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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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federal agents were back at the beltway professional building as management changed the locks on suite 101. a red sign lets people know that the pain clinic once housed here is closed until further notice. >> very relieved. >> reporter: they closed after local police and dea agents raided the healthy life medical group, one year into their investigation. >> we knew since last april that there was an issue at this location and we have to do it right. >> reporter: according to the assistant special agent in charge at the dea, what they did is served search warrants on a suspected pill mill. one record showed they had been seeing as many as 80 patients a day. >> oxycodeine was the big thing. they know they can make money off of it. >> reporter: so big that people
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came from as far away as florida to get scripts. we saw it for ourselves as we staked out the clinic for months, watching with a hidden camera as cars from all over the country came. today those patients were turned away. >> they waited around for a little bit talking on their cell phones. >> reporter: so are the operators of healthy life. two were arrested as part of yesterday's operation. authorities will in the confirm names but records show that the clinic was run by alina margulis, michael reznickov and gerald wiseberg. none of the three are doctors. now all three are out of business. >> it has not been safe here. >> reporter: now a third warrant in this case has also been issued but not executed. so you want to know how did authorities stumble on to it? we'll get the scoop of it and hear from two ladies to helped bring this place down. >> and stay with us.
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we'll have much more on our investigation. we were there for the suspected pill mill raid in baltimore county and joce sterman will join us at 5:30 to sort everything out and break it down. >> today catholics here in maryland are welcoming a new leader. the reverend william lori was installed. it happened at a mass at the cathedral of mary our queen this afternoon. jeff hager was there. a lot of pomp and circumstance i'm sure. >> reporter: there certainly was. the catholic church is steeped in tradition, a multitude of processions including school students, seminarians and bishoped all streamed in for the installation of william lori.
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the archdiocese face as new challenge in the fast of same-sex marriage and archbishop lori said he's ready to defend the traditional institution for the sake of the children. >> and it is for the sake of a strong society. how many social problems are headed off at the pass when there's strong families and when young people have role models of male and female and the interaction between the two to be formed with. >> reporter: now lori succeeds cardinal edwin brian. archbishop lori, tomorrow he will be at our daily bread serving up meals to the hungry. jeff hager, abc2 news. after three days lawmakers in annapolis finished up
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business. law enforcements voted to raise the income taxes on individuals making more than 100,000 a year and couples who make more than $150,000 it. would shift the pension cost of teachers over to the county. >> i'm very proud of the work. i wish we had done more in terms of the deficit we'll face next year but as far as this year, i'm very satisfied. the bill heads to governor martin o'malley's desk. at 6:00 weal' hear from the neighbor -- we'll hear from the neighbors, those affected by it. we've seen some improvements. no rain coming down on maryland's most powerful radar. we have cloud cover, an interesting feature, but on the whole a mix of sun and clouds. some spots we're seeing more sunshine. frederick 84. 80 in d.c. humidity is still high from
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baltimore south and east, but we've got drier air working in from the are in the and the west. that's going to men a more refreshing kind of scenario. this evening 70s and generally dry. now to a developing story, drivers in mississippi and surrounding states are on high alert after two people had been murdered and the kill are may have pulled them over in what looked like an unmarked police car jamie costello has more. >> there's a huge manhunt to find the person who may be pulling cars over and killing the drivers. thomas schlin der was driving in northern mississippi. he was shot and killed. three days later, about 50 miles away lori ann carswell was found dead along another highway. investigators said there's no connection between the two
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victims. the shootings have drivers on edge. >> it's a bad situation. >> reporter: now police are looking for a gold unmarked crown victoria. they feater shooter may be using flashing lights. >> authorities are not sure if this is a serial killer. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> we want to update you on breaking news we told you last night at 6:00. we know the names of two men arrested in catonsville, after they were caught trying to steal copper. they were charged with burglary. police say the two were trying to steal copper pipes from a closed building. a hazmat team had to be called in to get one of the men out because of mold and as bests to that was inside the building. in tonight's consumer alert, the government announced the shoe company skechers usa must
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refund customers who bought the popular shoes. the company said it would help people lose weight and get toned up. the study stayed did not back up those -- said it did not back up those claims. >> reporter: if you believe this commercial, to get curves like kim kardashian, just wear these sneakers. the rolling bottom shoes were advertised as a fitness shoe that would help you get toned and lose weight. many forked over $100 a pair. >> you don't have to be don draper or watch madmen to know that. >> reporter: the claim said that skechers exaggerated the claims. today it announced that skechers has agreed to a $40 million
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settlement. anyone who bought shapeups are eligible for a refund. >> either shapeup your substantiation or tone down your claims. >> reporter: they reached an agreement last year with rebofnlgt so far, hundreds of thousands of customers have requested a refund as part of that $25 million settlement. >> we expect advertisers to have sub stangs -- substantial. >> reporter: a woman said it caused stress fractures in both of her hips. >> it injured me catastrophically. >> reporter: skechers said it believes the ads were appropriate but they settled with the government to lay individual a long legal process. homeland security's inspector general said the tsa has not been adequately
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tracking, reporting and fixing airport breaches. the study -- one incident included a passenger with a knife by passing airport screeners. and another one found a passenger walking around tsa agents. a first grader is fighting for his life. details on what happened to a 6-year-old as he walked to school this morning. new details about the extent of george zimmerman's injuries. what the family report shows. plus, the votes have been counted. which couples will dance. we have highlights from last night's "dancing with the stars." ♪
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well, maria menounos and her partner derek are going out on a high note. when the viewer votes were factored in, marie nap and derek were factored out. george pennachio has the details. >> maria menounos and derek hough made it one step away from the semifinals. >> i think we came out winners. >> reporter: they starred with the cha cha. by week three they rumbaed to triple nines and they earned the first perfect score of the season. >> i literally never thought i would make it this farks ever -- far, ever. so for me it was oh wow, we did
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it. >> it's bittersweet but mainly just sweet. this entire season has been incredible. >> reporter: there's still one more woke to go. with maria and derek out that leaves the football star, classical sing are and star. donald driver, katherine jenkins and william levy will battle it out in next work's finals, which includes the popular free style routine. >> i don't even know what the free style is. all i know i have to work on it now. hopefully she will make it good. >> i never thought we would be here talking about the finals. it's a real shock. >> i'm up to the challenge. i'm glad i'm able it get her to this point. if i can make her dream come true, then i've done something
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special. >> reporter: it all begins monday on abc. in los angeles, george pennachio for abc. all right. a mex of sun and cloud -- mix of sun and clouds. humidity is beginning to drop some. we'll steadily see the humidity dropping across the entire state as we go into the overnight. some drier air on the move. through much of the day today it was rather cloudy, minimal chances for rain. in fact, we saw almost nothing in the way of showers. towson today at towson west elementary, you can see basically things were partly cloudy as you look at that horizon and manchester valley high, a mix of sun and clouds. now we're seeing clouds and areas north and west like here
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in carroll county, dryer air edges. maryland's most powerful radar all sweeps scanning crystal clear. we think that will be the case for the next several days right into our preakness. 82 baltimore. 76 at the airforce base in dover. 73 at the beach. winds light from the west southwest. that's indicating that shift. as the winds turn west, northwest we see the humidity numbers dropping. we're almost down into the 20% range. hagerstown, 30% range and you have to get to the eastern shore to find the high humidity level. drier air is already funneling in. we've got another boundary pushing in, sparking a few showers to the west over pennsylvania and ohio, but this front will be arriving after the peak heating of the day and we've already got drier air in place ahead of that boundary. add all that up and we won't see
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much rain. we're pretty much dry for now. overall, you can see the dry air, another high pressure cell arriving just in time for our run-ins. drier air building in across the great lakes. warm humid conditions beginning to give way. the possibility of an isolated shower this evening -- yes, but very minimal. as we go into the overnight, we're left with dry, sunny beautiful conditions. don't forget the spun glasses. more beautiful blue skies. looks like disturbance offshore but that looks like little to no impact. overnight 55, coloring skies president winds turn northerly. about 10 degrees, 75, mostly sunny and that air death much drier. tomorrow night a few clouds and we are clear and cool off.
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here's the seven-day forecast, the weather is looking good with temperatures hovering in the mid-70s for a couple of days. it will be a little cooler. we expect it for preakness saturday. the next chance of rain early next week. >> that looks great. >> you're doing to be at the plaque eyed susan. i'll try to swing in and check on you, see how you're doing. schools and community partnerships are helping students excel. pnc is helping students about hope. sherrie johnson shows us how financial literacy is making a difference for students. >> reporter: it's not your average day at this academy. scholars at this all male public
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charter school is getting fit. it's part of operation hope, banking on our future programs. >> i didn't know with to do with money. i would just spend. i didn't know you have to do other stuff like pay water bills, gals bills. right now i'm going to save my money. >> reporter: operation hope works with volunteers from area universities to teach students about checking and saving accounts, the power of credit, investment and budgeting. >> the goal is to teach the young people the language of money, to change their mindset on how they think about money about saving. the most important thing is to catch them young. >> reporter: today students are participating in budget. the goal getting them to focus on needs rather than wants. it's proving to be a challenge between candy, tennis shoes and
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clothes. pnc donated to the program. >> pnc believes strongly in investing in the communities. one way of doing it is by providing financial education to people of all ages. we believe strongly that our young children really need to have the information. >> so with a little guidance and smart decisions, these scholars would be on the right financial track. sherrie johnson, website wib -- abc2. >> great program. it has educated over 25,000 students since 2003. this year the goal was to educate 4500 students. studies show more than 50,000 americans were diagnosed with parkinson's disease each year. strides could help improve treatment. plus, not all sun screens are created equal.
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what you should know before going shopping for sun screen lotions.
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doctors may soon be able to predisict how fast parkinson's disease progresses. research found that patients with two different variances of the disease had a faster dedplien motor skills. doctors can get a faster read on how different drugs will help the patient. you soon be able to test yourself for hiv. a panel from the fda unanimously approved the recommendations
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yesterday. the panel said the test should be available over the counter. it sales the test is safe and effective and the benefits far outweigh risks. if approved, it would be the first over-the-counter test marketed for hiv or any infectious desease. researchers at ucla say too much sugar is bad for the brain. the study found rats fed high fructose corn syrup had a hard time finding their way through the maize. the sweetener is found in things we love, soda, snacks and baby food. as we head into this warmer weather, you may be wondering what's the best sun screen. experts say choose one with a sun protection spf of 15 or higher but not higher than 50. apply it every two hours.
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remember to always wear a hat, drink lots of fluids and avoid the sun during the peak hours. abc2 news is the place for all the health news. you'll find important headlines, as well as interesting health categories. coming up, a first grader is recovering at johns hopkins hospital. what happened to him as he walked to school this morning. plus, much more into our investigation of a suspected pill mill. joce sterman will be back in minutes. you a have seen -- may have seen this commercial. we will put the slush yes magic to the test to see if it works.
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police moved in last night and raided a clinic on york road
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in the lutherville timonium clinic. coming up, joce sterman has the latest developments on what took place and why the building had been under the watchful eye of law enforcement. the maryland house of del gas approved the budget to raise taxes on those making more than $100,000 and couples making over $150,000. now the bill heads to governor martin o'malley's desk. william lori is now the archbishop of baltimore. he suck seweds cardinal o'brien. a 6-year-old anne arundel boy is in the hospi


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