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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 27, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- boiling point. it's not even summer, but already a massive heat wave is hitting. what will 110-degree weather do to the drivers at today's indy 500? new hope. is this surveillance video the key to finding a 22-year-old college student who vanished a week ago? authorities believe that this white pickup or one of these cars could be the key to finding her alive. you do what you got to do. those are the brave words of that 80-year-old skydiver who got caught in a terrifying tumble from 13,000 feet. this morning, she's telling her story. >> i just held on. and the ultimate wedding proposal. it's the video taking the internet by storm.
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the elaborate and absolutely enchanting wedding proposal this man orchestrated for his girlfriend. all of his friends and family joined in, so, how did he pull it off? hey, good morning, everybody. i went to say hello, once again, to paula faris, co-anchor of our overnight newscast "world news now," she's filling in for bianna golodryga. who's filling in her last week of maternity leave. >> it's been great to be here. we want to welcome bianna back. she's enjoying this time off. with her little son jake spencer, he is adorable, by the way. almost as cute as you. >> thank you. thank you. we have a lot happening on this holiday weekend. new video from the vatican as we learn new details of the spy
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scandaled is to be reported pained by his personal butler accused of stealing personal documents. we're learning about how this plan unraveled. this guy served him meals and helped him get dress every day. >> the ultimate betrayal. >> held his umbrella. >> you said butler. a big night out for michelle obama and her girls. they went to see beyonce. for beyonce's second show since she became a mom. a very public love affair between these two powerful women. why the first lady said that she would like to be beyonce. >> i think a lot of women would like to be beyonce. >> and i think a lot of guys would like to be jay-z. and the ultimate diva smackdown. it's video that has gone totally viral. look at these adorable, tiny dancers, in a routine, that suddenly turns, oh, no, she didn't, they're already staring each other down.
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we hope it doesn't get ugly. oh, girls, let's hug it out. so cute. aren't they adorable? >> we'll try to do a reconciliation this morning. see if it works. >> a little dr. phil. >> exactly. but first, to that wild weather that's wreaking havoc across the country. a massive heat wave, rip current and a huge storm heading to the southeast. we have all angles covered this morning. first this morning, our ace meteorologist ginger zee. almost half of the nation will see close to or record-setting numbers today, including philadelphia, which is under an excessive heat warning. for memorial day. from the nation's capital to louisville, to boston, it's hot, hot, hot. scorching temperatures across the country have people searching for relief this memorial day weekend. temperatures shot up to 95 in st. louis, packing city pools, parks, even water fountains. and in washington, d.c., where the mercury soared to 90, people were seeking shade where they
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could to avoid that sweltering sun. >> i'm sweating. it's gross. >> today, 27 states could reach record-breaking heat for texas to oklahoma, ohio and pennsylvania, and some highs in parts of the midwest will climb close to 100 degrees. as beaches fill up from the carolinas to florida, swimmers need to be on the alert for dangerous rip currents. many caused by tropical storm beryl. this rescue was in daytona beach. >> i couldn't move anywhere. >> reporter: but the rough surf is only one threat on this steamy kickoff to summer. look at this map. wildfires all across the u.s., even as far north as michigan, where the governor declared a state of emergency. wildfires there have burned more than 21,000 acres. >> the fire did consume some structures. the conditions are so volatile, so dangerous, that the
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firefighters themselves are in jeopardy. >> one of the steamiest spots, indianapolis, where the indy 500's record high, the old one 91, it will be shattered and and a heat advisory already in place. let's go straight to stacia live to indy 500. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. more water. less beer and a whole lot of common sense. that's what doctors are prescribing for race fans today as they endure, as you said, that record-breaking mid-90s here at the track. as you can see behind me, folks starting to come in, the speedway has taken measures to make sure that fans stay safe, because they know mother nature will be a powerful force out here. lot of people are going to be taking easy on the alcohol, the soda, the caffeinated drinks and guzzling water in an effort to stay hydrated. we have been told that there are
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78 misting stations here on the ground and even cooling buses so that folks can step in and get a little ac. doctors are on stand by. 15 first aid stations as well as local hospitals. they expect to treat at least 1200 people. back to you, ginger. >> many thanks, stacia. our next threat, and that's subtropical storm beryl, off the coast of georgia and florida. it has its sights set on jacksonville, florida. i'll cover that for "world news" tonight and again for "good morning america" tomorrow morning. we'll keep you updated. here's what's going to happen -- the path takes it by early tomorrow morning, right at the state line between georgia and florida. it does this whole u-turn and goes back to the atlantic, drop some heavy rain, 3 to 6 inches. leaving tropical storm warnings in place from south of
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charleston, the orange, down to daytona beach, that's the spot where you need to be on the lookout for the heavy rains. also, some, gusty winds. of course, the 1 to 3 foot storm surge. a huge severe weather threat. i'll be talking about that in my next big weather cast. >> thank you, ginger. you'll be leading our extreme weather tomorrow. by the way, watch the indy 500? >> i will. 11:00 eastern right here on abc. ron claiborne is out today. we do want to check the morning headlines. good morning to you.. >> great to see you. good morning, everyone. we begin with more violence in syria, a day after the white house condemned one of the worst massacres since the uprising there began, activists said that government troops shelled residential areas again today. u.n. observers visited the village on saturday, confirming
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that tank shells were found at the neighborhood. vice president joe biden said that the u.s. can focus on new global challenges after a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan. speaking to graduates at west point, biden said that we have been able to replace and rebalance our foreign policy. biden told the nearly 1,000 graduates that they deserve special praise for pursuing their military service. aware they could be fighting a war. the former high school football star whose rape conviction was thrown out last week, said that he won't sue the woman who falsely accused him a decade ago. the attorney for brian banks said that he'll file a claim against the state of california, seeking $100 for every day that he was wrongly incarcerated. banks spent five years in prison after pleading no contest to forcible rape. the post office service is offering buyouts to thousands of mail handlers as it looks to slash its budget. about 45,000 mail handlers at
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prosedzing centers will be offered $15,000 each. the cuts are part of the plan to save more than $2 billion in a year by 2014. and finally, bears in colorado might want to stay out of the trees. take a look at this video. firefighters in steamboat springs, had to push this black bear out of a tree after it was tranquilized. the bear fell to safety and was returned to the wild. just last month, a photographer captured this picture of a bear falling near the university of colorado. wow. >> the bear is okay? >> the bear is okay. >> it's barely okay. i have never seen that. >> she's about a week away from giving birth. you look terrific. >> dan, she's not a week away, you're about six weeks away. >> six weeks away. all right, thank you very much. now to the latest on this growing scandal at the vatican.
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as he celebrates mass this morning, pope is said to be quote pained by the betrayal by his personal butler. he's now accused of leaking embarrassing secrets. and abc's jeffrey kofman is at the vatican this morning. >> reporter: and what a spectacular morning it is here at the vatican. this being sunday the pope would like catholics to dwell on questions of spirituality and faith. but, instead, the question being asked here now is, did the butler really do it? as the pope celebrated mass at st. peter's today, it was hard not to be diverted by the scandals that continue to plague his leadership. we're learning more about the butler, seen here serving the pope wine, under arrest accused of leaking confidential papers. to the italian media. do you think the butler did it?
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>> i think the butler is a simple person to do something on his own. >> reporter: if it happened, others are helping him? >> if it happened there are others helping him and may be leading him. >> reporter: all of this talk of conspiracy, sounds much like a dan brown novel. >> open the doors and tell the world the truth. >> reporter: there are similar scenes in his book, "angels and demons." but, this is very real. the pope is said to be pained because someone so close is accused of betraying him. years ago, vatican conspirators used to poison their enemies. today it's more subtle. they leak to the media. those leaks began in january, exposing kickbacks and money laundering at the secretive vatican bank. another vatican back-stabbing. the man appointed by the pope to clean up the bank was forced out this week. >> this is just the -- he's only
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a theologian. and he's not a ruler. >> reporter: what we know is that gabriele the butler s being held in the offices of the vatican police, he's spending his time praying and contemplating. but we don't know if he's actually cooperating with investigators. some papers saying he is and others saying he is not. we're in for another interesting week at the vatican. >> certainly going to be an interesting week. and now, to an abc news exclusive. defense secretary leon panetta. one-on-one with our senior white house correspondent jake tapper. talking about the u.s./pakistan relationship, one of the most challenging for administration. jake tapper is filling in for george on "this week." that fragile relationship with pakistan already tested. sentencing a doctor on treason because he confirmed osama bin
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laden's location. i want to know what was panetta's reaction. >> he was very emotional when i asked him about the doctor who has been sensed to 33 years in prison. the u.s. senate just recently voted to take away $33 million in aid to pakistan. but here's what panetta had to say when i asked him about the doctor's plight. >> it's so difficult to understand and it's so disturbing that they would sentence this doctor to 33 years. for helping in the search for the most notorious terrorist in our times. this doctor was not working against pakistan. he was working against al qaeda. >> that's one of many difficulties that secretary panetta talked about when we discussed the relationship with pakistan. we talked drawing down the war in afghanistan, iran's program to get nuclear weapons and the rising al qaeda threat in yemen. paula? >> thanks for that, jake. and don't miss "this week" later
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this morning. jake will be talking exclusively with defense secretary leon panetta. dan? >> thanks, paula. this could be a big break in the case of a missing college student, new surveillance video from the night mickey vanished. it's been nearly a week since she left her home in louisiana on her bicycle and disappeared. but this video could potentially crack the case. >> reporter: it's the big break. mickey's family and friends have been hoping for. police believe that this surveillance video shows a blurry image of the missing 22-year-old on her bike, in the early morning hours after she vanished. minutes later, the university of louisiana student is spotted, again, this time outside of an empty circle k parking lot. the images were captured just moments after leaving a friend's house, the last time her family says anybody saw her. >> someone was in that immediate area. when she passed on the bike. >> reporter: for the first time in a week, the police have a
8:15 am
clear picture of the path that she took that night. at 1:45 a.m., she left her friend's house here. two minutes later, this image a few blocks away. at 1:48 this sighting at the circle k parking lot. according to friends, she was heading home. about four miles west of where she was last seen. but these three sightings, show she was cycling in a different direction along this route heading south, overnight, police released two more cars spotted in the area. along with this pickup. now, investigators say finding these drivers could be the key to finding mickey. >> i mean, it's awesome. we have been waiting for a place to start from, to start looking. instead of looking everywhere. >> reporter: with these new clues in hand, there's new hope for her return. and as heartbreaking as this story is, friends said that the
8:16 am
surveillance tapes have revamped the search for mickey. you can expect many more will be out there this morning searching for any clues that they can find. >> good news, at least. thank you. from silicon valley this morning, a mystery, focusing on a vice president of a major technology company and a whole lot of legos. that's right, legos. he's facing felony burglary charges. if question is -- why would a successful tech exec try to make a killing on toy blocks that were stolen? >> reporter: police say that it's a scheme more konl plex than a lego set. the building blocks a silicon tech executive. a home computer and printer, and lots of legos. >> believe it or not, this will be our first tech executive in a lego case. >> reporter: the big-time tech vice president who lives in this gated, multimillion-dollar home, used his love of lego and
8:17 am
computers to rip off target stores. this is him captured repeatedly on cameras. with expensive lego setses in the cart. detectives said that he did something called ticket switch, changing out the price by allegedly putting his own bar code stickers on boxes so that he could pay less. police photos from a search of his home showed dozens of homemade bar codes neatly organized. plus, stacks and stacks of brand-new lego sets. >> it certainly looks like an ongoing enterprise and to think that we caught him the only five times that he ever did this would be difficult to believe. >> reporter: lego can make an adult do strange things. i made this almost certainly award-winning stop motion lego movie with my son. prosecutors said that langenbach
8:18 am
spent his spare time on a thriving ebay business. he's so far refused to comment. he's free on $10,000 bail, facing felony burglary charges. not exactly child's play, despite a whole lot of lego. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> hmm. >> everybody needs a hobby. all right, time now to check back in with ginger zee with the national forecast. hey, ginger, good morning. >> good morning, dan and paula and everyone. i promise you that severe risk, that's exactly what we'll have today. dragging across the plains, a cold front. you can see it here, bringing a moderate risk for parts of kansas and nebraska. red, the northern plains there, minneapolis included, that's the slight risk. more red on the map, but this time we're talking heat, the heat doesn't stick around for everyone. 81 by tuesday in chicago. nearly 100 today. in atlanta, you'll start to see some cloud cover from beryl and
8:19 am
that thing will stick around for a little bit. i'll be tracking that in the next half-hour. for now, i want to leave you with a look at your big picture. out in the northwest, they have been some thunder boomers. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home. >> couple facebook photos to share with you here this morning. and the first one from last sunday, remember we had that eclipse. i thought that the perspective on this one was just cool. really nice. thank you to matt.
8:20 am
that's actually his dad took that. and then a sun set from jeremy in burlington, vermont. he always sends some really nice photos. send me photos, facebook and twitter. >> sorry to laugh, i like how enthusiastic you get about twitter. now to the very public love fest between the first lady and beyonce. michelle obama said that she wants to be beyonce. that's not of course possible. she can at least be a fan and last night she and her girls went to beyonce's second show since becoming a mom. here's david kerley. >> reporter: beyonce sings about girls running the world. and there's a bit of a girl crush between two of the most well-known women in the world. the singer and the first lady. who revealed what's on her ipod. >> i got some beyonce. i love beyonce. >> reporter: but it's gone beyond admiration for their work. >> beyonce, in addition to being just a beautiful young woman,
8:21 am
she's been a role model and a powerful presence for young girls and women all around the world. >> reporter: so last night the first lady took her girls to the beyonce concert in atlantic city. not surprising. recently asked by "people" magazine who she should be if she could be someone else, michelle obama said gosh, if i had to be someone else i would be beyonce. and the pop superstar had earlier written a fan page describing mrs. obama, in response, michelle tweeted, thank you for the beautiful letter. and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to. ♪ at last >> reporter: maybe looking back it's fitting that at the inauguration ball it was beyonce singing to the new first couple. a magical performance of "at last." but it didn't stop there. beyonce has embraced the first lady's cause to fight childhood
8:22 am
obesity. by reworking the "get me body to move you body" video. and as you can see, the first lady clearly enjoys beyonce and her music. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> and the first lady will be robin and george's guest this tuesday morning on "good morning america." another gma exclusive. paula faris, who would you be if you could be anyone else? >> fictionally, wonder woman. a real-life mary lou retton. >> nice. two good choices. >> who would you be? >> i have no idea. >> he's just happy being dan. >> that's right. coming up here on "good morning america" -- we'll hear from that 80-year-old woman whose first attempt at skydiving nearly turned into a disaster. and the ultimate proposal, singers, dancers, remote guests via computer and even the marching band, the video is
8:23 am
tearing through the internet this weekend. and the big one, the battling ballerinas who got slappy on camera. they're live in our studio. taking a break. big question, will they make up? >> look at those spins. >> or will this be a rematch? >> that's an arabesque. every member of your family deserves the best care,
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♪ okay, so who's kung fu, we have been showing these adorable ballerinas all morning. getting right in each other's faces. this morning, here in our studios, we learned that it takes a big man to keep these toddlers under control and that is our stage manager, bill, he found out these little girls mean business. this video is just too cute. come on, he's not even playing cute. >> starting with the puns already. >> look at her, she's so cute. good morning, america, i'm paula faris in for bianna golodryga. we'll don tutus later as well on the show. >> you will. >> i'm dan harris. it's sunday, may 27th.
8:31 am
also coming up, it's the marriage proposal going massively viral this morning. it involves a moving car, a marching band and bruno mars, himself, now tweeting about the whole thing. the full story coming up in just a few minutes. but first, the 80-year-old woman whose frightening leap from 13,000 feet left us with our jaws dropping. something went horribly wrong on her very first skydive and this morning, this woman is talking about feeling so hopeless as she plunged to earth. abc's clayton sandell has her story. >> reporter: this morning, she 's the world's most famous skydiver. >> i just turned 80. >> happy birthday. >> reporter: this adrenaline junkie's near-disaster skydive has gone viral. it shows laverne, jumping out of an airplane for her 80th birthday. but a free fall of terror, as her safety harness comes loose. she hangs on to her safety instructor for dear life. >> you hang on. you got to do what you do.
8:32 am
>> reporter: laverne said that even though she looked like that she had second thoughts before jumping, grabbing ahold the airplane door, she said that her instructor didn't force her out. >> put yourself in my position. i think you would be holding on too, he had to give me a little nudge. >> reporter: as they approached 125 miles an hour straight down, laverne said that it was a blessing that her shirt blew up blocking her view. >> i had this one little hole of light shine through. i didn't get to see anything. >> reporter: after a nightmare ride, they eventually reached the safety of terra firma. she's shaken. but apparently not hurt. >> i fell. i had a rough landing. >> reporter: the company said that makes the harness said that someone loosen it. the instructor should have checked the proper fit.
8:33 am
she's just glad that she made it out alive. her next adventure, she said, driving a race car. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> if she wants to strive a race car, we should send her to indy 500. >> she's tough. i like. unphased by the whole thing. >> race car driving? >> that i will do. time to check the headlines. ron claiborne is out this morning. we have reena with us. busting out the pippa middleton's dress. >> it looks like pippa's dress for yesterday. you wear it much better. >> thank you. good morning to you guys as well. in the news, a fast-moving wildfire in new mexico has grown to 100,000 acres and the smoke is spreading across the state. poor weather conditions has prevented the crew from getting any containment so far. two female army reserve officers are suing the defense
8:34 am
department and army in an attempt to reverse the ban of women serving in combat roles. lady gaga's cancelling her sold-out concert in indonesia early next month because of security concerns. muslim hard-liners were threatening violence when the pop star performs. claiming that her provocative clothing and dancing could corrupt youth. and finally, tens of thousands of people are expected to celebrate the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary today. since opening in 1937, more than 2 billion vehicles have crossed the bridge. and now time for weather, ginger, we're dusting off the grill this week, so tell us we got some good news. >> well, a lot of folks are going to be really hot and some are going to be soaking later this afternoon thanks to beryl. now 175 east of jacksonville, florida. look at its path. it's going to hit overnight tonight. and then stick around. it's a tropical storm. an ugly week. what does ugly mean, 40 to 60 miles an hour gusts.
8:35 am
1 to 3 foot storm surge. the boiling point, very hot, all of the high temperatures through the middle of the country. and there are places like portland, that had a record, more than 1 inch of rain. just in an hour overnight. lots going on around the nation. i'll leave you with a look at the memorial day forecast. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home. >> this weather report brought to you by eureka vacuum. dan and paula. >> as usual, the fearless ginger zee will be flying directly into the storm. to lead our coverage tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow night and tonight. >> 24/7 on twitter. she's everywhere. okay, we have seen some
8:36 am
elaborate proposals in our lifetime. coming up on "good morning america" on this memorial day weekend, this is a proposal to remember. all of a sudden, our proposals just don't cut it. a guy and 60 friends to propose to his girlfriend. this video has gone viral. did she say yes? i'm hoping she did. >> this is what we call a tease, paula faris. we'll give you answer coming up on "good morning america." look at these two tough ballerinas. don't be fooled by the tiaras. these girls are ready to rumble. they're with us in the studio this morning. doing some ballet. we'll see if we can get them to hug and make up.
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♪ as you might imagine, we see a lot of elaborate marriage proposals here on "good morning america." but this one -- this one really caught our attention. it involves a couple from portland. well-kept secrets. 60 friends. elaborate choreography. even a marching band. the video starts with a man sneaking into the front seat of a car and someone with a video camera in the back. the woman with the head phones
8:41 am
there, that's amy frankel. the man talking to her, that 's the brother of her boyfriend, isaac lamb, he's just turned on a camera so you can watch amy's expression as an extraordinary surprise unfolds. here it goes. ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful night, looking for something at home to do ♪ >> at first, it's a couple of people lip-syncing to the song "marry you" by bruno mars. but look at it build. look at the choreography. and look at amy pretty much losing her mind especially when a marching band files in. and then three computers with friends dancing along on the screen.
8:42 am
♪ i think i want to marry you >> and it pulls back to reveal the man, isaac. pretty smooth. ♪ i think i want to marry you >> and then, the big finish. >> you have already given me a lifetime of happiness. will you let me spend the rest of my life trying to give yo the same? will you marry me? >> she said, yes. perhaps the most amazing thing about this whole spectacle, the 60-plus performers only practiced once. they had no idea they said that the video would go so viral. then came this tweet from bruno mars himself. quote, i don't think i could have made a better music video for this song." they'll have a chance to top
8:43 am
themselves next year at the wedding. ♪ >> i think they're -- it was just posted days ago, now 700,000 hits. here's the thing -- the fact that they only practiced once, they're all actors. most of them have experience in musical theater. there's a little bit of a trick on that one. >> i just can't wait to see the follow-up at the wedding. >> i know. they set the bar pretty high. >> really, really, really high. but we're setting the bar pretty high because check out what's coming up next here on "gma." these two little girls that are just too, too much. >> we can keep going. this morning, we have them to make up or stage a rematch, next. live in our studio. so cute. so cute. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003.
8:44 am
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and where clothing is optional. nespresso. the best cafe. yours. and finally, this morning, we're meeting the two little ballerinas who come from a long line of divas. oh, so cute. in the line of epic diva smackdowns, there's alexis and crystal in "dynasty." gabby and the nun on "desperate housewives" and pretty much any of the real housewives. and now, reagan and lala. it started as a simple recital. but watch as she leaves her spot on the floor and approaches reagan in an appearance to give
8:49 am
her a kiss. it turned into shoving. the rest of the dancers go on about their business as the fray turned into a fracas. reagan unleashes. as the kitten fight continues. until they're into a flat-out fight. the crowd loved it. after nearly a full minute, teachers finally ran out and stopped it. and here they are in the studio. so adorable. we have little reagan. and their beautiful mothers. moms, tell us exactly what happened at the recital. >> they were -- they were supposed to be on stars and their positions for the recital. >> stars that were on the floor. >> and she went to give reagan a kiss. which pulled her off of her star and reagan wasn't having that. she needed to be on her star.
8:50 am
she kind of pushed her and she didn't want that. >> she does her own thing, right, mom? >> yes. >> so they started all over. >> i heard that you're a good kisser. can you give uncle dan a hug and kiss? >> i can get a lollipop. >> oh, you can get a lollipop. oh, thank you. >> can you show uncle dan some of your dance moves? >> they're blinding me with lollipops. it's time to dance. >> show us some of your dance moves. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> this was the music at the recital. >> very good. >> can you show us an arabesque. that was great. can you show that us again, reagan? with your legs. wow. >> very nicely done. >> very nice. what is your dance move? can you give each other a big hug? >> nice.
8:51 am
oh, there it is. >> can we try that again? >> can we try it again? hug it out. >> can you give reagan a kiss? >> ooh, on the lips. thank you. my little 2-year-old is going to be jealous. can you give each other a hug? >> let's all hug. >> paula faris, you have a future in diplomacy. you really do. >> can you show me how to spin? >> thank you, girls. thank you, moms, for doing this. we really appreciate it. >> no problem. >> big wave. >> big wave. >> we'll be right back with more of the tiny dancers after the break. ♪ thank you for being a friend we went around the country asking women to speak frankly about something no one wants to talk about. it's time to get real about what happens in the bathroom. stop all the cutesy stuff. and start talking about what you really want from your toilet paper. it's time to talk about clean. feeling clean is so important. vo: quilted northern soft & strong is stronger than
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8:55 am
oh, dan, girls, can you say
8:56 am
"good morning america"? >> "good morning america." >> thank you, moms, for coming in all of the way from salt lake. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you did a great job. the girls are gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. thank you both. we didn't get the reconciliation that we were hoping for. one more try? >> give her a hug. >> oh. >> oh. [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice?
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