amazingly, though it stopped before plunging down to the
3:08 am
river below. all 15 people on board suffered some injuries though most of them, thankfully and amazingly were not too serious. >> thank goodness. this bmw in boston is a crumpled mess after a brief joyride. the driver, an 8-year-old boy. he backed his mother's car out of the driveway, crossed the street and through a hedge before plowing into a neighbor's home. the car hit the house with such force, pieces of the porch were wedged in the trunk. the boy caused about 100,000 bucks in damage. again, luckily, no one was injured. >> 8 years old. >> a little too young for a joyride. wait another decade, you'll be all right. the massachusetts school bake sale we talked about yesterday, and the ban that sparked a nationwide debate has been overturned. >> not a shocker here. state lawmakers instead voted in favor of an amendment that allows local communities to decide whether to adopt the strict nutrition guidelines. those guidelines also prohibit pizza, white bread and 2% milk.
3:09 am
one lawmaker said the bake sale ban was the stupidest thing he has seen in his career. >> i agree. i like bake sales. i love bake sales. a little red velvet cupcakes. >> we all like sweets. >> rice crispy treats. >> we all like sweets. that's why we're such a fat country. something has to be done. here's your thursday forecast. stormy across much of texas and southern new mexico with up to a half foot of rain flooding and damaging winds. showers in the northern rockies. morning rain from new england to d.c. drier in the carolinas. showers in south florida. >> 87 in miami. 77 in atlanta. 68 here in new york. omaha up to 80. minneapolis, 75. detroit, 64. a hot 91 in phoenix. 82 in sacramento. and 60s from portland to billings. so, rob, it's baseball season, right? sometimes everything just goes right when you are at the ballpark. here's the latest example of that. >> tuesday night, the
3:10 am
rockies/padres game. foul ball to the left side. wait for it. yeah, you saw it right. that's right. landed right in that guy's beer. a ball lands in the beer. beautiful. take a sip, young fellow. >> at that point, you have to chug the beer. and like we said, everything just goes right sometimes at the ballpark. oh, look at that. what goes better than baseball and beer. well done, kid. coming up next, russell brand lashes out on stage during his comedy act. it's all caught on tape. what he's also possibly saying about reconciliation maybe with his ex-wife? >> we'll see. plus an end to the legal battle over that devastating and deadly river
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well, multimillion-dollar settlement has been reached in a gripping case in philadelphia. a huge river barge ramming into a sightseeing boat. >> two young people died in that tragedy. their families now will split millions. but it's a victory that means very little. david henry from our philadelphia station has more. >> no amount of money can replace their priceless, only children. >> reporter: 16-dora schwendtner and szabolcs prem were killed in the accident almost two years popping the duck boat has stalled in the shipping lane of the delaware river. it was run down by a barge being pushed by a tugboat operator who us distracted by phone calls and a computer. the tug company kc transportation and the ride the ducks company agreed to the settlement. $15 million for the families of the two victims and $2 million for the survivors. the companies had initially argued that maritime law limited
3:16 am
liability to $1.8 million. the value of the two vessels. the victims' parents came here from hungary for the first two days of the trial. they are on their way home now, unaware of the terms of the settlement. >> they have told us that the amount of money was not really important. what they wanted to do was bring a change. >> reporter: the lawyers for the families say they were consoled by the fact their children died trying to save others. video shows dora throwing her life jacket to a crew member who had jumped into the water as the barge approached. the lawyers say the families are hoping their lawsuit leads to safety upgrades that will save other lives. but they say the duck boats remain potential death traps. >> the duck boats with canopies are death traps. if you wear your life preserver and it goes down, you'll get trapped underneath the canopy. you don't wear your life preserver when it goes down, you are likely to drown. whanget a sad story. money doesn't bring people back but certainly, i think $15
3:17 am
million for two people who perished in that is -- >> it's appropriate. >> a small start. >> it's a small start. i think it's interesting that they made the families go to trial. this settlement was reached two days into testimony. so that's unfortunate. >> right. right. exactly. it took that long. also interesting the tug pilot, also in november he was sentenced to a year behind bars for his role in the crash, too. so justice on a few levels here. >> yeah. >> and maritime law that would have limited the retwoord $2 million goes back to 1851. it's an ancient law to say the least. >> clearly inapplicable here. >> just a touch. glad to see some closure. coming up, a really fascinating story 50 years in the making. >> a popular documentary series that tracked kids when they were 7 revisits them now five decades
3:18 am
3:19 am
it was considered a ground-breaking documentary lost in britain way back in 1964. the so-called seven up series followed 14 children to get their take on life pretty much. >> there's an update to the popular series decades in the making. the bbc's will gomperts explains. >> reporter: it's 1964. the documentary about class is shown on itv. >> my heart's desire is to see my daddy. >> i'm going to work in woolworth. >> reporter: "seven up" featured 147-year-olded from a range of backgrounds who asked their opinions on everything from class -- >> oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes. >> reporter: to their reading habits. >> i read the financial times. >> reporter: now seven series later, it is back at 56 up and so is jackie. >> have you gotten any boyfriends? >> um --
3:20 am
>> by the time she was 35, jackie and mick had divorced. >> i've got three wonderful boys. i've got a loving family. i mean, i'm lucky. >> i think the biggest question is what am i going to talk about? nothing has happened. and it's not really until you sit down and start thinking about what's happened in the last six, seven years that you realize that quite a lot has happened. quite a lot has changed. >> give me a child until he is seven and i will give you the man. >> reporter: here is bruce aged 7. he said he wanted to teach people to be more or less good. now aged 56, he's a schoolteacher with a compassionate outlook. >> what people have -- do is see something about their own lives reflected and realizing that any life is a journey and a venture with choices to be made, courage to be shown and so on. we're just ordinary people. >> reporter: in the first
3:21 am
episode, the children were taken for a day out at london zoo. they seemed to enjoy themselves. i'm not sure the animals did. >> in 1964, "seven up" was ground-breaking. but if it was a new idea today, what are the chances of it even getting made? the hollywood director who still makes the films thinks not. >> the business has changed. it's much more fragmentary. when we started there were bbc and itv and it was all very small and all very focused. and now it's become fragmentary. i think it's difficult to hold long-running series together. >> reporter: the director said it was a horrible error to have only four females in the cast of 14. but the omission was a sign of the times. much has changed since then. not, though, people's attitude to friends and family. they still matter more than anything else. will gomperts, bbc news. >> it's fascinating. >> i love the idea. and life is a journey. we're all taking this ride
3:22 am
together. >> but the whole thing, show me a 7-year-old, i'll show you the man. >> very true.
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♪ well, it looks like russell brand may be having some regrets about splitting with katy perry. >> the two finalized their divorce back in february but it would appear the comedian is having a change of life. abc's lara spencer tells us what this drama is all about. >> reporter: he was one half of the hottest if not oddest celebrity couples. russell brand, the eccentric and often controversial british comedian recently divorced from pop megastar katy perry. over the weekend as he performed
3:26 am
in atlantic city, he went off on a heckler who went off on a sore spot, his ex. >> according to audience members, the heckler was shouting out perry's name. brand got fed up, actually jumped off the stage and zeroed in on his target. >> this guy is confident probably because he's incrediblee but look at you. you look like someone that's fallen off the outside of a church. >> and it went on and on. why is it you have rattling around inside your mind some bizarre combination of alcohol and idiocy. >> reporter: now speculation behind what's behind brand's outburst? according to "grazia," brand sent perry an emotional e-mail in hopes of reconciling, telling her he made a mistake and asking her for a second chance. a source close to brand reportedly told the magazine, russell was seethe with jealousy over photos of a very happy katy
3:27 am
and her new beau last month and that russell gave up on their relationship too easily. brand reportedly blindsided perry after filing for divorce in december. perry took her anger to the stage at the grammys with her song "part of me." ♪ you chewed me up fd and spit me out like i was poison in your mouth ♪ ♪ you took my life you drained me down ♪ >> she's reportedly edited footage out of her documentary. >> katy has since moved on. katy has found a new boyfriend. it's just become this full-blown romance. >> hey, you know -- >> she moved on. >> she moved on with a cutie. >> if you initiated the breakup and she moved on. you're out of luck, mate. next time around, you know? you snooze, you lose. >> just move on. move on. >> that's the news for this half hour. follow us on facebook at
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- no more evolving for president obama's position on same-sex marriage. >> he's made it absolutely clear in an exclusive interview with our robin roberts. mitt romney and loads of others have been reacting ever since. it's thursday, may 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday eve, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. robin's very simple question in her interview with president obama led to some definitive battle lines for voters in this political year. it's an issue both sides are treading pretty carefully around. >> oh, yeah. i mean, we've seen so many culture wars leading up to this november election. the contraception debate and then we had the stay-at-home mom debate. >> the war on moms.
3:31 am
war on women. >> now the gay marriage. another hot button. the gay marriage debate. it's getting interesting. >> it is. it's an election year. >> the president couldn't afford to be ambiguous any longer. he gave this -- a hastily arranged interview, but he gave it and now there's no more interpreting what he means. see how it plays. also coming up, the health of your kids and the dangers of having too many x-rays and scans. can do to keep their youngsters from being overexposed to radiation. then, check this out. talk about cowabunga, dude. that is a massive wave as big as a small building. so, of course, somebody had to get out there on a surfboard and now a world record holder he is. >> i believe i heard 75 feet? something like that? seven-story building the size of that wave. >> i don't have the nerve for that. i've tried to surf a bit, but that, uh-uh. >> you've at least tried. >> oh, yes. >> oh, no, i'm in the hot tub.
3:32 am
you all can have that surfing stuff. and wait until you hear this kid playing the piano. he's tickling the ivories playing everything from mozart to coldplay and the beatles. a true prodigy. stick around for that story. but first, the gay rights advocates are cheering president obama's support, finally, of same-sex marriage. >> president obama revealed his change of heart on the issue during a sit-down with abc's robin roberts at the white house. >> mr. president, are you still opposed to same-sex marriage? >> i've always been adamant that gay and lesbian americans should be treated fairly. and equally. and i was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people, the word marriage was something that evokes very powerful traditions, religious beliefs and so forth. but i have to tell you that over the course of several years, as i talk to friends and family and
3:33 am
neighbors, when i think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed, monogamous relations, same-sex relationships, who are raising children together. when i think about those soldiers or airmen or marines, sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that "don't ask, don't tell" is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage. at a certain point, i've just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. you know, it's interesting. some of this is also generational. malia and sasha have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. there have been times where michelle and i have been sitting
3:34 am
around the dinner table and we've been talking about their friends and their parents and malia and sasha, it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. >> the latest polls show more than half of all americans these days actually support gay marriage. >> and the man challenging president obama for the white house is among those who do not. here is abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: campaigning in oklahoma, republican mitt romney said he disagrees with the president's new position. >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman, and that's my own preference. i know other people have differing views. >> reporter: but he spoke gingerly. >> this is a very tender and sensitive topic, as are many social issues, but i have the same view that i've had since -- well, since running for office. >> reporter: the supporters, including talk show host ellen degeneres, the news was overwhelming. on twitter she praised the president for his beautiful and brave words.
3:35 am
in battleground state florida, andy mcneil and today bloodworth celebrated with their twins. >> it's a very, very brave move to make, and we're extremely grateful. >> yeah, we realize what a politically risky position he's putting himself in. >> reporter: after all, almost half the country disagrees. a divide not just ideological but generational. polls show most americans under the age of 40 support same-sex marriage. most over the age of 65 oppose it. a racial gap persists as well. a majority of whites are supportive. a majority of african-americans oppose. such as charles robinson who owns the royal king barber shop in battleground state virginia. >> a man is supposed to be with a woman. and a woman is supposed to be with a man. that's how i feel. and i'm -- and that's never going to change. >> reporter: virginia's one of 30 states whose voters have gone to the polls and cast ballots against same-sex marriage. white house officials say that after the president gave the interview announcing his change of position, he told them he felt good.
3:36 am
it was the right thing to do, he said. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> of course it's going to be dissected over the next few days how this plays politically. this will not do well with older folks. may not play well in the south. the democratic convention is in north carolina. we saw what happened there on tuesday. and also among black voters and hispanic voters in this country, which always shocks me -- >> that is shocking. >> because those two groups know a little thing about discrimination. it strikes me as a little hypocritical, not to mention some historical amnesia going on. that those two groups just decades from jim crow and segregation, civil rights and separate but equal now say no gays can get married. those are the groups that really don't stand with the president on gay marriage. >> i don't think this announcement was risky for him. there are those social conservative republicans who were never going to vote for him anyway. you can't fall off the floor. now he galvanized a large part of his base. he raised a million dollars in 90 minutes after this announcement. so -- >> that's huge. >> in my view, this is a win-win for the president. >> see how it plays out with the voters, particularly the
3:37 am
independents who will help decide the election. about nine swing states. we'll see. long-awaited announcement from the president yesterday, that's for sure. other news this morning -- we are learning some disturbing new details about other possible terror plots against the u.s. by al qaeda. u.s. authorities tell abc news the latest designs involve bombs that are surgically implanted inside terrorist bodies, as well as bombs hidden in pets to be carried on aircraft. there are also plans for bombs hidden in cameras and also in external hard drives that would explode when plugged into a laptop computer. the justice department plans to file a civil rights lawsuit today against controversial arizona sheriff joe arpaio. the accusations against arpaio and his office include racially profiling latinos in traffic stops and punishing hispanic inmates for speaking spanish. arpaio denies the allegations and says the truth will come out in court. and in chicago, jury deliberations are set to resume
3:38 am
this morning in the trial of jennifer hudson's former brother-in-law. william balfour is accused of killing hudson's mother, brother and nephew as an act of vengeance against his former wife. jurors will be sequestered until they reach a verdict. new york city's 911 system is being flooded with millions of accidental phone calls. >> research shows nearly 4 million calls a year coming from people inadvertently dialing from their cell phones. the calls in question are commonly referred to as butt calls, mistakenly dialed from phones in a back pocket, purse or elsewhere. >> we've all done it. it's hard to avoid. a lot of buttons. your butt is on the move. in 2010, nearly 40% -- 40% of new york's 911 calls fell into the butt dial category. >> that's terrible. >> some busy butts in the big apple. >> it's dangerous, though. >> i have done it. i apologize. i've done it in the cab ride. sorry. a thrilling accomplishment for a surfer off portugal hanging ten all the way into the record books. >> this is amazing stuff.
3:39 am
you are looking at garrett mcnamara riding a ginormous mountain of water. it's the biggest wave surfed ever. it was 78 feet high. that's as tall as a seven-story building. mcnamara's feat was officially certified by "guinness," and he'll be live on "gma" later this morning. >> that takes some nerve. >> look at the size of that. >> i'm nervous just looking at him. >> i've never even seen a wave that size. i get nervous in the tub. i don't know how this dude pulls it off. congratulations. see you on "gma." here's your thursday forecast. drying out in the northeast after some morning rain. also some showers down in south florida. texas gets some much-needed downpours, but it also brings flooding and gusty winds from corpus christi over to el paso. also wet in southern new mexico and some showers in montana and idaho. >> 63 in boise. 74 in albuquerque. and 85 in colorado springs. near 80 in fargo. 77 in kansas city, and 84 in dallas. mostly 60s from boston to
3:40 am
baltimore. we have some nail-biting moments at the baltimore harbor. a daredevil takes a fearless stroll 100 feet up in the air. >> that's right. you are looking at nik wallenda on the tightrope making a 300-foot journey over the harbor with no safety devices to break a fall. nick made a heart-stopping stumble but successfully finished the walk. >> hold on, brother. nik comes from a family of daredevils. his grandfather walked that tightrope across the very same harbor way back in 1973. >> and i used to live in baltimore, maryland. i've been to that harbor many times. and that feat is something. >> got to be an easier way to get some crabs. coming up, a favorite of mine back on the market this morning. yes, this lovely star is single again. coming up in "the skinny." first, kids at risk because of the health care they are receiving. too much radiation, and what you can do about it. >> that is straight ahead on "world news now."
3:41 am
>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by cancer treatment centers of america.
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fda is calling for some pretty urgent changes. abc's dr. richard besser has some advice for parents. >> can you pull up your sleeve and show me where it hurts. >> reporter: lucas is 4 years old. his arm hurt. >> the x-ray looked fine. >> reporter: x-rays and ct scans which are hundreds of times more powerful are incredible diagnostic tools. but each time a child gets a scan, it comes with a dose of radiation. and radiation, any radiation, means a higher risk of cancer. that's what the fda is warning about. one study finding that the
3:45 am
number of ct scans in children has jumped 500% since 1995. to 1.65 million. and one-third of all ct scans aren't needed. one example? concussions. where ct scans just aren't useful in most cases. radiation is especially dangerous for children because their bodies are developing, and they have so many years ahead of them for cancers to grow. >> when we do a study, we want to put it on the pediatric imaging parameter. >> so this little button here? >> yes. >> reporter: the fda called on doctors to give children a fraction of the dose an adult gets. and on manufacturers to make that easier. i asked the fda, what took so long? >> standards and research need to reach a certain level, and so we believe that there's now a body of clinical evidence that supports our guidance to manufacturers. >> reporter: parents, you should always ask, do you really need this test? and if you do, is there a different test without the
3:46 am
radiation, an mri, an ultrasound, which would provide the same information? and is the machine set to a child's dose? and there is good news. little lucas, his arm was not broken, but he did need that low-dose radiation to confirm it. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> so weird. and it's hard for doctors to tell how much radiation a child is getting because it varies by age and also by the brand of the machine. >> that's right. but i think what's good is under the fda's proposed guidelines, manufacturers of these devices have to provide that specific information on how to minimize radiation exposures for children of different sizes, different ages. radiation for a 6-year-old is very different, i think, radiation for a 12-year-old. >> if there's a button that says child dose, hit that one for the little one. "the skinny," lots of good stuff coming up today. we'll be right back. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ fellas, fellas, listen to me this morning. i've got some news for you.
3:49 am
you won't believe who is single again fresh from a breakup over her boyfriend of about two years. the one and only sofia vergara back on the market. >> he's so happy about this. >> who would not be? sofia is back on the loose. the big star of "modern family." she's 39 years old. just before the weekend, she broke up with her boyfriend nick loeb. the two called it quits according to sources. always these famous sources. they say they've been fighting for a long time. it officially ended just before the weekend. they first met at a golden globes party back in 2010 and went to the white house co that wasn't too long ago. now splitsville. she's back on the market. you can imagine her time back as a free agent will not -- >> it's not going to be very long. >> it will not last long. what dude does not love sofia vergara. she is free and single. >> time to act now because she won't be on the market for long. >> this offer will end quickly. call tonight, quickly. make your move. >> well, talking about another
3:50 am
beautiful woman, gorgeous at the gala. rihanna is having some issues. she was taken to the e.r. and hospitalized following monday night's met gala in new york. she tweeted a picture of herself hooked on an i.v. and, you know, she's had some problems lately not showing up to the dress rehearsal at "snl" saying she was sick. some of her friends are saying she's partying too hard. she's in trouble. and they are urging her, reportedly, to head to rehab. they say maybe it's because she's still not over chris brown and she's very upset. >> she's not over it. >> she's not over him. apparently he got a tattoo of his new girlfriend and she freaked out about that. so perhaps she's in some emotional pain but her friends are concerned about rihanna. >> let's hope. you don't want to see another hollywood cautionary tale. you hope that she pulls through whatever it is. >> maybe she's got the flu or something. >> let's hope. get better, rihanna. also, jessica simpson. this girl already has perfume,
3:51 am
lip gloss, beauty products, hair products, commercials, handbags, shoes, boots. >> and a baby. >> don't forget about that. but her empire worth more than a billion dollars. and sign even more money on to that because she signed a $3 million deal with weight watchers now because they're going to make a national campaign out of her post baby body. we all remember that she was pregnant for about 13, 14 years. finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl back on may the 1st. now she's going to be an official national spokeswoman or be part of a national campaign for weight watchers at 31 years old. >> she gained about 70 pounds? >> she gained a lot of weight. >> i gained 70 pounds, too, but nobody paid me $3 million to lose it. i'm filled with jealousy and resentment. britney spears. a lot of women in this "skinny." did you pick all these stories? britney spears has reportedly signed on as a judge of "the x factor." so that would be a huge coup for simon cowell. we may be seeing more of britney.
3:52 am
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♪ sing us a song you're the piano man ♪ i'm a huge billy joel fan. love "piano man" and i love this next story. a 6-year-old piano prodigy from connecticut has become a youtube sensation after garnering more than a million hits. >> that's crazy, too. "piano man" one of the greatest bar songs ever written. this kid's rendition was so good that even billy joel sent him a note as a compliment to the kid. what makes him so remarkable is that he is autistic. a really amazing story here. here's reporter ally reid. >> reporter: listen to ethan walmark play the piano and you can see he's no ordinary kindergartner. he has an extraordinary talent and an even more extraordinary story. ethan is autistic. >> when he plays, every
3:56 am
disability disappears, and he's just a regular kid, and it just makes him so happy. he really feels it. >> reporter: his first piano performance was when he was just 1 year old. >> he started playing on a kids piano and he all of a sudden, we were in the kitchen and heard "mary had a little lamb" and "twinkle, twinkle." we thought, well, gee, that's odd. is that on "sesame street"? there's ethan banging out the notes. it was pitch perfect. >> reporter: he's moved on to elton john, the beatles, coldplay, adele, beethoven and mozart, all played by memory. it wasn't until his mom uploaded a video of him to youtube playing billy joel's "the piano man" that ethan went viral. as of today, more than 3 million people throughout the world have viewed this video, and now we're about to get a private performance. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
ethan has gained many fans, including his idol, billy joel. >> billy joel could not have been more respectful and more of a gentleman. he sent us a note. your son plays better than i do and i like his introduction better. >> reporter: you can bet other big names will be getting in touch as his repertoire and impact expands. ♪ let it be let it be ♪ >> i love that. >> some gifts are god given. that's the only way you can explain some things. >> a god-given talent. >> and how cool is it that billy joel himself reached out to the kid. well done. nice story all the way around. more from abc coming up next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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