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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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just keep an eye on the shot. he's going to come down right inside. watch the shot go up. all right. no problem with that call. >> mike: next loose ball or foul on the defensive end on the heat will put them over the limit. no team foul on that offensive on lebron. five-point miami lead. tight game one on mother's day 2012. >> i'm lebron james of the miami heat and i want to wish all the mothers in this world a happy mother's day. hey, it's me again.
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we have to kill them on the glass. they are hurting us on the glass a little bit. we have to win those battles. >> defensive unit right here, guys. we got to overwhelm them with our size, rebounding, get some in the open court. you have to hold those guys down to 30% in the fourth quarter. >> mike: that speaks to the mindset. that's asking a lot. i'm going to hold you to 30% in this quarter defensively. >> hubie: but they are playing on a high right now. you have to remember, miami at the offensive end, 12 of their 16 field goals have come in the paint. they are whipping indiana in the paint. >> mike: hill and hibbert both have five fouls. west sets the second screen. hill has to take the shot. and he was held bill turiaf. at the six minute mark. loose ball foul will put indiana in the bonus. and the pacers need points, because their best scorers are
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not doing it. danny granger, paul george, 2 of 10 combined here today. >> hubie: their two key guys, not only at the offensive end, but at the defensive end and we all know in basketball, when you are scoring the ball, you play better defensively. you have more energy and you are out there making the extra plays. and unfortunately, as this game has moved on from the third quarter to the fourth, we're not seeing that. they're still in this game. he makes this foul shot right now, you're right there. but the defense has to buckle up and cut off the seam where wade and lebron are taking you to the rim. >> mike: wade and lebron joined by mario chalmers, shane battier and ronny turiaf who is in for chris bosh with left right before halftime with an abdominal strain. will not return. wade used the window. >> hubie: you have to go now. go, because lebron, because wade is way behind. >> mike: will granger look for his shot?
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1 of 7 here today, danny granger. cut off by lebron. finds hibbert. got turiaf to miss. granger on the go. hibbert couldn't hang in the air long enough. who touched it last. heat. pacer ball. >> hubie: i like the fact that no one forced the shot there. a lot of dribbling. and hibbert made a strong move. that's right here. went up there and he just could not get the pass. david west inside. >> hubie: there you go. that's an offensive guy who is a proven scorer, foul line down. he can take the contact and muscle you right to the rim. >> mike: ten shots for 17 points, as you see there. 8 of the last 10 scored by the number three seed, the 42-win pacers, trailing the heat by two. both teams won their opening
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round series in five. wade got bumped by george. four on paul george. >> hubie: they played him perfectly for two different areas. but then, once when we went down in there, made that spin, he gets the contact. but that's because he's saying, i'm not going to give up the ball. i'm having an excellent night getting to the foul line. and i was 11 for 12 on the line. so, i'm confident there. >> mike: wade, who had a high of 25 in that first round series against the knicks. dwyane wade took the floor today, became the 18th series he's played in the postseason, for the miami heat. you look at his numbers through the years. and in round one. wade passed alonzo morning for the most series played by a miami player. team record 93rd playoff game. heat by four, five to go.
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game one here in miami. game two is tuesday. we head to the heartland for game three and four thursday and sunday. hill knocks it down. one-point game. >> hubie: that's his shot. he's a high percentage three-point shooter. and he will stop on a dime and take it. go back to when he was playing in san antonio. that's his area behind the three-ball line. >> mike: and the overtime game in the orlando series, he took the big shot. james. and six on hibbert. he is gone. >> hubie: he had to go for it. he had to make the move. you hear the house boo, they called it on george, not hibbert. >> hubie: they cowl have called it either guy. both guys got a piece of him. >> mike: well, indiana got a
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break. because what george did was not a foul. so, george, hibbert and hill all have five perms. hibbert stays in the game with 4:30 to go. but george is one of your better scor scorers, although quiet tonight, has five, as well. >> hubie: indiana's been consistent. they are not going to let you get an uncontested lay-up if someone is close by. they are going to challenge the shots and force you to make the shot. >> mike: they're going to lose their best player by doing that. >> hubie: that's how they play. >> mike: you're right. and they will go to the other guys they trust in their rotation. a three for george. chased down by chalmers. here's james! >> hubie: when people miss threes, you have to go and get the long rebound.
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but more important, two guards have got to be back when that shot goes up. >> mike: here's granger. missed the three. hibbert on the tip, no. the last 18 miami points have been scored by lebron james and dwyane wade. they rise as james goes to the basket. here's george running with hill. -- blocked by wade! great chase down by wade. >> hubie: that was nonchalant. the ball should have been passed and you had a lay-up. >> mike: battier, three out here. didn't get it to him yet. and george recovers. shot clock at ten. wade sizes up west. wants to take it from the elbow -- rebound, west. 3:10 to go. five-point game. >> hubie: right now, when they look at this film, meaning the pacers, they've had so many fastbreak opportunities today where they have not made the proper decisions for the easy
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shot. >> mike: chalmers picks up the foul, that is his fifth. free throw coming for the pacers after this time-out. >> hubie: when that ball rebounds out long, come on. you have to rotate back. this is the most critical time of the game. this is just a strong move and you know that either wade or lebron is going to be running the outside lane. now, keep an eye on the middle of your picture. here's a bad decision and there is a great play. >> mike: what hustle. wow. ♪ [swing music plays] ♪ [swing music plays]
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[ man announcing ] what we created here. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. what we achieved here. what we learned here. and what we pioneered here. all goes here. the one. the accord. smarter thinking from honda. >> mike: hey, kids, you want to be a star? hustle. look at this. 20-foot head start that paul george had, dwyane wade put his head down, charged and got that
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patented lebron chase down block. and hubie, these guys on the offensive end of the court, the last 18 for miami. >> hubie: when you think about it, lebron james had six points at halftime. he has 22 points in the second half. and wade has 16 in the second half, but their defense has also been excellent. >> mike: 38 of the miami 48 points. joel anthony is the only other player to score in this fourth quarter. and as chris bosh has come out and let's take you back to what happened. the abdominal strain on this drive. >> hubie: when hibbert went for him, he caught his right arm and pulled him back as he was extending to the ball. now, in spite of all of this, it's a five-point game, okay? >> mike: paul george comes to the line for two free throws here. both teams over the limit. and indiana's free throw
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shooting has hurt them. hubie told you, very good free throw shooting team normally. larry bird's crew. third-best in the league. they've missed five of their last seven. >> hubie: this is the pressure of the moment. there's no doubt about it. any time that your team is a 78% foul shooting team, you know that it's pressure. >> mike: chalmers, anthony and battier, along with lebron and d-wade. >> hubie: two-man basketball. >> mike: george with five fouls. west thinking about coming. comes for the double. lebron, patient. no good. hibbert goes up and gets the rebound. >> hubie: anthony was right up there again. >> mike: calling sets from the sideline as the pacers come up. they are using their plan.
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>> hubie: clear out here for west. >> mike: over with battier. good defense by shane. james came over to help. only five on the shot clock. >> hubie: when west made that one-on-one move by coming into the middle of the floor, lebron -- see where he is, right at the top of your picture, he's one of the best that we've ever had here, in coming from behind you to get the shot block. >> mike: west, quick. pacers going to get to it. >> hubie: take your time here. don't rush anything. >> mike: george straight on. good closeout by chalmers. here's hill. got hit. no call. heat with numbers. wade attacking. james bumped down the lane. and the foul called on indiana. >> hubie: we had a number of bumps here once they crossed over half court. >> mike: this gets george. and this should be six on paul george. >> hubie: you had one there at half court. then you had another bump right there. and a third bump. it could have gone either way, but they were all definite calls against indiana.
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>> mike: hill bumped when he shot the three. paul george, who averaged 12 a game in the regular season, nine in that series against orlando, players learning at this level how to play, just 22 years old. 1 for 5 from the field. he had six points and two boards here today. barbosa comes in. frank vogel's last time-out with indiana. >> five-point game, guys, come on. we're right there. going to be a three-point game. going to be a three-point game and they are walking it up to the half court where they can't score on us. i'm telling you, if we don't get anymore transition buckets, we're not going to win. >> mike: big philly sports fan. very likable guy that's made a great impact on the pacers and the profession.
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hill got rid of it to west. the throw from barbosa is a turnover by the veteran west. >> hubie: now, once again, you forget the initial trap. the initial trap was excellent. it kept them from getting a pass up front and it also forced them to pass back, which allowed the shot block to go down and put pressure. >> mike: james and wade, the last 20. huge trip here. mvp time. lebron floats. no. who is going to get the loose ball? hib berlt for the pacers. they don't need three. time's a-wasting. transition move for the pacers. hill off the screen. short. anthony goes up and gets it. and the challenge by battier started it all. >> hubie: that time, that was a high percentage shot.
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he left it short. give anthony a ton of credit. he's just been great here today, doing his job. see how he cut off the defense and then he went right up in there and picked up the rebound. >> mike: anthony is going to come to the line. was a starter for a great part of this season. 51 games. udonis haslem replaced him in the lineup. 49 of 71, shooting free throws this year. indiana, like miami, with three time-outs. certainly time to extend the game here and advance the ball. one of two made. the lead is seven. and the pacers take a time-out. 1:05 left in a second half dominated by wade and james.
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>> mike: let's look at the state of the playoffs. congratulations to the clippers. they go on the road and win game seven. a rarity in the nba, just the 22nd time that's happened in 109 game sevens. the clippers will meet san antonio, oklahoma city and the lakers on the west side of the bracket. and over here in the east, boston won game one against philadelphia. and hubie, indiana will go back and look at this, they'll say, they had their chances to beat
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miami. >> hubie: absolutely. the big thing right now is, if you take a three and miss it and foul, you are going to extend the lead. the big thing is to score quickly here. if you take it strong to the basket, you might get a three-point play. >> mike: pacers need one. they need to get it quick. there's no space to shoot. it's hibbert from the outside. not the shot they wanted. 50 seconds left, and the heat up by seven. the fans rise in miami. >> hubie: the heat have done an excellent job here in cutting off the lane, trapping hard and then forcing indiana into forcing the shot. >> mike: here is james -- yes, three. time-out taken. the lead is nine. 31.8 to go. miami has scored 25 points in
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the quarter. all but two, lebron and d-wade. the heat, this close to go up 1-0 in the series. >> mike: those that thought this would be a good series, i think game one shows you a little bit of that. >> hubie: i like it. indiana has got the feel that they can get them. and i'm not saying they're going to win four, but they can definitely play with them.
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because they're going to look at the foul shooting, all right, they're going to look at the second chance points, that they did not take care of their defensive boards. and yet, here they are with a minute to go, they were right in this game. >> mike: pacers, the question about them now, do they have a star to close the game? their best players did not close. look out, nearly a turnover. battier with the save. mean tile, miami's best players have, scoring the majority of the points here in the fourth quarter. wade with the air ball. they will put a few tenths of a second back on. this baby is over. and indiana will go back to the hotel, scour the video and see what they can do in game two. this will be the 13th consecutive playoff win against an eastern conference foe,
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against miami. the big three era, they have played five series, won four of them in five and lost the final to dallas last year. >> hubie: we saw that indiana showed they can defend. and they can trap. but as the game wore on, wade and then deaf it in little lebron james stepped up and just created things. miami was absolutely sensational. >> mike: lisa? >> lisa: thank you, mike. lebron, you and dwyane wade scored 22 points together combined in this fourth quarter. you had 16. what was different for you guys in this fourth quarter? >> well, defensively, we stepped up. 70-7 at the end of the third. gave up 16 points. that's what it's about. we know if we get stops, we get a better opportunity to get a win. >> lisa: thank you and congratulations on your mvp. >> oh, thank you. >> lisa: how did your mindset chi
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change when chris went down? >> it was difficult, but for me, it was being more aggressive offensively. and know that i was first and second option. i just decided to be more aggressive. they did a great job to give me the ball. i was there to make shots. >> lisa: how does this game set the tone for the rest of the series? >> it's going to be tough. it's going to go down to, you know, who gets stops, who takes care of the ball and who rebounds. it's going to be tough. and, but we're up for it. >> lisa: thank you. mike? >> mike: the heat scored 53 points in the second half. 42 of them from wade and james. game one of the series, to the heat, 95-86. we'll have a final word on this day in the playoffs as we continue, the nba playoffs here on abc.
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>> mike: despite not hitting a three-pointer in a playoff game for the first time in franchise history, miami wins it. with hubie brown and lissalters.
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on the west coast, except for you, it's "world news" or local news next. thank you for watching abc, home of the nba finals.
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