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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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our center of low pressure. but we're seeing some clearing right now up the center of our state, the chess is a annapolis. temperatures reflecting that, pushing up close to the mid-70s to near 80s. still a chance for showers, even a pop-up thunderstorm, damp, misty but big changes. we'll talk about that in detail coming up. well, tonight in our coverage of a boat accident last night near the key bridge you'll hear that distress call. jeff hager joins us with the details. >> reporter: four people from pasadena were on the boat trying to make their way home when they struck pilings. >> may day, may day. >> reporter: a late night distress call from the darkened
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waters of the patapsco water. >> i had a 40-foot sea ray hit it. >> reporter: lt. randall brown said a pair of fishermen cast line on one point of the sparrows point pier when the boat crash into the other side. >> the good samaritan who called in on channel 16 happened to be in the area and heard it as it occurred and respond absolutely valiantly to say the least. they immediately called the coast guard and started to render assistance to the people on the boat. >> i have two male patients. one is having a hard time breathing. >> the coast guard deployed it from station curtis bay and arrived within 1 poz of the call before transporting them to a waiting ambulance on the shore. while night fall, cloud cover and rain all may have made it difficult to spot the pier, brown says it appeared on all of
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the nautical charts and the accident underscored the need for boaters to help protecter that own safety. >> an ounce of preparation will help you tremendously. this is the bang of safe boater week. they're trying to get the message out about preparation. that's really what it's about. knowing where you're going. having a plan and double, triple checking. >> two of the men suffered serious injuries and will require surgery. two others have been treated and released. they're still investigating whether alcohol played a role in the crash. jeff hager, abc2 news. an early morning house fire leaves a man burned over 60% of the body. it happened early this morning. brian kuebler joins us with more. >> reporter: the man was found laying on his front lawn and was
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immediately transported to johns hopkins bay view where he remains in serious condition. it was quite a scene. witnesses said the flames were shooting out of the front of the house and with fires in complexes like these, there's the concern it may spread. they grabbed family members. more than a few residents described this morning's fire like a scene out of a movie. >> i just seen flames. i ran up and said we need to get out because i know these fires. they can spread fast, so and it was like a movie. >> reporter: the city frard was able to -- fire department was able to put it out quickly. there was a working smoke alarm in the home. the cause still under investigation.
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taking a look at some of the top stories. an emotional day in the new jersey courtroom as dharun ravi learned his fate. he was convicted on pull the pel charges -- multiple charges for using a web exam to spy on tyler clementi. the young man took his life days later. >> reporter: dharun ravi was expressionless as his sentence was red in a courtroom. >> will report to the middlesex county adult correctional center to of -- serve a 30-day jail term. >> reporter: in march he spoke to abc news after being qect -- convicted. >> i was 18, stupid, a dumb kid. >> reporter: clementi jumped from the george washington bridge in 2010 soon after ravi
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used the web cam to spy on him. he said he -- >> a miscarriage of justice occurred. >> reporter: this morning at sentencing, ravi's sentence argued this should be thrown out. >> a defendant in a criminal case is not entitled to a perfect trial. he's entitled to a fair one but i'm convinced without any question he got a fair one. >> reporter: today tyler's parents addressed the court. >> tyler and i were very connected. so much so that i feel like a piece of me died in 2010. >> he saw my son has not deserving basic human deep sen sip and -- decency and respect. >> reporter: an impact statement was read aloud. ravi claims he is unfairly being
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made an example of. >> we just got late word that prosecutors plan to apel that sentence for ravi, saying it was too short. a guard is dead and several others injured after a prison riot in mississippi. a riot broke out in adams county, which holds mainly illegal immigrants. the staff was able to get things under control. the prison issued a statement saying at one point the prisoners held at least two dozen hostages. troops in afghanistan was the center piece of the nato sum met in chicago. the president said is for the -- the goal is for the afghans to
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take over security next year. >> i'm confident that the leadership represented here as well as our outstanding armed forces that we can advance that goal today and response blip bring this war to an end. >> outside the summit, demonstrators targeted it. they said tax breaks have robbed the state of millions of dollars. so far, today's protest has been peaceful. in tonight's consumer alert, thousands of jeep wranglers are being recalled due to a fire hazard. which model years were affected and what to do if you own one of them. >> reporter: chrysler is recalling about 68,000 wranglers in the u.s. for problems that could lead to fires. they affect 2010 wranglers with automatic transmissions. the skid plate is close to the catalytic converter that can
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trap debree. the catalytic converters get hot and could start a fire. wrack letters built in later years don't have this problem. to fix the problem wraing learn owners will -- wrangler owners will be asked to have the skid plate replaced with skid bars. owners will be notified as soon as possible. the third person wanted in connection with the suspected pill mill in timonium lutherville has turned herself in. joce sterman joins us with the latest on this case. >> reporter: records show alina margulis is one of the operators of the healthy life medical group that was raided last week by local cops and day r--- dea. she surrendered to police in
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baltimore county plerl today. she's been indicted on charges of conspiracy to deliver schedule two narcotics. ship and two others, michael reznikov and gerald wiseberg were running a pain clinic where customers would pay cash for prescriptions. they who get an mri at a specific facility, come in with $350 and walk out with things like oxycodone and xanax. it was shut down after the arrests. alina margulis' bail was set at $50,000 cash. joce sterman, abc2 news. well, the debate over same-sex marriage is heating up again. who's entering the fray now. >> it was a big night of
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the billboard music awards were dominated with wins by lmfao, justin bieber and taylor swift. >> we party rock. >> reporter: lmfao took home six awards. their party rock anthem won them in the pop, rock and dance category. >> we're always writing new anthems all the time. you never know when it's going to strike you when you're at that party or in that situation. that's what we're willing to
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talk about. >> reporter: justin bieber won the social artist of the year award. chris brown took the r&b price and wiz khalif is the new artist. >> so to see a that my music is impact, not just one group of people, it means the world to me. >> reporter: southeastern minnesota, me-- taylor swift received woman of the year. whitney houston was awarded posthumously and stevie wonder was giving the icon award. >> to have the opportunity to sing, write and perform music. >> reporter: do you feel like an pie con? hoop absolutely not. i don't even know what it means. >> reporter: adele was the big winner. she won 12 including the big
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artist of the year prize. unfortunately, she wasn't here to pick them up. in las vegas, george pennachio for abc2 news. this show has been referred to as the most competitive. tonight it's down to the final three. each of the three remaining stars, katherine jenkins, william levy and donald driver have been practicing morning, news and night, and they're all feeling the pressure to bring down the house. >> no one has ever done the trick like we're going to do. >> william and his partner will be taking on the cha cha. katherine and her partner the paso doble. there's only one star going home.
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you can catch the dra mat right here on abc2. wow, we're down to the wire. the next two nights it will decide it all. 73 at the airport. winds are east at 9. a day we saw changing weather. pretty ugly most of the morning. we were getting caught in downpours. then a little bit of clearing happening. in dundalk tough to see the key bridge in the horizon because of that reduced visibility, the rain, showers and storms. over the bay bridge our view from kent island, you can see a little bit of sun breaking out plate in the afternoon but it certainly took all day to see a that a couple of showers off to the west. around the more immediate baltimore area we're not seeing much in the way of
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precipitation, just a couple of hit or mills showers. it's rained enough today that you probably will continue to face slick roads. in the meantime warm air is coming. we've got a warm front draped in. that's producing some of the showers w that we see a shift in the winds to the south. that even warmer southerly breeze coming. winds are east of that front. the bottom line is we'll continue to see a humid and warm evening and north of that front or west of that front like frederick, you'll see reduced visibility still continuing with fog ahead of that warm front but also looking at continued showers to the west through frederick and beyond to the west toward hagerstown. it's an active weather map. we see unsettled weather to the west, midwest, ohio through the tennessee valley. hit and miss showers all over the place. we've got a lot of moisture coming in right move the coast. that's an hear of low pressure--
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area of low pressure. alberto is tech nically a tropical storm, still holding its strength. that one will weaken. our main area of low pressure over the carolinas will drift slowly north but close enough to bring showers on a hit or miss basis tomorrow. we'll continue to watch through the day for that. a pop-up shower, downpour through 6:00. tuesday into wednesday, we may see a shift with the more active weather south of us. we'll keep the chance for a rain shower alive on wednesday. overnight down to 62, cloudy with showers. this will be foggy in spots ahead and west of that warm front. it could shift south. tomorrow 79. we'll go near 80, mostly cloudy. we could see breaks of sunshine but at times scattered
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downpours. mostly cloudy. yes, still the possibility of showers around. let's check the extended forecast and show you how things unfold. really, i think the chances for rain get minimal by thursday. we'll keep the chance in for morning showers. we should see clearing by late thursday. we also look for a sick warmup into the weekend pushing into the mid-80s perhaps in the near 90-degree range by memorial day. that is the trend. we seem to be getting rain each week the first few days and clearing for each weekend. we've done it two weeks in a roa. this is week number three. >> just have to work through the week. >> week. some baltimore city students took their history lessons out of the classroom and over to ft.
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mchenry. they teamed up to introduce a free interactive line game called cast your vote. it's also to commemorate the bicentennial of the war of 1812. organizers say it really is a great learning tool for students. >> it's important that students realize that history isn't a bunch of boring dates and facts that just exist in the past, that history deals with issues that are relevant to today. >> you have to participate. this was fun. and we decided whether we were for or against it. >> now it's not just for the kids. it's for all ages. you can log on to our website under the education section so you can cast your vote as well. >> you know second hand smoke
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we know second hand smoke is harmful to children, but how long does the damage last? kids do not outgrow it. researchers followed nearly 400 children from childhood to early adult hood. exposure in children to second
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hand smoke were affected with respiratory symptoms. they could make them more susceptible to lung problems and chronic respiratory illnesses as they get older. sleep apnea is linked to a higher risk of cancer. researchers found people with severe sleep apnea had nearly five times the risk of getting the disease. they say treating the dmn cancer patients will increase their odds of survival. a shocking new study about teens and heart disease. according to a report in the journal pediatrics, half of overweight and obese children have at least one risk factor that leads to future heart problems. even teens at a normal weight have some risk factors. for more, log on to find the health headlines and make sure you and your family get all the information you need to be informed. coming up on the heels of
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president obama's announcement, the neap -- the naacp says it also supports same-sex marriage. a little bit about hollywood has come to maryland. and a look at some of the big stars. >> and pick pockets have lots of tricks for getting your money. what you need to know this summer.
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three people are still in the hospital after a boat crashed near the old bethlehem steam plan fishermen spotted it moments after it slamed into a
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concrete pier. the coast guard ended up pulling two people from the water. all of the people in the boat at the time of the crash were from the pasadena area. >> chrysler is recalling jeep wranglers because of a fire. it affects only 2010 wranglers with automatic transmissions. the national highway traffic safety administration said debris can get between a plate that protects the transmission and the catalytic converter. they have gotten 14 complaints but haven't heard of injuries. >> a third person wanted in connection with that suspected pill mill has surrendered. alina margulis of brooklyn, new york, has turned herself. she is charged with conspiracy to deliver schedule two narcotics. two others haves will been charged. they were giving people prescription for cash when they weren't medically necessary. taking a live


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