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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 17, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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we're learning new details this morning from a suspected pill mill in that professional building. we'll tell you what's happening today. and former o's announcer test es his skills in a new job in a life or death situation. >> i'm live at pimlico racetrack with a look at what's happening today. >> take a live look at our camera down at the inner harbor this morning. maybe not. let's take a live look at our
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desk. >> thank you so much for joining us on this thursday, may 17th. it's a very colorful set. wonderful pinks. and a yellow tie. >> look at you. >> it's cricoa crayola crayon box. >> a rainbow. >> all right. look at you. a rainbow today? >> not a rainbow today but plenty of sunshine out there, so make sure you get out there and you enjoy. i don't think i'll have to twist anybody's arm though. as we look add maryland's powerful radar we are nice and dry. we are scanning the skies right now and not going to be seeing a whole lot in the way of rain today. it is in the forecast, but not for today and your weekend locking pretty good as well. temperatures are beginning to drop off. temperatures in the 60s, they still are in 60s in some spots but that drier air, that cooler air beginning to work its way in behind that cold front so we see 59 from aberdeen to columbia this morning. dry air working its way in at about 5 to 15 miles per hour and that will continue as we go
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through the the day. so a nice look day on tap and we will see some changes with some rain in the forecast. all that's coming up, but right now let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. how are the roads? >> well, fortunately the jfx is nice and clear if you are using that to get into the city this morning. that construction having no effect on the speeds. looking at 51 miles per hour right now making for a nice easy ride all the way to downtown baltimore. north of 695, no delays that talk about here in baltimore county. so good news for those of you traveling on 83 this morning. we do have some preakness road closures that will begin at 10:00 p.m. tonight. west rogers avenue will be shut down at the parkway. several roads will be affected for a complete list of closures. click on the sports section and there is a preakness tab there with all of the information you'll need to know. if you are traveling through the tunnels, no delays to talk about. the harbor tunnel nice and clear
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as we check in just north of child street. not too many cars out there this morning. fort mchenry tunnel also delay free. back over to you. new this morning we just received some new information about a deadly motorcycle crash that we told you about earlier this morning at 5:00. the crash happened around 11:po last night on old york road. that's in white hall. that area. now, authorities there say a driver, larry steven hicks jr. died at the scene and abc 2 news spoke with dispatchers this morning that say his harley davidson slammed into a telephone pole. we are staying on top of this story and we'll keep you posted. raising money for the felicia barnes foundation. all proceeds will go towards raising awareness in the cases of missing children. tonight's fund raiser will be from 5:00 to 9:00 at the chick fil a.
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we posted a link to our website. we have new details about our bad medicine investigation into a local clinic accused of pushing pills. the suspected pill mill is located in a building that is near the beltway professional building on york road and we have learned that two operators of the clinic have been arrested and the third is still wanted by authorities. dea agents and local police raided the healthy life medical group on tuesday night breaking up a suspected pill mill. the affidavits for the search warrant revealed that the clinic was seeing about 80 pisht patients a day each paying $350 in cash. documents show that patients got mris at a prearranged facility, came in for their appointment there and then got prescriptions for drugs. local pharmacies tipped off the dea and then they put informants on the inside to learn what the clinic was doing and how they made millions of dollars in just about 4 months. >> we knew since last april that
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there was an issue at this location and we have to do it right. we just don't want to either make arrests or execute warrants if there's not going to be any impact. >> one of the operators was arrested during the bust. another was arrested bwi. a third warrant is out there but they're not going to say who they're looking for. you can always learn more about our investigation. you can find all the stories under the bad medicine series. timothy giet ner will be in baltimore today. he'll take part in a discussion on the state of the economy. he'll highlight the importance for congress to pass a new higher tax credit that will help businesses create new jobs. tomorrow a group of 8 economic summits known as the g 8. dozens of world leaders will join president obama for those
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talks. they're going to discuss europe's economic woes and solidify plans for winding down the afghan war. >> it is now 6:06 and orioles are now the cardiac kids in major league baseball. after rallying to tie the game in the 9th last night adam skwoens gave the orioles offense all they needed in the 15th inning. in kansas city they played 17. and here's what happened in the 15th. adam jones, 430 feet. his 12th of the year. today a matinee baseball game. i get to watch baseball this afternoon. first pitch is set for 2:10. a former stadium announcer at camden yards helps save lives now. take a listen to this 911 call. tell us if you know what it is. >> one half inches, 30 times, give her two breaths and then 30 more pumps. keep going ma'am, this is very important. don't stop. >> that is dave mcgowan after 14 years with the o's.
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he wanted to find a job where he could help people and last week he got the chance, walking a woman through cpr that ultimately saved her 2-year-old granddaughter's life. >> she said the baby's breathing and i felt great. i said you know what? i made the right job c. all right. well, a story on our facebook page generating quite a few comments this morning. it has to do with a push in texas to get teachers to use cell phones to help control kids in the classroom. right now it's against board policy. eva writes in saying if student haves have their phones off, teachers should as well. it's not too late for you to weigh in. we definitely want to know what you think. well, for a lot of little girls it's a dream to become a ballerina. >> the work a group is now doing to help little ones achieve this dream. plus that morning cup of joe
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is not all that bad for you. the benefits that can come from stirring up your coffee. >> there's a lot of activity going out here at pimlico racetrack. coming up, a live look at what's happening today in preparation for the preakness stakes. >> and the umbrellas are being traded in for the shades today. how long the shades will be the choice of paraphernalia and when that rain gear has to come back out. details coming up. >> traffic is starting to pick up here on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. i'll show you what 95 looks like coming . a live look this our h at the brooklyn bridge. let's head up to new york for the latest in tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes new online search features. google is adding knowledge graph. now you'll get some basic information that may be all you need or will help you narrow down your search.
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microsoft bing is getting social. the number 2 search engine is adding a side bar column that lets you know which friends has information about your search topic. >> theno carrierringconnect 1440
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you know what, today we have a lot going on already. the sunrise at hold hill top tour is already underway. it started about 6:00 this morning. large groups of people touring the facilities here. also today is the trunk show for the preakness. christine moore will hold a trunk show of her 2012 spring and derby hat collection because we all know fashion's a big part of the preakness. it's all happening at fells point store on south broadway. also today at 9:00 a.m., giant food has been selected to design and create the floral blankets
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that will drape the preakness winner. we can't forget about the alibi breakfast that checks off about 9:30 this morning. a chance to roast and toast a lot of folks there. that's a huge tradition here and i've got to tell you, so much fun out here and i've had a chance to see a couple of the horses and pet them. i got to pet poncho there so lots going on today. thek the blue crab trying to get it to finish first. the winner gets $500 to give to their favorite charity. >> we've established this morning what we're all afraid of. frogs, snakes, rats, >> spiders. >> spiders. are you afraid of crabs? >> . >> just asking. i mean, just asking. >> when they're alive, yes.
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i've been crabbing before so i'm not. i like it. >> they're quite tasty. very good. the weather very good today. we're going to pick up where we left off yesterday afternoon. you can start to see those clouds eroding. earlier this morning we had clouds around the eastern shore and we do have an update because the clouds starting to clear out as we blow out of here. you can see for yourself and you can see a nice shot of the key bridge back there. plenty of sunshine and blue skies the afternoon. right now temperatures are beginning to fall. 51 degrees in manchester. so that dryer cooler air working its way here. 54 in mount airy and also aberdeen now. 62 in chestertown. the last time i showed you these temperatures were around 64 degrees so we're starting to get
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a little bit cooler and nice and seasonable by this afternoon. also looking at the winds this morning. they are becoming a little bit breezy around edge mere. 12-mile-per-hour wind and that will continue into the afternoon with the winds but they will begin to shift more to the south and possibly to the east. now, this is what it looks like. high pressure builds in and the reason for that shift high pressure will begin to slide off over towards the east and with that the winn direction as well. but still lots of sunshine in the forecast for us. there is that coast tallow that's trying to throw a kink in our forecast but for the most part it looks like we will stay dry as we head through the weekend. for today that temperature coming in around 75 degrees. mostly sunny and seasonable. let's get a check now of the traffic. how are those roads looking? >> well, the roads are just like the skies. the jfx is going to be very clear if you're using that to get into the city. all the way downtown to east faye yet street everything will be up to speed traveling through
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the fort mchenry tunnel as well as 895. here's a live look at north 95 street. so if you are headed out on 95 here's exactly what it looks like in white marsh at route 43. it will be a nice easy ride as you make a push down towards the beltway and eventually into the city. that will be the same case on the beltway. here's a live look in parkville. everything up to speed. that outer loop starting to pick up a little bit as you make your way to charles street but no significant d. a hot topic for you this morning a new poll shows a majority of americans thinks organ donors should be paid. it's current illegal in the u.s. to do so but they favor health care credits for organ donors. 42% are in favor of tuition reimbursement as compensation so of course we want to know what you think about this. should organ donors be paid? heed to our website to get to
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the abc 2 news facebook fan page. weigh in. a few comments coming up in about half an hour. you may want to grab a cup of joe to go with your breakfast as well because a new study finds there's a lek between coffee drinking and a decreased risk of the most major causes of death. researchers studied the effects of coffee drinking on nearly 500,000 people and their results were surprising because it showed that men and women who drink coffee, one cup per day, they have a 10% lower risk of death and women actually drank the same amount and they had a 15% lower . >> the antioxidants protect the dna which helps to reduce the risk of cancer. coffee has been shown to reduce liver cancers in some studies. strokes, we have seen that people that drink coffee on a regular basis it does not increase their blood pressure enough to cause stroke damage so
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these beneficial effects of coffee decrease mortality. >> results were the same for calf nate pd and decaffeinated coffee drinkers so keep that in mind. we have been pushing to get a coffee maker in our studio. so this is our plea to the boss. >> we'll show you how you can help us out. go to the facebook fan page. give us about five minutes or so we'll get it on the fan page what you can do to help make us some very happy people that get up early in the morning. >> did you know there are different ways to use it other than just perking up your morning. and a michigan man found a way to use his cup of joe when he faced a couple of thieves. and a south korean couple survives a wild ride when their car suddenly accelerates on its own. why the government is now getting involved.
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6:22. an autopsy will be done today on mary richardson kennedy. she was found hanged in ore home last night outside of new york city. she was the second wife of robert f. kennedy jr. they have four children together divorced in 2010. she was 52 years old. today we may learn more about the funeral arrangements for a legend in music. we're talking about chuck brown. >> he died yesterday at johns hopkins hospital after suffering from pneu. >> for four decades he played his music and it became their music and this night they came from around the area to the howard to celebrate the life of a d.c. icon. chuck . >> they danced, they reminisced. everybody had a story. >> it's all about the celebration of his legacy, what he meant was, what a happy and joy he was to us. >> i love that man.
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>> these people love chuck and chuck loved them too. when we followed him around d.c. we saw his fans mobbed him. he made jokes about all the attention. >> i love taking pictures and signing autografs but there was a time when the only people that took pictures of me were the police. >> he said he ended up in prison where for a few cartons of cigarettes another man made him a guitar and when he got out he invented something called go-go. >> my fans keep me . >> then the crowd where a city councilwoman, chuck's daughter and fellow go goer. >> we lost something that d.c. can never replace. >> it's chuck brown. >> so they're celebrating a life right here along this part of 7th also called chuck brown way.
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>> what a set of pipes. >> wonderful voice, wonderful story. that was sam ford reporting. music has really lost a legend when we lost chuck brown. well, time now to take a look at your morning commute. >> well, thank you. preakness road closures do begin at 10:00 p.m. tonight. it uses google 8 satellite images to show you exactly where the trouble spots are. here's a look at pimlico. west rogers avenue will be shut down at 10:00 p.m. for a complete list of all the road closures and the lane blockages just go to our website. all the information that you'll need to know is going to be there and if you are using the jfx to get into the city all of that construction not causing any backups this morning. we're looking at a high of 51 miles per hour. this traffic system also shows you looks of the main lines. everything is going to be clear.
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here's a look just north of child street and the northeast corridor going to be in great shape in the white marsh area. you're only looking at a 15-minute ride from the beltway to downtown baltimore. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >> caught on camera. a scary ride for an elderly couple from south korea. they say their hyundai accelerated uncontrol my. it reached speeds up to 80 miles an hour before slamming into the back of a car. o-fishes are trying to figure at what happened. >> a florida couple has one heck of a story to tell their newborn son. >> how a stop at a gas station turned into a pretty wild night for the couple. >> and after three days or you can call it 93 days the maryland special session has come to a close. what it holds for taxpayers in our state. pooches and puppies, we are fed up
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about k9 advantix ii. they just walked away. they're free. they took a life and they're plea. >> two boys learn their punishment this morning. we hear from the girl's mother but why she doesn't think justice


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